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Woman and Home
The Morning S t o r y
1> A 111.17.7, A III).
Ilv <lll\e Ilnrt??u.
Katrine Wharten was being talked
About Tongues and lingers ?v?-re (ly
ing at IVf I.adles' Missionary Hand
The big In the parlor at tli<'
church was sendln- out great wavi>.? of
wolconiv heat, for ?>?i11-? >J*J a blizzard
tv?a raging Mrs Milton, on the floor
with an immense pur of scissors in
her hand. wa? cutting around a shirt
pattern li <1 on red flannel
"What ! want to know is," Mrs
Milton paused and waved her ids
tors with a Patrick Henry gesture,
"why she w >n't cot;:< It looks mighty
?jueer t? mc l sometimes think it
must bo a Ity coiis -i< iii'
The Ke\ Mr Washburn raised h:s
head fro:ti '' s, rmon ho was pr< -
paring ii 'i- study The door was
slightly open, and the words of Mrs.
M ilton hit I !'' *? r . <I !i
lie frown- <i m i pushed back his
chair i:n;-itit 'it lj lie had an idea
that he ktu-iv >?: whom tliey wore
talking, an ! t 1;urt
The Rev Mr Washburn was not
half so formidable as his name sound
ed, nor so old In fact he rather
shuddered whenever h- saw his name
in pr.'.t a: 1 u> ? " rally opened his
mail with the gummed side up llfs
hair was v i w a\ ?.. !..? ;(!;? 1 !>??: pa?
cakes with lots <>' svrup, and his
inother. when he was at hom? on a
visit, culled him Sammy. His brothers
calied him Smootch.
When the Hev Mr. Washburn
frowned lie was not very forblddinc.
hut some way or other no one ever
seemed anxious to he the subject of
that frown. Mrs Milton, unaware of
!t, went or:.
"Of course, when a woman is living
all alone she can't be too careful
Naturally when her uncle died and left
her the house and a little monej to
live on, she left her work in the city
and came here All well and good!
Hut how do folks know what kind of
a person she is, coming here a per
fect stranger, unless she tries to prove
she's respectable? .She's been asked to
*oln every society in this church, and
lias refused And I've seen her with
tny own e>es. through the parlor
window, playin' cards by h< rs If "
The young minister was not listen
ing now. He know without hearing
that the ladies of the church wt re
hostile to t he Independent young
woman. He was thinking of the time
i few weeks before when he was in
bed with a serious Illness The nurse
? ind sickness had made extra work
which was too much for the house
keeper. Then K itrine Wharten had
pitched in. She went over every day
to the preacher's house and washed
dishes, cooked, baked, scrubbed porches
and Ironed. Once she had washed 111
elothes. Olhe:? were kind and willing,
hut none had slaved as she had done
for the young man aw iv f ?un home
Th- lovvci'i i voices in tlo ladies'
parlor caused him to shudder. He
iew pirfe.rl;. will that all this was
being discussed The prop! ety of her
attention l> M -- sick m i:i had In en
? I'lest'.oned i' all it ?? lad.es .?? :!ie con- '
?_ reg at'.OTi
Ho dropj.-.l hi- The s* niton
vrs no longer f Th.it clay.
1I c foli that In- hail ?1 <??i?* wronj; :::
.<>t takln- tt;? hi.'! iau.-e ami actlim
- her eh.ini|ii>?:i. Yet !;tt!< things liail
held him hncU. There iyero I lines
when ti<!' ha i' i>v - K<>-iui 1: \ ?l ?? llsi ?;>??? of
? firm i t:? - made him almost h.
? v. th> lad'.-s ivi'ic right At other
? IK ?t. fI I V.: ? KlllllH till WOltlfll
? if h'.s I1 ??< k, with I-m:i al tart, that
!iej oll-ht t<> h> ashamed of tllem
-? Ives Til' :i again. when he -aw hit
repardinp i.lm with frank. afntiMd
< 0-. .? Iiad i - :??>!? tnat t-he was
t ryinp ~ ? 1 1 !?? i?: < .i\YiiUh
iinhition ? n in r v art ??ould v.m y wall
extend to thbse straltlnced ladies wild
were !K>w a.iiM.* i h?'? of !??thi! -
i ? Sonthe- u ? "i:i ? ?
