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Richmond ?ime^-Bi^patcli
19 16
Sf??iv Daily I titil 0 l\ M.
" / he Shopping Center "
Extraordinary Sale of
W omen's Coats
wish a high grade coat for little money!
For every coat in this big Ten Dollar
MODEL, and every coat originaJy was
marked to sell at more (some of them
much more) than we're now asking.
Coats of such smart materials as Broad
cloth, Cabardinc. Corduroy, Whipcord. Scrsrc,
in and mixtures? all si/.os. hut most
ly one coat of a kind.
Coats in all the fashionable lengths, flaring
and bolted models in ALL COLORS; some are
hull lined, whih others are lined throughout.
Kemomber. this is our final sale of Winter
Coats. Those desiring first choice should
conic early* In view of the very low price
($10.00) now1 of these Coals will lie taken
hack or exchanged. Every sale must be
final. Second Floor.
Sihm-cciIh 'I'. 11. \ juxit-rlwril. \\ Iiii llr
lill'iis lo Olil I'u^l ill
.Isimi's .1 I':' li? !>!?!. who ii :?> rvi ?!
h<??!??? I'll two ? i.i. ? , ),:is t.< t i? '! in -
f ? rj .-'1 liv ! In- . <>: ....
ternn 1 Heveimo /S/m I.4'* ;? ? t . r-v
Ohue nfcoi.t :ii'* < Im'irui;?11 to i ii|{<?
posit ion in I: ? ! . ? . .
t<> ? ?? U .! ? li.i
T. II. Vniidfirfor^, Sritermtl rovenue
f- ! i ? ???? I. - '; . -
fv! ? <'.l ||. i-1-: t.. I, 1 ? ? ? ,
i <? . . 1 ; ? ? .
V. Ill ! ? \ * ? . I ?? V
f. ! -1 \V I. < i ? ?
I ? V. II III* a: flit ? . V . ? ? a If.! ? 'I
Willi M ? \'.t: rf ? I v, ii th. '
\x.i! !?*??? iv 11i ? > i:-ill, will I >'
pl ? ? ! . ? ? ?: . .for? ili
VI.- 1 ?
??rOfer I . *-* v* .1 11 w:.a
I , r If. >. ? ..?o
! f i ?
n i ?y
r- ? i
r v,
I: \v
ril ?
i - .1 ? :?
c> r'lr.r ? ?
n'al It. v
l linr^iwl Willi II r i iic I n j: !l.-ssl
Mil ' V . ? V ir. .! i |
?> 1
ii- ?
no ? nu'- '' ? ?
!?; ilinr ) ? - ?
r. < I
M vp MmvI.- ? . .. .
|)f r r.i 1 '
pi.< i ?? In < I ' ? .
mt'l on ' I; ? ? .
11' ? 11 n 111 <*? r; 11 ? > < t
KfVfl C!
.IllllftC ' Htll|>l?-|l ll< ~i;.-li-|li .]
Tlion .V A < ? .'I Til.. II. . \V V t
I i < n i!i * efiM? ? ' ? ?
;? 1 rt ' r 'l.i . ? I,. .
\\ Btdi ' ?? '? v ...
:i? v II. Ii v. Ill ?.
.1 V .. I' \V. ' 1 " ? ? ? " ! . fc
Mrinlii-r nf House l-'rimi Itielimnmt
Mitil In He l.'liiiirc ?if >rvcriil
( o unci IIIK'II.
<?tiii:i: c.wdid.vtks K.vi'Kt ti:i?
????..??nl men have been mentioned a>?
'? 11';u?:i'Cj?sors to the hit'* Koheir
.1 r . chairman of tin /uliniu
'? ' ; \ ?> Hoard, .'miotic the more prorn
(?< 11114 ?irahii:ii i; Iloli^on, who
1 f-trorij; i>pj.of Commir.'doii
1 ! rsrli l? 1 s- .iiiii Mt-CiiMhy ;t 1 .1
i t <?!??' ti??!?. iiml wi n has 1 < cent 1
? t 'Ill-lit lofi 1! iis ;t |ii>SHlliJC- C,111(11
. for the 11:;?> oralty.
