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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, January 07, 1916, Image 2

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Mississippi Senator Also Si ruti.^lv
Defends I'll I*. I'ountr.v's Action
in Selling War Munitions.
!<>ar and Danger of Aggression. He
Sn.rs, Comes From Victorious Peo
!< pie. Already in Position?Antici
pates Bulbing hv Foreign l*ower.
I Special to The Times- Dispati. i< I
WASH INiiTC'S". .tanuar; K.-lKvlar.
J. injr that J"' i> a "pcaio fanatic. but
* that tlits < on n i r v face* gravo diu.ner
of allac't at il i" end o:" the Kuropcati
y war, Sena'.oi .1 olin Sharp Williams, of
i? Mississippi to-day nwrii a vttrrinp
? pica for prep.-ir-.Mlnos- on \hr iluoi of
V the
"I <lo s.ot want the blood of
* any people lint I do not want an; one
* to shed nure l,? tlnliirffi
I Senator w TImi .<= ;??? i*. ?< I'cmo
* oral, and a nienibi-i of th*- KorriRn
Relation? Cot mi .ttco. a.;o j-troiifcli <i ?
* fciniO') th;- coin.'.-; at-iioi, ,i
mur.on.? of ?!!!? ??> bellim" ren t y. lie
uio. in pari .
"Tl if cvverii'.m'.iit -I du? :: tr.C
rule in its ver> t rst aiimlnist l a t ion
that tli?: ? i'./itns or sul>ji i'I" <?f a nou- !
iral ioutr.11 lia<i ri;ht '?> sci.' '
nit im o." >* ?'" ' u ? 1>? 1 Ii* < mmi t * ?
iti war. That wat indorsed Ii? Wash
ififtu. . i" A(Yer <>n had tvipr.-ed it
l" ? r-.ttnc
"I:. - .aim-, what <:liaiK-c would j
5 ?"?????* w * ?rV?* vi,h
ti.-c.' a or a la nd war w ith tie-- 1
nti!':> i" ? i ion'"! : o 1 n; ir.ur.Mio' * I
from neutral pun ??!?.-" Vc would be
i O'ld* mre-i l-cforehan ! to absol'K" ,
tenia wona 1 slavery. \\ ?. nou Id bo -i:P. j
jovtcil I" bull; inc b* our. tir.st-i-!a ??.' 1
pc> r in 11 j? ? ao;bi who possessed ihr
?t ri'ns"! h.
"Tlif i gtablit limeni ut .? doctrine *.l.x; '
v. ? hail i o ritri-,1 to j-hip liiuint. ins of
ii h :? boliic?-rents; would hamstring
n. to an cMer' eve tor thai it would !
"r.aiiisir?>'i.er t"i ;s; -'?!.< s"-- power j
on c-trih. tii* main object of ?
our coicniiiu-.ii '<< di'VPh'p tl t wi
? ili.-.lriai, . ; ot w ..;
? ?Vt-cp: i i !n -.?? ii.an- i?
nei-i " - >r; .
>o M'.Kll I it I M \ M.i;
Ot It N \ I III V\ I. IMII.K )
'?ii ? n;
11 v.- ,.p.,
Iv.ilopi ??
r?c .? irr i ? -
in ?t sc " ? ? ??? ? .
auto. rat.. :o v. . ->? ; ?? - cf
j . o : : ? t . ? '*:. ? >" I t. ?; '
L: ;e ? n:*t.-1 .. .01.
d.'.o;.. %\ :. : ? 1.1.--. former!}
':.pU cc. .-. ?/- ? . .??*?'<. fct-.d
?\.ti ^ c-' - ? . .vc.-.-if a", joi ?
cr: that ;? ad" :. ? to follow th?
o' w . o t0 t. e ? o.:. .?.. v ' l(
f UI Ji, t-d. .o .lilt ?
?c. liful H', h
? ? : r-. e co .. ? \ c <t .
?a a Jul .1 ? .. . v - ? j r.
lion . .. . oun
tar.- ' Jitions . -.
poriCd })} nilllt. ;ri, ;,ii
?f am not antuMpntlnv ;
am anticlpattns .yll;. ir.tr
fact that ? . i. ? ? .
? ?onrent to h<r 3i.*
III K .iroil>; 11? ? -i;*. .n .
\ ..ua. .... i .i: ;
otU'-! 'coll:-*. -v
\ w;? a ; lu ? f
? t ..it t- . ,
il:. 11 o1:: , ; , ,
,r;i'j t'.i . . ?
innui; on/ v i i- i,,
??ijU.T.. o:
i.?nl} .. : t ......
lit?'.r' : t . .'V '.
means of traint'.'orUt\;"qi
" V\ ( II.! ? .
MHi . 1 '.Ol.y- '1 II:, ;iov.
iiiiix 11 led. w < (? ?. i
t'I demand a 1>< :
for !h'' tfUdlli'i . 'I v. ;i ?
.O ; i
rlren uposi ui..ir , .
. ;t ?
??.?*?: i
.tnou: that a.,,j t
to ouarri 1 u. . .
proportion t>. \ ; ?
liai <: had; . .. :i
"f <;ipl<
?> 'i * :..it
\ ,\ PI .OfI | . Will
M?'t v I i\|| lit 1.1. ( I \ I
<j J : < J
? i ? .<
thnt hi ml sc. y i 'm a pe'?'< '?!?
j.ativ. 1 .j.. - ot ? i - ?
Iiofi. * lo ? ;? eii ? c:'. r
"1 til ? III t I" I V * 1 if ,
'Uiiii ' ? i.ffii;. ? . .. .? . . o.'i
i titl. i.:tti..l i ,oi . , ,,
:u?'J '.nil . ,
i.. t: ?. . ins... -i ? - - . * v.' . i \ ? in
dor', iitii .- .r< . j .f
I .'Ollri .1. .-JS
?w hat .Of.- . . ? .?
