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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, January 20, 1916, Image 2

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* V*Vl<1 MlXWltll troop* SxlUl
tor {,??!>, I" ;<llt !???: 'JU l'.? >;?!' 'll Wll
won to u?'' the a; mod foie<:- of the
nntton in co oiv ration will' Can;.t;7.a
trQO]>S K"lliK ox ? l\ l.atx.1 !t XX as :IU
nounced it the committee xx onbl nx?t
apaln until next Wodnovlax.
unions unsunl ?le\'elt?pments Mionbl
??hi mi-:\h w
isst i: iir;KoitK <ii:\ \no
. INpublica n ^onators. lu>wovcr. t*x
ptct tu keep tlie i<-siic before the Sen
ate. ai?<l eventually ma> nuiKo ati effort
to got the ipieMinn of interxetitlon up
I'ot a vote. Senator Itorali is ejnivnss
Wik the Senate to deterniiho how much
support could hf- rallied for a motion
to dish.irue tMo commit.tcc front ion
t-idi ration of |ien<l;r.tr resolutions should
it vote no: t" ifcomm'-nd .4:t> a:i?? u
10 the Svnate
Scimtoi > I niitt' ? ? 1 ? 1 I !? . 1 in* >'<?"!
to-day tli:.i Mo Jm ????If of : ;??? oillitrx
demand ;? nmr? a;;:-: ? ;x < policx To
inorrov Semiti.' She aiiv. of Illinois,
will calV up a ii-cilutioM 1 ?? introduced
to-day calling on th.- r.est'lent for in
formation is- wlicthc: the 1'nited
States onterf ?i into :x>rro?'nept with
South mil < ritr.ii Vmei'ican nations
not to Inter*ciu i'i M<'\i 'u without
thoir coiis< lit.
,\ t ** ?? ? ? ? ; <1 1,x th* * ? ia
I'eiat ion^ ? ? 1 ?'-it t? -. ov the noiunatlon
? ?f 11 f. 11;l'rather Fletcher as nihas
-!?dot to >b .Wo b< calls-- IViMin .t \\ . i -
*01.*.- : f mi\ tii St * ? a t or !?*;?!? "1 sollit i01;
"f .r..(iiu !o info: ..it ?'! I'o'lt t.ie
l!.".' r.ll'Xil SliVl'l'il'ilf oi !! ?' h.'l II ? ?
c. %??"!. "I'lit ' i'I'I> *?? : 1 '? I ? "? ;?<!> in ii
t f >.v 1 . *
. . ii fioin First I'm:- ?
herlain. "an untrained army never could j
have resisted ilrniMii;. and France,
could It.'"
"Tin} iiexet xxotilb h.>x.- Known xxh.tt
hit 'tin." answcif.i ?Sonera I Wood
A vital fuctoi i ti the prevent situa
tion he t?-?It! tlit- . omniiitce. xvsia the nc
ei*?;fcity of l-uihlini: up an officers' re
serve corp Wii'i ll'0.i?i>ii in the land.
. oile^e* tmdc: n.ilitarx trainine ..ml
every impottant 1 ijrlu-r educational in
stitution ortaMrii.u offii-ets : r:iiin .v ?
units he thouuii*. it wtmld l>- :ia e:is>
thinu to loiihl ;ip the f<?:<?<? of .*i0.t)0'i
i?'ser\' ofti i'v> ? y.
Ask?'l wii.it tiei'l there wns now for
prepar?'iij t ilj? t not eNi'! .1 je;i
:>ko. ?;? 1 etal Wo'mI ?:?i?1 lh> ? w?*rf
storm sicv.i!- ?>': ;.ll sliler- and no ..lie
knexv w I - n *h? liirlitiiiim' xx..ii!tl striUe
"The <1? vclopntentf of th>> last year
I'Oth t'? t' ith < ?ii- a i d abroad.'
he satil. ' 1 nd'? 'hat xve neexl 10 he a
little holt'-i ;? 1 ?? i? ?>??1 There -.s noth
ing I'oncri ?1 >.i.i -?
