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Will Never Relinquish Belgium Until
Guaranteed Access to
All Ports.
Also Urges Joint Ownership of Cables
and World Mall System?Regard
ed as Kaiser's Demands for
TSpecial to The Tlmes-Dlspntch. ]
PORTLAND, ME., April 17.?Ger
many will never relinquish Belgium
until she Is guaranteed a free ?ea and
fro? access to nil Belgian ports. So
declared Dr. Bernhard Dornburg. term
or Colonial Secretary of the German
empire, 1n a letter rend at a nmss
meetlng here to-night.
The letter, apparently inspired, puts
forth what may be taken ns Germany's
demands in order that pence may bo
Dr. Dernburg nlso urgos Joint owner
ship of cables and a world mall ayBtem,
ns logical outgrowths of a free sea.
He goes so far ns to recommend the
neutralization of the waters of the
seven seas and tho nnrrows theroof.
His letter reads:
"I can with full authority disclaim
any ambition for my country for world
dominion. Slu> is much too modest, on
the one hand, and too experienced, on
the other, not to know that such a
state will never bo tolerated by tho
rest. Tho aim of Oermnny Is to have
the seas as well as the narrows kept
permanently open for the free use of
all nations, In tlmos of war as well as
in times of peace. I personally would
oven go as far as to neutralize all
the peas and nnrrows permanently by
a common and effective agreement,
guaranteed by all tho powers.
"A free eea Is useless, except oom
blned with freedom of cable and mail
communication. I should like to seo
all the cables Jointly owned by the
interested nations, and a world mall
system over sea established by com
mon consent.
"Tho only alternative to an open
son and free intercourse policy would
he a Chinese wall around each coun
try. If there Is no freo Intercourse,
every country must become self-suf
ficient. Germany has proved that it
can bo done. But this policy would
mean very high customs barriers, dis
crimination. unbounded egotism and a
world bristling in arms.
"Germany does not strive for terri
torial aggrandizement In Eurojw; s-lie
does not believe in conquering and
subjugating unwilling nations. Bel
gium commands the main outlet of
western Gorman, trade, is tho natural
foreland ol the empire, and has been
conquered with untold sacrllice of
blood and treasure. It offers to Ger
man trade the only outlet to an open
sea, and has l>o? n politically estab
lished. maintained and defended by
Kngland in order t<> keep these natural
advantages from Gerinany
"Tho love for small peoples that
Kngland heralds now will never stand
Investigation, as shown by the destruc
tion of the small lloer republics.
"So Belgium cannot be given up.
However, these considerations could be
disregarded if all lite other ilurnian
demands, especially a guaranteed free
sea, were fully complied '.villi, and the
natural commercial relat'<>ns of llel
giurn to Germany were considered in
a Just and workable form. In this
case, Germany will not fail when the
time comes to help rebuild the coun
try. in fact, she is doing so now.
"A permanent peace will mean that
German activity nilist ?ret a wide scope
without Infringement upon the rights
of others."
I Special to The Tinies-I>lspatch ]
FAUMVII.U-:, VA? April IT.?At the :
morning iiour of worship at the Bap
tist Church hist Sunday, Ilev. \V. 1.. ,
Wnyts, who has been pastor of this'
chinch foAtlie jiVtht three yours. ten
dered hib'-Yesfghutlon. to take effect An
gust 1 Mr. Way is 111:11; e.s the chang*- ?
for 1 !iv betterment of his health. Dur
ing his administration the hsmdsomo
new church has been huilt, an<l thu
membership largely increased. The con
gregation receives his resignation with
much regret.
.V: interesting ting of tin- Kijual
SuD : ajo- l.'-.tvav took pl:i <? at the Con
servatory of Musi'' on last Monday
night. Th.' progiain was in charge of
Miss 111-e, and I >r. Winston made a
splendid tall: on "Sanitation."
Thft annual i-oi:kp national meeting of
th<- Presbyterian Church was held on
last Wednesday niuh'. At this mooting
report.- w. re ln-iifi !rc>m the different
societies <?!' the tiuir.-h. which result*-I
in the showing of thi>. year's woik bo- ,
lng a i ann-r > <? 1 r fur the church At
the conclusion of the meeting dollght
ful r- ft <???:. Jim lit - woro served to all
]>! ? ? < m .
