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through the circulation in about thirty sec- influences, from as many receptors In the
onds. The unification of nerve cell nutri- joints, muscles, tendons, skin and bones,
Hon and blood from the intestine Is sur- are continually pouring Into our centres
prisingly complete and rapid. An increase of consciousness.
in the fat content taken up by the intes- "These," says Professor Dearborn, "rep
tine is almost immediately used in the resent in the ultimate analysis the environ
lining of the brain and trunk nerves, rais- ment to the personality within and more
ing the tone of the nerve cells to a bet specifically integrate the body and the
ter condition. mind, furnishing to the psychomotor cen
The Physical Mechanism of Happiness.
A Very Important Group of
Factors to Happiness Arises
from Movements, Such as
Classical Dancing or Doing
Some Skilful Work."
Madame Karsavina Here
Illustrates the Kind of
Dancing That Helps
Other sense organs, those of oxidation
or evaporation, oi tickle and of touch, are
in n like manner "tunable" to outside con
fientle friction of the skin is also con
ducive to feeling well. Every known ani
tn.il of sufficient evolutionary develop
ment acts an If it enjoyed gentle massage
of the skin. Unths of suitable temperature
have a most important influence in mak
ing us feel well because of the gentle
stimulation of the skin, which is imme
diately felt by the deep-seated nervous
Two functions of the skin which spread
a feeling of well-being through the system
are evaporation and oxidation. The evap
oration of the sweat poured out in the epi
dermis is the chief means of the regula
tion nf temperature. The average daily
amount is about 1.">00 cubic centimeters
(about I *>00 thimblofuls), but a group of
glassmakcrs observed by r>r. McKlroy had
an average secretion of 2S.00Q cubic cen
timeters in the course of a nine-hour day.
Occasionally the production stopped,
whereupon the man would become ill, have
tn .ease work and would be revived by
the active efforts of his fellow workers.
Tlii.i shows that the sweating function 1?
closely allied with feeling well. Sultry
and mnggy weather shows us the same
rhing unless free evaporation corrects it
Students in a Summer school may enio>
a feeling of "Euphoria" with vigorous ex
ercise when the gymnasium temperature
is in the 00's.
The mysterious highly euphoric stimu'n
Hon of a gale of wind, when not outside
th? favorable range of temperature, as In
Nova Scotia in September, is well known
to doctors, and this imolies that groff
friction, friction in the ordinary physical
sense of the term, may l>e iiso a factor ir
making us "feel good." "Massage and th*
caress seem to possibly imply the same
thing," comments Professor Dearborn.
4?Fatty glob
al* (E), which
hai hern ex
tracted from the
food particle by
the Ijmph cor
puscles paaslnjr
thronich the lit
tle dact to the
lymphatic sys
n ? Fatty tl?Kutty aloh ' ,?A<rer
globule (F.> ule (U) entering Ing through the
panning the heart through circulation the
through the the subclavian fatty substance
main rein (G), on it* <E> reaches the
lymphatic way to the brain lining of 1he
duct to the and nervous ays- hrnln. shown by
a n h clavtan tem. shndlng, mid the
?eln (F). net-Fen,
tres their only data by which the body
may be co ordinated."
The muscles of our body have always,
even in the deepest Blumber, some "tonus"
and are sending, together with their
mechanical fellow tissues, floods of en
ergy into the central nervous system. This /
is why physical activity makes happi- A.
ness and creates mental activity. IkA
Swimming, skating and classical danc- Rbl
ing must, in the opinion of Professor m/M
Dearborn, create conditions of physlolog- mWk
teal happiness. fft/fflw
Anything that involves skill tends to
create happiness through the kinesthetic fjfiiv/{'/
sense. A slight-of-hand performance, guid- K&hiT
ing a fret-saw, engraving on metal or carv
ing wood, drawing, pitching skilfully a idiiMa;
baseball?all such movements have an in
herent pleasantness. They supply in in- iVcfifefl
tensity of kinesthesia what they lack in H'.vjWj
quantity of stimulation. M'lVMg
The third main factor in making us feel
sood consists of the epicritic impulses re- 1. p(
ceived from the skin. The many functions satlon,
of the skin are still imperfectly under- tlon.
stood, but are now being Investigated with produ<
interesting results. Only a few specialists
In biology realize how complex this simple# the ht
looking body mechanism really is. An ac- cold-re
companying diagram shows some of the cepton
important functions of the skin. pilorur
Among the more complex elements of Evid
Copyright, 1015, by the Star Company. Grea
h9*t $? Co/tit
1 CA?r*.C#/J
1 *t<.
Tho Variou?
Functions of
llie Skin That
Help U? to
"Feel Good."

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