'Jit tll>' '? ? ??.:?' ilffetiKCS.
he *-;?!?! tin pr*.?:: . - 'x ? 1 ?? aide to
:each a r.mc" > f ? mI> if mount- .
? '1 for ;? : ???i. u elevation The
trouble x*.i.- x> i'J- th- 1. . a ? ri.'.wi lie
s;ipI whi.-'.t limited ? .1 ? to M.tniO
? aid", ivln-j.;,? II .a.i'i .1: navy . raft
w?:rt s.t'.' .1; 1 ? x e? 17.0V0 yard*. J
I (< |daeed :':i ? r ? ? 1 States ii.ixx ,
fotnth amoi l ?. 1 .. xx..'i.l poxx - ?
ers. tlreat 1 ? t;??*??. ?Sermnuj and .Itipan .
ex.'O. (ilnir It in >:????. ;_i 11'
I.KW is MM HIM! I.l N
i n hi-: Ti'>Tt-:i? \?. \i\
Tlf ?-?<!. l>clli>--.-t etit tiatiotis
\x?-r. hn; ii;-- 1 - *u.. *? 1 v r.' thou.-ands
? *ie l.etxlv ?_ ir.wnl'td l?*. at:
\t.'ei'h.-ar, off-.. . r of t'.x- -.oast artillerx
l,o^x retired. 1 ej? t I 1. :;.e Oid
na'jjo. Ctirea-.i hf au.-t of fault; mate
1 hi! used t!'e xxeapot; ?.nppl.<d for'
t*?t.v. This i!Un. developed th?e xears'
ago. he .\n!.!. :< i anted.red oi,.>.
man iiiaeinne cu'. of t: 1.? 'Jerm.iu arm:
?'I'I eotlld l-< ..I";'. I a I". '1 tit'ed :.
no?tttoil l.y .. si.,ni. : 11 II. .nhied ?'
iM;-.t it xx. j . ho ii-s;."i 'n-:. ana; . iioni
i i- -h-.\e Mom i ?? xvorl; tindet* '
xvax hx th. .iiiii>. lieiieial Wood e\
hfPHetl to the committee the . :i
dential plans ..f 'i-..- d*?f?.ji;-. ol Ih^ton.
eompletfd reeet.tiy after >:ine months
of surveying anil study and including
lint of d.-f, ? .f. ...qht - ii.i'ey n Unnthi
and minute in detail It. said the eivil
? nRineer.i of ? .. xx ere ji-.-pa ? : v
ifi 01 v!anl7.e a -? w. >? \ 1 ,.,, j,v j,t * 1 ] ;.j
Mich XXOt'r !- flltf ?
? <
mui:\ks m i
/ i'i-:mt. n ic<.ii'i i \ rn?\
!Spv?"ial '' j?J ? io tVi. T me<- rusji.v. !.
l.UXI?O.V .Ianv, \ IV Moi-.teneuro
has broke') . m notiation. \? .t,
VUMria a ceo. lu,^ .t,| .s;;,|r
nent issunl lo-d.iy at tin French en
has-fx. KIiir Nicholas ami hn family
and suite the .lournal des d. p.us. ..f
i'arits, says have *?!!??,: to: Italy.