:r.;ti !!? who vest# 1 day an
n .'1 himself as :i candidate for
?? ? so tlic Common <.'<iun'il from
? :!< '."oii Ward, is tilso im ntloned. and
? 11 ?? ii t loiu'd include Ma>?istratii
Wilbur. J. 'Jrijrcs, Superintendent Wll
iv Knoivlrs, of the fins Worlty,
? r ?>>i:rii*Jli:i:in .l"lm \V Moore.
111 \ 111 111'- 'io:ni! Iimsl li"
f , ??Tin. im# xM'fi term hy ??!#? -
ivy tlin City Council. Mr. Wliit
? ??!. wonhl have expired on .lan
)ti-ii in mtii t 'ohhIuk < Iisi rjf#"<l Wltll vrt
fluir I'frr ??> Itiitlilinr. ? I hi> Moilrrn
I )?? t I % ?? Mi'lhodit.
I - ? tar. ti Cousins. eolotid. \v:if on
'fid. v hflld for fiction on the iiart
.? t ? : 1 jir\ I.-. Just Ice. i'int''-h
? ? : . 1 ? 1 ? !???:?? . < 'oni t. Cousins ?:if
1:' 1 1 on- 11 for the I lie. In
? "<.| I '? P' Mil# I.*.. 1 !? ;t:. fill, -,'t 'I
?h li 1\ i ?. t ; ? . to . l.litldlT:;; 01s
?? :'ll'|l' ft" of t! ? ? \V#-11 inu t <01 I'.riili 1
i-ipati: t :' ? ih of t' ?. 11 sitranc#: !
t III# r.1 sit1.: ? . Id VI- ?? nililov# <1 '
ii i*-ri! deti t V- ri;i:ho.is for i.rinf of
t* h ? fo ir,ii ? iii.. ti- rned . Id
i U-. re < .1 ? frill- -ir-..s > mil tt.i
? ?plc ? x.imiimtlon wan said to havo
? of t! .. 11: !?: 'til- !? I'l ! t ,.
..'is I ??. ? f o. ate. I 1Inrwiii il.v
: ' 1 ? ? -I'M lo Ii;ivi hf .11
In. ""Irri'l ji 1 rmdlilit te.
II H ? #-.
Minoutieed himself a candldritc
< ' ' uon 1 on ? i ll from l.ee
oil' 'I' #.\
?' o.-f. 1 t11.- a
? > ?'' . "1 ? o 1 i;;iti :?/:> -
>>.?? 1'je m | m III amMl||MMWfcttrfkJWgtSHlgPBOW?n
- ^ jg
/i Complete Financial Service
|i i> ;it tli" cojiiuulimI of every citizen at
Ihe American National Bank
I! . ...
hi' Ificlinmnit, Virtrimii.
urns sin us it is
J Milling to Hi.sk |(s Constitutionality,
l>uf Opposes Any Amend
i IIICIll.
! motii iu:.\\i"iii.:smi.;htto-mc.*ht
Norfolk Charter Commission Hill,
I Simitar in Tonus to Hiclimomi
Hill. I'jissos Somite Without Qucs-1
j lion us to rts Constitutionality.
j 'Hio Civic Association will to-night j
j ask Hi.- City Council either to support
j tho bill providing for tho election of |
i'tiii.m 7V- ,lm? commission upon pc
i,V ,r" p<:1' 00"1 "r lho voters, or!
; ' '<?H it. ilio association believing
\Z^r J" ?f "s ml
spite of tho opinion Of City Attornevl
Pollard. ?im drafted ,?o bill, that it
| Js ^cons 111111 i on a 1. j, desire no amend- j
! Tho lAMKua?.. of bill N\>. 12<. ,,nder 1
1 r.i III "T commission;
P an I* boa,lo,l. drafted bv tl,",
erllv i ???? adopt - j
. ed b> both brari.-h"-. of ,|?; City Conn
' A<J, raS ""rodii,.0d in tl.o Senate
I S.M.ato.s AN end.-,,buri; and Cannon.!
. ni.it portion of i: which is said to
| bo. unconstitutional is as follows!
t ibcre.upon. if a majority of the'
. fiual tbd voters vrtiiur in the said j
???!m i,,,|1,,"vo W i? favor of!
j said special charter or form of rov
iZ"ZX T. ,h<" "nM c,,"rfl
OI judtro thereof i? vacation shall i
, t .insmit two copies of the special I
. charier or form of Rovernment *oj
to the Keeper of the Rolls I
Of the General Assembly?shall constl-l
Ute a request to the i Sonera I Assem-!
|b> to k ran t the said special charter!