We liu-.t aire. . . .1 . ?; .
hi'J'i. If a* . ?. _ , ,
?? nhildr' ii o: 'a:.. f. . .
bo liO'. 11^; . * ? ; -, .
that fact biou^I.t ti> ? ' .it i ,
?? ? a srrcat pownr. i: :<riat ,iot i'.i.j,,
and if. v..? ? ? . . . , .? .
a tea the k.i:nr ?i.mo. .: after hav
ing l?i:? d? ? ' i. -ii>,* ? , ? -., ? i- .
allot hor ? ? ?
has t-oaie to >>. >>t n ( .
the fllll! r*_- 111 :? ? : ;.1.1 >. .. .
iied 1?: nil ii a U . ? . ... L.;
, ~ t he hu >w ? ? ? < < ,
iraf N the > - >
gfaT^* lis in aH'.i? ton'-'l , 0'
"r? diplomat:} ' '.a* ?? ? . ? ;
iho mrtt'r V ? . .
fo: ?-. ha ? r
and 11.ildrf .
v on a n man . , ,
j: .; v. liat ? ?*} r
? Ti i Sin *to.- ' n? ? t ,-t,
P^.pliitr. the other - a; that a otl *r ?r ?
bellirerent povA-r - ??*.-. ,,
-i voneideraldi -:,r. *. *? ...o- c
'i -??? rtold of at ' iO:., in . ' . .
. %J. neutral pe? '? .
penee to to;;. "c'.:.t;o. ? .? ? ,
world e*.'"?T.t ? -i -!?- .:v-.?? - ??
" ' interv <?ped. 1
&-? tMlTlir.lt f?IX I V"III\
i w.;' ok roiu:n.\ hi.i.\iiun?
?} Mcxii;-' furni? e ... t ; l; .
for anotlfi dlvi;i#46i?i.. v* ? . i
?f&ki lationR on t'.-r fl<?: t.< ? :?
preceded !'? ?*' ? r? t ?o. \* *o ?
Hon of * resolution b .?8eii."*'.r?i
Fall, '-alllrc
.,H for all aviMi.inl'- .s'.forrr.?.t;en n^a ins
I upo. tr<s n.'-sr.ilin. of ? ,?? C t-Mn?.,i
ioicrnii'Tii bj ih<- l ? ? ? atf-i
Comptroller As/^s
Ban fas About Usury
Scorching Questions in Official
Call tor Condition on
Dcccmbcr 51.
j WASi i I NO TON. January t>.?The
i Comptroller of ihr Currency to-day
i it'sued a call to all national bankti r*
] ijuirinp thvm to report ;o him their
I condition at the closc uf business on
' l-'riday. Dcccmber ill.
? The comptroller in to-day's call soe?
J further than at any previous time to
learn if money it* beinjr loaned by na
tional hanks in violation of State usury
Uws. He for a list of loans by
jail bank* during 1 f? 1 '?> "upon which Jn
i t e rest w as charged or collected, either
'in the shape of interest, discount or
I commission, at rates which would
(amount to more than the coui-.alcnt of
| * per cent per annum."
I "Flunk* ire cautioned." ?ays lite call,
| "to prepare this statement with care
! and accuracy. When this report filial I
jhave been received, national bank ex
aminers will bo instructed to verify the
report* submitted by some banks, and
if errors or discrepancies should be
discovered which may seem to make it 1
necessary in order to secure accuracy J
to verify the reports submitted by all ;
banks, the examiners will be given \
instructions accordingly."
The call al*o n?ks banks lo state :
whether it is their custom to require
borrowers to carry deposits when loans j
are granted, how much they are now
loaning to nondepositors and how uiiidi .
i* loaned and not secured by collatci aT
The aggregate of amounts which
borrower.1 have rcfured to pay banks '
because of alle^eo usury is asked, and
also tin total payments made by bank*: j
as penalties for usury. The call a-k
foi complete information as to the con- ;
neetions of oHicers and directors of any j
bank in other batiks or trust com- '
panies, their salaries, 1?;?V?i 1 it>? as pay
ers or indorsera ami iruatMntors of
paper urn! the amount of overdrafts
a^ain^t them
??.'??niinufd from ri.vs*. ?
place, so :'ai a? the strong .-ttaivs are'
c ? i j:i til* 1.: tpNo.nr prill. . pV
r.. -.elf-:., .stra n.t aim rci .it fur the
i's <?:' ever-body Tn*y are b ? sort i
.-. . - t is of :? h?o poli'.i. :!
< ? i :1111* ,i none the States- duality of
i not e<iua'?:iy <>f ind The.
is -ho.-;, 'jpon the *oltd.
? term ' .'?irtdations of and j.
.anil: .
"So -.'Ait turn aw.*; from t,?esc
. i- ?*?;.. out turnwrc aw*- from the
o;.. -if ?:.? world. Th^se are things.'
'.a "lies :i;id e ers ".len-.en. for which 'lie
? ? h ? i.ipcd .:id waited v it'n pray. '
v fu' V* .rt ?"iod ir .*:.'? that it may
:k 'r'~ !'?'?! mi nation >?' t^e
i.m.\. rr.nt . *ki.i-:i i l'.i)
i mi >r.vT Mr.r.TiM. pi..\< r.
'. ii..- I'rru ?.>.-*- jJeeied to-day foi
?. : t .. f--.fi t'.iftiK I '<* i. - A ii i e r i * a 11
- ; ?- ri t i; -. 1 onsjre-ss. -.?? meets
:? : ..." v . tc:ii ;.ii of J'*:?.. f dejla ?
. ?i m.c pei.d*'i* <. The >hoi*?
1> t .;:i ( o imittcc ?* .?
*i I '^ t' si o ?. .11 the iK'tvST^'tiOlj f !*Or.
?". ,c. ? ha :? i.\: A: has-a-ior
-ui.roy yi..; . .s prc-eider.t the ? on
c -t ?? T.ie- *. w .**? viri'.eil;. r.o *>ppo?ii
f ion.