' 1 ' . e! 11?S XX IT..
ter eRi o. ex en ?i.ou^|,
... IV! ins Xx 1 re W|. J..;M >h
that Montei.v'cro. e\en tiiouish at
mercy of the in\:.det -, ? oubi not .m 11.|
them. Tin1- :? ? ? ;? . 1 ess -its
patcli from !'.i:v . . . >? ' ?
up of all ra.lxx . ? ? 1 ' in j..t* ox- ?
ae xx'cll as com . s?uvr.. iiviei.t xx h h
WtU. It' I'll! til I a'te' tl.e XX 1 . ! !|
turn. .Vie ho la" or hi- ?or. I'- I'
ter. was *o ' n'.e . on jr .- ? r
nractlcall> .-. pt e*-. 1 M011 >-;.uv
except Moo it 1..': am: ; n <?: ..u,
Serbia s ? o. . a' oj ? .? ? o
bt XX i;>?- I : 1 ?: ?? )
The follow othc.a! stHte'.s.i .' >\ >
isr.ufd ir. f'a - . u ? a>, aiaib
'??ere t - in * mm I. : 1 ? !'r 1. .
"The xvir? less ,.-xx s ..f t. - - .1 ? 1. i<
of Jim .Montei.i'isrir. arm app< at- o-,(e
xehnt premntui' I' vow aunoni. ed
from another si tl.-it euo' ;.<t o ?.
hfctxxetn AUJ-t! ?:'i .Montenegro 1 1
been brok* i ; . . ? -:*-ons of !:v:e,i
dt:r iu.po?' J .V . :i . Iiiimii ? 1-een
found quite .1 ? eptabb ' Monti !M -
"Tl.e Kir.K. ti e ii. : r,1 mii? . t.ij the
diplniiihtii 1 pi p. .r. 1 , ? 1 p-n.
(or ltal\.
Reports t :t?. /uti.-ii
UI? liullii sai?j t ? at . v. ^oti.i?iot
xx'cre pro- 1 e. 1.1. ^ t K p N'i'hol'
had return'(I t? ? . r,v
Iield b" thi Au trians and tl ; t ? repa
rations- X\ ' r l.e I f,, ? j n
abdiCitte in fn^or of i>oxvt Pr:-? . i'< .
tor. Tile .ure-iiur' t-'tuer; x.,j.?:
nntl Montenegro. - -.1
l.at k for a r.ont
hIiiioIm llersell I lirou^li 11 inn wttli
lltxoltcr on lt?-i)iriiiiiK l'r?iin
II iisbn 11 il * m I'linrrnl.
WASH l\OT< >N it-, .a \\ .
Mre. NVinon: t?!.i<.? .. 1
iuoiiik 11 an apart no ..? . ? ?
ilax-, from the funeral r' i, .in,mi,
iJeneral Samuel I. le <. 1 * ? ,t
litrtelf throuien tj,. . ? v .- . ,
xolver a ltd <1 ci .ista: ? ,]
OlauKon. xvho died on Su- ... \
iniy.hix xears old ami v. hrevetted
by Gx-iierul Urant for \ ? kj
burp. 111 h vx ll- ^ it- sevent
Hefore etuiire hr: fe Mrs 1 ? s^o-.x
locked herself Ii 'r.? ?- bedrnor-i nvi
wrote a loiij- le?1 e ? l.e orot : ? :
fiftt'M :ti flu' n?\! " '? >'ii? ;i*?ke<i ?
shx* h' nuru'd 1 ? ''r-11-? r? r
beaidc tr.t eeneial.
New Officers of Samis Grotto
? AI'TAIX \\. II. mKII*.
C'lilcf Justice.
\ ellcil !'r?i?ltrr? of Mm-hauled Itcnlm
>\ ill Mote li> \rn tjunrtrrn nf
Maxonle remote.
S.iuiis Urotio. Mystic Order Veiled
I'copilots of t!?e Knohanted Realm,
elected ?lio following ollicers tor il>c;
jmii :it Murphv's Hotel last niglit:
i. Iloip.T. monarch; Captain
William M Mvers. chief justice: Char
les. it. .Mason. master ot ocremonics: K.
Kaloi^h Phillips. treasurer; W. M. Wat
son. set ret ;iry.
