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Itn0. Qllck for Uborstudt. l.ovv foi
.McLean, JIokk 'or IC. Tronkuiftnn.
' HaVlland for Qennert, Swart for
, rhenk. Sheisk for Swart. Brown for
Hay III1I, Hlghley for LambertOii,
L?smborton for Hlghley.
Tale?Scovlt for Know lea, Hast on
tor Wlldoti. Guernsey for Ijegore,
Gould for Urann, Loughbridgo for
Talbolt, Carter for SttUuian, Oakcs
for Oonroy, J. Shtldon for Botts, Brantt
for Gould. Stlllman for Curter, Wilson
for ICaston. Cornell for Alnsworth. C.
Shejdon for I.K>ughhridgo, Von Holt
for J. Sheldon, Alnsworth for Cor
nell, Talbott for C. Sheldon, Betts for
VOn Holt, Logore for Qucrnsoy.
Dunn JlnkcH 05-Vnril ltun on tin Inter*
ifplcd ronvned Pitnw nuil Win*
The Barton Heights football eleven
defeated the Church Hill Athletic Club
eleven yesterday by the score of l'J to
a before n crowd of SO0 people. The
teams lined up in inidseason lorm, but
Ihe Northsiders outgeneraled tlieir op
pdnentti In lino plnuges and falte for
mation. The first quarter started with
a little puntiiin i>y lioth teams, and
after about eight minutes of play, Bar
ton Heights put the oval over for the
first touchdown, Dunn kicking goal.
?All during the remainder of the lirat
half the ball seesawed.
Church Hill's three points, which
were made by Perkins on a place kick
in the second quarter, B. Hell received
a forward pass from middle Held anil
run for about forty yards, it was a
close one for the Northsiders, but time
wAr up for the hair.
The second half was more like a
strap. Both teams began to fight.
Time and again the ball went to the
opposing team':? first down, but before
tno third quarter ended the Barton
Heights leather wearers luide the
score 13 to 3 by a series of line plung
ing, making in all live first downs.
In the last quarter it began to get
dark. Church Hill's eleven went in
for blood and carried the ball for two
or three first down.", when Frank
Dunn came nfong with a little basket
ball trick, pulled one of Churcli Hill's
pa&s,cs l'rom the air and run sixty-live
yards ft?* the third touchdown.
Both teams were strong on defense,
and paiheti most of th"tr ground on lino
plunging. Forward passes were fre
quent. Church Hill making four out
of eight attempts, with good gains,
while Barton Height,^ got away with
three out ot" five. Both back fields
were weak on end runs, therefore the
only long gains were by Dunn, the
two Bell hoyp, Walter and Bob, Whirl
wind Coney, IT. Hale, Richardson, Pcas
ly and Quarles. The llne-un:
Barton Heights?BJchtirufjon. right
end; If. Hale, right tackle; Taylor, right
guard; Martenstein. ceutro; Beck, left
guard; Coney, left tackle; Peasltfy. left
end; Heubs, quarterback; O. llalc, full
back; Watson, right half; Dunli, loft
Church Hill Athletic Club?Quarles,
right end; Newman, Anderson and-Hav.
right tackle: V. and W. Johnson, right
guard; Sterling, centre; Miller, left
guard; A. Bell, left tackle; B. Bell, left
end; W. Bell, quarter back; Cttson, full
back; Perkins, right half: llumbard,
leri half.
Time of halves, 10 and 12. Ueferce.
Stringer (.1. H. M. S.t I'mpire, Atkin
son U. 11. M. S.) Ileal linesman. Sales
<11. P.) Time keeper, !!. Peasley. At
tendance, about SO*1. Touchdowns?
Dunn (2). U. Hale (1).
The Kocotifl week of the volleyball ami
basketball leches of the Hn.-t find 'chool*
furnbh I'd : omo very hitereeiliiK sport nt
th? cHuroli if'lvlr Ausoelatlon Field. Cliln)
imraxo top-5 both leagues with :? oltnn slate
t<> ds.le. Falrniouut Is tie with t'hlnibor:iy.o
la basketball, and Nicholson Is t'.?> with
Cltlmhortu th volleyball. This makes It
doubly hard for ChlinboruJio, bcvuueo the
park la.ls have two foes to conquer In
stead of one.
