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? ? ? ? - ? 1
fiol?liorj? Defeat Collegians in Fust
tJaino by Slender Margin of
One I'oint.
A mat our and Collegiate Itogulnt Ions
.\re I soil in Alternato Periods.
Itolli 'Foams Kxcol I'ndor Particu
lar Stylo of llnskotliiill Playing.
Hicr.mnnd xvas defeated laM
night by tho narrow margin of one
point lii its flrnt game tins season wllli :
the ?as? basketball ,|uitn of tin* Kirh
Jnoml Howitzers. Tin* game was fast
?ml interesting af t e r the first part of
1K>' opening period, when th<' solilieis
tht iat cued to walk mvay with the
4Jame. i'iu score w as i'."> to it.
I he tiiiiliu was speedy from the first
v hist !v. but it <li,| n..t heglii t<? 1... 1?
i1Ki^Untri.1 ll"' l:'Mel part ot the
*,!M 'a ! 1 hf <?olh-ginns seemed
? lazed, and were unable t.. t together
an.I won; ,,u\ consistent ..flense At
,s'ttun. Di. u .iefetis. was v ers
mm 1, of. roiot . ami. taking advantage
'. I""" Play I hg of Hi. Spiders Sue
How itzers seore.t offhand at i-v.-rv oil.
Dorittnty. indeed it as though
the game Was going t.. hi a walkawav
sohu.rs tm. the
n! ?, :""l II'- Plaj hoeame <
' st.il.horii 1 y . nested m ,|
" H'-s'l half Hi.' Howitzers w . re
U" ;i" 1 v - I ?!
1 '.V "J?, *ccPn?? j>nlf tho .Spiders came
1 ? . k ?ir..|,g ..ud play i d hk, an ,i,
1 ', ",U 1 '"-'J pot in some
I- "? pa ssi ni: .a i 11 I..-,11 t.i make th.n
J' . "I' !" mm..| a.lvan
V- ' 1" '?-v tlley . limited U,.
" ' ( " ast mi mite ..f p|a\ t to v
, "'J "w?:tzvt> total, making the
' ? stand . nlv at
1 I'l'ort ii it 11 \ aft* i opportunity came
.. ' s 1,1 ,hi* ,:'s< brief
J 11 ? I'1"*', hut tate st i ine.l to have 1
? ? I in i laee against thein, for time ami
,l.''' hall was shot l.j some Spid.
inht into tli.- coal, where it tolled
tround .several times and then i. i,
o?,iu ' /" . 111 * III las.
? i J! ,fouI ":,s on Hi. Spiders.
111. II ''V ?,U*'' ' SSlUllj shot I.N |t. II. Of
< noiiL'li f mil i. main time
enough for tiny further scoring'
, ':!,,ssti"u1'?*?? Howitzers was
oxcollent ai all tiincs. The* disnlave.l
LiVhnr'l11"1 '"V""'. worked I
T~he Mrsi ii''!t V", Kti.il?nn?r in
i ? n shot .a i the l.asket
?ri . l. '?'?? Itules.
1 e i!r \ 11 "i ?'? !.u ?' s phi yet i All
hi ."?uVi...,:!, !""" uul1 "hi. i,i
im t ollegtans are not familiar. In
t ho sei-oml session 111.' u,iin. w ,? i.i-.v
nn.|f r th? ro(.,llar . ollecat,. nil. s." ami
Lo.1,1 i'v.'"? showed ,?
ni.'ii ? V I11:'' ">r'V mi 1 i t la -
in. ii wete at a disadvantage.
the i !'"!?''m- 'V''v.'1'1"1 V1"K without
, i I V Ii i s ut I.In k t h, m ,1,11V
1' ? "hose shoot inn has liM-it a
^ "I I I'ure ,,, all 1,1 i li.'ir P,?es so
season. lie was vented
- <!,' ".Ii i'V"." I,J iMJ,,rv- ' oacli Hoi.-!
I ",1"' J"," "? ''-l< him in this
{"'? I . -'S lie w ants this |to\ Id |,e in
Pi line condition for the l.ig ' ohauiiiion. 1
ship affair with the Yellow Jackets
aved'lTu . ,Mf-Kh', Sn,l?''ne|,l. w ho
I l.t || 111 \\ O ld s place, |iut Up a pr.ttv
vet v u:"i! ' "I* ,,ls ""l ol the play
llze'r r'eJ'ul ,V 'V How
galne. * U"" alSo Of the I
m 1he How itzers, the plavinu ?r
Ale Ira |f j? all-ioimd w <m k s .h,,! ni.
renee''wiis'!V ! ,l"- tTiiffoflaw-1
nios. "any posiU^Von''i trw" ^ \
,ftA,"?r ".'V S|,"'"rs- " would ho hard
mi^!;r!:es^, ni.'IV't he work'Tif
I ol war
guard, and l.iieldiert ,,, ,,,,
o. Hie variety that is hard to |?. lm.
prov eij upon !"' ?
