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34 So. 3rd St.
That's nearly 95^ of 5CRANT0N coal_the
reason why it gives far greater heat than ordinary
North-western Fuel Go's 5CRANT0N.
"The coal that's all coal."
Distilled by Bottled in Bond
Account International Live Stock Exposition, to be
held at Chicago, December 1 to 8 inclusive, a rate
of $13.50 will be made for the Round Trip from
the Twin Cities, via the
Tickets will be on sale December 1 to 5 inclusive.
Final return limit December 10, 1906. Tickets
good on all trains including the Pioneer Limited
and Fast Mail. "The rdad with the big berths.'r
C. R. LEWIS, C. P. & T. A.
328 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis.
Washington Professor, Charged
with Murder, Has Apparently
Lost His Reason.
of the suffering and danger in store for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts over her a
Bhadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy robs
confinement of all pain and danger, and insures safety to life of mother
and child. This scientific liniment is a god-send to all women at the
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sickness," and other dis
comforts of this period. MMjM&jflrW "^^kWrM M^M^^Wi
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$1.00 per bottle. Book
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The Bradfrold Remittor Co., Atlanta, Ga.
London Nov. 29.Karl Hau, alias
Stau, professor of Roman law in
George Washington uni\ersitv, Wash
ington, D. C, who has been under ar
rest here since Nov. 7,,on the charge of
murdering his mother in law at Baden
Baden, was again brought up on re-
Thousands of Persons Don't Know Why
They Are Miserable.
Most of our troubles come from what
we eat and drink.
Even bad habits seem to become more
respectable with age. The coffee habit
has an ancient pedigree but it is none
the less disastrous to many.
"During the five years before I was
'married,' "writes a Calif, school teach
*er, 'i tee a slave to coffe e.
I became a nervous wreck and my
stomal was almost ruined. food
would not digest, I suffered great pam
after eating, and could not sleep an
entire night through. My whole sys
tem seemed to be poisoned.
After my marriage I still used cof
fee and steadily grew worVe. Xbout 8
years ago my father who hac&been at a
sanitarium where they used. SPostvun
food coffee, spoke so Often antP i#csuch
glowing terms of it, my husband and I
decided to try it. I have been gradu
ally but purely cured by its use and
never felt so well in my fife.
We still use Postum, giving it to
our two little boys who always beg for
it, and we think the day's wrongly
Begun without it for breakfast-
/St,* "Am ab}e to eat anything I like?and
-can sleep soundly tW
Jattle Creek, Mich.n
*'i' S,ead,
"There's a reason.''
&~^* "T'S- W ^fc&SSt,
cUnlonp*the parts that won't burn,
Thursday^ Evening,
J%i^ is Popular
Because you can depend on its quality. flavor.
.If* .Ifi
Both 'Phones.
"Since 1857"
N. W. P. A., St. Paul.
Is an ordeal which aJl
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
nothing compares with
the pain and horror of
child-birth. The thought
mand at the Bow street police couit
,today. "When the presiding magistrate
expl lined to the prisoner that papers
containing a mass of evidence his
case had been received from Germany,
but that there was still further techni
cal evidence necessary, and asked him
whether he had anything to say, Hau,
with staring eves, answered:
I don't understand what this is all
The prisoner has apparently lost his
reason, or is feigning insanity. For
several days he has been confined in
the prison infirmarv and closely guard
ed, owing to fear that he may commit
Mr. Wilson, Hau's lawver, said:
"lhere is no chance of preventing his
Hau has not vet claimed the promo
tion of the United States, nor has he
produced his naturalization papers.
Son of Notorious Outlaw Prosecutor of
His Brother-in-Law.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 29.Jesse
James, Jr., a son of the famous outlaw
of that name, has appeared in police
court to prosecute his brother-in-law,
Luther McGowan, for taking his horse
without permission and misusing it.
McGowan pleaded guilty and said he
had been drinking.
"You are his brother-in-law, what
i you -want me to do "with nimf"
Judge Kyle inquired of James.
"He ought to be fined I believe in
law enforcement," said James.
Judge Kyle imposed a fine of $100.
James was admitted to the bar a
year ago. "t
Fight Until Bloody and Exhausted, but
Thief Escapes. *'I
Hot Springs, Ark., Nov. 29.Mi's.
John Simms, wife of a prominent mer
chant, and Miss Florence McKeenan,
last night fought a negro burglar for
twenty minutes. Mrs. Simms was
choked almost to death, and beaten un
til her clothes were' covere with
blood Wheconstable the two were
exhausted Mr. Simms arrived and the
negro flea. Every
fflyrita in pkgs.iskerif.r and inwomencity
^aearcMnsr for the no-.
Intentional Duplicate Expos
jKySi??**! Si i
the^ is
Alleged Slayer of "Billy" Brown
Proves a Very Poor
Journal Special Service.
Herkimer, N. Y., Nov. 29.Chester
Gillette, whose life the state is seek
ing as forfeit for the murder of
"Billy" Brown, his cast-off sweetheart,
before the end of the gruelling cross
examination to which he was subiected
after he had taken the witness stand
in his own behalf had convicted himself
over and over again out of liis own
It is not in human probability that
a man on the jury believed one word
the defendant uttered. Never was a
man more hopelessly trapped by his
own statements than Chester Gillette.
Man nor woman, who listened to him,
had a word of kindness or charity for
him when his heartless story had been
With the brazen- effrontery of one
in whom there is no conception of mor
al responsibility, Gillette sat in the
witness chair for nearly five hours.