Chfmborazo ami Folrinount meet on Tiim
dal of till" week. and the resiflts of the
two gnnies will clear the tangle somewhat.
Schedule 'I'llIs Week.
.Monday, November 1C?Springlleld vs. .frf
f arson.
Tuesday. November 17?Chlmborazo vs.
Pai rniouat.
Friday November 20?Bfellevue vs. Nichol
The public i* Invited to attend the games
of the ijael Had eehovils on the above dates.
Both vendues u'.ay at the same time, and
r:srt abo-it ^ o clock.
STANIflNti OF liKAt.fKS.
Team. Won. !.<??= ?>. I'. <
Chlniberaro - a
Ruirmouat - ?' I .WO
Nleholson I '? .W)
Ucllevue ' 1 . .V)
./elfer.-on t>
.Sprincllciil ? - .Jul
Team. Won. I.est. p. C.
Chlmbornro - 0 l.ojo
Nb-lsob on 0 ;. )0d
llojjeyne i .{W'l
Falrrttottiu ' ' V5
.leb'arson ' ")
Hprlngflcld - .? t*
The Fi.lrmnu:'.'. Athbfle A?>.-? . : i;K,v, ..r
Church Civic Af'eelatlou. defeutol the
lftjrhland Springs Bigb School li'.sltot bull
team yesterday nft'-rnoon on t.be bitter'^
ou-tdoor court i?j- the .score of -7 to l'J.
The fpiue very interextlnp. and the
teama ditptnyed some very tine pawsbig. The
Spaa^lar brotlter^ featured for tho IiIrIi
eeheol, while Khmlg. Watts and C'aptali> I'm -
tercea featured for the Falrmounfn Th^
linc-un: ?.* ?'* *
If. H. H. H. Position. " F. A. .A.
Spanc'tr 1, forward Pendleton
<J Connor forward Patterson
Spttrtpixr. Lv cen*re Watts
Qulon guard Rhjlii?
Hnikh Bimrd tiruen
Suhiutary: Sub*;itutlons?Andrews for Pat
terson, Felvey for CSrcan. Parrett for Pen
dleton, TboniKM for Andrews, CoIHuh for
fJUinn. Field rouIb--Pendleton fi). Patter
son (11. Watti. <*.>>. tJreen (11, h. Siiu.nglar
<11. O'Connor t.'i. (Jo.vls front foul4?1>. |
SpAriglaT (";>. Pendleton il). llet'eree. Prar
l:eart. T!niekf.?per. Williams.
St. I'eter'fc Win.
i'hc S' Per.r.r's Utskelbail ;?a?n deieaied i
llie UiiJfie: .-iiiool o-.i tlto M.aii'.l court t" ;
t'a? scorn of to
1.. ija*sl", tho apecdy litll- fo: ward. ? .? -
ri?ii tht colors fo:- ;!t. Peter'", and .Me.ii I v,
c.'.so u t-:ur of the g.Tne. Liine-up:
Ituffner. Position. yt. Pete:-'?
I". Mai-.:.. ..rljiht forwxrd.. ,.i; Meiei
^.'.l?ro: left forward 1. M:.-..
llu??ribt:K centre Alloc
.McWH?~on. . . .i lpl'.t ^tiar.l Oouchln
J. Ma.rrl:i !ef. suard f
Summary: Substitutes?lb,.'Hnlam for .1.
M^rrln. Kyan for Allen. Coals from field
F. Marrln (41. Carroll. ltOfenberK'. I,. .Mn.?-|p
i,), Moonl (41. Free throw* F. Murrln, 1..
Ma*-ilo (81. Meomi. Tltno of litilvcs, mln
Mixed Foursomes
at Country Club
MuflSi Inttr'M* Is bolus tnVot? In tlir mixPil
foursome Ko:r tournament to be played off
on next HiiturJiy at tjt?- Coin-try Club "f
Kollov-itlff Is ? .!#t of the I'olip.i-I Who l-.ive
qualified. tou^'-hT ivlth their ImmMcjjiv:
Cot:i>!*--. I 'anill'-aju1.
