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I 247-248 NICOLLET AV.
Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, PaJnta,
Athletlo Qoods, Kltohenware, Etc
Weekly Snaps
$1.25 Racine Gem Exercisers 89c
75c Ankle Supporters 57c
$1.00 Hockey Guards 72c
Barney & Berry Skates, up from 60c
Peck & Snyder Hockey Skates,
up from $145
Hockey Clubs, Pucks, Shoes and
$1.25 18-inch Air Tight 68c
$1.76 21-Inch Air Tigljt $103
$2.25 Screw Draft S I 4 7
$2.75 Screw Draft $ 1 6 8
$28 Newport, high closet $16 1 0
$36 Newport, with reservoir. .$19 25.
$38 Norwood, cast base $19 6 5
$40 Royal Palace, high closet $21-88
$55 Grand Malleable, high
closet $35 28
89c 38*-
5 50
$2 75
Scissors and Shears, all styles, worth
up to $1.50 Choice 50c
Safety Razors, worth $5.00, only $ 1 0 0
$1.25 Pocket Knives
50c Bread Knives
Chafing Dishes, 3 pint
Percolators prices up from.
70c Sugar Shells
65c Self Wringing Mops 47c
25c Favorite Flour Sifters. 16c
25c California Gas Toasters 13o
$1.00 Columbia Family Scales 73o
$1.40 White Enameled Pitchers. .98c
20c Coal Hods, Japanned 16c
$1.25 Food Choppers 73o
90c size Food Chopper 49
50c Brownie Roaster 19c
90c Stllson Pipe Wrenches 65c
30c Compass Saws 15
$1.70 Hand Saws 98c
40c Monkey Wrenches 28c
$1.50 Screw Drivers $ 1
$2.25 Surface Gauges $167
85c Hand Axes 59c
$1.25 Steel Squares T8c
This !s vne
Automatic Reg-
jlator that con-
tiols the supply
of gas under
varying pressure ami allows "usi
enough gas to pass through at* cV
times to iill the mantle, which not
only makes a perfect light, but pre
vents the wasting of gas, overheating
of metal parts and breaking of globes
and mantles This light will give
twice the light at naif the cost of any
gas light made.
Price $ 1 7 5
Come In and let us
show you the light
that saves you
Twin City 9618
Jin 8. Celra'
The device that
makes the inverted
light a success.
Olce 20 Western Ay
Minneapolis, MUn.
Ives' Ice Cream
Each week we make a special
three-layer brick Ice cream for the
Sunday trade and that day we will
deliver to your home. The spe
cial assortment for Sunday will be:
One quart 40c Two quarts 75c
Phone your order Saturday to be
sure of Sunday morning delivery.
One-half gal. VanTlla Bulk 50c
One-half gal. Strawberry Bulk 50c
One-half gal. Chocolate Bulk..50c
One-half gal. Pineapple Ice
Bulk 50c
Ives* Ice Cream Co
PhonesN. W. East 312, N. W.
Bast 24 T. 16194, T. C. 16771.
Canadian Pacific Bail?ay Co.
Sailings from VANCOUVER, B. C,
TARTAR December 10-06
EMPRESS OF INDIA December 24-06
ATHENIAN January 7-07
AORANGI January 4-07
MOANA February 1-07
MIOWERA March 1-07
AORANGI March 29-07
For rates and cabin accommodations
write to
General Passenger Agent Soo Line,
317 Second Ave. So.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Journal want ada tell your $
"wants" to the family circle after
the day's work Is over and when
people are In a receptive mood.
Only lo a word.
fiffr' afiwfAisV* -".vases*
Third Largest City of the State Is
Located in the County, and This,
with Ample Railway Facilities, Offers
a Ready Market.
Special to The Journal.
YANKTON, S. D., Dec. 7.The xnar
velous fertility of the valleys of the Mis
souri, James and Biff Sioux rivers in
South Dakota has long been well known,
and each year, when the agricultural re
ports show the wonderful harvests of
corn, wheat and other grains, garden
truck and fiutts, hundreds of people who
are discontented with their lot in the
older states make up their minds to seek
new homes and fortunes in this great
land of promise. The railroads are each
dav bringing new settlers into the state,
and yet there is room for thousands upon
thousands more upon the broad, rich
fields and in the fast growing towns and
cities. The eastern and southern coun
ties have quite naturally increased in
population more lapidly than those in
the central and western portions, and
land values are steadily moving upward.
