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i Rout
Fifth Avenue & 37th Street, New York V*''
Christmas Gifts
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Small open-face, 18-karat-gold
watches, suitable for young women
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Small chronographs in 18-karat-gold
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Men's Gold Watches
New model, open-face watches, in
18-karat-gold cases, adapted for
young men |6 0, $9$, $100 upward
Open-face 18-karat-gold minute
repeaters 113^ and 1240
Best French eight-day movements,
in gilt bronze and glass cases,
Traveling Clocks *12, $14, *20, *28
Mantel Clocks striking hours and
half-hours on Cathedral gong
$20, $)5 and..$$$
Goods Sent on Approval
to any part of the United States, to persons
known to the house or who will make
themselves known by reference from any
National Bank or responsible business house
Christmas Catalogue
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no illustrations621 pages of concise
descriptions and prices of jewelry, silver
ware, watches, clocks and other objects
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Blue Book sent upon request
MthAvenue NewWk
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Old Age
There are a class of fools who say thejr dp not
care to live to old age, while there are hundreds of
men and. women, between the ages o eighty a nd
ninety as lively and independent as the average per
son of forty. Old age is exactly what yon make it.
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LOW Winona, La Crosse, Prairie dn Chien,
Round Dubuque, Savanna andv^all intermediate
Wednesday Evening,
willdbe^on\ at one an one-thirsal#ijjoveii$er faxes.
Good returning until P^cember 3.
^'-''iiu i
Buy tickets and secure. accommodations..now^:-K-^
Tickets: Third St. and Nicollet, MMrieapolitf. Both Phones'"
J. F. McELROY, City Passenger "Agrot^^^"
Mrs, Frederick A- Dunsraoor intro
duced h^r daughters, the Misses Mar
iorie and Elizabeth Dunsmoor. at a
Deautitu^y. appointed reception, iuis a
place, and tonight Mr. and Mrs. Duns
moor will introduce their daughters to
a group of the men and .women of
their large circle of friends at a second
reception. About 600 invitations were
issued for the two affairs.
Thid afternoon Mrg.J
ternoon at her residence, 141.3 Harmon a boUflUfct "a white roses, MiSS Helen
Dunsmoor and
the Misses Dunsmoor received, .assisted
by Mmes. A. B. Jackson,-J. O. P. Wheel
wright, Eufus E. Rand, Alfred E. Mer
rill, 0. C. toyman, H. .G.", Harrison, E.
H. Moulton, H. E. Passmore. H- H.
Kimball, 'N. "CK Ireys and A. W. Arma
tage. The decorations were exquisite,
and the flowers which had been sent
the rtwo debutantes. were given :eon
spicuous places among the floral ar
rangements. In the drawing room,
which is finished in. a soft moss green,
the decorations were American Beauty
roses and lilies. A bank of palms
filled i a. nook behind the receiving group
and among the tall plants were stand
ards holding silver vases filled with
Easter lilies. The lights were shaded in
a deep 'pint* The "debutantes wore
Btunning reception.'^-frocks of white
trimmed with Irish.'lace^ Their flowers
were Kate Moulton roses, but they
chose also from their many bouquets
bunches of violets, roses, lilies or chrys
anthemums as a change during the re
ceiving hours. MTS. Iunsmoo was
handsomely gowned in light blue silk.
In the library. and living room the
decorations were Jin pink and.white,
with softly shaded lights. On the
bookcases stood baskets with white
chrysanthemums, while fragrant Ma
dam Chatnay and La France roses nod
ded their pretty heads over cut glass
vases. Suspended over the windows
and doors were baskets filled with pink
carnations and over the old-fashioned
Westminster clock hung a basket filled
with, sweet blossoms. Pink chrysan
themums topped the shelf over the fire
place, and the punch table had a
wreath of pink flowers. Southern
smilax made a setting of leafy green
in the drawing room and in the living
room, as well as in the reception hall.
