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Say Stories of Immorality of Re
cently Promoted General Are
Without Foundation.
Journal Special Service.
Washington, Dec. 21.Brigadier Gen
eral John D. Pershing, who was pro
moted to his present position from a
captaincy over the hoads of.862 su
perior officers and against whose char
acter allegations of immorality have
been made in Manila and elsewhere,
was yesterday vigorously defended by
many of his friends. Included in, the
number was Secretary Eoqt, who first
suggested Pershing's promotion, when
secretary of war Secretary Taft, Sen
ator Warren, chairman of the senate
military affairs committee and the
father-in-law "of General Pershing, and
others prominent in military and civil
The charge that General Pershing has
children by a Filipino woman is pro
nounced absolutely without foundation.
The declaration that General Pershing
and his wife were on the point of
separation a few months ago because of
his relations with the Filipino woman
are denied.
General Pershing and his wife are
now en route to Manila, where he will
assume command of a division in the
Philippines. They sailed yesterday from
Tokio for the last stage of their
Last March an anonymous letter was
received by President Eoosevelt. It
declared that an investigation should
be made of General Pershing's private
record before he was promoted from
captain to brigadier general. It was
alleged in this anonymous letter, that
while serving in the island of Min
danao, stationed at Zamboango, Captain
Pershing had almost openly lived with
a Filipino woman, by whom he had at
least two, if not three children, that
he had built a house for her and made
his home with her.
Origin of Story.
The only possible explanation as to
the origin of the story about Captain
Pershing as outlinecT above is thus
stated by many of General Pershing's
A short distance from Zamboango
lived two half-Spanish and half-Filipino
women with three half-white children.
They keep a sort of resort where cigars
and refreshments were sold. Officers
and men frequently stopped at this
place and often talked to the children.
It was a common practice to ask first
one and then another of the children
"Who is your father?" The child
would always reply, "Governor Taft,"
Governor Wright," General
Kobbe," "Captain Cleman," "Captain
Swobe," "Captain Pershing," or any
other name that came handy. It was
regarded as a joke and nothing more
thought of it.
Committee Can't Act.
Nothing can now come before the
senate military affairs committee to
affect General Pershing. He was con
firmed more than a week ago. He can
only be reached now by court-martial
proceedings instituted in the usual way.
Senator Warren emphatically declares
that the question of promoting Per
shing was first mentioned to him long
before either he or his daughter had
soen that officer.
Prior to Pershing's confirmation a
letter was received by Senator Warren
from Captain Thomas Swobe, saying
that he lived in the same house with
Pershing and that a curfew regulation
made only by General Kobbe compelled
all officers to be in their quarters be
fore 11 at night. This regulation was
religiously observed by the" officers.
This, Captain Swobe declared, preclud
ed the possibility of Pershing living
in a separate house with a Filipino
Touch of Grateful Pet's Tongue Produces
Fatal Rabies.
Journal .Special Service.
New York, Dec. 21.Frank Butkanal,
25 years old, of Pleasantville, N. T., is
dead of hydrophobia.
The manner of Butkanal's infection
with the virus Is unique in the history
of the disease. It was the caress of
gratitude, the touch of the cold muzzle
and the moist tongue of a Newfoundland
dog he nursed thru its illness that brought
about the transfusion of the deadly
Butkanal was employed as handy man
by Dr. S. V. Jones, near Pleasantville.
Among the doctor's pets was the New
foundland dog. In October the dog was
-bitten by a terrier which was afflicted
by rabies. The Newfoundland killed the
terrier, but later, despite the care given
him, showed symptoms of rabies and was
shot. Butkanal became violent last
Another Portion of Crater Falls,
Alarming Naples.
Naples, Dec. 21.Another portion of
the crater of Mount Vesuvius fell in
yesterday and caused a great eruption
of ashes, cinders and sand. It was not
preceded or accompanied, however, by
either detonations or earthquakes, but
for twenty minutes a rather heavy rain
of ashes fell over Naples. The rain of
ashes created alarm the more pop
ulous quarters of the city. Women
began praying to the Madonna and the
saints not to visit them with another
punishment at Christmas time such as
came shortly before last Easter,
Calm was soon restored. The ashes
continued to fall last evening over
Portici. Terre des Greco, Eesina and
Torre Annunziata.
President May Ask People to Extend
AM to Suffering Chinese.
Journal Special Service.
