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Vfternoon and Evening Affairs Give
Promise of Largo At
Open Weather-Fills Links and Ten-J
nls Courts?Spring Flowers to lie
Used in Decorations?Richmond
People Attend liall In (ioochlnnd.
There will be a large (fathering of ;
members and guests at the Country
Club of Virginia, both this afternoon
and evening. (Jolf and tennis enthus
iasts have been taking advantage of
the real spring weather of the past
week and have been much In evidence
on tiie courts and links. The weather
permitting, several little tea parties
will be held on the porches and ter
races of the clubhouse thlH afternoon,
and there will be a number of infor
mal dinners given at the club this
evening. The decorations will be In
spring flowers and shaded lights. Vol-I
lowing dinner an orchestra will play
for the dancing. ]
Return to It iehmouil.
Mrs. T J. Walker, of I'ark Avenue. '
who has been the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. H. M. Manic, in Waynesboro,
has returned to her home in this city. ;
Mrs. Norvell Walker, of Richmond, who !
has also been a gucet of Mrs. Magle
In Waynesboro, returned to the city on !
Wednesday. A number of Interesting ;
functions were given for Mrs. Magic's j
guests during their visit to Waynes- j
Ilopklnn?Skip ?t1 I h.
Invitations have been received In
Richmond for the marriage of Mlas
ICmma W. Kkipwith, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Peyton Skipwlth, of St.
Louis, to John G. Hopkins, Jr., of
"Tiverton," near Oreenwood.
Tho wedding will take place on
April C, in St. Louis.
Colonial Hal!.
Tho Martha Washington Cotillion
and Hal Poudre given Monday evening J
at Manaklri by the Goochland Chapter, I
United Daughters of Confederacy, was
a delightful and unique affair In every |
detail. Tho guests were all III Colo- '
nlal costume, and the ballroom In the |
Odd Kellow's Hull, where the dance I
was hehl, was artistically decorated for ;
the occasion. Hunting and Confederate]
flags and pines and running cedar were
used everywhere. Miss Ida Staples
served punch In a booth made of pines
and decorated with Confederate flags. ;
with Washington In the background
chopping away the tree with a hatchet.
Supper was served at midnight In the
dining-room, which was also decorated .
for the occasion. Many Richmond ,
guests were present, among them be
ing Misses Hessle Carter, Annla Law,
Loretta Wrenn, Klsle Clarke. Mr. and
Mrs. Clovis K. <"larke and Frank Hen- !
ley. Others danclnir were Mis? Nadlne |
Dickinson, of Kllerson; Miss Walton
and Mr. Walton, of Henrico; Miss Han- ;
cock and Mr. Hancock, of Powhatan;;
Mlssea Ida and I.izzle Staples, Minnie,
Kva and Hassle Gathrlght. Pauline i
Henley, Mrs. K H. Loyail. Miss Martin.
Messrs. Bosher Loyail.' Wellington
I Gathrlght, James Massey, Xuckols,
; George, Kenneth. Percy, Harry, Arthur.
?Rcrnhard, Klrnore and Archer Henley,
Thomas, William and Marshall Staples.
John and William Clarke, of Gooch
The choperones were Mrs. A. f\ Hen
ley. Mrs. Thomas I'ugh, Mrs. John
Clarke and Miss Duval.
I.rnir the CII),
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Harmon .Simmer
man, of Keedyavllle, 5T^5.. and Mr. and
Mrs. J. Wihner Allen, of Norfolk, who
were in Rlchrncnd for the Wllcher-Wat
kins wedding, have returned to their
Knlrrlslnnl at Cnlnnlig.
A delightful entertainment and ban
quet in honor of Washington's birth
day was given Monday night by the
patients of the- Baker and Blue pa
vilions at Cataxvba to their Invited
The large dining hall was beautifully
decorated In bunting, flags and ever
green ferns. The guests, eighty-five
in number, were soated around two
rows of tables* extending the entire
length of the long dining hall, where
supper was served while Interesting
toasts and a musical program were ex
cellently rendered.