Delc-nate* se:.*i-ali: rejfiirded the
sMe*-t??j >? I'eru a:.. mm.uer in
. , i ..i ahOilt a?. e\ -
detice of '.1 tir.ivi i .h! dcs;r* for ? lo-er
reju'iOi - :'ue AmM-. n-. : <*r>ub
- .. ? wi.,irply to .:.<? -"o:. -. --
l. - * ? ? \? > *c ?? * of i ' e . on ?
v ' s-r I'or a: . ? r? .1 ?li? ?
y S " ' ' liiUJl fl.i. Cr -r I
? in .* relation *h.:? or*.
? ?! !<*-'. - t ".* : I r-< :
" ? ?-* .- ' -V.I-.;, of ll e cot.ftrc ?- a-..;
? r o: r :ir;or to th*- ti.ectinc now
pro^! re. t?. a Vi< l'I i:. >'* i.tia^c
| e :oc>'.
" 1'?.? v i???"% the se--o .ii congress, vir
? ;.H.i ?* "r?eer ? oiv.pl." ?*?. Mos* of
r.e iicld onl; sliort rt-'-tiiif'
'. o -'In.
fe-..-;or - :o.j-,.oitow v ili r..? brief ar.cl
-rtt I.-:., teicsu.tr da;. vi.r;<>u? rco
. j: ? .* v.jiRf-st ion:' f o.uo 5n ? e
? ??(... I ..'eti: will "r..1 'nke'l Up a- H
Oil.t ll.eeti
Cue rn* oiution t'- !>'? ??r.-idei *-d
.. .j?l? <1 to-'ia- h- the ..cctioi, on i . .*? ?
"?-tatiot y ;?! eciniincrce r.ito'nn.c n*
if. ?> ?< ,.*? !?< :o-a-. rd .s:.
' ? - . i-CKruli'.ttOi.o At al. I'll-.
Aii.er- .ii-'- Tl.e s.it.i-n ... t..
? iv.. r.;u; ion for ur.'form
? . a ? ' - n.* bill will pass ,- oi.
-'? '.lie me-'H (. without re on -
? ?M.iJ.* ' ?'
n>-N >n;rt u \ > u \ \
\i moivvt \ t:rt \o v
!'!. ? .' . a. A me-re nil Tv. ? .??
M1 ? ' ? ' f'ra ? alSyevtv dr!e
- te !.. - Ir.? An.er':. h Sciontif'
' e ? ?> ???p.. ? hi II* italini. t O
- : *ii h as..I 1.. of W a'-hiif ?
? '? w ;<o-e honor more
M. I j.,> I .*\ ^ i.. en f ,-t. d in 1 .a'n; -
An.er; a r-.:!ia.(*. ::.*:. other.
.1. .'C .M.f. Oh ;?! ?.*/ -or ? T inti r
:.j-. 1 ?-.* in f,.i , of law
rotaiia! prin ' .fi o.* ??ur-. ? ? r.. r.a. lo-l.i.
'I'lcii i ? ' - M.Clio:; o;. ' r I. >i *
hi >\ i iiio.id 'r t.ePJ for *. c-.i ,i: tr li.j
aiivoi ati d i p.*.'t coilit at < u' in
"? a a?.'.i ...:<t
? ' . *i ,. -?> . do trii c t i i ;*' ? ? .
. . i ? ? i .. ? i? ? * ? :i no t! i ji.sr i>r .
j*-: .. :-.i - : > ' .. a t a nd i ?< r s*
! : .? . ? !.' ? ,ii. -.ii "f lit "..a
la a ? fi i i be tM'.A ? I It o: Ce -
tie.- i|\i i'le- in tin* e',er..i. i*
?i ,. s.- ou'iiiry *?<"h?iO k " I'.?? -
o .. i .2 ' .1 ? o< d. .1.
i ?' .? .in' . -. :*?-.. |M.te,'i a: ?S
i>.. ? s ., ;j, i ; 11.ti.
a J'i >? t i.? ? a-.ou- ?"??:. ??!i.; ??
? . r* mi late : !n?i. ? -. ?i azu of
Voi./IiiCIh.'! i i.e. i a i. i c .:...* ,'i the
? .ijii.ph of ; r. :er;.Ai son* ; iu**
"'ioulii i->* .'ci n :1.< nitiids of ih?
t .'if. ? - u* pre parr, -i r"^hll- op:-, o..
?a%.-r o. t) ?? ( , irtbli:-' .|'<-nt of l ? .<
. ??- .a1.ci' < f'Urt of a.-!? tra*ion v. ha Ii
I.' 'u'.n - I't i . r ... II k til
u I ?e . i ? ???-.?? i *,ui ,ii ' i-. a :rt
?? a 'i'. ' .In: ? . ane ,>?>. i. ? rathe ?
fr.'i,-. iif ta i.< po: i*t of th
iii 'sM? adj.st"l
t olds t atise llcAiUihc arwl (iH|i
. A .\ 'I- T Fiiii* M' i','i* 1> r, ii (,i* r . ?
*..?.? f,?irf e. 'f. ? . a f -, ? , t -
1- i*' i - "f I* t* i * I 11\ '. ;
t and the troops ? ore driven eh-an down
t the hill. M tin- fool of the lull the
j men ?ver? rallied by Staff Captain
I Street. Without a word, unhesitating
j ly, they tollowed him l>ai*U to Hip farm.
' where they plunged again into th'i
mi.1st ?? f that series' ol struyRles. in
. which K?'i!er.xls foujrht in the ranks kii??
j men dropped their selontilic weapons
! :? i?? 1 I'aujihi one Miutht'r by the throat
"So despcra to a, hat tie cannot lie de
\ scribed The Turks came on a^ain anil
| again, HuliritiK tnaRniflccntly. and call
' mi; upon tlic name of Ood. uut men
.stood to it. and maintained by many
?' deed of daring tlie old traditions of
i Mm race.
