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SPORTS t w o
George Van VHet, Three-Time
Holder of Double Scull
Title, Engaged.
As Instructor of Various Clubs,
Has Turned Out National
Regatta Winners.
Oeorff# Van Vllet, throe-time winner
of the double-scull championship of tho
T'nltod staton and Canada?each year
with a dlff?rent partner?ha?i been en
gaged to conch the Virginia Hoat Club
cr"n-(i thin season. Ho will arrive !n
Richmond next welt, anfl will assume
his duties at once. More than a score
of candidates have been limbering up
on tho river, and the prospects for a
winning crew with such an Instructor
ti? Van Vllet are the best In yearn.
The management of the Virginia
noat <~-lub deservcB much credit for
bringing such an oarsman as Van Vllet
lure The ability to propyl a racing
shell at full speed la something that
many men never learn, and a wrong
start often ia tho ruination of an other
wise promising candidate. The ability
to teach others how to get the maxi
mum speed out of a boat without any
unnecessary outlay of energy, requires
years of precise study of all the minute
details of catch, recover, blade-work
atid rig, in addition to the gift of being
able to teach or Impart knowledge to
others. All of theso qualifications are
possessed by 'he new coach, as his
record shows.
Van Vllet's success as a conch Is
simply a repetition of his record as
an amat?*ur oarsman. Three different
years he won the chnmplonshlp At
the National Championship Itegatta at
Saratoga, N. V., In 1S94, with Krank
Ralz as a partner, he won both tho
double and pair-oar races, a feat un
parall-d in the history of the associa
tion A week later they repeated the
fo.it in the Canadian regatta. The
records of both associations show that
nu two men ever won both t?f these
widely different sort of races at either
of th-se regattas That Van Vllet was
the better of the two was demonstrated
t?,r,t same yea.* when he defeated his
partner in a single scull race on the
J-Yhuykill River by twenty seconds on
t)j?* one mile course. Ills time was 5
minutes anil forty-one seconds.
II.- first won the championship with
<;...rge Mc'iowan In 1S?3. successfully
ilt f tided It in 1S0? with Halz. and
< iptured honors again in 1S0T with
Hugh Monahan as his partner. In
that y.-ar. besides winning the double
fc.nil title, he rowed in the J'ennsvl
\.tnltt Barge Club crew, which won
Hi- senior eight -oared championship
i > the United States. The University
?.| Pennsylvania and Harvard were con
ti slants In the race. In addition to
th-se facts. Van Vllet won three races
In one dnv at each of the Schulklll
Navy Regattas In 1S93. 1S&4 and 1895.
Altogether he has won upwards to
fifty races In every class of shell boat.
As a professional coach, the record
of Van Vllet Is equally as good as his
it mate >r record. For seven years he
was with the Staten Island Hoat Club,
and during that time not one of his
eight-oared sh-lis lost a race. Under
his coaching the four-oared shell won
the American Henley at Philadelphia
It lftOT, and that year his pupils romped
home With the junior double-sculls rulrt
the senior four in th?- Fourth of July
Regatta. In the New York Hay Regatta
they won tho junior eight-oared shell
and the Intermediate four-oared shell,
and Staten Island capped tho season by
the sensational winning of the double
scull raco In the Middle States Regatta
In "Washington
Upon leaving Staten Island. Van
Vllet took hold of the New Rochelle
Rowing: Club, and In the wholo his
tory of rowing never has a inan made
more of a success than he did with
this club. A clipping from the Wash
ington Herald of September 3. 1912,
"New Rochelle, coached most ad
mirably by George Van Vllet, won the
Intermediate elght-oared shell raco In
very good time of f. minutes 15
seconds. Potomac Ront Club was three
lengths to the bad, with Anolostan a
half-length back.
"Van Vllet again sent out a winner
In Intermediate quadruple sculls, not
withstanding the tact that Wilde, the
how man, had Just stepped out of the
winning Intermediate eight. Malta
Ront Club, of Philadelphia, was second.
Time, B minutes 37 seconds.
"New Rochelle was again supremo
in Intermediate double sculls. Pitt
and Miller won, despite the fact that
ithey had n short time previously rowed
In the winning quadruple scull race.
Jt was one of the greatest struggles
of a great day, for Vesper Rout Club,
of Philadelphia, kept with them during
the entire route, and was beaten out
only by the length of tho forward
?anvns. Hudson Roat Club, of New
York, nevor had a look In. Time, 6
mlnutea 8 seconds."
The record mndn by Van Vllet Is
?very good evidence that he has mas
tered all the fine points, as well as
the essentials of the game, nml that he
is exceptionally able to impart his
knowledge to others.
The Virginia Roat Club numbers
among its members eome of tho huski
est young men In the city, and it is
safe to prophesy that a cracker Jack
number of crews will be turned out
this year.
The men who have been on the water
tuning up this past month have re
jcolvod this welcome news with a great
[deal of delight, and most of them have
started training, bo as to bo In tho
pink of condition when Coach Van Vllet
arrives and looks them over.