'1 11.; showing I.f til. Spiders w s v.-rv
L'>V- CO,,'!, and lie St U*-,
?I".'S. II, S |. 11. ? <.| I |,.id.fea t 'I lit*
i 'Mil. in th. Ilowii/ers Armory, at
Jjiny I In n'd ol ph-^Ia con Tif t he h.'s't'ch ,nV'
Jii?i ! '* HMmr this season Oii
',"S ' ''' :' ?,I|V I" I ges the . h ,111
K&ia.r? As iEc'Si!!'!.
i uol'iherl .? r?-',"?11. Howitzers I
Satl. r ft el 1*1"' ' i~ V ^ w " f-'1 fence
, " '"'.l W W aril HoII j
? Kleld g,. ,iv i Kiirrar i
Mel -.If ci. L- ' " * ' 1 >> "fill (I ). I
Sntterflolii .' , :'i <11 .? 1,1.. rt
; ?'? 1" ? ? '. l-.'gat, I I Mill hell
'I I- I .'i. I.I.
11*i ritr'< v ' im' ! ")' ItelI t .1 I. I:
m.i t i? \ ? . \ i?!?)?! i . ti .
I "I > te. h n ir I ii st i
ii i mi I. s.
\'l :\v "i ? ?(: K , K.l t As a i ? -
: lit ' to alii > - i'!.i \ i: ti.i- iii.i ti ii;i Is
fair t ? ? ?' .1 it..11 .* t ? ii t in .| iii'ls
r hn 1) I "I ? t ,ip. I ..I wri ? \Y 11 ? T : ? u! y. i.f
this i:it>", will ii- fi inl his n.it imiii I 1111 o
ii ili. ' .! "i.-i !? ii a. ? s i ? nil. iv against
C. a- I'.r. Tll\a-.|a.. \\ V
* I' lii ' i .i ii j i ' ? n ? i i ; ? 11 <-it lis brother.
.1 ? \V.: t ? : I. i: \ In.:. : n t 1.1. . st ra it;ht
H? -t. : l:; 111. ? .11,. ,
M": I ? r?;i i ? ? ' I'. 11 I. > t play > .1 stnnl?'\
a . Mm tl".a ? I : I 11? ai:? ? a hi!., i ,?
'US . .ail ii i I ? ? ' .1 11 . a ' I 111. s
v. - 1 ? -? ??ll. 1. :? ! ... IT.-1(1.
I ll Oalala a <? mall I Mil lia-lil a-r* Mloiilij \?|
I III 11II f a' III!* I'llillar. Ilraall n
?.? ? ja ? I?- r I nil I i n al ?
r.rancli Klekoy, ; ..i;..iv. r for tlife
13 row us thinks si Nn'iiit; pliiyiar is fool
!?li ii n '?> tii! mv i ? ! ml aai I,- r
1 hint.';- v. ? !. i ? an ihi"i I.|. r, a. it -
fll-Jala ? .( . ? ? . -||i ? : i ill lit
f'al it ! . ' ? ? . a. ? i
the i-liiii 'III- ? ? -l 1 : ?. - ;;
h<'\\ a- :ut<i t 1 ? A . ?. i! and
ntat Iii(it ? . ?
"That's how I 1 a if-1 mv arm." sayB the
leadt-i i.r i: . I ,i,.. . .
1 owiii-1 a : 1 : t' ? : > I' ? tI ;?.
fvor I : I i ! ? ? v ;t ? il.i ??. ?tt. J ??
.ill n?pe< .-'11 r. ? till' . v." ? . I. III.
11f? XI ll 1.. I t : .? ,ut. I, ? , 1,.
no till Ilk' M ' ??.:::! u ,
"That ts why I think it it f? .<? 2;vti for
ii plnyitt other than a pit' her to try to
cur \ .? it liia i) I it . ? u w I,.n
)l wax ton 1 ? ?'? . ?<tj ? ? t : .
?au(T<-r the same fate 1 would adv ?
aillici.s rot Ii :t
l.Y.vriini iu;. va . i ??.: . .? .
Till* I i'ail na.k a- II U' !i S- ' ' ! i ' - i. , >. |(. ; .
lia 11 t l-illll, W llia-tl la--* I ? I* -I" . V ,r)
HOHnpkt to the Lynchburg Hlgl s :.
will play :? return Itaiiia- .. M . ?
iind iie^otlAtlonn are ... ? ? for
(t jjiime with 11w Kirls i< ? t a-j? 11
neiillnu thl* J>an\,lla lllyl; ?-??!. 'IT..'
Is the Jlr.si 1 titer -?i hool .- . n ,
local high school Kills i.w- .
ranged. Thus far they have won froin
Koanoke liv tin; More <>f t? ? ai,,i
li.tn to Lilack.sbuiK I'V ?- ? a- f
i:i to n.
Tho rainpnlKn :iKiiln><t i:okf . ? -l a-i..p.
fOinon Just too lata- to soiva- u? f i.. r:
the onual run of winter Ican'if .nil.*
T.ouis Hoover. on?> of the hf?t ama
t?>ur? In the Federntlon rank.", hav i,a <*
rn?ai? -captain of the .Second 'I'.apt.,
Church team.
Brief Wire Sports
i hurley Welsh Ill-till.
NKW YnltK. February 25 -Charles
Welsh. seventy-t wo. for twelve years
custodian of the press gale at the I'olo
<! rounds. died early yesterday itt llar
lciu Hospital. Welsh was Known to
practically every newspaper man who
covered games at thn* (Slants' grounds.
Solil to \ Irglnln I.cuuue.
H.\ KK ISKl' K? 5. I'A. February 25.? :
Tin- Harrisburg Tri-State l.cague club i
has sold lli'iinlii's I'lirisi. third liascmnn I
anil outfielder'. to Newport News, of.
tli.- Virginia League. Hi* caines here I
four years ago from HrooUlyn.
ticrmiiiiy Scliaefvr .lumps.
