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Young Woman's Christian Associa
tion Announces "Finance
Only by Annual Contributions Can
Work Be Carried On as Outlined.
What Has Already Been Accom
plished?Building Free From Debt.
Khali the Young Woman's Christian
Association be operated on the lines
already laid down of service to the
women of the community, or shall it
become a high-priced elub for the ex
clusive use of the well to do? That I?
tho problem which tho board of direc
tors propor-ss to submit to the people
of .Richmond, during what Is to he
known as finance week, beginning on
Tuesday. Tho object Is to raise a fund
of $5,000 to supplement tho member
ship .fees, and so continue the Institu
tion without raising the cost to in
dividual members.
\\ ith a businesslike d!rcftnc*ss which
would shame many an Institution con
ducted entirely by men. the board has
drawn up a budget of operating ex
penses. Including salaries and main
tenance, it will cost for tile coming
J'**r to operate the central building on
J irtli Street near Main, and the board
ing department on West Cary Street,
a total of $42,350. Dues, board and re
ceipt* from other sources will bring
the Income to $37,360. The amount
to be raised for u^noral maintenance
Is Ju.OOO, and beginning Tuesday mein
oers of the bonrd and a committee of
workers will receive subscriptions.
"Of course, we could raise the dues
and make the institution self-mjpport
? ng, explained .Miss Katharine 1L
Haweo presided of the association
yesterday. "\V?> could make It a club
ror well-to-do women who could afford
to pay for Its upkeep; but wo believe
that would be trotting entirely away
rom tho objects of the association.
MrTi?U. "'u, be ,n k,,"I'lntC with the
spirit In whicii subscriptions were
made to the building fund, or with
the objects for which the members of
the hoard give their time and effort."
? 'nee its building campaign, three
> ears ago, tho Vounir Woman's Chris
tian Association has not been before
tiie public of Richmond with any ap
peal i"or funds. At that time fun,Is
were subscribed for the main building
on l-ifth Street, a permanent and tlre
proof structure, and for the boardlnir
home. Both buildings have been com
pleted and paid for, and the institution
is now free from debt. This was not
the case until tho past week, anil It
had been anticipated that the lnstitu
Hon v. ould have to a*k the public to
assume a building debt of ?f>,500, as
well as the maintenance fund, but at
a meeting of the board last l-'rlday It
was announced that all debt on the
building had been paid.
mow urn,m\r; has
The new building was opened last
spring, and In the limited time has
fully demonstrated its usefulness to
the community. The appeal for a main
tenance fund, the board proposes, will
be an annual on'-, In order that the dues
may b placed at a figure within reach
of every woman in Richmond, however
limited her means. As an " investment
in girls," the institution is designed
especially to reach the S.OOO women
employed In factories, the 2,000 In
stores and the 4.000 In offices, besides
many students and others In miscel
laneous employment. While the dues
have been placed at the low rate of $1
per year, the hoard has recently de
cided to have fra- gymnasium classes
three times a week.
Reports show that a total of 10.40"
women had a share in the activities
of the Younr Woman's Christian Asso
ciation during the past year, the en
rollment havinK boon 390 in gymnasium
calsses, 1 '> 1 In Hible study, 213 who se
cured employment, liu guest* at the
boarding home, 307 transient guests,
2S who enjoyed the outing centre, 00
who used tho rest roam at 13ui East
Main Street dally. 947 who were as
sisted by tho travelers' aid, 4.429 who
attended factory meetings and Sun
day vespers. 2.74 7 who attended par
ties and entertainments, 1 G9 who
served on committees or as volunteer
workers. While the gymnasium, swim
ming pool and classes are membership
privileges, the building Is open to all,
Irrespective of clatis or creed. During
the past summer there wore .">,469 cards
for use of the swimming pool, Issued
to 1,175 Individuals, 641 of whom took
lessons in swimming.
The workers who are to take part in
'Finance Week" will meet at tho cen
tral building to-morrov at 11 o'clock
for a final conference.