Ho .in! I -ta : A in. lot, siM- Ho
? ii o:. h!> 1 it and went nut Th.ro
was one thing sur. and rl|;ht hero
wo t: ? t< li. v. that t.o t'i ^"t Ik
?aj air ? >dv ?!:fflit than S'i oot.-h
i' ?< i. ?
it", i -hi
ejothos, too
Th> wIt. a
-<t .? d< ?
'?r'i'.j tl
one ,i :n: 1
? hit >'???: ?
W 11'
|lf ' t .?:!? th.11
talked about
'v ?
l h
? ? r ?
ad food si lid
e d' a t ?
The wit.I
ar;" ;h
He had t ?
wall to : t ?
.1 ???! h 1 III to 1" -
-' It t tn- '?: - t jila1 ?
d"i.. To h.- l.i. <? "d with
Muf-.rt wh> a fellow-men.
. w .-n - iifT? *? 11! u "
' i.-j-idy. with his wlfo
childrei and 11U -
I I ?'??? . fl'li :"?'!? follr
K. V \V ishhm 11 had I.. ? ?
n w li.it help i' ?
'1 ' t s.'.'lll to l
? : ? ? . I w If th>'
. a 1 II. wo ild is o i rii -
a i: a .:
T .
t h<
?? ho i'
ila 1
ill 'I!
? ;<>, ? u
tly id:
was t h ? f ?
her con fused - . ! i
buircd t ? ?
d o y o . d
th'* (.ores :
dow r."
"YO'.I S'?"I1 '<
honor- M --
Mrs f.'as?td
iratlsm" 1? *
ulrl V
"It's ?
?'At/ |, ?'. < ?
:i tt* f U1 ? ??
ten ' a Tin
wnz ii 11 'i
I o)d M
ion. she
*'l I iSil. .1.7
?'I w as ; . -1 -
~He f-K- ';
l ud sta VI 1 ! i ? ? .
nr* took *art ? ? .
I?rrv an' in- *!. ? 1
hlnjr "
' An hour I a i r . .
. iv ed to look '* ?
Samuel start*
Mirouph th< >?
>inK'"X- Tli'i'
mind How about
? alrl. "Why did
tell rne, .MIsk K ?
."Because I ha'
have everybody k
"Hut you ? won't
missionary aoeletl*
all t'jounht- "
"Y?-s, I know wha
>>Ut ! t doesn't mat-r
nay own missionary
own way of doli .
"It's s pretty *otu1
Jt wax the first tin
rotten the "Miss." He
oulJ dorp his arm. A
f ;
I hi
Kali I
. Hfra'
7 he New English Ejjccl
I tain coats of jjreen mixed xvoolcn texture on tlio raglan lines, which are
advocated this reason. hy a lonu seam down ilie front of the coat. The new
lii^h collar is very adaptable lo rainy weather.
l'V,v,?!a','S1'v,lT7,he" 5he '""fifi^d a little
iK-.'i'ti'.Mi ,ii,,,,u|"R n ov::::?s
He ties, too " """ tho ' s?
' ' 1M6 . by MeClure X,.ws.
paper .-\viidi.\ite ,
Refined Manners
: :-i?<. unu hy l.iMiaii Kiisscll.) .
.. ???e oth. : day where a loa'i
vcr\ Ren tie "in il \- *\ \CI' ,t,forrc" ?? "?
tho'omy ar.ri^Jhe?!Sttl"lan,,cr>l wer*
th.it tV,'. 'wl" '"'Rl't *'e assumed
:? is ;?u;,s!"" "rv"y '?
:,ve J,,'!, !. } .,? Vi ,?,ia*,MC ??or,
tJiaa gentle :.i ,i *vera?? woman
Mm. mi. -m _ ' V "laliners. lto
ignored The ei?lV.\ r t,lnt cannot be
??!,.1,1-1 mi , .. ; ' * ?' ????'"??. may he
will never be nilstakVi."L 88: ,,'ut Bhe
what sht i> n ?! anything hut
line thn ?? . 1 completely re
v?ioU 5^ poWher? '
? 1 ii- lit U V. oij,;i jj
feathers tiiev8^?, BO!1'cn wear fine
' ? i .???? ' i. hy
til.-i, 'hH;:
?t-'ll Nfilttftft IllO.'tl |>r<
. f 1 lod )>ail *)%..?
t., i.t-v''V,V-!\,,Vf',7 h:r" ,"o,|r1'
strah:11 ias
t!: ? ? f|ln,|s. not more t.l
- ?hlch Wou,d hake ^"'r,VS
want io he-, , w,,at ?l>c.v
? ' ? .-<s |. ' ' , l>" ause their
Is n.n .M- w?,T". "l ev'fIe?ce.
