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Notwithstanding Christmas Liberal
ity, Unemployed Must lie
Fed and Warmed.
Snowstorm Adds to Sufferings of !
I'oor, mid Many Loads of Fuel Are
Distributed?Work Will do On
All Winter.
Contributions for
Associated Charities
Mr. nnil >tr.??. .1. C. lltnilrlPks
Hen. K. Ilarrlann
( n?l>
Mnrv II, \ccvlllc
Hreelved .Tfntfrilnr $ 1-1 W>
I'rfvlouslv iit'knoMlrdRril .... 5S,' 17
Totnl received 95IW 82
?t Oil
I on
ft no
ft no
t Oft
I oo
Though Christmas 1 ?ay lias come
and gone, ami the ever-recurrent tide
of joy fulness is on (he ebb again. there
Is still need of the largesse with which i
Hichniond people met the urgent situa
tion which had fallen upon hundreds
of unemployed. In all verity it will
be Christmas fur a long: time to come
with the Associated Charities. The
people who were cared for on Kridny
and yesterday will need to be cared for
again to-day and to-morrow and the
next day, and so long as there Is no
work for them to do. so lone as their
larders are empty and their hands are
unusucd to toil, just so long wi\l the
Associated Chartles have to look to
their need.
Yesterday it was rather quiet in and
around the big; building where so many j
have been housed and fed, and from ,
where so many loads of fuel, so many '
hundreds of baskets of provender and j
so much other assistance have gone j
forth. Jt was quiet because on Christ- i
mas Eve the needs of all who applied !
were tilled to last for several days '
? until to-morrov at least. And then j
the unemployed will troop in again,
st eking work all over again, renew- I
ing a work which, though it is not '
always equally pressing, never really i
li is always Christmas with thn \?<.
Related Charities; it has always V
w.'rH? f0-' "t,IC powr v<* >>nvc |
?lth jou always." The need alreadv
acut.i.and distressing. has been greatly ,
. icentuated by the snowstorm and the 1
?r;y;Vold -h.r,, h?"Wit
I'^hmond in many voars. Cor.l* i
upon cords of wood hnv been S
away by the Associated ('haHtiV- i
carts upon carts of coal have been sciir i
out to those whose hearts had lone '
h-.-n unused to fuel, and now '
thecUv"ninl?hiU hCaVy Ilan*1 U,mn '
U..I, , Kround Is covered I
less '? '' "?Cd uUI ?ot become 1
< rv rot food and fuel h-m
'?ious. and hundreds of dollars luTve '
sent in i. l|c.f "a%0 i
MUl?he n"/7y, 10 'nrrV ?" ?><? work
eV.rv I luo,lc<1- "?'? it Will be needed !
upon , iie as'soc'l'a tfon'' now^liT'f'lr
up.,; i;::jt?a 'J;;;;*,.1* ??>!
SK\:^rv;,r...r!'tM,oy r? "-"I
mtV' when ?h'r '
V rr'riVl1 "round them and :.yi< j
i,ltr i,-,.. -M"?'h cioih.
n,o?K.,i th. ?.,vn :
j u? hannn. spepkiV-r* for hinix, if ?'
tlio hoard ,,f direct,., s ,,:"'
Hated Charities. .xprej^,the .^0 !
UnttitluU \ <';u? r.lji \ f.v .1 1sl '
'espons,- which has !,:? |
"PP*al. |{v,n ui. t? ?iV?w 1
tVI's 'was S::l1t!"' ^-><-ia,ed\'h^;r 1
*<-nted. because' \'n\\ "f"'1 >'r"
hy Kern-on- P<-opb \ , ^ "<'"*??;><?
or hn.ldreds w 1 i
helped. then- is ;l b*ftn !
he \? .?, ? ^ - * ii?l? thai on n
'?'* mor. ,-r.al b,...n,A' i
no power of expression. '
^'I'l-IVMl'V \\ fi|tl<
> ?nt < oi.oiii:,) imcoim.k
^'sterdav /md l.iMt nlizht ri>. \
tv.five r;;-""1;' 'i""' :in<i put in * we j-.
who mou'kl!t*'re*?'/??? mJ'Yi oTl^T
is ot\ no*' v.vi /.v v.v 1 ,,,r r'
t W H ' f v n .. I i
Mew a ui ,-00 loaves V,r !.! - ",,1!onM
distributed anonc ? wer?
several wn(:oj,loads' ,'f fu.'.'l' ??''r!'" '*U"1 ?
On M ),id.,. u,..r.. will 1,
),:ll| ,ir,!! Ms
Kn rrlson?Sei?nr.
^ I- if 'Ksi:i-jji; v x .
apialr- Miiivoi) A1: t o 11 ?* 11 w.Ar,.,
? ome of the bride, lu-v t \ . ? , i
" D? rector of >t ."'oV^.-s i- , u,ftr- i
< Wch. of IVederb ksborK. ..e^o^f'
UrK' W?'!?" r"!U" "f was
burg Va ni;',:l,,r,0n- "f
:v;r;: xnt
Colonial ,??,:/ a"'bro,h^r"^":t^
r*rooin, ;i s ).????? #>.. till.
proomsrnen were Iloleomb"a i' '>m
I'VnchhurK. Vn . a,, , "f
Ashland. Va The
ter of Mr and .Mrs .1 s
?vpotsjlvania Countv, and t?'.. , ,'t' "r
is the commanding officer of th- WnsV"
Inpton Gt,nrd?. a n.ernbe? , tbl f "
culty of the FrederiehsburK st, ''V
ma! School, and a son of .\tr? \v
Harrison, of this city. ai?, ,>e .
