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Falls Before Troops of Allies After
One of War's Most Dashing
Mounted on Little Arab Steeds They
Hide Headlong Into Hanks of Im
perial Prussian Guard and Put
Them to Flight.
XOHTHEFW KUAN-CE, December 26.
I - I have Just 'btalned further partlcu
nr? o. the magnificent charge by the
hasseurs d' Af,l?ue, by which the al
lies retained possession of Albert. The
Ijij Germans attacked Albert time an.l
again wit), great ferocity. The busy
Industrial tov.i, was reduced to a mass
of ruins bv the bombardment.
ordcr dislodge the enemy it was
round necessary to have recourse to a
iim'^01'8 ,'ounter:,ttack. At ih?> sum.
time great masses ?.r Ornian cavalrv
from I;?0''.1"" '?v,. miles
1 ? v#in AI i#crt
Trie French staff ?fn: forward a r~?
/'hassr urs d- Afrique (o m. et
? ' ?*valry body. w)ilf*h proved to l?e
he 1 russi&n Dragoons of the Guard
French?"?, w'"r" ll,r,,!lU',,ln>-' the
AvViu communication with
llJlMlm1,a'%i '"ounted upon
Ar"h st.'. ds. advanced alone
the road to Uecordel. From this point
r'v trv " the words of a chasseur
r the party, now in the hospital:
We rod.- through a little wood. In
ivlnirf? V'", ""** ,h" ,lKur'- o! ?
>ing lac c flown wards in ?uch a natural
\va?? , that Jje looked as though he
..l.i "f" rwo ,,K dlsmount-d.
?' i?l. or, turnlnr; |,|?, ov.,r> Misrov.ye,!
him to be a uhlan, who had hee?
' " !'14' .iead at <ios>- quarters, and
touni not have been dead lone. w\
wer,. puzzled, as none of our people
*"c" "?? hi ibis direction. How
thert*- nml fallowe.l
oil. We nil f. lt as calm as possible, and
* ;;i.Va"r ?r> our slrerigtli
ag,iIlist the dragoons of the Imperial
? juaril. At a mile ?r two from l.as
U.isselle we made a halt. Our colon. 1
held a council of war with his o/llrera.
"Uet us lire n t them first. before
< nart'lng,' said the captain of the third
tin i] ron. which wn.s mine.
'No.' replied the colonel, 'our orders
were exact.' and. drawing his sword,
tie cried. Allons, mes enfants"
"The colonel turned In his saddle,
?oolc ng at us all. and. rising In his
? tiriupn, w:\icil hl8 sword. It wan a
iresiuru which might be reKarded n's
nana] at manoeuvres, but on this oc
casion therc_ teemed nothing out of
place about It, as he shouted In a voice
of thunder:
"Hsendrons, garde a vous. pour
' harger. sabre main, au trot?au galon
?march e" ' i
oi.Tu* mounded the charge, and !
all the ofticers repeated the words of
,n iTl> Vl>,r!; ?r a" ,h'* ,non was splen
n.orrw ' i 1 thl!< wa" 11 supreme j
moment, urr we went dur dear lit
tle mounts broke Into a gallop of their
own accord. They seemed equally with
"s to understand what was afoot the
'irunkennesrt 9f battle was upon us all. j
? ? i 1H 1,10 '"stance between us i
no? Ion* ? r Wa" ''itnlnlshetl; it was
not long before we came well In sight:
of the enemy's lines. It was a solid I
compact line, apparently motionless. I
but which, nevertheless, was advancing
cer/nl"* e" ;U U Wa"** a" 'r l,"?' ^11 '
certain of victory against our onrush- ,
ing torrent. I
? W. got close together and had our 1
horses well in hand. Our feet well in'
our stirrups right up to the heel, our
spurs Into the llnnks of our mounts ?'
our swords grasped in our left hand'
cdr r?ur : r "I lh<> r,ffht' ? ?PProach- j
"y *"* -=i
Who gave that cry?" All of us'I
Vrom every throat came the word !
!' "l n,\ fra,U'c hurrahs were shout- J
el as we bore down upon the enemy |
time m ?Ur carb,neB at same
wo i UCre soon ,al<1 ftH,de- h,ui I
, c ftl>IO<l <>ur swords from our left
hand At -the thrust' we charged, side !
tj side, into the living wail which
confronted us. Indescribable cries, the
clashing of steel upon steel, the squeal- i
? rig o. horses followed. Then began 1
the lust for slaughter and the groan- !
of tho wounded.
