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Tracing on Local Market Yesterday
Was Dull, "With Few Sales
' Agreement With the City for Widen
ing of Dock Street, Relieving Con
gestion of Mayo Bridge Approach,
Is Recorded.
Trading on the local real estate mar
ket yesterday was dull. Only a nom
inal amount of business was trans
acted. Tho Pales, with one exception,
were all for small property. The fea
ture of the trading was the recordation
of a sale which Involved J13.000 for
West End property.
W. J. Oilman sold to TV. Fred Rich
ie ardson a lot fronting tlfty-nlno feet
on Mho west side of Bclvldere Street,
between Main and Cary Streets, for
$13.00<"'. The property Is Improved
with a brick struc.turo."
Tho agreement between/ James T.
Sloan. tho Richmond Properties Corpo
ration and tho rlty of Richmond, by
which Iho former dedicated to the city
certain property for the purpose of
widening- Dock "Strpct, between Seven
teenth and Fourteenth Streets, was
placed on record. A strip of land twen
ty fe*t in width; running along tho
south side of the dock, if? granted free
of charge to the city undor the con
dition that a retaining wall Ih to be
built. The widening of Dock Street
will greatly relievo the congestion
condition of Fourteenth Street to
Mayo'p Bridge, giving as it does
ready access to the bridge from the
downtown dietrlct.
Three Deeds ?if linrRnln and Snle,
AmoantinK to ?i",'KK),
O. F. Dart et ux. to Edward A Rupp,
39 feet S Inches by 14*1 feet at the
northwest corner" of Twentv-elprhth
and S Streets. July 15. 1915; $3,000.
J. F. Shuford et ux to \V. A. .Merev
dith, 60x140 feet east line Fourth Ave
nue. 76 feet north of Custer Street. Au
gust 10. 1515; Jl/'OO.
W. J. Oilman et ux. to W. F Rich
ardson, 5 9 x3 feet west line Uelvider"
Street, 140 feet south of Main Street
July 31. 151 r>; tax. $13; $10.
Three Deeds of llargniu nnd Sole,
Amounting to
Abbey Realty Corp., to John J. Do
ran et al . lots 32 and 33. block 8. sec
tion A. Colonial Place. June 11. IMS:
;James W. Lord et ux. to Nannie C.
Rucker. 10 acres north side of the Dar
by town Road, about six miles south
east of Richmond. August 3, 1S15
tax. II; $100.
George Pope to Frank T. Sutton. Jr..
lots 61 and 53. plan of Bellevue Park
August 9, 1515; $2,000.
SI* Deeds of Tmit. AmoantinK to
Edward A Rt:pp to Charles D. Mc
Ew?n, trustee, 39 feet fi Inches by 140
feet at th? northwest corner of Twen
ty-eighth and S Streets. Julv 15. 1915
$ 3.326.
W. A. Meredith to .7. W. McComb.
trustee, 50x140 feet east line Fourth
Avenue. 76 feet north of Custer Street.
August 10, 1915; $900.
W. M. Gary et ux. to H. A. Mc6urdy,
trustee. 80x120 feet at the northeast
corner of Taylor and Sycamore Street.
August 9. 1916; $1,600.
\V. F. Richardson to A. V. Shea et al ,
trustees. 59x53 foe t west line Bolvl
dere Street. 140 f?et south of Main
StTeet. July 51. 1915; $3,360.
Arthur C. Nelson et ux. to LeRoy E.
BJofwn, trustee. 23 feet 2 1-2 inches hv
93 feet at tho northeast corner of State
Street and Williamsburg Avenue. Julv
9. 1915; $2,596.
William J. Ford et ux. to B. C Wher
ry et al., trustees. 30x122 feet w?-st
t:ne Randolph Street. 90 feet north of j
Jaciuelin Street. August 7. 191C; 32.-1
One Deed of Trust, Amounting to
Sarah E Gregory et vir. to C. L
Denoor. et al, trustees. 45x123 feet!
west lln? Thirty-third Street, 45 feet
south of Beattle Avenue. August 2
1915: $1,770.
One Deed of Trust. Anionntlnj; to '
Bernard C Nash ot vir. to R A Lan
caster. Jr.. 234x372 feet west line of
the Towann Road, corner of Towana
and Roselawn Roads. Westhnmpton.
August 12. 1915; $7,000.
Four Release Deeds, Amounting to
E. M. McClure et al.. trustees, to W.
M. Gary et ux., 30x120 feet at the
northeast corner of Taylor and Syca
more Streets August 9, 1915; $1,243 -
B M. Davenport, trustee, to same,
the same property as described in and
next above August 9, 1915; } 1,00V
H. R. Pollard. Jr.. trustee, to Mar
shal! Brown, partial release. 21 fee t
4 1-2 inches by lis feet 9 inches south
line N Street. 107 feet west of Thirty
first Street. August 11, 1915; $70)5.