(iovernor Stnnrl Bxpool* to Oiv* Pit
donnl Atlentton to ftcllef Work.
A cash contribution to the* Belgian
Relief Fund was received at the office
of Governor Stuart yeEterday. It came
in a letter addressed to tlie Governor j
commending the movement. The
money wnn lnoloued. The donor did
not desire his name to be known.
Governor Stuart will devoto some
time to the Belgian relief plans that
have been formulated this \ve?k. lie
was occupied during the last week
with a multiplicity of affairs of of
ficial and executive nature, which pre
vented him from giving a great deal
of time and thought to the movement,
in which he evinces a very keen In
Makes It Bull, Brittle, Lifeless,
and Causes It To Fall Out.
Girls?If you want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by all
meuiis get rid of dandruff, for It will
starve your hair and ruin It If you
It doesn't do much good to try to
brush or wash it out. The only sure
way to get rid of dandruff Is to dis
solve It, then you ?? destroy It entirely.
To do this, get about four ounceB of
ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at
night when retiring; use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub It In gently
with the finger tips.
By morning, most, if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
tour more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy, every
slnglo sign and trace of It.
You will ilnd, too, that all Itching
and digging of the scalp will stop, and
your hair will be silky, fluffy, lustrous,
soft, and look and feel a hundred times
better. You can get liquid arvon at
&ny drug store. It is inexpennlvu and
four ounces Is all you will need, no
matter how much dandruff yoti havo.
This pimple remedy never falls.?Adv.
A. D. Hrockett, of Alexandria,
Named for Eighth District
by Governor.
(Jreat Concert at City Auditorium In
Projected to Aid in Raising Funds
for Provisioning Relief Ship From
Virginia's campaign for the relief of
destitute* and starving Belgians will bo
oflVclally started at noon to-morrow,
when Colonel M. M, Uoykln, chairman
01 the relief committee appointed to
take charge of the work by Governor
?Stuart, will meet the ten district man
agers, who will supervise the work
In the ten congressional districts of the
Sta*e. and complete plans for the rais
ing of money find supplies. The meet
ing will be held In the Jefferson Hotel,
and will bo presided over by Colonel
It wan discovered yesterday that the
name of A. J). Brockett, of Alexandria,
had been inadvertently omitted from
the list of district managers for the
campaign, and Governor Stuart at once
ordored that he should be included as
the manager from the Eighth Congres
sional District, lie. with the pthor nine
State representatives, will attend the
meeting to-morrow and assist Colonel
Uoykln in perfecting the details of an
organlatlon which is to raise at leaat
>10'\000 as this State's fund for the aid
of the war sufferers In the little coun
try which thus far lias borne the brunt
of Europe's conflict.
Following the meeting at the .lef
ferson Hotel, Colonel lioykin's Rl?h
mond headquarters iwlll be formally I
opened at U04 East Broad Streot for
the receipt of money, provisions and
clothing which -will compoee the cargo
of the Virginia State relief ship. It
was said last night that an adequate
office force would be employed to re
ceive the donations, and that this force J
would be lncrca-sed as the press of the
work demanded.
When Governor Stuart first Issued his
proclamation calling on the people of
tho State to uselet In yiaklng Vir
ginia's ship of succor one of tho most
important undertakings of tho kind
sent out from the Untted States, it
was said that tho vessel's cargo would
be limited to provisions. However, |
Colonel Jloykin and Belgian Consul
Frederick E. Molting were yesterday In I
conference on tho matter, and It was
decided that clothing was also greatly
needed by the war victims, and that
It would be practicable to Include such
articles in tho cargo. All money i
turned in at relief headquarters will be
spent for provisions and clothing, and
will bo sent to Belgium within the
next two or three weeks on a specially
chartered ship, which is to sail from
Norfolk under the State flag.