^'"cation ivJ.eiher T, "P?"
. ii pun
? thi>j
'1" ' ' Worst !
k ih:iv ;;i?r;.r,MllMr r"h ??"-m1
,nV refinement i
"Kans impudence, in
ognlzed Tuiii ' '"iarlsbly roc?
-i-j ,vei> ?>>? n^.s.
so,ts Ho crmio - A few Per*
lh?*y exhibit (Uaresnoe ! Krr''Rant that
?ii ' ' ' ot''*asion,illi
f' ?' ? ii Hi, v i . "
"" '? " I" ii t!:,. |? .,K' j\, '<> ?-e
s?> Rarments. but it' Is also en-Ili"
ionT"1 a'Mi n",'! "'?"??> such cbndl!
? ' a,..
Mian f.?0 ? ,,,, , . "?* ae?,
',!!?? I. ,,t v j, foun.l lliein
1.111 In n >1 ii^hrll'A
I he fhnmpoo i t,.,.,.., .
? If '? , will Z, I ",n
1 - . j,, .. , . ;i damped.
h,,i,n Rl.ul to
'I polisl
' 1 tht- m,''f\,.<;an
fbt be hble t?. r. i. ' Vou
?'ully niasHn^,,;" ,0 " "P'noH'lint by
?. ? t.. ; v"", '"a?e ,.r
Th.- -V . -"s Pretty
. im< rnorninK ami
?er '? nSi^uJubn*"'r?*1
for earn of the
,ho ?^r(, from
. . > ?>! u Hi f,r.-t bathe the
, .. UMtll M heroine*,
With .. . ???h While
point or a iine needle
. , ? . I st< riii/.t.d hy dropping
ii ? ;i? i? ui r'"HS "r P'?-k
. tti?o? Ite ?ub?^iie* Apply fl
. . the little wound
- Il,lr,k VOW are unduly
enM r C. '"ir Jn"k "f ?ltrac.
' "m ii..- ' "';rr"'lly r'?mpftf?t
; "? ' S"! "" l"''!lHon In
n. . von are *|,ort
. ? ;;,%r w"rl on your
Uif-' ' ' your position
7.r.f'^ ,">? Vo,ir?i5;
WI-, r..p) Ihoi they ore draw
.', t f, 1? ' ?'ave ex
'? niilu fox- r>.,noviriK warts
which l shall be linppv to send you if
??mi will send mo i? stamped, addressed
? ?ii velupe.
Miss Anxious Von a if a foolish girl,
indeed, to want to reduce your weight.
With two years of strenuous school life
before you v on will need .ill your health
and streiigtli to tarry you through. If
ymi will i iii?? pood earn of your hands
by carefully cleansing them at night
and ruhlitng a pood cold cream Into
tliein. they will heeome soft and white.
If \<>u will send nie a stamped, ad-I
dressed envelope,; instructions for the
care of the hands'will he sent to you.
Dr. Brady's Health Talks
I T IV Till-: Aiit.
A lady, a perfect lad\ consulted us J
the other day about her gastric trouble.
Translated into United Statesish this'
menus stomach complaint?gastruni be-1
mg l.atiti for stomach. She was not
yet forty. bt:T on her way. Also she!
For Slender Figure
\ blouse of silk having a pleated
skirling and hum sleeves willi sailor
collar and girdlo of lace.
was. well, let ns say | ? 111 m |> ? no, cor
pulent. ? 'hi pulcnt especially in the',
middle, ltut J:ei- strait;lit front armor I
disguised the fact fairly well.
Having heard her history, and liav-i
ir.? investigated her occupation, diet j
and general condition, and having!
thumped her in due form we concluded J
that her stomach wasn't complaining so
much as her diaphragm, which was so
crowded that it hadn't room to work.
So we endeavored to break It gently?
our opinion and show the lady how to
regain her former tine hciim.
Madam, we v> ntlircd, you eat too
much in the first place. You must
adopt the fruit breakfast plan, and cuf
down the quantity of meat in your,
diet, say. meat onl\ three times a week.