Washington, Dec. 21.An appeal to
the American people for the relief of
the famine sufferers of China is con
templated by the president thru the
National Red Cross.
American consular officers in the
stricken regions in China have notified
the department of state that the con
ditions are alarming and that millions
of people are on the verge of starvation
because of the failure of the,crops.
It is declared by the consuls that
romp action must be taken, as near
all food supplies are exhausted.
Civil Service Reform Leauge Declares
Against Proposed Move, ^f^t
New York, Dec. 21.A blow at all
schemes for old-age pensions for civrl
service employees, whether, in the state
or nation, has been-delivered by the.
National Civil Service Reform league,
which made public the result of its
exhaustive study of the -subject.
The league finds that any pension
scheme founded on government aid is
bad. A civil pension list o tire Eng
lish basis would cost the national "gov
ernment $19,000,000 a year for the
classified service alone, and $25,000,000
for the whole service, whereas, at pres
ent, the government's loss' from 'inef
ficiency of its employees who are 65
years of age, expressed in salary,,4uala
paly $1,200,000 a year,
Buy a gift
Take purchases with you when
$20 Fur Collar Satin Lined Coats
This line in black only.' Coats of
fine kersey, 50 inches long satin
lined throughout. Collar of ex
tra fine river mink. We guaran
tee this line to be a good $20,00
value. Our special (f* t\E
*low price. piO.V5
$22.50 Fur Collar CoatsCut full
50 inches long all the favorite
colors in extra fine broadcloth.
Collar of fine opossum lining of
quilted Venetian. These coats
are go? value at i*-v
$22.50. Special at. .3 .5U
$7.00 fine black
marten scarf$.
Storm collar style rich black.
Friday Evening",
&vrM I
These make excel
lent gifts. Special.
lot $3.vo
irst Av. S.
Don't you think it would pay you to look around?
Kimonos and Dressing Sacques,
German Flannel and Eiderdown,
in fahcy colors worth to $1.75
Holiday special,
Here's a very special sale of
men's fine percale shirts.
Furnishing Department... .Main Floor.
f*^*H fresh new goodsnot broken lols or odds or endsbut a
f" *tth?i
Women's fur collar coats.
Second Floor... .Fifth Avenue.
$30 Fur Collar Satin Lined Coats
The coat of extra fine kersey, in
black, brown, blue and red full
54, inches long lined throughout
with satin. Collar of extra fine
opossum, river mink or blended
squirrel. Begular fcO'l ^7K
$30 value. Here for.. 4)Z1/U
$55 Women's Fur Lined Coats
Fine river mink lined coats,
natural backs only. Selected
European and squirrel collar
they are 50 inches long (not 48).
Priced elsewhere at QLA
$55 our price. .4/^10
Children's coats
half price!
Entire stock in plaids and mix
tures. All winter weights. All
sizes, 6 to 14 years
Fine waists greatly reduced.
Second Floor. ...First Avenue South.
Choice of all kinds of waists. Our stock fully as large as any four stocks
the city combined, and prices from $1.00 to $3.00 lower than any-
where els.e in the regular way. Note extra reductions for the holidays.
$5.00, $6.00, $7.50 and $10.00 Waists
better in every respect than
waists advertised as "specials"
elsewhere at $5.00 to $7.50our
price choice of the *\o
Black Tailored Taffeta and Fancy
Plaid and Roman Stripe Waists
also a choice variety of beautiful
Lingerie Waists values to $5f00i
Holiday Sale price, A
$3.95 $4.69 $5.69 $7.69
Silk skirt sale of the season.
Beautiful Bustling Taffeta Silk Skirts, in black and colors. Greatest
selection in the Twin Cities. About 1,000 to close out before Christmas.
Circular shirred and plaited flounces with underlay. Extra values at
$2.69 $3.39 $4.39 $5.39 $6.69
^Will be packed two or three in neat box as wanted.
full line of sizes.
Always sell at tl-00 each, for this sale Saturday"
choice from 250 dozen at the heretofore unheard-of
price of
BememberOur Men's Furnishing Dept. is unsurpassed in size, variety
and low prices. If you have a want in this line you will find it here and
at a liberal saving over "exclusive" stores.
Suve your dollarsl Here's an extraordinary
Christmas glove sale.
This sale includes gloves from some of the most prominent makers in
France, but on account of the cut prices we are not allowed to publish
their names. However, they are easily recognized. All are perfect new
fresh goods in the most fashionable colors.
