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Ate Case of Miss Irene Croetoy One
of Thousands of Cures made by Lydijj
JB. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound*
How many women realise' that
Itis not the plan of nature that women
Should suffer so severely.
Thousands of American women,how*
rer, have found relief from all monthly
Buffering by taking IJydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, as it is the most
thorough female regulator known to
medical science. It cures the condition
^rtxieh-csvuses so mnck discomfort and
robs these periods of their terrors.
Miss Irene Crosby, of 313 Charlton
Street, East Savannah, Ga., writes:
Lydia E. Pinkham'sVegetable Compound
Is a true friend to woman. It has been of
great benefit to me, curing me of irregular
and painful periods when everything else had
failed, and I gladly recommend i# to other
suffering women,"
Women who are troubled with pain
ful or irregular periods, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), displacement
of organs, inflammation or ulceration,
that "bearing-down" feeling, dizzi*
xiess, faintness, indigestion, nervous
prostration or the blues, should take
immediate action to ward off the seri
ous consequences, and be restored to
perfect health and strength by takings
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, and then write to Mrs. Pink
Earn, Lynn, Mass., for further free ad
vice. She is daughter-in-law of Lydia
E. Pinkham and for twenty-five years
has been advising women free of
charge. Thousands have been cured
by ,so doing.
No gift gives greater plea
sure to both donor and re
cipient than a photo
especially if it be a "Mil
ler Photo," which embody
all the virtues of art in
Soup to
Instead of a mixture
if wines, it is now
tne fashion to
(The highest honor)
I Awarded to
At the
tbr sale by all representative grooers*
ii Gray, Streaked or Bleached it can to
restored to any beautiful color by
The Imperial Hair Regenerator
the acknowledged STANDARD
Bleached Hair. Colors are durable
easily applied, its use cannot bo de
teoed. Sample of hair colored free.
Correspondence confidential.
ImperialCfaen. Mffl. Co. 135W.234 St^ILT
101 Washington av 8,
and S-ealy te Crocker. 616 MloolUt Ac VV.
One person in each.county will'lie,
permitted to join a personally^eph
ducted party without cbst. tf-'-^you
wish to take such a trip in-1907, -ad-
dress (giving two names as .refer/
ences): American Bureau of Foreign Travel,
823 Neave Building, Cincinnati O.
The Journal carries most~wants
every day in the- week. "There's a 4
reason." &
City News
One Hundredth Psalm Taken as Text,
and Speaker Departs from Ordinary
Thanksgiving Address on National
Things to Exhort to Contemplation
of Almighty's Eternal Truth.
Wesley church was filled thia morn
ing with members of Hennepin Ave
nue, First Baptist, Friends, Westmin
ster, Plymouth 'and Wesley churches.
Dr. L. T. Guild of Wesley church
presided. The Thanksgiving sermon,
an eloquent address, was clellvorod by
PT, Fayette L. Thompson, pastor of
Hennepin Avenue church. A large
chorus choir led in the singing, and
rendered two anthems.
Psalm of Thanksgiving.
Mr. Thompson chose for his text the
100th psalm.
I shall use the entire psalm as my
theme this morning," ho said, ''as this
is the only psalm which is written as
a special song of thanksgiving.
It has como to be expected," he
said, "that a Thanksgiving ser
mon shall bo semi-political, and thoroly
material. I stiall ask you this morning
to permit me to devote myself to a
somewhat higher song, a song to him,
and of him, for his greatness and good
"It is the illuminations which have
flashed from him, which have come
from the verv glorv of God, for which i
we have most to be thankful. They are
the things which have caused you to
sing in the darkness of night.
"We are here, not to thank God be
cause you have made some money, not
because you have been more materially
blessed perhaps, but to thank Him for
his blessed goodness, and the stream of
mercy which is ever flowing from the
Goodness Brings Peace.
"Over against every condition that
breaks men's hearts, that brings tears
co men's eyes, I want to hold up this
morning the goodness of God, and my
hope for the days that now are, and
that are to come, is that it is this di
vine goodness which is to bring men
"We are living in a day when it is
popular to exalt the goodness of men.
Take from them the teachings of
Christ, the influence of the divine
book, and what becomes of man's good
ness Be glad for every blessing, for
every personal peace, but be especially
glad for His goodness.
His goodness stands approved,
Unchanged from day to day.