You will also take a teaspoonfnl of.
this inedieiiio before each meal?tit';
would never d<> to send the patient'
away without any medicine, not the
first time anyway), lint most Import-1
ant of nil. you must take a little phy
sical culture.
till, she smiled. 1 get plenty of cxer-j
else doing my housework
llo?\ to TiiUe tin* >1 rilleliie.
You will take it in this way, we
continued, ignoring the interruption.
You lie t,H| on your hack on the floor.
I Then slowly raise your right leg to a
vertical position, and as slowly lower
it again. Itopeat with le't leg. Then
both bgs at once, without raising your
head or shoulders from the floor and
without grasping anything with your
hands. l)o this for live minutes night
i and morning and we'll guarantee you
will be sore all over for a few days.
Hut stick to tin culture 'and in three
weeks your stomach will behave so
much better that you will enjoy put
ting your feet up In the air.
The lady didn't blush?she was a
lady, us wo have already stated. Sho
promised to try.
RohuII: She reduced her middle sev
eral pounds, discarded the Injurious
straight front armor, and found marked
relief from her stomach trouble. Yes,
she kept taking tho medicine, but that
was a mere Incidental. Tho improve
ment was attributable to the way she
learned to put her feet up in the air.
<)ucstlons iiml Annurrn.
More Painless Childbirth Piffle: In
magazine a now. non-poisonous.
perfectly safe drug for preventing the
pains at childbirth was recently de
scribed. What Is the opinion of Amer
ican physicians about this one?
Itcply: More pilllo. The "now" drug
is morphine. Samo old stuff. only served
up as first-class sob stuff. Keally, in
practice childbirth Isn't such a terrible
ordeal, at least young mothers say so.
With chloroform ami science the pro
cess is made unite endurable. Don't be
alarmed by the epidemic of "painless
methods" now sweeping over the coun
Treatment of Rtammerlng Is the
Lewis School of Detroit a good school
to attend for stammering?
Reply: Some of Detroit's leading)
physicians recommend It.
It's All Over the IT. S: Is there any'
part of the United States where catarrh I
is not prevalent? Where is the lowest
percentage of deafness? lias deafness
of the Inner ear ever been cured by
operation ?
Itepl.v: I. Catarrh is a symptom which
prevails about as much In one place
as another?climate has little Influence.
2. Iceland. 3. Often.
Standard Meals
Mrs. Itorer, in her wonderfully en
lightening lectures this week, Is giving
pointers to housewives that no woman
i an really afford to miss The less
money your husband makes the less
you can afford to continue in Ignorance
of how to cut down your cost of liv
ing. Women who have been looked
upon as economic housekeepers turn
to each ether ht the close of hor talks
and say:-"I have bee* very ? xtrttva
gant; I wish 1 could bn. e heard this
She says. In cooking rice, peas, po
tatoes. onions, cabbage, c,r. In fact, al
most anything pertaining to tho table,
that when she Is ready to pour off the
water she does not throw It away,
but puts it In the soup stock. This
gives a flavor to soup that cannot pos
sibly be obtained In any other way.
She says Americans are ton likely to
look upon salt ami pepper as the only
seasonings, when, as a fact, the most
d- licate and delicious flavors are ob
tained by the cooking ot" one vegetable
with another.
The most nourishing and best
flavored meats are the cheaper cuts, a
j-hiri or rump makes a splendid dinner
dish when pvopet ly cook- d.
TO-M<?ltl<l?\VS MKM ? S \TI It l> \ V I. '
Stewed apricots $ .04
1 'orn 11a kes OS
I beef cream sauce 10
K?g tit 11 til ti h 10
Chocolate ! 0
J .12 |
Beef broth ?!th rice 10
Spaghetti a la Hall?-nno 12
Lettuce French dressing IT
Apple tapi oca :?>
Ten <?l
Cream of pea soup f'S
Boiled rump roast, horseradish
French fried potatoes 1"
Brussels sprouts.. 20
Tomato Jelly salad. II
chocolate cornstarch 10
Black coffee
Total $2.15
II o i I oil lleef Willi llor.nTiiillsli '?mice.
To keep the juices iti plunge the
meat at once Into boiling water, and
then set it baclc and allow it to cook
slowly. Thv water can be used for
llornerndiNli Smiee.? Four tablespoon
fuls of horseradish, one-quarter tea
spoonful of suit, yolk of one egg. Mix
thoroUKhly and fold In six tabbspoosi
ful.s of whipped cream This sauce i'*
1 li-e for cold meats.