? olonel II N* Harrison, of ,
County, \'a. 'uhter
A reception followed the e^r.
?fter which Captain and Mr. IOnv'
"r ? bridal ... I"",';
ICIUrn will "? " ,
ToTinal school. "'??
M:m>kiiicksi!ci{<:, va 1,. ,
.? A. I.. \veitter, formerly of v\'-L'(','r 1
j.Kion , ?w of thin city, and Mrs v. '
'# S. Baker, of t).l? city, were r,rir'ri<?
:;r /,?; j r V;" ..?V-iS
..romony, w',"' *
for a bridal 11 ip to Washln^o' ;''J\
<?ihei points, after which 11. !
?nak? iiielr lioino in thie city. U' I
$3.00 Raincoats, $1.95
Women's Single Texture Raincoats, in tan
only; extra heavy grade; high button neck, and
would.be good value at $3.00.
$4 and $5 Raincoats, $2.95
Made of heavy quality double and single tex
ture poplin, in tan and blue, with cemented seams;
plaid lining or rubberized cuff straps.
$6.00 Raincoats, $3.95
Made of fine mercerized poplin, in tan, black
and blue, with wide belt; silk yoke and high button
$7.50 Raincoats, $4.95
Women's Raincoats, in tan only; double-tex
ture mercerized bombazine, with cemented seams
and pockets.
Tremendous Four-Day Record Breaking Sale
Of Women's Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts and Children's Coats
Yea, truly the greatest sal? ever hcl<l in the entire State of Virginia will start here to-morrow, Monday, December 128. and will continue until 'lliursday, December ill inclusive. Our entire stock will be offered
nt absolutely the lowest prices ex or known for such desirable new wanted merchandise. We have made some wonderful purchases of manufacturers' surplus stock, and linve added to them our own, which we
have reduced in price to meet these great offerings. This sale will break all records of all sales, and it will be well worth coming from any distance to take advantage of this epportunity, and if you have any out
of-town friends who want such garments as these, they will thank you to telegraph or telephone to them about this sale.
Every Suit in this tremendous sale is of the very best tailoring and embraces both
perfect fit and superior quality materials, such as broadcloths, coverts, gabardines and
many novelty materials. The coats come in both long and short models, with yoke
plaited or circular skirts, trimmings are either of fur or fancy materials, while the
range of colors is exceptionally broad. Every garment at our regular prices would be
sold in other stores at double our prices. Weisberger's Second Floor.
Suits and Coats
Worth $25 and $30 at
Suits and Coats
Worth $15 and $18 at
THE SUITS are made of fine grade broadcloth, gabardine and
poplins, in a full range of colo*r.s, short model coats, fur trimmed
and full satin lln?d: the skirts are yoke pleated, with a flare at
bottom, tailoring and fit are perfect.
THE COATS ave made of zibcliue, chinchilla, astrakhan, Hindu
links, broadcloths, Ural lamb, plushes and corduroy, in all the
leading colors, nicely* trimmed, well tailored and perfect in fit;
some nre in the new cape effects.
Women's Coats
Worth $10, $12 and $15.00 at
WOMEN'S STYLISH NEW COATS in latest winter models,
made of fine chinchilla, zibeline and fancy mixtures and plaids,
with fancy trimmed collars and cuffs, while others are long, loose
models, well tailored and perlect fitting, in a full line of sizes and
colors to select from; worth $10, $12 and $15, at $5.t)0.
THE SUITS are made of serges and cheviots, in black, blue,
brown and mixtures, with long or short coats and yoke pleated or
tunic skirts; some are rur trimmed while others are plain; all are
well tailored and peifeci fitting.
THE COATS are made of chinchilla, astrakhan and heavy coat
ing mixtures,'-in all desirable colors; well tailored, perfect fitting;
latest winter models and trimmed at cutis and collars with plush
or novelty buttons. Weisberger's 2nd Floor.
-? ? ??
Women's Coats
Worth $27.50 and $30 at
THESE COATS are made of plush, astrakhan, chinchilla. Hindu
Links, Broadcloth, Ural Lamb and corduroy; some show long
loose effects; all leading shades; nicely trimmed and perfect in
fit; many are full lined, with guaranteed linings.
Weisberger's Second Floor.
Boys'Suits and Overcoats Great Sale of Fur Coats and Fur Sets
Hoys' Fine All-Wool Serge Suits: also in * beautiful fancy mixtures,
made in the latest Norfolk styles, with belt and large patch pockets; full
peg pants; well tailored and perfect litting; ages (5 to 18 years; A CA
many of them have two pairs of pants; worth $7.50 and $8.50..