J. W. Slnton. trustee, to E. S. Moor
er et ux., 17x95 feet north line N
Street, 5S feet west of Thirty-third
Street. August 10, 1915; $4"0.
The following qualifications were
made in the Chancery Court yesterday:
Ada Foster, administratrix of the es
tate of Charles Ridgeway.
John A. Donati. administrator of the
estate of V. C. Donati valued at $6,000.
Morton Myer, administrator of the
estate of Moses M. Myer, valued at J3.
500. '
Alice Overby Taylor, administratrix
of the estate of Francis H. Qverbv, val
ued at $2,000.
? Mary J. Chalkley. executrix of the
estate of James M. Chalkley, valued
at $950.
Ellen F. Kramer, executrix of the
estate of Albert Kramer, valued at
Thomas W. McCabe, administrator of
the estate of Susie E. Bowden valued
at 52,200.
Ida; B. Brown, executrix of the es
tate of William C. Brown, valued at
Mendes Brauer, administrator of the
" estate of Adeline H. Brauer, valued at
John A. Carter, administrator of the
estate of Leila Carter, valued nt $350
Joseph W. Montgomery, administra
tor of the estate of Minnie V. Fox, val
ued at $2,000.
j. p. Bowry, guardian of Richard
Davis; no estate.
John T. Miller, guardian of John
FJfancis and Charles Hugh Miller; es
tate valued at $2,500.
Charters were 'issued bv the State
Corporation Commission yesterday as
peerless Candy Company, Inc., Roa
noke; maximum capital, $25,000; mini
mum, $?.<M'00; par value. $100; bandy
- business. W. G. Jones, president; Ed
ward L. Robinson, secretary, both of
Roanoke. ^
Arrlngton <fc Green. Inc.. Petershurgi
maximum capital, $25,000; minimum
$51000; par value, $100; mercantile
business. William P. Arrlngton. pres
ident: H. A. Somers. secretary nnd
treasurer, both of Petersburg.
'JMarriaare licenses were Issued by the
There May Not Be Any Mexican Problem Soon
clerk of the Hustings Court yesterday
as follows:
Harvey T. Molr-s and Fannie H. Jer.
k ln.?.
?>or?e E. Swann and Ella 13. McGeo.
The Administrative Board yesterday
authorised th<- following Improve
City Engineer directed to have the
contractor for the repair tvork repair
the granolithic irutter In Floyd Ave
nue, between Davis Avenue and the
Boulevard. and on Meadow Street, be
tween Broad ar.d 'Iraco Street.".
Rids for the construction <>f a terra
cotta p'.pe sewei in the alley between
Franklin Street and West Avenue,
from Harrison to Birch Streets, were
received and wer>? referred to the City
Engineer for tabulation and report.
building permits.
A permit was Issued yesterday by
Building Inspector Butler to K P
Lewis, to repair the brick dwelling at
3 Of. North Lombardy .Street, to cost
$ 200.
Pl,l >ini.>T. PF.II.MITS.
The following permits were issued
yesterday by Plumbing Inspector Lan
J H Ros<> <?- Co.. for Jennie L. Reed.
712 East Franklin Street
Same, for <? I. Bearslev. 700 Second
Avenue. Highland Park.
Same, for Faulk Tobacco Co.. Twen
ty .second and Franklin Streets.
J. \V Travlor. for F 1. Picot. 1511
North Twenty-ninth Street.
William Brennan. for A. Sutterlin.
Whitmore Street.
Same, for Mr. Wright. 3022 Park
Same, for Mrs. K. Bibbs, 705 Gar
land Avenue.
Gilliam & Tiller, for the Cohen Co.,
101S Floyd Avenue.
? H. I' Maschlo, for Richmond Col
lege. North Lombardy Street.
Same, for R. Francione, 421 North
Elm Street.
ELECTRIC permits.
The following permits were issued
yesterday bv '.he Electrical Depart
Bnuman & Hlnes, for A. Hoen <5:
Co., Sixth and Canal Streets, four out
lets for elevator controllers.
Same, for W. E. Purcell. . Jr., 2S07
West Grace Street, twenty-four outlets.
W. H. Jenks. for Keppler estate,
2412 East Marshall Street, twenty-two
Same, for same, 241<* East Marshall
Street, twenty-two fixtures.
Same, for J. C. Bowers, 2001 Grove
Avenue, two fixtures.