The following were Invited guests:
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Lloyd. Dr. and
Mrs. It. L. Taliaferro. Dr. Wright, of
Illackstone: Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Lambert
Martin, Miss Ewald, Misses Pauline
Sadler, Kate Madlgan. Virginia Ileck
ner, Hardenla Whitehead, Ituby Mc
<Shcc, Edith Vaughan, l'earl Jennings,
Annie Harper, Frances LeFt hvre, bula
McOee. Mary Edmunds. Nera Moody.
Alice Murphy, Esther McCJee. Jennie
Franklin, Lydla Johnson, Cynthia Kent,
Aline Henderson, Carolyn Marsh, Car
rie Blaekwell. Lucy Armlstead, Essie
Wells, Bessie Davenport, Susie Jones,
Llllle Minnlch, Olive Kwecker, Bessie
Humphreys, Edna Benliam, Annie Wins,
Julia Coleman. Helen Kens. Josephine
Flnnnagan, Mrs. C. J. Clark, Mrs. Tlm
berlake, Mrs. fjod.sev. Mrs. Collison,
'Mrs. Selden, Mrs. Dobbins, Mrs. Wilker
son, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Miller,' Miss
Mary It. Steiner. Mrs. Teass, Dr.
Schroeder, Dr. Dardi-n, Mr. Hume, Mr.
Klnse.v, Miss Cole, Charles Linton.
\Vuynesboro t'nnl Pnrty.
Mrs. Pliny Flshburne entertained a
number of her friends Wednesday af
ternoon at her home in Waynesboro in
honor of her guests. Misses Nancy and
Mildred Bowerman, of Raltlmorc. Five
hundred was the game, and the lirst
prize was won by Mrs. James Craig.
Mrs. Wil'lam Patterson won the second
priKe. Among those present were Mrs.
W. H. Talbot t, Mrs. Percy Loth, Mrs.
flyde Lambert. Mrs. Kemp Lambert.
Mrs. Norvell Walker, of Richmond;
Miss Marguerite Walker, of New York:
Mrs. II. M. Magic, Mrs. William
Patterson. William Patterson, Mrs.
James Craig. Mrs. Charles Robertson,
Mrs.. Albert Clarke, Mrs. William Rog
ers. of Petersburg: Mrs. Fred Cook.]
Mrs. Frank Sweet. Mrs. Hugh Llye and
Mrs. Robert Wright.
Tea was served at the card tables,
and the rooms were decorated in tulips. |
To Present Piny.
"Miss Fearless and Company" Is the
title of a lively thrce-act comedy to bo1
presented by the members of the Be
ginners' Class of the Y. W. C. A. gym- J
uftsium In the Y. W. C. A. Auditorium
tnis evening at 8:15 o'clock. It will be j
a most Interesting and charming event
and all Interested are cordially invited I
to attend. The cast of characters In
cludes: Miss Margaret Henley, an heir
ess, Miss Helen Nuckols; Miss Euphemia
Addison, her chaperon, Miss Ethel Mos
le.v; Miss Sarah Jane Lovejoy, from the
lost nation, Miss Snow Lacy: Katie
O'Conor, maid, Miss Juanita Horner;
Miss Barbarla Livingston. Miss Ret tie
Cameron, Miss Marlon Reynolds (Miss
Henley's guests), Miss Lee Stone, Miss
.Ethel Nuckols, Miss Virgle Ellis: "Just
Lizzie, the Ghost," Mrs. It. F. Gnskins;
Miss Alias, Miss Alibi (Silent Sisters),
Miss Teulah Brooks, Miss Ruth Lewis.
' Miss Emily Taylor has returned to
Norfolk, after a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Travers Wood at their home in Qlnter
Mlas Nancy Fuller has returned to
"Caught With the Goods!"
Richmond, alter spending some time j
with relatives in AurukU County.
Mrs. Judfion Cunningham, who has
been visiting1 her daughter, Mrs. W. S. !
Copeland, in Newport News, has re- |
turned to Richmond.
Miss Idear Steele Traylor, of Kred- j
erlcksburg, has been ."pending a short
time In Richmond and Petersburg.
Miss Edith Michaels, of this city, la !
the guest of her cousin, Miss Nena
Adams, In Rlackstone.