I'll drop the burdens at his feet
And bear a song away.
"Essential goodness is merciful. It
issues in changeless mercy. The mercy
of God is plenteous, everlasting, abund
ant, and endureth forever. The mercy
of God will last down thru.the centu
Wideness of Mercy.
"How much of the mercy of God do
we find in men's lives? Men are hard
on each other are bitter are inclined
to insist on the full pound of flesh. But
the mercy of God is everlasting and
{(There's a wideness in, God's-mercy
Like the wideness of the sea
There's a kindness in his justice
^feThat is more than liberty.
"Thank God you have made some
money. Thank God the crops are good.
Thank God you are" prosperous. But
don't forget to thank God today for
his great mercy.
"Goodness and mercy, to reach their
effectiveness, must have behind them
authority. His truth endureth from
generation to generation. And the
generation of the eternal ages will be
as far removed from the limitations of
the truth ctf God as we are this mo
God's Word Eternal.
"Not one jot of anything" God has
ever spoke to men shall ever pass away.
We need yearly to revise our school
textbooks, our theories of human teach
ings, but the words of God are as
changeless as the needs of human life.
Generations of men will live and die,
but the word of God abideth forever.
Do not forget to be thankful that the
word of thy God will never change,
will endure from generation to genera
tion. The revelations heaven has made
to earth are still coming, and, please
God, are still to come. Somewhere in
our wanderings we find a flaming bush
from which God speaks to us, and we
go away with transformed lives. Or,
as we are wearily climbing a steep
mountain, wondering if we can succeed
in further ascent, we find our toil Re
warded as we suddenly come out on
some wind-kissed summit, face to face
with God.
"If we base today our gratitude on
God, we shall be singing hymns of joy
to the eternal ages. Therefor let' u's
riv him thanks, with full hearts. Be
thankful for the things that cannot be
cataloged this morning, for the mercy
and for the everlasting goodness of
God." r-
In. Other Ohurches
Churches thruout the city today-held
Thankseiviner services. Churches of
the Lowry Hill district united at Trln/
ity Baptist, where Eev, Henry Holmes
spoke. East Side Congreffaiidhs uni
ted at .First Methodist church, and
listened to ^.n able discourse by Rev
Thomas J. MeCrossan. South Side
churches will meet this evening at
Tabernacle Baptist. Special individual
church services wore also conducted
this morning at Calvary Baptist and
Park Congregational.
as mmmm
Thursday Evening,
Big,Saving on Furs, i
Tomorrow's sale at Pearce 's enlarged
store, 403-405 Nicollet.
Noteworthy Celebration at Anoka by
Downs Family Descendants.
Special to The Journal.
Anoka, Minn., Nov. 29.The most noteworthy
family reunion i Anoka today is that of do
i scendants of the Downs family, local members of
which engaged Workman ball for an all-day cele
bration in the true spirit of the' occasion.
About eighty persons are in attendance.
Resident members'of the
familye who-bare
affair "in their personal-charge
ar Mrs. Howar
Bradeen, Carl and "Nate Colburn. C. W. Cutler,
Mrs. Myrtle Downs, J. D.. Goodrich, Roy Hib
bajd and F.
1 Several of happy1
company came from
Minneapolis and the outside cities. A big
dinner was served shortly after: the noon hour
and will be followed by a supper in Jhe same
hall, this evening.
Minneapolis Entertains Many Visitors
Attracted by Low Rates.,
leapolls made a fair exchange with' the
country today- in the way of Thanksgiving
travel. While the trains leaving ^the city Wed
nesday and "today were filled with -home-goers
wlo'Will spend the end of the week with'parents
and friends, the .incoming trains,
mere more heavily1
loaded with merrymakers,anythingfi
AtVthe union station'last night the trains from
tbe '"West unloaded-carloads of passeneers who
will-spend the'day and Friday and Saturday In
Minneapolis. Special low rates were made by
let Avenue'
Fifth Street.-.
First Avenue So.'