Ml<? Bro vii ^ it I l>. C.r.
Mw, " U. Whll at,.. U. * irn v
.Mr.!. A. I- flun-ae and M. Peel I
Jilts Tray lor ..ni C I.. William.-.. ?...
Mr, ali'l Mu. II. St ???a .1 .Iohpk \ . 1
Mr. and Mr* Uwkc \V. Warren
Mrr. John liayo* r.inl .1. ('. Taylor ::
Mlt?s Catherine Kirk" nrstl It A K!uI:f....
Mrs. Nelror: Ht??l? unit IV l> Ifoti'liklM, .'r. *.
Mr. and Mr*. Horace H. lla'.f '.i
MIsb I/ln<;?Hy and K. >'<. Christian..?. i.
Mr. and Mn. J. A. Iielvln 1"
Mr. and Mr.?. It. IV Haul *:
Mr. and Mrs. ThciM.iv H. Mi-Adam1
Or. n.nd Mr?. It. II. Gray
Mr. and Mr?. Ocorgp C. Ht J a nod 1>
Mr. anil Mrs, XV. Aabby .Ion ?>. Jr....
Miss taoulae Yancy anJ John Itiunt... ... ."
Air. and Mr.?. John H. Pwurtnont ;?
Mr. and Mr#. A. K. It u ford, .Ir :
The tournament will lie played off In
-.nixed fourix?mes medal arore". So pairing
li4vc been made. ?o all couples may make
up their own fourjomw. .
The tournament may ot played any time
:>ex? Saturday, tho llrst eighteen holes ;o
The pre*n committee suggMl* that pUy ti?
)>{aTt*if early. In order that darkness may
iu?t prevent flnlrhiiiir.
Mlnyer* In the tournament Trill have rich!
of way on the oour?<\ and may B" throuKh
all other tnatohe*.
Prlet-.i will be plven ai follow *:
Klrvt. lowo*t gr<*?* *core: eecoiid. joweat net
?'-ore: third, third lov/crt net ec-oro; fourth.
!?fO? loweaa net acore.
TTie aamc eoujde canno: win both tne Ion
S.-om and low net.
The only couple niaylns from scratch art
Mill Brown atid 1>. Call. Mls? Drown ti
pUyln# now nt the top of her (ram*.
, Yietird ay she wm drlvlnar aa Ionic a ball
,(tpm the tee as tho best of <'ne men.
Cambridge Mlnvcn Consisted of Sub
stitutes iiiul Serond-StrlnK Men.
Ifnugliton Oillrlzctl.
jiaxv i r.MitMos i>ciiin<; game
I'rtnldniioe Squad Hinged a Hotter
Kicking Contest Tiiim the Crimson
Dattlcfs?Now Looking Forward
lo Argument With Vale.
1 'A.MHHiI)OR, MASS.. November 14.?
The Harvard substitutes had a hard
time of It against Jtrowu, as was ex
pected. The score was (? to 0. '?From
Brow n's showing against Vale tho pro
tons wenl;, U wiui figured that tho
game would be a close one. Much ;
criticism haw been made because Coach
Haughton decided to play the substi
tute teavi agxlnst Drown. Hut lie dl?l
so not boon use he hold Drown lightly,
for Drown always has a Rood team, but
because he wanted his substitutes to
have the experience of playing through
a whole game and being able to work
when tried.
Moreover, it gave an opportunity for
some coaches and first-string players |
to watch Ynlo and Princeton. Beca'use, <
seeing Yale piny. tho Harvard tnen *
I may better know how to meet them. I
So there ranlly xhouhl be no criti- \
I eism !iii?iu."c I be subs, played Brown;
i Instead of the regular team.
Doth Brown ami Harvard had good
j offenses, but could never seem to get
1 them going for any length of time.
[There was much fumbling on tho part
of Harvard.
| Just when it seemed that our of-I
; fenne was uoIiik right, some one would j
j fumble. Gordon, 01" Drown, almost got |
I a touchdown on one of these Harvard
| fumbles, and If lie had n<!?t stumbled i
I iniirht have nrorcd.
