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few Men Equally Endowed With
Gifts of 80 Completely Winning
Hearts of Those He Meets.
I "or First Tlmo In Many Years His
Lips Opened to Hearty Laugh*
Deoply Touched by Sincere Hom
age of People.
HOME, April 17.?Miss Kmlly Rocchl,
an Italian young: woman who resides
at Tlflls, Caucasus, and is now here on
a visit to her relatives, told xne that,
after seeing the Czar among the people
and witnessing a number of episodes
of his sojourn at Tlflis, she has come
to the conclusion that there are few
men who, like Nicholas II., aro endowed
with the Rift of endearing themselves
to persons of all classes and completely
winning the heart of those with whom
they como in contact.
"It appears," Miss Itocrhi said, "that
the Czar's visit to that far-away pro
vince of hlH vast empire was first
scheduled to take place some ten years
?KO, but was postponed over and over
Again, chiefly on account of the fact
that the Czar's aides and those charged
with protecting his life Invariably re
fused to face the responsibility of a
long trip throughout the still wild and
uncivilised country.
"Caucasian love for the Independence
and liberty, the primitive conccptlon
by Its people of the relations that
should pass between the subject and
the sovereign, together with the loose
manners and free speech for which even
the Georgian nobility Is famous, played
an Important part In the decision which
the court reached every time the ques
tion of the Czar's visit came up for
"The Petrograd officials believed even
If an attempt on the sonerelg-n's life
could be easily prevented through the
adoption of strict police measures, yet
the way In which he would be received
and the liberties which the Caucasians
would take? with him were sure to
make an unfavorable impression on
^Nicholas II.
rzAii r.xjovs iiihski.f
AS NEVKll Iir.KtlllK
"But at last the vtslt has taken place,
and, what is more Incredible, the Czar
has enjoyed himself as. perhaps, never
before In his life. He arrived one
morning dressed In true Georgian
fashion, hlack tunic held at the hip
by a glittering cartridge belt, high
boots, fur cap and a Georgian rough
rape thrown loosely over his shoulders.
The crowd received him as one of their
own, and s?on made him realize that
he was among devoted and loving
friends who would do anything to make
his stay there as pleasant as possible.
"While the. members of his suite
almost shook with fear, the Czar
thought the Caucasians' love for him
was Blnccre, and for three days walked
through the streets of the city, Insist
ing. in opposition to the police meas
ures taken to protect his life, that the
windows and doors of the houses bo
opened and the people allowed to see
lit III.
"The (?rave gentlemen of his party i
were shocked, but Nicholas II. seemed
to pay very llttlo attention to their,
advice. In the midst of the merry, easy
ways of the population, the only one,,
n^rhaps, which the horrors of th-s war
nas failed to rob of its warm, spon
taneous good humor, the Czar forgot
the cares and worries with which his
dally life is beset, and, for the first
time in many years, his lips opem-d to
a hearty laugh, anil at the sight of,
the devoted homage of his simple sub- [
Jeets the deep furrows of his brow [
smoothed down.
"The Czar's experience with a num
ber of Inquisitive ladles of the Ameri
can and Georgian aristocracy remains
perhaps the most characteristic feature'
of his visit to Tlflls. At one of the'
many receptions the ladies, whose!
acquaintance with thr- court protocol'
was somewhat slight, fired at the Czar'
a number of questions, many of which?j
like, for instance, those about when '
the war would end, and what part ofj
Turkey Russia would seize?nobody j
could have answered, and. least of all. ,
the Czar himself. Yet the Czar replied
promptly and without hesitation to
every one of them, and his answers,
though evasive and vague In the
extreme, never failed to please his
"To a Circassian prince who had
come down from his mountain castle
to bring him a present of the products
of his state, and who invited him to
como with his wife and children, the
Czar promptly replied that ho would
look him up in his castle. The Czar
fully entered into the spirit of the
Caucasians. In one of the schools he
visited he helped the boyB to remove j
the silver braids from his bourka, so,
that they could keep them as a sou-|
venir of his visit. In another school;
a little American girl marched up to I
him and, In presence of her trembling'
teachers, fell at his knees, saying:
"'My father died while fighting for
thee, and thou must allow me to study
here without paying.'
"The Czar took her up in his arms,
and said:
"'Yes, and as thou speaketh Russian
so well, 1 shall begin by asking thy
teacher not to punish thee for what
(hou hast done.'
