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Allies Resume Offensive in Western Theatre of War
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Caprine. " ,,outr??ty until
^SSS.ub ugiorates
Joffre und Koch and the ?" G.enom,B
of.;tlio Order of s, \n\B,'ilnd cross ,
- 4W>? ... acven othar h ranch. eonorafal
f?P?clal Cable to Th. ti ? vl,l
iPMUS. Decembef % ?fR Patch'1 :
been established'' mn.n BUns 1
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severe directed t *.?2 to-dav their
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isolated, and thev n? t ^cV1>y aro
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their possession i? L ? ??htinK over
calibre or .klrmUh,? ?r " lh?
or riri'v'? ,h?
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athey blew un a t.ri^ British troops
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ijrenMvo 1'vUh'dcurr^natrroSS',,R t'^ n?nf
;*!rhu French ail,| n ml ?" anri v,?or
'fn*: greatly superior to the ?Ck ,S prov
ghdvaiitag.-,, particularly h?"?,?'
sirs, c ,llrT.
"prietor of Hotel "r 'he pro
ty"1,';, Sher ^?8te, sYst^oV',!11''',1 ycst?
3i Jp K Brown nid h.Li l?,e Mra
^I'and. leaves 01 o Lister ?? hor hus
jJAdjuns Wilson uf ?i'in1irs- Lucv
Jl'auVrhtcrB, Mrs' -\V A1*'.' "'Hold; four
8R?bVt M. JennlneV hSLi&1"IUi', Mra
^.'relna Chapmanivm. ?.n,He r>itlt.
?IC. 1rf. Pottlt, Jr., 1, I A s . 'vo ?o??
t Funeral services ,Vi 11 ,l cttll
S^rohi the home at noon tJi? (??ductod
Jcv. James \v. Morr?? of V.110rrow '?>"
.hyrch. The rpmn ' .Monumental
?rrled on aVspecial !.?r ,Wl\\ then V.J
,/vlifro they n ill bo ri r.'l e^'aburK.
"ly section ?i in" 5flre'' the fani
f?l|hearers will !,<.? ph?/! ,9om?tery
r.. Robert m V 1'"'P K Hrowii
rown. jr., r W lilf.'1'* nt>*' fillip p'
Slv?v. Tazewell At. Mcr('.r|t l,?10""',''1 7 ?
jf-V^ven years, one of .f0'1 s?ven
?J)op? ?f t),e v, ? jy?? of the oldest mern
Jfcyterlan Church ri V.?! th? IJ'?
aijate to-day, of heart tr,. i i horru. hero
-n Confederate veterin "... 1 J,? w?s
5SViln^0.r ohni)j'iif, #?>aV
2ehRf'e;? Camp. /Vii wir.of tG">-land
Susie iJuniili.o-to who wan
*f?urvlvos. Mr MoCorUl/> ?J K?r^vnic" ,
of the Thii i' i?R '0,,werly J
?.f hurrh here, and iiiiiii't... e"'>yterlaij
Reached for I'.'akK Vm uo,ych,s ago,
S^ounty. akti Church, iJedford
^Mrs. Mildred a u. ' Dftconiher 1
^S'nmuel K. Kpencor rt1?^CVi ?wlf,ow ?t I
Jgt 6 o'clock \t hi'!- inornlng ;
^trtfftt. a flora /oiil' m 13,0 U???n
S^Pencer was urn. Illness. Arr.x 1
laJid- she was ? I1.' von? of ,\K;
Methodist Chur-ie '2.enil,ftr "f 1
vTvea by the fo"lowIiir eh!M ,a sur" I
Oertrude Howard of I t? 1 f,''c" : Mrs.
r<- R. riionjpsotr, i'rf \ovv Vi.1
2 gKtssr,"^^^ v'r- n:
"? ?M 's- A'W'AWri
John I), llemlrlx.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
GREENSFtORfi, N. C., December 7.?;
.10)111 U. Hendrix, one of the county's
oldest and best known citizens. died j
heio to-day, af;eil eighty-three years.)
He Juui been in ill health several woekn i
and dentli was not unexpected. He Is'
survived by his widow and four sons', '?