Meet;t;>;s >1 ihe tirotto will hereafter
!>c hold iii tin- Masonic Temple in the
errand lodee room, on tin- third Thurs
day of each mo- ih The lodge formerly
met c*!i tlu' i!tird Wednesday. Miss
Helen Kient. .1 dancing instructor. has
boon engaged ?>. t.h?: <lri'.l team to touch
new si ops
vtrinij? Crohn hi li (? "I'lint .Settlement of
l.ii*itnuiM Controversy W ill lie
ICenelied 011 Thin llnsl.s.
WASHINGTON, .la nuary I?. ? tier
mmiy'.* proposal to incorporate in the'
settlement of the Lusitania case :t ies
? ?r\";ition of an> admission of wro:m
doing" l?y her submarine < ommander,
is understood to have be ri rejected
by the Inited States. A n> u proposal,
from tho l.erlin government is ex
pected momentarily . however. and there
lv .t possibility that tho controversy
may be closed i>y the elimination of all
mention of th?* merits oj demei its of
the iietuaI torpedo!lis: "of the vessel.
?.Jermany agreeing to pay ail indemnity,
for the American lives lost, reiterating'
expressions of regret and 'ailing at
tot lion ilircctlv by inference to the
contention that she already has given
the most effective disavowal by malt
isiji assni.i'u'i". for the filiate.
? ?tib ial and Teutonic diplomatic cir
cles remain optimist! ? ? regarding the
ultimate outcome of the negotiations.
A strong desir* prevail* to settle the
controversy in a manner satisfactory to
both governments. and pleasing' to pub
he opmiot! in both countries, tuttoials.
}iow ever, do not believe that a settle
ment In wbic:. tie:many was permitted
i',.s?r\e an admission of wroiiK
doing would tnect with approval in the
I'tiltod States, while, on the other liaiul,
i; - declared that the opposition in
t.ermany and public opinion there
would not approve of a settlement
which would entail an admission that
the commander of the i^jbmaiiue ">\as
wrnim in sinking the l.usitania. ' ott
soi'iuentlv, it was considered in various j
quarters. there was it strong prob
ubilitN that a -eit ieiiient might be ?
effected ?>> eliinimitii.g discussion of
t. , t.-.. commander under a
|.V,li.\\ of the (ie: man government,
wt.icii ha> -.i.e. been changed as the}
?esult ot' negotiations with the I'nited
-ta*,-s over submarine warfare
? null 111*1 \ppm\cd lor Kniitpmeul n'
llig Itmllo stations In l'nrto Ttlco
atn?l lln*> nil*
c a-iHNCl ? >v January i''.---One of'
i. . .t. siir;i.- toward "inking the
t I'ed Mates and its foreign posses
together i>y a great chain of j
v? , ? <? 1 r- ?> stations was taken to-day
wi.en Secretary Daniels. of tne^ navy
a;,;irovifl a contract with the I'edcial
1 ??*<?? ? aph '"ompaliy. oi San ! rancisco,
I'm ?h? equipment of tin big radio sta
tu.nr. now tinder construction at ?an
Iuo C,l. Cavite. I' 1 and I'earl
I la; nor Hawaii. Completion of these
stations within the- next year will
; .,ve tway 'Ot radio communication
.. ,, Washington, not only to the .n
possessions, but to almost any
. t he world w here there may m,
a receiving plnnt
I'll- - i >? now licinp pieparcd i>y the
' i'?epa;-t?nent to Increase the pow
, . vlsMng <Mulpnietit at 'I ut
uila and fSurimi so as to tnake them a,
.,.1 ,.t the na.n world chain. Inter
-tat... at Hoston. N? w '
I,,.- t'oint .0.1.... '"uicago and ?.Su m
J,, , |"j-. . have been strengthen
ed and are Vole to relay messages j
' f,on "bips at -ea ?" Washington, via
iin. to: \ : . ti el's.
I--.; 11 ... - .1 a ? ro :;t in radio de.\ol
wll be made this year at
Charleston, - Juan, Key W est.
Pucei Sound Cordova and Mare ls
r> . pi uc at these places will
'be strengthened and their radius of
?ommui <? 1 t:on> i;i't atly extended.
