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Try T-D Want Ads
Wonderful Little Business
Getters?Randolph I
jKiclrtnond ?hne?-Pi?patcti
That Vacant House
Let The Times-Dispatch Find
You a Tenant?Now
Store Closes Daily at 5 oTloek; Saturdays at <> o'Clock.
Remnant Dayl
To-day is tho big clean-up day for all the remnants left from several
successful sales. Lots of good remnants in Wash Goods, both on the first
floor and in (he basement. Splendid remnants in Silks and Dress Goods,
White Goods and. in fact, good remnants in every department where yard
goods are sold.
And with these remnants there are lots of odds and ends of other mer
chandise to close out at mighty little prices.
Suit Department
Value Extraordinary in
Women's Silk Hose,
50c pr
Womm's full length pure thread full fash
ioned Silk Hose, with double sole and top and
high spliced heels, with losle tops; bought
greatly under price and sold accordingly. ."Mlc
Women's 50c Neckwear
New, stylish Neckwear, in dainty, sheer or
gandie and net effects, including collars and
cuffs an.d cuff sets, fichus, guiinpes, vestees.
etc.. in tho season's most advanced styles;
regularly worth 50c; special.
15 Cloth Suits, very spe
50 Bathing Splits, very <t? *9 A A
special $1 9UU
15 Large Size Rain
10 dozen Silk Petticoats
50 Sample Waists, silk
and Lingerie
.1. C. .leejeebhoy, of Itnmbny, Will
Kutcr Famons School in
Professor HatjidaUis Applies for ln
Mitute's Publications With View of
Securing Appointment to Place in
That Virginia Military Institute at
Lexington lias a reputation which may
!"? classed as world-wide is illustrated
!iv two letters received hv the superin
tendent. General K. \V. Nichols, which
he has forwarded to Colonel Joseph
Button, a member of the hoard of visit
ors. One letter fliows that tin- "\Cest
Point of the South" is known in Bom
bay, India, and the other is from some
point in Greece.
J. G. JeeJeebhoy, a young Indian from
Bombay, visited General Nichols recent
ly and expressed a desire to become a
cadet at the Institute in order to pre
pare himself for a commission In the
I'ereian army. II" said that the school
was recommended to him by the Ene
Ils'r. consul at Bombay, who had doubt
less heard of the institution from Brit
ish army officers stationed in that coun
Je-c-jeebhoy says that lie would havo
r.o <hance for a commission in India,
where nil the officers must be British or
Indian princes. He ,-<;?uld (not be al
lowed to attend th.t i*n^Hsii military
s. hools, although h?? has spent one year
? : Trinity College. Kncland, and speaks
Knglish fluently.
The y ountr Indian was delighted tclrh
Lexington and will report at the in
stitute in September. He is now travel
ir.c about the country lie has hern
anxjou* 10 enroll as a cadet since ivi'j,
when he first took the matter up with
General N"i -h'ds b> enblegrfitr.. but for
reason ! ?? w>.- ut:nble to come to
America un tthis s immer. He roine?
of iv wealthy famll'- and s well sup
plied with !v
The letter fro:i: _ Greece is difficult to
u:;dersta? it appear.- that oik- I * r
feasor Hat ? '.*?>. v de-: r,.k ?, position '-n
the faculty "f thf institute, and asks
that the tistit ite ; .Mications' and all
Ot -.er l:.f -r: at. be ?e;,? him
Genera! Nlciu .say- the outlook for
?'> ,r,?t .? -:t e v 1! . ?mint: session
??? t ?:(??'? 'ory a: n : ha* ?? expects a
f>i!l corps. Kx'ei siv< Improvements are
'?f:rig made to the i.nlditiRs and
Kielimoml 1 nion ami \tllltated ( liiKsm
>VIII >l^et nl llromlu* Memorial.