To a casual spectator on Mayo's
Brldpo on this afternoon a most inter
, estlng eight will he aeon at the boat
club's wharf. About seventy-flve or
eighty men will be disporting them
selves In the waters of the James, and
the river will he dotted with many
pleasure craft and racing shells.
RnHns Hill Introduced.
SPRTNCrFirct/n. ir.u. April 17.?The
flret racing bill to go beforo this ses
sion of the I-ieglslaturo was Introduced
Ito-day fn the Sennte. The measure
Nwould legalise racing In Illinois and
\would crcato a Statu racing commis
i: ? '
Richmond Int.s Aro Again Knsy
Victims for Carolina
New lilne-t'p Lacked Pep of Old One.
Two Runs Were Presented to Vir
ginians, nnd Hill Morrlsette Was
Knocked From JJox.
j Durham marlo It three straight from
! Jack Iiunn's International team ho re
j to-day, driving Hill Morrlssette from
, the box before the game had really
I begun, and winning a 5 to 3 decision
j with apparent ease. Jarrnan went to
? Morrlssette's relief, and he, too, was
hit freely, l'oor base running, on the
part of the locals, kept their score
! small.
The visitors were unable to hit, nnd
this spelled defeat for them. They
] had many chances when a blow would
have scored runnerit, but weak pop flies
: or strikeout* prevented tlie man on
tlilrd from scoring.
Jack Krey began the game for the
; locals, and was scorod on once, this
runner counting on a passed ball. Krey
I was suffering from an injury received
; In practice, and risked his manager for
relief. Lefty Treakle was sent to the
! peak, nnd walked the first four men
; to face him, giving the visitors their
' second tally. Treakle was hooked, and
i Atkinson went In, with none down, the
I buses drunk and two balls and no
'strikes on the batter. He walked this
Kent before locating the plate, forcing
In the third run, but thereafter he was
; master of the situation and held the
insurgents well in check.
! hunn presented a changed line-up
j for to-day's name, but the new teani
displayed less pep and ability than on
j the two previous days.
The game was featured by the pitch
ing of Krey and Atkinson, the work of
Kcnaufel behind the pan, and the hit
ting of Morpeth, who delivered a brace
of singles and a double out of three
trlp.j to the plate. The line-up:
Players. AH. R. H. O. A E.
Long, 3b . 3 0 1 0 2 0
i Hreckenrldge, lr 2 0 2 2 0 0
Hates, cf 2 1 0 1 1 0
Hoffman, rf 4 0 0 2 1 0
Hall, ss 6 0 0 3 3 0
Dunn, 2b { 0 0 3 2 0
Mrlnnls. 1 b. . 2 0 0 6 0 0
Kchaufel, 8 10 7 4 0
Morrlssette, 1 0 0 0 0 0'
Jarman, p............ ? 1 1 0 2 0!
Totnls M 27 3 ~4 14 15 0
Players. AH. R. H. O. A E.
Angler, cf .... 3 2 1 1 0 0:
Morpeth, lb .... 3 3 3 12 0 0
Hiller 3b .. 4 0 3 1 4 0
Dayton, rf ..4 0 1 o o 0
Kelly, ss 8 0 1 2 2 0
1,1 tohfleld. If 8 0 2 2 1 0
DUKKan, 2b 3 0 o 2 5 0
Hoy If, c 3 0 0 7 0 0
Krey, p 2 0 1 ?? 1 0
Trenkle, p 0 0 O o 0 0
Atkinson, p 2 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 6 12 27 13 Oj
! Score by Innings: R.'
Durham 1 02001 01 ??fi'
Richmond 0001 0020 0?3 i
Summary: Earned runs?Durham. 3.1
Two-base hit?Morpeth. Three-base
lilt?Hreckenridne. Double plays?Dug
k-an to Kelly to Morpeth. Passed ball
liovle. Wild pitch?Krey. Hit by
1 pitcher?Jarman. Struck out?by Jar
man. 5; by Krey, 5; by Atkinson, 1.
Hase on balls?off Morrlssotte. 1 : off
Jarman, 1: ofr Krey, 5; ofT Treakle, 2;{
off Atkinson, 3.
Dunn yesterday fired several players
who have been helping lose games both
hern S.-A down In Carolina. If ho had
1 fired some of them before they came
here, the Virginian? would have had aj
| cleaner sheot.
Berger, Kellogg. Ilnsson, Shamlln, '
Hoeffecker and Dean lire those whose,
meal tickets were cut off. Rerger and |
Shamlln will he farmed out. and Hnsson
will go to Newport News. The latter'
seemed a promising youngster, and was ;
certainly one of the best little captors
I of high files In this vicinity.
When Dunn gets haok next week his
line-up will he considerably changed.
