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Insurgents Defeated in Battle and Dis
Guayaquil, Ecuador, Dec. 7.A band
of rebels ander Colonel Veera and Dr.
Cordova, ex-secretary of the interior
under the administrations of Presidents
Plaza and Garcia, recently appeared in
Azuay province. The government
sent troops from Cuenoa against the in
surgents, who were defeated and dis
persed. A widespread conspiracy
against the government has been dis
covered here and several arrests have
been made.
President Alfaro, with the view of
pnifying the liberal party, has organ
ized a new ministry as follows: Min
ister of the interior, Jose Maria Qarbo
Aguirre: minister for foreign affairs,
Pacifico villagomez minister of finance,
Amalio Puge minister of public in
struction, Francisco Martinez Aquirre
Sinister of war and navy, General
ipolite Moncayo.
it* .-5e'-3fe.i A/i2
Congressman Picks New York's Gov
ernor-Elect for Presidency.
Journal Special Serrlcoi
Washington, Dec. 7:Representative
J. Sloat Fassett has come\out with, a
Hughes presidential boom. Mr. Fassett
said: I believe that Governor Hughes
is going to make good in every way in
the governor's chair. is a strong,
able and fearless man. has a great
Opportunity before him.
''My opinion has been that Mr.
Roosevelt would almost be forced to
run again, but next to Mr. Roose
velt, the most commanding figure that
will be on the republican liorizon in
1908 will be Charles E Hughes. In
other words, if circumstances and con
ditions do not compel Mr. Roosevelt
to take the nomination for president
Governor Hughes, it seems to me,
would be the most likely man to be
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Elsie Janis Also Contradicts Report
that They Are Engaged.
Journal Special' Service.
Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 7.Theodore
Roosevelt, Jr., ia engaged to be married
to Elsie Janis, a 17-year-old actress, ac
cording to reports circulated around
Harvard campus.
Miss Janis made her first appearance
on the stage two years ago, when' sho
attracted much favorable comment by
her mimicry. She was then 15 years
old and appeared in vaudeville. This
season she appeared in the leading role
in "The Vanderbilt Cup."
Friends of Miss Janis and of young
Roosevelt emphatically deny they are
to be married. They even say the
story was started as' a practical joke
on Roosevelt.
Many women are acting as gondoliers in
Venice. The men object and are organizing
unions against them.
Mr. Josiah Zeitlin, 101
years old July, 1906, lives
with his daughter, Mrs.
Isaac Krinsky, Brooklyn.
Mr. Zeitlin was a promi
nent business man in his na
tive land, Poland, many
years. In 1882 he retired
and came to this country.
He says that Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey has prolonged
his life, and is the medicine
to restore health and vigor
in old people.
"Although TSwas 101 years old on July
3d last, I still feel that I am good for sev
eral years. I was born at Lodz, In Poland,
and after a lengthy business life in the
old land came to this country in 1882 to
reside with my daughter. I have used
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey for many
years and find it very beneficial. It in
vigorates and gives me strength. I feel
that it has- helped me to live the 101
years. It seems to be the very medicine
old people need to restore their failing
health and strength."Josiah Zeitlin, 136
Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug
ust 10, 1906.
Mr. Zeitlin is one of the many thou-,
sands of men and women throughout the*
United States who owe their vigor
strength and long life to the great Tonic
Stimulant and Renewer of Youth, Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey, and join in extolling
its merits.
W Mescal Met and doc&r'V****-
Former Mmnesotan in Charge of
Investigation of Gigantic
Railway System.
Journal Special Service.
Washington, Dee. 7.An investiga
tion of the Harriman -railroad system,
with a view of bringing a prosecution
for the dissolution of the merger be
tween the Union Pacific and Southern
Pacific has been decided on by the in
terstate commerce commission after a
conference lasting all day. Frank
Kellogg and C. A. Severance have been
selected to make the investigation.
The two systems are believed to be
under the control and management of
E. H. Harriman. The investigation will
extend from New York to San Francis
co, but the dates of the hearings and
the cities in which they will be held
have not been determined.
This investigation is for the purpose
of developing evidence which will
bring about a dissolution of the great
est railroad system in the world and
action will be taken similar to that
which brought about the dissolution of
the Northern Securities company.