Mrs S. Otis Rland and Mrs. Holmes
McMurran, of Newport News, are the
guests of friends In Richmond for a
stay of several days.
Walter Richards, of Norfolk, has been
visiting Charles Morris In this city.
Mrs T. \V. Hall, of Halifax County,
will be the guest of relatives In Rich- \
mond next week. j
George H. Morton, of Richmond, has
been in Charlottesville for a brief stay
en route for Tennessee.
A. D. Jett, of this city, has been viFlt- j
Ing relatives in Fredericksburg this
Miss Nadine Dickinson, of Kllerson, 1
Is spending some time here with her
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. do vis E.
Clarke, at -22S Hanover Avenue.
Mrs. \V. T. Paxton. of Ru< i:a Vista,
who was recently operated upon at the
Memorial Hospital in this city. Is now
R. W. Holsirper has returned to Char
lottesville, after a short stay In this
Mrs. K. P. Hi rokhead, Jr. has re
turned to Fredericksburg, after a short
visit to Richmond.
R. C. Goodwin, who has boon in this
city for h few days, has returned to
his home at Holladay.
Miss Beulah Trevllllan has returned
to Richmond, after a visit to Mrs. W. C.
Payne, at the Cnlverslty of Virginia.
IT. G. Northrop, of Fredericksburg,
has been In Richmond this week for a
brief stay.
Messrs. K. M. Viwathmey and Joseph
I, Wills, of Louisa, have been visiting
friends in this city.
Mrs. John T Vaughan, who has been
visiting h^r mother. Mrs. James M. Tur
ner In Newport News, will return to
Richmond to-morrow.
Mrs Harry llnmlett and her son, who
have been guests of friends here, have
returned to their home at Plackstor.e.
Miss Barbara Robertson, of Newport
News, is spending a few days with
friends In this city.
J. H. Daniel, of Richmond, has been
the recent fctiest of friends at "Wild
wood Farm," Louisa County.
Mrs. W. E. Elmore and her small
daughter have returned to Lawrence
vllle, after a visit Jo Petersburg and
D. F. Hankins, who hns been visit
ing in Richmond this week, has re
turned to his home at Houston.
Miss Flora Robertson, of Nottoway
County, has beer, the recent guest of
friends in this city.
Miss Virginia Clilsholm, of Ruckners,
has been spending several days in
Richmond this week.
Mrs. John Arthur has returned to
Richmond, after a visit to Mrs. <5. R.
Horsey In Rowling Oreen.
Special OIIIcit Arrive* l'rom l.rnvru
wortli f.or Daniel Mlt.
Special Otllcer McGrath arrlvfd in
Richmond last night from the United
States Prison at Leavenworth, Kansas,
to take back Daniel Mix, now In the
Henrico Jail.
Mix was sentenced to five years in
prison for breaking anil entering a va
cant house and stealing pertain ar
ticles. lie was at that time a member
of the United States Army, and so was
sent to a Federal prison. Tauter he
was paroled, and more recently a pen
cil alarm was sent out for his rearrest
on the charge of having violated his
parole. He was arrested by United
States Marshal Saunders, of this dis
trict, while working nt the Dupont
Powder works at City Point.
Picture of Distinguished Confederate
lender l'nveiled.
Before a large and deeply interested
audience n. handsome oil portrait of
General Marcus J. Wright, a distin
guished leader in the Confederate army,
was presented last night to R. B. Leo
''amp, Confederate Veterans.
In his speech of presentation. Gen
eral William Rulln Cox told of. the
heroic exploits of General Wright and
hriclly reviewed his brilliant career
during war times. In an appropriate
speech of response Captain John Lamb
received tho portra.lt on behalf of the
Resides the large number of Con- !
federate veterans attending the pre
sentation ceremonies, there were many
Daughters of tho Confederacy and
General Wright is now an official of
tho United Statos War Department. en
gaged in collecting and compiling val
uable military records for tho gov
Autipt \iivfl SuKgmtlnn of Milton E.
.Mnmmr, Who Addresses
I>nrgr Cia<hrrliiK.
Carrying out the suggestion of Mil
ton E. Marouse, who undressed the
Junior membership of the Young Men's
Hebrew Association iast night on "The
Spirit of Co-Operation." the members
voted to publish on every Friday even
ing an "unwritten newspaper."
