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Charcoal Kills
Bad Breath.
Disagreeable Odor Arising fronr Indi
gestion or from Any Habit or In
dulgence, Can Be Instantly
i Stopped.
Sample Package Mailed Free.
X)ther people notice your bad breath
Where you would not notice it at all.
I is nauseating to other people to
stand before them and while- you are
talking, give them a whiff or two of
your bad breath. I usually comes
from food fermenting on your stomach.
Sometimes you have it in the morning,
--that awful sour, bilious, bad breath.
You can stop that at once by swallow
ing one or two St'iart Charcoal Lozen
ges, the mpst poT^rful gas and odor
absorbers ever prepared.
Sometimes your meals will reveal
themselves in your breath to those who
talk with you. "You've had onions,"
or "You've been eating cabbage," and
all of a sudden yon belch in the faco
of your friend. Charcoal is a wonder
ful absorber of odors, as every one
inows. Tt is why Stuart's Charcoal
Lozenges are so quick to stop all gases
odorous foods,
or gas
and odors of
from indigestion
Don't use breath perfumes. They
rover conceal the odor, and never ab
sorb the gas that causes the odor. Be
sides, the very fact of using them re
veals the reason for their use. Stuart's
Charcoal Lozenges in the first place
stop for good all sour brash and belch
ing of gas, and make your breath pure,
fresh and sweet, j^sc after vou've
eaten. Then no one will turn his face
away from you when you breathe or
talk your breath wili be pure and
You may have a sample bottle free
by asking for it at any of the following
leading drug-gists: j,
Cor. Wash. & Hennepin avs.
Cor. 7th St. & Nicollet Av.
Cor. 4th Av S & 22d st.
Cor. Lyndale & 20th av N.
Nicollet and 4th st.
1st av S and 3d st.
101 Washington av S.
1st av S, 5th st and Nicollet.
^iwu yu au i Columbus, Ohio, the former sena-
fresh, and besides your food will taste tor's son and daughter were at the bed-
so much better to you at your next side when he expired. had been
meal. Just try it. unconscious for several hours. Mrs.
Charcoal does other wonderful things, i Bradley is on the verge of collapse and
too. I carries away from your stom- her physicians say that it may be sev-
ach and intestines, all the impurities i era! clays before she will be able to
there massed*together and which causes
the bad breath. Charcoal is a purifier
as well as an absorber.
Charcoal is now by far the best,
most easy and mild laxative known. A
whole boxful will do no harm in fact,
the more you take the better. Stuart's
Charcoal Lozenges are made of pure
willow charcoal and mixed with just a
faiut flavor of honey to make them
palatable for you, but not too sweet.
You just chew them like candy. They
ere absolutely harmless.
Get a new, pure, sweet breath, fresh
en your stomach for your next meal,
and keep the intestines in good work
ing order. These two things are theNew
secret of good health and long life.
You can get all the charcoal necessary
to do these wonderful but simple
things by getting Stuart's Charcoal
Lozenges. We want you to test these
little wonder workers yourself before
you buy them. So send us your full
name and address for a free sample of
Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. Then after
you have tried the sample, and been
convinced, go to your druggist and
get a 25c box of them. You '11 feel bet
ter all over, more comfortable, and
"cleaner" inside.
Send us your name and address to
day and we
at once send you by
mail a sample package, free. Address
If 4-i,St?f.rl
iMarshall, Mich.
Leaders of Society
Carry about them the delicate odor of
flowers and sweet cleanliness making
one think they have just emerged from
a bath perfumed with roses. This fea
ture of the toilet, adding so much to the
attractiveness of the chic society woman
of today, is due to the moderate use of
No gift is BO universally sat
isfactory as an artistic pho
tograph of one's self to
friends. Sittings by ap
Phone N.W. Main 17M-L2.
Medical Block.
There Is ample time for settings and
completion of the work in time for
presentation for holidays. Cloudy
weather as good as sunshine.
u. s.
Paragon Hams
Are noted for the tender quality of
the meat and for their rich corn-fed
flavor. These delicious sugar-cured
hams are all prepared from careful
ly selected stock, and are of uni
form excellence. Ask your dealer.
Thursday Evening,
Former Senator DiesUnwritten
Law to Be Mrs. Brad
ley's Plea.