NKW VoltK, February 25. Hermann
iticrmany) Schaefer. formerly of the
Washington Atnerieans. has signed a
two-year contract with the Federal ,
League, ami has been assigned to the'
Newark Huh, Federal hcaili|iiarlei's an- j
nouncod to-day
Miij Fight In lliiMiun.
T<?l P >NT?< 'NT . February 25.?Tom
Flanigan. who trained Jack Johnson,
the n>'i;ro pugilist for Ihe tight with
.lames .!? (Tries at Kent), announced t,,_
day he hail received a cablegram front i
Johnson at Havana in which Johnson
said in- had called off the light with
.less Willard set for March at Juarez.
The limit. Johnson said, would lie held
in Havana.
\iiNtln Again In l-'olil.
ST. l.oi'is. M? >.. February 25.? !
.I.tines Austin. third hast man. who'
sinned a Hire, year contract with the j
Kittshurgh federals a few months ago, i
to-day announced lie would play with
tin Si. l.ouis Americans. !(? would not |
say it imluceiiicnls were offered to him
in return. Austin said he was under j
contract wilii St. l.ouis wh> ll lie signer]
with the 1'ittslnirgh Federals. and that
the latter team had iio legal claim
to his Sel \ ices.
Whitney Ileitis \liel.
ATLANTA, <SA., February 25. Frank
Whitney, of i Vila r itapids. Iowa, was
given the decision over Jake Ahel. of,
t'haitaiiooga, Tenn., at tin- end of a
ten-round hoxitig match here to-night.
Moth are lightweights.
\l tlrth lo Ollleliite for (iriicrnln,
LV.WHllFltn. VA.. Febtuary 25.?
A1 <>rth. of the National I..ague um- |
l>ire staff, will umpire several games;
for Washington and i.ee this spring,
l>el'ore reporting to his league < >i"111 j
was "lit of the game for three months {
last summer on account of a had knee,
hut this trouble is now entirely well
atid no longer gives him trouble. <"-tli
is spending the winter at his home
111 ! e.
Sinn* Tlirec- Venr lunlrnel.
ST I.mI'IS. February 2'. Miller
Muggins, manager of the St. l.ouis
Natii.n.il baseball team, to-ilay signed
a tlirei year contract to con t i tine in
that position.
( roKs-lliiiulee >1 <(tOIF.
\I".\V V< 'UK. February ".*? ? -Tho
match hi'twicn l.cach i'ioss and
.1 ? ?)11? 11> I miidec. lightweights, which
u:is t" 1?:?y? - been ?l?-? lure to-mor
row night. was canceled to-night on
account of tlif illness uf i 'ioss. Ail
WoU'ast. wlin nriKiniiHy was to have!
I), en Cross's opponcst, injured his arm i
in training. ,
I'lrst I ?mile of Si'imou,
K.MI'mUIa. \ A.. 1-Vbrnary 2". An
i!. t ? lestilig gallic "I baseball was
!> 1 a> i 11 here oil .Moiiila\ afternoon 1 ?? -
t u ?'??ii " t ho hoys of tin- .larratt ami
Kmporta Schools, which resulted in a
victory for Kmporia. The game was
fast and w? 11 played from start to
!:n:sh, !?otli teams Holding well and
' ptlllinu oft"" some fast plays. Tho
double play hy I'oiti-r. (Joodwyn ami
.!? ntiliiu's w is a feature of the frame. .
Tim M-orc v. as v I o 4
Iliivis to < ft|iIiti>? Mlili'lii'.i,
1-1111. \ I >i:i .I'M I A. lVPruar\ 2f. ?
llarr\ I'.ivis will captain I h ?? I'liila
<!< lphia Americans this season, it was
announced to ?lay hy Manager Connie
Mack lia 'riionias, last year's cap
tain. will have I'litiiplcto charge of tho
pitchfrs. Ibivls for the j?ast two years
:.;? s <?.. > t he Athletic players.
Toronto Sells I 'l t/piit rick.
T'>!{O.N"r<?, < int.. February 2T>.?Tho j
Toronto International i.eaguo baseball
? luh to-night announced that thiril
i.; ????!> an labile l-'itzpatrick had been
solii to tho Koston Nationals for cash
nml players.
Winner 'I ie?l Willi .1. I'. Iljfr* for
l lilrlj-M\ Moles 11ml W In*.
One I p.
AIKKN. S. February Follow
; ill.- a I h i r t >-six - hole tie for the I'. i)|i
\.i Is.-iin < up yestor.lay, ITcseott Mi l
? alf aii"! .1 I lUers fought it out nip
; il-tvKi; lor toiiy-eight holes at tho
1'allnotto tjolf <"lull to-day before tho
! former linail} rolled out a victory i>y
one up
Itr playing off the tie, it was agreed
?fi.it thl ? ?? ? Xtl Jl holes be played, but
Uo otily result was another lie Tho
i- itch ?':i:; followed by a big gallery.
The s urn ma ry :
>'< miflt alf l*res? ott Metealf beat .1.
i; 11. 1.1. : I d "J. Thomas llitclicoek
I ? ? . 11 <ore.? I Scott I! and I'harles
J *. ? ? .-??II l . I I l.;iw II'IH ?? I 'e rill, 'J up A.