Crane and Arragon will be In the In
field. Krlchell will be behind the bat,
jand Ring and Sterzer will be ready for
| mound duty.
i Joe Jackson, sometimes of Richmond,
j but chiefly of Cleveland, Is suffering
! from a nervous breakdown after a tilt
! with his wife. Mrs. J. should bn
j ashamed of herself to pick on little
I JorIo that way.
Richmond College appeared In fine
shape yesterday In Its game with Wll
; Ham ami Mary. It did not look like a ?
i team that has Just been up against a
| siring of defeats. Dobson has put the
r>hl fighting spirit Into the boys and
they lool; good for the championship
| this year.
Zehmer Ib a cracking good backstop, j
He took a foul tip yesterday which I
knocked him out for a few minutes, but
he gamely continued his work.
i Germany is determined to keep the
I Olympic games. It seems, but now that
| she has got them, what ono earth will
I she do with them.
Before the Ints get back Dunn should
buy a Maxim silencer to put on Bailey, i
The dusky rooter Is rawther boring j
with his old stuflf.
If the Richmond team can win the
majority of the games next week from
the Spiders It will be the champion
of all thnt district between Westhamp
ton and Fulton, Including those popu
lous suburbs of Forest Hill, Swans
boro and Scott's Addition.
Johhny TCvers had the misfortune to
wrench his ankle sliding Into a base
yesterday. Tt Is feared that he will
be out of the game for several dnys.
How a reputation does hurt a man.
Heinle Zimmerman threw a ball yes
terday and hit an umpire. Despite his
protest that it was accidental he was
parked for the offonso. ?
Why Is It that most of those who are
in sport believe thnt boosting a losing
team Is defending tho game. Nothing
disgusts tho knowing fan more than
columns of alibis for punk aggregation.
Burleigh Grimes, who twirlod great
ball for Ray Ryan last year, seems to
be repeating his ol? porformanco for
Birmingham. He held the Gulls to ono
hit in five Innings Inst week.
This promlsos to be a backward sea
son for straw lids. Only one of the
1914 vintage has been seen at Broad
Street Park this year.
Wonder if tho Durham Bulls will get
In on tho world's avrles money.
" ' ?*
Top row, left to right?standing?Arnold (ronch); futclilns, I). Kuyk, X. Ilinford. Parrlsh, Strothcr, WliIt
tot (munaccr. Second row?Itoden, MJIler, Shackleford, II. Ilinford, CJ. Kuyk, Spencer, Wliitlork. Seated?
Top row, left to right?James (manager); E. Marye, f'oghlll, Johnson, Leach, Melton, Powers, Starkey, Hul
cher (conch). Second row?(iresham, NVhltiuore, Newell, Pnirinmh, II. Marye, Parrlsh, f'halkley Itohlnson
Thompson (mascot). %
Emory I*. Storr I.<eads Shooters in
Regular and Kxtra
Handicap of Strong Wind Makes
Gunners Proud of Work?Dr.
Hillsman Ik Added to Rig Winners
for L". M. C. Cup.
At the regular shoot yesterday. Pro
fessor Kmory IJet*-rs Storr, who was
handled rather roughly the previous
Saturday at the West End Gun Club,
had something to say to adjunct Pro
fessors JamoB Remington Anderson,
Samuel Winchester Goodloe and Kd
ward Hercules l>anlel, as well as to i
the student body, an to his superiority!
in the srlence of gunology. The wind !
wns nearly as treacherous as last'
Saturday. I>elng of a choppy, gusty
kind, and Dr. H. L. Hillsman's good |
score of forty-four placed him high in
the amateur ranks and tied with I". M.
C. Anderson Just one bird behind Storr.:
Storr, who, not satlstied with leading;
the score In the regulars, made the1
wonderful r.-cord of forty-four out of
fifty In the extras, which was somoj
sure enough shooting, considering the!
Von William Hlndenberc Ru?>ger,'
heM the east safe, but the allies pushed!
\ on Lewis Kluck Rueger to trench;
3<,, in the west. This Is the tirst time!
Von Kluck has lost ground this sea- i
Hilly Jerman was another of the
amateurs who was right up with the'
leaders, he and Eanes falling together I
in hole -42.
The winners of the legs on the
Western Cartridge Company trophv cup
were St. Julian Haders'ink. Archer
Anderson, Jr., It F. Anthony and Dr
15. L. Hillsman. The score:
Shot .it 50? Broke.
?Kmory H. Storr 4 4 ;
?J. A. Anderson 44
Dr. 13. L. Hillsman 4 4 !
?Samuel P. Ooodloe 43
W. R. Jerman 4-> !
W. H. Eancs ! 4-}
Archer Anderson, Jr 4 1
R. F. Anthony 4n
M. P. Hart 40 |
William Rutfter, Jr ! 4d
?E. M. Daniel !