( foti" of government therein, pro-|
Unn r \ SCr-'T "7 "f 'hr 4??????tu
, tmn of \ iruinia. as atnendud."
:voiu--ot.K mi.i. rvssi:t?
MSN ATI-: YKflTKitl).\ v '
. In this connection. ari.l as forminu !
support for tho Richmond bill it i?i
pointed out that Senate bill No's In-I
}:; u:;;d, ?r x'".i
* ..? * vosterday by the Son-I
.lie without a diss, ntiiiir vote, Is con
structed on th.- same linos as that of
I the Richmond bill
lows" UXt "f U" ',,l!or ,>ni is aH frd- I
j Line eighty-"Thrrrupnn. if the ma-:
Jority of the .pialitiod vot.-rs votinir In
?lio said < lection approve and vote in
j favor of th.. said charter or form of!
novornnieiit. ti?o said court, or judiro
theieof. in vacation shall transmit tiie
. special charter or form ..f government
so adopted to tli.- ke. per of the rolls
? ?r the General Assembly _ ?
Mi;'.II constitute :-.-.,i,est to tho General
( Assembly to pram the said special
?? ??!!??.-?!? or form of L'ovornment pro
vided for therein, as provided bv sec
tion 3 17 ..f the Seciion Constitution, as
amendi .1."
K(n".r0.,!l? ,1r;,ffint-' ??>* Richmond
I!, and its presentation in the Semite
the city Attorney has expressed him-',
'?el. a., beli.-vlm.- that it is nneonstitu
tlonal. and In conflict with section 117
and should r.-.piire a majority of the
'liiililicl doctorate, rather than a ma
|j?Mity ??f thoHO voting.
yndham It. Meredith, a member of
? ir: 1 i\ie Association, and an attorney
recognized standing, dlfTers wltii
Mr I'ollard. nnd holds that the bill.
?iiaf?ed by the City Attorney, i? in
conformity with the Constitution, and
?upon his opinio,, ti,e Civic Association
i stands.
< ivm association
ST.\ mis T(i its t; t" \s
The association },r|.l a tintr last
nil ht to dctoimine the attitude which
1' u:!1 before tile two branches
of the Council ;)r,d it was decided to'
s ? . !.* i ?1 -. t |k :?: 11 as it has b.*o n pro. .
; pa*ed. or. if o? < asion be, to forsake it I
Mr- I'..Hard has rendered his
opinion a.? t.. constitutionality of!
">p 1 ? asked that it be r>-- i
f-r r.-d back to the City Council for re- |
? (ir .?-!111?:11 tot ? . that it may he modi-i
'it ?' ? ? oustruetion ..f the Con - :
stitntion j ; .. (jijestif.n li. - between
'li,n ? vie \ssociation, and
sharp issues may he drawn in the do- i
bate t.
If :
A1 tor
? i itm ,
T hr-r?
? ?Ti.it ? . s suu&fstoil hy thp Pity
sy 11:. ? requirement as to the
l;- ' '-<|i;.-.st.(! as prohibitive.
' tl wh'-tIter any measur..,
'? ?? ? .11* could' ever se
It ajoj;" ..f the <| tl.'i 11 fi. rl Voters
a v or
more tii.*>
' ' ' ' '" ? ? '"><? Mtialitled
'' 1 ? t??. lio we \ or, that
'-ver I-O to the polls, j
?"???r- Voter at tiie polls
r "f tho new charter it,'
ini^hr ?. , t s-:,:.fi .1. foated by failure to
f"';l ?> ma >r: t v of i!... iiualiflcd voters.!
A t .-rol'it .< i pro ? I?t; I- t!: a I life ten-!
u. re
? I!
- v. ii to .Ulcers
?; 11 1 ' ? '? re Department w ill
in'ro i-i.-.-d .. - ji... in| meetings
< f the two brain tl,e Cry Conn !
' ? o menilx-i s
t In the draft
?v;dinK for a
hari.-r. but, tlirotich
a i -
I.-f- t. , ,
of the police !>. p ,it
of the i ?ri|r Ina I loll
< 'inni*e. |n tho i
nn r.vorsiirht, i' v.;,-- n
a like privilege ?o the 'firemen.