Mrs W'llinghnii'. if South Host on. is j
visiting Mrs. Wilt so
Mi sdairen Hunter and F.dward Mc
Gtiit'e, of ii chill'.Ini. W< e guests iuTfl
1 ecen 11 y.
Mr. and Mrs N (' Munson, of I^ynch
burg, visited relatives here last week
Hiram I>avl?, of Crewe, visited in tlo?
ho!ti? of H. IV M ring hivt Silt day.
Mi and Mrs Charles Klllngtor., and
little 11.? 1;ithtor, lire <iineal. wi ii- on
K re ? !M visit t'> Mr- I. W Klllngt n
Mr. itid Mr.". ;? . ('rovhr, at'! two
chlldt i-n. have t""i!ti< d t>. tin. lr h'une n
W#Hhil:|flOI'. .!.'!?? .:>rl)'l!llg SOII'.I'
118 the gu. sts <.f Mr. ut.d Mrs. f. tl
Mlfcs Br&cev, of Blueflo.ld, W. Va., has
been vptndlt ?: time \*"h Mi - C 1
Miss Graco IV ?'< : lias returned t"
her horn* m \\ ? vill? after staying
with fr 1? ndb heri
Mrs. Keis 1* ft ? .-<st Wednesday for
Indiana, w! : 1 ? ? . <. ?!; ?-? ???,<1 some time
with h--r broth--:
Mast-r ' ? ? ,i r . ? pent the
past v. ? i wit; ? r-dparei.ts, Mr.
and Mr- .1. C M 11 . . ' Moran.
>? 1.- U A. J i. t i.r.i, of
Ml.-. I!. A Jo: 1: . . fir y Horurn, of
Hire, well' reietlt j: " - of Mrs J, I:.
I "t ench
Krank Kail we'., nr. c i~ Morir.g
spent last Hunrtay 1 ? ? . |r ?? . j ,,m<)
tif J. C. Morlng
Mr. and Mrs Wllllar ,v ott Cray haVA
returned from the'.r b:'. 1 trip and .'ri
al home hero
fSpecial to Thft T':f.? at Ii J
nOVDTON*, VA., April K Mr. and
Mrs. George 1! Thomson wont to Nor
folk on Tuesday to sjn : ; mvi-ral days
Morton G. Goode, or Hlnwiddle, w.ts
h vlttltor hi ro on flat :-n
Mrn. Morton G. Goodr and two HttU
dauRhtcra, who have b. . r. - isltlnr Mm
\V. B. Monies returned f>lt v ii:> on
The women of the c vie improve
ment L?*gu? w'll give i ? ppwr in lh*
Woman Gets Bequest of $10,000,000 From Friend
Miss Mary Oirey Thomas, president ?!' liryn Mnwr College, will receive the bulk of the 810,000,000 estate
left by her friend, Miss Mnry Klizahoth Garrett, who was the daughter of John W. Garrett, late president of the
Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad. according to the will which was probated in the Orphans' Court in Baltimore. Miss
Thomas is the residuary legatee and #No executrix under the will, liryn Mawr College, of which Miss Garrett i.s
a graduate, receives no bequest, but the terms of the will, however, indicate that Miss Thomas and Miss Garrett,
who had been close friends for years, had an understanding according to which the college will receive substantial
benefits. The picture shows Miss Thomas und Huron Kussell Hrlggs, of KadeiiiYe College, at recent college exer
town lu< 11 on Tuesday nipht to raise1
funds for the purposes of the league. ;
Irby Turnbull attended J-unenburg
Circuit Court this week.
Carter X. Williams, Jr.. and Mr. and
Mrs. John Rates, of Kichmond, were
the u t s <>f Mr. and Mrs. Haskins
Williams the early part of the week. j
Mrs. Irby Turnbull and children are i
visiting i' latives in T.awrenceville. J
\\". Henry Haskins, of Petersburg, !
visited relatives here this week.
Ml.s>: Caroline McGraw attended tho!
Faster Rcrman at Washington and L.ee i
Charles T. Reekes has been olected I
a member of the Town Council to till |
tlir vacancy caused by tho death of M. j
A. Waller.
tSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.l ,
OltANOK. VA? April 17.?Miss Ruth ;
Riddlck, who has been on a visit to 1
h-r home in Norfolk, returned to i
(?!?;? nge last week.