\\ I? t? I:? Pi it 'oori'e Itiril ft ami 1"
livers and .Melralf had been tho fu
j voi i t ? ? ?? for the I sol In cup, and tho ro
I units yesterday and to-day were l>ig
' hiii prh
In tho polo match on Whitney Field
1 ? >i?- t'Jroentt won from tho Yellows hy a
hooro of ?> to 3.
Kasketball Calls for Skill, Alertness,
Speed, lirnin ami
Still Necessary, However, to Luro
Croud Out With Dance?Sport
Lovers Are UeKiunlnt; to Kealizo
TImt It Is (iooil (ianie.
AVill some one please step forward
an?l toll uh why basketbaw isn't more
popular with the rank ami flle of sport
It is a mystery t" 'is?anil to many
thousands of others?why there is such
little public interest in a name that
provides as many thrills as football,
call for more skill and practicaly as
much enduranre as prize lighting, and
which is amost as fast and furious as
Weaklings cannot play basketball.
It is a game that calls for all there Is
in the best conditioned athlete. It is
a (Tame where ninibleiiess of foot, alert
ness of brain, quickness of the eye and
thoroughbred gameness are essential.
It is a game for the red-blooded lovers
of athletic contests, yet they give it the
go |?y. Why is it'.'
Basketball is a pretty game to watch,
especially when the game is between
two evenly matched teams. And, at
times, it becomes a tough game. But,
withal, it Is clean. It is a great winter
favorite in small college towns. The
attendance at the games is always
good. Hut if two college teams staged
a game In some foreign city of a met
ropolitan nature it wouldn't draw even
at 50 cents a head
In New York City and every other
town where boxing bouts are allowed,
the "fans" will pay from S- to $10 to
watch a pair of low-brow pugs slam?
or attempt to s^un?each other for
thirty minutes, but those same fellows
wouldn't pay 50 cents to see a crowd
of college boys perform in a game that
gives as many thrills in five minutes
as prize fighting iloes in sixty.
(itiine Is (??lining' Here.
Mere in Richmond the game has be
gun to gain in popularity within the
past two seasons, and persons who en
Joy athletic contests are beginning to
realize that it is a great game to watch.
To draw crowds to these games, how
ever. it is still necessary to have a
dance after the contest as an addi
tional lure.
Probably the reason that basketball
is not more popular is because so little
publicity is given to the stars of the
game. Basket ball as a game has been
given a lot > f publicity in years gone
by. Imt little attention has been paid
to the individual stars of t lie game.
Baseball is popular because such men
as Ty Cobb, Kddie Collins. Tris Speak
er, Harry Lajoie and Joe Jacobson have
been Haunted before the public eye so
much that it developed a desire to see
those men perforin. The individual
prowess id' Charles Brickley, Kddie
Mahan, Tacks Hard wick, Harry He
? Sove, Johnny Maulbctseh. heralded in
the papers acted as the lure for foot
ball folks.
But who, outside of the little college
towns, ever heard of a basketball star
-of a man or men who rank in skill
in their game as highly as do the
Coblts in baseball and the Briekleys
in football, or the I'aekoy Mcl'arland's
in the ring game'.'
There are a number of good teams
here now, and interest is growing. The
sport has been taken tip in the col
lege. clubs and militia organizations,
and it lias helped much t?? build up a
clean spirit ot athletic competition to
bridge over the winter period.
i-'rilM l ln jniiii-il liy I nilnl Stnlo* Court,
I'cnilliiK Hearing of Suit I** i I <*tl
liy Stock liolilrrx.
I'llli'Aiili, February tempo
rary injunct ion restraining Iho Fed
eral I .ea gue I'rom transferring tin;
franchise of the Kansas City club lo
any person, association or corporation
in the Kast was issued l?y .Indue llald
win. in lho Federal Court, to-day. The
hijiiiK'tion was granted after suit liail
been filed liy the Kansas i'ity club.
Tho injunctinn will halt temporarily
tho transfer of tho franchise to I'. T.
Powers, of Now York, which was ex
pected to he effected at the league
meeting in Huffalo to-morrow.
Tho injunction was issued after
the Kansas t'ity cluh had (lied a suit
So restrain the Federal I.cague from
transfering tin* franchise to another
party. The writ of injunction was
served on James A. Gilmore. presi
dent of the Federals, to-ninht. just
as he was hoarding a train for the
Kuffalo meeting.
The hill recites that under the fran
chise given hy tho league It was un
derstood that the Kansas t'ity cluh
? -mild operate permanently as a mem
ber of the league, and that conse
quently tin: cluh had assumed many
obligations. Tile rase was set for a
heat inn on March a.
A full accountInn of tin* inside af
I airs nf the Federal I ,<*agii(*, its ex
penses, its income and Its losses proh
ahly will h<* made at the hearing, ac
cording to counsel for tin* Kansas City
Mli.WAl'KKK. WIS., February 2."?.
Freddie Welsh outboxed Charlie White
in u ten-round, no-decision boxing con
test at the auditorium to-night, ac
cording to the almost unanimous opin
ion of sporting writers. Welsh ap
peared to have had the advantage of
live rounds, the third to seventh, in
clusive. White shaded his opponent in
the ninth and tenth and the lirst, sec
ond and eighth appeared to be even.
Tho Knglishman had White at his
mercy most of the fight, being fast and
clever and netting away without pun
ishment. White was slow and seemed
unable to solve Welsh's whirlwind at
In the earlier round, Wcish set a
brisk pace, but found White willing io
mix. White waited carefully for open
inns. evidently hoping to shoot in the
short left hook, for which lie is famous,
but tin* champion's shifty footwork and
clever blocking made many of his ef
forts of no avail.