Genuine French Beal KidFrench
Lambskin French Suedeand
Genuine Velvet Mocha Gloves.
Every size, all best colors. Beg
ularly $1.25 to $2.00.
Sale price
BlackWhiteTanBrownGray. The prices, per pair
16-BTJ rown-
nameless kid gloves, but well
The certificates are redeemable at any time and the holder is sure to
get what is wanted, as ojur assortments are always complete.
(In the Arcade.)
i Boys' and men's clothing.
Second Floors All Elevators.
Begular $5.00 and $6.00 Boys' Suijs and Overcoats
Norfolk Suits, double breasted .suits with plain or knicker
bocker trousers plain colors and neat mixtures in wor
steds and tweeds
Novelty Suits, sizes 2% to 8 years, in blue serge"
worsteds, velvets in blue and brown and green
Overcoats, size 3 to 8 years, with close fitting velvet collars.
braid trimmed
Reefer Overcoats with wool lining, and School
in neat mixtures. Choice at
Begular $3.00 and $4.00 Boys' Suits and Overcoats
Norfolk and Double Breasted Suits* in mixtures, cheviots
and' tweeds
Buster Brown Suit in plain blue and neat mixtures..
Eton and Sailor Suits, small size only 1]
Overcoats, size 3 to 8 years close fitting velvet collar*
emblem'"on sleeve. Choice at...
Boys' Winter Caps
Begular prices..50c 75c $1.50
Special 25e 50c $1.00
Best qualities French Real Kid-
PiqueFrench SuedeKayser's
16-button length Black and
White Silk Gloves. Regularly
$1.75 to $2.50. Sale A
price, choice 4) 1.5U
$2.50 $3.00 $3.50 and $4.00
A Powers glove certificate
-is better than some other glove certificates. They are worth more
because they buy better gloves in fact, the best gloves made any-
where in the world.
Note:We do not sell
known and tried brands.
"Kuppenheimer" Clothes for Men
Entire stock of Fancy Vests, House
Coats, Lounging and Bath Robes
at reduced prices.
Silk floss sofa*pillows
Drapery Dept.....Third Floor.
.at, less than regular wholesale prices.
18-inch 20-inch 22-inch 24-inc
18c 24c 29cT'
At these prices we limit the quantitynone to dealers.
In the optical department.
You will find Opera Glasses in great variety jgTSS fSgTfi
Pearl Opera Glasses from $4.00 upward. K'
Opera Glasses with handle, from $9.00 upward.
,i"3 Opera Glass Handles from $2.50 upward. I j
Gold Rimmed Spectacles or Eyeglasses intended for Christmas irifts will
be fitted-after the .holidays with6ut extra charge.
(In the^
worry about it, you'll find what you
mas gift,
will sell:
choice ......Ji.Oy
All Wool Eiderdown: and Flannel
Dressing Sacques, worth $1.25
Holiday sale Satur- Cft
day, at. JDVC
Fancy All Wool Eiderdown and German Fleece Bath Robes in new color-
ings. Worth regularly $5.00 to $12.50. Our special price
The $1.25 kind for gg
The $1.50 kind for OO
The $1.75 kind for......*l*o*
$2.50 kind for.. $1.98
Fur Bobe^-$2.25 $2.50 $3.00
to $11.50.
Celluloid Battles, 15 25c.
Comb and Brush Sets, 50c $1.00
and $1.50.
Powder and Puff Boxes, 25c.
Bootees and Mittens, 19c 25c
and 39c.
Knitted Sacques, 25c 39c"' 59c.
Hand Embroidered Sacques, $1
$1.25 $1.50 $2.00.f
Hand Embroidered Bibs,, 98c
^$1.25 $1.5t $l T5iJ: im
boxes. Prices from 25c
Choice of the following list of the latest
popular sheet musicboth vocal and
instrumentalat per copy
JOURNAL. Decemberx
v^^ent holiday trade has made great inroads on the stocks and, tho still in splendid condition, are likely to "break"
any hour. So don wait till Monday if you can come Saturday. .And to make it an object to come EARLY we will give---
Double amount Security Merchandise (red) stamps Saturday till noon in all departments
Toys and games
the new building^ Nicollet and Fifth.
To induce Saturday trading we will give with cash purchases of Toys,
Games and Dolls (dolls in the basement)
Saturday, Dec. 22. Come in the morning if possible. Note these
Printing presses.