.lames M., Edward M., W. .IuIIum rnd;
Charles A. Hendrix, all of this city. The:
funeral will bo hold from the KlrstI
Presbyterian Church to-morrow at 11]
Arthur II. C rlsraoufl.
[.Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
FREDKR1 KSBL'RG, VA.. December
7.?Arthur I*. Crlsmond, a prominent
citir.en of King George County, dleil i
yesterday at his home near King ,
George Courthouse after an illness of,
nearly two years, aged sixty-five years.
He had held the position of postmaster
at King George for many years, and
bad resigned on account of 111 health.
Ho was also at one time constable of
his county, lit.- la survived by his
widow, three sons, one daughter, one
>s brother and one sister.
Mnrvln \Voodro?T llryaut.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
DYNCHIHJRG. VA.. December 7.?
Marvin "Woodrow, the live-weeks-old
?>on of Mr. and Mrs. V). C. Bryant, dleil
Saturday at the home of his parents In
Madison Hilghts.
Amaudn KlUnlirlls llln iikeiixiil p.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] i
LYNCH Bt'KG, VA , December 7.
Amanda Elizabeth, the three-yearfi-old
daughter of Mr. ami Mrf N II Blank
e**hlp, died on .Saturday afternoon at
the home of her parents, < >g<lcn
THOMPSON.?Died, suddenly, Monday
eve.n)ne. December 7. 1014, at 0|
o'clock, at his residence, (Jrove and
Thompson Avenue, Stop II, Westharnp
tou line, MARK THOMAS, l.usbaiul of
Ida Kendi Ick Thompson.
Funeral notice later.
HOWARD.?In Had but lovin/; remem
brance of our darling mother. JIKN-I
JUJiTTA l<HH HOWARD, who ent ered
Into eternal res.t one year ago, Decem
ber ?, 191.1.
WANTED, young lady for private
branch telephone operator. Address \
Ji ill. car? Tlroo??Dl?p*tch. '
change by artillery, are being: gained
everywhere by the ullles.
On what, during the battle of tho
Aisne, was tho ulllex' loft?tho region
between tho Sumine and the Olse, ex
tending to the north of Air rati?the!
lighting liiiB lieen so severe as to be ?
productive of frequent changes In the
The French official statement reports J
that in this district, as well hb In i
the region of the Armcntlnres, and so i
far east ns the ArROiine, the allies' of- j
fenslve has effectively overwhelmed th? I
Germans, who aro overywhero thrown !
strictly on tho defensive. This Is the !
more remarkable when it Is consid- j
er<*d that the keystone of German tac- |
tics is continuous offensive.
The French now aro completely in
control of the village of Vormilles,
and have so far advanced eastward In
the direction of Lens with their ad
vanced posts that they aro now firmly
established along the railroad leading. |
to Liens. Their advance has passed
X.e nutolro, which the Germans have
been forced to abandon.
Marked advantage over the German
artillery has been won by tho Frenoh
batteries i a series of engagements ;
in the Chimpagne country, where the ,
new field howitzers of the French ar- !
tillery have been giving an exception- J
ally good account of themselves.
11101,1) BY INVADERS
PARIS, December 7 (7:46 P. M.).? |
The French War Office gave out an of
ficial communication late to-day as
i follows:
| "In the region of the Yser wo con-j
tinue to attack the few tntrenchmenta i
still hold by the enemy on tho left |
bank of the canal.
"'In the region of Armentleres and
of Arras, as well as in tho Olse terri
tory, In the Aisne region and in tho
Argonne there is nothing to report
oxcopt to refer In general terms to
tho superiority of our offensive.
"In Champagne our heavy artillery,
on several different occasions, has!
shown marked superiority over that of j
the enemy.
"There Is nothing new on the eastern
front of our line, whore tho positions
of preceding days have been main- j
BERLIN, December 7 (by wireless to ,
London, 3 P, M.).?The German official I
statement given out In Berlin late to
day says that In Northern I'olund, Gor
man forces wore successful In pro
longed fighting around Lod&, In defeat
ing strong Russian forcos stationed to
the northwest and to the southwest of |
that city.