A great State-wide sentiment In
favor of perfecting tho relief work
which Governor Stuart started has al
ready "been evinced, and corporations,
business firm* and Individuals are
rallying to the assistance of those In
charge of tho work In a manner which
Hems to Indicate that the undertaking
will be a success. Railways through
out the State have agreed to carry
the shipments of provisions for the
ship to Norfolk without charge. The
Remington Typewriter Company yes
terday offered the loan of two ma
chines to the headquarters here. The
Baughman Stationery Company catno
forward with the gift of 1,000 letter
head and envelopes, while the Chesa
peake and Potomac Telephone Com
pany offered to install telephones In
the headquarters without cost. Al
ready a sum approximating |2.000 has
been subscribed In this city, and yes
terday's mall brought Colonel Boykin
j letters from persons in many sections
of the State asking for Instructions as
I to the shipments of donations and
. the character of gifts desired.
Other announcements of Interest
were to the effect that two musicals
and a Belgian Tag Day have already
been arranged for In an effort to swell
tlio amount of money which will l e
used to provision the ship. Mrs. Hor
ace Welfortl Jones, 200 East Franklin
Street, will arrange for n vocal and
Instrumental conccrt Iti her homo
Tuesday night, ami a piofessional
concert In tho City Auditorium will
bo given at nomo later riato. W. Frank
linker, director of the Wednesday
Club, will be In charge of tho latter
1 concert. and It Is said that at leant
llfty musicians v/lll participate In Hit*
While tho general managership ot
the campaign will be under the charge
of Colonel Boykln, the ten district
managers will conduct the work of
securing the provisions In their re
spective districts, and will make their
shipments direct to Norfolk. They
will keep In close touch with the Rich
mond headquarters, and will report
from tlrno to time the progress of tho
work In their sections. It is probable
that the ten main divisions will be
subdivided in turn, and sectional man
agers appointed, who will report to
thoso In charge of the district. All
of these details will be arranged at
tho meeting to-morrow, and by Tues
day the campaign will be In full swing.
Degree* to lie Conferred on I, urge
CIiinh of Candidates?I.nrge At
tendance 10\[i?ctrd.
The Scottish Itito Masons of the
Valley of Richmond, Orient of Virginia,
will hold their fall reunion here this
week, beginning Monday and continu
ing through Thursday night. Prior to
11)14, classcs of Scotttsh Rite in Rich
mond have never exceeded thirty, but
at the reunion last May a class of 100
was initiated, and this week, it is the
hope of .lames A. Richardson, chair
man of the committee on membership,
there will be a class of 200.
The reunion Is for the conferring of
all degrees, from the fourth to the
j thirty-second, Inclusive. The cere
monies, to which all Brethren of the
| Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rito
and all Master Masons in Virginia
qualltled to receive the higher degrees
are Invited, will be held at tho Masonic
To-morrow night at o'clock the
ineffable degrees, from the fourth to
the fourteenth. Inclusive, will be con
ferred. Officers in thlB work will con
sist of George J. Hooper, Ralph J. Levy,
J. G. Hanklns, S. W. Morris, H. B.
Christian. D. C. Kennedy. James J. Sut
ton, C. B. Fltzwilson, James It. Price,
Jumcs A. QlbsiT, 8. H. Templeman, L.
B. Siegfried, James A. Richardson anil
11. L. McConnell.
On Tuesday night at S o'clock the
historical and religious degrees, from
the fifteenth to the eighteenth. Inclu
sive, will be conferred. Officers 1 ti
tills work will consist of W. S. Pcttlt,
\V. F. Richardson, Jr., R. L. Jtennings,
H. L. McConnell. R. S. Crump, C. A.
Nesbltt, J. J. Sutton, Horace Shep
person, J. A. Richardson, \V. R. North
ern, G. Jeter Jones and C. B. Fltz
On Wednesday night at C o'clock
tho philosophic and chivalric degrees,
from tho nineteenth to the thirtieth.
Inclusive, will be conferred. Officers
in this work will consist of J. G. Han
lilns, James II. Price, \V. F. Richard
son, Jr., J. Y. Fair, R. A. Nichols, S.