The blue tapestry and hangings in the
dining room contrasted charmingly
with, the decorations of roses, which
shaded from the rich, deep red of the
American Beauty into the paler pink
of the Golden, Gate and Kate Moulton
roses. Roses bloomed everywliei on
the table, on the buffet and on the
mantel, and sprays of the flowers fecund
a place on the plate racks. The lights
carried out the same pretty color ef
JMxs. Morris Hallo-well o Chicago
and Mrs. J. O. P. Wheelwright presided
as hostesses in the dining room, assist
ed by Misses Lelia Winston, Alma
Hansen, Margaret Jackson and Flor
ence Brazie.
At the reception tonight, Mmes.
Hallowell,'-- Eobert Bose, A. A. Law,
Eussell Mf Bennett, W. \y*. Hodgman,
George H. Partridge, James Eobb, and
Stuart "Wells -will- assist Dr. and l^Ers.
Dunsraaor, and the younger girls will
be Misses Marion Partridge, Kate
MOulton, Margaret Welles, Florence
Wells, Agnes Haynes^ Florence Brazie,
Alma Hansen, Margaret Jackson, and
Lelia Winston.
Mrs. C. J. Martin will give a recep
tion Tuesday afternoon at her resi
dence, 130Q Mount Curve avenue.
Dr. and. Mrs. A. A. Law will give a
dinner Monday evening at their home,
1912 Hennepin avenue, for Miss Duns
moor and Miss Elizabeth Dunsinoor.
Friday evening before the hostess' re
ception Mrs. H. G. Harrison will give
a dinner for the two debutantes.
Beautiful in the smallest detail was
the reception which four of the well
known society matrons, Mmes. John F.
Wilcox, Harry Wilcox, Archa Wilcox
and Walter T. Joslyn, gave this after
noon at the Minikahda club. Never
before have the rooms been more lav
ishly decorated and never before has
hospitality been extended in a more
graceful manner. Several hundred in
vitations had been issued and the hours
were from 2 to 6 o'clock.
Eeceiving with the group of host
esses were Mmes. F. D. Blakeley, John
E. Shaw, Alfred Pillsbury, Sowall D.
Andrews, Lunde, Eeuben Warner, Jr.,
of St. Paul, D. H. Somes, F. W. Ean
kin, F. M.' Steiner, Arthur Jewett, H.
E. Carpenter, L. S. Gillette, James T.
Morris, A. C. Paul, E. W. Underwood,
E. V. Hutchinson, L. H. Fletcher, G.
A. Gillette, Edwin Field and Charles
Thompson, and Miss Grace Gillette.
The hostesses received in the large
livin room, which was in green and
rTvliite "With a faint suggestion of rose
pink thrown from the prettily shaded
chandeliers and side lights. Southern
smilax had lent its glossy beauty, and.
branches of the foliage rambled along
the walls, climbed up towards the
ceiling and stretched a. tracery of
green into the fartherest. nooks and
corners. Palms and tall ferns made
a bank of green before which the re
ception group stood, and bunches of
white chrysanthemums added their
snowy beauty to the appointments.
Hanging among the mass of foliage
were baskets filled with the shaggy
blossoms, tall stands held vases with
the flowers, and topping the high shelf
over the mantel were more flowers in
beds of feather^ ferns. The lower end
of the living room was transformed
into a bower of green, screened off
with a curtain of smilax and set with
ferns and garlands of green. Pink
roses blossomed in fragrant profusion
on the table and the soft light of pink
shaded, chandeliers and lamps was re
flected in the dainty china, cut glass
and silverware of a beautifully ap
pointed tea table. Mmes Steiner,
Field, (Warner,
ferns near the vestibule, played a de
lightful program.