Just what a boy wants you could not buy a more-desirable Christ
Thev teach as well as %amuse
American pewter soldiers.
A very desirable gift for b'oys or girls. In neat boxes, very nicely
.arranged on display tray. Saturday only we will sell
The $2.50 size for
The $2.00 size for.
The $1.50 size for..
The $1.25 size for
$2.00 $1.69
Things for the little ones.
^Second Floor.... First Avenue.
The largest and most popular Infants' Wear Department in the Twin
Cities. Prices always lower than elsewhere, and for this occasion very
7 M1?CH lower than anywhere else.
Coats,..Sonnets, Dresses, Slips, Veils, Bootees, Shawls, Stockings, Shoes,
Carriage Eqb^s, Hand Painted Combs, Brushes, Soap Boxes, Eattles,
Hand Embroidered Sacques, Knitted Sacques, in fact everything needful
for ttoe comfort of the little tots.
?iS, backed by our immense cash buying power, are standing the test well. The pres- i
except restaurant, soda fountain, patent medicines. Eastman kodak goods, flour, sugar and meat department. i^V^ ^4?
the boy. Saturday we
The $3.50 kind for $2.50
The $5.00 kind fox $3.75
The $7.50 kind for $5.00
The 69c size for............ -50o
The 50c size for 39
The 35c size for 25c
Wire toy carriages.
A great sale Saturday. Just the thing for the little tots, as they
are indestructible. Saturday only we will sell
The $2 25 kind for $1.89 I The $1.25 kind for.... 95
The $1.50 kind for $1.19 The 75c kind for.........: .59
Heavy quality Bearcloth, As
trakhan and Pressed Velvet Coats
.well linedj double breasted
with turnover collar and cuffs.
Advertised elsewhere at "worth
$6.00, for $4.50 and $5.00"our
special Christmas
Note the following very extra spe
cial offer
500 Little Coats, made of all wool
Venetian with star and shield,
lined and interlined Colored
Pressed Velvet and Heavy Ass
trakhan Coats, star and shield
values to $6.50, O ClQ.
choice of the lot......^"O
Candies at lowest prices.
Swiss Milk. Bitter Sweets and Bon Bona. Thes are the finest qualit
chocolates made put up in$ %.:pounde,r
Large choice assortment, of high. grade Chocolate Bon Bons in one-pound
boxes, it jJ5c 40
Gum Bon Bons, at pound.......-4c I Christmas Candies andand
Mixed Candy, two pounds for.. 15c
Hand-made Mixed Candy, lb... 15c building, near Arcade archway.
Music as Christmas gifts.
1-pound,e 2-poun and 2%-pouny
Vocal hits.
Won't You Come Over To My House?
I Like You, Too. Cheyenne.
He Walked Right In, Turned Around
and Walked Out Again.
80 Long Mary.
Won't You Throw a Kiss To Me?
Alice O'Grady.
If I Only Had the Nerve.
Little Chauffeur.
Waltz Me Around Again Willie.
Good Old U. S. A.
Two Little Sailor Boys.
Could You Read My Heart. ,-v
If a Girl, Like You Loved a Boy Like
Good-bye, Sweetheart, Good-bye.
Camp Meetin' Time.
Down In the Everglade.
My House Boat Beau.
What's the Use of Dreaming (District
Moon Song (Gingerbread Man.)
John Dough.
Cross Your Heart.
My Mariuccla (Take a Steamboat.).
Somebody's Waiting for You.
Alice, Where Art Thou Going.
What's the Use of Anything?
Waiting at the Church.
Let Me Hear the Songs My Mother
Used to Sing.
w* wff?~w* intz?
21, 1906.
JNicollet Av.
Fifth Street,-^
First Av/S. f5
Minneapolis. $
24-inch centerpieces $1.25 to $ 5
Perfecto Especial size, manufactur
er's wholesale price $70 per thou
sand special box of ff/\
25 for...............3)1.5U
Sublimes size, manufacturer's
wholesale price $85.00 per thou
sand specialboxof (tiC f\f\
100 for ........ip.p
Imperials Perfecto Extra I-1
Boxes at
Candy Square in-ne
Long Green and Wheat Belt
Box of 2 5 *w. -$1.00
Box of 5 0 for ..$1.75
Park Avenue, box of 1 2 for. -50c
Box of 2 5 for...., $1.00
JiB0 of 5 0 for .$1.75
Seal of Minneapolis^-
Box of 2 5 for....... .$1.75
Box of 5 0 for.. $3.50
West Hotel Bouquet..