T';;c i stations at I'earl llai'.ot
i-i<i t'uN it' sv ill be the most powerful
Ci.\ world. "1" ? will lie equipped (
with 'ipparatu. fo. e\cl:anging men- |
?. (,v.r nil area i>f approximately
1.: -. 1?" m?!e?. the an a test o st;tntc ever
a * t * 111 r* * c b radio plants tioing a reg
' iilar Vmsinet-s. Kacb ? 11 maintain
dir. t ?..ii v inication with San Diego,
1 the Canal /one and the Arlington rtn
, and bo able to swoop the T'n.-j
, ... 1 ..11, t!..- Philippine islands '
1, ; ].. Alaska Zone
\rw \ urk 'llieatrieal Man. W ltl? 'I riink
> nil of l.ri-iniin l,irn111 ri-. Held
In ||riti?h at Kill moil Hi.
!.'?Mi,i". .1 ,' -.ary 1-Isaac Itose.
.< ^? York theatrical man, former j
? j jiu i viii. .'-'a ha ret, the dan
?.* i -: 1 ov 1 <i b the Hritish au
Itioi tn ? fi-Miii the liner Wottcrdam at;
1 I'aiinout' to-d;.y w?tit a. trunk loaded
?wit c..-;.,,ar w ? lite-siture it Is
? . ha 1 i;c<(
i-i'iv. a, 'oidint: *f> the authorities,
iw. 1 posse^rion of three American
'pa> 1 ' "lie of ?.?. h'.-h was w aj out.
<?' ? se. r.iul ..-sued :n I lie ICast
11 ?> ey ; t;,< .1 jrd up-i'i-date These
;,-.v j,(. |v t,, 1 lined over to 'he
\-t ? 1 ? < ? i .>? . a'>,( if notliinsr l*
| fo . - ,a u -y ' h ;!?<,, |e ? ! 11 he
1 pet tn;i i..,1 11, it the t runic
1 be .,.| 1 "... Itritich Sniihorl
I ties.
(,i;oi?;i: ??. iumh'hii.
Child Labor Bill
Is Not Taken Up
Delay Due to Filibustering Tac
tics Rcsoited lo by South
ern Congressmen.
WASsill.Vi?T? 'N. .January JFilibus
Uiin- tactics o sorted to b\ Southern
Congressmen iii'ivt'llU'ii the Keating
vhihl-labor bill from being taken up
in the House to-day. It was announced
subsequently that the moasure would
not be considered before Ilepresentative
Watson, of Viiginia. submitted a mi
nority report from tin* l.abor I'omailt
!<?<? opposinu tin* measure
As the time approached when the
Keating Will ordinarily would be reach
id in the call of l onHnittc s. Keptesen
(ative llagsdale. of South Carolina,
made the point of no quorum, and
a lout; delay resulted while the metn
licrs came sciii i'\ itip in. 'I acre was a
hurried conference between Represen
tative Keating. of Colorado, author of!
the hill, and some Southern members
who oppose ?. after which it was an
nounced that the bill woyld not be
taken up to-day nor pending the sul>- !
mission of the initio. :t;. report by .Mr.
Will \tteiul l-'lrst I iiiiuri">i< of Nalit.iiul
>e"iirlty l.eugsie. Wlilcli llrKln*
"l'l> ree-l?n y Se?>lnii Tu-llay.
WASIII.WlTnN, .la n nary I!'. !'-r !
parednecs advocates from many St .'??.?
LMtheii i, here to-night to attend tha
first congress of Hit National Sei i.-.tyi
l.'-ugne. which begins a three-day ses
sion to-tn'?Hrow lov discussion of tl-u'
rational defense. Many patrioii< v'?
eieties, commercial organisations imi
institutions of U-.mmug throughout 'he;
countty will In* "<-piesented
Prominent speakers at the vai i >us i
sessions will Inrlude Mayots Mu hel. j
<?: New York: llohert lim oii, for:* er ?