I.ouls Rueger ?><;
W. K. Nelms | * ?{?;
Charles Fairfield ! 3.;
Charles Cooko 3,;
John Shott I) 3;
r. j. Fiippen ;;;;" 3';
tw. W. Price 33
Joseph H. Crenshaw 3;;
Cary Sheppard 32
K, M. Garrett \ 3j"
St. Julian Haderslnk....!!! 30
H. I*. Underwood ' ?>?(
James C. Tlgnor ^4
tThomas Macon Hart....!,
Dr. Coffinan " is
p. Wilson !!!!!!
W. F. Danzenbaker 13
< Visitors.
N'ext shoot. Saturday, April 24 ?t 4 1
Cluster Springs Aoulem.v Will IMnr
Three <;nnirN Alirond.
Cluster Springs Academy baseball te nn
In charge of Coacls Irwin Graham'
leaves here on Monday morning on a
three-day trip, playing Chatham Train
In it School in Chatham on Monday. Ran
dol;)b-Macon Academy in Bedford on
Tuesday and Roanoke High School in
Roanoke on Wednesday.
1 V'0:\0h r}r'|bam has rieen putting hiR
lads through some pretty gruelling work
the past several weeks, and has a like
ly looking bunch of youngsters on his
string. Having won the first threo
games on the schedule within the past
week, be Is confident that his charges
will give a good account of themselves
on this trip.
Those who will tnako the trip are
Redd, Newton, Chapman, Gilmer
Thompson. <!eorge Thompson. Ilopk'ns
Green, Dance, Clay, Canada and Field!
At Philadelphia?Yale, 8; Pennsyl
At Providence?Brown , 8; Prince
ton, 3.
At Tthica?Cornell. {>; Rochester 0
At Athens. Ga.?University of Geor
gia. 4; Mississippi Agricultural and Me
chanical. 6.
At New York?Dartmouth, 7; Colum
bia, 2.
At Lexington. Vn.?V. M. T? 7; Rlon
College of North Carolina. 5.
At High Point, N. C.-~Agricultural
and Mechanical Coll.-ge of North Caro
lina, 6; Guilford College, 1,
At Raleigh (Carolina League) ?
Raleigh, t>; Portsmouth (Virginia
League). 8.
At Winston-Salem. N. C. (Carolina
League)?Winston-Salem, 4; Oak Ridge
Institute, 2.
At Annapolis?Tufts College, C; Naval
Acndemy, 4.
At Wake Purest?Wake Forest, 7:
Trinity, 6,
I'll I In ilpl i>h lu, 7; New York, 1
Boston, 5| Brooklyn, 1.
Pittsburgh, 3| Cincinnati, ?.
St. Louis, 7s Chicago, 4.
Won. liiiHt. I'. C
I'll 11 a d r I pit In :i O ] .0(10
Nc?v Vurk 2 2 ,r?(IO
I'lltnlmruli 2 2 .5tlO
St. I.ouiit 2 2 .500
Cincinnati 2 2 .5(H)
Chicago 2 2 .500
II on ton 1 2 .Sin
II ron kl yn 1 a .250
I'ltlnhurKli nt t'lilcnj^o.
St. Iiunla at Cincinnati.
New York. f?i Philadelphia, 1.
Ilotlon, 71 M'n<ililnictnn, 5.
Detroit, f?i Clevelnnd, 0.
St. l.oulit, 41 C'lilrngu, 3.
standi.m; of teams.
Won. I,out. I*. C
Boston 2 I ,6B7
New York 2 2 .COO
Detroit 2 2 .500
Clevelnnd 2 2 .500
St. I.ouln 2 2 .500
ChtrnKo 2 2 .K00
\Vn<tlilni^?n 2 2 .MM)
Philadelphia 1 2 ,;i;m
Chicago nt Detroit.
Cleveland nt St. LouIn.
ChlenRO, 4| St. Lnulx, I.
Pittsburgh, 4; Knnsu.i City, 1.
Newark. S; Baltimore, 1.
Uro<ikl)n, S; Buffalo, 4.
Won. I.ont. !?. C.
Chicago 4 1 ,SOO
IvaiiNiiH City 4 il .571
Newark 4 It .571
Pittsburgh a 4 .*121)
Brooklyn 3 4 .420
Buffalo 2 4 ,33a
St. I.onls 2 fi .280
Baltimore 1 O .143
Baltimore at Newark.
ClileitKO at St. Intuit.
Referee la Cliaai|iion l-'lKlit Draws Rl^
Sinn for ills Sliort Period of Work.
Our id<a of a sinecure Is acting as
referee for a world's championship tight
to a Mnish. Referee Welsh, whose ardu
ous oillcial duties occupied less than
two hours, .lieu $1,000 at Havana for:
Putting up vith a line pleasure trip
from 'Frisco to Cuba.
Being entertained royally during his
stay in Havana.
Reins forced to accept the beat pos
sible view of the light.
Watching the cleanest bout that
probably ever war battled for the titlo.