Washington, Dec. 13.Former
United States Senator Arthur Brown of
Utah, who was shot in his apartments
at the Hotel Baleigh, Saturday after
noon by Mrs. Anna M. Bradley, of
Salt Lake City, died at midnight at the
Emergency hospital.
Mrs. 'Bradley will be charged with
murder. Her attorneys will set up
the defense that she was justified under
the "unwritten law" in shooting Mr.
Mr. Brown's life was prolonged for
several hours by the injection of a salt
solution and by administering oxygen.
Dr. Charles White, superintendent of
the hospital, declared that the case was
one of the most remarkable that had
ever come under his observation. Death
was due to complications brought on
by kidney trouble aggravated by the
shock of the wound.
One of the assistant district attor
neys made another fruitless effort last
night to secure an ante-mortem state
ment, but Senator Brown refused' to
Children There at Death.
Max Brown and Miss Alice Brown,
appear in court.
Mrs. Bradley, when informed of Sen
ator Brown's death, made no comment.
Mr. Brown came to the senate in
1896, when Utah was admitted to the
union. He served only aFout fifteen
Refused to Marry Her.
It was to appear before the supreme
court of the United States on Monday
in a mining case that he came to Wash
ington, where he was followed by Mrs.
Bradley, who, it is said, learned of his
appointment to meet Mrs. Adams,
mother of Maud Adams, the actress, in
York after he had appeared be
fore the supreme court. She left for
Washington immediately and registered
at the Hotel Baleigh as "Mrs. Anna
Brown," and was assigned to a room
near Senator Brown's apartments.
According to a statement made by
Senator Brown shortly after he was
taken to the hospital, he found Mrs.
Bradley in his room going thru his
private papers. She demanded that he
marry her at once, and when he re
fused she fired the shot which proved
fatal. There was no eyewitness of the
Journal Special Service.
New York, Dec. 13.Count Boni de
Castellame's young brother, Count
Stansilaus, third son of the MaTquis
De Castellane, who greatly resembles
Mme. Gould's former husband, has ar
rived here accompanied by the count
ess. She was formerly Senorita Terry,
daughter of Francisco Terry of Cuba.
The count said his brother Boni felt
very sorry for what had happened be
tween himself and the former Countess
Anna, and had not been treated' justh'
The New French
Treko is the highlyconcentrated essence
of a combination of flowers of the most
agreeable odor. A very little will elimi
nate all odors of the person and give a
delicate, almost imperceptible fragrance
that clings for a loag time.
the newspapers. Count Stanislau
still hopes for reconciliation.
"No, my brother is not coming to
America, at least not at present. He
is very sorry for what has happened. I
think he will stop in France for some
time. cannot come to America to
an a wine
or agentpolitics.
a reporter
waiter is in
He is not going to marry a count
ess. He could not do it if he wanted
to, because it is ridiculous and because
the Catholic religion does not permit
him to marry a second time. I do not
Know if there will be a reconciliation.
1 cannot tell I hope so. but cannot tell.
I have not seen Mme. Gould recently
I am not going to see Georg
Gould. No, no. I do not know him
am going only to pass thru New
Washington, Dec. 13.The activity
of the eastern advocates of tariff re
vision notably republican representa
tives from Massachusetts, in the direc
tion of securing a caucus of the repub
licans in the house to settle upon a
tariff program, serves to renew the dis
cussion of this subject, and to awake*
interest the complexion of the ways
and means committee for the next ses
sion of congress. Special interest in
manifested by the members from the
northwest that the vacant places which
will occur on this committee as a re
the defeat of
McCleary,Representatives an
Vu therenn
shall not be
lost to the northwest.
According to present indications, the
movement to secure the appointment of
Representative C. Stevens of St
Paul to succeed Mr. McCleary will
uave the cordial indorsement^ of all the
Minnesota and other northwestern er'ss division
memViora rn-rn
members. The place is._
UTTT r\*TTt\
"J ""western ,i.
interests ofe th
ecte with th committe now a member
statce icn connection internal com-
which the state cannot afford to sacri
fice, even to retain the placecarefull on thetion
committee on ways and means.
oPfc wl
TOH be
watched thruout the session and in the
Journal Special Service.