Tho text of tho announcement fol
"No especial reports have boon re
ceived from the western theatre of tho I
war, nor from tho region to the oast |
of the plain of tho Mazurlan Lakes.
"In Northern Poland we gained im
portant successes In prolonged light
ing around Lode by defeating strong
Russian forces stationed to the north
west and to the southwest of this city.
"Lodz is in our possession. Details I
j of the battle giving us Lodz cannot yet
ho made public, because of the ex
tended fleld in which tho battle was
fought. The Russian Iobsob are very
largo. An attempt by tho Russians to
come to the assistance of their threat
ened armies in the north from North
ern Poland, was foiled by tho activity
of the Austro-llungarian and German
troops In tho district soutlnyest of
BORDEAUX, December 7 (via Paris, j
5:15 P. M.).?President Polncaro will
transfer his official residence to Paris]
tills week. llo will arrive there In j
time to prealdo at a Cabinet meeting;
c>n Friday.
To-Day and To-Night in
I Rotary Club, banquet at Manufac
turers' Exhibit, 6:30 o'clock.
Dedication now building, St. Patrick's !
parish school, Twenty-sixth and Grijcej
Streets, 3 o'clock.
Commission on evangelism, Federal |
Council Churches of Christ in America, |
Young Men's Christian Association, 0:30 |
National Conference on Vocation!
Guidance, John Marshall Iliglj School,,
morning, afternoon and night.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Mlsa I
.InIIu C. Latlirop, head of the Children's
Bureau, United States Department of
Labor, address to Women of Richmond, I
4:30 o'clock.
Forecast! Virginia And North Caro- 1
Hub?Partly cloudy Tuesday and Wed
l.oml Temperature S I*. M. VeNfcrday. ?
12 noon temperature 3R j
3 P. M. temperature 39
8 I*. M, temperature 3S ,
Maximum temperature up to X
P. M. 33
Minimum temperature up to S
P. M 37 !
Mean temperature. 3S
Normal temperature 43
Deficiency In temperature yester
day 6
Deficiency In temperature since
March 1 184
Accumulated deficiency I11 temper
ature since January 1 203
Rainfall last twelve hours None 1
Rainfall Inst twenty-four houre. .7" .O'J
Deficiency in rainfall since March
1 11.00
Accumulated deficiency in rainfall
since January 1 10.20
Tempernture Yesterday.
Temperature. 38; humidity, 87t wind,
direction, northwest; wind, velocity, 8;
weather, cloudy. * ?
(At 8 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.)
Place. Ther, 11. T. I-. T. Weather.
As^evllle 44 r.O 4a Cloudy
Atlanta 48 f.2 -12 <'loudy
Atlantic City.. 3s 4 4 38 Haiti
Hoston 3? 38 .30 Itain
KufYalo 32 34 3li Cloudy
Calvary 10 111 Cloudy
Charleston . ... 4* f>o 4 4 Cloudy
cliieaKO 38 4 0 38 Kain
llonver 2s 30 24 Snow
Duluth :<r, 3C 3 4 Cloudy
?iaiveston .... .'?<? f.s 50 Cloudy
llatterns 4 1 ."it> 4 4 Cloudy
Havre it! 20 11? Snow
Jacksonville .. 52 t'.O 48 Cloudy
Kansas City... 42 42 3S Cloudy
I.ouisville .... 42 44 42 Cloudy
Montgomery .. r.2 :>s 44 Cloudy
New Orleans.. 50 M 4?i Kain
New York 34 3G 38 Rain
Norfolk 4ii 40 40 Cloudy
Oklahoma .... 4a . to 38 Haiti
PlttshurKh ... 3s 10 34 Haiti
Halelgh 4'? 40 38 Cloudy
St. I-ouIh. 44 46 40 Haiti
Sun Kranclr.cn. It'. t< 44 Clear
Savannah C>2 46 Cloudy
Spoknno 3?'> 40 30 Clear
Tampa f?s t!8 50 cloudy
Washington .. 34 3t?. 31 Rain
W innlpeir .... 24 24 10 ClQUdy
Wythevllle ... 42 4S 34 Cloudy
Decembor 8, 1914.