A !-':i 'be sar.ie , ffert will ho in
troduced ill the I ."u ivl.'it lire bj th"
I Richmond <t? I' f;a t' r. i
II M'iniHKnr ii,-,. PrrHhlrncj-,;
mill I loot;Ii rers N'nmo Mrs.
I.. It. l|i-\eiKli. |
l.eo Chapler, 1'nited I >i Hi: liter.* of!
I,-..- Confederacy, met yesterday at il!
'k in I.e<" Camp Hall and adopted
lew constitution ami by-lawn Mrs.
\ ?? . lontnmie was ideeied president !
?ybci' a dissenting voice, but do-!
'?"H ' ?" "|.t. and Was made liooor
' ! f""' life. The rdlowtuc;
\-r. . b .-fed: Mf . I. R. Mr
?cl|?h. president; Mrs. i:. n. Clowe.i, I
ciee-prosidei.l : Mrs. Charles t!
W-. ,1 \ resident ; j.
ballon, third vice-president: Mrs.
Rose, registrar; Mrs. Templo'
!o teconili,- sreretat v; Mis. w t;. '
?"'?I. a'-istM.t recorilint? .'?'?'?rilnry;
r " Int-'i's. eorrespondiiif s.-cro
M!-.s \ellie r.at'Knmin. assistant
orrespondlnK see re | a ry: Mrs. Svcie. i
iiMtodluu of flutes: Mrn. J a. c. Cliiind-1
'? '-tor ?!?,. and Mr.; Charles Ry.,
? 'id ? ha plain.
Run Down by Motor
on Broad Street
Charles 7. Wilmorth Seriously
Injured When Struck by
V. F. Stone's Car.
Charles T. Wilmorth, Cowardin !
Avenue, was seriously injured at Mad- I
ison ami P.road Streets about V o'clock j
bust nirJit, when struck by a jiti.eyl
operated by V. F, Stone. 'J'J'JS llnn
ove.r Avenue. lie iv;ih rushed to Me- i
inot'ial Hospital by Ambulance Sur
geon Porter, where an operation was
performed, but it was said early this
morning that little hope, was enter-!
tallied f()r his recovery.
Wilmorth. according to Stono; <> H. i
Tompkins. Jr.. ?!?'? West J'.road Street,'
and H. 1'. Ttnslcy, Kaxt Oracuj
Street, all of whom witnessed the ae
cident, ran off the sidewalk directly
into the path of the automobile, it Is
thought he was endea vorimr to catch
a street car at the time, and thai
he failed to see 111 ? ? machine bearing
down upon him
Ho was struck by the radiator of
the automobile and hurled some ,lis
taneo to one side Stone and others',
in the vicinity at once wen* to his'
assistance, and the ambulance was j
summoned. Those on the scene di<l j
what they coutd fot the Injured man
before J>r Porter arrived and rushed j
him to the hospital. Wilmorth was!
knocked unconscious and had not re
gained his setisos tip to a late hour.
The injured in in was placed on the
operating table as soon as he reached
the hospital, and surgeons worked on j
him for more than two hour?. It was'
found that he had sustained a severe
blow to his head, and that one of tl?e?
blood vessels in the rear of the. bra it*, i
had been ruptured. Smalt hope wa.f j
entertained for hi.- recovery.
Policemen Wliit lock rind l?. N'.
Clarke, who w <-r< ill the vicinity when j
the accident oniined. arrested Stone i
on a technical charge of recklessly
drivins his ma. bine and running down
Wilmorth. lli was bailed for his ap-|
pea ranee in the Police Court to-day.;
Miss Itertlui *eott niul !?'. I-'nison
< uiitieteil of Disorder on
S? rret.
Miss iSortha Scott and 1*". S. I-'aison,
the couple arrested at Kmhth and
Franklin Streets early Tuesday morn
iug by Policeman Goldsby on a charge
of beinK drunk .and disorderly on the
street, were lined ?.*. and costs in the
Police Court yesterday. The tines were
paid in Justice Crntchfteld's private of
tlce, and neither the man nor the wo
man appeared in c.urt. The woman
wa> taken ill at the First Precinct Sta
tion aft* i* her arrest and was treated
b. an ambulance suriteon. She wa.?
reported as having recovered vc-ster- :
TrufVord fJrlH n Mulr.
