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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, February 02, 1916, Image 2

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any resistance hap not been dertnttel}
OeiHblUhccJ. I: is said that one or i?
fhols were tir.d J. it thcrt ?a> no rea
ft i; 111.
Tin Mncwe approruhed <ho liner tl;.
int? the Hntlsh ovsun : ?i .'xotra :n;c'd
i Dli.t* s w lih he Wiu-:t -ho w h> cIoa
?M-oi;yIt to cross th \ppattls bow slic
ran ip tin '.'erman ila>; ami lowered
t H' false forecast 1. <i -a"losinw her
x armament Th. .. ta lc< story ' ;he
capture is still untold, .is : o oi>e has
I'omi ;<s ii ? ? ?? \ o|> ? . ? t NerK
ait<. no or < ! heen permitted t > 3.1
aboard except - olt'.'lul* w hc-o
duties rc-j.ilred them t ? <!..
No o?>e know.. t?, Mo* w. .ui-.e
from except 1 e it \ zc > ?: o\\ aboard Die
Api-am. 1 or where si. w ? ? t after tlie
battle with the Clan MeTavish. Ap
pai'ttri. 11 .if the opo ations revealed
??* th. arrival of the Atpum t.-ok plaee
in t.'?? < Icinity of ;he r.uiiirv Islands,
tin \ii> hi > r.\ 11 mi-: i\
1 "\ni. I)\i<km;>> \ i,i,s
The \<>;.: i. ri'ved -m the Virclt.iuj
? oast some time Monday, hut dared rot i
yci.f .4 e ;r t. ?i;i :*knots f? !!. a l:?i :i
\*'i*> nonr ?ja> I iint w ht?n sh*- ;ip* f
i" between the Capiv. Site did *
' Js'tfi,t 'invrle British or l"r itch I
*r..1I1 \v: "i.i th. ! in. she parted'
?-oinpan> v >1 r>. Mu?>u t .at:! she ri-.:
"red Hampt" ISoads Tli. ?*;:t,re voy-j
a-e was without incident, tho regular!
' nern' :n?i tlir .<*h n rd- ? th- r
mai: aua: ?:.? tv ?. . flown i
M-e laitish ^ ? ; >|,? r-a.-hed the'
threv-ir.i], ; . ?
U V *?' . p. O.I .1; hoi >|
??? ..r. ? -A as IO.I -.j. ri I. th??
?' ? ? ? ? Hu e- I \\ rfr-,v.
and health. Soon
aft it: ?..rd Lie.u:,.-un K-< ? ? :?me a shot e
an.1. ? tiled upon CJerman Consul: von
> h: 1 ? ? v. 1 r 1 ? ? > .? ? : 11 ?.. te
?i" at* I l.tj u<:? ? t .In nt
o r. -tres-i Aior.:.i(, rr? 1 ?:? .ifh.-i-jl
?' :? : ? ' ? ? 7.. then
rero.-!..! ' t.-phon ;r,.. ,}-,??
to M | ;!{<,? ,.r
.VorfoIUi.VeM-port News dlstrioij sind
latet- hr cant* to Norfolk uhd tnado ha
M-'" ' i -? M..iii-lton f.,r
ori'n fr;-? i*it(Miisi; , i;t?i i:o
??> ('<? l.l.l-H I "Oil II \ Mtl.-lOV
Juat >vhnt the cominhhtler said to
the . oil?, to- a;'ou: ? ht treatment he
jltjsired froin the i state* has hot
he.? revealed, mid will iu.t be t!rt!l
^'."<1 lit'otl has |>as~ori Oil t!:.- rasr \Jr
Hrt.n to: ... ,-pte.l :s :,<= ?hV?l
otll ?:? t'irt! he >vou:d not atteir.tu :o
move the ]::?? fr,. ., ,u.r a,.. 01<)I;A
petnttt a o;,. ;o -nr . shore ,.. ;,.j
inn lurther :nsr r-uctlon? Li -Ut-nant
R..1C- fni.i Appani arrived of.
V??h fuel and provision*, mid 'hat
ti>'-r ? . mouhIi food aboard to
last thtouK'r to-morrow Mr. Harti.l
ton v a vr perrr.isiion to ?*],. ?
.? 1 ' ..tores t >.i s ht
Am.'ii!! lo-> a hoard a:e
women and inany children the exact
number of which ha? not bee:-, d^ter
tnlntrj {Sir Edward Meriwether, Gover-l
nor of Sierra Leone r- British prov.
r -.. \frica. and his u tfo hre
p:->>enset Vher<- .!?0 ?..%?? ral
oJlutrs of the Uritish a and r.a-V.
'Jthery Include f'reu ,lam?-s. .aecreta*v>
administrator of JnaeriR. who i? n re'l
ntiw- ,:f j.or,J ;,t.
The inastprs of all of t;,e vr-^ls
eaptureu are 011 tr,r Api.a.n, e.\. ept uu
enptaiii ..f t it *i Olnh McTn Viah. who
with -ih.> " ..f ; '?< r ? . .
1 an nni... . o. ?, rew ,
probftldv were S; e:. ,\f.
"? < a pt vi r? d sk ppers ;,r. I!