Miss Kli/.abeth Ransom spent several j
da1 .-i it. l.?-\lngton last week at Vlr-J
j-'ii la Military Institute,
Mrs 'ilenn Tayloe, of Lynchburg,
has been \ islting In Orange as tho
guest of Miss Fannie Bradbury.
Ilcv Robert Carter lias been on a
recent visit to Smlthfleld.
Manley Carter spent Sunday In War- :
re:iton. |
'Mbs Fay Levy spent several days
iti N'i;.v York lust week
Mrs. Mulick, who, with her three!
children, has been several weoks with \
l.<-r moth* r, Mrs. Hyrd Willis, returned'
t?. >i?t home, l:i California, a few days!
Mis>es Ruth and Fay Levy wero the
au'-'.t?- of Mrs. Havid llirsh, of Fred-;
iii kj-burir last week.
Miss Margaret Carter and her friend, :
Ml .f A; tin M< Klnl-'V, who spent the j
Master holidays with the former's par-:
?M.ts, ltev and Mrs. Robert Carter, re- j
tutned t <' Hannah More Academy a!
few ?lays aj'".
1 v? ClKb- Keim has been the re-I
cent n :<-^t of Miss Jatiie Somervllle, *it!
Rapldsi n
<1./tries Ford Warren, of Charleston,',
W Va.. spent last week In Orange with t
his fa lh'-i, Captain 1! I. Warren.
\V. l.e?- Farrar. of Charlottesville,
"(??-?it last week with lilh parents, Mr.',
and Mr.s W. I-' Farrar
Miss < .<-orglana Roo'on spout last I
Richmond. and Is now the guest
of h. r i,l' ter, Mrs. Wellowghby N>w-j
I Of, 1 :i 111-. miVIT.
.) s I:i 1 ?? v Macon, >-f Pittsburgh, |
? i>.i t.: ue.nl of his father, I'. C. 1
Ma on, last week. 1
M?" 1'uink Scott, Jr., Is on a visit
' to l,er in dl i-r, Mrs. T. R. I? Wright, of
Allot r,? ; Rov Carter spent several
orM 'i in New 'i ? irk last week
Mrs. I, A Rldasll left a few days I
f' r '.er > -IK . MMr Italtlinore, Md.. ]
where she will spend some time.
Miss Katharine Jerdone, v/bo has
been spending the winter In Richmond, j
spent last week In Orange an the guest
of relatives
Mrs. (' M C'toftorv, who hr.B been
the nuest of her parents, Mr and Mrs.
Kdrnund Scott, of Somerset, returned
I.on ? ? last v/cek.
William Dupont and ??tlss Marlon J)u
jtont. of "Mont peller," spent several
tiivs In Lexington, Ky., lav.t week.
Mi?;s F.lsie Kehn. of Fi ederlcksburg,
several flays In Rapldan last
week hh the guest of Mioses Janle and
Nellie Somervllle
P-artshaw Hutrherson nnd friend,
Henry Harris, of Charlottesville, were
(he quests of Mrs. H T. Hutcherson last
Mis Jem/!s Andrews, of Somerset,
j hn* t,r?n the re<ent guest of relatives
'.n Wilmington, !>el
"The Orange Rrldge Club was most
? delightfully entertained by Mrs. .ludiion
' Biownlng on ThjrsdBy evening. Home
of the Buc-sts Invited were: Mesdames
VMliot DeJarnette, L:*rkin Willis, Jack- i
oon Morton, Harry Taliaferro. Charles ,
Pace, Latimer Macon, Virginius Shack-- j
leford. Jack Thompson, Oeorge Shackle- '
ford, Jack Micks. La wrence Rlcketts,
Charles Woolfolk, Ilohertson Nelson, '
Allen NVarrun, Ilarton Mason, Henry
Warren, Alexander lirow 11 in if, John ,
McDonald, Weister Johnston, Misses |
Lena Uicketts, Mabel and Willie Moore, I
Mrs. Terrell.
[Special to The Times Dispatch.] j
HAItUlSONUUKG. V A., April 17.?
The faculties of the normal school I
and the Harrisonburg schools and the!
senior class of the normal were re
ceived f>n Saturday afternoon by Miss |
Orra Bowman at her home, 011 Rust !
Market Street, in honor of the critic!
teachers of the normal. Miss Rachel K.