7 he .i-' ? ' mass-'neetmy of the
Hi-'h!i-'?: Bar.-.' t-Pk.!".;.t :.???. f'r.p.t. at:d
affiliated classes will be held to-night
at ' " '1ok .1. the r.:o-,d'iv Mem',
rial Bapt--' "hi: '! ? tr:a:ii of
*0?. ial e \ e i: t - a rr' ? y '? ': ? : atm -
of Richmond s ' -v ? ,)<
? 1 ludiriK
Mr? M B I'M1 . : tr 1 ... !!?>?, Hall,
soloists J'r.-.'.k ?' )s:y lvrr\ s?ay,
and Miss Ethel Grand, pianist. An
nouncem.ei.ts ? ; ,-v H, ^
Qie Ivyeeurn course to be presented in
Hichitiond t>.:s fa:: ??<! w ? the
orpanizat \r r
A fieri'? -or to " r:i H I'.'ddu.i:,
secret ser vice ?????? t ? ry ' ? ?? tin
Richmond Barn :??.? tt.. Vir
ginia Bara ca-Phllathe 1 Association,
who has accepted a position in Ghar
lotte, N. C. Will be ei-.t. . ,? t>1 is meet
Arrewt %llefced I'rril 'I Met
Detective Thumiiii. ? ?-t<r. ,.r
j ested Josh Goles, colored ., , jlilU,,
of tstealint-* two bat's -r>),,
stahles of C G Jertjips .v -ot ? i? j.
aald that the police ? 1, .
several additional eharpes . twins'. th<
n.an '"'ops will be arraigned ?. ? .
Police. Court to-day.
Governor Itetnrn* fo-Mornm.
Govi rnor Htuart u 'll n-turt to l:i~h
rrend to-morrow, after spending 1
w>ek at h!s country home m Klk Gtr
den The labt ten day? of A uui
Wili he spent >>y th'j Governor :n New
ICnprlar.d with his family. D irintr iiii
vliiit he will attend the Governors
Conference ?;t Boston, Mass.
Famous Sycamore
Felled by Axmen
Gray Sentinel of 126 Years Falls
Prey to "Safety First"
I This is the obituary of a tree. For
100 years nnd Tnoro it stood squarely in
' the middle of the north sidewalk on
Franklin Street, between Sixth and
Seventh?tall as the hip hospital across
the street, as big around at the base
as the hoRsbeads In which tobacco is
Sinners of the Declaration of Inde
: pendence knew the sycamore as a
(sturdy youngster of ten. When General
Le?' took up his temporary abode al
most within its shadows it was a plant
| of three score and ten.
i The Franklin Street sycamore was
i more than a tree?it was a monument.
| Writers have Riven it place in stories
of enrly Richmond. A painter has itn
iiio! talized it with his brush. A hatn
! let has grown to proud leadership
;<>nong Southern cities during its life
span. Six generations of Riehmonders
have done it honor.
When it was voting It stood In the
purlieus of fashion. Hard by it stood
th?* Archer House, famous in Rich
mond's annals. The beaux and belles of
war days, and the statesmen of troub
lous periods trod over its roots. Hut
fashion went westward and left the old
retainer behind. In Its old age the tree
stooil sadly in a busy thoroughfare
redolent of gasoline, noisy with many
motors, banked by mighty skyscrapers.
It Is said that the Franklin Street
sycamore was 1 2<i years old. In recent
years its arms had become weak. The
leaves, once dense and plentiful, had
become few. Everywhere on its massive
trunk were the scales and furrows of
'J'he tree doctors f*arne and applied
th?>lr stethoscopes to its heart. They
f? md symptoms of Internal decay. A
high wind, they said, might blow it
down and some one might be killed.
Therefore the city fathers ordered its
? 'it h
While the ?lty slept nifrht before last
there came men with axes and laid the
monarch low. They worked many hours
before the Riant f?* 11 Then they cart
?d i* away piecemeal?a prostrate, dls
i.ieuiSfred thine of seasoned, reddish
To-day there is a gaping red cavern
where once stood the Franklin Street
:?> < ; more. To-morrow the city will till
t'n< i !?* and t>ut ha/.-k the sidewalk and
thousands r>? busy Richmond folk will
tr<--ui heedlessly over the unmarked
u-? aof a kiiij.' that is dead
< olorcil Minister ( omplnlnn of llowdy
Conduct in VrRrii (tunrtrr,
' 'omplaininir that the law-abiding
citizens ' f .lackson Ward are suffering
ti-.e hardship of not having adequate
police protection, iind that as tax-pay
el ti:e\ ., r ?? milch entitled to this
lection as 'he white people. Rev. Z
I v l.ewls a colored minister living 'in
!.. ??k-'h Street. .isUe'l yesterday that the
city authorities look into th? matter
and see that this '-ondiiion is remedied.