W. Morris, John E. Rose, R. S.
Crump. C. B. Fltzwilson, A. H. Tut
tle, Emmett Senton, James J. Sutton.
Nathan Simon and W. T. Yarbrough.
The ceremonial and official degrees,
the thirty-first and -thirty-second de
grees, will be conferred on Thursday
night at 6 o'clock. Following this
ceremony the reunion will close with
an elaborate banquet.
Invitations to the reunion have been
sent out by a committee composed of
the following members: Ralph J.
Levy, venerable master, Libcrtas
Lodge of Perfection, No. 5; W. S. Pettit,
wise master. Pelican Chapter, Rose
Croix. No. 2; Emmett Seaton, comman
der of St. Omar Council, Knights Ka
dosh, Xo. 1; L. P. Siegfried, master
of Kadosh, Dalclio Consistory, No. 1,
and Cliurles A. Nesbltt, secretary of
the co-ordinate bodies.
iDjnrrd by Automobile.
Mark Armstrong, 1415 West Cary
Street, and H. L. Isaacs, 13C South
I Cherry Street, were struck by an au
tomobile driven by Herbert Taylor on
Broad Street between Fourth and
Fifth Street last night, and each Buf
fered a number of bruises and cuts
about the upper part of the body. They
were treated by Ambulance Surgeon
Gorman, who said that their Injuries
were not serious.
!No more dandruff or falling I and try ns >'ou win >'ou cannot And a
I trace of dandruff or falling hair; but
hair A real surprise your real surprise will bo after about
ii ~nn ' two weeks' uflo, when you will see n?xv
j"U. ; hair?flno and downy, at llrst?yea?but
! really new hair?sprouting out all over
| your scalp?Danderino Is, we believe.
To be possessed of a head of heavy, ? the only sure hair grower; destroyer
beautiful hair; soft, lustrous, fluffy, j of dandruff and cure for Itchy scalp,
wavy and free from dandruff Is merely ! an<i never falls to stop falling hair
at once.
a matter of using a little Danderlne. , y0U want t0 prove how pretty and
It Is easy and Inexpensive to have j soft you hair really it, moisten a cloth
nice, soft lialr and lots of It. Just get : with a little Danderlne and carefully
a 25 cent bottlo of Knowlton's Dan- ! draw it through your hair?taking one
derlno now?all drug stores recommend j srpall strand at a time. Your hair will
It?apply a little as directed and within j bo soft, glossy and beautiful In just a
ten minutes there will be an' appear- j few moments?a delightful surprise
ance of abundance; freshness, flufllness awaits every one who tries this.?Ad
and an Incomparable gloss and lustre I vcrtlsement.
Splendid Assortment
Muff and Neck ?
Pieces, Fur |
Sets and Coats |
Master 'Workmanship. ^
Most Attractive Designs.
Richest Pelts? |
Lowest Prices |
Remodeling at Moderate Prices ^
a Speciatly. ? - ^
? Arcade Building* Foushee Street, Bet. Broad and Grace,
Ninth Annual Conference Expected!
to He Largest In History of
'Several Attractive Entertainment )
j Features Are Provided?Fully'
| 2,500 Srliool People Expected to j
Ho Here Thanksgiving Week.
I Plans for the opening of the nii\th
annual Virginia Educational Confer-!
| once In Richmond, TuoB<lay, November
j 24, are practically complete. Superin
I tendent Arthur IX Wright, of Henrico
| County, who Is secretary* of tlie confer
J i nee executive committee, stated last
j night that the approaching conference
j Is likely to be one of the largest ctluca
l tionai gatherings ever assembled in
1 Virginia.
The conference Is composed of' four
I component parts, the largest of which
[ Is the State Teachers- Association, of
I which President fcl. If. Russell, of the
Fredericksburg State Normal School, is
thn president, and Algar Woolfolk, of
Richmond, secretary. It Is expected
that 1,"i00 members of tills organisa
tion will register In Richmond during
the conference. The School Trustees'
Association will bring 350 of Its mem
bers here, and its deliberations will be
presided over by N. E. Clement, of
Chatham, while \V. M. McGehee, of
Keysvllle, is secretary.