"The same attitude of informal',
cordiality the Czar preserved even j
when in contact with tho Klntes, thai
street merchant peddlers, considered J
the lowest element of the city, whose
witty caustic speech and loose manners
:ire known to every visitor to Tillls.
"When the Czar arrived the Kintes
held a meeting and decided to send a
delegation to greet the ruler. The
audience was Immediately granted, and
licre is the way the spokesman ad
dressed the Czar of all the Russians:
?'?Your Majesty, the word of tho
Kintes Is the word of the plain people.
(Mir country Is in danger, hut wo
Ccorglans are faithful to you, and obey
your laws, with a single exception;
that in, now and then we drink a bottle
of wine, notwithstanding your ukase
prohibiting tho sale of alcoholic drinks.
Now we havo the war, but you must
not fear the Turks, as we are here
to protect you.*
"Thofte who were present relate that,
hearing tho speech, the Czar laughed
himself almost to tears."
' Itriiortnl n* Vrclnic Prohibition of In
toxlcantx In Army.
WASHINGTON, April 17.?A deleKa
ton from tho Anti-Saloon League culled
upon Secretary Garrison yesterday,
| comment, which Increased when he de
| dined to make public tho reason for
j the call. Tho secretary afterwards ex
r plained, however, that tho delegation
! had not, even In Its own Judgment.
. uufllclcntly established tho facts It
' wished to present.
j Humor had It that there was an effort
] to Introduco In the army regulation?!
j similar to those which Secretary
j Daniels has applied to the navy. 1'ro
hlbitlon of the use of any Intoxicants
.at military posts, even In the shapes of
wines at the tables of ofllcers' families,
were said to have been urged.
Monday?A Special
Sale of Trimmed Hats
Hundreds of
the Prettiest
Trimmed Hats
In Our Great
Stocky Grouped
in Three Lots
and Reduced to a
Mere Fraction
of Former Prices
Tins grou p comprises
some of the very smartest
models of the season that
were priced up to and in
cluding $7.50. All are tastily
trimmed with flowers, rio
bon velvets, ribbons, etc.
For Monday's sale reduced to
Hats that were priced up
to and including $9.00. These
chic models include all the
correct styles for Spring and
Summer wear, among them
the popular transparent brim
models. All wanted colors,
and each a wonderful value
Beautiful Creation s?
"Dame Fashion's" very latest
word?that sold as high as
$18.00,; every Hat a perfect
model in itself. Among the
colorings are the new pink,
battle blue and white. Dis
tinctly THE hat-buying op
portunity of the Beason at
the price of
The Bargain Basement
Is the hope of every economy for general use. We are the friendB
of all the manufacturers, jobbers and many other holders of
merchandise that are ready to unload It at a price. Some things
are seconds, some are short lengths, others are perfect and in
full pieces. Not necessarily seconds because they are in the
basement. We keep the very best and most reliable material
under all conditions. Nothing la bad. Anything that is bought
unsatisfactory, can be returned.
Heal Lancaster Ginghams, less
now than the origina 1 5%c
cost, yard
Figured Voiles, that usually
sell at 25c; 40 Indies wide,
new pretty designs, at, ioy2c
Best Kahki Cloth, that can bo
bought at 15c; these are great
lv used for boys' clothes, Q1/ ?
yard ? /2C
Kino Mercerized Shirting Mad
ras, tho very finest that is pro
duced at 35c, in various striped
effects; lengths up to 20 1 Hp
yards, at yard X 4 V
Good quality Calico, at Q1 / >>
yard " /2*^
The highest quality of line
Cambric I'ercale; the 15c Q3/ f
ones for ** /4*-"
Bleached Sheeting, 2V* yards
wide; 30c is the regular price;
our prlca Monday will be -I
only X?/l*
And certainly never so cheap?
Laco Voile in shadow effects,
that sell for 29c, are here -| A ~
for All*
Plisse Crepe, for underwear
and various other purposes that
sell at 15c aro here at ?1/ n
only v /2^
35c Klaxon Voile, the best
quality double width that can be
bought at that price, at, -|
yard XUC
glish X a 1 n s o o k, C3/ r?
lay, yard ** /4 V
Pajama Checks, good quality
and full yard wide; the
12 Vic ones, for ..
10 8 Vic
2x2 Vi
We have laid In an extra sup
ply, because we had a chance to
buy at underprices.
You will be able to buy
yards Bleached Sheets
Monday for
Extra Heavy Bleached
Sheets, 2l,ix2Va yards, for.
These have some very slight
Imperfections, not even notice
able unless }ve call your atten
Bleached Pillow Cases, various
sorts, mnde out of short pieces
by the manufacturer; sizes
run full and perfect, each ..