',Ur? 1 h,lckod at a breach for !
tnj self and drove Into tho struggling :
'nass, cutting right and left,' '
&way>hy the turmoil, helping I
i,? ith a mad frenzy my comrades to!
mow down the enemy like rlpenod corn, i
The dragoons of the guard fell around !
us leaving many a riderless horse. I
w.hlch tore here, there and everywhere. '
adding to the confusion and panic i
amongst the enemy. Like an ava
lanche, we 'broke through right to tho
rear of the German lines; the Imperial
Dragoons crumpled up beforo u's, most
of them galloped off, the rest lay upon
the ground dead and wounded, while
many a horse trotted off, his head high
in the air, with bleeding flanks, carry
ing away the limp figure of a motion
less rider.
".Suddenly a rattle is heard; It is the
machine guns of the enemy opening
fire upon us and the German artillery
is seen coming Into action. We Imme
diately broke out Into open order,
changing our front, and at the same J
time we heard the reply from our own |
artillery beginning, whilst to our left!
and right our infantry attack was ds
veloplng so rapidly that the German
artillery, fearing to be outflankod, re
tired upon Gulllemont.
"Since that day Albert hag no longer
been bombarded, and when our 'plou
pious' pass by Dabasselle. they say
with enthusiasm:
'"It's Just here wo ate up the Dra
goons of the Imperial Guard!'"
Home Lynchtiurg Wfddlnga.
[ripeo.ld 1 to Thn Times-Dispatch.] |
LYNCH DUHG, VA? December 26.?
Among the weddings solemnized here
thus far during the Christmas season
aire the following:
Miss Ilattie S. Seargeant and William ,
A. ThornhUl. both of Lynchburg.
Miss Ada Mitchell and Edward1
Stepps, both of Lynchburg.
Miss Angelia Marie Talamlnl and
George II.. Seavers, Jr., both of Lynch
Miss Nellie Annie Rhodes and Samuel
I*. Preston, both of Lynchburg.
Miss Vnlley Virginia Dull afnd Leon
P. Duncan, hoth of Lynchburip.
Miss Janle Sarah Rogers, of Lynch
burg, and Harry Wade Spencer, of Roa
Miss Susie P. Maupln and Harry N.
Lowe, of Lynchburg.
Miss Cora nolle Hill and Thomas B.
Spain, both of Lynchburg.
Miss Clara L. Hrown and Charles G.
Heasley, both of Madison Heights.
Jiiftttce I.nuinr Still Unit A|>|>f)|i Pftltlon
I'niler Conalri?ratloj{.
WASHINGTON, DecembeJ[ 26.?Jus
tice Lamar, of the. SupremeJflourt, still!
had under consideration tonight the;
petition of Leo M. Prank fdf an appeal
from the refusal of Federal (fudge New- |
man to release him on hiijieas corpus |
proceedings. The petition hud been
presented In Prank's bohal!/ on Thurs
day by LouIb Marshall, of'his counsel.
Justlco Lamar's decision 1s expected
on Monday. ;j
jl'nfll Tills (jovemment Is Notified,!
i Will DrlPrmlnc on Xo Course
of Action.
President Wilson Will Continue to
Kcfcnrd ilrnnd Whit lock lis Minis
ter to. liven Though lie
Leaves That Country Indefinitely.
! WASHINGTON, f>ecetnber "?>.?The
I United Status government had received
! no notification lat? to-day from r,er
| many that American consuls originally'
accredit*'5 to Belgium would Ik? ro- j
I quired to obtain no#1 exoquaturs or,
! certificates of authority. Until such a
' notice is communicated. high officials
said this covurnment would determine |
J on no coursw of action. Ofllclals re- J
I garded the points Involved as of a j
? delicate character, i
lit reply to questions recently as to j
? lie status of Brand Whit lock, President'
Wilson leplied that Whitiock would
n .'i ain American minister to Belgium, ?
: even though lie left the country indefi
nitely. (!'? now is in Brussels, dealing
unofficially with the German military
authorities, hut is accredited to the
Belgian i;ov>-i nnicnt, whose seat is at!
Havre. Kra
The status of consular officers who ;
| are Riven specified districts presents 1
. a more com pi ex problem. There has
been no Keneml understanding on this!