London, Dec. 13.Sir Thomas Lip
ton was asked if there was any truth
in the report.that he was engaged to
Miss Jane Morgan, the yachting daugh
ter of Randal Morgan, the Philadel
phia, millionaire, the Irish baronet
smiled and said: I am sorry to say
there is _not a. word of truth in thecial
Mis Morgan is a very charm
President Hopes to Rid Washing
ton of Wretched Hotbeds
of Immorality.
Journal Special Service.
Washington, Dec. 13.Washington is
to be cleaned up. Before leaving the
White House President Roosevelt ex
pects to have inaugurated a program
which will rid the capitol city of the
slum districts which, according to the
report of a special commissioner em
ployed by the president, are worse,
from the standpoint of morality and
cleanliness, than similar areas in New
York, Chicago or any of the large
American cities.
Already one bill has been introduced
that calls for an expenditure of .$10,-
000,000, tho the ultimate completion
of the plan will call for double that
"Hooker's Division" Doomed.
The special section that will be
wiped out of existence is known as
"Hooker's division," and derived its
name from the fame that General Hook
er's men occupied that part of town
during the civil war as a camp ground.
According to the report of James B.
Reynolds of New York, who made the
investigation for the president, Hook- division is a hotbed of immor
I is expected that the president will
make this.the subject of a special mes
sage to congress in the near future. I
is plannjed to wipe out this blot by a
government purchase of the entire sec
which lies south of Pennsylvania
avenue, abutting the postoffice depart
ment and the new municipal building
on the north, and being separated from
the white lot ,on the west by the width
of Fifteenth Street.
report. ~~.sa ^Mvi^au. J.D a very cnarm-1 r r~~-r-~~~ .Trt~bank
ms young lady, but I am not so for
tunate as to be her affianced." -w-rif^ann-.-.-arim -wca
Lighting Plant of the Town Compelled
to Shut Down.
Special to The Journal.
Larimore, N D., Dec. 13.The coal
situation this city has reached the
critical stage. Not a pound is to be
had. The electric light company has
been closing down at midnight and
now is entirely out of fuel, so there
will be no lights at all tonight.
s.mjm aq} u*q* janmns BJ an3uoj. S.UBUIOJI
eq VJ*|a* \mb jo UVKKMI pus OBOJ nj
^d^i^i$^ &j^g
IndictmentMAsRumoread Former
Special to The Journal.
Minot,, N. D.,,Dec. 13
_. _. __ A. Erick
sonr former president of the defunct
Minot National bank, now serving a
term in.the penitentiary at Sioux Falls,
arrived in Minot today to assist the
federal authorities in probing into the
affairs of the defunct bank. I is ru
mored that two former officials of the
bank have been indicted by the spe
grand jury at Grand Forks. I is
said the indictment are against pero
sold the t-
nrt^,r?/.+^ Eriekson, who was convicted of using:,.
the bank's funds to purchase the
In Line with the Pore-Food Law.
The National Food and Drug Act,
which takes effect Jan. 1, 1907, does
not affect Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy in any manner. No special labels
are required on this remedy under that
act, as it iB free from opiates and nar
cotics of every character, making it a
safe remedy for mothers to use with
their children. This remedy has been
in use for so many years, and its good
qualities are so well known, that no
one need hesitate to use it when trou
bled with a cough or cold.
mixtures come in pretty dark and light colorings,
braid trimmed, full box styles, half
lined former price $16.50. Friday
sale price BLAC. C0LLA
LOf 2
U1 Em heavy kersey cloth, full box back,
half-lined, a high storm collar of blended
river mink former price $15. Friday sale
I Of 3
throughout. In this
lot also mixtures price $19.50,
Friday sale
One Fur Eton Coat, $135 $67.50
One Caracul Fancy Coat, braid trimmed, $195. $97.50
One Sable Squirrel Blouse, $125 $62.50
One Natural Squirrel Blouse, $125 $62.50
One Russian Pony Automobile Coat, length, $150 .$75.00
One Sealskin Coat, selected skins, $300 $215.00
Badger Board of Control Wants a
Prison Twine Factory.
MADISON. WIS.The state board of control
Second Floor. FRIDAY. Second Floor.
Arrival of more new goods for our Cloak and Suit Sale, wliich is
proving such a wonderful success. Come early for choice.