\\ ill lie I'lnced nl Two Sites Selected In
Mi'i'lini; of 1'onfrdoriite Society.
Important plans to be completed this
year were announced by the sites cotn
mittee at the regular monthly meeting ?
of the Confederate Memorial Literary [
Society, lield yesterday at the <'onfed?-r
ate Museum. Some time in April the
Sous of Confederate Veterans, associ
ated with the sites committee, will un
veil a tablet In Cliimborazo Park, mark
ing the site of Cliimborazo Hospital
during lS?jl-18i!5.
I Mans have also been made for mark
ing I bo site i?f the house on Church Mill
to which General Joseph K. Johnston
was carried wounded from the battle
field at Seven 1'lnes, and nursed to re
An interesting letter from Mrs. Fran-]
ces Deane Williams to Mrs .lames It.
Werth. in which was contained an ac
count of the work of marking the forti
fications of the inner line ?>f defenses
on Monument Avenue, was rend at the
meeting yesterday. The inscription on
the tablet gives the Confederate .Memo
rial Literary Society credit for the sug
gestion that these be preserved and
marked. For her work in making this
memorial possible a vote of thanks was
given to Mrs. Williams.
Two valuable books were presented
to the Museum, "Willi Sabre and Scal
pel." li\ Dr. John Allen W.vatt: and
"Lee, the American," l>v Gamaliel Brad
Two life members were reported?Mc
Donald c. Yoninans, of Ilendeisonville,
N". <'., and Mrs. Camille O. A. I'ercival,
of Yonkcrs. N\ V. due annual member
? Mrs. K. T. Washbtirn, South Fifth
Street ? was reported.
Ten Yours for Itnbliery.
Sam .lackson, indicted by the llust
ings Court grand jury for holding uy
Lobert Spears on De.-ember 17. I!?M, aim
robbing him of $:t in cash, was found
guiltv of the chargo yesterday and sen
tenced to servo ten years in the peni
tentiary. Ilis woman accomplice in the
robbery. I'essic Lei*, was tried at the
January term and given eight years.
?'Oil <;<>OI> Ol'KIIA
That rather threadbare Htand-by of
I grand opera In English, "II Trovatoro,"
| was excellently sung by the Boston
! ICtiglish Opera Company at the Academy
j of .Music last night. The production
i wan by no means pretentious or elab
I orate?its extreme simplicity, indeed,
i was at times rather trying?but the
singing of tho principals and chorus
! was all that could have been expected.
The cast was as follows:
| Manrico Joseph F. Khoehan
Leonora Mirth Carmen
Axucena lSlaine <le Sellout
Count dl Luna Arthur Deune
Kerrando Harold J. Gels
Inez Grace Doxscc
Unix William YoutiR
Mr. Sheehnn's voice Is of resonant
quality and much lyric beauty, ami I
vocally he measured up well to the
role of Manrico. However, he hns taken j
on pounds with the years, and It Is hard J
for a fat man to excite all the sympathy |
I that Manrico demands and is supposed I
i to deserve.
! Miss Carmen's I^eonora was admir
able. She has a voice of llexibllity and
! sweetness, which, although rather thin
j in Hi" upper register, is highly effec
| live. She can act as well us sing, and
the death scene with Manrico was in
terpreted with real pathos and real
'dramatic lire.
j Perhaps the greatest individual stic
I cess was tiiat attained by lOlaine do
Sellem, in tho role of tho gypsy, .\7.u
cena. Acting and singing contributed
to lift this interpretation above the
| level of lite remainder of the perform-|
As has been suggested, the produc
tion was rather too simple for the
simplest form of grand opera. The |
scenery was meagre and unimpressive,
and the costumes cheap and unattrac
tive. Classical music in the form of
grand opera requires for successful In
terpretation a little more dlgnitled and
respectful treatment. This lack made j
itself evident last night, despite the
work of the principals and the excel
lent results attained by the director. |
Itasll Horsfall, with a limited orches- j
tra and small chorus. 13. C. it. j
Mis* llillle llurke In ".ferry.**
Miss IJillie Hurke will he seen at the]
Academy to-night and Saturday and !