Giving one little caution to the fight
ers in nearly twenty-six rounds of
By comparison with this take the
case of the baseball umpire in the 'nish
leagues. For a liltle more tl the
same money?per annum?al the
"limp" has to do is*
Impose fines that the club ownor re
Quell riots without re-enforcements.
Block pop boltle blows with his
Shed more abuse than a duck does
Bive at "bush" hotels.
Book at minor league baseball for
six months of the year.
And then, perhaps, th?> league will
mnk, about Julv 4, and the ump's f. /
goes to the bottom with It. And there
are still some who think the chances
in life are evenly distributed.
Clifton Force la Winner.
CBIFToN FOUOE, VA., April 17.?
Clifton Forge High School won a slow
game from Roncevorte High School
here tills afternoon by a score 12 to 5.
The features of the game were the
pitching and batting of Clover, who
got two doubles and two singles out of
live times up.
Batteries: Clifton Forge?Glover and
Payne; Ronceverte,?McClung and Mur
?Jenrein Teclm Take Two.
A1JHUHN, ABA., April 17.?Georgia
Tech took both games of a double
header from Auburn here to-day, 12 to 1
und 8 2,
Sinre McfJuire's Hit Its Stride, the
Hare Promises to lie More
John Marshall Has Won Eleven
Games in How?Benedictine Col
lege Aggregation Is Stroug?Acad
emy Seems Weak With the Willow.
Two Karnes are scheduled this week
in the Richmond Prep School League,
Richmond Academy will take part In
each, playing Henedlctlne College on
Tuesday and John Marshall High
on Friday. McGulre'a University
: School will not have a league engage
! ment until next week.
The race for the prep school title
promises to be rather exciting and
| thrilling, now that McGulre's has hit
its stride, nnd provided John Marshall
doesn't take such a liking to the cup
that it runs away with It. The most
surprising event of the week was the
sudden reform of the MeGuire's nine,
after having been overwhelmingly de
feated by Henedictine and trounced by
High School. Academy was expected to
make a better shownlng against Mc
Gulre's than they evinced last Friday.
The four teams seem to be more
evenly matched this year than hereto
fore, although John Marshall has a
clean record.
Coach Hedgepeth has gathered an
aggregation of lively ball tossera for
Manager Hetts at High School, and
promises to make a record. It is hard
to find a better shortstop than "Stump"
Sales, who has been starring in every
game. John Marshall also has a strong
array of pitchers in Woodward, Jolllff,
Massey, "\ onus" Fuller and "Jim"
Sloan. "I'unk" Pendleton, Wharton,
Captain Tinsley and Sales have been
starring at the bat.
Ilenedlct lne In Strong Aggregation.
It Is difllcult to perceive wh* Uene
dlctlno has not been doing better work
with the aggregation that It has. The
trouble seems to he a lack of team
work. Asher at ilrst;. Pollard at short
nnd Hlerholzer in center have starred
heretofore at their positions. Overman
Is a very promising twlrler. Coach
nigblo Is apt to develop his team and
perform some strong work before the
season closes.
McGulrea has a bunch of hitters in
Johnston, Parrish nnd Marye who will
probably keep their team in the race.
Whltmore and Newell nre performing
i sensational holding, which helps along
when a team Is in the pinches.
Richmond Aendomy has a strong
team, and although they are bringing
up the rear, will probahlv get in the
running in their next game.
The Academy's chief weakness is at
the bat. The fielders have not hit their
pace either, but this weakness Is made
up In the pitching staff by Blnford
and Captain Hrown. The victor might
have been different in their last game
If "Monk" had pitched, but circum
stances made it otherwise.
All the teams seem to ho weak in
the catching department, as the base
runners steal the bases whenever the
"spirit" moves them. Kither a wild
j throw or a muffed hall by the wind
pad wearer prevents the bascrunnor
I from being retired.
1 he games scheduled for this week
Benedictine against Academy, Tues
day afternoon, Hroad Street Park.
John Marshall against Acadeinv, Fri
day afternoon, R.vrd Park.
C'hnne ftly lllglt Is Until} lleutrn by
Vlnlhir* In Second Game.
CH ASF CTTY. VA.. April 17.?ICm
porla High School took the long ond
of (in 11 to 22 score this afternoon In
a game, which was a veritable comedy
I of errors. The game gave promise
in the early innings of being a repeti
tion of yesterday, but rnlseues by Chase
City In the first live Innings gave the
visitors five runs, not a hit being made
to this time. llriggs, for the visitors,
had excellent support.
Score by Innings: R H E
Fmporln 0 1114 0 11 1?li o 3
Chase City. ...1000000 0 1? 2 7 14
Ratterles: Chase city, Williams and
Williams; tanporla, IJriggs and Good
I Summary: Struck out?by Williams. 4:
I by llrlggs, Ma.vcs on balls?off Wil
liams. 2; off Rriggs, 2. Hit by pltchor
| ?by Williams (Jones). Three-hnso
hit?Slngel. Two-base hits?Goodwin,
S. Owen*. Roberts. G. Williams. Famed
runs ?Chase City, 2; F.mporia. .1, Time
of game. l:f?5. Umpires, Prison nnd
Wolverine* Find Slniinton llnrd.