This does not mean, however, that
present prices are high, when compared
with the price of land of a much in
ferior grade in the older states of the
east or the region of the Great Lakes.
Raw land is still obtainable most of
i these counties at figures ranging from
$15 to $20 per acre, and improved land
brings from $20 to $60 per acre, accord
ing to location and buildings upon it.
In all the cities and towns real estate
values reflect the general prosperity and
are steadily advancing, although still
surprisingly reasonable. Such opportun
ities as those affoided in South Dakota
today for investment in farming lands
or in town and city building lots are
rarely found and are attracting the set
tler and the capitalist alike.
Every Acre Is Fertile.
Yankton county stands out very promi
nently among the most favored local
sin this onward march to wealth.
Its situation gives it unusual advan
tages, even this state of unusual nat
firal resources Its southern boundary
ine is the great Missouri river, and the
James river, entering at the northwest
ern corner, flows across the country in
a southeasterly direction and empties
into the Missouri river near the eastern
boundary line. Practically the entire
county lies in the broad, rich valleys of
these riveis and every acre is fertile.
The city of Yankton is the seat of the
county government and is most favor
ably located on the Missouri river. It
is the third largest city in the state,
having a population of about 5,000 The
city has some fine business blocks and
more are soon to be constructed. The
public buildings are substantial, in some
instances imposing, in appearance, the
library and Masonic Temple especially
being far above the usual standard for
cities of even larger population than
YaifKton. Banking facilities are excel
lent and the commercial life is strong
and progressive. Retail business in many
various lines is very prosperous, the mer
chants, as a rule, finding that each year
shows a marked improvement over the
records of the year before. There are
several large wholesale firms already well
established, but there are yet many ex
cellent opportunities for the enterpris
ing merchant and capitalist, as the out
look for the jobbing trade is very bright
and promising.
Opportunities for Manufacturing.
The manufacturing interests of the city
are as yet practically undeveloped, but
it is expected that a few years will see
a great change in this respect. In
one line alone there is everything to
indicate enormous manufacturing wealth,
for the firms now engaged this in
dustry aie very prosperous and the sup
ply of raw material is inexhaustible.
Some years ago it was discovered that
the chalkstone and clay which is found
in greatest abundance along the Missouri
river from a point below Yankton to
Pierre would make the strongest Port
land cement that has ever been pro
duced. Yankton has the largest fac
tory in the West for manufacturing this
important product, and each year the de
mand far exceeds the supply which the
plant at its present capacity can possibly
put on the market. There can be no
question that there is an unusually
broad field for the investment of capital
in this industry, as the market for the
commodity is practically unlimited.
Another very important factor to aid
in the development of manufacturing
interests and the jobbing in Yank
ton lies in thevexcellencetrade
of the trans
portation facilities. Already three of the
great railroads enter the citythe Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, the Great
Northern and the Chicago & Northwest
ernthus affording direct communication
.with the important centers of trade in
the Middle West, and through them with
far distant markets.
Growth of Nursery Business.
One of the industries located at Yank
ton promises to be of great benefit, not
only to the city itself and the county,
but to all the state, namely, the nur
series, where trees are grown for trans
planting to the great stretches of
prairies. The most careful experiments
are made to determine what varieties
of shade trees and fruit trees will toe
best suited to the climatic conditions and
the soil of the state, and every effort is
made to produce the finest specimens for
transplanting so that rapid growth win
be assured The movement toward the
foresting of the state is of the utmost
importance and will have far-reaching
results. Already its beneficial effects
are felt in the sections where it has been
in progress for a decade -or more and
nurseries such as those to be found in
Yankton will do much to make it possible"
to hasten what is rather a slow process
when nature is unaided.
Fruit raising is each year becoming
more popular in the state, and Yankton
county can boast of some very fine or
chards. According to the returns of the
state census for last year this county
contributed 10,000 bushels of apples to
the crop of the state. Plums are an
other fruit which yields exceedingly well
all through this section, thousands of
bushels being shipped to market each
year. Strawberries are of fine flavor and
large size. Garden truck does exceedingly
well, and is a valuable adj'unct to the
agricultural wealth of the county. Corn,
wheat, oats and other small grains grow
luxuriantly and are of a high standard
of excellence.
The government reports last year for
the period from April to August, in
clusive, show that the rainfall at Yank
ton was 14.63 inches, and as the whole
county is well watered by the streams
flowing into the two great rivers, the
moisture is ample for the maturing of
the crops.