"There was no flinching They died
in the raul;.s where they stood. Here
, iJenerals c'ayley. I'.ahlwin and Cooper
ami all their gallant men achieved
? jrreat ulory. On this bloody field fell
I 'rigadier-i jcii^ral lialdu in, w iio had
jcarned his (lrst. laurels on Caesar's
? amp. at i.adysntit h. llvii*, 'oo. f 11
Kritjariiev-Cicneral Cootie:. i> a d 1 y
wounded: I.ieu tenant-Colonel Vun.
| ' Otntnr.mlitus the Ninth Worcosteishire
? ICetrinient: Lieutenant-Colonel l.evimte.
: ?'omttiandinx the Sixth lloyal North
l.anca.diire nogimcitl. tind f.leutenant- '
i ? olonel .1. Canlcn. cotnmandinji the
Kifth Wiltshire Kouimen'.
"Toward tills supreme struggle ab
solutely the last force? two battalions,
from the iren'eral rc'-erve. were now
hurried, but by 10 o'clock in t!'r morn - [
? litf.r the enemy vvas >p< nt ? the l
shattered remnants beaan 'o trickle
back. Icavins n track of co: ,<si . be
hind theni. My tiiicht. except to:
' oners and wounded. tu> live T trk was ;
'.eft on ou: side of the slop.-. {
"liy eve til n IT the total casualties of
General Blrdwojd'f force had reached .
I 'J.000, and included a very laiijc pro
portion of otTicer*. '
"The Thirteenth Division of the "ew^
ariny. tinder Major-cloneral s-haw. had
alone lost '"..(iOi) ?.ttt o'" a sraiid total
of I",000. Il.-i^atiti i'-'iii.fi 'i Hablw.n
w?i.? gone, ami all hi- *lafi men and
? orui'i.ii 'i'i u "H i'cis. ? ?tvfii '? ?
bet. h: d d-.sappcaeed ft" 1 ' " ?4~
effentivo-. The Warw n-t:< and Wor- .
i estershlres hud lost literal!*" every
sin vie ofh> t-r.
Ol.ll liKII M \ > N OTIO \
l t>>! I*l.lj'l l AI.MH'li:!)
"The old Herman not on that no
unit can stand the loss ot note *'Js,n
25 per cent had been eoiiiph'"."* falsi
fied. The. Tluttcetuh division and me
Twenty-ninth f.-tgad< of the lent a
Irish ly.vNiot. .-..id low; more hail tw e
rhtu. and h spirit weve rv."' for as
much trior- lighting a? iu=?it b^ ve
With th? exception ..i two "
tant salients il>.- Krin.-.h hem all the
ground ihvj had gath'.. ' '"c '! V,''
positions was ? hwhich I'C ,?Uii?n?*
had suwedfi t
i me only.
li h. hi f
dint; for a br
,1 the other was thei
! w !? i?:ii the Kins'
.rf -eisht liourr.
.'..ncernlt ^ i:?' position- .;ei.--r?l
Hamilton *a:
"L'nfot una
K'lOUtt'i. -IV..*
seentC'l w e: c
? i(. se ' ? " ??!?'
I worthies: - ^
(?r.iins to the
? e '.':\CS- I ??* b
ention the> marked tlf ilif
c -s ,i nd
?-Itt a nd
Mil- ? a ?
y .. i-'reder'cI',
a the ? on -
feren- e het? on importAtu
"Tin ?_ . ?> :p i'ao n
The" Nav owv we.e out ?
ond ;if 'd v:i'ii ranji''
no't the f.?ail >'? ?'Seucral i-to.^oow --
,,t ,,, ,,i' i . officer< or n n uncle
h. s eont nam! "
1 .ieuie::ai : -
Stopford ?as ntrusted vvtta tlie
?Ittct o- the unr'tceessful operations a-j
??itvia Pta> . leernlnj? these opera
tions. tJcncral Hamilton says:
"Tho M.ttior oir.inatnlers- at .-u\l.t
had had t'?> pel ot.a'. experience '?> ill"
now trench warfare or of furbish .
?i - thoil-. "'ri. i vero of paramount 'm
, . (t ; t <ic Sttonc ? lea ? t
iradet Rhlp" ? . i '??* promptly
, ;,o:i?r'i These r?ve the tea
sons which !ndu:eed me. with Your
1 ord-ihi.> - ipn ?? -5 <" -'WK' MaJor
Orneral H lic..-l?? 'a"'- ,nr'
tetiij?on?r? ? om; . :ud
llKI'l'lt'1 'I'n ?-'\ll.l lit'.
i. ... ..,-d to l ? tailure o' proper
.... ,x,.i. ?? j,.- t b 'he horn* sov
.Ml P i"J ? n* 1 - 1
crnni' i ? .Jettcr-il liamtltf.n t=:
? 1 i.-i.' Vour 1-ordsh p n Ions; cable.
In wti h I '.i.'-' that i- the campaisu
a as t<. be bro-ivh- to a eiulck and vte
toriou' dee> O;. 'afK- ''?? -enforcements
must i.e .? o:<?
>\ a '- b- h."^
:.?> Kt.-.s:i di.
tindi 'i.e i'".a
;i; i it.'la. > i? ?
f^r tit/1 I had
the lifc * ->?W
-ft : Not a'"moment
< >i: ; !.* ' '<t n of .x u? ist
:..:,s alone wore 15,000
i.?iiijsk n*. .Some .tf my
,i iivimiled do\\ :i so
?? witluiyiivv them from
p! c n *
t..l need was tn< r- -
the sadly depltl<;?l
? , ?hat done I wajitcd
?ifle- from what 1 knew
rttrk-.sh situation in both lt?
? l t-<"!tcrni aspects i' seemed.
snrakinjT. a certainly 'ha'
n,. r.? one" we cAttlrl
1 AC
hum.Tlv spi
Mill cl?r -ii< pa-sate for the Meet to
('ons! ti.tinonl'
? on"! ud ins the remarkable report.
Cor.e al ll-. oil'.o-. saya:
? On the 11th of October ^ out' l.ord
sliip ea??led '?sK t'K inc tor an est.ma.e
of ? e losso." v It'ch wouhi i?C involved
I., ine eva.itatio:-. of tho neninsula. On ?