The Harriman system controls over
23,000 miles of railroad and nearly two
billions of dollars are invested in the
enterprise. The system will be sub
jected to the most searching scrutiny^
After the investigation is completed all
the facts obtained will be turned over
to the department of justice together
with the recommendations of the inter
state commerce commission and a pros
ecution will be brought under the Sher
man anti-trust law for conspiracy in
restraint of trade and maintaining an
unlawful combination if the evidence
justifies such action.
Florida Man Charged with Peonage In
Federal Indictment,
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 7.The fed
eral grand jury has returned a true bill
against F. J. O'Hara for carrying a
white man away from Jacksonville with
the intent to hold him as a slave. Un
der this indictment the government
has only to prove that i man was
held at labor against his will. Under
the peonage indictments they must
prove that the man was held for debt.
The grand jury returned four indict
ments against O'Hara, charging peon
age, and one for conspiring with other
persons to hold a man in slavery. The
man held in alleged slavery is Franz
Nebel, a German Jew
Compromise on British Educational
Measure Still Possible.
London, Dec. 7.The education bill
passed its third reading in the house
of lords last night by 105 to 28. The
tone of the speeches by both Lord
Crewe, liberal, and Lord Lansdowne,
the leader of the opposition, indicated
that a settlement is still not impos
Lord Lansdowne admitted that he
would be soTry to see the bill a failure.
It is understood that negotiations with
a view to compromise are going on be
tween the opposition leaders in the
house of lords and the government in
the house of commons
It is saidlfethafNjfie Brk#'o Devon
shire and the archbishop of Canter
bury are in favor $ p. comrjromise.
Minneapolis Woman Denies that Bob
ber I He Son.
Chippewa Falls, Wis., Deo. 7:Prior
to the hearing of three alleged safe
blowers here today, Mrs. Mary Ander
son of Minneapolis appeared to identi
one of the prisoners as her son and
fainted twice while in the courtroom.
She finally said the prisoner was not
her sen.
The three men were examined and
were bound over to the circuit court
in the afternoon. The evidence against
them was strong. The paraphernalia
which they had when arrested at Trem
pealeau is said by experts to be most
Five Americans Killed in a Brush with
Manila, Dec. 7.According to later
reports from Captain Samuel V. Ham
concerning the fight on the island of
Leyte between American and Pulajanes
a detachment of Company I,, Eighth
infantry, with a force of constabulary
under command of Lieutenant 'Ralph
P. Yates, Jr., was rushed by sixty bolo
men the afternoon of Dec. 5.' The
Pulajanes had a few guns from which
they fired a volley, and then rushed
the troops. I the onslaught five
American soldiers were killed and nine
wounded. The enemy lost thirty killed.
The dead are: Sergeant Joseph
Clark, Sergeant James Provan, Private
Dafferin, killed by a bolo, Privates W.
Hadley and Edward Keogh, shot.
The wounded are: Corporal Weld,
Privates MeHenry, Edge, Wakefield,
Armstrong, Brennan, Herreg, Hoist and
Richardson. The wounded are doing
well, but the condition of Lieutenant
Yates, formerly reported slightly
wounddd, is now said to be serious.
Dr. Lapponi Succumbs to Cancer and
Rome, Dec. 7.Dr. Lapponi, physi
cian to the pope, died at 7 o'clock this
morning. had been ill for some
time of cancer of the stomach, and
M?.+ '*i esM
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Defective Page
Betting in he could not in
weakened condition withstand its
When Dr. Lapponi was sinking the
pope sent him the apostolic benediction,
and when the news of the death of the
doctor reached him, the pontiff was ex
ceedingly grieved.
It is reported that before losing con
sciousness Dr. Lapponi referred to the
pope, said: "He has a strong consti
tution and having studied him care
fully I think he will live longer than
Leo XIII."
President Declines to Intercede in Be
half of Hamline Man.
Special to The Journal.
Washington, Dec. 7William Henry
Eustis, accompanied by Senator Nelson
and Representative Fletcher, called on
President Roosevelt yesterday and
made another plea for the pardon of Dr.
Malchow, the Hamline university pro
fessor, who is now serving sentence for
sending immoral literature thru the
mails. The president again declined to
interfere-' and Dr. Malchow will have
-to serve his time.
Paris, Dec. 7.Mme. Emlie Zola yesterday
formally applied to the courts for permission to
confer ber late husband's name on tue three
children born as a result of M, Zola's intimacy
with Mme. Rozerot, which was revealed during
the Dreyfus affair. The children are being
reared by Mme. Zola, who expresses especial
gratification at the fact that the boy has decided
to adopt a technical profession Instead of try
lag to emulate his father la the field of letters.
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