Sun rises 7:14 Mornlngr 8:40
Bun fcets 4:60 Evening ft:34
(Continued from First Pago.)
section will be good, ami that wo will .
increase our force early In January, I
when we begin shipping fertilizer."
At the Old Dominion Iron and Nail
Works, on Bello Isle, extensive im
provements havo been made. A big
electric generating plant has JuBt been
installed, and the i equipment through- i
out the factories it> being modernised, j
Up-to-date machinery |0 being in
stalled. and the prospocts for the future '
arc particularly bright. Harry S. Wayt,
secretary of iho company, said last
night that the concern was employing
.100 operatives. Half of these are work
ing full time and the balance are on
half timo.
"The conditions In the field of labor
and in business are not peculiar here,"
Mr. Wayt said, "but are felt all over
the country. Perhaps, if the people
were less oppressive on the railroads
and 'big business,' conditions would bo ,
much better. Something Is radically !
wrong with the present system."
Tho conditions described by Mr. Wayt !
wore echoed by the situation at the j
Southern Hallway Shops and the Chesa- |
peake and Ohio Hallway Shops. At the |
former, the locomotive department, em- j
ploying 300 men, is working three days !
a week. The other departments, with j
300 men on the pay roll, are work
lng forty hours a week. At the latter !
plant, 700 employes are working on an j
avcrago of forty hours a week, as j
against fifty-four hours a week during !
normal seasons.
The war has been beneficial to many '
local plants. Among these Is the Dun- j
lop Mills, Inc., which is making large !
shipments of flour to Europe. It Is |
working its full force. The Cottrell j
Saddlery Company Is unother of these
lucky concerns, and It is also going at
full capacity.
Prospects look bright to O. P. Rod
ford, secrotary of the Richmond Forg
IngB Corporation. This concern |h
working about sixty-five out of ninety ,
employes, on a flfty-hour-a-weok basis. 1
Tho plant manufactures parts for au- !
tomobiles, and thfl war has brougTit it !
business, and there is every Indication I
that more orders will follow.
Orders sufficient to carry It through !
the summer have been booked by the i
American Glass Company, Inc. This i
factory Is running full capacity, and Is i
giving employment to about ninety i
glass workers and probably 100 labor- i
Whllo affected by poor conditions in t
the cotton-producing States, H. W.
Hountroe. president of the Hountroe ;
Trunk and Bag Company, reports that i
his concern finds the tendency of busi
ness is toward improvement.
"We are now employing more than '
400 men, practically on full time, and '
by the first of the year will bo operat
ing at full blast," Mr. Hountree said.
"The stores are doing well, and, as
the cotton loan fund is now available,
we expect Southern trade to brighten
considerably. For the past fow months
local business houses have pot been i
trying to force sales, but havo been '
looking after collections. We will
however, In a few weeks begin making
now lines for tho new year, and will
work our regular force on full time."
1Columhitt Shoe Company and the
\ trginla Shoe Company are glvlrig em
ployment to about 75 per cent of their
formal force. The former has 135
operatives and the latter J20 opera
V/T ,Aii a!\c workln* on full time.
Itobert T. Honing nor rotary of the
former concern, said last night that
there was a feeling In tho air that
conditions would hoou be much im
proved The condition of the cotton
market, he said, had been felt by his
company, hut, from all reports, the
sit nut ion Iihh cleared consldem My.
! , .'V ]V, ,t-vlnrKl- secretary of tho Stand
' taper Manufacturing Company, i
stated that his company was working i
full capacity ami giving employment to
nearly _00 men. The export business,
no said, had boon injured by general
conditions brought on by the war. but
the outlook for the new year was prom-!
; H was also reported that the]
, -Manchester Hoard and Paper Companv
employing about 100 men, and the A*l-i
I benmrle Paper Company, with aboutI
tii<: 88,110 1111'"her, were working full
Tho James River Furniture Company I
reported business picking up. The I
Plant Is now running full timo with
rorty-ilve men on the pay roll. The I
company will give its annual Christ
mas dinner to its employes as hereto-!
fore Other concerns doing a similar!