Box of 1 2 for $1.00
Box of 2 5 for S1.75
Box of 5 0 for.... .$3.50
La Evidencia
Perfecto, 15c straight size, special,
box of 2 5 for $&50.
Perfecto Chicos, 2 for 25c size}
special, "box of 2 5 fr
Order Your
Poultry Now
Autumn (song), Nell Moret'^' Vi-*'*
IOLA. Cherry. Hey Rube.
Evening Shadows. Dixie'Blossoms.
Leader March (new.).
Autumn (Reverie.) '-i^Cr'
Golden Sunset Waltzes.' *'v*i
Melody at Twilight. ^*Ht&--t*^ &**"
Hearts and Masks, fiv^'^'vife
Breath of the Rose, vlr J^\ Paddy.
Failing Waters. Louise Waltzes.
Morning Star (Nell ,Moret'a latest.)
Sonora Novelette. *d Fascination.
Sleepy, (new rag.)
Dream of the Alps (Hoist.) A
Heartsease. Owaionna.
Peaches and' Cream./"^ Svlvla
Cathedral Chimes (ne**-
Gunmaster March. Snowflakes.
Wedding of the Winds.
Floating Along. Belles of 76 (march.)
MlcJcy Finn (Latest Irish two-step.)
Jose Vila-r-
Tampas, special box of 2 5 for
Invincible Chicos, special box of.
2 5 for $2.75.
In Smoking Tobaccos we carry a
v^ry large line of popular and
high grade brands at lowest
Walnuts, new and fresh, lb, 10c
and 18c.
New Fancy Mixed Nuts, lb..
Fancy piuster Raisins, lb,
and 35c.
Extra Fancy Cluster Raisins, -j
one-pound boxes sdv
Plum Pudding, Greenabaum Bros.,
regular 10c can, while
the lot lasts, can
Olives, stuffed Manzanlllos,, On
10c bottle, .special Ot
New Hollow! Dates, pound,
HI. .Store
Fancy goods ready to give.
Second Moor....First Avenne.
At very remarkable price reductions.
Our entire line of Burnt Leather Sofa Pillows greatly reduced.
Begular price $3 00 for .$2.25 I Regular price $8.00 for,.. ,$6.00
Begular price $5.00 for. $4,00 1
Burned Leather Novelties in handkerchief, glove, tie, collar and cuff and
cigar boxes, all reduced.
Begular price $6.00 for $4.50
Begular price $4.00 for $3*00
Begular price $3.00 for..... $ 2 5 0
Large assortment of Japanese Drawn-work
and Lunch Cloths at special prices.
9 and 12-inch doilies
18-inch centerpieces $1.00 to $ 3
wholesale price $70.00 per thou
sand our special price, *jt3
box of 5 0 for $ji
Powers Guarantee Invincibles,
manufacturer's wholesale price
$55.00 per thousand. Greatest
bargain ever offered in large, fine
cigars. Our special Holiday
price, box of
2 5 for-
p. v., 12
Q^, evenings.
Shop on transfers and Bare
Begular price $2.75 for. 72.$2.25
Begular price $2.50 for $2.00
Centerpieces, Doilies, Scarfs
......25c- 'V^i
Lunch Cloths from $1.50 to $15
Scarfs at from 75 to $10.00
Save money on cigars and pipes the
same as on other goods. J^^S
We guarantee to save you money on all grades of cigars and pipes, and
challenge comparison. We sell cigars and pipes at lower prices than any
store in America. In addition to our large line of the best make domes-
tic cigars, we sell the celebrated "La Evidencia" and "Jose Vila" fine
Havana cigars, which we retail at the manufacturer's lowest prices.
LeandersElegante size, box of 50
manufacturer's wholesale price
per thousand our special
price, box of 5 0
"GATO" Brand
Perfecto Finos, 2 for 25c size,
special box of 2 5 for $2.50.
Perfecto, regular 3 for 50c size,
special box of 2 5 for $3.25.
Escepbionales, 20c straight size,
special box of 2 5 for $3.75.