' phase of Ihe .subject, but the precise'
; Mi'anintr of the term "occupation" was I
{established in a definition adopted by !
i 'J'he Hague conference of 1S09. By that'
? definition territory in regarded as do
| cttpled "when it finds itself placed in
'? fa -T rnd? r liie authority o,' the hostile
army, the occupation only extends to
? those territories where this authority |
; is established and in a position to he
exercised." j
Should Germany formallv annex Bel- j
' clum sti)<l establish n civil authority, ]
:the situation wou'tl be further compli- I
| cated, :*.? annexations during time of ;
i >var have not ucnerally been recog
; nized. decisions of final pence coss
! fcrencer teivnir.atini: a conflict ustiallv
(have l>een awaited by neutral rovem
j meiitF.
i (ifhclals here are governed l?y a de
i sire to take no step that would offend
I the Belgian people. If the German
military authorities, however, lequire
?that additional exequaturs be obtained)
' for American consuls, the Washington
government, it was suggested, prob
ably would not interpose objections.
Such certificates would be regarded as
in a class with military passes, safe
! conduct and other papers issued by bel
ligerent governments for the convent
| enc< of neutral subjects. As consuls '
I are essentially commercial rep-esont
| atives, the question of political recog- j
nit ion. it is thought in many quarters
her*. may not be raised.
In Mexico, where the l"j ited States j
rccogniees no government. American ?
consuls act under old exequaturs, which ?
were signed by Madero officials, and :
are not now recoKnlzoil in some parts >
of that country. The consuls, however, j
have dealt with the de facto authori
ties In ?-ach section, no matter what
faction such authorities represented.
Scrrrlnry of Treasury Will Open I'xpo- \
nlllon nt Snn Dlrgo, C'al.
WASHINGTON, December 2C.?Recro. |
lary McAdoo loft Washington to-night j
for .San Diego. Cal., to open the Pan- '
am#-California Exposition the night of
December 31. Mrs. McAdoo accom
pnnled him. They will be gone until
January 1.
Twenty-One .Modern llnttlonhlpn to
Make Trip ThrnuKh Waterway.
WASHINGTON, D. C.t December 2C.?
Twenty-one modern battleships, flying;'
the Stars and StrlpeB and accompanied
by their requisite colliers and repair
and supply ships, will follow the
Oregon, the "old bull dog of the navy,"
through the Panama Canal when the
fleet goes to participate In the open
ing ceremonies of the Panama-Pacific
Hear-Admlral Fletcher, commanding
the fleet, conferred with Secretary
For Young
and Old
1 !
Keep Your Digestion Perfeet. Nothlnc
I* Quite So Safe and Pleanont ?
Stunrt'n Dyspepsia Tablets. I
_? i
Thousands of men and women have;
found Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablots the
safest and most reliable preparation for
any form of Indigestion or stomach i
troublo. Thousands of people who are
not sick, hut aro well and wish to keep ,
well take Stuart's Tablets after every,
meal to Insure perfect digestion and
avoid trouble. But it Is not generally :
known that the Tablets are Just as good !
and wholesome for little folks as for i
their elders. Little children who aro I
pale, thin and have no appetite, or do i
not grow or thrive, should use the!
Tablets after eating, and will derive
great benefit from them.
For babies, no matter how young or I
delicate, the Tablets will accomplish i
wonders in increasing flesh, appetite
and growth. Use only tfie large sweet i
tablets in every box. Full sized boxes'
are sold by all druggists for fiO cents,!
and no parent should neglect the use
of this safe remedy for all stomach and j
bowel troubles If the child is ailing in :
any way regarding Its food or assimi
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have bee'n
known fur years as the best preparation
for all stomach troubles, whether 'in
adults 6r infants. Send coupon below
for free trial.
Free Trial Coupon
F. A. ftuart Co.. 'iO'Z Stuart Itldg,,
Marshall. Mich., send me at once by
return mail, a free trial package of i
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
Street ...
City Stato.........
This halloon was used at the French base as a captive balloon for oh
M'rvntion purposes. The photograph was made just as the balloon was
about to start to a salvo of puns fired by the French on her way to bom
bard the fortifications of >letz, which the Germans are occupying.
The lower pirture shows one of the fust-flying German "Taubes," so
called because of its resemblance to a d??\e, endeavoring to escape from
a pursuing French aero, which is equipped with a rapid-fire machine gun.