Every Garment NewPurchased for this Sale
COATSHalf tight fitting and loose
$45 Suits at $19.50Fifty suits in this lot plain cloths and mixtures all new styles while they last Friday $19.50
$25 Silk Dresses at 1,050 Silk Dresses, all colore a few Woolen Dresses new styles $25 dresses in this lot. Special.$ 10.00
Half Price Sale ofFur Coats-Furs of the best quality as well as superior in style.
Fur Scarfs at $5o00IQO Fur Neck Pieces, squirrels, river minks, electric seal coneys. Friday. $5,00
See Windersv Display Corner Sixth and Nicollet.
of Wiscon&ta has decided to ask the nest legis
lature for an appropriation ot $250,000 for iibe
establishtaent of a binder-twine factory at
Htate prison at Waupun, following the successful
plan of Minnesota: The Wisconsin prison labor
contract-expires in 1968, and it is planned to
Coats also tight fitting Coatssuperio a few
mixtures former price $25.
I fit 5
These models are handsomely trimmed in
the richest silk braids or handsomely em
broidered. Former price, $37.50
The Northwest's Greatest Store, Sixth and Wabasha Streets, St. Paul.
The Greatest Coat Sale
Ever Attempted in the Twin Cities.
400 $25 NewWinter Coats at $15Friday & Saturday
Military coats, in velvet and cloth, and
velvet blouses, all prettily 1
braided, at same price. $ 1 ,M
You may depend upon it, this is a wonderful
COATS IN THIS LOTFine black and colors,
kill"!'broadcloth coats, lined throughout, fancy braid
trimmed, black and colors, loose
coats lined throughout fancy braid
bill Coats of fine rich broadcloths and mixtures,
high class tailored Coats tight fitting
and loose Coats. Former price
One Seal Bisam Box Coat, $150 .$75.00
One Russian Pony Qoat, $95. ...$47.50
One Caraeul Coat, Ermine trimmed, $195. $97.50
One Sable Squirrel Eton Coat, $189. $84.5fi
One Sealskin Box Coat, choice selected skins, $450 $350.00
One Sable Squirrel Box Coat, $112.50 $56.25
get the new industry ready by that time.
Last month the board visited the Minnesota
at Stillwater and was greatly pleased
with the operation. Information that the indus
try netted a profit of $400,452.87 in two years
was particularly weighty in the action of thehe
The enormous coat business we have enjoyed this season
tfives us a prestige with coat manufacturers not shared by^
other stores.
For this reason, when a prominent eoat maker wished to make fi
up and dispose of his entire stock of cloths, he naturally turned
to Schuneman & Evans, who have a sufficient outlet to handle
any quantity, providing the price is right.
When we found we could buy $25.00 coats so we could sell them
for $15.00 we instantly closed the deal, because $15.00 is just
price so many women want to pay for a winter coat right
now, especially so if they happen to, be $25.00 values. So it
hits the people's fancy.
They are loose, tight fitting and half fitted effects, beautifully
tailored and decorated and satin lined throughout, also inter-
lined so they are warm enough for the^coolest winter weather.
Materials are heavy broadcloth and kersey, in cardinal, brown,
navy and brack.
And besides these there will be hosts of full length black broadcloth coats, lined
throughout with' serviceable sable blend suslika fur, and deep shawl collar of blended
brook mink, silk cord frogs ana loops. Also full length black broadcloth coats with
deep shawl collar of sable blend brook mink or opossum, and the entire coat lined
with quilted Venetian cloth, which has a silky appearance and is more durable than
satin, but if you prefer, you may. have the quilted atin lining throughout. .^a
All are cut generously full and artistically draped, a feature you will not find in ordinary
$15 coats,
Well, that's the whole story. We secured hundreds of brand new winter coats at-A
big reduction, and you can save ^$10 on your winter coat Friday and Saturdays AH
sizes are in the lot. Note the Sixth street window display^ .&*,*
the prominence we give it. ''J*''' 'v
form-fitting Coats as well asi loose effects
Wisconsin board in recommending ft similar ay*,
tern in this state.
Every employee of the British postoffice get*
a wedding present from the government whew
For $25 Coats.
And a supply of snappy fifty-inch coats,
of heavy fancy mixtures and
plaids, in smart new styles, also,
j.f. 9 y.,
itIwould nott receive'S^ V^

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