The publishing will consist in re
citing briefly, before the assembled
membership, the events of the week
' lasMfled as thy would be classified In
the ordinary newspaper. The news will
be told orally, and nothing will be
The assignments for the ensuing
week are as follows: world news. Ellas
Coluin; politics, Mayer Cooper; edi
torial, Jake Lebarvltch; State and city
news, Louis Wildhorn; society, Isadore
Sharove; humorous. M. B. Wasserman;
?-potts, David Levin, and Young Men's
Hebrew Association new?, Hillel King.
The start will be changed from week
to week, and the "newspaper" will be
published on the Friday night follow
ing its appointment.
Mr. Marcuse was Introduced by Hen
ty S. Hutzler, who presided over the
meeting. Brief talks were made also
by President J. H. Jbnessoff. of the
Young Men's Hebrew Association, and
l)r. George Benedict, the superintend
ent. Sam CJoodhlear entertained the
meeting with humorous recitations. The
second of the series of Junior meet
ings will be held next Friday evening,
and the speaker of the occasion will be
Leon Wailersteln.
Mori' 'I linn MIO i'lirllcipntc nt Yoiiuk
Women'* Christian AHModntlon.
More than 500 younf? women took
part In the annual gymnasium exhibl
:ion last night by the combined classes
of the Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation, in the auditorium on Fifth
Street. An appreciative audience filled
the balcony, and, with the opening drill
of 1T.0 members in regulation uni- j
form, a rousing cheer went up
From an aesthetic viewpoint, th?
Maid of the Mist dance was probably j
the most attractive feature. Folk |
dances, including a Kull dance and an
i old-time Darkj; Scottiselie, were also
effe rtive numbers. Feats of skill were
? accomplished l>v the different classes in
j their work'on rings, bars, double rings.
! rods and horses, and Fome of the games
I appealed strongly to the humor of the
' audience.
There were potato relays participated
in by live members front each class and
| won by the advance class, proving
thereby that potato races and games
of that ilk induce a philosophy not to
i be despised.
A Zouave drill in many complicated
figures were a splendid finale, and
otiieV numbers on the program worthy
I of mention were the fencing exhibit
and mass drill by all the classes.
, Volume Just Out t'oiitulns .linn* of In
forimitlon ltri;nrillnK Richmond.
; The new directory of the city of Rich
mond for the current year is out. The
! volume contains 1,610 pages, bound In
I green cloth and printed in black. The
j directory for this year "contains ten
'more pages than the one for 1911, be
| cause of much additional matter, but
the volume is more compact than
i heretofore.
? Thi? directory shows the population,
1910 census, li'T.OUS, increased since the
; recent annexation of additional terri
tory to 1 r.4.r?".ri. The directory includes
, the suburbs, showing a total population
of 191,."?r.O.
All merchants, manufacturers, pro
; fessional and business men are elassi
j lied In the business section. For use of
autoinobilists and others, the hook con
tains a map showing all highways
( within a radius of twenty-five miles of
Richmond. In the book is also con
tained a description of suburbs and
? how they may be reached, and a street
department, showing the location of
1 the heads of houses and of the various
streets and thoroughfares.
! In the miscellaneous department la
| contained a description of the city,
I State and United States governments.
J and other valuable information regnrd
j Ing societies, churches, banks, clubs
and commercial organizations. In the
back of the volume a revised map of
| the city is found. A new department
1 added this year contains all Informa
) tlon regarding the churches of the
I The volume has an enormous local
| circulation, and, In addition, the Mill
Directory Company has distributed
copies in various cities throughout the
Arrests Yesterday.
Bailey Minims, colored, was arrested
last night on a eharge of cutting John
Smith with a knife.
M. Garde was arrested on a charge
of stealing $10 from II. O. Kramer.
Stfevenson Christian, colored, was ar
rested on a charge of stealing $78
worth of furniture from the Main
Street Furnishing Company.
C'oniintMl to Mansion, Governor Stuart !