.i . .nc1? D" BrHiw-r & Sons, with
tntrty-flve operatives, and tho Manches
ter Dogwood Company, with fifteen'
employes, all working on rul! time. The!
Hlchmobd Woodworking Company is'
operating five days a iveek with sixty!
men on Ms pay roll.
j K. <Laird, president of the Southern j
I Manufacturing Company, stated that ho. j
| expected business to pick tip strongly |
after January I. The oottton loan fund, j
i he said, will help wonderfully. Thisi
| plant, which employes several hundred]
| people, while not working at capacity,
j has made no considerable curtailment
! in Its force.
j The American Can Company. another!
concern employing several hundred op-|
lenitives, is working about 7'> per cent]
of its force. Isaac K. Marcuse, presi
dent of the company, said last night
that he felt that conditions wore Im
proving:. Although this Is a dull sea
son In the business, he stated that the
orders reoelvod were fairly satisfac
Walter L. ('lack, of the Miller Manu
facturing Company, was optimistic
over conditions at present.
"Naturally plants depending 011 the
building trade," Mr. Clack said, "hava
felt the slump in business. Fortu
nately, however, we hail many orders
remaining over from the summer, and
are now working 90 per cent of the!
normal force for this season of the i
year. The lumber market is consider-1
ably lower, money Is easier to obtuln, |
i so 1 Koe uo real reason why building
operations should not reach their nor
mal capacity. Wo now have about 400
men working at our plant."
Woodward A- Sons, which employes i
a largo ofllee force, and a number of i
laborers, reported that, while there j
was no great improvement as yet. the
outlook during the past fr.w weeks
is much brighter, and there are* Indica
tions that building operations will soon
be resinned.
C. K. Hughes, of Montague Man
ufacturing Company, stated that his
concern had been running full force
all along, and would probably con- ;
tlnuo to do so for severs 1 moutlis, The j
building outlook, be said, Is beginning '
to >>ok cheerful, and he Is confident I
that business will be. good sfter the
new year. The plant employs nearly
200 men ami boys.
The above expressions of faith in the
future came from the ooncernn Inter
viewed last night. There are. of
courao, scores of plants all doing
equally as well, but owing to the great
diversity of the Industries of Rich
mond, It whh impossible to got In
touch with all. IJoruco F. Smith, man
ager of tho Manufactures' Exhibit. in
an informal discussion last night,
struck the koynote of tho situation.
"l?'e\v peoplo renliso tho diversified
churactor of Richmond's productions,'
said Mr. Smith, glancing w.ith pride
down tlie long aisles of tho exhibit
hall. whore all sorts of thlngB, from
toothpicks to H'ount engines. are shown
from tho products of local works.
"This is not a one-industry town. It
is true that tho tobacco Industry Rives
employment to the largest number,
but wo have many othor forms of in
dustry not at all atttltated with to
bacco. The Locomotive Works is prob
ably the largest single employer of
high skilled labor when it is in full
blast. If, however, tho Locomotive
Works were wipod off the map. Rich
mond would still inako good lior claim
to being a large manufacturing Cen
tre. If there were not a bit of to
bacco made up here, our other Indus
tries would rank us high among tho
manufacturing cities of America. This
diversity of interests makes for sound
conditions. When thero is ti lull in one
form of enterprise others will bo found
running full blast."