? .,f icti,: . r 1 replied in t?.r.i"^
*\avk~ut t'.-u -u.'lt a step was to me
U nt h '?i. ai)ii
; I",: h f ?Ctohet f !'-? eiVed ?
a ? .? ?> ??? ailing me to l.ondon fot the
' ?i'Wj , r. f '^a", informed l?y Vour
i.ordfhip on >; atrlval, 'hat the jrov
e rntnen i de^irei ? fre^h. unbiased
...pinion itspoiisilde eOtnmander
,,i-if>!i t i. ? mestio-i of ear.;' evacuation.
The report ?? i>s a hiis'h tribute to
the work of t'i-_- troops. It says:
? All t anks a ere cheerful, all re
mained co itldent : t so Ioiik as they
m:j.? I; to 'heir r-uns and the count ry
: s? ?;.? k Hi-111 :l '-y Would come \ '.c
, tor.oiislv t rouv-h the.last and irteal
?-.ijt o' ' he >?: tt^.t !es."
Ite.HlRiiftlon \ecepted.
[speci:?! to The Times-Dispatch.]
AMI.: AXDIMA. V.V. January 6.?
^ i Watson's rcsia nation a*
.Vstot of t he Kir.st V.aptlst Church
uV;' a . e?ted the com.-,: e-'atton o
that chu ah last niifht. to uiKo effect
.It .11" =" hi:' own reuiK-st !>;. V^tt
will no t? H.r.-riso.iburu. X ^ ; m
assume tt- pastorate of the e l. M. I;.' P
,i?. . h ->f that place, effeetivo
.lanaar l ??
leave for i.oimtnniwmi station.
I'll IIjA D K.I.I'M I A. i'A ? .l?nuar>
The haul ship.* Sou' ii farolina Kanans
?,.,i i.iv-at. b-rt here lo-dav for tn.i
< ;ua!i'lii' ?? ?? station to flmw t>'0
Wearsr.ru. :?nd Kentucky. Tlu
-111ps \vir ? at Hamilton Uojh. ! on
i he,.- u a < f out h
R- I.. Hall*. Cliicf PrtKHceulor for
(tovoruiiieiil. Makes A run
ment liefure .lury.
cii.uuvic of Hixa-: m.vrto-d.\ v
i ' H-St> ill He Taken I'uder Con
i siderution for a Verdict?Number
of I'o.sMibilit ie.s Concerning What
Finding Will lie.
MOW YOKK January |j. j,. iritis,
chier protior-.itor4' for the government :;t
the trial of William Rockefeller and
?cn ?>tli?"r former directors of the New
^ New Haven and Ilartford Rail
road. under t!i?> criminal clause of Hut
Sherman antitrust lan . made his last
j appeal to the Jury to-day for thr con
I Motion of t)-.?- defendants To-morrow.
I after .ludtrc Hunt hit.-, delivered his
, charge, the ease will so the iurv for
a verdict.
Counsel, in speculating to-ttishi
"hat thr verdict might Vie. surges'ed
a number of possibilities?tin- a. ?
<iuittal. conviction of. or a illsapier.
mont on all thr defendants, the con
viction of some, and Hi- acquittal of
the others or the conviction of some
and a disiiKioPincnt on the ??there
Those tt lio.se fat.- will he determined, in
adrntion to .Mr. lrockefeller, atv. I.eu ,*
Cass T.edyard. Kdward K. Robbing
' harles V. Hrooker. !?. N>,v,om Karnev
Robert XV. Taft .lames < Homincwavl
? narles \| I 'ra -;. Heatoil Cofc,...,.
son. IVcderick K UiewMor and Henrv
K. Mcllarp.
The> were collective], scored i.v Mr. I
in his tinnl .suminiii|; up to-da-/
for bavins: attempted to ?hi:t ::-.e re- i
?-pfn.-ihilitv of their aits 10 t'harles S. '
.Mellon, former president of th<- road >
>11'.I.I.I*OI him. rni M..
stit.i ati> "taiAT';
U hen trouhle came." i-e said, "thev j
made Mr. Melien the ,w.u. if l niny use '
that Vapliic term, and i; iS not un
natural that during thi.s trial h< should I
continue to act in that capacity."
Mr. Mellon. he dcelured. had sousht !
to protect, them hy hi? tesitmonv. and. I
while he ma, have told the literal!
truth, lit did not seem "to appreciate '
the sifirnifieanee of th' oath he tool: :
here lo lell the trutli and the whole,
truth." :
?| haw sreat admiration for Mi
.delU !ie --id. . ... lMf same '
.?.0:r>irfit ion that t h;i d a - a i,o; -"or ,ho'
?;:>e old Ijttccsneers : i d pirates who i
operated on Spanish main. While!
he was hflndHn.ar the.-- -y. Mow (|u?' 1
tundv. he showed as . omplete i .jls- !
regard for the laws of his country a? j
any man could ioid heep out of' the !
penitent ia ry. Hut i ,11 va>
? ?ar.no; b? .-Ja-Md v :i, despicable
'?alid v. hoin ?? :,l! -.rafti s"
M;. Mellsr. i-a.l derived from the Now
Har en no personal prom, the attorimv
0\ |da ; nc u. oat of . ,Mi s.fiei.'t
iad h.ni-;eli' termed ?..?? u,e witnexi
--itand "h v private fhers" in the pur
chase* of certain stocks. Tliu pur
? lases \< e r ma.it, Mr i:aus av-er'.Co
for -r.t* beneilt of the .Vt? lluu-i. "hu
Mellen. in -hnraeteriziiii; th.eni as his 1
o*a i., had .-oujrhT to piolvct hir as- 1
Df*:\ot m i;i) i-'oit rrt\ i\<j
i?? nuii-'t iti-'spo\<iim.rri j
1 -!.-o d^li'.un -.-rl tile <le
fe 1.>la tits -.,i -irfmptii-k vhifr
?por.?- iv: ?. < -,o I'fhvKrd I- CohhiaS.