I Drown hud n better kicking game
than llarvaid, as Clordoti punted well
! both with the wind and against If. J
j Watson, however, ran back kicks well,!
I ami this offset Gordon's kicking to!
1 some extent. There were many chances
for drop kicks on both sides, but some
| of the chancer: were not easy, us the
> wind was hard to contend with to
; day in the stadium. Felton's attempt
during the last two minutes Just failed
; by a narrow margin.
! Knough of the Drown game, now
for Yale. The one objective point of 1
! the season is win from Yale to inqke the ;
?season a successful one. .Yale's show-j
ling against Princeton shows that they,
are a slronw team, and Harvard will
| have to play per feat football to win. !
The players realize what is before |
them, and they know that they must
I piny their best football in order to
secure the verdict. The game should
[ be a close, hard struggle.
Tho lineup:
Harvard Position. Brown. I
Woflthornuad .. left end ...Ornisbyj
(Smith, (.'. Coolidge)
Parsons left tackle Sprngue
llnvifonvUr. ? ? ? left miard . . . .i Jootsliall
(Withiim ton) '? (Staff)
Hnrrls centre Mitchell
W.sion right guard,. ...Maxwell
low .. . ..right lackle Purnutu
i AiolVa'' 1
? b; ? ?. . ...light eini M c Dee
I Andrews 1
? \\':.t.<on .. ?iuarter back ....Murphy
i (Switc.-.t) ((.iotsliali)
j Mcivillloth left half Clark
i Kcltou ?
! Whitney l ight half Gordon
; (Tranche I
' King.. full hack Fraser
I (W'ilcc. ; ? < I Hue i
Score- Harvard, (?: Drown, 0. Der
erec, W. s. Liu m ford (Trinity)! um
j pire. Curl S. Williams (I.', of P.V. head
I lineHiiian. W. X. Morico it*, of P.).
I.iii'ii! S<|imil Score l!!t I'oIuI.n to M|?iu?
iii* ii i k \o(liiilK?^IrniKlH l'in?ll??ill
I 'l'lltllVCll HlC < '??*!
The nftjRiX'Kill Ion of Hhaw L'liiverslty
'.<? enf <b>\\ n in u rtec|:?ive defeat liiifon'
tin N<|?i;i<i of Virginia I'nion University ,
j <.stci'i!;i v afternoon on the latter's
| i^ilupua by the score of 21! to (?. Tlie ?
; uainc w:is liir from n walkover,
j S!mw pla> ed I'nlon for uowjih several ;
thll'-K dill Mil! lll<> >??llllf.
Several times the visitors lost on j
| downs ? !i? -11 they should have kicked]
| nMlrl,:. Sha.' pl'ajed peldoui anything]
I ?? ij?i? suv*' straight footliall. Attempts
! lit line '?iw U111in-lni? tried more than
[anything ?-lw. I'nion worked several
j fakes for Iouk Kiiiiis d U'Iiik the icamn. |
I'd!' Hlinw. Williams and Wlnstad
[take tlx honors. Williams's work on
j i Jul wan I'M fcdinirlv kixiiI, on defon- I
kIvi and Mii-naiv<-. The line-tip:
1'nion V. i itrlit. 1' ft end; Drown, left
, tackle; W. Tlion-pson, l< ft guard: Kl
: llott. comii . I'ury-jir. rixlit guard:
; Wright. right ta< kle: '1'olson, right end:
I Howell. lcl't half; Taylor. full b.nck;
? Thompson, right linlf;' lxiuicl, quarter
Slunv Walker, left end; Jones. left
tackle. Kulp. left g.iard: Itauchum,
centre: WKistad (captain), right guard;
' I .right tinkle; Williams, right end;
'?'urtlh, 1 '? ft half: llruwn,. full hack:
White, right half: .Mowery, quarter
Huniuuiry ; Touchdowns-?'Thompson
i'2>, ToIkoIi. I'ielil (foal?Daniel. 'Joals
I from touchdown- Itron'n (2). Substi
tute*: I'nlon?Klrby for Thompson,
Uyvtl for Urown. Officials:- Ttoferoe?
Professor Phillips (V. N'. and I. 1.)
