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Events win Crowd One Another
Closely This Work at
.Vl tllOlM .
LITTLE hoy HM'E I *a hade
Dances Each Evening Will Ho Hril
liant Events?Honths Dccorntcd in
Honor of Yarhnts Historical
Events?Many Take I'art.
The bazaar of the Hlehnioiid Light
Infantry nines' Halt lion, ; . !,.> pjven
to raise funds with which to help defray
the expenses of the lattallon's trip to
San 1" ratu'lscM In July, will open In the
armory to-morrow niuht at s o'clock
Prayer will he delivered !>v Rev. Jaines
I Power Smith, l> I.. surviving
member of Stonewall .1 kson's staff;
ami Governor Stuart will deliver an ad
dress of welcome ;itid open the bazaar.
Mayor lieot-^e \iask will then de
liver a short addn ^s. commentim; upon
the lonp :?!ld il.sti-.. :i :vi . 1 . . ,.r ,,??
the |% 1 u, > ha 11 a lion, the ??1 ? i < ? - -1 uiilitat'.
organization 1: point of continuous
service in the South. \! the conclusion
of the addr. ? and the musical inte:
ludes there will bp present three tab
leaux of tlie t (don!a 1 !? '.i' I, 11 >ider tlio
auspices of tli< Colonial I'anies. M ?
Arthur Scrivc: ,.r, c! airn mi.
ltiTTi.K not m i 1: i> \ i< \ t> 1:
\\ ii.1. m: kha'I'i i< 1:
The bazaar will he open ever* day
this week at 1J o'clock, and dinne: will
b'* served in the restaurant from 1 'J :
o'clock. I??uring the afternoon, from
?I to ft o'clock, a Mother (loose ciit'itain
meut will be piven Ithe chihlren. ?'11
Tuesday afternoon Mis-- iUia Hinford's
Pupils will exhibit all the modern
dances of special attraction, and ma),
bags, persimmon tie. -, and other things
of interest to caiclteti will be on ? \
I lie l.ittle I'.ov Mlues' parade, under
tin .:!:?< ' 11011 and majiauernent of Mi;
Christian Clark, Mrs, Hoy Allen and
others, will t>j1 . v 1 attraction. r. .
will lie served t v. r\ da\ n the tea fca:
den, and ihei.- will be general dancing
from .> to , o clock every afternoon, and
from 8:30 o'clock every niuht.
Tuesday iiieht, hepinniu? at
o clock, there will be an entertainment
conducted by Mrs. 1 \ K. Talnian, chair
man of the HI ues' day commi lee. who
will present as tlie niain feature of hei
entertainnie' t a clever little sketch l.v
Kenton J.- Ms. entitled "Tii. Slu-miiinc
Party." hi hid. ! in tlu* . 1st will be
some of tin best known of Hiehmotid's
youngei social s. t.
SPHt'lAi, 1 > \ \? t;s \\ 11,1,
piio\ 1: mi. \ttii \c*no\
On Wedn. - lay (lit re will be as a spe
cial featuri the Little Hoy Blues' drill
and afterwartl? Miss Parke Patton and
her class will clve . ?pe .:t 1 datice. In
the t-v.'f: ? table.iu\ ?: hl'J w ill he
shown vjjy .Mis. H. .1 Taylor, chairman,
and special dancing will he exhibited
b> M:sa i ; 1 ,d Miss i'i'roth\ ("hos
tiiond. ii:,.'ej 11 ? auspice- of Mrs. K. 1
Meade. Mrs. Meade will also show a
special ^ m-i - ? 1,11 i t a t - - drill l>v a
ciompa i tf ?, ,,f |;t ?, j?... prettiest
t I !
! '!!'? .-S 11II i -
' i"t ill li III
- i si: ion.
I' i:iu< -'
drill, and
'< a;; piano
I'.e a fit r -
am includes
wi i.-ii ? ]]
on M >?.
?> - 1- w.ll
l \ i; i \ \ nits
? l,ii ! \ i \IM, l> \ \ i IIS
r!,h " ? 1 i?<i t?