. <? r.-oer *-i ? ?: 1 ? ? ?. ?. ?oiins.tl r . roi<d '
?<n.i 011151- !a? ,-ers who had yiven then.''
i f i ? . r
Mr natts dwelt on the co.uc.llon ->r '
lh.> do fen - t,. ,? ., ] | , h Nl.., n;oon?
a> <|in--.tiOi- 1 .i.i legal -a net ion from
.^rato nuthoritK* or were approrod he
:h<- l-ee>rai atitiu r.tle.-. at Wa shins ion.
? tcatinion:. "-rtived he -aid tint
ih- 1 ena! sanction v.as ohialned not.
befor.*. hut :? f 1 * the a< .,uisitloiis. |
*?]['*? ">?????"?. - r. ?; * horit le:
ii< i!!ka! :?? ts the
-? ; lie -i' ti.-itu.li
"e? Have.;
???:'d :?
- 0111 ? .. i ? 1!
11 <!>i 1 0: J. ?
? *?' " f 'I. :ui m t it jst ra -
?i - *?? <ii.- hai c-. hia
dm. Nor ;?? the i.-f he dccltled bv
esident N'-.-mey-Hcreral
I'."- a rai.iiM'i eoi. .- . ton but b> >; ..
Conwre.ss of tne 1 y.,'t;cs
Attorncj -t.Ienoriil Wickcrslmm never
would i.a,f- withdrawn ;r.. dlsfcoimlon
?"J.. iiKaiiut the Net. Haven in Ifm?,
t: ?: pro-ecu s o: .1 M>e ?. hnown
ail the fact.-. Hm; 11;., hecil f,t(,
to the jury m ij,,. pre?ei<; ? 1-1.1 j. The
directors Unew .. ? .... ,,u,. ,h.
1 ^red into the . fljl
? iih.ie of liostuii da., Maine .- ucU that it
va- a \ tola tiOli .It Sh.-r:?ar.
Mr. Knits ridiculed lbs t..e., John
I ?i i . a . ?i, I { tj .'v! ?*I |i! j4, ?|? a ?? j*
act. d indcpe.idti.il> v\ 'icu , ir : .-e<i
ti' Ho-:. a mi Maine stock from :h"
New* liavcn ami held it teinporaril
?Wh.f training did this coal dealer
have, lie :-1. - hc-eom< a rallriiad
".1 1 av i<t i< , ?..
ai.'i Moriru 11 ""
'' "? ?-??.(! f.ooi l i.st
move u|ir iiniloV a' i.c.ix >~i,rl a-?? j: atr
(Ire from bur i?uii.?s. .Still tho.v kept
topping the* .*. it-e. :?:t/j pouritiv down
i.c -A < tern clopi k of ?.'hai.ak-I la . r a.H
? at-rnm.en to reuniii ever- ii.:i-v* liiey
led 5 ??S ? l.j' /(||.-e til'.' W.!.-I* tin
\ ft(?SC#?l 1,1 i
:bljft of the 1 both 1
anu niiiiiarv. !.,t to a batter, ..1 ten
Ncv "At i.and jr..i ?iitr.c ^-uri- *. .. ?
,'iim.v.j.J upon t r. ? ?ertieil ?-.?!.!?> a: ^iovo
rasij;,? u?*.*;! their barrel- e ? re red-Uo:
??:N??*t MOI ?> I.OSM'S
iM'i.H 11:li i)n !?:>|.ju \
k 1 .on1 ? ;j es w. r. n 1: i?-1 <-? ..,j
'! "'^'irin- v.bicli lia.l ..a,-.
' y\ ?< '? ? Oil I, a ha .id fui . i. i
?v af.t;?'.! their ow 1 i.Je ,,i
?v h. I, .treiii
I. it.i
? *- <i i 1.
I ft i* 11
-I'm .Mi'i vj.ii. f#, ? r
H li'rI " * hen ;* I *1 ? ;i - :
'' " liiat 11 ra a;, In- to 1 -
'"|V '''! 1' ' f"U- fii? li t m ?r
for the i
'i'o.-t jo*.v ,
i'l 1 < r- j.
I*Ffk Thurnda,. Januar ?,
'<? '"i'Jencr. .in; Nonh Th -f
h/ "? ?' v ?< Ai ???' l i :l? P. 1,11,1,1c
J 'l'I'. i 1.!. \ bcloi ed v. iff. .?f w. 1 ?
T " ? ' I'MVt a blls'oalid ;. I'tllo
'r" . : otho and ?'?i?ral hrotherr and
*'' T1 f> tiiotirn tli.-i. Joh
1 ? ... iri \ ervi.-w f'.-nuttrv
J?;1,'.,',, I -Ji.cr.il pi i. ate b, hpecln'l
'? 7 t rt Pl?d. at hl? home, vr?H
??i-f.\o tvii'if, tbl.? leoi-nillfr at 1.'
.1 11 v A I.BNTI NIIn his
-? - 'M orui \i
y ?11,< .',1J ? 1 <# (1 f.'t* la 1 f |-,
j I'm-liaineni and Country of Out* ,\c
ford, Declares I're.sidcut of
( liiiiiihrr i?f Deputies.
di:sch.\m;l cavics intkkvikw
Some l,i vol.v Debates Have Occurred,
, llo Smvs. but These Do .Vol Imply
Dfscord?Free Discussion Is Kn>
sence of Parliamentary Kc^iine.