IIIr Diiteliuinn \\ III lie tilvpn Oppor
tunity to Kxtciid 1.1 ft* In .MnjorN
liy Neiv .tliivf.
Wheeler II. ("Doc") Johnston, first
baseman for the Cleveland team of tho
American League, was purchased by the
I'Ira t ex to supplant IM Konetchy with
the Clarke outllt. l.ast season Johnston
X".? 11 off considerably in his hatting, but
the general slump of the Cleveland
team was partly responsible. Johnston
stands six feet tall, is just a youngster
and it looks as though the Corsairs
made a good deal in securing hint.
one well founded report was to the
effect that Johnston was purchased In
order to make a big shift in the entire
Pirate line-up. lionus Wagner was
slated for the first base berth, but In
all probability Manager Clarke will try
the Dutchman In the Held, place Johns
ton at first and give Gcrber a. chance at
Placing Wagner in the. field would
prolong his life in the big show for a
? otiple of seasons. Hue of the hardest
parts of Ids job would be walking hack
atoi forward to the bench. lionus
would not be obliged to be keyed up to
i .p pitch and sliding' around all the
time there would be no constant strain
on liis leas and he would have more
time to think of his batting. It looks
ilk? a good move of Clarke's, and it
would not he surprising to see the
Dutchman In the outfield when the sc-a
Hun opetiB.
Big Indian Puts in
Winter With His Gun
( liirl' II<<IHI<T, tlx* former mainstay of
('on ii ir Muck'N crrw of linll tossers ami
ikut ivllli the llnltlmore Keiis, U n top
noteli t rn pshooter. 'I'lie * liief'N eagle
fir seem* to he Improving: ulth old
njce. (lie clay pigeons fulling prey to IiIh
might? Klin, in ever larger numbers. On
four Sntiiriin.vN recently his w'oreH were
HiieerNNlvfly, S!t, Hi, !I7 nml ItHI out of
11 possible 100 elny |iiKemi<i, llemler In
. well satislicil with his berth ivltli the
llaltfcils, ii ii ?l the expectations fire that
lie will excel past performance*. Haiti
more "fans" are anxiously awaiting the
opening of the ftciison In oriler to get
a kuoiI glimpse of I lie flimoitH nlnU
nrtlMt in action.
The Tiptops won three games from
tilt- liunnys on the Newport runs last
night. Sutterlin and Thorpe were the
high individual howlcro. Tlio scores;
Tl lit I.JIN.
Tram. 1 2 3
Whitman I'll 2OS 15S
Krown IT.'. Itin l;t 1
Sutterlin 177 1 ?Jli 210
Hickers 1 i 7ti 122'
Wauldbaucr Ill 1 7S ISO
Total sri7 KM SCI
Iltiitn v*.
Team. I 2 3 !
Thorpe 1 !? 7 225 139 ,
Harper I t'i7 150 ISO
Thornhury 117 12s 142 j
iHmkle 1?S 145 162
Latimer 17<? !!M 1?i3 i
Total Xl*? S42 7SG
First race sellinK. four-year-olds
and up. tillies atid mares, liv? ? and one- j
half furlongs? Lillian Kripp. 105 (Cava-i
iiiiugh). 2 to 1, even, 1 to 2. won; Seno- j
rila l'ana, 10!t (Gentry), (i to 1. 2 to 1. i
, even, second; I'lit Second, 101) (J. ltob-I
bins), 10 to 1, -1 to 1. 2to 1. third, i
jTime, 1:07 3-5. Kitsilano. Woof, Alice j
| Tei esa, Ktliel Wicks, Jennie Crawford, t
Christinas Palsy, Klla, Admiral's'
i Daughter, Queen Maeve, Zia, Saiinwooj
| igloo also ran.
1 Second live ami one-half furlongs?j
Sinai, <u; ularner), 5 t<> 1, 2 to 1. 7 to 10, j
won; Ma/.nik. lot (Louder), 2 to 1, !
1 :t t<> 5, out, second; Marie u'llrien. 04 1
It Henry), lo to 1. 4 to 1. 2 to l. third.!
| Time, 1 ;<??;. Ida IMack, I'lanetary, Dad !
i Da vies, Type, lleenan also ran.
Third-one mile?Cordle !?*, 105 (Hen-|
ry), 7 to I, 2 to l, even, won; Hardy,'
I 10(5 (llarter), ?! to 1, 2 to 1, even, see
| ond; Single Toe. t?0 (darner), 20 to 1,
j s to 1, :t to 1, third. Time, 1:40. Alco,
I I vt it Mleu, Hreczer, Moscowa, Commen
dation. .1. Nolan. Dalston. Freda John
| son, rolls, 10ye White, Kck Davis also
! ran.
I Fourth?six furlongs?Conning Tow
| er, !? 5 (Mott). 3 to I, 3 to 5. out, won;
' (Srover Hughes, 112 ((Sentry), 4 to 1,
It; to 5, out, second; Othello. 115 (Me
I Calte), 2 to 1. 3 to ft, out. third. Time,
! 1:12 1-5. L'npqua, Headmaster also
, ra n.
Kifth?Ave and one-half furlongs?
I llinata. 100 (darner), 5 to 2, G to 5,
1 to won; Kafner, 105 (Groth), 4 to 1.