Superintendent Traff >rd. of the Flee- i
trical Department, notified the Admin-'
istrative Hoard yesterday that a horso !
in his department had dropped dead on ,
tli" street on Saturday, and since tho ?
automobile truck of the department
was in a shop for repairs, asked that'
lie be Riven the use of another horse, i
The board transferred to his depart-J
merit a mule from the street cleaning '
force. j
DrUliiR Tbroiiuh Monroe Park. ;
John Vrania was fined Jio and costs'
itj the Police Court yesterday on a ;
cliart-'e of drlvitifr an automobile!
through Monroe Park during the night.
i>f January 20. Policeman Goode ar- j
rested the man.
Dnnilrenlli He?|iieMf Tabled.
At th" me. tinir > f the fominittce on
Public C'lilditi'..v. properties and I'til
ities held last nicht the proposed ordi-'
nance allov.inc 'he Dumlreath Com-:
pat.v, Wfsth.'ltnpton. to lap a city
water i.iain, w; s laid on the table.
? /ii the request of the House of Hap-!
pine;:'.-. | aptist institution at 7101 [
V< nable Str.et. for free water, the eom- ;
niitte.- Mated that th< institution wouln
b?: ac(o*v|ii| tlx' lowest rate, but that
it could rmr do awav wilt the miaimum
fee ' 1
t il.sliier .loptin III.
.1 (' .1 <>pliii, for many years cashier
it the Kit .-t National Hank, is ill in hia
i no: - at the Shenandoah, where he has
been for more than two years. lie is
mix ions that 1*.is former comrades and
hi*- friends call upon him.
in the Grill Ttootn, \vc offer good food
at moderate prices, served to tile tune
of the nest music in town.
Hotel Rueger
Members of Itoaril Soon to lie Abol
ished CiiwIIMhk to Km*
barrass Mayor.
qii:stiox co.Miis i:i? to-nkjut
Three Members lOx press I'nwilliiiK
ness to I'ihm'CwI I'mler Urailley
Resolution or to Further Keen
1'oliee Department in Turmoil.
With nil of tlie men in the Dctec-.ive
llurcau summoned t<? appear before the
Hoard of Police Commissioners to-night
at S:30 o'clock in response to the called
meeting, resulting from Commissioner
ItradPy'.i resolution to Inquire into lite
cflleieiicy of tin- Detective Bureau, tlio
meeting will be convened at the ap
pointed time. Iliuvevi-r, its buing held
is a mere formality, as the inquiry will
not be gone into ami the entire matter
will he ilropped by the hoard. leaving
rumors of dissension among the men
and aliegeii inefficiency on tiie part of
the Itureau to t<e liaudled by the Mavor.
Tite formal announcement of the
course to be pursued at the meet inn to
uipht is confirmation of the report cir-.
eulated soon after the ineetlnu in which |
Commissioner Jiradlev offered iiis leso-j
lution. That report had it that se\ - :
era I members of the hoard were op
posed to going into an inquiry that!
would require a number of meetings
before it could he settled and one which j
probably would not he concluded be
fore the board is abolished in ucco-d-'
:ilice with the provision;: of the change j
of charter. In addition to this, it was |
pointed out that members of '.lie hoard 1
would be adverse to taking a .>tep that [
might cause the Mayor embarrassment
nfter he assumed direct and complete!
charge of the I'oliee Department.
rinti-'.i-: (<>>miisviom:us ,
< 'onimissioncr Davis, Thomas and
Parker last niuht continued the r"port
that they would oppose any effort mad* j
i>t the meeting to-night tyo into tin''
proposed inquiry. Kach of liiese com- j
inissioners uavc the same reasons fori
1 heir position and were ?>f the opinion
that other members of the hoard would ;
concur with them in this view.
"I would certainly be opposed to |
Adopting any course that might .
"?ause embarias?niei:t to th<* incomtui? !
reciine," said Commissioner Thomas
last niuht. "Any course adopted by the
board at this time inifcht commit ih?;|
Mayor to one of which he tniuhi ?i<>t |
personally approve, arid if this was
true it would force him to pursue a line '
in opposition to his own ideas or to
:"lop* 'he asterni'tive ??j" making imme
diate chaiiK* s in ttie huresiu after the
hoard perhaps had settled upon a
course I'.ither of these situations
would be embarrassing, and it is r:ns
possible embarrassment that I would
seek to prevent."