^ I A "IS. January ?>.?"('arliament and
I iiic country are uf oti" noejrd." Baiil
Paul i'c.sch.tnel. |>t ;? mi?)? nt ,it' she
, I"toii. it Chamber of Deputies. to-day in
all i lit el view w It !| ;i |-<<|MCf-0 Itlltlve of
tin* ?>.socia t ed I'itmv , Tli - -n . to
the world. To i ho ver\ end' '
Spea kins of thi> w orK of I* o tinmenl
duriiiK 11?,? past yea r. At. Iteschaucl
w id .
lac chanilni has maintained a
| union of all l-'ienehintu. Seine rery
'! v c'debates iiave ix'i'iin i'(i. and "lie
enemy's newspapers affect to trr in
them siunv of ilivcoi'ii. but tti inniiouv
>K coarse nr.o. and the
opinion of neutral eountilev houhl
iioi lie- i|?>.'oived 1>> it. iI's^iihs on
the -?>soticr of pai Hainan in -y re
Ulnic. It dooj? not alwi<\? :tfipl\ di*
. ..-.I
"Notice. for- instance. a :.it took
pJ?*ee I'liici ? nnia .< 0,1 n ictil.*? r! de'S
?rto question. the call to ,'ir-ns of the
<'?! i coti 11st c *? n t. No mil' (ipn'i<ril : he
principle ot the ini';nui",1 ?.seti'a
tive* ">f !?* ?*:i nco heinj; tend !<>:? all
.-aerl }iec?- neiokua r\ to obtain \iitor>.
litit it liifv do not hexrudv'*? 11.io.it.
tr> s i"c -OU :-eCa I e\ \<n :i! I,) ? Of SI ;K8
111.1'lc j! thorn for sisi t i ona 1 icfonse
' .Minister of War w.t* l;
Kat'-il ii t|i< chamber upon m-n su. es
?.ikea !?> infiiip ? 'omplef i izn' on
? >f those resource? llo indicated the
|i' t'f.llil 'i|:s thai should a i would
surround tiie incorporation of our
voting' ? men mi i he a miy a n?! b!s <ir. -
l.i rn tio?v were iii:,i :.i inoii>1; ppr ved
I't." who unanimity w t ? * a n -
?!i important questions \\" Ti /?? the
mini-.ters revealed th< *. ??fin-, t
views of the filter on the ondur* of
the ?:o. w hen the\ tptien.lc'i for the
mi vine? of the country at * ?- of
the loan wiien tltov naked : j: i ; o -
i urporatiui: of :o ?> continu. li' ? "f ?ol
dio.i--. t;n\ oliuiiird the eat're - .p
port of both ei <h>1m :' Tiie ? ::amii?.'r
moreover. vott?l ti.a- t o i"i .
Mif i.cS \ ? ( \ t?? ' (* 11 U!' \V.?I! * \' i2 I
?>ut Kranop for t'i?* ?<?
TiiJit - U ? ? ti.<' SC^v'Oll J?I .?? i . . ?M?'|
S*a \ e.? ' ''o'iiforth ?: i i-e*- '.:i'
t h.?s adlttr.od unci more out ??o:iipi'-'?
ti.?t 'Mil unit \ i'i tho fa<-?? of tli- eni" . ; '
Kvcn duriiiK 'lie )ioliil;?y
Ir!iair- i.t. M lo ?. '.ai el ?> i o-i/> . '
t e l>asiei>' <.ui? -if?>ii i: K?- ???.;e II *
t :n" ?;i s filled 1>* ?dli'inl *ikI(? 1-v
< *11? oti colleague* of ?l>e Knii' h
t- r. ? . .ii il the ''OURlletf, f|<n r?tldi< i.aii'
i* ui"iiil><,l'h of I'.i it.?til en l
? ? ?
Treasurer ot Nrn \ ork I I mm, anrf
Knrnier I'isnilshcr of *i. I.onlo Itr
Pii lilI'-, t li'tlin of llenrt llltrn?r.
NMW V ? ?! IK. I a n u <1' <'!?. sr'.<- W
Knapp, tre;tsur<t of i>- New VnrK
Tiiiiev. ami forin-' rlj ' .? <l p il?.
lishei of tlie Si t.ouis HopUhJ.. I.e^l
sjdilcni;. ??! Ileart il >ease t?>-da.. in
tiie otlieo of the Titi.t;
Mi. K'liapp. n'liu 'imp :i\'.v -:>.iie ? ears
of aei. was one of the o ? H .t:, ar,.l
i :icorpoi at or." of the .V^so> P.-e?s
i,r.(l the NVwspapo! fuhKi-'lif-rs \->o
< iat ion
II.: w :? - :i nit iut.er <?' "he l.i.n;-.| r f
'iif . tors ..f ih, A--... ..i :.-d I'? < :,i
' ho ' iiiii- o| hi:- uf-.'il ii
Ml Kr.app came v>?, ft om
st i.ij. o- .lanuar.v ' :i .?>?? cr.
ir'^ - iiii i<" -ti'.l'i-- :i ? i r.-.i -ti i . i oi
t ii o .W r \ ><r "i'i
I I II ? l . I.tll l> IIKIM III.K
run I'oit i \-i.ii.m i niAiis
^ I I 'I I J a n ua i \ ?> - < "iia r 1 e * W.
Ivi.app .,(i he ?n a. t; \ r? .on hoc'. Oil
with ti.r *-t i^ouis Itepul/Iic for lofty
pal loo much meat, which
does Kidneys, then the
hack hurts.
Siiys it I h s s oi Salts iliishes Kid
mcvs and ends Bladder
I ' I IV l.i*. ? i IitCr-t <\e:t,s the kai
iie.v-. : i.? I,, . .on.; ovcrworKe?l; ire .
sluir.; -: ? and ;'csl lil.t- lumps of
load. i 11: i, tie in ??omes eloii'lj ; tiie
liltid.ii- .s irritateil. :?n.l ;oj innj h?>
ohhw mI ; ? seeU rel'ef t?u ? ? i tliro i
tint* 'ii; the n.^hi. When ui;
Kidit-\ i i.e.; > on mu- t iiolp them flush
off tie t>o!y iiriiions. waste or ?on'i'
lie ;i teal s; ii pci'Hoi shortly. A' lliRt
you t'e i a iiuii misery in tlie kiu'.e->
iCRKn >ou ? ;;tfcr ir*-'n ItacUaclu-. st? i;
l:c-a.i.icl-e. o : 'nv s -tout tell KOts soti:'.
tonc ii' i.oated and on fe<! rbvuniuli'.:
twine.i.", .\ iei. ih> wtatlior l?a<l.