3 to 2. 7 to 10, second; dasket. 109
(farter), 10 to 1, 4 to 1. 2 to 1, third.
I Time, 1:06 2-5. I'hyllis Antiom-tt,
I l'inkland, Zenotka, Fcrrona, Marsand,
Ann Tilly, Yuba, dold Finn also ran.
Sixth "one and one-eighth miles?
j Durin, 102 (Mott), 4 to 1, even, 1 to 2,
'won; l.ady Innocence, 85 (darner),
f> to 1. 2 to 1, 1 to 2, second; Toynbee,
H7 (Lapaille). even. ont.v third. Time,
,1:53 2-5. Kaleaila. Wood Dove. Trans
pareiit, Hlack Mate, Flying i.Soldy also
? ra n.
LYXCHltlJKG, VA., February 25.?
Managers Wiltshire and Smith, of the
local high school baseball team, are at
work on a schedule for the coming
diamond season, and already some fif
teen teams have asked for games dur
; ing the spring months. Contracts
. looking to games with Koanoke high
school and Woodberry Forest have been
exchanged, ami these games are prac
tically assured.
The teams asking for games are:
Richmond Academy, Danville School for
Itoys, i Muster Spring Academy, Char
lottesville High School, lllackstone
Academy, Farmvillo High School,
Staunton High School, Episcopal High
School. Harrisonburg High School,
Fork Union Military Acndcmy, Chatham
Training School.
Seventy-Flvo Teams Represented
Ii?.st Ni^lit at Meeting at
1H ties' Armory.
Ei&ht-Club Circuit Is Proposed for
Federation k'n^uc?Robert \V. i
Miles, Jr., Is Made Member of Fed
eration llusehiiil Committee.
Twcnt y-fl ve teams were represented
last niglit at a meeting of the baseball
committee of the Richmond Amateur
Athletic Federation. The meeting,
which was held in tlio Mines' Armory,
was called for the purpose of discuss
ing plans for the coining season, and
was ail enthusiastic one. Ceorgo II.
McSweeney, chairman of the commit
tee, presided.
Threo leagues were organized at the
meeting, ami tentative plans for others
were taken up. On Church Hill a
! league of six teams was authorized, ami
I will bo known as the .letTcrson Ward
l.eague. It will he composed of teams
[representing the Kalrmount Athletic
I Club. It. K. Lee Council, -Metropolitans,
I Howitzers, Cobb Furniture Co. and
1 Highland Springs.
j The Federation League, the senior
'circuit last year, will have the same
! personnel this season. The teams in
[this league will be First National Hank,
Hlnes. Artillery, MciJill I'nion, liigh
i land Park and Harton Heights. In ad
dition to these tentative plans for the
[addition of two more teams, which will
make it an eight-club league, were dis
\ cussed. The two new clubs under con
sideration are the Church Hill Athletic
Club and Woodall & Cjuarles.
Meet on 'riiurwutt.' .NigIII.
The Athletic, l.eauue. consist Ihk of
Raraca, Second Raptlst, Infantry, .Vor
wood, Wesley and Planters, will also
i be in the federation.
I Applications for admittance in the
federation were made by the teams rep
j resenting the Smith Grocery Co. It Is
| understood that Murk ?*fc Co., Denny
Street .Methodist Church anil three
[other teams will also be enrolled under
I federal ion colors.
As some of the details have yet to
I be worked out. the committee has
[called another meeting for next Thurs
day night at the Mines' Armory, where
[further business will be discussed. All
I teams thinking of entering the fed
eration are requested to be present, as
the lists will be closed at that time.
ltoliert W. Miles. Jr., has been ap
I pointed on the Federation baseball
committee to suet 1 William I-'.
Hainpe, resigned. Mr. Miles is well
I known in local athletic circles, being
formerly secretary of the Richmond
[Amateur Athletic Federation, and is .it
! present affiliated w'ith the Highland
i'ark Athletic Association. lie is man
ager of the fast i|iiint representing the
| I'nion Theological Seminary. In addi
tion to Mr Miles, the following are on
| the committee: Chairman McSweeney.
j It. K. ilotze, Jr.. secretary; Sheppard
I Crump and Dr. William II. Marker.
I'll II.A 1)KI.I'll I A, February 2r>. .1.
Franklin Maker. the Maryland home
run manufacturer, will again be .seen
guarding 11> 11 < I base for the AI hlet ics. ;
lie will I ??- hack lie fore the pennant 1
racc lias kioum mure than two woiks
old, accordinn to t'onnie .Macl>.
,\l;ick is declared to have "crossed" i
Maker when he announced that the'
home run king had retired. It was
pointed out that Maker had quit in |
past years, hut .Mack showed more pa-j
tieneo and coaxed him hack without !
making any announcement. i
AVMIinni jiikI Mnrr Quint I.u.nch In \ Ir
Klniu .Mllltiiry Institute l''hc
til l.evlngtuii.
l.K.\ I N'< JT'?X, VA., February "5. ? In
a fast hut erratic game Virginia .Mili
tary 1 nstitute defeated the William and
Mary quint here yesterday afternoon. '
The i.'ad?'iH have been unable even (o
practice for the past week, owing to
injuries and illness of a number of the
squad, atrl both their passing and
shooting showed the effects of it. Mat
t??:11 and Fetterolf alone played their
usual game, dividing Virginia Military
Institute's eight field goals equally be
tween them. For William and Mary.