Hoys' Norfolk Suits, made of all
wool serges and new fancy mix
tures; full peg knickers and well
'tailored; worth $5.50 and (fa"J ??A
$<5.tu>; special ai
Hoys' Norfolk Suits, in the belted
styles, with plenty of pockets; new
est fancy mixtures; well tailored;
worth $'1.00 and $4.50; r*A
special tP^.DU
Hoys' Heavy Overcoats, in pretty
new mixtures; well tailored and
perfect fitting; worth $3.00 and
$3.50; ages 3 to 10 years;
special at
Hoys' Overcoats, made of heavy
coating, with belt; good colors and
mixtures; ages 3 to 10
years; worth $5.00 and
$6.00; special <....
Hoys' Heavy Overcoats, made of
heavy wool coatings and chinchilla,
in good colors; pockets and collars;
10 to 18 years; worth
$G.50 special at
Hoys' Heavy Chinchilla Overcoats,
with pockets and large rollars; well
made and perfect fitting; ages 10
to 18 years; worth $8.00;
special at
Weisberger's Second Floor.
Women's Near Seal Fur Coats,
with fitch fur collars, beautiful lus
trous quality; worth (J*/* A '7C
$100.00; special vvJ? I
Women's Fur Poney Coats, trim
med with fitch and civet cat collars
or monkey; lined with guaranteed
satin, 3G inches long; ?iO|
worth $35.00; special at
Women's Fur Poney Coats, trim
med with fitch and civet cat col
lars, t>r monkey, and finely lined
with guaranteed satin, 30 inches
long; worth $40.00; {?^*7 [fA
special <)Zii .DU
Women's Poney Fur Coats, made
of fine materials and trimmed with
monkey, fitch and civet cat collars,
44 inches long; worth
$50.00; special
Gray, Red and Black Fox Sets,
consisting of large full muff and
scarf, trimmed with head and tail;
worth $30.00; special
Black Fox, Red Fox and Pointed
Fox Sets, with large full, muff and
scarf; worth $37.50;
special at
Brook Mink Muffs, melon shape,
with satin trimming at hand in
serts; worth $15.00; spe
cial at
Monkey Muffs, in melon shape,
full lustrous fur, well lined; worth
$17.50; special at this
Civet Cat and Fox Myffs, in large
full shapes; worth $25; (?14 *7C
special $14*1 J
Women's Dresses and Skirts
Women's Stylish and Beautiful
Dresses, made of crepe de chines, silk
ni'.-PKaline and crepe meteor, in both
party and street models, well made,
long tunic skirts and beautifully trim
mod; worth $25 and $3 0,
in this sale
Women's Beautiful Dresses, made of
at in, silk mnssaline, serges and crepe de
<l:ines, in all the leading shades for fall,
all have long Russian lunips, nicely trim
med at collars and cuffs, many have
crtished satin belts and long sashes;
worth $15, $18 and $20, spe
cial at
Women's Splendid New Kail Dresses,
made of fine quality serges and silk
messaline. In desirable sbadeH, nicely
tilmmed at cuffs and collars, with pique
or fancy materials; the skirts show new
long Russian tunics that reach almost to
tne edge of the skirts; unusually well
made; worth $<> and $7.50,
special at
$9.7 5
Women's New Drc-.ses of serge, silk,
poplins, and crcpo de chine, in every
wanted and deslrablo shade; long Rus
sian tunica and nicely trimmed;
worth $12.60, special at
only .
Women's New Model Skirts, made of
splendid quality serges, In # black and
blue; perfect fitting; worth $3 d?* Qp
and $4, special at
Women's All-Wool Serge and Poplin
?skirts, in pretty colors, long Russian
tunics, fancy button trimmings; well
tailored and perfect fitting; worth
1US.75 and $7.50, special at
Children's Coats Marked Down
Children's Coats, made of fancy
black zibeline, with trimmed col
lars and cuffs; belt effect and full
lined; ages 3 to G; worth in the
regular way $2.00; spe- A A
cial at r 3)1 .UU
Children's Coats, made of beau
tiful zibelines and fine quality
chinchilla, with trimmed collars
and cuffs; good line of colors;
ages 3 to 6 years; worth d?0 fA
$4 and $5; special at.. 3)?*?)U
Children's Coats, made of beau
tiful fancy mixtures, zibeline,
chinchilla and astrakhan, in a
good line of colors and styles;
ages 3^ to 6 years; worth $6.00
and $fi.60; special at AC
only ....... .........
Children's Coats, made of as
trakhan and chinchilla, with
nicely trimmed collars and cuffs,
in good colors and styles; ages
8 to 14; worth $C> and
$0.50; special at
Girls' Coats, made of heavy as
trakhan, chinchilla and fancy
mixtures; good colors; newest
models; trimmed at collars and
cuffs; ages 8 to 14 years; worth
$7.50 and $7.85; special
Girls' Coats, in the newest
models, made of plushes, chin
chilla.and astrakhan, with fancy
trimming at, collars and cuffs;
alsp belts; ages 8 to 14; worth
$10.00 and $15.00, at Jg
WTeisberger's Second Floor.

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