The photograph was made just as the gunner aboard the French ship was
training the machine gun on the German "Taube," which was threatening
to outdistance him. The action took place above the battlefield of thti
Daniels to-day regarding the naval pa- , January 15 for winter manoeuvres near
rade. They discussed the advisability . Guantanamo. Cuba. Ships in Southern
of takinp In addition u ilotilla of de- ! waters will join Iho fleet there. The J
stroyers on tl^fc trip, but reached nc vessels thai go to the Pacific will re- I
decision. ' j turn to Hampton Roads about the last
The fleet will leave New York about [ of February.
Tltae Mosft
^ Seldom, if ever, does a woman find a chance
3 to select from such trimmed beauties as these i
^ at so remarkable a low price. Not a hat in this ^
^ collection worth less than $6.50, and if it were ^
| earlier in the season they would be surprise |
trolitao nfr mm okrvnoo rrrvm 4- nnltr ?5*
values at this figure?choose from these at only
Millinery Department, Second Floor.
Wo have largo and small au
tomobile vans, anil can movo you
Wo can pack your furniture
and store It In our Fireproof
UulldltiR or deliver It to your
residence l.i any city of Import
une)' In the- United States.
Hntadolph S4.7.
Mntn anil Ilolvldcre Strotts.
Cohen sYearEndClearanceDay
A Clearance of Stocks on Monday That
Means Much to You
To 1)0 of service to the greatest number of people it was definitely planned to have our
stocks complete.to the last minute for holiday shoppers.
NOW THERE MUST BE A CLEARANCE, and prices are accordingly reduced to the
lowest figures to effect a speedy clean-up. You may be assured that the merchandise is de
sirablo in every way. Hundreds of people who study economy will make it a point to come
^ to Cohen's on Monday.
EVERY DOLLAR WILL DO DOUBLE DUTY. If you have delayed buying winter cloth
& ing or other home and personal needs, HERE, THEN IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.
And Now Comes Rugs
Many will want these high
grade standard Rugs when
they can save from $2.50 to
$7.50 on a purchase made.
Every Rug offered for Mon
day selling is perfect and de
sirable, carefully selected for
their pretty patterns and rich
colorings. The fAv mention
ed will point the way to the
many buying chances?
Seamless Brussels Rugs, size
9x12; were $14.00; d?-| *|
Monday only <)1 1?DU
Velvet Rugs, slzo 9x11 feet;
were $13.50; Monday QQ
Seamless Velvet Rugs, size 9x12
feet; were $15.00;
Monday only
Best Axminstor Rugs, size 9x12
leet; the $25.00 Rug
3Gx03-lnch Axminster Hearth
Rugs; a $3.00 Rug op
for "7
Fourth Floor.
s, size 9x12
Household Linens
Mercerized Damask, 64 inches
wide, an extra fine quality, that
has been selling regularly for 4 8c
a yard. Splendid patterns as
a special for Monday, per
Bird's-eye Diaper, the best qual
ity wo have seen this season sell
ing at $1.05 a bolt; on sale '7Q-,
Monday, 10-yard piece for I C
Main Floor.
Pre-Inventory Sale j
Coats, Suits and Dresses j
A clean-up before stock-taking. They must go, and that
accounts for these ridiculously low prices. There will be ,
DRESSES that sold up to $24.50, showing everything made
of satin, crepes and serges?
SUITS that have been selling
to $22.50 will also be sacrificed;
and, lastly,
COATS which are always
needed, here Monday, not at $15
or $18.50, the price at which
they were selling; all will go
on sale, choice
Infants' Needs
With the winter yet before us, mothers will rejoice
because of these remarkable timely offerings.
Coats, in sizes from 2 to 6
years of age, only one or two
of a kind,* but all are of the
most stylish makes; new, de
sirable models, perfect in every
way. We want to reduce
our stock. This accounts for
the remarkable price induce
ment on Monday.
Coats that regularly
sell to $10.50,
choice for only
White Coats, of various wool
materials; some are slightly
Boiled from being displayed,
00: $3.75
and all were $8.00;
Monday priced at
48c Flannel Kimonos, white
with pink or blue trim- nf
ming JjC
Fine Nainsook Gowns, sizes
to 2 years; instead ot on
44c, for Monday only. . <J<JC
$1.75 Red Wool Sweaters,
In small sizes only, qq
are priced at. .
Second Floor.