Every Suit Is guaranteed, not
only perfect but of the very best
tailoring. We have more space
for them In the Basement than
anywhere else?
Woolen Norfolk Suits that'
can't be bought under
$3.50, suit
They are the last call of fash
Ion, with patch pockets.
Those that you aro charged
$6.50 and $7.00 for, In the latest
N'oifolk styles; among them blue
serges; all-wool; and
the price Is
All of the above are up to
age 17.
The usual 75c Boys' Knicker
bocker Pants, In every varloty
of style and sl?o aro
Think of it! A Full Flare, Fitted Top Petticoat at 08c. Made
of finest mercerized messaline, and guaranteed for good, long
Made in white, sand, black, navy, emerald preen, battleship
gray, BelKian blue.
The white will wash and iron. Second Floor.
Monday's Sale of Outer-Garments Offers Remarkable
Values in Suits and Dresses
Silks at Underprices
Qualities that must prove satisfactory. We never sell
any other when we know it, and years of experience have
taught us lots about silks that few merchants know.
Black I'oue de Sole, yard wide;
SI. 19 usual grada, and good value
at that; the price will be. 86 c
Crepe do Chine, white, blnck
and colors, all pure silk,
23 inches wide; yard ....
Pussy Willow Crepes, 4 0 Inches
wide, lmest and most beautiful
silk ever produced; the colors,
too, are charming, and lend every
variety from the street colors to
the evening tints, including black
and white. The price of these
goods is $2.75; some few mer
chants sell them at $2.50; the
price Monday will be, Q-| r/\
yard O 1 ? DU
China Ilabutai Shirting, yard
wide, in stripes of various color's;
59e is the usual price; on A ?
special sale Monday, yard. 4DC
Novelty Plaids, for combination
dresses, in satin effects; (t?-i
full yard wide; yard...
Striped Taffetas, gray and white
or black and white; full yard
wide; various width stripes;
the price will be, 7%n
yard I ?/C
Crepe de Chine, all colors, 40
inches wide; i..e usual
$1.25 quality; yard
Black Taffeta, several grades
bought recently at special prices;
all yard wide; yard, 50c, 88c and
All of them the best value we
have sold for many a day.
(Jro do Londre, yard wide,
$1.50 usual value; per
Main Floor
Ike Seco Counter
The manufacturers contrive to make the most beautiful
fabrics in the combination of silk and cotton. Some are
made in Japan, as for instance?
Dresden Silk, every appearance
of pure silk, with a wear equal
and superior to the all-silk; it
comes in all the various colored
tints, such as flesh, buff, white,
sand, navy, lavender, Nile and
others; also in striped effects; wo
don't know of any material that
is superior in wear or prettier
in color. The price, only,
The Seco Shirting, stripes In
all the various colors; per
pes In
White Creponne, with dainty
embroidered flower, of various
colored combinations; very
dainty; price, yard
All Silk Secos, in delightful
colors of evening and street
shades; pure silk. 2 6 inches
wide; the price
Crejie Cloth, some embroidered,
others In delicate tints of solid
colors, equal in every appearance
to the $1.50; full double
width; yard
Main Floor.
Woolen Dress Goods
Handsomer and better quality, and a greater variety of
tones and shades than in years before. Values that are sur
Handsome All-Wool Serge, with
white striped skipped; 56 inches
wide; instead of $2.00, -l rn
yard ?pl*DU
French Shepherd CHiecks, in all
the various size checks; the finest
and lightest material made for
this spring, 50 to 56 [*/\
inches wide; yard ....
All-Wool Serges, 3 6 Inches
wide, in all the different colors,
including the crepe cloth;
All is in readiness for a day of unusual activity in the
Carment Salon Monday. If there is the slightest need in
your wardrobe for an article of outer apparel, it will be de
cidedly to your advantage to be among the early comers, for
There are many new arrivals in SUITS, DRESSES and
COATS to be shown for the first time. To complete assort
ments we have taken a number of garments from our regu
lar stocks and reduce their prices to conform with the spe
cial price marks on the new arrivals.
The results are a
iiii in her of complete
groups of stylish, ^
handsome garments
at tigurcs that about ' ^ the '
represent the cost of daylight
manufacture. ?'ricmmowo
Among the many are?
$18.50 to $22.50 Suits for $14.50
Comprising a variety of models, and in all the popular
new fabrics and colors.