: ' ' !,s a ad fans will in- given to
1 " ' ' ' " " *r-'? '? 'it' cini; ilo , will be
-ii in I itv . ohciial pillars
v; ' ' '? -I labl.-s an I
v ?' he com I or I a b| \ t. < tne of
? I l.e enter: rnnc.vt for
, ' ' i.ii-'ht w 11 | ,. tit,; "1 a\ Iowa
hi need by six chitriniiip litth'
M.< 'a ry Taliafert,.. |i..rt,!h\
\uv '? V1:- \a" 1< til. r.ne
I.' -, Mild od l.agland and liuth ilou^.
Kollowlmr this .will come v..,0...
tacular evont.or.the iveninir. Klftv of
' ?: '??? 1> will tor..i
Mf ? '?> 1 "l!tchi?s.
With < h. ri. > 1 ia: t is . - Mi.-s Lorothv
Harrison a.-, leading couple. The fol'J
lowing men and gifls will take part:
V. ' , : " 'Villi Miss Annie
Mjc s. I Ml.t. ti ...,. v M .
I >0 rot by Harris..- . foil,,,:!,, v :th
' ' 'ordou I ?et,n> w: miit, .?.,
f. "Vi ^?cte -ls1h,cl<,H Kenton
Jacobs, with Miss Maude Aihsliu' C'lnrkrt
Oolhurn. ^ with Miss Rosalie llarwood;
v.. tii Mi:.. Khnore D.
M lines .v. 1
l lot;v k |. arm No, : i -. wiu'rMiVs
? harlot Jones: William Marshall, with
? '" 't esl.v Jones,
' ai t.-r Tal
Miss KJiza M
with Miss ilarrle.tt
man. with Mi.-, f
i.i: nan lieu; v
Moneu-i. w:;: j
man; Harnesi Allen, witii
Nicholas \i vj|, i. ,
^Hh Mi S i? i. " p. ., ; ' I':'""1.,
Hvaits, witJi Miss Lulle. Johhaoii ? \v
< ate-t. . ,1. ; ... , ... ' ? U ?
? ... ?;.i, '.'VT,:
Kiitheri:.. Blxhy lolin Xt^'n!!'..?IV' ^,.'ss
Miss . .
with Mi.-- K t?,
With Mis- l31izi.|H,th Kellv ' Cniy'
< o\ti:> i ti ?. \( i to nr.
m m?i-: i ; \ti iii
v l.at'-i <ii - ? Mi- I > ?
i 'hesniM <? . .v.i ii...
(Srny ??? .- n Tin ? ? ? t\\ .
*|ieclnlti' i ? f..i ?
lowed li> a ? ? (i ? M ?> !?; ? . <?
Men do i.- ehairiiian M' Um- dan< lug eom?
llllttfee. . . - > i>? ? k\:: ?? .
ant*: Mi ? \V !; I ? /. ? . ... ? . j.
Pollard, Mrs. Archei Jones, Mrs. Wal
ter 11 u bard, M:s '? ??? .u) m a-. !
Mrs. Philip 1'owere. The judges for i!..
contest d.i ? < <.ii T! i-- i t will
lie In . ;? 11? 1 Mr >; ? I' , r. ii-:. Mr.
and Mrs. Philip M. Powers, Mr. and Mrs. !
Fred Pleasants, and Krnost C Meade.
Olio oT tin* most n;.. ?, 11 ? t. ? : i < * of
the bu/.aar will I ? ? i
t ry < '1 ub" boot!:, u < .. L..
of Mrs. CeorK- W W.tvj?... iinan.
and Mrs. K. <> M? 1' i. s't.
(jeoi'Ke Bryan, Mif M. ... . m .
John <.?. Hayes, Mrs. John Purcell Lonry,
Mrs. Robert <; <'ai,?h V ?'.! .
rkii, Mrs. John A. Pol .! m j t
B. Pegrain, Mrs. Jamen Mullen, Mrj<.
Philip Powers, Mi." J >' ott
Mrs. B.Stewart Hume, .Mi> <" c lM:.-k
ney, Mrs. Charles- V. Willi* n ? .i
TRIP TO S \ \ niANCIsi o
us it \/. \ \ k
Every efiort will be n? ? ? i?? t.. ? u. j .
the hazoar a sucn i-s ay on k
depends to a larK? v. > i: .