Ham.on. of th. Appain r.alph T
Vr^ts. of the Authoi David Hart on!
of the ?;ort).-idne K0h.1t l>-i,| of i>,e
Artriadrte .lohn Wrockett. of tl;. Oio
monh} 1 ohn 1 ? ... 11. j
? "" 1 .. ot Ho 1 ar: mc
i-??^?? ^ it 11 ri:\ s 1 \ i i:mi:\ i
Is M:\T ln I?111'\l?TMi:\T
"Jir. to: I latii.lt .n ,1, , 01rnn.il,i
eaiion b\ AiM. T|..1S.
I'er<artiiiLin ..flh-ia 1.-. ? .101,1
made ., fun : t;. !i; uf t. (. . ;ifj
M-etei.tfd him b> la. itet.an- K.-iV
To - :i i^-li t h. sent a loi.u written -<.,t.-.
lhent to tho depattmen
J-icuten?r t^rK !(efi,c x,
infortna ? < o?!.- ;? jidw spa per men.
would permit nor.e of theni to Come
aboard while the statu- of th" \es*el
remained undetermined He even re
fused to Identify himself further than
to say he was a lieutenant in the naval
reeervn and formerly was master of a
German merchant vessel. During his
Interview with Collector Hamilton he
remarked that many times li? had
heen in the Norfolk ? ustom-hoiiPe to
enter and clear vessels erased
trade He did not mention name*
of thefe \e?s, i. i.oue\ei
From all repoti*. :|.,.re arfaf
excitement aboard the Appam durinir
the hfttie bet ivoiii t :-.r Mo.rwe and the
'"ian McTi, . .>ii. :?111 . . si., t|,.<
*? Itr c-i- was
?t the time.
a> armed with
about t?-ii in i 1 r- s
Th. Clan M<Ta?
onl- on#- or :wo small a .ins f>.- r!(.
fennive purpotee, but he. encounter
with the Mor w. r w-fis described h
com mantlet of the latter a? an "excit
In? ctinbal." The fact that the Moewe
KUttaiiifd no .. fh(l fl|rhf ..
accepted as Indicatlnp that i,0l K;;n
were of larcer ca!1!,f.- ?,1(| ;0r.per -anKe
" thr --f InviF!, Mink a;;(i
flfteet: men !<!:>* .,,1 lt >lM ,hr<>f
LITTI.!? fltr.riKM 1; I.INKV
TO M || m titiM- >|0(|
A rumor was eurrent .?rly m th,
day that the Atpam had heen cap
furned ; suhn arine then when the
known another report wa,
circulated ? >.
'?'?rm.ia iibmn iiu
had cor,\r.:.t.fi th(. a,.roPk 0?Mn
Lleut?na* t h:.-.c d 1. ?o- confirm tl,'
ar.d little " r,U:rf. fivtll ,,
om<-lal circles Howv/.,. the
authorities here have ad> ised n erch.n
vessels of th^ a:, e- Hampton Koart
to sti y if' | ^ ^ ^^
clears N'o sh'ps e fj..? ..
to-day. bur h,.| ex,.r,f()
put to sea ra: ? .n,r,t ,,,,
f-leut?r,ar.t Hrrk ? ?
-1 > ? s? , :
sailor, with tv.h; -1, -is: , ,
perial. rave <.v ? h.m, . r, ? OI
Information rhar In > oi.s.'i.-> t j .v ,,r
flcial duty retjuiied )], ,i
clofte the Identlt- o' *he
the name of hot romtnander. hut 1,
admitted that he liimself 1 ad e
merely a stibordiuate ofhcei or, th
raider. He supplied 10 >'rtv- of tr
capture of the. vessel* taker, n. t),
5Toewe. firmly, though couMan-iv 1 <
futlnjr *0 I.'* croi s-examined
After h:a interview w,th Lieutenat
UtrK Collector Hamilton i?sif<i
Xollowlnfr statement
"The German officer eorr,mand:r.)j tl
Appam came to my office to-day mid
iii.ul1 a >tutctneiit fact*. all of w li't li
1 have reported to the Treasury De
partment. I am awaitln* instructions
ns to her status. and. in the mean
tin-. she \* it! ?emaln it anchor off
i >I<1 Point l omiort Lieutenant IJoi'Ri
tavc mi' Ins wonl thai no one aboard
would be permitted to leave tlu vessel, j
w .,11 \w told mo that lie did not have
enouirh food^l* J:??-1 through to-m&r
? i>w ; ?ave^ luir perm ssion to take
provisions ahoaYd. Th< matter has
gone forward rai>i?lly. ami the situa-|
tion will l<? cleared up as speedily as;
1,1 vr UK l,A?KMiKK>
Thf passenger list of the Appnm fol
First-class cabin?C. V liilman and (
T. 11. Hyde. from t-'alahari: A. J. Ora-j
ham. J. M. Cohb. <5. A. James, secretary- '
administrator of Nigeria, Holdio Mor- j
rtson of Ror.n> : I? K. A. Tipper and I
M: s Tipper. M:s. A. M Foul tier, ?_}. ?