T.ewls cites a free-for-all fljrht that
t ook t>l?ce Tuesda v nicht at a dance
given at \ l> I'rlce's undertak
ing establishment, when several shots
were fired, causing ureat excitement
throughout the ward According to
1 ? wis, no policeman was near the seen*
of disturbance, and onlv after much
telephoning could fine be secured from
, hefti'fpiarters
Doctor* Hope to Sine flood.
Surgeons at Virginia Hospital were
1 ifnl hin! niicht of saving the life
of .tames Flood, 13H< Pleasant Street,
who attempted suicide Wednesday af
tirttoon in his home by dt inking t wo
" iritf' of laudanum. Pr. Doggett sue
reeded in ridding the man's system of
the tint ronveved hini to the
'!'. os;ii t a 1 that his condition mtcht be
'watched carefully. He war reported
??stt: l:f. a?. improving.
.Iildue Well* In l)f ftlftnntrrl.
? mor St ;art has designated
JudKe K 1! Wells, of Hustings <*?>uit.
I irt II., I'.lrhmond. to hold a special
*? ru of it # <";rrult Court of llenrico
''ounty f"r .ludge R ?'arter Scott, who
i- on his v.teat ion .ludge Weils will
j hear ?e\?ial wn'lons, uhlch < i.iM r,.,i
be 1 ai".'?m* up (i dling vacation.
Increase in Typhoid Threatened by
Downpours in Mnny Parts
of State.
Sends Out Bulletin Describing Proper I
Method of Protecting Water Sup- I
pl.v in Country Against Contain!- !
I nation Eroni Surface Washing.
The heavy rnins that havP swept Vlr-'l
trinln during the last week have prob- I
ably caused th*? pollution of many wells'
; and have incrensen to such an extent
h?. ,avI1RCJ ?f ,h" -sPrPA'1 of typhoid
th.it th? State Hoard of Health vps
| terdn.v issued a public warning on' th*
subject. ?
i'urinc :1k- last few days the board
.has received several reports 0f minor
; outbreaks in various rural communities !
investigation of these outbreaks bv offl
jcers of the board has shown that thai
? infection in som?i instances was evi- 1
j dentlv due to the pollution of the wells
; washing rains. The hoard points
| ou; that this constitutes a permanent
I source of danger unless proper precau- '
t on? are taken. Sometimes it happens, i
I according to the board, that the water:
j suppl\ of a family or of a community i
liteomos polluted by underground seep- '
j iK*1. but for one such case there are
usually many where the water supply
I becomes dangerous by reason of sur
1 face washing.
i \K.v IM-: vs i vi-: in okhta k i \r;
"To protect a well or spring from
surface washing is not," says the hul
j letln of the board, "a dlfllcult or ex -
| pensive undertaking in case of a
spring, if it is well located and fenced
off so that animals cannot reach it. only
two things are usually necessary to'
fee that the sprint branch is clear and'
will not back into the spring, and, sec- 1
ondly, to ditch around the spring on
th'; grade above it. in such a manner'
that water washing down grade will be
carried off and will not. reach the
"In the case of a well the wall should
be raised above the surf?<f- of th* sur
rounding ground and should be made
watertight. It is a mistake to leave
crevices for 'ventilation.' A good well,
does not need 'ventilation.' The open i
tops of wells are so often a source of
danger and the open buckets ho fre
quently become polluted that every well
should be supplied with a pump and
covered with watertight tongue and
grocve timber. If the?e precautions
are taken there is no danger that the
spring or the well will be polluted from
surface bathing."