Uluos" battalion will l.?- ai.N ii. ?./ ? t .
San Kranelsc-.. in July. 'I i.> st i,.
appropr!atfe<l }T.r>"n to hel|j ?i? I r..; l).
expenses. an?l ther<- n??w *????i?i. ns.: i,. -
fore the Oily Coun< ;l a ? iolutlou t.,
have the city al'd wiili .< !:k<- a .notint.
In addition, ev<-rj meinb'.r ih>. l?at
Great Bazaar at Blues* Armory Opens To-Morrow
Some of the booths decorated for the great-bazaa r, which opens to-morrow. Many prominent society peo
ple are taking part in the movement, and the Confederate veterans' organizations have been especially active in
-turning the appreciation of the services of the Blues' Battalion. Daily entertainments will be given, attractive
among which will he the drill of the "Little Hoy nines' Brigade." The bazaar is being given to raise funds to
take the Blues' llnttalioi. to the Panama-Pacific Exposition for Virginia Day.
tallon who participates In the trip will 1
ho required to make a cash deposit to !
rover Jils own personal expenses.
It is expected that at least 100 mem- I
hers of t!:e command will go," and elab- '
orate arrangements? have been made for
their entertainment in tho California .
town. j
to Women's Missionary i
( ninirll 111-ti r of Actual Oci'lir
rriicc In Sliiiiijcliui, China.
MTTLE ROCK. AltK., April 17.?
Mi.* mother-in-law actually living "In
? and contentment with her five
? atightcrs-ln-lH w," the Hev. Ed. E.
Ctml; told delegates at the Women's,
Missionary Council of tlie Methodist
rip!v.?'?i?;? 1 Church, South, in convention
. ? to-day, discussing economic and
!? .logical conditions In Shanghai,
1 't I : Mil.
This, the minister declared, would bo
? .^slble in America, and nave him
;!< tcr admiration for the strength
d beauty in the Chinese social order. :
< 'tiier speakers at to-day's session
in ??hided the Hev. S. D. Gordon, of
New Vork. r>r. Gordon took occasion
. mphasi/.e the value of anirmntlvo
ii'nodness in the world, contrasted with
i'-Tiotis ilirected against specific evil.
T ? .-:-i- u-r declared tlitit the greatest
t*?><? ? * ? into through the greatest spread
?f !i-.11 i?Iii?_?, and that without knowl
edge there can be no effective work
? 1st \ i'
*'onseeration of candidates for rec
? ? j111?:i :>s missionaries and dencon
who have been accepted will
!? made at the service on Monday
? ight.
I*u>t \ Honors Jenkins.
\i ?? m? ? t i11>??# 1: ? t night of tlic board
? . directors of I'ost A. Travelers l'ro
?.?ctive Association, W'.lliam Jenkins
was elected chairman of the board.
.?!i\ Jenkins was presented with a liatul
? ouii- traveling bag as a token of ap
!?!? ? :;ttion of his services to the post.
.Itrpiu-tM Henhouse Holiheil.
Mis. I.fbman, of 2ti01 -H Park Ave-j
MH'. complained to the police yesterday
that her hei.house had been broken
? 11o and that eight hens and one
i wisti'r w?? 11 stolen.
\ 1I.I11 lant-fieneral Moore Here.
\djutant-General W. M. Moore, of the
South Carolina Volunteers, was a vlsi
' or .it \djutant-General Sale's odlce
\. steniay. General Moore reports that
'invcrnnr Manning and his staff expect
to attend tiie Confederate reunion here
?f II tie.
\ n tmiioliilcs rolllite.
An automobile belonging to 11. T\.
Uaehe. of SO1* ltarton Avenue, collided
yesterday afternoon with a machine
i longing to Mrs. <'itnnlnghani Hull,
1 \ m .r at the chesterfield Apartments.