Cattle raising will always be one of the
leading industries of South Dakota, and
this is langely pursued in Yankton coun
ty. Nearly every farmer has more or
less of a herd, and dairying is becom
ing a prominent factor in the ciouhty.
The tendency is more and more every
year to improve the grade of the cattle.
The same _, is also true of hog raising.
Many thousands of hogs are shipped ev
ery season to the principal markets, and
these produce many thousands Of dol
lars to the farmers.
The investor or the homeseeker cannot
fail to be impressed with the greafe ad
vantages which are to be found in the
farming districts of this favored county,
&J*5 numerous small towns, and In the
tfcrivtae oitr of Yankton*
'VJ* Y*?Vi~'''*Wf%'
P. S.
Special to The Journal.
lion Mountain, Mich Dec 7 Henry Fred
erick, a watchman at the Chapin mine, who
was deaf and onnib, -was killed on the tracks
of the Jfortb-Western by a switch engine here
today. He was 50.
Stomach Sufferers
In Search of Relief.
The world is full of disordered stom
achs and 90 per cent of the money
spent upon physicians and drugs goes
in an attempt to cure the stomach.
People are made to believe that in
order to gain health they must doctor
their stomachs and use cathartics. So
the doctor gets his fee for the stomach
treatment and the druggist for the
physic, until the savings of a lifetime
are exhausted and yet no cure.
Let's be reasonable.
The sick stomach is in every case
the result of over-eating, hurried mas
tication and improper choice of foods.
The mucous lining all the way down
the food tract loses its sensitiveness,
and when food is forced down the
muscles fail to respond. They do not
churn the food as they should. The
glands no longer give out gastric juice
to dissolve the food and render it ca
pable of assimilation. The man has be
come a dyspeptic.
There is one sure way and only one
to bring positive relief. Put into that
stomacn of yours the very elements
that it lacks to get that food into
liquid forn*. It takes pepsin, diastase,
golden seal and other ferments to ac
complish this. The healthy stomach
contains these elements. The dyspeptic
stomach lacks part or all of them.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet is made up
of just what the dyspeptic stomacn
lacksnature's digestives.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are not a
medicine, not a drug, not a cathartic.
They do not cure anybody of anything
but Dyspepsia and Indigestion and such
ailments as arise from poorly digested
"While they digest the food the stom
ach recuperates. The mucous mem
brane is coming out of its stupor, the
gastric juice is coming to the surface,
the muscles are regaining their power.
Every organ of the
life, the skin1
I have a $150,000 stock of woolen goods
$5o,ooo more than I ought to hare at
this time of the year.
I started a good old-fashioned slaughter
sale a week ago and have done a land-office
I am one of those fellows that can always
do more, and I have put on an extra force
of tailors.
So, I say, come right along, Jsayj^our
order and you'll get your clgthes ^firtime.
Read the adjoining "ad" for prices^ and
descriptions. Yours truly,
Store 310 Nicollet Ave.
takes on new
gains color and the eyes
are no longer tinged with yellow. You
Why doctor and why drug yourself?
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will take
care of your food while Nature cures
Try a box at your druggists, 50 cents.
Or, if you prefer a free trial package
before buying, send your name and ad
dress today. F. A. Stuart Co., 68 Stu
art Bldg., Marshall, Mich*
arry Mitchell's Editorial.
TpHE locality in which fur-bearing animals are
taken, the time of year, tfte prevailing cli-
matic conditionsall make a quality difference
in the skins.
This quality-difference is always considered
in selecting skins for Gordon Furs.
To the broad experience and infinite skill of I
expert furriers, as well as to the masterly craft-
manship of high-class tailors, is due the supreme
goodness of Gordon Fur-Lined Garments,
Over 500 patterns black and blue Cheviots,
suitable for Sunday or
business wear. Worth
from $25 to $40. While
they last, suit made to
order 650 patterns very heavy materials infineScotch
goods and worsteds.
Worth from $30 to
$45. While they
last, suit made to order
450 styles handsome goods. Every pattern ab
solutely up-to-date.
Worth from $35 to
$47.50 while they
last, suit to order
very latest patterns, and the linings I use are the best and the workmanship throughout cannot be beaten, no matter what you pay or where you go My styles are
always up-to-date. #1 take just as much pride in making clothes to order for men whom I've never seen, and give them the same identical attention as the men that
come into my store. Among my out-of-town customers I have bankers, lawyers, merchants, mechanics and farmers. I want to work up the biggest tailoring business
the Lnited States, and that is why I'm after you. Write for samples and self-measurement blanks today. All vou have to do is to say~about the kind of clothes you
wantand how much you want to pay for them$15, $20 or $25. I'll do the rest. Yours truly, HARRY MITCHELL, 310 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis
-I prepay all express charges, so your clothes cost you no more than if you ordered them in person.