I'nupp. <?. Connolly, K A. Hawkes. O. |
\V. Orth. W. I!. Kut iann. S. W. Spros- ;
ton Pr. V.. .1 Powell. Sublieutenant A. ?
I". Lamhle. Royal Naval Reserve: Sub-[
lieutenant .1. M. Howell. Itoyal Naval j
Reserve: Actins: Kngineer It. <?. Cam- I
i idge, Hoyal Navy, froth Dualasi; W. ?
Walker, from Fernando; C. K. Boyd and !
.1 II Forbes. Pi A. J. M Crlchton, t'J.!
i.' Finley, Dr. .t. R. Courtney. K. \V. ?
??borne. W. Teale. P. Cat or. Captain
>; Scocombe. II. II. Molvneux. M. C.!
Watson. S. I. Terrill. H. ?J. Hammond. 1
.1 IS. Walker. F S. James. C. M. Q.t j
Captain Hate. H. .1 l.cthem. R T. Simp- |
son. W. A P.. Stiles. H. 15. Hellenn. ;
Captain J. H B. Peinontmorency. R. J
.1. Levenv. w Williams, from Labosj |
F C. Fuller, ?*. M H . ami Mrs. Fuller. {
from Lome: Lieutenant N S Deane.
W. K. A. Jones II M Lewis and Mrs.?
Lewis. Ivor Lewis. F K Roc-3t. V. Bil-'
ling. .? W. Hill, from Accra; V. Uus- j
ton S. Act no. A. t' <Saved. T. H. Pratt. '
A. ??. Duvar. O. F Wright. J. Griflin. j
W. Howe. I>r I"1 Puff. Mrs. L. M. j
Kilcy. F i'". Robson, fr m Seccondee: i
Pr. T. I". Hice. H. Mitchcll. \V. H. ;
Rrown. J. W. MeEnehell. F. Harrison. :
His Excellence Sir Edward Meri-:
wether. K. C. M. G.. K. <\ V. 4>. i?ov- ;
?; pyr of Sierra I.eone) and Lady Meri- :
?Afthfr. Miss I M Senson. Lieutenant;
K"ox*. A s. Maverogorvato. Mr. and Mrs. j
Putishnm Smith, Mrs. E. Everly. Mrs.
Underwood. Mrs Fitxpatricl;. Miss R. |
Pukes. P S Ja. lt. W. R. Chadwick. L. !
It Shaw, from Sierva Leone. J. L. Wil
itr.ms. from Forcados: Lieutenant T W..
it. Latisberry.
Se.-or.d cabin W Whitnkei and IT.
\ Kdwards, from Sonny: K. Watson,
from Forcanos; Staff Sergeant H. Hill.
??ir Sergeant F. Kennedy, Temporary.
Sergeant K. J. Rlatchford. Sergeant T j
Myers. Sere cant .1. Sweeney. T. H.
Pe.?con, F J. Holland. A. linker. A.
Welch. J s Jones H K. Stone. from
Pualu: F. K. Prosser. John I'leweh,
I-;, k Yeotnans. S. Brandon. W. I..
Ploman. from Lome. 'I Williams. N.
H. Bradley, from Accra; A. White'1 A
I*. Ruth. A. Osborne, W T Punlop.
\ i* Mtirris. o C. Turner. \ Willis,
P >.* Morrison. J Lur.r.. I K Price,
from Seccondee Nazer. Max Vat
,|U'r.at. from Sierra l.*;one. J- H l-aw
cett. ftom Dakar.
Third-class uf-sser;:re's?<; W riirht.
from Duals. A Ferreira. from Ac-rn; ;
native servant, from Lagos. F Belli- >
..fan. O. A Tagliaterro. T. Bertr.inghani.
t W. Tomaso. A. Tunney. from Scc
.-onder 1* i.'racon. from Pakar.
All of ti.e above were on board th?
Appam when sii<: entered the capes
i"w(? my -sh i.'^al rcye-v.sts, wlm'e
? .Miies afipeareil on tii? third-class' pi'.s
? ??r.ffcr list. I'll from Pu:ila. u ere re
to t >.? Mnc? ?'P'.sotiets >'r
\\ a t.
t: \ 1s t ??; m I OF it \ ' l H". II
Nlivr.ii ?? i;i>
Til" su^po/o-.l lotit- s 11 ? e
iiiivi' beeti swept clean of all <Jc-r
? ltit... v,.?.ri. r \cepi f hose of tlif- uioler
watei t>pf- its no reports of the artiv
litv of (lennati raiders hud been to -
eei'.oil sir.ec- the auxlUar\ rruif I
,o WillM-lm sous;lit r?.-ft:-'c In Hamp
ton Roads last tsprlr.K. The Moew< is
.v, i|> of in . steix licciiUMo h<-t exiMem e
iaiii<i iia<l never been misi<?i ??.-?i
i |; ore ir. -t-ver;.l Herman nier?-hant
v,.. . ,.j. i.r.i?ring that name, but the on! .