The marriage of Miss Elsa C. Lam
prey and Charles Toney Bedfield took
prjace today at the home of the bride's
.sistert Mrs. Eugen^ Towlo, in St. Paul,
The bride is the daughter .of'Mrs. TJH
Loeke -Lamprc-^of' St^ Paiil.. Only *ej,\
aiives were p&sgnti ^Jt&V.: Ajnbxoefe
Serenade* *r
he bride wore
a" handsome gown\ or white silk* and'
point la? and $BIJ ulie veih was ^fast
ened xvitK, otajase Blossoms! SHcf1
layed, the bridal music, and gnst be
the service Miss Alice Haley sang
Beloved," It Is Morn,''singing vtfce
sweet notes of "When Thou Ar&
Mine" at"the .conclusion.
The bride wore,,- white banzai silk
over taffeta, made in princess style and
trimmed with lace. Her flowers were
bride roses.- Miss Effie Watts was'the
bride's maid and wore blue silk mulle
and carried pink roses, and the two
little attendants, Olive and Lolita
Hewer, wore baby frocks of white. Ed
ward McGrath was the best man. South
ern smilax and palms made a setting
for lavish decorations of white. and
yellow chrysanthemums thru the rooms.
A reception followed at which fifty
guests were present. Mr. and Mrs.
Watts will be at home at 2536 Pierce
street NE, on their return from ar sjtiort
Wedding trip.
A large and brilliant dancing party
was given last evening in Masonic Tem
ple by the four Scottish Eite lodges of
the valley of Minneapolis. The big
ballroom had been handsomely deco
rated under the direction of A. B.
Chamberlain, chairman of the commit
tee, and flags and bunting were used
in profusion. Purple banners with, the
emblems of the order were hung with
the national banners. In the corners
of the hall booths were arranged from
which frappe and light refreshments
were served. The 300 guests were re
ceived by a committee, Messrs. and
Mmes. S. E. Adams, George H. Dag
gett, H. Danforth Dickinson, John S.
Dodge, O. E. Shelhaber, E. J. Foster,
David W, Knowiton, W. B. Piheo, J. A.
Schlener, Ealph D. Webb, H. B. March
bmnk, T. V. Morefau, William Hartley
and F. B. Salisbury, Eossiter's orches
tra of twenty-five, pieces played a con
cert program as the guests arrived, and
later gave twenty-six dance numbers.
The grand march was led by H. W.
Dr. and Mrs, J. E. Bushnell, .pastor
of Westminster church, Eev. Harry G.
Finney, Messrs. and Mmes. C. S. Cairns,
C. T. Thompson, C. B. Tucker, James
Paige, J. W, Thomas, J. E. Gordon, P.
W. Iivon, E. 8. Wishard, L. K, Thomp
son, J. A. Steele and S. A. Harris
greeted the members of the church at
the Teeeption. J^ust .evening in the
church parlors. Assisting the receiv
ing grohp ^welrAfflfe' women' d%y
Hutchinson. Blakeley
and Pillsbury alternated as hostesses at
the table. In the sun parlors where
punch was served the glossy tendrils of
smilax were caught over the glass win-?
dows and twined the woodwork in a
tangle of green. The lights were ef
fectively shaded and baskets with
beautiful blossoms found a place,
amidst the wealth of foliage. During
the receiving hours, an orchestra,
placed .behind a screen" of palms and
Remwedby the Sew Principle
a revelation to modem science. It is i
scientific Jad practical *a 7 to ditrSy hSf
Don't watte time xbertmentfns wlth^teltrolvBS
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on the BABB WORD ofthe curators and^nun?
torturers. De Miracle is no It is tho 5S8r
toethod which is indorsed by physicians. su?aonZ
dermatologists, medical journal indpromK
magazines! Booklet tree, in plaiS sealedwra m.
jelope. Do Miracte mailed, sealeP
ger. for $1.00 by De Miracle Chemical Co.. 19&
Are.. New York Your money back w^tbont
Question (no red tape) If it falls to doril that la
Maimed for it For sale by all first-class drua:
lists, department stores and
Wm. Donaldson &> Co.
:,j rT,
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Sitta ^entertained
at dinner Friday evening in honor of
the second anniversary of.. their mar
Victoria grof*. No. 4, W. C, "will giro an
apron and necktie social Monday evening In New
Richmond ball.