$1.50 High Novelty Plaid Silks
The season's best styles and color com
binations in this sale at
per yard O^C*
$1.00 and $1.25 Novelty Plaid Silks
In this sale choice at per
yard only
Small Check All Silk Taffetas
Value 65c per yard, in this tlQ^
sale at J O
50c Novelty Silks Vsc
In this sale at per yard only.... ^*?V
35c Colored Taffetalines *Vsr
In this sale at per yard only.... ^*^w
39c White Jap. Habutai
In 5-yard patterns this sale TC/r
per pattern, only &C
27-inch Fine Colored Taffetas and
Chiffon Taffetas-
Ail desirable plain colors values g/v
$1.00 to $1.25 per yard this sale'.OVC
3,000 Yards Fancy Taffetas
For waists, dresses, etc., in check*,
stripes, figures, Eoman stripes, light col
ored figured silks, etc. Eegu- BJQ
lar $1.25 quality, this sale, yard. O O
36-inch Fine Black Taffeta OJ5f
Good $1.25 quality, special yard..^^V
Our $1.25 Qualities Including
"Ideal" brand. Black Peau de Soie, Ar
mures, Gros Grain, Faille Francaise,
Pure-dye Taffetas, Peau de Cygne. All
high grade guaranteed
goods choice per yard...,
Evidence Is that Two Sets of Stock Are
Never Issued and Sold when New
Lines Are Bought or BuiltEmploy
ees Permitted to Invest in Stock Cer
tificates. E. I. Farrington, vice president of
the Great Northern road, continued on
the witness stand all day yesterday at
the hearing before the state railway
and warehouse commission, on the sub
ject of general commodity rates. Mr.
Farrington proved a clever witness for
the Great Northern side of the case.
He refused to be led into any entangle
ments in spite of the most skilful ques
tioning by the attorney general, Ed
ward T. "young.
According to the gist of his testi
mony, the Great Northern is undercap
italized. It has never built additional
lines out of its surplus: always out of
capital stock. In absorbing other com
panies, the Great Northern has not per
mitted duplicate sets of stock, the old
and the" new, to eo on the market. The
stock, of the old company has always
been held by the Great Northern. Mr.
Farrington said he thought that in
Targe part- the $300 quotation on Great
Northern stock-is speculative.
Mr. Farrington explained toward the
close of his evidence a scheme whereby
James J. HilL permits his employees to
invest their savings to an aggregate of
$1,000,000 in his company.
Employees Take Stock.
"The Great Northern company has
a certain amount! of stock issued in
some manner for the benefit of its em
ployees, said Mr. Young. Will you
please explain?
"If you will refer to some of our
reports on file'with the commission,"
replied Mr.-Farrington, "you will find
at one time the authorized capitaliza
tion was $99,000,000, and we got out
an even $1^000,000 to make ii $100,-
,000,000 and entered into a contract with
the company that was formed, known
as the Great Northern Employees' In
vestment company, limited, giving this
company the right to subscribe at par
for this $1,000,000 of stock, in consid-
27-inch Extra Heavy Black TaffetaA
Special this sale at, per
yard t.OdC
$ iij'i*.
2,5Q0 Yar4s Sandow Pongee
All silk, 22 inches wide, in all colors,
and cream and black is washable and
wear guaranteed 50c value, -JQ^
thrt Bale, per yard OOC
100 Pieces Chiffon Poplins
About 6,000 yards,in all desirable 5 0
shades value 59c, this sale yd... ?OC
About 5-000 Yards Fancy Silks
In eVening shades, including Taffetas,
Satins, Eadiant, Brocades, etc. These
are. the newest and best, and sell regu
larly in all cities at $1.25 and
$1.50 per yard. Price here O&C
1,500 Yards Self-colored Dotted Crepe
85 different shades, one of the good
n&ve^tiea of this season. Sell regularly
everywhere at $1.00 per BQ^r
yard. This sale fcPOC
Colored China Silks and Cotton-back
Good color assortment special
per ar JLOQ
All Silk Crepe de Chene
In all the desirable shades regu- i
lar 69c. This sale, per yard......4oC
27-inch Black Lumineaux
Soft and silky, guaranteed to
wear $1.25 quality^ at yard V*JC
34-inch "Moneybak" Taffeta
The-best Taffeta made in & 1 *2C
.America to date, yard..... $i)
36-inch Windsorn
eration of which it agreed to -issue its
investment certificates in multiples of
$10 to employees of the Great Northern
railway who had been in its continu
ous employment for over three years
and who drew $3,000 or less per annum
That is, any man who had been work
ing for us over three years and getting
less than $3,000 per,annum could take
$10 to the investment company. and
get a certificate for it, and he would
receive the same rate of interest on
that certificate astfrhe Great Northern
Bailway company paid as a dividend
on its stock that was held by the in
vestment, company/ What we tried to
do was to give'our?Cjnployees an oppor
tunity to make 7 per cent upon their
Big Saving on Furs.