Same, for same. If,OS Hanover Ave
nue, two fixtures.
Same, for B. H. Melton, 2305 Park
Avenue, twenty fixtures.
John J. Daly, for Nelson Speed, 01S
State Street, ten outlets.
W. H. Lucy, for James Anthony, 1124
"West Main Street, one fixture.
Same, for C. W. Davis & Bro., 250"
Hanover Avenue, two outlets and three
Godsev & Fry, for Lewis Smith. 1322
East Franklin Street, one five horse
power motor.
Same, for John Carr, 3032 Park Ave
nue, overhauling: wiring.
Ct."LPEPER. VA., August 12.?Dr.
Otis Marshall was In what came close
to being a fatal accident when his
automobile turned turtle on the Brandy
Road last night, catching him under it
and inflicting serious injuries. The
accident occurred when Dr. Marshall,
who was returning to his home in Cul
peper, after making his round of pro
fessional visits, attempted to pass a
vehicle in order to overtake another
machine with a party of friends just
ahead, and at the same time attempted
to put up the windshield. On the
foremost car were Mercer Jennings,
Pink Law and Frank Woolfork, who at
once went back, and aided by Camp
bell Benne-tt, who was driving the
buggy, succeeded in extricating the in
jured man. He was rushed to Culpeper
In the Law machine and medical aid at
once rendered. It was found that he
was stiffring from many severe con
tusions and had sustained a broken
CLARKSBURG. W. VA., August 12 ?
Dr. Wallace P. Fleming, professor of
Greek In Drew Theological Seminary,
at Madison, N. J., to-day was elected
president of West Virginia W'esloyan
Collego at Buekhannon.
Four TTnndred Emploj-ecs Are Said
to Hnve Quit to Enforce
Their Dcmnnds.
It Is Said That Ruilormnkers, Steam
and I'ipoflrters and Carpenters AI.sol
Are Preparing t<i Ijty Down Their1
fppi*rini tn The Tlmes-r>lspatcli 1 !
mTERFiU'P/;, VA . August ! 2.? '
Kour hundred riolaris employed at
the I! I du Pont-De Xcmoiir? Powder
Company pIn n* ;it Hopewel] walked out
this mnrninc, aecordin:? to the statc
mf-n of "? H Xichols, a foreman tm
ployed ;n the plant, mad* to-day. And
he further st.itod that the bollermak
e r s, jtoam and p\p? ? fitters and carpen-|
t-i- are preparinn to follow ?111 and.
walk out Mr. Nichols also stated that
a representative of the International ;
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers j
would arr'.ve in Petersburg from Wil- ,
minrton. Do!., to-morrow to look after
tli'- interests of the union
Cnder the present system 'he elec- ;
trical workers have been receiving i
about cents an hour. They nre i
strikinsr for'a minimum wage o* fit j
cents an ho-.ir.
This demand of the electrical work
ers has been refused, but it does not |
mean That a satisfactory arrangement
will not he reached. The Du Pont
Company has already Riven, and pasted
notices at the plant that on Monday,
August. J 6. the eight-hour workday,
?tvltfc pay for ten hours, would he
adopted by the company, and it was
believed that this was done, in antici
pation of trouble and dissatisfaction
amoncr the workmen.
The workmen claim that the Du
Ponts, at their plant in Wilmington,
Del., pay electrical workmen $.1 per
day for eight hours' work, and that
the men at the Hopewell plant are
entitled to the same pay.
The strike created some excitement
at Hopewell, but it is believed that
it will soon be settled satisfactory to
all parties.
Knrmers In SfK?lon.
The Farmers' Union, composed of
representatives from Chesterfield, from
Prince (Jeorsre and Dinwiddie Counties.
h<dd a meeting: behind closed doors at
Kedmen Hall, on Bank Street, to-day.
They were in session for several hours,
transacting business. When seen after
the meeting adjourned the delegates
declined to talk, and would not give
out any information regarding the
Xeir Hutldincn.
Work on the block of stores and
garasre to be erected at the corner of
Bollinghrooke and Second Streets by
Cooper Level 1 has been commenced
and the largf wooden building occupy
ing the lot, and known as Ellis stable
since ISTfi, has been torn down. It Is
the intention of the owners to erect
five two-story brick stores to front
on Bollingbrooke Street, the garage
to be in the rear of these stores. The
contractor, E. L. Bass, will have the
^"lco-Pri'Hl?leiit nnil .Mutineer.
?Aug. 14th last (lay!
?Have you made ar
rangements to get
your scholarship at
the special summer
?Tf you do not wish to
enter school until this
fall or winter it will
pay you to buy your
scholarship now.