(Umpire, lir. Carpfcr. Ilcad linesman,
j I)r. Allen. Time of quarters, 1!> mlx
.ntes, *
\ ? \
William and Mary Eleven Unnble to
Stem Onslaughts in To-Puy's (>amo
and Ijo.so by 41 to O Score.
Speed ami ItnowJodgc of (J?ine Is
Largely Ilewponslble for liesnlt.
Last Homo (junto of Season for
WIUJAMSHURO, VA.. November 14.
--I'nablo to check the terrllilc on
slnught oL' the speedy Hampden-Kld
noy hacks, William and Mary was
H?opt off Its fool and defentud by the
overwhelming score of 41 to 0, In the
last homo game of tin- season. As
usual P.ertscliey played tbe best game
for tbe Orange and I Hack with Addi
son, t'nrr and Taylor leading their
Thurinatt and Driver were the bright
stars for the Presbyterians. Hugg. Oli
ver mill Howling 11?? iiimr wood work. It
war. s|ieed ami Knowledge of tlie game
that won for th< visitors. Two touch
downs wore registered In the first
quarter ami one goal.
Receiving the kick off Hampden
Sulnny swept down the field and In
live, minutes Driver had gono over for
the (list score. A few minutes Inter
Tlturmr.u got around end and ran
twei\t>-IIvo yards fi>r touchdown. IinitM
kicked goal. Tito second quarter was
slightly the locals, who, towards the
last. stvopl down the tleld and bended
1 .st r:i i v h t for the goal 2!t:c when the
half ? tu'.ed, the ball being on the twen
ty-two-yord line. The second half
, opt nod with Rerlaohey receiving the
kick off. Tlio ball soe-sawed batik unri
! fortii for a few minutes, but after
I Pendelton's flfteon-yard gain and Uriv
! cr's thirty-five-yard run, Driver goes
over ror the third touchdown, Mugg
kicking goal.
William and Mary's defense cracked
In the hnnl p?rloil, three touchdowns
| being scored. Oliver got through the
line ami ran forty-five yards, crossing
Die goal line, Thurtltan ran around
end t?-n yards for the next touchdown,
and Dtlvor making the sixth touch
down. Hugg kicked all three goals
I Lineup:
\V. & M. Position. H. & S
Ihllllman left oik) , ,OHvo<
Tn.vlor left tackle..; Kbe
Zolimer loft guard... .War wlc?
Copclnnd center Ilowlltu
Oozeiey right guard Ilayne
1 Wallace...... right tackle. Hhacklefori
j rothwell right end Huitg
j );?rt?chcy.. . quarter hack.: .Tlturimin
Addison left half Driver
! Mattox. .... .right half Pendleton
Hale .full back Perkins
Substitutions: "William and Mary?
j Onrr for Philllmsn: Ktone for Goteloy;
I Itago for Zehmer; West fur Addison:
I Wyatl for Mattox; Iloblmjon for Tuy
1 lor; Addlngton for Ilot h well; Somcrs
for Page. Hampden-S^dnoy?Hurt for
Thurman; Thurrnan for Driver; Gilles
pie for Haynes: I'almoro for Oliver.
Touchdowns--Driver, 3; Oliver, Thur
| nmn, 2. Goal* from touchdownn?Bugg
j ft. Kefereo, .1. HuKhen, (V. P. I.). Um
! jilre, Fee, (Univornity of Iowa). Hend
! lincHliiuii, A. Hughes, (V*. JJ. I.).
LYNCHBURG, VA? November 14.?
! "VVoodborry Kornst to-day defeated
| Lynchburg HIkIi School here, 20 to 0.
: Tho loi.-al team, despite disadvantage of
i both weight and ui?e, put up a plucky
I game aguliiHt the Orange eleven.
>Iuch-Talked-Of Strength of U. of
N. C. Not in Evidence in Game
at Raleigh Yesterdrty.
Tandy, Tayloe. tfomevrood and Reid
Out of ldne-lTp?Final Counter
Put Orer in Last, of Fourth Quar
ter?Contest Disappointing.
TlAMimil. X. C.f November 14.?