Tomorrow's sale at Pearce's enlarged
store, 403-405 Nicollet.
Sheriff Claims Hii True Plurality is
4,081, Not 568.
Sheriff J. W. Dreger asserts that his legal
plurality over Peter Welniart, the democratic
candidate for sheriff, was 1,081 instead of only
568, as counted by the Judges of election and
returned by the canvassing board.
This claim is set forth in a notice, having
the function of an answer to Mr. Wetagart's
notice of appeal from., the return of the can
vassing board. In the'-latter Instrument Mr.
Weingart, the contestant, set forth numerous
allegations of error and misconduct that if cor
rected would result in his election. The answer
thereto: has been-prepared: by Judge A. M. Harri
son, attorney for Sheriff Dreger, and its service
upon the contestant, members of the canvassing
board, etc., puts a new phase on the contesr
and will necessitate the counting of all the
ballots In the county and. an inquiry into the
methods used in every precinct.
Sheriff Dreger alleges that there were votes
cast for the contestant which were Illegal, cast
by persons who were not.legal voters and had
no right to vote. He further alleges that a
total of 1,839 ballots, by mistake, error or some
Other cause, wen not counted for blm, out -were
wrongfully counted for Weingart.
Attached to the notice IB a scusdale snowing
the exact number of votes claimed by the sher
iff to have been illegally Counted against him
In each precinct.
jjMakes friends and converts.
This is the whole secret why
Y. M. O. A. Members Do Some Thanks*
giving Sprinting.
Fifty-eight men and boys were entered In a
series of four runs conducted by the Y. M. C.
A. today. The courses were to different points
up Harmon place from the Y. M. O. A. build
ing at Tenth street and Mary place. AU con
testants finished in good condition.
Results of the runs! I
Young Men, Two MilesFirst, King second,
Duerr third, Franson. Time, 11 minutes.
Junior Boys, Three-quarter-Mile-^-Flrst, Scotti
second, Redding third, Oee. Time, 4 minutes
47 seconds.
Junior High Boy*. Three-quarter-MileFirst,
Anderson (second, Haverstock third, Christen
son. Time, 4 minutes 47% seconds.
Employed Boys and Intermediates, One and
One-eighth-MUeFirst, Walker second, Grlf
ifith third, Cirkle. Time, 7 minutes.
Is in such popular favor.
Defective Page
On Friday nidrnirig} we will start ouF^retUestDecember
WILL be more important than any of our previous Silk Sales Prices in very instance as low as manufacturers
wholesale prices, and in many instances are much less than wholesale prices anywhere.. "Seeing is believing." Our
stocK of Silks is at all times much larger than any other in the Northw.est wholesale or retail.... and for this
occasion we have added many huitdreds of pieces of new Silki.
'Every yatrk of Silks and Velvets in our regular stpch~^SS^)
-~-will:b$^sold at specially reduced prices during this great sale!
Finest black silks in this greatest December silk sale.
Extr.a. Heavly
Only 10 pieces will be sold
at this price, yard $1.20
Henry Freeman of Grand Forks
Has Real Romance and Acts
Lochinvar's Role.
Special to The Journal.
Appleton, Wis., Nov. 29.A romance
with a unique beginning had its culmi
nation in this city today when Miss Lil
lian Dunkirk was wedded to Henry L.
Freeman of Grand Forks, N. D.
In the paper mills of this city the
practice or girl employees writing their
names in print and wrapping paper that
goes out all over the United States has
become general and many interesting
affairs result. Miss Dunkirk wrote her
name in a bundle of wrapping paper
that went from the Fox Eiver paper
mill. The bundle went to the butcher
shop of Freeman eventually, and, be
ing a prosperous batchelor, he answered
with a burning epistle.
Six months of warm correspondence
followed and then an exchange of
The Family
November 29, 1966.
50 Pieces All Silk Natural Colored
Shantung Pongees
Divided into 3 lots at prices never be
fore heard of anywhere in the world.
Lot 120 to 27 inch value 680 *^tf"fc/-
to $1.00 per yard, choice JwVC
Lot 222 to 27 inch, heavy, values A O
85e to $1.25 yard, choice TOC
Lot 322 to 27 inch extra heavy and extra
fine values $1.00 to $1.50 f\\n
yard, choice O
Figured All Silk Crepe de Chene-.