Saturday matinee, appearing In ".lerrv," |
the comedy In which she scored a sue- |
cess at the Lyceum Theatre, New York, j
last sprint, and In which site has been
playing to crowded houses all this sea
son. This is the llrst American play
Miss I'.urke has had, and it is said to
be one of the hex; in her repertory |
Catherine Chlsholm '"ushlng wrote if
for her. It tells an amusing story of j
the adventure* ..f ;i l.velj Chicago till
In a quiet Philadelphia suburb. Tbe i
dialogue i" bright and witty, and the
sit tuitions a t ? ? ti t ? '.tail ii.t It Is in 111 i
play that Miss I'.urke wears the pink
pajanms that iauscd a sensation in
New York.
>1 ii rKii ret V it u I i n nl tlie Academy.
One of the most Interest u;k theatrical
events nt" 111?? season will bo the 011
cauemetit uf Mni'Karot AiikUii it". "l.ady
Windermere* Kan," wliioh is the at- ,
traction announced for Tuesday ati'l
Wednesday, and Wednesday matinee at ;
til ? Academy.
.Mi?? Anullti has occupied ?>. p!a< o of
f distinction and prominence on '
the American stanv for a nunihe; <>f
years. She has demonstrated i.tsjii and
again--m widely divergent characters ,
-her riuht to lie classed anions the few
really ureal emotional a?-trosses, :ii><1 by
her performances "f Shakespearean
roles, anil in i!ie classic Greek plays she
has measured up to the accepted st.mil
aiils- of comedy nnd tragedy. Roth by |
virtue of lier native talents, nnd by rea
son of her broad training and experi
ence. she i* easi!;. one of the most ac
complished women on the Knglish
speaking stage. ller engagement here
in Oscar Wihie's brilliant comedy
drama. surrounded by a company of ex
ceptional merit, should attract the at
t.ntion of all discriminating playgoers.
Sou t hslilr rs Arrested.
Two South Richmond men. Oscar
Womnck and 1'cter Walton, were ar
rested yesterday afternoon l>y Officer
M. .1. .Moore, of the Third Pollco Sta
tion. on the charge of being disorder
ly in a Hull Street saloon.
Don't fail to Jn-ar Pastor Russell at
City Auditorium Monday. S P. M? on
"Rattle of ArntaKeddon."?Adv.
Good kuck
Baking Powder
To-n!ght for supper treat tho family
to somo delicious wattles.
Serve light wr.fTles piping hot. There's
nothing more delicious?nothing- that
will ho tickle Jaded appetites.
Waffles require a good leavener.
That's why "Good Luck" is the cholc*
?>f famous good house
It has twice the
leavening power of
ordinary baking pow
All grocers sell Good
l.uck Baking Powder
It's most probable that
you and Good Luck
have been the best of
friends for years.
The Southern Mfg. Co.
Richmond, Va
(Jood Lard, II) 10<?
S. Ullman's Son, Inc.
Kntnlilishrd IKfl.%.
IH2A-22 K. Mil In. nilfl 10, ^Inrnlinll
The Cracker with a Preference
J?m?? Ilnync, of Nvrannhoro, llidlr Htirt
by Knlllng 'llrabrra.
James Hayne, eleven years old, of
Forty-first nnd Hull Streets, Swansboro,
was badly hurt yesterday morning at
9:30 o'clock by a falling eattlepon door,
which struck 111 in on the head ah ho
was crossing the tracks bonuuth It Iri
tho Fourteenth Street yards of the
Southern Hallway.
The boy dro|i|>ed unconscious from
the heavy blow, suffering concussion of
tho brain and a sprained thigh. lie was
taken to the Virginia Hospital In the
city ambulance, with Dr. J. I?. Walker
In charge. it wan stated there last night
that he showed Improvement, and was
later removed to his home.
With his father, W. II. Hayne, youn?
Hayne had walked up the tracks, which
woro blocked by a str ii(k of freight
cars, in order to cross. Jt is believed
that the supports of tho door had be
como weakened by cattle kicking
against it, nnd only a Jar was sufficient
to loosen It.
War Ills Topic.
l?r. K. X. Callsch will speak to-ni;?ht i
at Metli Ahabah Synagogue on the topic, i
"World I'nity? I >oes the Present War |
? ? 11? or Hinder It?" On Saturday morn
inn he will speak on "1'urlm, the Feast j
of ICsther," which falls on Sunday, Feb
ruary I'S. Services begin at H:l.r? o'clock I
to-night, and ut 11 o'clock to-morrox* |
I'ullw Through ICIevntor Slmft.