.1. M. Ankm Will He Given Police Court
Hearing To-Morrnw.
Justice Crutch field yesterday set to
morrow as the day for hearing the
case against .1. M. Askew, the man ar
rested several days ago by Detective
Sergeants Wily and Kellam on three
? harges.
Askew is charged with being a sus
pected bigamist, with defrauding the
Sturnpf Hotel of a board hill of
and with living with an "unknown"!
woman as man and wife.
'"barges against the mfin are being
pressed by the brother of his wife and
the hotel people Askew yesterday
wired -i North Carolina hank for funds
iv:Th which to defray the cost of his
defense, hut th<: telegram was re- j
turned to hlrri, the bank refusing to
accept ;t ,ind to pay for its delivery.
M If eliell Held for (irnnil Jury.
The cii.se against Reverend Mitchell,
colored, arrested by Policeman Her
I Ju??: and Detective Smith on a charge
of breaking Into the home of Henri
ifttii Hamilton and stealing a J.I clock
and clothes valued at $1, was sent on
to t he ^'rund Jury from the Police
i'ourt yesterday.
Iln\l* on l.envr of Almrm-e.
Kugene I?avin, Superintendent of
the Water Works, was granted a
thirty-day leave of absence yesterday
bv the Administrative Hoard. Ill
health is assigned as the reason. As
sistant Superintendent Daw ton will bo
| in charge ?f the department while ho
Is .*? w s y.
' J
Sorrowing Friends and Associates
Pay Final Honor to Late Com
monwealth's Attorney.
Lawyers llokl Special Meeting and
Adopt Resolutions of Sorrow?Po- '
lire Headquarters Adds Its Praise >
to Departed's Sterling Character.
Scores of sorrowing fflonds and nil- j
morons fraternal delegations assembled'
yesterday afternoon nt 4 o'clock in j
Broad Street Methodist Church, where!
were held the funeral services of Mine- j
tree Folkes, for -ten years Common- !
wealth's Attorney in Richmond, who
died on Tuesday afternoon nt ii:30
o'clock in St. Luke's Hospital. The
main auditorium of the church was
crowded with mourners paying tribute
to the memory of the popular lawyer.
The burial was ln? lioliy wood Cemetery.
Three favorite hymns, "Hock of i
Apes." "Still. Still With Thee." and
'Peace, perfect Peace." were sung by a I
quartet. Mrs. A. \V. Martensteln was ,
the organist, and il. 11. Johnson the
musical director. The singers were Miss j
r>oza Mitchell, soprano; Miss Pattle
Isaacs, contralto; J. Lynn Tucker, tenor, '
and Austin W. Martensteln, baritone. J
The services were conducted by Rev,'
John \V. Shack ford, pastor of tho
church, assisted by Rev. R. H. Potts'
and Rev. S. C. Hatcher, 1>. D. Mr.
Koikes was one of the stewards of
Broad Street Methodist Church, of
which he had been a member since his
McCarthy Council. Royal Arcanum. I
of which Mr. Folkes was a past regent. !
attended the services in a body. Dele- i
gallons represented Henrico Union
Lodge, No. 130; the local tribe of Red
Men, t*ho Richmond Aerie of Ragles, and,
Marshall Lodge, Knights of Pythias. |
Tribute was paid to the deceased at!
a meeting of the Richmond Bar yes
terday at noon In the Law and Equity
Court. Henry R. Miller, president of
the Richmond Par Association, called a
meeting of the association, Inviting
every lawyer in the cltv. Judge II. L. 1
Moncure, who presided, appointed the
following committee to draw up suit
able resolutions on Mr. Folkes's death:
H. M. Smith. Jr., chairman; G. E. Wise,
R. X. Carrlngton. Thomas X. Moshy,
Charles V. Meredith, Gilbert K. Pol- j
lock, Henry P. Miller, and A. \V. Pat-!
The following resolution was passed
by the association: "He It resolved I
by the hench and bar of the city of]
Richmond, that In the death of Mlnetree !