Secretary of Stat< ietvid Jaym- Mill.,
former ambassador to Herman; ; Hen
r.\ A. Wise Wood, of New York: \lis.;j
Mabel lloardtnan, of the lied Cross i
Cieorgc von 1- Me>>t. former Se. reta:". '
!?:' tin N'avy, lleniy I- Stinisoti. for
mer S. cretavy of War: Mrs. William*
c unniings Store:-, of the I>.iugh
? >f the American Involution: Oe.vrge |
W. Wn.kersham, f i.-mor Attorni.y-c; ;n- ;
eral Frank 'Morrison, of th>- Ameri
can Federation if l.abor. and Senators'
Chamberlain. of Oregon; 1'holan. of!
California, and Lodge, of Massach I-j
MA \ (ll( MITl IIP.I, 'I O III) \ l>
m:w vimik
XK'V YoKK. .Sanuary 11'.? Mayor
John I'urroj Mtt.-iie] will lead J.'cojj
delegates from Nov.- York, who -vOl '
leave !!..> city on :: special train *o j
morro\. nmn, nt to attend the Xi
tioe.il Sceurltv League < *oug . - s.
which opens a t h : ?"??;-ila> sexsioi: i ,
Washington in the interest of "nail tu
al pre pared lies.- Oowrnnr Whitman
has designated Mayor Proctor, of ?*r i -
ca, as his personal representative.
\ IIK.I M \ M'Plttll'lt I ATIO VS
IN I Ki;i:\T IIKPK IKM V llll.I.
fSpe ial t o The Ti :ms -1 us pat ch.l
WASH LXC.TOX, I >. i' January !!*.?
'Ih- further urgent deficiency -ippro
priatIOhm loll for I'.'h; ;:nd prior years,
carrying a total of *was re
ported to the I louse to-day I y the
i 'o?r.ir.itlee on \ ppropriat ions
The hill alsti ?';in ic- (lie folloWig
ptlhlii building app upi ia Lions :
I'arun illc. *u0o with w hich to at trl
work on the poxt-olllce; Pulaski, $10,
1000 to continue u ork on post-office;
War'ronton, SK'.O'i ? to continue work
o:i post-office: South Boston, $20,000 to
commence work on post-otlice: Frank
; lin. *'iijn to commence work on po.st
( . *
!><i/cn Others Injurcil In ( lash llrtnren
l-'.mployeen atnl Striking Work
men of \nl\e I'lnni.
I'HICAtlO. Ja nua !?> 19. Two men
werp killed and a dozen others Injured
! in u fiehf to-day between employees
[and striking* workmen of the l-klward
Valve Manufacturing Company at Kast
Chienfjo. 1 nil.
Tiie troul>lc started when the cont
panv brought a party of ten alleged
j sirikebreakers to the city to-day and
sent several of its employees in auto
mobiles to the railway station to meet
\ l|ll.l\IA W OMAN <iKTS
1 Special to The Times-1 dispatch. I
WASIIIMiTON. January H'.--.Miss
Marv AnniK Sinclair, of Charlottes
ville, Ya.. who came to Washington
several years ago to take a position
in the patent Ofllce, and who studied
; law at the Washington College of I/iw,
I was to-da\ admitted to practice law
I in the Hiutrict of Columbia. Miss S'r.
. chtir v as awarded a law degree last
Absolutely Removes
! Indigestion. One package
| proves it. 25c at all druggists.
I Ve^Ulc ill Wilson Is IC.\|?tM'lcd ii?
liK'Inilc This /'ity on Forth
coming Speak inn Tour.
Senators .Martin and Swanson Ar
tange for Committee I'nuii Vir
ginia Legislature to Call anil I'tse
I'lYtTiilive to Address I tody.