Mertschey put i:p a speedy, scrappy
game, and incidentally caged three out
of their six tield goal's.
The ball wag in play for live minutes
before either team scored. Kel terol f
broke the lee with a foul, followed hy
a field goiil front Itotchell. Then Vir
ginia Military institute took tlio lead,
and from that time on the result was
never In doubt, though in the last fialf
William and Mary came back strong.
. The Ratne was featured hy two pretty
overhead shots from the thick of scrim -
mage by Fetterolf in tin- first half,
atul in the second half, by Uatten's!
dribble the length of the Held, followed
by a neat bank shot from the side line.
Coach (lorton has molded his new ma
teria! into one of the fastest and most!
formidable teams in this section of the;
country. The last game of the season
will be played with Itoanoke College
on Saturday. The latter will i oinii i
primed to avenge their 2(*'J3 defeat I
on their own floor on February 13, their
first defeat in Itoanoke in two years.'
The cadets should have rounded into
form again by that time, and a fast;
game is sure to result.
The score:
V. M. I. Position. W. & M.
Fetterolf.. right forward . ...Itothell
I lock left forward lones
Hat ten centre (Sayle'
.Nelms left guard ,.. IJertschey .
1'itts right guard /earner
Goals from floor?H.it ten (4), Fetter-'
olf (4), UertKchey Ci), Jones. Kothell, !
tiaylo. From foul?Fetterolf <S). Jloth
ell. Substitutions: V. M. I.?1?. Mar
shall for Mock, W. IS. hewls for Nelms.
W. it M.?Klon for /earner, Wyatt for;
Jones, Ual for Zion. ICeferee. Glasgow,
Washington and I.ee. Timekeeper,;
I'ougue, Virginia Military institute.
Grand Spring
Showing 1,000 New Spring!
Suit to Order. Values!
given, $30 to $40.
To C To
One 13 All
Place your Order Early.
U. S. Woolen Mills
710 East Main.
Banker Who Leads in
Amateur Ball Circles
Scraps of Sport
Only one sporting rvcnt remains on
tip- local sporting calendar an<l tliat
is tho championship contest to-tnot
row ni^lit lichvci ii Itichinoml C'ollt'KC
and ltan<i<>l|>h-Macon. Tins AshlamJcrs
are loa?llng fur tho basketball < up, but
tho .^pi?lers. rlioul'l they <lofo.it tho
Yellow Jackets. w III lit; tied f..i lirst
piilce, ami anothei game woubl prob
ably In* played. Tlit- Howitzers' Ar
mory will bo tho 50 no ?-f thi garlic.
Hail Johnson ih'To will be no
Keileral l.oauue no\t y> ar. I'.rin has
an option of renewing tho saying win n
iio.x t \ t-.t r a i i i v ? s.
While the Spltb I'M :t r ?? playlni; ? u?
tho 11 ? ? int. t!n> Kh'him>ml How
it::" rs will ii.cotlnu the l.vmhhurK
V-iiini: Mfii s I'liM^tian Assoi latlon .it
1i.i libtiri;. Thi- Hill City nun.t In:
:tli> atly taken the artilleryman Into
camp once, but the local live expei in
to t\oii tip maltois.
I till ItiiiKham will not run for Har-j
;i;.l iu tlw next i lidom rr!a> Ramos]
iconuMO lio Is needed to kiiik In a n!????1
?liil> <-<ni?|>?'titi ii. Tin' ?!??? > luli tlo?
n?.t often i ?: t witli athletes, hut
when i> ? \ ii <<? 11 a?'ln i that
Kul<rpe wins <.\< i Mercury
"More sport, less si inly," is the slo
prin <>f ill-- I'onitsylvnrtlji aiutltitils. It
Is possible that tin- f.KiiltN at Phila
delphia lias i: >t 11 sutllelently alike
to tip ?? -1.11 i v - ? uniinportam:. of Ihcir
liodaKOKi'al )m>itit of vioiv.
The fifth ii><!???? r invitation >;olf tour
nament will I" j. 1. t > ?? < i to-niKht at the
Itirhmond Hot. 1, with til* It. I. e'hrl?
tian Company <-il|? as the prize.
Ja.-k Johnson rovers ground with
gigantic mi i<Ir?. Inning thr last frw
day:- ho w as "oil ;.?11 \ ' re ]? ? i t<'i| as
at < 'irnfuegos, Havannn. '!'ainpiro,
somewhere lii'twcftii thr i'ar:a:iza ami
tin- Villa outposts, "Hearing tin hattlr
grounu." on two or thrrr different
boats, and .sailing in an aeroplane.
Fishbiirne Military Academy lakes
exception to llw > t,i t "iniii t from I.ynch
burg t*> t ho i Meet that thr <'adcts r>
fuse.I to inert I.ynchburg High School
basketball tram, either there or at
Waynesboro. Fishhurno asserts that
it |da\ed at I. v nrli l.'.it? last, and that
a drmand to n*. ? ' Hirir again was tin
sportsmanlike Nnitral grounds, it is
claimed, were never mentioned.
Wo ri^e to criiiuiatulate San Fran
cisco, Floyd M c Fa Hand has decided
not to try to pull ..ft' a six-day Idrycle
race there. The further from Itroad
ivay the fewer the lioohs.
That floating; franchise of the Feds
which has hern hovering nvor llarri
son. N". .1, tli<> Bronx, and other plar'-a,
ft ruck a mine yesterday when the
courts enjoined the league magnates
from making any transfer.