I*, it i-> in-,?t iirink lots of water,
als?i ?- ? \ fron. any pharmacist four
ounces ol ,I:ki Salt:-: tal.o a t a bio.--poors -
ful n a cl.'ty-t of water before lireal-;
fr,st for u w days and > our kiditr>M
>.\ ill il.cn lie-, tine. This famous suits
s mad*: fr?>nt the acid of ma pes and
!emou juice. ? o:n';?ine<! with lithii?, a:; l
has li ,-n for ^om-i-ations \.(> i-lia.i
? '.('K-.'-ii ki'inojj- and stimulate tl.ein
to i.Oiir.a 1 activity, also to :ic*.iti iilizo
I lie .'>elds in ur;u<. so it no longer in
a sou i cm: of irritation, thus endint
Itlail.lO :' W Oil 1. IIOSS.
?Ir.il Salt.i im incvpeiif.ls c, tanriot iii
jnre: makes ;i tlelij htfiil effervesceo.
lit lua-w .iter drink wrlcli ever\ Oo->
shoul I t.iKc I ttv :iiifi l hot. to keep ti".,.
Uidttoxo el,-, ti a n,l iictiM'. O'lipRist-;
i*i?"fc a\ t h i > ic!l lot.? of and Salts to
folk* who heii, vo in overcoming kid
ncy trouble while i; is only trouble
SuiUini the Orjtnitm
without other oauriihment.
Effective for Debility and W?nt of Appetite.
Recommended ia TUBERCULOSIS,
Solih All Drujjisis F.. POUGKBA & CO.. lac., 90 Beehman St., New Yorlc
Col. House Is Guest
of Page in London
Reiterates Announcement That
Ife Is Looking Over I Var Sit
uation in Europe.
I .UN I >ON, .January tf.?Colonel E. M. i
lluuse. President Wilson ? personal
ropr'"',matlvc, the only nliun passenger .
uti ihft steamer Rotterdam, was per- j
milled to lanH Immediately on the ves- 1
sel's dock at Falmouth, and arrived in i
1 .ondon in time to take breakfast with !
Walter nines Page, the American am- |
liHSSndor, fo-daj. Colonel House de- j
i'lined to say more about his mission '
than to reiterate his announcement i
that lie was looking over the war slt- i
nation In Hutope. j
He will spend two weeks In London. '
departing thence for Paris, where he
will remain for a few days. On his re- |
turn here he may go to Berlin, but '
thin has not yet been arranged.
Colonel House assured Ambassador i
I'age there was nn haul* for reports j
cabled to London papers that he was
in Kurope to regulate the various I
American embassies. II0 characterized j
a? ridiculous reports that he had been j
told by the President to instruct Am
bassador Page to the effect that his !
nulies ar the London embassy do not
extend beyond the bounda of Great
Pt Main, or that lie had been instructed I
10 settle any alleged dispute between J
Ambassador Page and Ambassador j
Cierard. , I
right years. His father. John Knapp, j
and his uncle. Ucotre Knapp, owned f
the paper when he entered it? service, s
and h?* succeeded them in thf control
of the property.
Mr. Knapp was born in St. Louis, and
en tend the sef\i.e of the Republic
? lien the Missouri Republican. In l ^S7
lie waK one of the executive committee
of nine that had actual direction of
the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of
I'apiam tohn .1 Knapp, a brother <?f
Chnrlcfs w. Knapp. died September -8,
while commandant of the Philadelphia
Na\ < - Yard.
\V\>H !N?;T<.?X. .lanuaty r, ?Senator
Mi.fiuie- leiw.lutii.n huIiii k tiie Preii*
iii * to ?<et aside ?t day as .luwlfch re
lief d?\ 'or .I'^Isli war sufferers was
^? :<>ptci '"-'la... iif'er t'hairinan Stc.ne
..r th?> l-"o: piiiii Relations Committee
;.ad ?-a.d thit whil<? he appro\ed such
* .-ause In t elation m the Pr?l<?s and
.i?n?. whom l" ?.ai<1. wet# without a.
government of th^ir own. he ho peri it
woulO not extend to a 11> of the "rgraa
inctl nations.
: -i.
I'ile* I'ured in (I to I I Days
?mukrIxU return) money if I'A/.o OlNTMl.'V'i'
tail - i<? < nr.? lii'liiiiK. Rltnd Weeding or Ti n
tru-Mnr 1'lle.i. J-'Irsl .1 ppllcailoii gives i? ?
II of MY.
A Strong- Lino of Black and
>Vhitc Mixtures and Grays in
For business men. Medium
length, medium weight for me
dium weather; just the correct,
garment for the one-overcoat
Prices. 91 .) to MS.
AH other kinds for all nthor
occasions. *1 o to $r>o,
Knglish models.
Conservative models.
Srirt j.oMpon*::.i?nt iiie?n? o?f
your n< ? <?nrr *? It t to 1111
It up T>t* inih Junk '.r >o'?r
Savings Bank of Richmond
Same A* National RaaUa
HIT K. .Main it.
The "New Process" Gas Range
embodying superiority, efficiency and economy,
has come among our midst to stay.
Recently a prospective buyer refused to close a
deal for a house on the ground that the gas range
wasn't a "New Process.' The owner of the house
had us install one immediately, and the following
day sold the house to the person above mentioned.
This person knew the merits of the "New Pro
By those who know, the "New Process" Gas
Range is considered INDISPENSABLE.
including all styles and sizes, with all latest im
provements furthering economy of fuel and labor,
has just arrived. IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR
Sydnor & Hundley, Inc.
Dominion Trust Co.
Loans .$1,810,903 71',
Stocks and bonds S 75.369 04
Casb anrl due from banks. <563,580 05
Banking-house 25S.000 00
Heal estate in trust. . ? ? 75,000 00
Capital stock ? $1,000,000 Ofl
Surplus and undivided profits.... 1,1 -17,750 IS
Deposits I .?'22,068 02
Reserved for interest, taxes, etc.. 3.050 02
Dividends 15,075 |o
l?opo?il5 Deposits Deposits
l>ce. 31, 1013 Her. 31, 101 i l?co. 31, 1015
*630, 101 ? I.S70 $ 1.522.06S

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