In all the large patterns, suitable for
skirts, waists, etc. Special Cftr*
per yard OOC
$1.25 All Silk Crepe de Chene
Good weight, with small self-colored
woven dots, in desirable street and even
ing shades. Special per Aftr
Extra Fine Warp-print, Pure-dye Taf
For opera coat linings and drop-skirts
for thin materials regular $1.50 qual
ity in this sale Afh/"
at per yard OVv
20-inch "Moneybak" Taffeta OQ
Best $1.00 quality, special, yard.. OYv
56-inch Extra Heavy Fine Finished
Special at this sale at,
per yard ..$1.19
36-inch Extra Fine Peau de Soie
Best value ever offered at
this price, yard 95c
photos. The young woman was en
gaged to Frank Halver of this city,
but made her Dakota lover believe she
was true to him. Finally he came, un
announced, just a week before she was
to marry Halver and 'she became so
smitten with him she jilted her local
lover and married Freeman.
This Is Different.
.Another case did not have so pretty
an ending. Minnie Yelp wrote to a
Chicago man for three months and then
asked for his photo. He hedged and
said he would come in person, so they
arranged that he should wear a chrys
anthemum and she should meet him at
the train wearing the same flower. The
girl stood in a secluded corner and saw
a big black "coon" emerge from the
train, and she tore the flower from her
bosom and fled. The negro has ap
pealed to the authorities for redress
for the money he spent in presents and
the expenss of his trip here.
Special to The Journal.
Sioux City, Iowa,. Nov. 29."Senator Kitt
redge made bis statement that he was not
opposed to the primary law to keep from
being read out of the party," said Thomas
Thorson of Canton, S. D., who is here-today
"It was a telegram from the senator," Mr.
Thorson continued, "that caused the floor leader
to take his stand against the law."
The best medicines in the world cannot
take the place of the family physician.
Consult him early when taken ill. If
the trouble is with your throat, bronchial
tubes, or lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Do as he says.
We have no aeorets I We publish J.O.ArsrOo.,
the formula*ofall onrpreparations. tiowll, Kass.
Nicollet AvenueA*'^ I'll
2,500 Yards Fancy Silks
Values to $1.50 per yard,
in this great sale at
Bonnet's Fine Black Taffetas
Including Taffetas, Louisenes, Brocade
and Plain Silk worth up to 75o. JQ
Special this sale, .per yard trOC
Large Assortment
Chiffon Taffetas, Sole de 1'Opera, etc.
at the silk counter, all at,
per yard
27-inch Black-and-WhiteLouisenes
2,000 Yards Fancy Taffeta Silks
Elegant Heavy Brocades
In large, medium and small check
regular $1.00 quality, in this Qfli^
sale, special at, yard OVC
In black and light colors, suitable for
waists, dresses, petticoats, etc, sell regu
larly at 89c per yard. i
This sale ^fOC
22 and 27-inoh widths for lining of opera
coats, fur coats, jackets, etc. Begular
values range from $2 to $6 yard for this
$^.$1.48 $3.48
Colored Taffetas
About 200 pieces of our best colored
Taffetas superior quality, spe- iCC/-
cial this Bale at per yard OvC
Short Lengths of 36-inoh Black Silk
Taffetas and Black Peau de Soie
The 27-inch widthour OK/
$1.25 quality, this sale, yard....VOC
The 22-inch widthour ftlCs*
$1.00 quality, this sale, yard....OOC
The 20-inch widthour Afl/
85c quality, this sale, yard.......0"C
The Christian Record.
The only temperance paper published
in the United States for the blind.
Subscription price $2 per year.
The publishers solicit your contribu
tions which should be sent direct to the
office, so that the paper may be sent
to all blind people unable to pay for
The paper is printed in New York
nrint Braille (raised
an should in the hands of
every blind person in the United States,
Of which there are over 200,000. Ad
dress, Christian Becord Publishing Co.,
College View. Lincoln, Neb.
1000-2 Nicollet Ave.
Caton College
183 2nd Ar. S*., City
Established 20 years.
8000 graduates.
Business. Shorthand,
Telegraphic, English,
Normal tonnes, day
and evening.
Circulars Free.
T. J. CATOM. Pros.

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