STAUNTON, VA.. April 17.?Staunton
baseball fans enjoyed the sight of a
prep school nine holding one of tho
big university teams to a f. to 4 vic
tory. Michigan only winning over
Staunton Military Academy after a dif
llcult run from behind.
lliirrlsonbiiDent* MnxwuootIon.
Harrisonburg High School defeated
their old rivals from Massanutton
Acadtmy of Woodstock to-day by score
Of 9 lo L
Joint Marshall Sends Squad to Char
lottesville and Cops Fourth
Prep School Athletes Show Surpris
ing Form?Eleven Schools Were
Represented, With Seventy-Five!
Entries in All.
CHAniiOTTESVII.hE, VA.. April 17.? j
i'he first trnck ami field meet pullod ,
off by the Virginia High School Athletic;
Lengue was held to-day *n Lambeth
Field under the auspices of the General
Athletic Association of the University
of Virginia. The silver cup offered tho
team winning the largest number of
points was captured by Wood berry
Forest, with a total of forty-three
points. A second cup went to tho
squad from Manassas Migh School,
which scored twenty-seven and one-half
points. Other point winners wore: Roa
noke Hl?h. John Marshall Hl^h.
Richmond. 10l?: Fishburne School.
.'Vaynosboro, 7; Staunton Hijrh, 5;
Varrenton, 3^: Culpeper High. Mr.
?larl.vsvllie High, -Ms The Lynchburg
ind Amelia High Schools did not place.
ICIeven schools were represented, with
a total of seventy-five entries. Other
schools would have 8'>nt squads had a
more satisfactory date been agreed
Manassas High, with a few entries,
made a splendid showing. The lnrsrest
Individual point winner was Mattson,
of Roanoke High.
The century dash would have done
credit to a university meet. McCall, of
Woodherry. won his bent In ten
seconds. Rrand, of Staunton Hig-h. ran
a sterling race In the 880. sprinting
from last to second place in a big
field. Summaries:
I How They Finished.
100-yard dash?first, McCall, Wood
herry: second. Round. Manassas: third.
Mattson. Roanoke: fourth. Cray, Jobn
Marshall Time. 10 3-5 seconds.
120-yard low hurdles?first. Round.
Manassas: second, Jones. Woodherry;
third. Core, John Marshall; fourth,
Glhhons. Roanoke. Time. IS seconds.
220-yard dash?first. McCall. Wood
j berry; second. Lynch, Manassas: third,
| .Tones. Woodherry: fourth, Carroll,
Woodberrv. Time, 23 1-5 seconds.
4 40-yard dash ? first. Lynch. Ma
nassas; second, Carroll. Woodherry;
I third. Rurnett, Fishburne: fourth,
| Andrews, Roanoke. Time, G3 3-5 sec
j onds.
i SSO-yard run ? first. Fltr.slmmons,
Woodherry; second. Rrand, Stannton;
.third. Thompson. John Marshall; fourth.
Sinclair, Roanoke. Time, S minutes
: 14 3-5 seconds.
j Mile run?first. Fitzslmmons. Wood
berrv; second. Thompson. John Mar
shall: third. Sinclair. Roanoke: fourth,
Rrand, Staunton. Time, 4 minutes
59 1 -5 seconds.
-Twelve-pound shot?first. Spencer,
Woodherry; second. Jones, Woodherry;
third. Burnett, Fishburne; fourth,
Orlmes. Woodherry. Distance, 37 feet
9 Inches.
Rroad lump?first. Elder. Fishburne:
second, Mattson. Roanoke: third. Round,
Manassas: fourth. Rennett, Warrenton.
Distance. 21 feet l*-4 Inch.
Pole vault?first. CJreen, Manassas;
second. Renner, Warrenton. and Round,
i Mannassas (ti^d); fourth Wren, Wood
| berry, and Rosnon, Culpeper (tied).
! ITelirht. 9 f^et 2 Inches.
i Discus?first. Mattson. Roanoke: see
l ond. Round, Manassas: third, .Tones,
! Woodherry: fourth. Harris, Lynchburg.
Distance. PR feet 2 inches.
TTIeh jump?first. Mattson. Roanoke:
second. Johnson. John Marshall and
Jones. Woodherry (tied); fourth Oold.
Roanoke. and Moonev. Rarlvsvllle
(tied). Helsrht, 5 feet fi Inches
Mldaret relav race?first. Woodherrv;
second, Charlottesville: third, Flsh
| burne.
I Mile relay?first. Woodherry: second.
I Roanoke; third, Lynchburg. " Time 3
j minutes 47 seconds.
TnrhwlN Itnvr Finny Time Wllh Wnkf
r?roN< in Trnok nml
Field ICvcnln.