I'nth machines were slightly damaged,
i'',:! eo one was hurt.
to \ \s\\ int iioi.n-ri' en\u<;r.
t ? a I to The Times-PIspat.ch.l
l:i\N'Ki: V\ A11 ril 17.?Ward
K.i?- !>v. * i? :i\ i<f Itii'hmiiiid, arrested
on Monday in Washington for the local
.uth'n " ? i 'a.trued with holding Up
a i d roldii'. ? tbri men here on Sunday
night in Hitter man's Apartments, ar
'? I v ? i i ? ? t V, ivlri:r been brought
to |{oa: ?h? l>\ Chief Moore Hairby
?lenii s i t ? nrumitted the crime,
. 111 ? 1 - lie ||.\ ? III ^ fur llis Case
tii gu tu tr.al lli i- snff ring greatly
liicause tin lack of dope, to which
lie Is addicted, lie Is allowed small
lUanlit es by i ? - ;.h\ - . lan In charci*
when he hc'omes viobi.t as the result
? f his cravine He Manns all of his
? ,aide in the ili lie hahi t
k r.\ - or ti.nwMiin \
>;ii ?. i' to The TI in. s-1 ilspat eh 1
? \NI?IMA. VA . April 17. Tin
?? s nf the city were turned over
memhi ? s of \cea Tempi'-. Mystic
? ? ; i. tterii'Miii bv Mayor I'lsher
'i lespopse v.- i.i made by 'I .leter
? ? ? -. iiiiisti en- pntentate The
? ? - i .iv and cone ert at K lug
id Was-hlngton Streets, and its
'aliei is Arab patrnl gave an exhibition
drill A suppe: wa? serve 1 to-night
in the auditorium of the F.Ik-' Home,
and this wi'i f-,'.lowed by :t ceremonial
session. !?? v.h.-li twenty candidates
were e; 'orti'd a'liiss, the huri.liig sands..
Kour VfKrocs nnd White Arrested on
Charge of Dlnturlilni; Pence?He- i
construction I'ltiii Shown.
BOSTON. April 17.?A racial dis
turbance which developed to-night in
the lobby of the Tremont Theater,
where a motion-picture play dealing
with the Reconstruction period In the j
South was presented, resulted in the
arrest of William Munro Trotter, sec
retary of the National Equal Rights
I.engue; Aaron \V. Puller, pastor of ;
the People's Baptist Church, two other ,
negroes and a whlto man.
Trotter, who is charged with dls- I
i turbing the peace, claims He was struck
in the face by a policeman. Puller was
arrested on the same charge. Trotter ?
said ho had decided to go tT> the thea- j
tor to-night niter receiving a letter
from Mayor Curley to the effect that
the producers of the play had made
changes in the films at the request of
persons who sympathized with objec
tions made by negroes who had seen
the exhibition.
The trouble followed the alleged re
fusal of the theater to sell tickets to ,
Trotter. The explanation given by tho !
management was that the house w.is
sold out.
Disorders had been anticipated by the
police, and more than 100 reserves were
near the theater at the opening hour.
During the disturbance in the theater!
lobby and for a long time afterward
hundreds of negroes walked up and
down Tremont Street, between flies of
police reserves, or clustered on Boston
Common until dispersed.
Trotter came into prominence re
cently when he headed a committee of
negroes who called upon President Wil
son to protest against segregation of
department employees at Washington.
Charged With Annoying <iirln. j
J. 15. Walton, twenty-live years old.
was arrested last night on a charge of
interfering with Misses V. 11. und
|,oul?e Uand. The young women were
annoved on Broad Street, and reported
the matter to Ofiicer Crnfton, who im
mediately followed the man and placed
him under arrest.
Reports Automobile Stoln.
1 Dr. ltosenboro reported to the police
' last night that an automobile belonging
to him was stolen from in front of 2'Jou
Monument Avenue. This is the third
\ stolen automobile reported in as manv
nights, and Major Werner has cau
tioned the whole force to pay special
attention to standing machines.
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HunIiionn Men Enter Protest Agnlnnt
limiovul of I'iXptrlrurrd
Vigorous protest against the pro
posed removal of Deputy Collector E. P.
Southward, of the Internal Revenue De
partment, has been entered by the busi
ness men of the city, including Presi
dent \V. T. Reed, of the Chamber of
Commerce; Clyde W. Saunders and W.