Folkes the public has lost a patriotic,
public-spirited and useful citizen, andt
this bar has sustained the loss of one]
of Its most beloved and honored mem- I
Mr. Folkes was universally beloved'
and grief was expressed everywhere at!
his sudden passing. Every office in the .
City Hall was closed yesterday after- j
noon from 4 to 5 o'clock In his honor. |
Police Headquarters Issued the fol-j
lowlnc statement:
"In t<he passing on to the great he- |
vond of our beloved Commonwealth's j
Attorney Mlnetree Folkes. we. the force
at Police Headquarters, feel a sense of
personal loss, a severance of a link of
friendship which bound his life to ours.
Starting out as boys together on life's
Journey, with some of us. widening as l
the years went by, his circle of friends'
grew to Include us all, and being Intl- j
matelv associated with him day by day i
officially, it is hard to realize that the)
end has come, that he has passed out j
of our lives forever."
"On his bier we would lay our trib
ute to the Integrity of his character,
the fairness of his Judgment, th* charm
of his personality, and the sterling
worth of his friendship. And some
where out in the Great Unknown may
the sweetness of his earthly character
reach perfection and may the DI\:ne
help which alone can succor in an hour
lik* this be the abiding consolation of
his loved ones."
Mr. Tliomnn Seriously III.
Joseph W. Thomas, one of Richmond's
oldest contractors, is seriously 111 at his
residence, 4 10 East Clay Street.
Try Harris on A u (rust ->?
The case against Charles Harris,
colored, charged with assaulting (.eo.
Lorthington. a brakeman of the Che.*a
poake and Ohio Railway Company by
knocking hint from the platform of j
a moving excursion train, will he heard ,
in the Police Court on August 21, by I
which time It is thought the injured
man will be able to appear in court.
Lorthington fell from the viaduct to
the street below and suffered a num- j
ber of bruises and sprains.
Cose Airnliist nrudley Dismissed.
The case against J. T. Bradley, 2221 i
Chaflin Street, arrested on a charge
of carelessly and recklessly driving
his machine through the streets after
he had collided with the machine of j
\V. H. Davis, 232 South Lombardy
Street, on Park Avenue, was dismissed
yesterday when Bradley agreed to pay j
any costs for the repair of the Davis
machine. Bradley claims to have been
endeavoring to miss another car when j
his machine collided with that of Davis. .
t'nconsclouH From Alcohol.
A charge distinctly now in the an
nals of the. police records of the city
was filed against R. A. Godsey at the
first Precinct Station last night. He j
was charged with'being unconscious |
from an overdose of alcohol. His con-j
dltlon was such that Ambulance Sur
geon Anderson was called to treat him
before he was locked in a cell. God
sey will answer the usual charge in:
the Police Court this morning. I
Elected President of Newport News
Company to Succeed Albert
L. Hopkins.
Was Unnnlrnons Cliolcc of Directors
<o Take the Place of President
Hopkins, Who Was Drowned on
the liiisitania.
Homer Jj. Ferguson has been el*ct??d
president of tho Newport vVcws Ship
building and Dry Dork Company, to
succeed Albert L. Hopkins, who lost his
llfo when the Lusltania was stink by a
Herman submarine. .Mr. Kerfiuson, who
is a graduate of the United States
Naval Academy at Annapolis, has been
vice-president of the company for sev
eral years, and is widely known in
naval construction circles.
Horn in Wa/nesvllle, Haywood
County, N. C, forty-two years uro, Mr.
Ferguson comes of prominent Old
North State family. His father was
.ludfio \V. H. Ferguson, and two of his
brothers have been prominent in tho
I'nited States service.
Major Harley 13. Ferguson, United
States Army, a brother, gained a na
tional reputation by his work in con
nection with raising the battleship
Maine, w<hloh was stink in Havana har
bor in 1S3S. bringing on the war with
Spain. Another brother, \V. H. Fergu
son. is a trraduate of the Naval Acad
emy, and recently resigned his commis
sion In the navy to become superin
tendent of a commercial plant.
OF CllJII'.t.VV IN 1012
The new president of the shipbuild
ing plant graduated at Annapolis in.