?AarOiip .i i miser was repo-te<l sunk
, < .i: 1> I ii t lie v ar.
i ? ? i?t.t;llie .\loewe as one ol ho
tu-toh;;nt vessels, shipping men here
i ;?? t to acvottnt for her artiia
t ei,t. One report i urrent here had It
1 that the Mof.vo, i'tillj armed itad
I dipped out of the K-el Canal, the base
'if the Herman fleet, and ran the gaunt
1?m o' the British blockade. Another
??f-port said her armament included guns
is lat a^ those of ten-inch caliber.
I."nt;l those British subjeets aboard
] the Appam are permitted to lard, the
i interesting details of the Mutwc.'s ex
! f.ioi'f cannot be. learned. Thete >rc r.o
j Americans on thu ihip, either among
the pa?.?enpers or crew
; It is presumed here that 'I." Mot-we
j continued her depredation# Hinoiij; th?
ftlllev' shipping after tfe Appam stpu
1-j.ted from her. and officials would tiot
he surprised il tith'-r \e.,.-,-is appear
^uildenly in .-unr Aniern-an port will;
to i2?- ? 11 ws in charge The f.i t that
tin Appam did not encountei an- i r.t
^h waifhlps oti her voyage a<-:os-> th
Vtlanti.- is exph'ined l>- t1!''- 'n ' ri.-i'.
she >teere?l a course ?<?!! Ml tl.e he.-ter,
\ K WP? il'.T N F. WS. V A Feb mar v I
? -ICiirht Knp lishmen are in fb" Appam's
'brig t ?ne report has i* that tney
' nought to signal through a t>ort hole
u> a passing ship, and another that
t mutinied when being exercised on
. i: i < 'learner's decks The la.tter ex -
i-'.anatioti is the gimerall\ accepted oit?
? t.'ontInued from Fust Pagr ?
Ition as to the law w::.',ii shall be ap
plied to the one*
The British ambassador insists the
rutted state? should proceed under
Article 21 of The Hague convention of
1^*07. w h ch would requite The United
i. States to turn th' esse! over t>, hei
Ittitish owners, -.nless the prize crew
i stu, ii?i leave port a' once w :th its P'lr.e
.'This wo .Id 1? ive 'h? Appam and Its
l|<-e\e ;11 the me'"'. ?>i the British etuis
) (is Uinu 'ii a.lit outside th* three.
?' limit
i 1 *, e i.orriian a:ril.:?s?,*idor hold* t'lia1
. r ttleie ;i < r T I.r II:,u. i? onventlori
^ d'lts t't f:fipi?. h(raiis?- ? t f contra
. ? etud it*- the l'rus":.'?:. i'e,it> of
- >'hl fi i per ; r ? a 1. ; ? r, .<l*s that 'ier
r trtar.v mav hrir.p i |. 71- Into a pori
t< of the 1 nitf-d Stales x'id Vt<-ep It th*r?
as 1'ir.^ ,i .* it wisi.i f
r T'ne Ptusslail M<aiv, h'^f-T, Ii
? ( til' ad- itifcil a" an a 1. wf ? to Th<
e Ha^ue ? "M enllotl art !? To 'l.o flrs
- i 't.?i r the in an pos.tlon is tha
tn< vj pan' Ui i jsr t,f u 'haraeter r? 1
* .1 r. .*? 10 e,j .?.e" a r. \.nx i lln r;
'? rriivi o' tl,? ? .. ? 1 n^wben at
?,f >>,*? r,.f. .nd p 1 ci?v
iejvf?e put aboard .Wi u-Af'jJ cap
a,,d *??at the same rules should'
"PP?> to ii as u,.ro ft,(1,ju.4, u, r,
Kionpili.it Wiihi tin ai?, ,.riI1JS K1|e,
i-riedrjeh when they were internet! at i
?Norfolk as auxiliary cruiser* and to i
hr steam**!- Kani. interned at San
Juan. I'orto Uico.
?C ' lie t Serin :t n contention is over
ruled. however, and article J1 i? ap
m!0,11'." .,l,a> l,c' ?sla,c'' ?" authority j
' t',,> ^'?rinaii Kovcrnnieiit will never'
release the Appam to it? Critish ownrrc
II vNaK Mated to-niirht bj an olllcial in
a position to know < let-many',, inten
,hH' if forced to chose between
releasing the vosse, U,,t{nln
01 J'littiiin t.i sea, tlit? passengers will
he ordered off. the prize crew will be i
sent aboard and the vessel will be'
sunk as soon as n Kets outside Ani-rui
can territorial waters.
Officials of the .Stale. Treasury and!
?Navy Departments were completely at I
sea to-day. The ease is unprecedented!
in American history. U is the first
time a captured merchantman of a I
helliperent. with passengers and crew 1
aboard, has been hrouKht into an i
American port with a prize crew ?f;
an opposing belligerent aboard
Tli* fact that there are no ore- j
oedents o., which action may be based!
lias halted all procedure h\ the United'
?States government until the full facta
are Irtiovn. and until it is established,
by these facts whether the vessel
should be regarded by the lalted States'
ns an auxiliary iJrrmati cruiser as'
? prize.
Only one ease tn -m> way approach- '
? tie a precedent b< been found. This!
"as the internment of the Herman prize'
ship Farn at s?n Juan I'orto Kico. a
year a so on the crour.d that it was a'
German naval tend-r |n this case
t!i?* British ambassa.dC" tried ine.fect-!