Keeps Tab on Kritu-ution
Xo Action Taken on H. J<\ Johnson j
Offer or on KoutliiK Platen?Hope
to Complete tlio Hook 11st by To
Behind closed and locked doors, and
with, figuratively speaking, the "Noth
ing doing" sign hung over the telephone
In the headquarters olllce of the State
Hoard of Education. the hoard members
sat yesterday from 1 o'clock in the day
to 11 at night, wrestling with vexed
questions involved In the problem of ?
awarding contractu for textbooks for
the elementary schools for the four
years commencing Monday.
The long session was broken with hut
one recess, which was taken for supper
at 7 o'clock, when the members wero i
apparently so exhausted that they were j
compelled to succumb to nature's de
mand for food. When they returned to 1
business the proceedings took on the
same animated and argumentative
phases that hail marked the earlier
hours of the session. At 11 o'clock at
night the board adjourned, seemingly t
deadlocked on some vital questions.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Stearnes. ex-ofllclo chairman, presided
during the day. Every member of the
board except Governor .Stuart was
The Governor, confined to the execu
tive mansion by illness and prevented
from lending his presence by the orders
of Inexorable and relentless physicians,
refused to be cheated by health or doc
tors of his right to participate In the
Determination, persistency and ag
gressive Inqulsltiveness in dealing with
affairs of state are characteristics .
which have been ever In evidence dur- |
ing the Stuart administration. Tho j
Governor manifested a combination ot
the three In the resourceful method he
adopted to circumvent the physicians
and participate actively In the action of ,
the board on all Important matters.
The Governor Injected himself Into |
the proceedings by a process of absent
treatment to which the board submit
ted. It came about In this way;
When the hour set for the meeting,
11 o'clock In the morning, passed with
only Dr. J. I... Jarman, of Farmvllle, j
and J. Frank West, of Eouisa, material- '
izlng. It was feared that some of the
members had gone to the Capitol under
the Impression that the session was to ;
be held in the executive office.
Superintendent Stearnes and Secre- ;
tary Chesterman gathered together '
their books and papers and moved on
the Governor's olllce. There they met
other members of the hoard, but there
was not a quorum. Along about 1
o'clock in the afternoon the hegira of
educators, headed by the superintend- j
ent and the secretary, returned to Su- j
pcrinterident Stearnes's olllce. At the j
executive office the information had
been imparted by the Governor's secre- i
tary. Mi. Forward, that His Excellency I
would not be with them corporeally, !
but the secretary confidently expressed ,
his opinion that the executive would ex- i
pect to keep In communication with the !
board to the finish of the award of con
Shortly after 1 o'clock Superintendent
Stearnes rapped the body to order and
the business for the day was begun.
The usual routine was speedily disposed
of. and it was decided to appoint a
committee to communicate with the
Governor and ascertain his wishes be
fore troing Into the textbook questions.
Dr. Page and Attorney General Pollard
were accordingly named for this mis
i The board then save a hearing to;
| District Superintendent Henley, of
! James City County, who had come with
a petition asking the board to author
ize a purchase of J15.000 of bonds of
Powhatan and Jonesvllle District for
the Literary Fund. The two counties'
needed the money for certain Improve
ments and to satisfy certain debts. '
| Having already obtained one loan on
j school property from the Literary
Fund, a second could not be legally ]
secured without the action of the
State board. The board decided to
j authorize the bond purchase, but with
certain restrictions and provisions that
! reduced the amount a couple of thou
! sands.
! Then a petition presented by John C.
; Weckert, of the Typographical Union,
i was considered. The union asked the
| board to retain certain textbooks In the
: LI. P. Johnson Company list which are
! published, printed and bound in Rich
mond. It was taken under advisement.
When the board reassemTjtert at the
end of the. recess, the committee that
j had communicated with the Governor
I reported.
The report related that the Governor
was physically unable to be present at
I the meeting, but expressed the desire
I that the board proceed to business and
| dispose of all matters of business 011
which the body was "practically unani
; inous." All this was to be put iti the
j form of a resolution and adopted. Then
j came the suggestion which qualified the
! preceding one. It was "provided that
' the resolution should be presented to
| the Governor for his information and
his vote."
There were yet more "provideds."
One was to the effect that " all matters
contested by at least two members of
the board shall be submitted to the
Governor for his information and vote."