Gregg, supervisor of the training I
school, was tiic guest of honor.
Miss liessie C. Left wlch, who has'
been on a brief leave of absence on ac- |
i.'ount uf sickness, returned to the school :
this week. Miss Leftwlch is the as
sistant in the household arts depart
Two members of the faculty have ac
cepted Invitations 10 become members
of the summer school faculty of other
institutions. C. J. lleatwolc, the head
of the education department, will have
charge of some education courses at
Peabody for the summer; while W. It.
Smlthey, registrar an<l director of ex
tension work, has been asked to ac
cept some work In the same depart
ment at the University of Wisconsin.
Several members of the faculty have
been asked to take places on the pro
Kram of the Southern Conference for
Rducation and Industry to he held at
Chattanooga, April 27-30.
I>r. John W. Waylund visited Timber
vllle on Tuesday evening for the pur
pose of serving as Judge at a debate.
The question was woman suffrage, and
the contest was between two young
women repreaenting the Tirnbervllle
High School and two representing the
Conicville Iligti School, of Shenandoah
County. The decision was rendered in
favor of the affirmative side.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch 1
WYTHF.VILLK, VA, April 17.?Miss
Maggie Hibble sas returned to Cornell
I 'ni verHlty, after spending -the Kaster
holidays with her father. Dr. W. H.
Kibble. Miss Kibble will leave early in
j June to rfpewl several months In Franco,
accompanied by Dr. Ilarlcy and other
friends from Sweetbrlar
Miss Cornelia Ttoyd, who has been
I visiting Mr. and Mrs. William II. Spiller
| for some time, returned to Norfolk
j th'.M week.
Mrs. W. S. Moore and little daughter
I Klzubeth have returned from a visit
i to friends in Lynchburg.
MIsm Virginia Thomas, of tho Farm
| ville Normal, spent the spring vacation
I with her mother, Mrs. Carrie Thomas,
i Mrs. It. TV Mollis and daughter. Miss
1 Claudia Mollis, aro at homo, after a
j visit to KnoxVllJe, Tenn.
MIhm Jane llyrd Pendleton, of Ran
| dolph-Macon (College, spent the ICaster
j holidays at home.
Miss Junto Hlbhoney arrived on
? Thursday, after spending the winter
! with hernleoo. Mrs. Lelghton Huskc, In
1 Favkovllle, N. C.
J Miss Mary lteed, of Lynchburg, Is
(visiting Miss Virginia Thomas and
i other relatives.
Miss losalle Straus has returned from
I Tazewell, and Is tho guest of Mrs. Susie
Mr. and Mrs. K. Lee Trlnkle have re
turned from a visit to frlonds In Hous
j ton. Tex. Their trip included a visit
to the Panama Kxposltloii.
I Thomas It Dew. of Virginia Military
Institute, is at home on sick leave.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 12. Morrcnn xpe-nt a
few days In Wyuieville this wwtk en
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rout* to their home In Johnson City.
Afro. W. S. Poaifo has returned from
u visit to Maryland, accompanied by
hor daughter, Mrs. Emmet CaHBOll. who
will spend several weeks with her
Mrs. Caroline Shelley, of New York.
1b tho guest of Mri. E. W. Putney, at
[Speclul to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
FRONT ROYAL., VA., April 17.?A
play by local talent for tho benoflt of
tho School and Civic Leaguo on Sat
urday night was well patronized, and
$150 realized, which will be used In
general Improvement of tlio school
grounds. ^
Tho remains of l?. R. Kldd, who died
at the Western Stato Hospital, Staun- j
ton. were brought hero and Interred
on Tuesday. Mr. Kldd was an ex-Con
federate soldier nnd leaves a splendid
record. He Is survived by his wife,
three sons and one daughter.
Mrs. IjOuIs Brecheniln, of New York,
is the guest of her nephew, P. I,. Buck
ley, proprietor of the Strlckler House.
Her husband, Colonel Brechemln who
Is In charge of the United States medi
cal supply depot at New York will bo
retired from active service next'year
and expects to locato here.
Miss Madge Jackson and Dory
Orubbs, of Bnssett, Vn., were married
at the parsonage by Rev. J. C. Copon
haver on Saturday.
Miss Dorothy Corder, after a two
works' visit to her parents, loft for
Hannah More Academy on Wednes
County Demonstrntoi R. H. Simpson
left on Wednesday on a business trip
to Charleston, W. Vn.