I Special to TJio Times - Dispatch. I
WASIIIN'OTO.V, January !'re?i-'
<1 ?in Wilson, in all probability. will
include Itlclimoiid on his itinerary when
Ik makes a speaking Ioui through ill1'
South ami West in support of the ' na
tional (Icft'iiSc" program in Congress.
Senators Martin and Kwatison to-day
arranged with the White House lor a |
committee from the Virginia l.cg"i.ski- (
tun- to vail next Monday ami extend
its invitation to the President to ad
dress the General Assembly The two
I Senators will accompnu> Mm- commit- '
tee. ami add a personal word to the ,
invitation in urging liini to stop at <
Richmond. either going 01 returning. in I
his Southern tuu1' ThO Virginia Scull- I
tors* are strong supporters of the ad- ?
ministration's national defense pro- ?
gram. ami they would like to h:i\r the !
public sentiment of their State, ;
thoroughly aroused, behind them
It developed to-day that there an? :
many members in the Hon.1''* from the J
South who are wavering and uncertain j
in their attitude towards the "pre- ?
pared tiess" program. Ti^cse members !
iiave not come out in the open, and '.
?some of them do not care to take a. i
position on tin- question, being uncer- j
tain of the sentiment at home. Tticse ;
men, it is learned to-day, have quiet- j
ly urged members of the Military and
; Naval Affairs Committee. 'o '"soft- I
pedal" on the ptcpuredtiess legislation. 1
Tlie President, b> speaking in the !
South anil exphiiniie the necessity for!
a more cltirient arniy and nflvy, will
strengthen public sentiment in the!
home districts' of thes? men. who are j
lukewarm and uncertain towards the1
S.\l M?i:it> lll'KM.l
In tin- \'i! uinia delegation, Repre- I
seutatlve Sa tinders, of the Danville
District, is openly opposing the Presi- !
dent's proijiaihl Representative Jones. J
of tin- Rastern Shore District* is luke- j
warm, anil must be "shown." Other j
members in tin llouse from Virginia !
are not a> strong in theit support of
the !?? w arntj and nuvj program as i
lhe> wore when Congress convened. ?'
The hulk of tlteiu :*re against the con- '
iinenlai ari.uy scheme, propositi by j
Secretnt\ of War ? iarrison, and they j
are inclined to follow Representative ;
IIsiy'.s proposition for Federal pay for,
the State militia as a substitute.
A strong speech by the President In
Virginia, hi which he will make a direct J
appeal fur the support of that State !
for a "better prepared army and navy," ;
according to the administration's sup
porters front Virginia,' will go a long j
wav towards bolstering up public I
sentiment in favor of the program. In j
the Valley and Piedmont sections of !
Virginia there arc large settlements of i
Quakers and Germans. These popula- j
tions ate said to lie strongly opposed j
t<; the ['resident's new army and navy ,
policies, and both of them are factors
at the polls !
\\ \ M III< ^ \ \ I'll I. CI
ll\ I'llKSllJKMI VI, 'I'll All.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch J
WASH INGTON, January l?.-A:i ef
fort to put William Jennings l-tryaii on;
the trail oi' President Wilson when the;
latter makes his "swinu around the cir- .
ele'1 t<> tall; preparedness was begun
to-day. A group of ant (preparedness'
agitators in and out of Congress wirr.l
the former Secretary of State urginc
him to make one t?f a party on a special
train to follow the. President. hold
meetings in the cities where the Presi
dent speaks, ami conduct a general anti
preparedness campaign. The commu
nication was sent by Representative
Warren Worth Bailey of Pennsylvania,
one of the peace advocates in the House, j
No reply has yet been received from !
Mr. liryan. t
Among the other members of the pro- ;
posed campaign party to be conducted ;
in opposition to the President's speech-;
making tour are Kabbi Stephen Wise. .
of New York; Morris Hillqultt. Dr.!