Zuhrah ladies will-hold their thimble bee
Friday afternoon in the hall, on the sixth floor
of Masonic T-emle
The Shamrock Social club, will give a dance
tomorrow evening in Maccabee hall, Bloomington
and Franklin avenues.
^Tne Sheridan club will give a dance and skat
ing party this evening in the Nicollet rink. W.
F. Duggen will be master of ceremonies.
Palestine chapter, No. 112, O. E. S., will give
a thimble bee Friday evening at the home of
Miss Mattie Daines, 1105 Knox avenue N.
Minneapolis people at New York hotels are as
follows: Albert, T. C. Lang Imperial, H. B.
Holmes. DuluthAstor, O. E. Lovett:- Park
Avenue, J. W". Smiers.
B. A. Purdy left last evening for Fargo,
N. D., where he- will be the best man at the
wedding of Miss Florence Schuyler and Walton,
Wulard Thorpe of Britton, S. D., which will
take place tomorrow.
The healing household remedy. Satin skin
cream, should always be handy. 25c.
Philharmonic CM) to Give First con
cert Tuesday Evening.
Next Tuesday evening, at the Audi
torium, the Philharmonic club will
make its first appearance of the season
in Cesar Pranck's oratorio, "The
Beatitudes,". sung .for the first time in
Minneapolis. The Philharmonic club
will be assisted by the Minneapolis
Symphony orchestra and six well-known
Particular interest attaches' to the
concert, as it will.' be the'. first oppor
tunity to hear the Philharmonic club
since its enlargement. The elub now
consists of 330 members, eighty more
than last- season, and special care has
been exercised in selecting and balan
cing the voices for the enlarged chorus.
With 400 people on the stage, one of
the greatest modern, sacred works as
the subject of the concert, and the
splendid reputation of the Philharmonic
club resting upon sixteen seasons of
successful choral work, the concert is
likely to surpass any past performance
of the organization.
Eehearsals of the intricate, beauti
ful oratorio have been in progress for
two months, and every member of the
Philharmonic club,r as well as Mr Ober
hoffer, is enthusiastic over the beauties
of the work,_ which, seems one of abso
lute inspiration The choruses are -su-
perb examples of reverent composition,
and are linked together "by solo pas
sages of exalted beauty..
The sale of seats for "The Beati*
tudes" will open Friday morning at
the Metropolitan Music store. ._
Massachusetts Woman's Will Provides
Beward for Regular Attendance.
Journal Special Service.
Springfield, Mass., Nov. 28.Finan-
cial inducements for attending church
ares ,offere4 Springfield nuveniles under
the will of Corinne Bliss Foster.
From the interest of a fund provided
for the purpose $5 will be paid each
year 6'.. children "who are present at
the State Street Baptist church at every
preachine service and who in addition
are not absent from Sunday school the
entire year.
The will gives the children of
Central Baptist church,1
James, .the cou&h of the bride, was
the "maid of honor* She wore white
ahd carried La France' roses. Eeaney
Holmes, a cousin of Mr. Eedfield, was
the_"best man. A breakfast was served
after the servfee*, Mr. and Mrs Eed
field wilt be at home after Jan. 1 at,
401 Hennepin -Court.
A'pretty wedding of last night -was
that of Miss Louise Josephine AndeT
soh and .Hugh Lambert Watts, which
took place at the home of the bride's
brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James
Hewer. Miss Madeline Grossbush
church societies i^np %e younger girls
325 fe^^'^JS
1 Li*
and from, three hundred ..to.. four hun
dred church ,vmen^ers ^called, White
cKrysaiitheia.Ttitia a-Ttcf palias'mafltfi a deco
ration in the parlors. Befreshments
were served from prettily appointed
Westvirre,the a
similar, opportunity, to earn
^^November ^S^otf
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the directors
of Maternity hospital will be held Fri
day at 10:30 am. at th.e hospital, 2201
Western avenue. Luncheon will -be
served py the matron a^id the members
of the house committee" after thJ r&ns
action. of business.