Wake Forest came near defeating Uni
versity of North Carolina to-day. The
imich-talkod-of strength ami machine
work of tho Carolina team wan not In
ovidence. Wake Forest played much
better hall than any time thlH uoasafi,
ami had Carolina boys senred until the
Bame was over. Tandy, Tayloe, Home
wood and Reid, considered to bo stars
of tho Carolina team, xvere not in the
The work of Parker. Carolina's full
hack, was the outstanding feature rf
the (fame. His work on the defensive
was of the highest order, and on the
offensive he was the only man who
couhl wain ground.
Til t;ie fourth quarter, with the snore
7 to t? In favor of Wake Forest, Par
ker tusliod tho ball from tho centra of
field to 10-yard lino by a succession
of lino plunges. Fuller then e.arrled
the ball over for winning touchdown.
In the first. quarter Wake Forest
completely mitplayed Carolina. Wake
Forest worked forward pusses, Hillings
to Holding, twice, and carried ball half
length of the field. Holding was In
jured at tliis?, and Wuke Korest made
a touchdown by lino plunges. This
was made In tho first three mloutes of
play. From then until last of sccond
quarter ball went up and down field.
Carolina succeeded tn making a touch
down by line plunges In last of half.
In tho last of fourth quarter Carolina
made her second touchdown.
Tho work of the Carolina, team was
disappointing to Its supporters. Team
seemed unable to get signals. In last
half Carolina iniproNV'd Its playing-.
Moore played good ball fpr Wako For
est. Score, H! to 7. 1-iine-iip.
Carolina. Position. Wake Forest.
Winston left end Powell
Ramsey left tacklo Blaoknmri
Cowel! left guard Oliver
Jones. J centre Abernethy
Fount right guard Stalllngs
Jones, F right tRekle Moore
Williamson.. .right end Holding
Hudgers quartor Billings
Burnett left half 1-eo
Fuller right half Trust
Parker. ...... .full back Rlddlck
Hummary: Touchdowns, Carolina?
Farker, Fuller. Wako Forest?TriiBt.
Ooals from touchdowns?Hillings. Sub
stitutions: Carolina?Allon for Brldg
evs; Wnko Forest?Watklns for Hold
ing, fleam for Trust, Wltherlngton for
Loo. Officials?Bray (A. & M.), roforee;
Floyd (A. &?. .VI.), umpire; JacockH
'i North Caxolina). head llnesmnn and
t imekcc-per. Quartern, 15, 15, 10, 10.
Puts Clamps on Michigan in Stub
born Football Battle?Wolverines
Always on Defensive.
By Winning From Wisconsin She
Makes Her Title Clear?-Quakers
Burled?Indian Full Back Is In
jured?Army and Navy Win.
ANNARBOR, MICII.. November 14.?
Cornoll won her first game on Ferry
Field to-day, defeating: Michigan de
cisively, 28 to 13. Coach Yout put tliu
same team In tho game which only last
Saturday upset the University of Penn
sylvania. 34 to 3. Dosplto this the
Wolverines, after tho flint half wero
always oh tho defensive with Cornell
crowding their goal.
i During tho flrdt half Michigan's
"aerial arrack" was cntlvoly qucceus
' ful. Six perfectly executed forward
rnnsHOs resulted In both of the home
leums' touchdowns. Jn this half Cor
! nell tallied once. Barrett broke away
! and ran slfcty yards to Michigan's
twenty-five-yard mark. Phllllppl took
i the plgEkln over In a series of line
| plunges.
I From this point to Hie close Cornell
| stuck to lino plunges and close end
runs. Phllllppl and Allen seldom fhII
I Inij to make the required distance.
| The gamo was signalized by tho lack
of roughness, Cornell drawing the only
penalty In tho third period. Darrott
! and Phllllppl starred, the latter cross- j
Ing Michigan's line four times.
Y^or tho Wolverines, MaulhetBch and '
1 Splawn flgured prominently.
i Illinois the Chnmplona.
URBAN A, II,I.., November 14.-1111
; nols made certain of the oonferonce
i football championship to-day by do- i
| featlng Chicago, 21 to 7, while Wis- ;
cousin was losing to Mlnncsotu.