Louise Herroll, an aged colored wom
an. suffered a fractured collar bone
when she fell through an elevator
shaft in the feed store <>f l?. 11 Mun
din, 1 r.ot; Fast Fr.vnklln Street, yest*?r
| day afternoon. Sin- was treated by
Ambulance Surgeon Walker who took
I her to the City Home.
, Very Sore, Large and Red. Con
stant Irritation. Kept Awake at
Night. Scratching Irritated. Used
Cuticura. Pimples Were Gone,
Atiwell, Tetw.?"My foc? b?f?n to
break out about, throe yean nno with small
pimples and black beads some of which
woro very sore. The pimple*
were most lar?ic and red and
there were some which we.-o
while and contained a watery
matter. The red ones con
tained a hard suhblaucc.
Tho breaking out dlsflic'irrd
my fuce very much and the
constant Irritation was very
painful. 11 bothered me keep
ing mo awake at niaht and I could not keop
from scratching. After a month or two I
found rny whole body breaking out.
"Finally I noticed an advertlromsnt of
Cutleura Soap and Ointment. 1 sent for a
free sample and after tho third day my faco
bepnn to net better. ! bought a box of
< 'utlcura Ointment and Cuticura Soap and
in tlireo wf*oks' time the actio had completely
left my face. My piinplos were none. '
iSlnmiii lie-man Andmwi, August 10. 1914.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With 32-p. Skin Hook on request. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Bos
ton." Hold throughout tho world.
! W
llrrbrrt t'nrlcton, Widely Knorrn Mis*
alonnr.T Worker, AVIII Speak.
Herbert Carleton, l>. C. L., general
j sccrutary of the Brotherhood of St.
! Andrews, and cdltor-In-chlef of St.
i Anderw'n Cross, the ofllflal orgnn of
1 the society In the United States and
Canada, will speak to-day at the half
hour servieo?from 1 to I ;30 o'clock at
j St. Paul's Kplscopal Church.
I?r. Carlo to 11 ? * widely known
j throughout the United States. lie Is
a Canadian by birth, and lu a grad
uate of Oxford University, lCngland.
Karly In life ho <levoted himself t<?
missionary work, and became a close
friend of the Bishop of J,ondon, ami
was associated with hi in in his work
In the j* 111 i*i
Stockholders Meeting.
An adjourned annual stockholders
mooting of the Union Stores, Inc., will
he held to-nlKht at S o'clock at the
stores, Seventh and Franklin Street." As
there are 2,iioo stockholders a lai;.o
meeting is expected. At a meeting ? n
February 1", a committee of stockhold
ers was appointed t?? investigate tin- af
fairs of the company and submit a re
port to the meeting to-ni^ht. Those
named on tlie committee' wre !">?- 10. (*.
I, Miller, .1. II. Amesbury, H. l*. Vaughn
and Mrs. I. Austing.
A Happy Girl
If you want to mi'kn a hit with
your pir! give her ^ Diamond King. It
will surely pleas? lie.- and mnko you
feel goAd, too. We have gotten in a
beautiful lot of t-ton?a and i an givo
;.ou a bargain.
ji:\vi:i,i:k a.- oi'tici \n.
Seventh and Main Slrwls.
af-i (LzrOOCl ?
JKMWMtooown o?m nrmwunw
Start rlpht and at harvest time reap In fullest
measure the reward of (JOOU SMEIJS and ?ood
Grt them from
3 Stores
Seed Merchants
Ask for our catalogue. Kichmond, Yn.
Headquarters for Superior Seeds for the l-'arrn
end Garden.
and the Sanitary Conditions under which it is made. That'
it is the best selling loaf of Ilread in Kirhmond to-day.
wli y
^ mw free ?
FREE ,was!fsss?w
Bourne Brothers
Tivonty-ninlli and Broad Streets. ft
Will demonstrate poods of renown quality, such as Dolly
Varden and Ccrcsota Flours, Virginia Dare Coffee, Mono- 5*j
pram Food Products, Prlneine Baking Powders, Warner's ?
SSugrar, Snowdrift llogless Lard, etc., March 1 to (>.
f Further information phone Kan. 1880. K. A. Saunders' Sons Co. ^
every occasion?
Your gTocer sells it
50c., 60c^ 70c. and $1.00 per pound

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