Gordon Fun Lined Garments
This is a picture of a smart loose-fit
ting garment, as comfortable as it is
Made in several qualities of black Ker
sey, lined with Muskrat, Hamster, Aus
tralian Opossum or Squirrel.
Full fur lining in the sleeves adds to
the comfort of this garment, while its
elegance is enhanced by the different
harmonizing furs used in the collars.
Prices vary according to the quality of
the furs used, from $45 to $175.
Jisk your dealer for
Select your Xmas remembrances. We have a large and varied assortment of beautiful
goods for gifts vfQr mother, father, brother, sister or friends at prices within reach of
all. Medallions, Statuary. Brass Goods, Italian Marble Vases and Pedestals Framed and
unframed pictures. Fountain Pens. Subsetiptiom taken for any publications
Church and Altar Goods. 612 First Avenue South.
Agents for "Incenso" Burners and "Incenso," the Oriental Deodorant.
& Much of the drawing:, power of a Journal want ad depends on tne way it a
is wordea. It is always weU to tell as much of the story as the reader will
care to know. This brings him in closer touch with your prbposltton at the &
$ outset, and makes his investigation more likely. *v wie
Defective Page
Read the adjoining Editorial and the description of fabrics and
prices quoted here, then come and see the goods with your own eyes.
Everything Made to Order, Made to Fit, Made to Satisfy.
For $20 or $2 5 I'll make you a suit or overcoat that'll skin any-
thing the other tailors can turn out regardless of price.
-I never was better prepared to take care of my out-of-town trade. I give my personal attention to every or-
der, and guarantee you absolute satisfaction. No matter where you live, I can fit you. By my self-measure-
ment blank any one can take your measure and I'll guarantee the fit. The samples I send you are all the
[no charge for either.
Qving Raquire^ Gooddej\s]
To Give^eov
is to give/vrise^aoxd^
The G. M. WHEELER grade
Elgin movement makes a splendid
present for Christmas giving.
In selecting the G. M.WHEELER
grade Elgin you will be securing an
accurate timekeeper." Your jeweler
will show it to you in the popular
thin modelat interesting prices.
35 pieces Coverts, stylish for Top Coats. Worth
from $35 to $45.
While they last, Over- fa
coat made to order
for only
200 patterns Black and Blue Kersey. Regular
prices from $30 to $50.
While they last,
Overcoat made to
18 pieces checked Overcoating,
Worth $35 to $45
while they
last, Overcoat
made to
very dressy.
Not only is a medicine valuable for its ability to cure disease, but the.
fray in -which it affects the system is a very Important factor. When the
system is infected with the germs of disease as in Rheumatism, Catarrh,
Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Contagious Blood Poison, etc.,
every particle of its recuperative strength is needed to assist in eliminating
the poisons and impurities which are causing the trouble. It should not b$
dosejl and treated with strong mineral mixtures and concoctions that furthei
add to the burden, by disagreeably affecting the bowels, producing indiges-
tion, or eating out the delicate linings and membranes of the stomach. Th
absolute vegetable .purity of S. S. S. has always been one of the strongest
points in its favor, and is one of the principal reasons for its being now th$
most widely known and universally used blood medicine on the market
It is made entirely of healing, purifying roots, herbs and barks of the for.
ests and fields. These are selected for their well known curative properties,
and are known at the same time to possess the qualities to build up and
strengthen every part of the system by their fine tonic effect. Not only ia
S. S. S. the king of blood purifiers, but it is the one medicine that may be
taken with absolute safety by young or old. We guarantee it non-injuriouji
and offer a reward $1,000 for proof that it contains a particle of mineral in
any form. S. S. S. is a safe and reliable treatment for RheumatTsmNCatarrh,
Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Contagious Blood Poison, and anj
and all diseases arising from a poisoned or impure state of the blood.
It goes to the very bottom of these troublesf removes every trace of disease,
enriches and builds up the blood and permanently cures where mineraj
medicines fail. If you are suffering with any form of blood disease write foi
our book on The Blood and ask for any medical advice you may desirej
It's not enought to have you read the ads last week, nor intend to read them
next week. Today's reading, of the ads is essential as is today's reading of the
3 newsif you would "keep step with things."

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