Seal of Minnesota
Box of 2 5 for $1.50
Box of 5 0 $3.00
Famabella i
Box of 2 5 for $1.50
Box of 5 0 for $3.00
Tuxedo Club
10c straight size, box of 25 $1.90
3 for 25c size, box of 25, $1.75
Washington Irving
10c straight size, box of 25 $1.90
For an inexpensive gift for Christ
mas or New Year, or any time,
in fact, there is nothing that
would be more pleasing or appre
ciated by a smoker than a fine
French Briar or- Meerschaum
Imported French Briar PipesThe
bowls were cut in St. Claude,
France shipped to Vienna, Aus
tria, and there mounted with the
finest quality amber stems and
fitted in plush and chamois lin
ed English, Morocco and
chamois covered cases. The best
imported French Briar Pipes pos
sible to produce from the
Briar Pipe center of the world.
These are the best values pos
sible to offer and could not be
offered elsewhere at equally low
prices as we quote every day.
As a special inducement we will
offer you choice of our entire
stock (all kinds) of Pipes, both
imported and domestic, at the
remarkable saving of
2 5 TO 3 3 1-3 PER CENT.*
We carry a full line of Cigar
Moisteners, Cigar and Cigarette
Cases and Holders, Tobacco
Jars. etc.
___: yi-t
Grocery specials Saturday.
Figs Extra Fancy Imported, lb,
15c, 18c, 20c.
Peas Rose Bud brand, extra sifted
Telephone, sweet and -g
tender, can \JtQf
Lilac BrandBest Maine Sweet
Corn, Succotash and Lima Beans
to further introduce them we
will sell our regular 15c
grade, special, can....,
New Dill Pickles, quart 8
you 2 0 stamps with A
each pound. 3UC
TelephonesN. W. Main 4700. T. C. 162. ~v $
See the Champion Grand Sweepstake Winner, BEEF, from the International
Livestock Show Exposition, Chicago.
The largest Christmas stocks of Poultry, Meats^ Delicatessen, Oysters. But.
ter,Eggs, Cheese and Vegetables in the city.
Turkeys, IK........,16c, 18c 20c
Spring Ch'k'ns, lb 10c l&fo
Young Geese, lb 12V2c 14c
Rib Boiling, lb../. ..5
Chuck Roast, lb. 7c
Pot Roast, lb 10c
Rib Roast, rolled, lb 12c
Rib Roast, standing, lb...... -12c
Sirloin Steak, lb 12V2
Porterhouse Steak, 12X/2C
Round Steak, lb
per quart
"J,Christmas Specials, "'-r .\,t^
'Imp. Camembert, in tins, ea...50c
Imp. Edams, each $1.00
Imp. De Brie in tins, each 50c
Imp. Bayrischer Blerkase, in tins,
each .....:..............Vv'50c
Imp. Dill Pickles, qt.........
Imp. Limburger, lb 20
Imp. Parmesan for grating, lb. -40c
Imp. Sap Sago, each -10c
Imp. Swiss Cheese, lb 35
Imp. Gjeteost from Norway, lb 35c
Vermont Sage Cheese, lb 25c
Headquarters for Mince Meat, at''
lb 10c, 12V2C, 15c
Milwaukee Pfeffernusse, Rye Bread
and, Pumpernickle.
McLaren's Roquefort and Imperial
Cheese, Peanut Butter.
C. F. Witt, Mgr.
We sell exactly
what we adver-
Plump Fowl, lb. 10c, fin
Plump Ducks, lb llciSK&j
Old Chickens, lb. "Sefse
Pork Shoulder Roast, lb
Pork Butt Roast, lb .*"tfoi
Pork Loin Roast, lb Jo!,
Pork Sausage, lb.. tfc
Spare Ribs, lb ?Kl
Leaf Lard, lb. ^Z
Lamb Legs, lb 15J
t, 10c Mutton Legs, lb 12^
-i ,J OYSTERSSOLID.' MEAT. J&$j& rt. .'^"jg
Af\n Selects, .vJ'X^V-i^"'KA
TrUC per quart.. ?i\ d\IC
Our Delicatessen dept. is filled with
fresh, new stock of foreign and
domestic can" goods most of
which can only be had here.
PreBh Goose Breasts and Legs.
Fanc California Navel Oranges,
25c 35c 40c 45c
Florida Russets, doz 35^
Ca|ifornia Tangerines, doz..'. .350
Sweet Cuban Pineapples, each" 25c
Florida Grape Fruit, large size 10c
Cape Cod Cranberries, qt io
Fancy Jonathan Apples, pk... 50e
Malaga Grapes, lb QOe
Fancy Leaf Lettuce, large)
3 for -ifo
Fancy Crisp Celery and all kinds
of vegetables in season.

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