CHAPEL HnX, N. C.. April 17?Car
olina won enslv in its track meet with
Wake Forest hero to-rlay. scoring 92
points to Wake Forest's 11. The State
records were broken. Captain Wool
cott, of Raleigh, shattering his former
record In the high Jump, aiul Wright,
of Nashville, Tenn., breaking the rec
ord In the hroad Jump The new rec
ords are: high Jump. A feet 9 1-2 Inches,
and hroad Jump. 22 fret t? Inches.
Score hy events:
100-yard dash?Smith. North Caro
lina. first; Johnson. North Carolina,
second, H!rd, Wake Forest, third. Tlmo,
10 2-5 seconds.
Two nillos?Unchurch. North Caro
line, first; York. North Carolina, socond;
Harrison, North Carolina, third. Tlmo,
11 minutes r. second?i.
High Jump?Captain Wooloott, North
Carolina, first: Johnson, North Carolina,
and Harris. Wake Forest, tied for sec
ond. Height, r. feet 9 incites.
Half mile?Hanson. North Carolina,
first: Webb, North Carolina, second;
Harrow, Wake Forept, third. Time, 2
minutes 6 3-5 .second.
High hurdles ? Captain Woolcott.
North Carolina, first. Thompson. Wako
! Forest, second; On vis, North Carolina,
third Time. 17 4-5 seconds.
Sho't-put?Davis, North Carolina,
first; Ramsay, North Carolina, socond;
Johnson. North Carolina, third. DIs- |
tanee, to feet 11 inches.
Quarter mile?Patterson. North Car
olina. first; Parker, North Carollnn, .sec
ond; Jordan. Wake Forest, third. Time,
i>4 2-5 second.
220-yard dash?Smith, North Caro- I
linn, first: Htnek, North Carolina, sec-i
ond: Harris, Wake Forest, third. Time, j
21 2-5 seconds. I
Pole vault ? Hotnewood, North Caro- j
line, first: Davis and Isley, North Caro
line, tied for second place. Height, 10
feet 31 Inches.
Low hurdles?Powell, Wako Forest. 1
first: Telfair. North Carolina, socond;]
Thompson, Wako Forest, third. Time,
20 1-5 second.
One mile?Pitts, North Carollnn. first; j
T.pchurch, North Carolina, second; Dun-j
lei, Wnke Forest, third. Time, 5 min
utes 12 seconds.
Urond Jump?Wright, North Carolina,;
first; Captain Woolcott, North Caro
line. second; Hatcher, North Carolina,
third. Distance. 22 Feet, 6 Inches.
Carolina, 11 firsts; 10 seconds; 5 thirds
Wake Forest ? 1 first, 2 seconds, 6 I
thirds. Cnrollna, 92; Wake Forest. 10.
Newark Club Drnl Cloned. |
NEW YORK. April 17.?President'
Harrow announced to-day that Messrs.
libhetts and McKeever had sold their
entire interests, amounting to 202
shares of stock. In the Newark. N. J..
International League cluh. The terms
of the deal were not for publication, he
said, hut the stock was purchased by
George I,. Holorrian and C. H. Medlcus, a
son of 11. W. Medlcus, who Is secretary
treasurer of the club. Harry Smith,
who was released as manager hy for
mer President Kbbetts, has been re
engaged and appointed to his old posi
MeCnrtr I.lckn Colin Hell.
NKW YORK, April 17.?Tom McC?\rty,
Montana heavyweight, had tho bettor
of every round of a ten-round bout to
night with Colin Hell, Australian
heavyweight tltleholder. Weights: Mc
carty, 185; lie 11, 195. Hell blocked
eloverlv at times, but McCarty, tho ag
gressor throughout, punished him so
Richmond College Wins First o!
Series From William
and Mary.
Large Crowd Sees Local Colle
gians Trim Boys' From
Richmond College oleaned up on Wll
llam and Mary yesterday In the first
championship frame In the Eastern Vir
ginia Intercollegiate Association. The
oonte.it w&i staged &t Droad Street
Park, the Spider* coming home with
the long end of a 4 to 2 score.
While never ill serious danger of
losing, the Spiders had several scares
thrown Into them by the Wllllams
burgers, especially In the final frame,
when one run was pushed across the
pan and othor scores seemed Imminent.
At all stages of the game, however,
Robinson proved himself a master of
the situation, having solid support from
his tcommatos.
Robinson twirled a pretty game, al
though he was touched for eight hits
Only first-class fielding could have pre
vented the Wllllamsburgers from run
ning wild, but the Spider fielders were
in fine fettle, and nothing went through
them. The only errors were from bad
heaves, and not booted or muffed balls.
For the down-country collegians C.ar
nett pitched a good game, but his sup
porters did not seem sure of them
selves, particularly when Zehmer was
badly hurt In the fourth frame by a
foul tip. Although ho stuck the con
test out. his fellows seemed disheart
ened at the nifty receiver's misfortune,
and three runs were garnered off them
In one chapter.