Half of that time he was being led in
his tale by Albert M. Mills, iunior
counsel for the defense, during the re
mainder he was being flayed by the
district attorney.
Confessed in Jail?
District Attorney Ward demanded of
him if it was not true that he had told
turnkeys in the county iail that he had
killed "Billy" Brown. Gillette said it
was not. Yet, while the attorneys for
the, defense believed that this interro
gation was simply a trick designed to
impress the -|urv with the defendant's
guilt, it learned that evidence that
Gillette did make such a confession
will be offered bv the state in rebuttal.
Time and again Gillette contradicted
himself. Asked if he had not thought
of marrying the girl he had wronged,
Gillette admitted that he had. He
owned that he regarded it as his duty.
Asked if he had ever talked of mar
riage to the gil, he denied that he
had Then ask(d if he were going to
marry her, he replied in the affirma
Ignorant of RoadHa Map.
Gillette said that he had found his
way to Eagle Bav bv accident, but im
mediately afterward identified as his
propei ty a map of the region or which
the road he said he traversed was
marked plainly.
He denied that he had inferred that
the girl harbored a thought of mar
nage from the letters in which she de
scribed her new duss and bed clothing
which she# was preparing. He didn't
remember certain important extracts
from letters the girl is alleged to have
written to him and which were intro
duced in evidence, after his profession
of ignorance of the statements.
From beginning to end. his story was
shattered by the severe vollev of ques
tions fired at him by the district at
Woman Who Had Famous Tenor
^rrested Is FoundSinger
Is Cheered.
New York, Nov. 29.The World
says that the woman who gave her
name as Hannah Graham and who
failed to appear in the police court to
prosecute the charge which she made
against Caruso, the Italian tenor, has
been found, gne is MT S. Stanhope, tho
wife of Adam Stanhope, a baseball
The World quotes Mrs. Stanhope as
saying that there is no question but
what the insult offered by Caruso was
intentional. She said she did not know
at the time that the man was Caruso
sne did nit desire to make anv com
plaint against the man, but finally did by
so because Policeman Cain said that
the man had insulted other women
there that day and he wanted to lock
him up.
Mrs. Stanhope denies ever having
seen Cain before the time he asked her
to make the complaint against the
singer. Finally, after repeated requests
to do so, she consented to accompany
the officer and the prisoner to the po
lice station. When he reached there
a man who was pointed out to her as
Police Captain Stephenson, told her
she declared that she need not give
her real name.
I guess we have this man dead to
right," she quotes the captain as hav
ing said to her, "and you need not
come to court."
When asked, why she did not write
a letter to Magistrate Baker during the
police court hearing, Mrs. Stanhope re
plied: I was afraid. After I told
my husband he acted like a madman.
He wanted to go to the Hotel Savoy
and punch the tenor. Gus Meehan, his
friend, had a hard time holding him in
check, but both Mr.,and Mrs. Meehan
finally persuaded him to let the court
punish Caruso."
Did Not Flirt, She Says.
Mrs. Stanhope said she went to the
Central park zoo with the little son of
Leonard Bronner. She had been em
ployed as a governess in Mr. Bronner*
family before her mairriage.
"It was in the monkey-house that I
first saw Caruso," said she.
I did not know that the foreign
looking man was Caruso at that time.
He lies when he says that I flirted with
him. The way I was attracted to him
was when I felt something heavy press
ing on my right shoulder. It was the
man's elbow, and as I supposed it to
have been an accident I walked away
from him.
"The man followed me across the
building. I was looking into a cage where
there was but one monkey when I felt
the knuckles of a hand rub against me.
I turned. It was the foreign-looking
man, standing close. There was no
mistake about the insult being in
Tenor Hears Only Slight Hissing as He
races Audience.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Nov. 29.Before Enrico
Caruso, the most celebrated tenOT in
the world, had. a chance to exhibit his
high-priced vpice to one of the great
est audiences ever gathered in the Met
ropolitan operahouse last night, an ob
i'ect hurled thru the air and landed at
aearehing for the negro* iease-at least by the lovers of musiot
is feet. .A.S he turned to view it -wdth.
the murmur ot confusing sound ringing:
in his ears, his figure trembled. In hia
opera-wrought and nerve-wracked con
dition he did not know what to ex
pectan oveiripe lemon or a bouquet
of roses.
As his eyes lighted on it, tears of
gratitude rolled down his cheeks. The
object was a fine cluster of Amerian
Beauty roses thrown with unerring aim
by an admirer in the crowded topmost
An instant later Caruso heard dis
tinctly the cheers of approval and
knew he had been absolved from of
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the world he knows best, whose
verdict he had awaited with fear and
Just for an instant as the first wave
of approval died away th'ere was the
suggestion of a hiss of disapproval. It
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was a lone, wierd sort of hiss.
It came from the third tier. xTbere
was no mistaking its meaning. But
before it was heard by the chubby fig
ure of the tenor standing in the center
of the great stage with bowed head and
as with joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and playwhen in healthand
how conducive to health the games in which they indulge, the outdoor life fliey
enjoy, thexleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and the wholesome
diet of which they should partake. How tenderly their health should be preserved,
not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of every medicine of an injuri-
ous or objectionable nature, and if at anytime a remedial agent is required, to assist
nature, only those of known excellence should be used remedies which are pure
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ble physicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs, obtained, by an
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Please to remember and teach your children also that the genuine Syrup of Ffgs
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tears of gratitude stealing their wav
down beside the corners of his mouth
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the house.
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