Uallv to have th? l.ntted Stares apply;
the much-discussed anlcic 21 0f The
Hague convention, but the State l?e- i
partment refused t.> he hound by ihati
convention, partlj on the ground that i
while the L'nlted States a as a slgna-:
torv. the Kritish irovei nment hail never
approved it.
In the present in>tan. . u,,. ?:r|tisb :
3o\eminent airain i- prepared 10 r>.s!t J
that this article applied o? the
tt round. while it has not approved it.'
both the I ;utcd Snu - and Hormanv
have. Article _?) provides that;
"A prize max onl\ be brnuKlu into a ?
neutral port on account of unsea v. orthi
"e*s. stress ..f we:,the . or want of fuel ?
or provisions. 1
? Ii must If-.; v.- i!S lh,. '
etjmstat.ee.- which justified its entrv a,e
at an end. if it .|n. s rjir ncut-aj
pouor must order it lo <u ;!
should it fa 11 to obr;-. tho ncu^..;,
Power miist employ the means at its
; :s,,o...?i r,,va-. j: , lt , nTl.,!,^
?'??'I crew and to inter.! the prize . r. n
I'M! H i-:t. A It lis Mt'l'H I.I
^ ><? IIIMIIM. |.;k|'|.;( I
The position of the German einbassv
<Wi ?, ,VMS ;un' !e ;s of rio binding ef- '
;,a ,h? Present instance because in
the tlrst place. if. as it contend" V, 1 ;
Appam should be regarded as an aux
iliary cruiser, the article would no,
anpl> and. second, if ihe Appam is held '
e ' ?i,!\ nruV U specific ,realv
,,.7- >''c r.vitci Stares
? 'ft man; ??yaroiny pri 7??- Thi
previd-s 1 * ;
, V" " '* " vx Ptildi. and or"
.. te O. urn n >ilaJ1 ;i|r> J
'e.f."'.J ? ! , fT,IOh- * ? V.,, 'a IV
ties chi ' "''JP?> any du-'
ndralty, of th? < ^forns o? Vs 'f(, "',
Xor vi ? -i : "rl;
to.'? 'f."" """ " i
? oaurii-si,,, w' , . x i 11. their
Hcer of v, j , lll5 cominnn,Hiik of
>i.ow, l,tn -*-J ???? Obl.^ed to
' ivas canon, w hen 11
? S-. , ;jI'-s . O,,. ,
. t. f, -;"-[itio.i.- b. twe.-n the I
,tl- v ' 'ol'.owini, I
! U :ll;a.a ; . *'ll"r't"n ? "?? ne. ,
Wb'-ti ? ? ? 1
'?"""i"<? '? ;? ? v M^ures
f';' l,r' . -taj.ee 'O'peiids on the
d<H ^?* 'i I . the Lllited
,? < ,1. v^f-th.-r M ? \tipaii) ?- to l>
vjder*"! -i 'in\ot'.d <riiis'.r <>1
pri :>.<?
at r-'
Klrat f'aure.)
Knpiann were diReoverefl.
f rated that they mljrbt
n 'a -ttn.: choree of the
' prisoner^ cap
? ? ?sels sunk hv the
<? ? placed aboard the
fi,i llanpton P.oads
:rev. as stationed at
(> n [?o ?? of reeelv
but to send none. Rv
th - n.-t hod ' whereabouts of the
ft: ? -r, -<!- patrol line tie regular
>>hi lanes tv?-re nhvii, s known to
(lieutenant H?? 1 . wb.> ?t?ere<l far out
of It them.
"T'rn cr*i\ and passengers r.' the f?p
t .red steamer were kfiren daily txer
cis. . I. it onlj in srr.all 111.i11l.ers at a
'.time T1 us i' was very <asv foi th-"?
few lii-tmiins 'i> nn'ro! several hundred
apt 1 ves "
The <-te? and pa?senfr " accord Mil?
to Kosfr had no complaint to make
over thrir treatment. Tliere is a short
ave >?( food and water 011 ihe Appam.
howevr-r I'ostet declared.
\S I'IIA \*r<?>1 Sllll*
! \ <iunrter of a mllo out in Hampton
Ron d.? tic Appam to-nifriit lies in a
dr!\ii:i- rain as silent as a pliantom
jship Kxc< pt at rare intervals when
[the rain slackens and her lights Mare
jtiuriu^h the haze that hovers over the
Cure blood enables tlie s'omaeh.
,llv<-' and oilier digestive f>rvar,H t? > do
, their work propetly. Without it they
'jare siu?<Risii. there is io?s of appetite,
! (sometimes taintness. a detan?ed state
I j of the Intestines, and. in peneral. all
^ | tile sjmptoms of dyspepsia.
Pure blood is required by everj
(ioiK?n of the l?ody for the proper per
jformaiu'i of i'- function.-..