Warm Knit Underwear
With the really cold wlntery weather just beginning,
many will want warm, comfortable Underwear. Every need
for person and purse will be found In this complete Under
wear section at Cohen's.
Medium Weight Ribbed Vest and
Pont* for women, of the finest
Egyptian cotton; silk trimmed
front and neck; In regular and ex
tra sizes; these are the best 50c
garments made; our special OQp
price Is OOU
Union Suit* for Glrln, high neck
and long sleeves, ankle length, OQ^?
nicely finished, for OJ7L.
Days' Union Salts, made by one of
tho best knit underwear manufac
turers, who knows how to make a
comfortable perfect fitting gar
ment for boys; these are In PA
bIzos up to 16 years
Wool and Silk Mixed Shirt* and
Drawers for children! these have
the tailor-made finish, which means
that tho seams are perfectly flat;
they are silk trimmed, and the
prices are 30c, SOc and ??e, accord
ing to sizes.
Infants' Half Wool IUbbed
Vesta, for
The Jersey Ribbed Veat and Tlffht*
for women, snug fitting gar
ments for
The Muaitag Underwear Is t he
most desirable, perfect fitting gar
ments that are made?
Women's Vesta and Pants
are from (l.BO down to ...
Women's Union Salts,
93.00 down to
Munslng Shirts and Draw- rn.
era for children are 85c to....
Mtinning Union Salt* for Ol nn
boys and girls suit ?PX?UU
Second Floor.
s t he
Dress Goods
50c Imperial Serge, In
blue or crow black; per
$8.00 Chinchilla Clocking, In
brown, navy blue or <?1 7C
black; per yard
Main Floor.
Beddings--Third Floor
Some extraordinary good buying advantages in this Bed
ding Section to-morrow. In a day or two we must move
this stock to the basement store, so we wish to make the
stock as light as possible before doing so. Many others be
sides these?
Blankets, a pair,
75c Cotton
pair, only . . .
$1.50 Fleeced Blank- rf?'|
ets, extra size, pair....
Bleached Sheets, full
double-bed size, each
Heavy Blankets, wool napped,
full 11-4 size \ per pair,
Pine Sheets, linen
81x90, hand-torn
hemmed, each
12 %c Pillow Cases,
bleached, each
Boys' Clothing
Easy to Buy at Cohen's
The assortments are large, sizes complete, materials the
best, tailoring that pleases, styles and patterns the boys like;
the prices remarkably low. A few items for Monday selling,
but there are other inducements besides these?
Norfolk Suits, in(a choice range
of materials and /patterns, chic,
stylish, manly Suits; there are
only tbree or four Suits of a kind,
but. many kinds. A splendid lot
of regular $5.00, $6.50 and $7.00
Suits go on sale Mon
day, choice
Other Norfolk Suits, a splendid
lot in neat checks and rf?i| Q|>
stripes; choice ?pl??7U
Knickerbocker Pants, sizes 6 to
17 years; every pair well
worth 75c; Monday
Hoys' Sweaters, in navy blue;
all are good 50c ones;
chooao from them Monday
Handkerchiefs \
Hundreds and hundreds of S
Handkerchiefs mussed from holi- (
day display will be on sale at J
Greatly Reduced Prices I
Main Floor. S
Hurt Books \
A great number of Books, which J
have become hurt by handling *
during the holidays will be placed J
on sale ?
Much Under Price \
Third Floor. I
Bargain Basement
New lots from the best mills
Just come in, first choice from
these will prove wonder-bar
gains for Monday shoppers?a
few are selected at random, but
there are many others?
10c Oatlng Flannels, choice
selections of checks and ?*
stripes, yard OC
16c Krlnkle (Jtnghamai a nice
lot of pretty plaldn and rj3 /
checks, yard ?
Amoakeag Apron Glnghama,
full new pieces; new pat
terns, yard OC
12'<io Cretonne*, yard gj/r Q
2Bc Kimono Flannel, heavy
quality; here la a wond- i 01/ n
dor-bargain, yard /2^
SSo -White Wool Flannel Ol -
yard only ^J.C
Table Oilcloth Li only,
Men'* Hone, good wearing
kind; In tan - or black, pair /*n
only OL
Men'* Sweater*, shawl collars,
In gray or maroon, are only/?Q?
each Di/C
Momen'a Silk Waist*, good style,
each one In this lot la well worth
$8.00; they are special fl?"| QQ
lot choice V*?OV

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