ISfij, and then went to Glasgow, Scot
land, for post-graduate work in naval
architecture. He became an assistant
naval constructor and a few years Inter
"was given full rank, belnn stationed at
Newport News as naval constructor. In
ISftR he resigned from the navy to ac
cept a position as superintendent of
hull construction in the shipyards, later
being placed in cfharge of .til construc
tion work. He became vice-president
of the company in 1012. and his elec
tion to succeed Mr. Hopkins was unani
President Wilson named Mr. Fergu
son to represent the United States at
tho international conference In London
last year to recommend measures to
promote safety at sea. In shipping cir
cles he is regarded as one of tho great
est shipbuilders in tho country and Is
well qualified as an organizer and dis
clpllnnrian. He is also a director of
the Chamber of Commerce of the United
Six RnoKt Itnbbern Are Given Jnll
Sentences on Southslde.
With the arrest and conviction of
s:.t roost robbers yesterday, the South
side police, believe that they have ef
fectively broken up tho gang of chicken
thieves which has been operating in
South Richmond recently.
In Police Court, Part II., yesterday
morning Justice Maurice sentenced
Thomas Nicholson to six months in
Jail and his wife to ninety days on
the charge of stealing six fowls from
the home of Joe Brooks, all parties
colored. On complaint of Mrs. J. L.
Cox. 2"0S Perry Street, Qeorgc White,
Robert Morton, Grover Gray and Leon
ard Young, negroes, were sent to jail
for ninety days each.
New TnrnjiJkf Director.
William Crawford, of Fort Defiance,
has been appointed a director of the
Valley Turnpike Company by the State
Corporation Commission to succeed
William H. Moorman, of Augusta
County, who resigned on account of
ill health.
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Gans-Rady Company
Twenty-Four Monster Engines Wil
He Put Into Coal-llnuling
Additional Rolling Stock Equipment
Made Necessnr.v by Foroigi
Demand for West Virginia Coul
Will Cost .$720,000.
Twenty-four .big Mallet engines to,
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railwav wil
arrive in a few .lays anil will he placet
in service on ihe mountain division!
in 1\mI \ irglriia. The locomotives ar<
Himllar in type to others already in us<
hi hauling coal from the New Rive:
Held, but are needed in 'handling the in
i-rrnslns coal trnfiic growing out of th?
hip foreign demand for the West Vir
ginia product.
With a helper engine. the new Mallei
is capable of pulling* a 5,000-ton tralr
over the heaviest grades on the road
With this additional equipment, th<
Chesapeake and Ohio expects to be abl?
to handle a greater volume of trafflo or
the West Virginia divisions without in
' reaping the operating expenses in pro.
The locomotives were built at thi
Schenectady branch of the Amerlcai
I.ocomotlve U orks, and cost approxi
mately $:i0,0nn each, making the tota
outlay $720,000.
A bold attempt to wreck Chesapeake
and Ohio passenger train No. i, knowr
as the Washing ton-Cincinnati special
is reported from Staunton. A broker
rail was discovered In the track neai
Hello's Valloy, a small station elghl
miles west of that city, by It. E. David
son, a mountaineer, who flagged th?
train in time to avert a disaster. Th?
rail bore evidence of having been re.
moved with criminal intent and an In
vestigation is now In progress.
The Interstate Commerce Cornmlsslnr
is sending out a new set of rules, rela
tive to the reporting hours of all rail
road employees. The rules require thai
a complete record shall be kept of th<
time employed by every employee trorr
the president of the road down to th?
otJl'-e hoy and porter, and that a re
port shall be sent to the commissior
each month.
The hours and minutes each depart
ment head, clerk, agent, solicitor, sten
ographer, and Janitor spends at work
sis well as the time ho spends at luncli
dally, must be recorded.
The order became effective July 1, but
complete sets of the rules and instruc
tions are just being received.