A Holiday Sale.'
the woolen o^ Trlnitv Baptist ctLureK
will hftye their' Christmas sale in the
store. Eighth street and Nicollet ave
nue, next Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday. The wonftn have been
b'usy for many, weeks making things for
tibia annual sale, and they -will show a
splendid variety of useful and fancy
By Corneli C. Bedford. :r\Vlien-purchasina the .turkey have
the butclier remove the leg sinews, as
this renders the drumsticks, .tender .and
eatable it can be done with!a. fork, but
it is difficult. Put two tablespoonfuls
of alchpl in a saucer, light, and oyer it
singe the bird this is better than
paper, as it does not blacken.theskin
Cut off .the feet.below the ioiut after
roasting the .iagged:bones can be broken
off, leaving the leg ends white. Cut
off the heaa as close to the bill as pos
sible. Slit the neck skin along the back
bone as far as the shoulders. Draw it
back and pull out the crop and wind
pipe, then cut off the neck' close to the
body. The long flap of skin is to be
folded over to the back, leaving the
breast unmarred.
Make a short slit just below the end
of the breastbone insert two or more
fingers and loosen all the organs from
the sides of the cavity. Mrinly grasp
the gizzardthe largest organ-and
pull steadily outward. Cut round the
vent, thus removing the intestines in
taet. Examine the cavity, making sure
that all bits of lung aire removed as
well as the kidneys. If properly done,
all that is now needed is to wipe out
the cavity with a wet cloth. Cut vout
the oil sac just above the tail, wipe the
skin well. Put a few spoonfuls of stuf
fing under the breast skin and fill the
body cavity, drawing the 'edges of the
latter together with a few stitches.
A trussing^ needle looks like a great
darning needle about twelve inches
long. Have ready some fine, stout twine:
in yard lengths. Draw the neek flap
over tb.e "back- an.cL fasten with, a stitch.
of the threaded needle. Turn the wines
so that the tips are under the fowl.
Bun the threaded needle straight thru
the wings and body, entering and com
ing out above the bone of the second
iouxt talte a -parallel return stiteh,
bringing the twin under the same
bone. Pull the twine tight and tie,
leaving ends three inches long hanging.
Push the legs against the body take
a second stitch, /going over the thigh
bones in returning run the needle un
der the bone. For the third stitch pass
thru the ends of the legs and return
thru the rump.
Bub the.turkey over with soft but
ter ancl cttist wi th salt ana pepper. Have
the ]^ea'V^fr hot Tat first, that the
blr A rna^ib** quickly1
seared then cover
S *r to prevent burning. For a ten1
with two or more thicknesses of heavy
pound turkey three hours of steady
cooking will be needed. Baste every fif-.
teejd -roinxites -with hutter melted in
twice its measure of hot water add a
pinch of salt and keep hot at the side
of the fire. During the last hour dredge
with flour after each basting.
What the Market Affords
_The Thanksgiving turkey will .fur
nish at least two meals, and here is a
new way of serving what is left from
tomorrow?. Cut the turkey into pieces
and place them in the bottom of a
shallow baking dish and sprinkle well
with allspice, salt, cayenne and mace.
Pour over the slices a cupful of orange
juice and dot with broken bits of but
ter cook in a brisk oven for twenty,
minutes and then dish on rounds of
hot buttered toast. Garnish with stuffed
For an oyster supper dish, fry a
slice of onion in two tablespoonfuls of
butter until it is brown and then re
move it with a fork. Then stir into
the bubbling butter a cupful of stewed
tomatoes, thicken them with a table
spoonful of-flour rubbed smooth in a
little of the juice and simmer for five
or six minutes. At the last turn in a
dozen oysters, with salt, a couple of
drops of tabasco sauce and a couple of
sprigs of parsley minced, and cook un
til the oysters are plump. Serve on
Among the little dishes that are
sometimes forgotten are broiled sar
dines for a holiday or Sunday night
supper. Drain the fish, dry them an
cook them on a fine wire broiler. Serve
them on biscuit with a dressing of
melted butter flavored lightly with on
ion juice.