While building operations are slow,
several concerns have recently com- j
pleted additions to their plants. The |
A. S. ICratz Co., manufacturers of pa- j
per boxes, has erected u new building
in South Richmond, and Is running;
steadily. The Purity Corporation has
completed a large addition, and has
within the past ton days, opened its
model bakery, giving employment to
more than 100 persons. Tho Duponl
Powder Works is advertising daily for
carpenters to work on Its buildings
1 ear City Point. Other building opera
tions. it 1h expected, will soon give
employment to the hundreds of men
dependent on this branch of Industry
for a livllhood. Spcaklner of prospects
along this line, Building Inspector
John E. liutlor said yesterday:
"I seo a general Improvement in
building operations, and business In
general In the near future, but I do
not look for a large Increase before
the first of the year. This will not be
in the shape of a "boom." I hear of a
number of buildings that will be
started just as soon as the woather
Mr. Uutler stated that at Just this
time of the year building operations
are always light. This is caused by
tho weathor conditions, which make it
almost Impossible to do any masonry
or other building work. This dull pe
riod In building operations causes a
like loss of work for men laboring at
these trades. He was very optimistic
yesterday and was of the opinion thnt
with tho low cost of materials and
wages taken Into consideration by thoso
that Intend building, there will be an
increase In work. lie spoke of rumors
and talk that ho hud heard of new
Mr. Butler said that he had heard
only yesterday of some twenty new
buildings that will be erected in the
West End shortly. These bulldlngB
will be rushed with the object of hav
ing the property ready for occupancy
by the llrst of June.
With the permits that havo been Is
sued already this month and plans
that are in his ofllce, Mr. Rutler said
that from present indications the build
ing operations in Richmond for this
month would 6how a substantial in
crease over tho same month last year.
EXPEND $125,000
(Continued from Klrst Page.)
Finance Committee yesterday Indicate
the board's immediate plans (or the
expenditure of the appropriation:
'?The hoard Is of the opinion that the
wisest and the most economical appllr
cation of this appropriation* can be
marie by a judicious distribution of the
total amount in specified Hums through
the several organized departments of
the city government, approximately us
Ungineer's Department, 130,000, in
cluding: $15,000 for tools, teams, etc.;
Street Cleaning Department, $30,0Q0, in
cluding 510,000 for tools, teams, etc.;
Water Department, $10,000, Including
$3,000 for tools, teams, etc.; Gas De
partment,, $10,000, including $3,000 for
tools, teams.- etc.; Parks, $20,000, In
cluding $fi,000 for tools, teams, etc.;
Cemeteries, $15,000, Including $f>00 for
tools, teams, etc.; lilectrical, $10,000,
Including $5,000 for tools, teams, etc.;
total, $125,000, Including $11,500 for
tools, teams, etc.
"The board respectfully .suggests that
the appropriation proposed in the ordi
nance he made in a lump sum, without
specific application of separate
amounts, the board being of the opinion
that llxed sums appropriated to spe
cific. departments of the government,
or to particular and specillo improve
ments, would prevent the transfer of
these amounts from one account to an
other in cases in which the board
might feel that It would be wise to in
crease the force at 0110 place and dimin
ish it at another, or to abandon one
Hem of improvement and push an
other. The nhovo tentative suggestion
of the amounts which the board pro
poses to expend in e ?ch department is
not intended to hind the boavd strictlv
to the amounts specified in each eivso,
but Is furnished the committee for
their information concerning the opin
ion, at this time, ns to the propor
tionate needs of the several organized
departments. \
As illustrating the ease with which
the moderate sum of $125,000 can l>e
employed, the board suggests a few of
the contemplated and desirable, im
provements which they have been anx
ious to make?vlx:
S|i<;?KST!0D IAlPROV 10.11 KNTS
NKKDINf; ONLY 1.4noil
The filling of Grace Street, from
Twenty-ninth to Thirty-second Streets,
bringing that street to grade and full
width and connecting It with Ohlmbo
raeo Park.
The construction of a new road In
the pouthern part of Ryrd Park, con
necting the finished portion of Hyrd
Park with a large tract of land of
great natural beauty which has here
tofore b$en Inaccessible to the public.
"The gavolling of the roadheds and
the grading of sidewalks in the newly
opened streets between Beverly and
Ashland Streets, extending from
Meadow Street to William Ryrd Park,
and the gravelling of tho roadbeds of
all the recently graded streets In that
section lying between Grove and Mon
ument Avenues, and extending from
the Boulevard westwardly to tho ltose
r.oath Road.
"The gradual development of the
plans adopted for the complete Im
provement of Shlolds's Lake.