"Those opinions are exactly the same
is my own." commented Commissioner
Du\ is. wli? n told of Commissioner
fhomas's views "Any art ion taken
>y the Hoard of I*?.?] 1 ? ? i 'ommiHsioiiers
if this time would he untimely, anil
no miittci what was done by them,
probably would cause the Mayor tilfli
?ultlcs That should be avoided hy all
means and 1 think the best course
for the board to pursue is lo leave the 1
entire matter as it stands."
AM I'SlvM IvVl'H.
ACADEMY, To-Morrow
Mntlnrr mid MkIh
il O'Brien
nnd Ills fSreat American Minstrels.
Mntiuer, lo $1. N In lit, U.'c to 91.50.
Rex Theater
'As a Woman Sows'
Mutual Masterpicture. Featuring
? Sert rude Robinson and Alex
ander liuden.
"Tllt'j lilltl. \.M? Till-: tJAMR,"
Episode No a.
\ BIJOU Sell
$ Henry Woodruff
^ in
Joe Jackson
in "A .Modern lOuocii Arden."
A l ertor.'nances begin at 11 o'clock, g
^ \llclitN, lOc, l!?c. M a tine cm, lOc. ^
"On tlie Second'* 11, 12:80, 2, 8:80, ?">, 0:80, S, 0:30.
11. 12:80. 2. 8:80, 5, 0:80, S, 0:80.
===== AND -
===== in THE =====
Produced in the West Indies By
And patrons are finding unexcelled qualities at
diminished prices.
Suits and Overcoats which sold up to $25.00
Now $16.00 '
Suprcnip Court I plioliln Slate Auditor
Mourp In Turnpike 1.1(1
Tlio Supreme Court of Appeals has
rejected the effort to secure a manda
mus against C. I.?>e Moore, State Audi
tor, on the part of the Northwestern
Turnpike Company for J3.4S6.31. Tlio
amount claimed is equal to the total
of tolls collected for the year ending
June "0, 191 The Auditor refused
to allow the claim, holding that the
act of the (Jeneral Assembly, under
which the claim was made, approved
March 21, 1014, Is In violation of sec
tion r>2. Virginia Constitution, 1902.
wheh provides: "No law shall embrace
more than one subject, which shall
he expressed in its title." The Supreme
Court of Appeals thus pronounces the
law unconstitutional. The act was de
signed to transfer to the Courtly of
Kredericlt the State's interest in so
much of the Northwestern Turnpike
Company as lies within the county.
I'rofeswor i.nlnp" In Sprnk.
Professor flninfs, of Itiehmor.d <*ni
le^p, will lecture to-night at i"t. Mark's
Episcopal Church on "The Dayman's
Victor Theater
."e?A dni I mm Ion?V
First Chapter,
"The Strange
Case of Mary
Head the story in The Tirnes
Pispatch and s*>e the pictures
here each Wednesday
??STI N t; A IlKK,"
"HA/.Atins or
1 >c?n t miss this, the greatest of
photo plays. Cost a quarter of
a million to produce, l-'irsi time
in Itlchtnond
The Valentine Museum
ilouis 10 A. M. to 5 I' M Admission 25c.
Free on Saturdays.
The Confederate i.-useum
Open 9 A. M-. to & I*. M.
Admission 23c.
Saturday tree from # ?o 2.
lliiuril of SinkiiiK KiiimI l,?tiii>il*ftlonrr?
Jtrtlren S7T.WM1 of State
I >?'lit.
The Hoard or Sinking Kund Com
missioners has retired during the past
month $77,500 in bonds?face value?
though the prior paid was le?R than
this amount. It was explained by
Kosivell i'aRP, Second Auditor, that
the rea.son .su<-h a largo amount of
bonds. representing In part the (nihllo
debt of Virginia, was retired during
January, that t Mi? is I ho period for
the payment of interest on literary
< >f the total amount retired, SiG.ooo
was of th?' fenturles, "s ami 8:i. and
the remaining $21,000 wan lllddleberg
ers Old, 3s.
- - 1 - JMI
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TO-II \ V.
"Scarlet Sin
31 a it v ri: i.i.i-:u
"Under Southern
Richmond's Suddenly Famous Theater
Daniel Frohman
A thrilling* tense and powerful seven-reel drama,
showing America's most prominent star in her most
charming role.
80 good that the Paramount Corporation demands
that 25 eents he charged.
odb:on's concert orchestra
NOW PLAYING ?"Fighting for France," war
pictures taken hy the French government.
11 A. M. TO 11 P. y\.

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