Washington 'Gladden. O. G. Villard, j
Normal Angcll. ami Representatives \
Frank Buchanan, of Illinois; Meyer
l.ondon, of Now York, and W. W. P.ai- ;
ley. of Pennsylvania. i
Pre.sjdeni Wilson is personally ar
ranging: the itinerary for his speaking j
tour. lie. spent nearly an hour on the
task to-day. The difficult*- i?~ encount
ers is the series of social engagements \
lie has* before him for the next six '
weeks, ami his reluctance at cancel- j
' ing. any of them. The engagements
arr the dinners to be given by the Cab-!
inent members and Speaker Claik and
the three White House ree'eiption?. i
There was a suggestion to-day that the 1
I judicial and congressional receptions!
will be merged. It was officially an-1
nounccd at the White. House that Pre?=i
; dent Wilson will not speak in Nebraska
Mr. Rryan's home State.
Lecture on Art.
j Rev. Prank Pratt will deliver an
Illustrated lecture to-night at S o'clock
j in the Unitarian Church, corner of
Floyd A.venue and Harrison Street, on
j"Si>: Great Pictures of the Worl 1."
! Admission will be free.
f Onl y One "BROMO QL IN IN K."
I To ;<?( i) / ir -iiuiii". rail for full nnnie. 1 \X
! ,'rivr H'.tOMO WIN'IXK. I.oolt for ?i>rt,o
! tur-? of K. IV. OltOVH. f'uren i Cold In Oiw
Of Savings
(triors this. year. ? The campaign for
thrift will noon t>o started. Bui
iiteaiivvhiln reweinlier that wo arc
domi: lni?lnf?i at tlie old stand.
Savings Bank of Richmond
'ftfctur Am Nntionnl Runki
1117 !?:. Main SI.
O'Shaunessy Conies
Out for Montague
Rhode Island Representative In
dorses Virgin ion for S upreme
Lour I V (cancy.
WASHINGTON. lit. Il.-pro
Kcntittivr < iCiM'Kc I". ' ?'Sliamiessy of
lt!io<lc Island. vin* ?'f 111? - slryii?e!it foes
<?(' corrupt politic.*? 111 New Kiit^liinil,
culli'il at tin* While lloutfe lu-da.v ami
ilmlorseii former (Sovernor Andrew
Jai-Usoi] of Virginia, fur the
J,uaiar vacHiiox on the Supremo t'ourt
bonrli ?? f the I'nitod State*. The I'hude
t>!aml liepreseu t a t i\?? t < ? 1<! President
*\\M1mou that he tenants Governor .Mon
tattle a* uni- of the ideal men in the
country for the Supreme tieneli.
"The ri-sisoii 1 indorsed Itepresenta
tive Montague, ?said Mr. t ?'Sl?HUitcssy to
newspaper men alter seeing i h<j I'resi
t'ciit, "is I have a Keen a pprceiat ton of
lit:. :?Mltt\. Sinec s?" viim with
.sen t 11 i vo MulitiiKiii i i ? the House I have
found htm to he a man of exceptional
force. splendid ability ami kouiI taste.
( llko to hear tiim talk, lie ttpeuks tho
Knulisli lanmiBKi correct l> when he
dots speak. Also. I umleixtaml that
Governor MontaKoe Mtumlx fur clean
politics in Virginia. In judgiuc a man
It Is fundamental to llml out If he j
'itanils for dccencj at home. There is
ii stroiiK sentiment in favor of Ucpre- !
KcntatiNti Montague In the House. Ilo
h:>s made a ?ood impression among ita
members. lie does not talk blatantly,
hut conducts himself with dignity and ,,
in keeping with the cultured man h? ;
I His is the first note of our Annual Sale. I he mark down keeps
our stock in tune with the times.
Fix These Facts in Your Mind!
The Berry Stocks Are New!
New in Weave, New in Style, New in Patterns.
You will be fitted with the same care?the same courteous treatment will
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as usual.
Sale of Berry Suits and Overcoats
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