American automobiles are following
the American flag across the seas. Fol
lowing the recent shipment of two Au
tocar touring machines to the Philip
pines, the Autocar company of Ard
moiet Pa., has just forwarded eighteen
cars to patrons in Porto Eico and Ha
waii. Six of these were consigned to
J. M, Hugert of Ponce, Porto Eico, who
ordered them for his friends. Mr. Hu
gert took his own Autocar to the island
territory a year ago, and it made such
an excellent record on the none too
good roads to be found there that six
of his friends decided they -wanted
cars just like it.
Twelve Autocar runabouts were or
dered by the Vonham Young eompany
of Honolulu, to be used in plantation
inspection work and travel over the
islands, where railroads and- trolleys
have not yet climbed. Another ship
ment of four Autocars to Daniel Gomez
of Guadalajara, Mex., was made last
week. The advent of automobiles in
Mexico has led to a national movement
for better roads in that country.
An Appeal to Wives
Cure the Drinking Husband by Using
OrrineCan Be Given Secretly.
No more terrible affliction can come
to any home' than the craving for
strong drink of husband and father.
We appeal to wives, mothers and sis
ters to save the husband and father or
the brother with Orrine. a scientific
and positive cure for the drinking
Orrine is sold under an absolute guar*
antee that it will cure the drink habit
if directions are followed.
Save the happiness and prosperity of
the home with Orrine. It can be given
Orrine is sold and guaranteed by
Voegeli JBros. Drug Co., corner Wash
ington and Hennepin avs, corner Sev
enth st and Nicollet av, corner Fourth
av S and Twenty-second st, corner 'Lyn1
dale and Twentieth ay N. t-t
Starts Monday, Dec. 3
See Sunday's Journal.
i Ti~ij
merely says
Another lntee$tin ExhMtiik
The Beard1Art
The Celebrated Copley Prints
from Boston.
Order now for Christmas.
Jot It Down I
Homeseekers' Excursion
s^ i
at Dayton's, iil-'
Sixth ftobert St., St,
Settlers' excursions are run? first and
third Tuesdays, monthly, for approxi
mately half fare, with liberal limits and
stop-overs. .-^.v.
Take a trip through the ''SantaFe South-'
west"this winter,and see the'country for yourself.
Santa Fe trains from Chicago and Kansas City.
Cut ont thi advertisement and mail it\to trie, first
writing thereon your name and full postoffice address.
Iwill send you ourlandfolders "Santa Fe Southwest"
and "Free U. S. Govt.
Lands,"also copies of C. C. Carpenter, Pass. Aet.,
our land journal, A. T. & S. F. Ry., Guar
"The Earth." anty Building, Minneapolis.
Offers a number of attractive trips to Cal
ifornia* Mexico, Florida, Etc. Choice of
four Through Tourist Sleeping Cars to Cal
ifornia every week. Full information from
City Passenger Agent.
COr.Nicollet Ate. &-5th St..
Z43Hicollet Ave.
Walt For It!
Our Great 35th
Annua Sil Sale
Your last chance this year to go
City Passenger Agent.
Cor. 6th &- Rob't St*
Anyone bringing this ad to us will be
given one gold crown free with every
set of teeth ordered. Remember we
extract teeth wlthoat pain asleep or
awake Best 22k Geld Crowns.......... 93.00
Best Bridge Work $3.00
Set of Teeth that fit, best ma
terial, price........ $3.00 to $8.00
".FILLINGS.^. .T.50a
J76 Robert SU
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there are many suitable persons who are already employed, but who would
4 be glad
change. Make ad spfecjfic and attractive. work-
era are-
l!6r/- & leavjour their wott to answer a vagueCompetent, want aI which

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