>. Hood's Sat saparilla mn la? pur*
! blond, and this is why it H so success'
1 ' ful in th"1 treatment of so many dia
u' eases and ailments. I* ady directl>
,.!on the blottd rlddinp- it of S' rofuioui
and olhei humors. It is a pecullni
1; combination of nlood-purif> tnA. nerve
M toning. st reiiKth-KivinR jubstancoa
? |Get it to-day.
w her outlines can yi'iircRly l?o ?
noticed from the shore. i
A oL'yrn of guards, wcariiiK Herman j
imvnl uniforms and armed with rifles j
ami side arms, pace hot* docks. At tho!
slightest vigii of an appi oachiim vessel }
thoy^shout a hurried wnrnliiK (u steert
(i wide ccmrse of the liner.
To all iijipeurai'.ci'S the Appam's pas-1
s< iirci-s arc not suffering. Karly to-day.)
when the weather was tine, men, women i
ami eh i Id ren promenaded the docks,
their attitude indicating that they were!
enjoying a brief airing instead of being'
hold iis prisoners of war.
I hup lar none save the duly ac-<
credited I'liiled States oilicer* has i
hoarded Hie ship. and until her statu:!
is decided none will, l.ieutenaiit l?crg j
declared to-night. Ami tin* lieutenant,!
a stocky man with a kindly blue eye, j
lull a square jaw and a determined'
manner, is unite positive that his;
orders will he obeyed
The lieutenant was disturbed for a ?
moment to-night when, upon his re-j
I tun from Norfolk, where he had dirie.l'
with I.uited Siat.es officials*. lie neard ?
that civilians hail been aboard the ves-'
sol. The report proved false, but it,
exercised him until lie discovered it was
unfounded. i
W hat is that?" he doina niKd.
"Civilians aboard the Appa.;i"
"No, no!"
None shall no aboard iiet yei.
W hen'.' I do not know I only know
this: li has been ? v ,?r> hard dav andf
I am very tired :|?(| sleepy. Vou will
now excuse me ami I shall and get
a good night's rest.
And with those few words, the lieu
tenant stepped briskly into a govern-'
"lent tnc a tirl w as hurried awav to.
wards the liner
It was well after dark when the
lieutenant h ltd Consul Marshall von
schilling returned from Norfolk. They!
came over on the Maryland, n pas-'
sender steamer plying between Cape
Charles and Norfolk Moth were1
dressed m civilian attire, and mingled,
freely with passengers without being!
idcntilied l.v more than a few of them,
most of whom were talking earnestly'
of tin* A p pa in and its adventures. 1
The lieutenant and Mr. von Schillin"
parted at the !?:? because it was going1
to continue from the Appnm to Nor-i
folk. Mr von Schilling came ashoie.;
ls A MKltl'H A VI* t'Hff.K
'There i.? no doubt that the Appami
is a merchant prixe." he said "i ex
pect to see the passengers landed soon
ami tlx prize crew permitted to te
nia in on board '
!t was rumored that a submarine,
brought ihe Appam to the capes, butl
liothiUK oubl be coi.tl fined to I his
clfeei. The conference In which Lieu
tenant I'.erg and Mi. von Schilling par
ticipated at Norfolk was productive ?f
little rea! information about the cir
cumstances attending the capture, he
li is largely a 'ves' and 'no- af-1
fair. Mr. Schilling declared.
Ihe Appam is an attractive ship,
painted black with white trimmings.
>ii<* bears rio talse name, nor has she
been tvpainted She shows no sisrn:-*'
" rough usage from the outbid**
Man-, persons attempt.-d to get near
'lie ship to-dav before liie rain darted.
I i ? pa.-se:i i* e: s s? c-uied willing t0 talk,
and s? veral of them shouted out
through portholes. r,nl> to be warned
h> the guards to be silent. One. bold
itisieit in a launch passed some
matches .< iid a newspaper to an in.
tci ned passenger :nil was reprimanded
for li by a guard. The eitiz-n re
minded the guard that the boat was
in i,run.,! waters, and that end. d the
incident A bevy of photographers ?.?as
on the gr<>utid early attempting to ob
tain pictures of the ship.
Warned to withdraw, they act|uiesce<|
and promptly arranged their len.
licit thev <?>uld take pictures
.list,mi e
Money Needed for Iteser\r Corps
Already Has Passed
9.150,000 Mark.
NKW YORK, February 1.?The na
tional aeroplane fund which is being
raised for the development of a coun
try-wide aerial reserve for the Na
tional Guard and naval militia of the
several States, has passed the $350,000
mark, it was announced to-nitthi i?y
the Aero I'lub of America. This amount
includes contributions of IStnerson Mc
M illin. ot this city, who offered to
subscribe J 1(10,0(10 for every $900,000
raised h.-two'ii August 1. is 1.1, and
Kebruarj I. lf.|K.
I'uriiiu the final week of January
about $210,000 was subscribed in twelve
States. Illinois lending with $100,000.
New York was second with more than
$50.000. Subscriptions in other States
were: Iowa. $29,200: Hhode Island.
$-'2,000, Michigan. $11.SCO: Maine, Mi.lOO:
i *n li for n ia, $7,500; Virginia, $5.000:
; Colorado, ?,l.ti00; Missouri. $2,600; Mas
saeh'iseti s, $2,f>00, and New .lersey,
> l.tiOO.