The other provided that "when two or
more members object to any proposed
action, such action shall be submitted
a shipment just to hand of 800
handsome Scarfs, all the very
"newest shapes tyid designs.
39c Values?Special Price for
Saturday Only
One of Prettiest Girls
at Southern Relief Ball
Ml n.n sicunrl, Hit- KOiIeli lid of Mrs.
(?fornr W. Knirelillri, of Xrw Vork.
?ho nun vlnltliie Mm. Knlrt-hild In
Wnrthliifcton nhoii the .Southern Itellrf j
Itnll huh liold, wim a itumt nt the bull
nnd ivnn one of the two kIHh sclrotctl
l?y W. IlrL NU'IkiIIm, Krvrrnnr-itrn* ]
ernl of (ho Society of Colonial C'nvn- I
llerH, tu* the |iretffent there. >IInn J
Strwnrt liven In Onrmitn, X. V.. nnd
like the other younic ivuninn cliovn, i
In n blonde.
to the Governor for his information
and vote."
The resolution was adopted.
A large number of textbooks were
passed upon favorably and listed In the
ensuing hours, obviously books for the
schools over which there woe no con
No action was taken on the B. F".
Johnson Company proposal to supply
textbooks at greatly reduced prices,
provided the entire Johnson list shall
be accepted. No action was taken on
the question of renting plates from
which the State may print Its own text
The board found time, however, to
adopt a resolution paying a pretty
compliment to Dr. J. D. Jarman, who
Is to retire from the board to-morrow.
The resolution called for the appoint
ment of a committee of three to draw
a complimentary memorial to the faith
ful and efficient service and wise
counsel rendered the State by the presi
dent of the Slate Ke in ale Normal School
at Karmville in the eight years he has
been a member of the hoard. The
chairman named for this committee
I>r. l'age, Dr. Hurt and Secretary Ches
terman. The complimentary memorial
will be prepared and adopted to-day.
Was the Lot of This Lady Who
Tells the Story of How She
Recovered Her Health
Dallas, N. C.?Mrs. Thomas Davis,
of this place, savs:' "About two years
ago, when I was eighteen years old,
I was in a bad condition from wo- |
manly troubles. 1 foil off until I
weighed not more than 8 5 lbs.
I suffered dreadful pains in my
hips, sides and abdomen for about 5
days out of every month.
I couldn't sleep at night, and the
pains were so dreadful I couldn't lie
down for the blood would seem to
rush to my head.
I felt I must have some relief, for
it seemed that the awful suffering
would surely kill me.
1 had read of what Cardui had
done for others, anil thought I would
try it.
After the use of onp bottle, the
pains had entirely stopped and I was
able to sleep.
After using four bottles I was a
well woman, I was regular, I got
back my flesh, and I now weigh 126
lbs.; and am able to do all my work
without any trouble.
1 certainly recommend Cardui to
suffering women, for 1 know it cured
My friends who saw me when I
weighed So pounds and would see
me now, would know what Cardui
had done for me."
Try Cardui.
Everybody likes it?most
everybody can bake it, but not
like the sort wo produce.
You'll agree with us if you'll
invest 25c or r>0c in one to-day.
.->!? I*]. Mm'.slinll Street,
.">01 \V. Itrouri Street.
Pure and Wholesome
it enns 10c Condensed Milk.25c
S. Ullman's Son, Inc.
KMnhllfilirrt 1H0R.
IS20--- K. >111 In. 300 10. Mnrnhnll.
Mayor ami Chairman Starko Arc
Working in Completo
Commission Will Send to Mayor All
Data It Has Relating to Alleged
Protection of Disorderly Houses by
Police Commissioners.
The Vice Commission, it was an
nounced authoritatively yesterday,
will meet at 5 o'clock Monday after- j
noon at the Jefferson Hotel, to tak.*j
action on the Mayor's request for 1
the (11111(7 with hlni of such evldonce
as It may have In Its possession that
hears upon the police administration
of the city, with reference to its hand-t
IIUK of the commercialized vlco prob- i
It is regarded as a reasonable as-j
sumption that the Mayor's request
for additional Information will be
promptly met, and that he will be fur
nished all the pertinent evidence tlsat
the commission has collected. The
report of the commission's investiga
tions, It is stated, tills a volume of
*>00 pages. Much of this record has
ti? do with individuals and episodes
that have no relation to the question
of the culpability of the police admin
istration in conniving, as It lias been
intimated, at the maintenance of
vicious resorts outside the former seg
regated district.