Dan I'upin took a pot shot at Kddie
I'lank on January and caught tin
hero at Cuttyshurg flatfooted. Ciood
work, Dannie; watchful waiting will
bring home the bacon In the loiiff run.
[LYRiO -To-Day
Mntlnee nml \iglit
"Red Cross Mary"
Tlie lleHl Comedy Sketch fiver
Seen in Itlehinond.
AhSl ?
?1 OTIIKIt lilt; ACTS?t
Matinee, 10 mid 211 t ents.
To-Nislit (2 nIiovvm), IIIc, 150e, :i0e.
From Noon to I I I*. >1.
in a Splendid Production of
MA It V 1'ICli ??'OR I)
In a .??? Kenture.
\ I.I. SKATS. 10 ?:kxts.
Children, fie In Afternoon.
ypiov. zsyifXTTixizjatai
Charlottesville Hoys Closer to Bas
ketball Championship by Defeat
ing Catholic University.
Losers Offered Stubborn Resistance,
and Were Always Aggressive.
Will l'lay (ieorge Washington To
ni^ht and Kml Season To-Morrow.
WASHINGTON. I>. C., February 2B.?
1'nlverslty of Virginia, generally ac
knowledged South Atlantic champion
for the season in foott>all, moved up
close to the pinnacle for sectional hon
nr.H In basketball I? y virtue of a "9 to
L'S victory over Catholic University at
Carroll Hall to-night. Ah the figures
would indicate, the skirmish wan one
of those thrillers that keep players and
spectators keyed up through the rout'-.
It was tii<.- Hrooklanders' final ap
pearance of the year. They offered
stubborn resistance all the way, but
drew the only defeat registered on their
homo tloor when the visitors were dk
pressors in a whirlwind finish. Vir
ginia's team made kdoiI on all the com
plimentary things that have been said
about it. A cleaner and more aKKros
Hive combination than the one "i'op"
l.annigan put on the floor to-night has
rarely beforo been seen In action in
Wash I n?; ton. Virginia's weak point In
past performances bore has been fail
ure of its men to keep their wits about
them at crucial stages. To-night this
was hardly the ease. The players were
? ?aim and reserved, and drew the re
ward in the nature of the seventeenth
straight win, a record that few teams
in history can bf.ast of
Virginia will play tieorge Washing
ton University to-night, and will end
its season to-morrow night with a
(jamc with I.oyola College, at Balti
more. Moth of these teams have been
defeated by Hie Orange and Itlue this
season. and there is a strong possibility
that the Virginians will finish with an
unbroken string of victories for the
year The line-up:
< 'a t hoile
Virginia. Position. 1'nlversity
.1. i? White..left forward ?'afTerv
St ickle v right forward . . . . IWhite
Strickling centre I'onnelly
IHetrlch left guard.. . Keegan
Luck right guard.. IllttchcllfTe
Summary Substitute' H. < \i rt wright
for Caffery. Coals from floor Vir
ginia: Stlckley i t >, Strickling Mi. I>ie.
frleh ( L*) ? Catholic I'nlversity: Cafferv,
White. Iionnelly ('?>, Keeiran '3>.
Hlnchcliffe I'!) finals front foul ?Vir
ginia: S't ricV; line. '* out 'if 1?: Catholic
University: I'. White, 4 out of jo. lief.
eree. .fames Collitlow of < ieoruet own.
Timers. l.-itnbir<-, of ''atholic t'niver
?dtv, and Smith, of Virginia. I'mplre.
? >orKi' Coll iflow "T. of < ieoriretown
Time of periods, minutes each
t'omloUey I? tit.
SAN* FltANCisco, IVbruary 2*
Charles A Cr.mlsk< v. owner of the Chi
<-ai.'o American League < ?!: 111- con
flne-l to his rooms In a hotel here suf
fering front a severe attack of stomach
t rouble.
Ton Colli to Itncc.
NOMR. Mask a. February 2C.?Th?
Solomon ?Ierbv, ? i\f.-fout-:nile rate
for <log teams. ?Im1i was postponed
Saturday because <>f <-<>]<1 weather., was
again postponed until Friday for the
? itne roa>on, the tempera! uro to-day
being 32 degrees below zero.
To he sure it's not from
Tipperary?but it's as popu
lar as that famous song.
It's a "Trimble" style?a
regular tip-topper, brand
new and brimful of style,
"kink" and originality.
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00
Now on display in our
ACADEMY?'To-Night' & Sat.
Mntinrr Snturdny.
CIIAKI.Ktf KHOIIM.W presents
in Her Greatest Oninedy Success
Mntlnfr, 2fir to sir.n; f!Or to 92.
Mntlnrr Sntiirdny nt
"Tess of the Storm Country"
Next Week:
"Life's Shop Window"
A Gorpreous I'icturl/.ation of the Fa
mous Novel ami Play, Featuring?
t'lulr Whitney und Stunrt Holme*
Sixth Street, between lirond nnd Grace.
To-ilny mid To-Morron'.
The Confederate IVluseum
Open 9 A. M. to G P. M
Admission 25c.
Fre? 9 A. M. te *> p. M. on Saturday*
Strand Announcement
"Her Triumph"
As presented yesterday, IS the most masterful screen pro
duction ever seen in Richmond.
Will be presented apraln TO-DAY AND TO-MORROW.

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