T ragie's
19th Birthday
Drugs, Medicines and
Toilet Articles
Hin reductions on nil these
articles Make sure that you
attend this salt and save money.
TragieDrug Co.
HI 7 Ram Drond.
Federal Hunks Says lltisiness Is
(?otxl and Improving Through*
out Country.
Conditions in Fifth District Arc .Most
Satisfactory in Almost F.very Line
of Activity, and Money Is Said to
He Plentiful.
WASH IXOJTmX. February 1.?Reports
from the twelve Federal reserve dis
tricts, made public here to-ilay l?y the
reserve huaril, Indicate that business
conditions are still improving through
out the oountrv. Jtoston says the up
ward trend has continued throughout
.liiliunry, niol iinpi'o veiiienI is seen in
nearly all lines ?f trade.
Interviews and correspondence with
public-service corporations, manufac
turers and business houses generally.
New Vork reports, have confirmed tho
marked improvement ami unusual ac
tivity of trade ami industry of thu
recent months.
Kxeept for n feeling that much of
the present business is of a temporary
character, and a consequent lack o*
underlying confidence. the I'hiladelphia
district reports that there is no chunge
in conditions from a *nonth aco.
Kecause of tho favorable situation in
the steel industry, the Cleveland dis
trict says. reports on s?11 Kinds of busi
ness are good The Richmond district,
which Includes Washington, reports
general business conditions very satis
factory. Temporarv improvement in
the fall months, the Atlanta iilstrlct
reports, has crystallised into a more
permanent prosperity.
The Chicago dii'-ict aiimmn.es gen
erally Increasing a< t vitv. and fiom St.
Louis the report is that the healthy,
prosperous business condition which
developed m the last few months con
In itie Minneapolis district hnsiness
is said in all lines to be on a very
solid foundation, with large orders
ahead. The Kansas t'ny district re
ports unusual activity in most of tin*
lines of importance, with mone\ plen
tiful and labor generally employed.
optimistic is tli. way In which the
outlook in the fi.illas district is ?ie
scribed, and from San Francisco it is
reported that the basic Indu Jtr:,-s ai r
doing well.
General business conditions through
out the Fifth Fede al ltese?ve District,
of which Richmond is the reserve,
bank city, ami which includes Wash
ington ii 11.i Maltimoie. have been most
su' isfactorv witlii.^ the last thirty
?lays in almost cver> line of activity,
ncco; "I:ng t ? i tin' I*.Mi< ra 1 : : v? ago t: t
of the bank at ft chinomt
l.?*t liters leport that routine busiresjt
i- good, lie states, " ind further ;id\!r>*
that Molidav s.'le? wvr? gratif>inv in
both <|imntity liml <iuulily Hoth <*ity
and coui.tr> merchants are placing ??
? lets with manufacturers ari i .Jobbers
more Ire. ly than for two or' f211*-'? year-,
especially in the inetnl industries."
The Mi??hmond district report adds
"Money is in plentiful supply through
out the district. ; condition evidenced
in part by the fact that member banks
'.ii th? dis;-ict now owe !??*? for bor
rowed inPiiey than is usual even in
? lanuary. I'iie lo hi Inn of Ms rcs- i vo
bank .? now i 1 .sun.rtOfl I.clow Fs amount
as reported in August lust Individual
banks in the Carolina* report that they
rire loaning some share of their funds
;.t :? r.'.te as low at t I -L* per cent I'res
?rit ver> easy conditions ire apt to con
tinue until the general spring demand -
are met m March next.'
\hont l.'.UOO founds l.rt '?<> In Micluic
lloil*e of l>ii I'oiiI'h l-'eriidtilr
Sll KNANI.m >A1I. I 'A.. Fvbru.ir> 1 ?
About I r.,f't>t< pounds of powder ex
ploded in tb^ mixing iiouse at the liu
Font t'owder Company's plant at Fe*n
dalt-. near here, to-day. The building,
t one-story structure, was destroyed,
'mm. j'n fur as can be ascertained, no
one was injured. Wiro communica
tion with the plant was interrupted by
the explosion.
Who p.iy attention to .-on. I -a\inc*
r.Mdi independence stud Ii*.'* !r*it|ger
because free froni worry. Start an
account i* it h us.
Savings Bank of Richmond
Mabk An Notional Rauka
1117 K. Main St.
is* now on. and a perfect feast
for the conservative housewife.
Whether you are In need of
funtilurc now or at any near
i future time, it will pay you to
I Five our sale n look.
We will store all goods free
j of charge and at the same time
save you 20, 25, S3 or 50 per
! cent.
All Carpets are included in
, this sale.
| CHAS. G.
i JusgenS
Oiie-Kuurtli uf Acadrni) .May Ho Anknl '
to Itehlgn iih llmnK ?f I'll I tii re
In HxnmltiiitlonN. I
AXXAPOMS. .M D.. February I ?It
was understood on reliable authority
here to-day that 220 midshipmen, or
about ono-fourlh of the entile member
ship at the Naval Academy, will hoi
asked to i-esi.ua soon because of their,
failure to pass the .uilf-ycarly exami
nations. Many midshipmen claim that |
these examination! were much harder1
than usual, hut if.is is dented by the j
The number of failures in each class I
is said to he a* follows: 1-v.st, or xrad-j
| uatinp class, twenty: second, sixty:!