Suits, Values Up to $30, for $18.50
Offering an almost unlimited choice of demi-tailored and
novelty models, fabrics and colorings.
Suits, Values Up to $60, for $37.50
Many exclusive garments among these, the very acme of
style and tailoring.
Beautiful New Dresses, $12.50
Just received. These are a number of striking new
models in white crepe de chine, and their equal is not to be
found under $16.60. Come early Monday for one of these
at $12.50. Second Floor.
New Skirting, sand, putty and
navy blue, fancy serges, $1.75
best value, 56 inches
wide; yard
35 pieces of new Silk and Wool
Poplin, the best wearing material
known; the lustre of a pure silk,
with the advantage of non-crush
ing characteristic; the shades are
new and beautiful; some 27 va
rious colors, 4 0 Inches
wide; yard
Main Floor.
White Goods Sell Rapidly
The tendency for white seems prevalent from Paris
throughout all parts of the civilized world. Fabrics are more
dainty and sheer. We show almost every kind of white fabric
that has been produced this season.
40-inch Voile, in a high grade
that has never been
known at such price; ioil
yard IZ'/^C
Double Width Crepe Cloth, with
tints of embroidery in the various
colors of rose, black, lilac
and blue; yard
Fancy Suiting, deml-sheer, some
full sheer, some nubs and others
In the nub check, satin stripe and
embroidered; all of them are new
and full double width; the on
remarkable price is, yard.. ?J?/C
We have never known so many
beautiful goods at such a price.
Heavy Nub liatines, imported
from h'ngland; the price should
be $1.50; there is quite a variety
of styles running in checks,
stripes or plaids, all double width,
some G4 inches wide; priced 05c
to $1.50.
Handsome White Gabardine
Suiting, the identical weave of the
woolen fabric that costs $2,00,
double width, for skirts or suits;
two styles of weaving; yard, 3.1c
and 50c.
lOin broidery Voiles, the em
broidery in different col- jja
ors, 40 Inches wide; yard. DUC
Fine High Grade Longcloth?
in fact, the best made iu this
country; it generally sold at $1.98
a piece; comes 12 yards to a
piece; it is difficult to buy enough
so as to keep in it: one (t?-j a q
case just received; piece
Fancy White Flaxons, 28 inches
wide, mercerized, sheer, different
from anything ever pro
duced; various styles; ?%
yard 1/C
40-Inch Organdy i or/
Lawn, only, yard.... 1Z/?C
Main Floor.
Old Bleached Linens for Dresses
High grade of Round Thread
Scotch Linens, 4 5 inches n ?
wide, yard 4 DC
Yard wide All Pure Linen, for
skirts or dresses, good 2 8c
quality; yard
In the same department, Bath
Towels, 24x4 5, heavy
double thread; each
, Bath
Full 36-lnch width, the heaviest
weight made by this ancient
maker, and the price is,
$1 Irish Table Damask, heavy
round thread, 2 yards wide,
full bleached; yard ...
It Is a wonder price at this
time. Main Floor.
New Embroideries
European shipments. They are different entirely from
any embroideries of all the past seasons. These are on sheer
batiste, long cloth and organdy; some are match sets; prices
are wonderful from the fact that the European markets have
little custom for finery outside of the American people?
The finest soft finish ruffled
Baby Flouncing*, 27 inches
wide; yard
French Batiste Flouncing*; they
have never been known /??
under $1.25 and $1.50, yd. 0c5C
Dainty Colored Embroideries on
organdies and batiste; yard, 10c
to 125c.
A lot of well-made Emhroid
eries, such as will wear well and
at far loss than the usual r*
cost to produce if; yard. ... DC
Main Floor.
These handsome new Embroid
eries for underwear, made with
wide ribbon beading, all widths
?to 9 inches, some in longclotli,
others In Swiss, 9 to 15
inches wide; yard
The most attractive lot of 18
incli Swiss Flouncings, with the
Irish pecot - edge, entirely -
new effects, are, yard.... ?DC
27 to 4 5-inch Flouncings, up to
$2.50 values; think of the Hf?
price!?yard I DC
12-inch Open Eyelet
Swiss Flouncing, yard
Infants' Wear-?What a Pretty Lot!
Infants' Hats, Coats and all things that, are suitable
for the present, season. The department was never so
well stocked and selected with so much infant-like
lo $2.25
The new Black and White
Checked Coats, up to
6 years old, are
New Bloomer Dresses, mado
of fl/ie chainbray, white piquo
collar and cuffs, but-ri?*|
toned belt; each . ..$JL?UU
Others are $1.25 to $1.50.