Chicago scored early, and maintained :
a lead until the third porlod, when the!
score was evened. In the fourth, with
the count 7 to 7, Illinois' brilliant at
tack wore away the stubborn Maroon
Dartmouth Ilefeatn UnuUers.
PIIILiADLjDPIIIA, November 14.?
Dartmouth defeated Pennsylvania to
day. 41 to 0, tho highest score ever
registered against a Bed and Blue team
on Franklin Field. Pennsylvania was
outplayed In every department and tho
Green's goal never was in danger.
Indian* l.oae to Notre Dame.
CHICAOO, November 14.?Tho crip
pled Carlisle Indians wero no match
Tor Notre Dame to-day, losing to the
licoaler's eleven, G to 4 8. Welsh, the
Chippewa full back, was badly Injurod
and was taken unconscious to a hos
Florida Winn From Citadel.
CHARLESTON, S. C., November 14.?
| On a field Inches deep in mud and wa
i ler, Florida defeated the Citadel, 7 to
, 0. tlilB afternoon. A hard driving rain
fall during the first half. Florida
scored ih the first few minutes of play
when Rainsdoll ran the Initial klok-orf
Tickets Go on Sale
at the
2XS East Broad Street,
Monday, November 16, 1914,
World's Greatest Dancer
' Appearing at the Academy Thanks
giving, ? matlneo and nlglit.
~ =g sssaq
buck forty yardn. Sparkinun carried
tho ball over after n succession of line
bucks by Puller, ftantsdoll and Hpurk
mau. Citadel played a strong uphill
.came, but appeared weak on tho of
fense. Nothing but straight football
could bo used.
Army Victorious, U to O. '
WEST POINT, N. Y.. November 14.?
Tho Army won from Matuo to-day, 28
to 0. The same wan featured by tho
hue Work or Ollplmnt, who Bcorod thrt'o
ol- tho cadets' touchdowns, and kicked
four goals. J
IVnvy Corned Krnm Behind,
ANNAPOLIS, MD., November 14.??
Navy defeated Colby, 31 to 21 to-day.
| Tho visitors wero veritable whirlwinds
i In tho gfirst two periods, piling up 21
points to tho sailors 10, but open play
i Ing varied by substantial lino plunges
I and an eighty-yard sprint for a scoro
i netted their tallies.
Tecli* -Heat Gcorjclu.
ATLANTA, OA., November J 4.?The
Georgia School of Technology defeated
I tho University of Georgia In footbaal
I hero to-day, 7 to 0. Jt wus the lirst
victory of the Technical institution
over tlio State university sinco 1J>09.
CLUSTER SPHlNOS. VA.. November 14.-On
a muilily (laid her.? to-duy Cluiter Spring?
Academy ran rings around tho heavy tetini
of tlio Chatham Training K.'hooi, debit
ing them. 82 to 0. Although outweighed.
CluateT had no trouble making their dis
tance almost ut will, while Chatham team
was only able to tnako flrnt down three
time*. Clueter'ii open play eeetned to baf
fle their opponents.
The Cluster Kprlngn team wtll (ret down
to work next week for their same with Me
Ouire'a School in Klchinond Thanksgiving
Bring Your
Top You
If therft i> ft&ythiac ttat
will put ?on/ldenca in *
man's head it's tit? 1?U w*
??11 for
z. S2 -
19 SMt Broad Btrwi
For Boys
Boys* .Suits $2.50 to $15.00
Overcoats $2.50 (o $15.00
Balmacaans $5.00 to $12.00
Reefers $8.00 to $10.00
Sweaters 50c to $2.50
Underwear 25c to $1.00
Stockings 15c and 25c
Hath Kobes,
Night Kobes,
Shirts and Waists,
Collars, Hats,
* S Gloves, Etc.
You'll find everything complete here at Wright's to
outfit the boy correctly and at a very moderate cost.
Broad at First.
?i ii?ii f inmiii nmmmwiiywmi
TAILORED |/f 7S extlrafjwifcllorep OTIX
effects IN tartAn FLA1PS AND
cheviots. cut TO yOUK MEASURE
exemplifying the. power op cash

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