Mrs. H. t!. liur-fiiril, of Rlchmqnd,
president of the Co-Operative Educa
tion Association, expects fully 400
members of the various school im
provement leagues >f Virginia to eoine
to Richmond to compare notes ami plan
for their winter's work. J. H. LSinford.
secretary of the organization, reports
mi unusually largo number of now
leagues organized this fall, and their
now enthuslnsm In expected to result
In an unusually largo attendance of
their members.
A 1.1. EXl'KCT 'l'O ATTEND
The one organSzatl >11 composing part
of tho confore.nco which expects almost
i 100 per cent of attendance Is the As
sociation of Division School Superin
tendents, of which tjupoi inteudent K.
| CI lass, of Lynchburg. Is president,
j and Superintendent Arthur O. Wright,
of Henrico County, is secretary. These
ollicia'..-? arc called to attend the con
ference by the State superintendent,
and they usually have an uttendanco of
not less than 100 of their total of 113.
The olllcers of tho above named or
ganizations', with State Superintendent
of l'ublic Instruction It. C. Steames and
K. R. Chesterman, secretary of the
State Board of Education. comprise tho
conference executive committee. N. E.
Clement is secretary of this committee,
and Arthur I). Wright, chairman, while
| the last named Is chairman of the
j local committee of arrangements.
I Arrangements for registering the
; visitors and providing boarding places
? is in tho hands of a local committee,
, consisting of J. T. Fentrest, chairman;
James C. Harwood and W. M. Adams.
; \V1L.I< MIC 1ST AT
The session of tho conference will !
j lie held In tho John Marshall High
| School as far as possible, but for a
? number of tho meetings use will have I
I to be made of the auditoriums of the
I Chamber of Commerce building. Me
chanics' Institute, Huffner School, Ad
I ministration ttullding and William F.
? Fox School. In addition to the four
main organizations, there are' some
1 twenty subdivisions to the State Teacli
I ers" Association, and several afliliatcd
? organizations that meel at the time of
' the conference, prominent among which
is the Virginia Branch of the Aineri
j can School Pence League.
Sessions of the conference will open
c-n Tuesday evening, November 24, with
a general meeting under the auspices
of tiie superintendents and trustees or
ganisations. and from that time to the
closing meeting on Friday evening,
meetings and conferences will follow
I on each other thick and faBt.
Business will have to give way to
pleasure on several occasions for an
abundance of entertainment has been
provided. The Klementary Teachers'
Association, of Richmond, will tender
to the visitors a niuslcale and recep
tion at the Jefferson Hotel on Wednes
day evening from 8:15 to 11, while
Friday afternoon, through the cour
tesy of the ltctall Merchants' Associa
tion, a complimentary matinee will ho
given at the Lucille La Verno Kinplro
On Wednesday at noon the visiting
superintendents will he tendered a
luncheon at the Wm. K. Fox School,
through tho courtesy of Superintendent
J. A. C. Chandler and the Richmond
School Board, while Thanksgiving af
ternoon will he left open for each in
dividual to find such entertainment as
his personal tastes will dictatn.
Thw programs for the several meet
Insrs will be announced within a few
days, and It Ih confideu'ly believed that
the abundance of attractive featured,-*
In the way of entertainment and busl
11 ess, will resdlt In a larsro Incrfasn in
attendance over the mark of 2.200 set
at Lynchburg last year.
Womnn Severely Burned.
Martha Nash, colored, was severely
burned about the back, shoulders and
arms In her home, 2411 Carrtngton
Street yesterday afternoon and her con
dition Is regarded as serious. Ambu
lanco Surgeon Gorm.in was unahlo to
learn how the woman was burned as
sho refused to tell and also rofuseil
to go to the hospital for treatment.