It was a pretty contest, and one that
was thoroughly enjoyed by a largo
crowd of rooters. Fans and fannettes
I were out In full forco to encourage
their favorites. Collegians and staid
graduates united In sending the old
I cheers re-echoing across the field, and
| the shrill shrieks of the fair rooters
I and the deep tones of a base drum
J brought all of the way from sleepy old
| Williamsburg added to the din and
| tumult. It seemed more like a foot
ball game than a baseball contest, and
even the nipping air added to this Il
While the Wllllamsburgers were not
outclassed by any means, the Spiders
simply had moro pep and wore the
keener players. Evidently determined
to retrieve laurels lost In the Caro
llnas, the Jaspers put steam behind
their work and played faultlessly, ex
cept for three bad throws.
William and Mary scored In the
third frame. Zehmer lead off with a
single with one down. lie stole second
and wont to third on an Infled hit
to second by Gnrnett. Heflln lined one,
which was knocked down by I^iggon,
who quickly recovered the pill and
threw to Blankenshlp to cut off the
run. The stop was a beauty, but the
throw wont wild. No other tallies
were made, although only pretty field
ing prevented at least one more.
The locals came back strong In their
half of the same inning and tied up
i the count. A single by O'Neil, fol
I lowed by a double by Liggon, evened
| the score. With three on the bases,
William and Mary steadied down and
l put three out.
It wns In the last half of the fourth
that Richmond jrot In Its bis work.
I^opcan beat out an infield hit to third.
! Blankenshlp was safo on first on an
I error by Heflln. but Logan was caught
going to third. Robinson laid down
! a pretty bunt, and Zehmer threw wild
! to third to get Blankenshlp. who camo
i home on tho throw. O'Neil and T^lggon
were hit hy pltrhed balls, loading the
I bases. Ancnrrow and Wlloy both beat
out sacrifices, and two moro runs were
Both pitchers tightened. Garnett al
lowed no more runs, nlthough the
Spiders pulled hard In the eighth frame
to score. Robinson was also effective,
pulling himself out of a deep hole in
the sixth when runners got on second
i and third. A three-bagger in the
| seventh was also wasted effort.
The spectators were treated to a
1 ninth-inning rally by the visitors.
| Jones flew out to center. Zehmer again
beat out a short hit over second base.
| Ho took second easily, and Holmes,
! put in as a pinch hitter, came across
j in storybook style, laying one down
! the rlght-tleld lino, scoring Zehmer.
Good fielding and pitching cut oft fur
ther hope of tying the scoro.
In splto of two bad pegs, T.iggon
put up a good game at short. Holding
In good fashion. Out of three trlpj
to the plate he got two hits, one a
double. MacBltt played a pretty game
at third, and Captain Wiley was a
star at tho bat, with three hits out of
three times up.
For the Wlllimsburgers, Zehmer
caught a pretty game, even after being
badly hurt In the early stages. He
made two hits and scored twice. Gar
nett pitched a good gome. ""he de
tailed score:
1 Richmond College.
AB. R. IT. O. A. F3.
Onell, cf 3 2 2 2 0 0
Llggon, ss 3 0 2 1 3 3
Ancnrrow, lb 2 0 0 14 0 0
I Wlloy, If 3 0 3 ?. 0 0
I Cox, rf 4 0 1 3 0 0
I Pitt. 4 0 0 1 3 0
1 Logan. Db 4 1 1 1 3 l
I Blankenshlp, o 2 I 0 2 3 I
j RoblnHon, p 4 0 0 0 0 0
| Totals 29 4 9 27 12 3
Wllltnm and Mnry.
| AB. R. II. O. A. K.
Heflln, ss f. 0 1 1 1 I
Aldington, lb F. 0 1 10 0 rt
Newton, If 4 0 0 0 0 0
Tucker, 3b 3 0 1 1 3 0
Rothwell. cf 4 0 0 2 1 0
Games. 2b 4 0 1 1 1 0
Jones, rf 4 0 0 2 1 0
Zehmer, c 4 2 2 7 2 I
Garnett, p 3 0 1 0 1 0
?Holmes I 0 1 0 0 0
Totals 37 2 S 21 10 3
?Batted for Garnett in ninth.
Scoro by innings: B.
Richmond College 001 30000 ? ? 4
William and Mary. ...001 0 0 0 00 I?3
Summary: Two-base hits?LlKg?n,
Heflln, Cox. Three-base hit?Roth
well. Sacrifice hits?An.-arrow, Wiley.
Stolen bases?Zehmer, Tucker, Roth
well. Hits?off Garnett, 9; off Rov
lnson, 8. Bases on balls?by Garnett, 2.
Batters hit?by Gurnelt, 4; by Kobtn
soti, 1. Struck out?by Garnett, 5; by
Robinson, 1. l.eft on bases?Richmond
Collego, 7; William and Mary, 4. Tlra*
ot game, 1:60. Umpire, Luola.

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