T. Dabney, business manager of the
Chamber of Commerce. It would be
detrimental to the tobacco interests of
I the city, they say, to have a new man
! in the position who would know noth
ing of tbe Industry, with the details of
which Mr. Southward is entirely fa
Letters have been forwarded to Sena
tors Martin and Swanson and Congress
man Montague, urging them to inter
redo with the Treasury Department in
Mr. Southward's behalf.
It Is understood that Mr. Southward
will be removed or transferred to an
other post by Collector It. C. Ij. Mon
cure, the chance to become effective
May 1. There is no question as to his
clllciency as an ofllcer, and he has been
entirely satisfactory to the business In
terests of the district.
When asked for a statement last
night Mr. Southwnrd said that he could
say nothing at this time, but would
make a statement at the proper time.
Mr. Southward Is a brother of W. Ross
Southward, assistant postmaster.
Strtekcu Wltli Apoplexy.
Pat Kelly, of 3112 East Marshall
Street, was stricken with apoplexy yes
terday nl'tcrnoon in a carriage factory
at Brook Avenue. Kelly was in the
act of changing l?is clothes when he
was stricken, and was preparing to go
home. He was attended by Dr. Gor
man, of the City Ambulance, and was
removed to his residence. It was said
that his condition was not serious.
Attorney IMuu VlKorout llnttlt- fur
Tliclr Cllrut'ft Frredom.
t Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
NEW YOHIC, April 17.?Undaunted by
the action of the appellate division in
directing tho return of Harry K. Thaw
to Mat tea wan, Morgan J. O'Brien and
John B. Stanchfleld, hl? attorneys, to
day started planning a vigorous legal
battlo for their client's freedom.
If tho Court of Appeals should sus
tain the ruling of the two lower courts,
it Is hinted the case will be carried to
tho Supremo Court of the United States.
HAVRE, April 17.?The Belgian Min
i ister of the Colonies has received news
I from tho Belgian Congo of the com- j
| pletlon of the railway linking the liuu- \
| laba River with Lake Tanganyika. This '
1st a notable addition to railway com- |
j municatlons In Africa. It will now be
] possible to travel from the Stanley i
; Kalis to Bake Tanganyika In seven i
'days. Tho railway Is also Important |
There has been some fighting re- i
contly in Belgian Congo. A fresh at
tack by the Germans north of Lake j
Kivu has been repulsed by tho Belgian
Colonial forces, and the raiders have i
. been chased back into their own tor- ;
1 ritory.
Hotly, Middled With llullctn, Found in
Field Xenr I'rlnon.
VAIjDO^TA, CJA., April 17.?Caesar
Shellleki, a negro, was removed from
tho Lake Park Jail late last night and
shot to death by a mob, according to
advices received hero to-night. Shef
field was in jail awaiting trial on a
charge of theft. Nobody was present j
when tho mob forced the jail door. !
Tho negro's body, riddled with bullets. I
was found to-day in a field near tho I
j prison. No nrrosts have boon made. |
l.orul ll'iial ll'rlth Orilrr l'lniiw Im
portant .SprnkliiK I'ruwrnui.
ltimiuon LoiIrc, Independent Order of
i U'nal B'rltli, will meet nt 8:30 o'clock
to-nlKht In the basement of llotli
A ha huh Temple. and nil members arc
requested to attend as business of im
I portance will transacted.
Plans are being considered for the
i holding of open meeting" In tho near
! future, and It lit planned to have noted
j speakers make addresses to the mem>
' hern which will also be of Interest to
I nontnembent. Harold s. Bloomberg will
I ?lve a full report of the Norfolk cori
I vention, and a smoker will be held at
j the close of the meeting.
Sons of
Confederate Veterans
8s 15, Lee Camp Hall.
To This Meeting
Whether a Member or Not
This Call Is Both Patriotic and Civic. We Need Your
Help During the
We Want You to Join Our Camp?Dues Are Small.
Liy Order of the Commander.
T. Gray Haddon, Secy.
ca would like thfffiin your home
Big Sectional Bookcase Sale
For 7 wo Weeks Only
Beginning Monday, April 19th
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office attractive at a small cost to you.
MAHOGANY STACKS, $24.00 value, for $19.75
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