She was treated at her home and left.
I guarantee "Doilson's Liver Tone" ivlll give you the best Liver
and Bowel cleansing you ever had.
Stop using calomel! It makes you
sick. Don't loso a day's work. If you
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti
pated, listen to mo!
Cnlomol Is mercury or quicksilver,
?which causes necrosla of the bones.
Calomel, when It conies Into contact
j with sour bile, crashes Into It, break
t lr.g It up. This Is when you feel that
! awful nausea and cramping-. If you
I are "all knocked out," If your liver Is
[ torpid and bowels constipated, or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breathe Is had or stomach
Rour, Just try a spoonful of harmless
r>odson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee?Go to any
drug storo and get a 50-cent bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a spoonful
?to-night, and if It doesn't straighten
you right up and make you feel fin?
and vigorous by morning, I want you
to go back to tho store and get your
money. Dodson's Liver Tone Is de
stroying tho ualo of calomel because
It is real liver medicine; entirely v?g?^
table, therefore it cannot salivate or
make you sick.
1 guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
'sluggish liver to work and clean yot|r
bowels of that sour bile and constt
pa ted wasto which is clogging yoilr
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling flne for months. Give it
?to your children. It Is harmless:
doesn't grlpo and they like Its pleasarit
tasto.?A dverttsement.
Fur-Trimmed Suits
Several hundred new Fur-Trim
med Suits have just arrived and been
added to our assortments at
These recent arrivals make our showing at this
popular price more complete than ever before. They
are mainly Short Coat effects, with all colors repre
sented, and the trimmings embrace pretty Fitch
Opossum and Skunk-Opossum effects, as well as
Silk Velvet, Plush and Broadtail garnishings.
$2 Velvet Jumpers, $ 1| j)0
Just one hundred of these popular 1 m
Overblouses, which Came to us at a spe- ^
cial price through a fortunate trade JL
turn, offered Monday at
Experience has tnught thousands of Richmond
Indies the saving advantages we continually present,
but in this sale ire have surpassed anything heretofore
attempted. The prices that prevail here positively
defy all competition. Clip out this advertisement and
bo here bright and early Monday morning.
500 Ail-Wool Serge
Skirts, accordeon plaited
bottom; regular price
Special Monday,
New Dresses of Velvet and
Velvet-Satin Combined
Seldom are you offered the very newest and most de
sired styles at reduced prices, but Monday you can choose
from a limited number of $15 to $20 All
Velvet and Velvet-Satin Combination Frocks
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Splendid Silk Dresses
Take unrestricted choice from 300 brand new
Dresses of Crepe de Chine, Crepe Meteor, Char
meuse, Satin and Silk Poplin?navy, Copenhagen,
wistaria, green, brown, black and white?values
$12.50, $15, $17.50 and $20, at ^
All favorite fashions are represented,
id rpdnrtion is mndA nnseihlA hv rmv jt
and reduction is made possible by our
having secured these Dresses at less than
500 New Coats at $10
Continued warm weather has slowed up business?manufacturers have large surplus stocks. We ac
quired these 500 Coats at about cost?they are worth up to $20?all new, stylish and desirable?on sale Mon
day at about one-half price.
"It's an ill wind that blows nobody good"?a truth
that is demonstrated this season. We are all hoping
for better conditions of trade, but as things are now
your money will buy more value than ever before in
our memory.
These splendid Coats were secured at maker's cost?spot ?
cash was the argument we used. They are offered to you
on the same basis?better come Monday, even though mild
weather persists. Cold blasts are about due, and when the
thermometer goes down, prices on everything go up.
Every desired fall and winter fashion is represented?
College styles, new flare effects, belted back, Directoire and
military models?appropriate styles for every occasion, both
dress and informal.
Materials are Matte lamb,
Ural lamb, zibeline, Hindoo
lynx, chinchilla, fancy
plaids, rough weaves, chev
iots and novelty mixtures?
values up to $20?offered
Monday at

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