The New York, New llaven and Hart
for'l Railway has brought suit against
the Postmaster-General of the United
States for J 1,472, as a result of havlrip
been required to carry gold by parce
post. Tho packages were not sealed and
stamped, as required of tlrst-clans mail,
the road alleges. It asserts also that
its mall contract with the government
does not require the transportation ol
gold in this manner. In addition, the
New Haven charges that it was com
pelled to carry free of charge sever
guards for the gold shipment, and now
it demands pay for the transportation
of both men and gold at the regulai
In connection with the New Haver
case, it is stated that the Pennsylvania
Railroad has carried 599.000,000 in gold
? 200 tons of it?together with lf>f
clerks and guards, without receiving
Specialty Shops
Hair Dressing, Shampooing,
Marcel Waving
Prices Very Reasonable
Phone Madison 2012.
formerly with Miller & Khoads and
Cohen Co.
224 Commercial Building;, Second
Street, between Ilrond nnd Grnee.
The acme of perfection
n,?rpn Quality Butter, 35c 1*?,
Delivered in perfect condition to any
part of the city.
Jersey Butter Co.
1722 E. Main. Phone Mad. 4320.
It, 12:30, 2, 3:30, 5, 6:30, 8, 9:80
The Greatest American Political
From the Famous Piny of the Same
Name, by Charles Klein and
Harrison Grey Fiske.
William Faversham
I Samuel SnfTer Charged With Taking
Bribe of $:*5 While on
, | Large Number of Witnesses Bum.
II ntonctl to Testify at Prince George
, Investigation?Town Is (JuJet and
Lltl On," He[iorts Driver.
I-ormer Policeman HamuH SafTer n-n?
arrested at Hopewell late yesterday
of ,'iT'or p M" 'ad * Joh'rT o'reeru
connection with the bribery and craft
Investigation being made bv the Prince
Oeorge County grand jury. ""
T.'^V.i'iv Wta!\ re,nove'? from office on
j.? ??... , vV'?k bv Ju,1K? Jene
?u'.d \ . H,'?np ;ri,h Ch"!' Henderson
.in I . x other policemen. Of the elcht
men on the force, four hav? been nr
rested In connection with the brtberv
it" estlgatlon. They are Henderson
Lieutenant John Porter. Policeman H.
W foliard and HaflVr. Porter and Pol
lar.l have alrea.lv been Indicted by the
Krand Jury and the cn^s against
Henderson and Kaffir, a? well as othe.s
involved in the revelations, will he
taken tip by the grand Jury at Prince
George Courthouse to-day.
mtiVKit says i.in
L. R. Driver, who has been a repre
sentative of Governor Stuart in mal< -
in^ investigations at Hopewell for tho
last month, returned to Richmond
yesterday. Ho says every thine Ik
quiet there and that Supervisor Rives
and Chief McDonald, of the Du Pont,
police, are keeping the lid on In obe
dience to instructions from Judpe
West. Driver is suffering from a frac
tured kneecap as a result of a fall
he received last week while getting
A number of additional witnesses
from Hopewell have been summoned
to appear before the grand Jury when
It resumes its probe this morning.
Commonwealth's Attorney Rives and
Special Prosecutor George K. Wise, of
Richmond, held several conferences
yesterday In Petersburg, and have
prepared more than 100 Indictments,
charging bribery, liquor-selling, and
other forms of lawlessness at Hope
The grand Jury will probably not
be able to complete its Investigation
until to-rnorrow night. Judge West
Is expected to give an additional
charge to the body to-day on phases
of lawlessness with which he did not
deal in detail in his remarks on Mon
nr. WIkk* In Chief of StnfT.
The Administrative Roard passed a
resolution yesterday in which Dr. Les
lie R. Wipes was designated as chief
in charge of the volunteer staff of the
City Home,
ISIS, To-Day
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Life's Shop Window
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"The Gilded Fool"
As Ployed II j- Nnt Coodwin.
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?:16, 7:4!i, D:15 p. m.
"Seven Sisters"
Hundreds turned away yester
day. We surest that you attend
tho enrller performances to-day.
The Confederate Museum
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Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Admission, 2."Sc.
Saturday free from a *o 2.
The Valentine <*usume
Hours 10 A. M. to 6 P M. Admission 25t\ 1
Pr?i on fiafupitnua

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