Captain Byrd Updike, of Cloverdale,
Is visiting relatives here apd at llrown
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Buck entertained
a few friends on Monday night In
honor of Miss Virginia White, of Char
Miss Mary LeNeve, of Charlottesville,
Is tho guost of Mrs. William Buck.
Prank Evans, of Washington, D. C..
Is spending a few days with relatives
Rev. Mr. Markwood, who, at the re
cent session of the Baltimore Confer
ence was appointed to the Warren Cir
cuit, has, with his family, arrived and
Fourth and Broad
Exactly like cut; a guar
anteed ice Cfk
Many other styles rang
ing from $7.75 up. We are
also showing a complete
line of Water Coolers and
Nursery Refrigerators.
See us first for Porch
Rockers, Porch Benches,
Comfort Swings, etc.
One lot of White Enam
eled Bath Room Stools;
15 inches high, with
rubber capped
For the
Little Ones
Rubber Tire Sulkies,
$1.31) to $7.50; Baby Walk
ers, $2.50; Nursery Chairs,
$1.25; Folding Carts, $1.35
up; Reed Carriages, $15
up; Leatherette Carriages,
$(>.50 up; Baby Yards,
$8.50 and $4.00.
Fourth and Broad
located at the parsonage, on Virginia
MIsh Ardenta Jones has returned from
n Ihroo wcoks' visit to relatives at
Miss Myrtle Sutherland left on Wod
ncsduy for Washington, D. C.
Noble C. Williams Is In Rappahan
nock County on business connected with
the Front Iloyal-Washington Trans
portation Company.
Rev. C. K. N. Hall, accompanlod bv his
wife, left here on Tuesday to drive
to Govhn! where Mr. Hall has a charge.
Miss Hessle Peyton, an Instructor at
Ilolllns Institute, was callc'd hero by t)<o
Illness of hor aunt on Monday
The Cracker with a Preference
Don't Go Back to the Crank
You'll never have to if you'll stop at
the Willard Service Station now and
then, and let us help you keep your
storage battery always on the job.
Expert Battery Service is our Business
Rlohmond, Viv.?Rollance Elflotrlo Co., 1031 W. Broad Str?ot.
Lynchburg, Va.?Hudson-Morgan Electric Co., 624 Main St.
Norfolk, Va.?Rellaneo Rloctrlo Co., 131 West City Hall Avo.
What the People Say
Dr. Joa. A. White:
"While my bill for gas, it is true, is not large,
yet I have interest enough In the gas subject to
earnestly favor any proposition made to the city
which will tend to the city's advantage. If the
offers made by the Southern Gas and Electric
Corporation to the City Council to lease the gas
plant mean better service and would be to the
city's general financial advantage to accept one
of these propositions, T am heartily in favor of it.
I think it ia the general opinion that the gas
works are utilized too much in city politics, and
it would be a good thing if it were entirely di
vorced from politics. If the propositions made
by the Southern Gas and Electric Corporation
are sound, there is no reason why (he voters
should not accept one or the other of them."
"Something ought to be done at once to rem
edy gas conditions in Richmond. The Gas and
Water Departments seem to be permeated with
grafters, and it would be a good thing to get rid
of them. We cannot reasonably expect any im
provement under the present system. I am
heartily in favor of accepting the offer of the
Southern Gas and Electric Corporation. We
only use gas for cooking at our home.
"Pets are sometimes expensive, but we like
them so we can fondle them ourselves without
others butting in? You have done us good in
many ways, and I would be in favor of donating
or paying all your expenses in this fight. It will
be worth the cost?but to give up our pet never."
Southern Gas & Electric Corp.
Six of then? Coupon*, Comiecnttvelr Dated, and 91.23
Entitles Bearer to This $5 Illustrated Bible
Dountl In gfuulne limp leather, Trlth uvf rlnpptntc uovcrai
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7 cents within 160 miles: 10 cents. 1G0 to 300 miles: for Kroator
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Address The Tlmes-Dlspatch. Richmond, Va.
When ordering by mail, please Htnte which one (lentred, Pro*
testant or Catholic.
Booka Trill be dlatrlbuted at The Tftnea-Dlapnlch llnlldlBg,
10 Bouth Tenth Street, Richmond, Va.

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