The Mayor and the chairman of the
Vice Commission have reached an un
derstanding as to the evidence that is
desired, and It is understood that when
the supplementary report Is filed it
will contain nothing: that Is not strictly I
relevant to the point at Issue.
With the meeting of tho commission ]
on Monday night for the purpose of |
acting on tho Mayor's request, the
movement for an investigation of tho
I'ollce Board Is expected to proceed
swiftly to a conclusion. The Mayor, In
his letter of February 15, to the com
mission, Intimated clearly that further
action will be taken. Without the full
and complete evidence, he told the com
mission, such further action as he might
take might suffer from Its prematurity.
It has gradually come to be recog
nized that the Mayor's powers aro too I
limited to permit him to Institute and
prosecute an investigation himself, and i
that the Investigation, If It Is to come,
should be conducted by tho Council, j
which alone has authority to elect or
remove members of the I'ollce Hoard.
Should the Mayor rtnd upon exam
ining the evidence filed with him by
the commission, that there is reason
nlile ground upon which to base an In
quiry, he will probably transmit It to
the Council with a simple recommenda- i
tion to this effect. That body would
then appoint a special Joint committee
to conduct the probe, and the investi
gation would be on.
Don't fall to hear Pastor Russell at
city Auditorium Monday.- S P. M? on
"Battle of Armageddon."?Adv.
Never set a freshly baked cake
near the window to cool as
the steam will condense and
make it soggy and heavy.
Li^ht and airy calcc is assured users
Princinc Hating Ponder.
The Kaufmann Store
Sale of
50 Dozen
Imported French
at $1.00
TVT E offer to-day a
newly arrived ship
ment of imported
French Gloves, made of
prime selected lamb
skins, with plain and
contrasting embroidery
backs?white with black
and black with white.
These superior Gloves
amply merit the ready
selling which they have
found on the few occa
sions when we have
been able to offer them.
Special Saturday, $1.00.
'T* O-DAY we reduce
our regular $2.50
French Kid Gloves, in
plain and contrasting
embroidery backs;
bisque with black;
black with gold; black
with purple; welts in
contrasting color to
match embroidered
backs. Values which
will be eagerly sought,
TpOR spring wearing
we offer specials in
Harrison's Duplex Rein
deer and Reindeer Sim
plex (washable gloves
that will wear), con
trasting and plain backs
in black, chamois and
white, 48c.
Saturday Children's
T^OR Saturday only?
Harrison's Duplex
"Fit well" Washable
Child's Glove ? pink
style, in white only.
Sizes 000 to 5. Special
Saturday, only 69c.
A toilet preparation of merit.
Helps toeradlratndandruff.
For Restoring Color and
Beauty to Gray or Faded Hair.
ftflc. and ll.oo *; Druggists.
Cor. Fifth and Broad Streets.
P ? X ? ^
| Jiicbmcmii littes-pispafclf 1
? IMiUll^/P "Don't Keep Me Waiting, Love"? |
& iivJilUl^ll^ The third of Grace Darling's delight- &
? ful dance songs?words and music.
The Now "Bag" Coats?The latest
wraps without collars or sleeves de
scribed by Lady Duff-Gordon.
Newly Discovered Prehistoric Mons
ters?Eight of them have just reached
this country. Described by Dr. W. H.
Better Be Ail Old Man's Darling;
Nonsense?Read about Mrs. Alsop's
bitter experience.
An entire section devoted to social
events in city, State and important
A section for the industrial and com
mercial interests of Virginia.
A section covering entire realm of
sports, with particular attention to lo
cal and State events.
The famous Kntzenjn miner Kids,
Happy Hooligan and other features
that arouse the spirits of young and
In word and picture from all the
world. Secured by the best news
gathering organizations the world
Emj It?Readl !&=?>=Adhmrftk? Isn Is

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