New and handsome models
are the Suspender Dresses,
$2.50 and $2.00.
The "Kate Grecnway"
Dresses, tho solid color or plahl
skirts, and white waists, col
ored trimming, very (f* or
handsome LLJ
New shapes In Caps and Hats
priced anywhere from 50c to
There is every variety of
things from the youngster just
born to 6 years of age In the
department. Second Floor.
A Number of SPECIAL
VALUES for Monday
French Linen Blouses, $1.00
Beautiful models, with the newest convertible collar, long
sleeves and two pockets, finished with the entri dieux. White,
pink, Nile, Copenhagen and natural colors. Extra special at $1.00.
Striped Crepe de Chine Waists, $2.98
Another Very Special Ynlne! Heavy Crepe de Chine, with
Batiu colored stripe, the new collar and long sleeves, $2.08.
Ten Models to Select From at $1.98
Beautiful Waists of lingerie, handkerchief linen and voile, in
every new and wanted style of cotton blouse; special at $1.08.
Second Floor.
Every Turn in the Making of J
Summer Dresses Leads to -kC4l.co
The best dressmakers all over the American Continent
say Shadow Laces. We have provided them not only in every
variety that are produced, but have been fortunate enough
to buy them under the usual cost?
?Vnother lot up to 6 inches
wide, have been 10c; special
price, yard
4 0-inch Silk Shadow Laces,
have always been $1.50 and
$1.75, white or ecru;
Monday, yard . . .
Shadow Lnce Flouncing, IS to
27 inches wide, same goods
that sold at 39c to 60c;
Other Lnce Flouncings are,
yard, 12He and 10c.
Camisole Laces, In the full
width; Monday, i /\
yard lUC
'! $1.00
250 Sample Umbrellas to Be
Sold on Monday
Drummers' samples; all guaranteed in perfect con
dition, except that here and there they may show hand
ling. We bought them so that we can sell them at
about fifty cents on the dollar?
$3.50 Silk Umbrellas for $2.00
$4.00 ones for $2.50
$ 1.9S ones for
$5.00 ones for $3.00
$8.00 ones for $4.00
They comprise men's and ladies' sizes. All the various quali
ties that this best manufacturer produced; some with gold and
silver handles. ? Main Floor.
H 6x7 2
This Is Housecleaning Time
Druggets, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Draperies and Cur
tains, no matter what. We are not only ready in the
ordinary way to store keeping, but we have made every
endeavor to save whatever money we can to our
9x12 Matting Rugs, in
new designs, i n r
for ?J) 1. I 0
The smaller size Hugs *1 r*
are li^C
6x9 Heavy China
9x12 Heavy China Af
Linoleum Hugs, the quality
that can be recommended as
best wearing, and not stretch
out of shape; size (t? q
9x12, usual price <f? n p?A
$9.50 OO.JU
For summer wear wo know
of nothing that Is cooler or will
wear better than the Crex ma
terial. Vou can. buy every size
rug and drugget, all the va
rious widths by the yard.
Everything that these people
product is here at the very
lowest possible'price.
9x12 Hug $7.50
6x9 $1.00
27-inch llall Hunners, any
length, yard 32c
36-inch width, yard . . . .45}?c
1 Ms-yard width, yard 70c
2-yard width, yard $1,15
The new style of Japanese
Mattings, in various colors,
40 yards to the roll,
China Matting, in
smaller weaves, roll, $0.75; or,
yard. 10 2-3c.
Best Quality 116
Warp, roll foi $8.00; r>
or. yard ?*)C
The 50c Best Quality Lino
leum; we can stand back of it
with the strongest guar- or
antee; yard Z<)C
9x12 Wool and Fibre Drug
gets, in new pat- j
terns, for
Fourth Floor.
The Drapery Department
Will sell Monday among the
thousand and one things:
Tieiuly Made Scrim Dutch
Curtains, with valance and
brass rods complete for a win
dow; beautiful de
signs; window
Yulaiire Lace Curtains
have been $1.00 win
dow, will be sold for. .. D?/C
New deRigna In Allover
Floral Scrim, light or dark
colors; tho pretclest 10c
quality; yard
Fourth Floor.
: $2.50
Pt. d'AIencon Silk Allover
Laces, in sand and putty colors,
for waists, sleeves, etc.;
yard wide; yard .
Tho Scintilla Silk Net, two
toned metal effects, various
colors, 4 0 inches wide; IJQ
Main Floor.

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