"In the Street Cleaning Department
tho board will endeavor to meet the
most critical demands of the public
with reference to the condition and
cleanliness* of the streets, and, as far!
as the means allotted will admit, will ,
apply the. most modern and effective 1
machinery obtainable to clean the prin
cipal avenues, streets and alleys; and,
in the event of snowfall Bufilcient to
obstruct traffic; or travel, will be pre
pared for the prompt removal of the
"In the Water and Gas Departments
the board will bo able to employ a
largo force In tho digging of ditches
for much-needed extensions of the fa
cilities of both of these departments
in those portions of tho city where
said improvements aro contemplated
or even under way. It Is essential that
nil underground work should prneede
the finishing of streets, and should bo
done promptly and completely, even
though the funds were not available
directly for that purpose. In other
words, this underground work is a
ne<-essrjry precedent to street build
"The parks and cemeteries of the city
are two items which will absorb aa'
much moana as the city is able to pro
vide for their improvement, there be
ing opportunity for the expenditure of
money practically on every Item which I
enters into tho beautifying and com- |
pletlon of theHe properties of tho city.
Tho board would mention especially In
tills connection the 1(u*ko and vuluablo
uddltlon to Oakwood Cemetery, which
has been completely planned by a com
potent engineer, and only needs tho
application of labor for Ita completion
and occupancy by tho ualo of lots to
"In the Klectrlc Department thero Is
Instant and Insistent demand for tho
extension of wires and tho crcctlon of
lights, and the board la in possession
of facta which demonstrate that a
large amount of money might bo Judi
ciously expended in this department
at once, especially by tho locntlon of
an nmplo number of lights in tho re
cently annexed territory. In this par
ticular department the board feels that
a prompt nnd liberal expenditure might
reasonably be expected to relieve the
city from serious damages resulting
from acoldents oauaed by lack of suffi
cient lights, together with tho Incom
plete condition of the atreetB and
roads, for which the city Is now and
will bo responsible."
(Continued From First Pago.)
ami. several cottages were swept to
sea. There wore no casualties. Tho
damage is estimated at $175,000. Hon
lopcn lighthouse was reported in dan
ger to-night.
SEABR1GHT, N. .1.. December 7.?
Driven by a sixty-mile gale from the
northeast, which bad blown steadily
for nearly thlrty-slx hours, the waters
of the Atluntic to-night were pound
ing along the Jersey coast. At Sea
brlght to-day the water broke over
the bulkheads, and Ocean Avenue was
flooded to a depth of from two to three
feet. Crosstowri streets from the beach
to the Shrewsbury Itlver were raging
Three cottages had been washed
away early to-night, and residents of
all others bad moved qut. It was
feared other nouses might go at the
next tide. The Scabrlght Beach Club
Building, erected last year at a cost
of about $50,000, was undermined, and
was expected to collapse. The damage
here thus far is estimated at $70,000.
Hallway service on the Jersey Cen
tral was cut off all day, tratns from
New York going only as far as Gali
ljlfe-Bavers were keeping a careful
watch along the coast to-night.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
NEWPORT NEWS, VA-, December 7.
?Reports reaching hero to-day from
York County tell of damaged crops,
flooded homes and, even In some In
stances, drowned cattle and hogs, as a
result of high tides in low-lying terri
tory along the Poquoson Itlver. Some
of tho farmers had their fields swept
clean of crops, and a number of fam
ilies near the river were forced to
abandon their homes because of the
depth of the water. Although reports
still are coming in from various points
along the bay and connecting rivers,
the worst of the storin appears to be
Here your Savings
.?arn 3 Per Cent Inter
st. with absolute
npitiil ....8 300,000 fK>
urpltin nnd
rrofltd .. .si.cno.ooo oo
(Nolo the Proportion.)
1 ri some sectlona of Hampton the
citizens still are forced to use rowltonts
In getting from one section of tho
town to another, aiul yesterday, bo
cauao of the wuahlng away of several
biMdstes, a largo number of people had
the novo) experience of going to church
in rowboats.