; third, sixty: fourth, eighty.
1 The academic hoard consider* each;
case, nt:<l some of the youug men liopoj
j tlte,\ will be afforded a further oppor
tunity ol' remaining in the naval ser
?Jtie explanation of the large number!
of failures is that instructors have been
I forbidden in any way to aid the stu-i
i dents. The court of inquiry which in-j
vestiscated 11> ?? s'-hoiastic methods of;
i the academy recommended abolishment
of the "dope" system, aa it was called.!
.'?tnl an order forbidding Hie is- of any
kind of special tie'|< followed.
Itrotlier of l.atr ^rimtor Nucrumln to
\ltiiek of (?rlppe nt III* Home
In Provlileiiee.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
ntuVIPKNt'E. 15. 1- Kebruary 1 ?
Clarence A. Aldrich. brother of ti>i?
I late Senator Nelsori W. Aldrich, died
.it his home here to-day, aft?i a short
I illness from grippe and complications.
Mr. Aldrich was a leading- lawyer
? in l'rovidence. and for many years had
; been closely aillliuted with tlie Uenio
Icrutic party, lie was one of his party's
?leaderp in tlie Mouse of KepresentRtives
j in i'.'OL', and three years later was tho
j unanimously chosen candidate of the
(Providence Democrats for Mayor
W IUoii'h Hepresentutlve nml I'rmilrr
nf Krnncr llnvr l.oni; Con
. PARIS, Kcbruni y 1?Colonel K. M
House. President Wilson's personal rep
! rescntative. to-day had a long con
versation witli Premier Hriand, .lt'tei
ii'y arrival from Merlin. He will *ee
other prominent persons during the
week, and, according to his pre en?
plans. will leave for ! .on'ion next
: Monday
, During tlie day Mi Hou?e received
. large number of French. Kngli^h and
American row .'paper ir.en in the Anieri
i an embassy, w "no <iurstloned him as to
his visit, but his general reply wax that
he preferred not to answer.
Perro h ?Merrinu.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
i.YXOIiin IKS, VA February l.?Jonn
I M Perrow and Miss Lillian Herring,
i both of Lynchburg, were married at
| the bride-* home in Falrview Heights
Ion Saturday. I!cv P F Ar'li'.ir of
! tlc itisig.
Made to I'ntrol l.evec*
iiimI to Ciji All I.imt .spot*
AIoiik MlNntmilpiil,
NKW (JRIjKANS, February J.?Steps
were taken to Ruard against threat
ened (liuiKor from high water in the
Mississippi Valley and other livers in
Louisiana at a conferrnce here to-day,
of presidents of the various Slate leveo
boards and government engineers. Ar
rangements were made to patrol the
levees in the .State, and to cap all low
spots in levees. Plana also were mado
fur immediately dispatching1 boats and
forces of workmen with materials to
points which may he affected.
Certain areas of low land* in tho
vicinity of Watson have been inun
dated mid reports have been received
of loss of life and serious property
damage In this district.
Want* Fund for Sufferer*.
WASHINGTON. February 1.? A
000 appropriation for sufferers from
floods In the Mississippi Valley in 1116
was proposed In a Joint resolution in
troduced to-day by Representative
Russell, of Missouri.
Thirty-nine (lead In tuny Flood.
SAN OIKC.O, CAL, February l.??
Thirteen Identified and twenty-four un
identified bodies, and two known dead
whose bodies have not been recovered,
established >? death roll of thirty-nine
to-day in the Otay Valley flood r?i
Several arrests hsve b?>en mad* by
civilian officers for looting.
Mlt>ia?lp|il Is llfrrdlnR.
NF.W OKLKANS. February I.?The
flood situation along the Mississippi
Valley from the mouth of the Illinois
Ktvcr to Cairo, Improved to-day ae the
live;- fell fioni its high mark of .~,t 5
No rain was reported from Ka.-tfrn
Missouri or Southern Illinois, and snow
b'f.iii h'-re late tbi.s afternoon.
MU*Iiik Submarine I.oeatert and la
Making for Key \\ eat t niler Oern
*?teara. Department Hear*.
WASHINGTON. February 1.?The sub
marine K-5 is safe and proceeding un
der her own steam for Key West, I'M*.,
according to a naval radio message
received at the Navy Department early
to-da> f;om Captain Simpson. r>f the
torpedo-boat destroyer St*rrett
>nllw for Key \\ e*t,
CM A itl.KSTi 'N. S. ? *, February 1 ?
Tl.e Monitor Tallahassee. *vith ihe ?ub
?narine" K-l and K-2, wliich, with the
K-C. put In here aftei missing the
K-r. off Cape domain on Sunday inom
ing. sailed to-day foi Key West The
K-t'. r> mulfied at the Charleston Nnvy
Yat'd, where her machinery will oe
Absolutely Removes
; Indigestion. One package
I proves it. 25c at all druggists.
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B eminent bond, while the earning power
? of your money placed in our vaults is
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R bonds.
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