?Isn't, a saving from
$20.00 to $50.00 worth
?Massey graduates are
with the leading firms
of Richmond.
?Electric fans keep
school rooms cool and
?Y9U will be under no
obligation, why not
telephone for cata
?Do not delay, you
have only a day in
which to act.
\ 802 East Broad Street
building complcte<l by November 1. |
llrlefs anil Personal*.
\\*. A. I.uce, of Boston, treasurer of
Virginia Fireworks Company. of this
city, Is In tho city Inspecting the plant [
aiul property of the company In Bland
In a fight at Hopewell on Tuesday, j
between Italian laborers and Amerl- I
cans, five Italians were quite severely !
handled, and as a result they are in |
tho hospital at Hopewell.
Dr. H. G. Leigh left yesterday for i
Baltimore, where lie carried a. patient J
for treatment at Johns Hopkins Hob- j
COVINGTON. VA., August 12.?At a
meeting of the town council of Cov
ington. Dr. J. \V. Wallace was elected
to succeed Dr. AV. B. Payne as secre
tary of the local board of health.
Much satisfaction has grown out of
this election, and the doctor has been
the subject of many congratulations.
Members of the council, ae well as tho
public at lurRO, feel that in Dr. Wal
lace they have a fearless officer who
will enforce the law und put an end
with Ills unlimited authority to the
many nuisances which prevail all over
tho town much to the detriment of
the public health.
Crowe?It obey.
12.?Roy Crowe, formerly of Washing
ton. D. C., but for some months past
a member of the orchestra of the Jef
ferson Theater, this city, and Miss
Rachel Robey. of Washington, were
married to-day at the parsonage of the
First Baptist Church, Rev. Cecil V.
Cook. D. D., performing- the ceremony
In tho presence of the bride's mother
and other friends. The groom. who
1b a native of Balston, Va., and his
bride were schoolmates.
Mill In Pf?tri>Tfd.
GREENSBORO. X. C.. Aucust 12.?
Fire at Brown Summit to-day destroyed
the Lomax planlnc mill, causing a loss
of $6,000 with only IfiOO insurance. The
origin is not known.
Pure Beer
I '
Is Next to
Milk As
A glass of milk yields
184 Calories; a similar
glass of pure beer, 137.
Calories form the meas
uring rod by which
science computes energy.
A glass of Schlitz in
Brown Bottles is suffi
cient fuel to furnish
abundant energy to the
human machine,
And Doesn't
Make You
Schlitz is pure, and
the Brown Bottle pro
tects it from the damag
ing effects of light.
Light starts decay even
in pure beer.
The Brown Bottle keeps
Schlitz pure and whole
some until it is poured
into your glass. It costs
no more than light bot
tle beer.
See that crown is branded "Schlitz"
Phones Randolph 387 and 388
Phil. G. Kelly Co., Inc.
423-431 N. 18th St
Richmond, Va.
0 Beer _
That Made Milwaukee famous.
"It Cost Me
I am ROinn to take it on the
family's vacation. We will havo
music for dancinK?songs and
band concerts. When we return
our Vlctroia returns, too. to en
tertain us at home. Yes indeed,
is the. best investment I ever
Prices, Sir. to $200.
Kasy Payments.
Walter D. Moses & Co.
10.1 Kant Hroml Street.
Oldest Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
Do You Notice Something
Very Neat About These
How Cork Saves Ice
The only way to make
your ice LAST is to keep out
the sweltering heat?and
the best material for keep
ing out heat is CORK.
There's no other Refrigera
tor as economical as tho
The absence of screws and
the use instead of little bev
eled straps gives a touch of
distinction and class in either
eyeglasses or spectacles.
Good appearance is only one
of the great advantages of
KeeLock mountings. The
lenses are cemented in. They
can't come out, loosen or
crack as they do when metal
screws are used.
It won't take long to explain
the KeeLock to you and show
samples. You'll be very much
The S. GAtESKI QpticalCo.
Main and 223 E.
Sth Sts. Broad St
Wood's Seeds,
Crimson Clover
the best of soil-improving
and forage crops for fall seed
ing. Puts land in splendid
condition and increases pro
ductiveness to a wonderful
extent. Makes one of the
best of winter cover crops,
furnishes excellent grazing,
the earliest green feed, or a
good hay crop.
Wood's Fall Catalog
gives full information about
this valuable crop, and all
other Clover and Grass Seeds.
Seed Grains, etc., for fall
seeding. Catalog mailed on
request. Write for it and
prices of any seeds desired.
SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Va.
Tanner Paint & Oil Co.
1117 and 1119 E. Main St.
Richmond. Va.
I'Ou th, between r>r eatur ana St or Sit on.

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