At Byckvoo Beach the damage from
the high tide and huge waves driven
up on the shore by the high winds, waa
particularly heavy. Tho bulkhead was
washed away, as waa a long portion
of tho concrete walkway In front of
tho hotel. A portion of the l>athhouao
waa undermined and fell In. The bath
house at Bay Shore, a negro roaort near
Buckroe, was demolished, and part of
the hotel carried away. At Old Point
Comfort conalilerable dumago wan done
in tho park in front of the Chainberlln
and lit tho Chumborlln basement.
Dozens of pleasure piers along Hamp
ton Koads. from this city to Old Point,
were carried away, and the beach is
literally lined with small craft. There
lias been no loss of life since Saturday,
when the schooner William Donnelly
went down near Thimble Shoal Light
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
NORFOLK, VA , December 7.?Dam- I
age done at Ocean View by the storm
that swept the Atlantic Coast from i
North Carolina to Maine, to-day was
estimated at between }-<0(000 and 150,
000 by the owner? of cottages at that
report. The entire bulkhead, with the
exception of a few feot, has been swept
away from the Ocean View Hotel to
Smith's Inlet, and the porches of a
number of cottages are in such a con
dition that another high tide will
topple them over. Several houses are
roportod to havo been undermined by
tho waves to a clangorous extent.
Voteran mariners Htate that the
storm Is tho worst that h&s been ex
perienced here for twenty years. Tho
galo has whipped up such a heavy
?ea that a number of steamers have
been detained on the port, not caring
to take a chance outside the capes.
Tho big steamor Coastwlso passed out
to sea this morning at 10 o'clock, but
half an hour lalor sought smooth
water In Hampton Roads. Tho roads
are black with a Meet of sail and steam
vessels, some of which havo been there
since November 30, afraid to put to
soa. A number of delayed steamers
passed out this afternoon, tho galo hav
ing abated somewhat.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch. 1
STAUNTON, VA., December 7.?Itoln
last night, which froze on whatever It
struck, broke down wires In all this
section, and for several hours to-day
Staunton was cut oft entirely from
long-distance and telegraphic commu
POINT JUDITH, R. L, December 7.?
A double rescue was enacted In a
seventy-two-mlle gale to-day, when tho
trow of tho Point Judith Lilfe-Saving
Station, who had snatched two ahlp
wrecked men from death on the Point
JudUh breakwater. In turn were
rescued by tho torpedo-boat destroyer
In trying to got Inside of tho break
water, a little oyster boat brought up
on the end of tho wall and quickly
wont to pieces. Tho two men of her
crew reached the top of the rocks
whero they were In danger of being
washed Into the sea.
After a terrific struggle tho surf
boat of the life-savers reached the
men and got them aboard. Exhausted
by their efforts, the crew was unable
to force the boat through the heavy
seaH to shore. Tho destroyer Morris,
by skillful seamanship, dropped along
sldo the helploss nurfboat and took
tho worn out men aboard without mis
Tho storm was so violent that tho
Morris took sholter In Sand 11111 Covo
for the night.
bor 7.?The six-masted schooner Allco
M. Lawrence, which has been ashore on
Tuckernuck Shoal Nlnco Saturday, ha*
weatherod tho storm of tho past threo
days In good-shape, according to a re
port brought here to-night by Lieuten
ant batter lee, of ,the rovonuo cutter
WILMINGTON. N. C.. December 7.?
Having encountered tho severe storm
sweeping the Virginia coast and utter
laylng-to a night and day oft Winter
Quarter, tho Clyde ateamflr Cherokee,
Captain Bunnell, arrived here late to
day from New York, twenty-four hours
over due, Sho suffered only slight dam
age, though the storm Is reported to
have been one of the worst in reccrit
Author Struck and Injured by Auto
mobile While CrnuloK Street.
THpecinl to Tho Times-Dispatch. 1
NEW YORK, December i.?Julian
Hawthorne, the nutlior, who Is sixty
nine yoars old, was struck and Injured
by an automobile to-day whllo crossing
Vnnderbllt Avenue at Forty-fourth
Street. He was removed to his home,
where It was found he had sustained
several cuts and bruises.
ROME, December 7 (8:16 P. M ).?
flight battalions of Italian troops have
been ordered to Libya to relnforco the
troops there, and, according to an
nouncement, "to be ready for any ag
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