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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, February 02, 1916, Image 4

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Woman and Home
The Strange Case oj
Mary Page
"in I'ltKDKItH K l.l.w l>.
\ntlior of
M\Vhnt Happened to Mnrj"
Picture by Kssjinay ?,oi>> t ipM.
jOir,. by Met'lure I ublieutton
Shown at th< Vietor Tbeat< >
syn'i >PSi:-'.
Vary P*2?-. ?'i *etre** '* Insulted
hacker !??> ! ?'??:!??? n
Vhtttp L>anp<t'?e
Mary '.mi out
nx i'if point of ?1
he' ,
ea;t .
an<i |
OOlll '
i-. , 1. si.. l:-t. 1 '?'1 r
if li t V.- - i.
ci'vi liuiig ,l, r ;i:' "
' ? )))> I lie
I : ' " :<s
, ,U. tell i...- U -
.. ? ;,t,4l tltiKllU
. Irlir.-I ill!"
(Continued Krom 1 i* ' x *
Still holding the revolver. >Ur> stood '
MlKtenlnir till the sound ol "is ?" ' ? '
?lie,. away. then. t?rn?ng |
of ri'puci111 1 " ' ......... ,
atnor.w the daintj >tl\? ??? ? '
ing table. " k ' ' , "A, ,, i
notc. but it w a - ' "
her cvff ?'?!< i aii?i ?? ? "" 'J" i
^remble?ii Nvas the ? cc ftoin
nwii fai ? < ?
i , . i i. ... i%< ? ? it torn *i \\ a> ? 1
wittcb ' ?
5^}it Vf 1 " 'v ''
h Mid "?n<3 r..
lleC-h. ' : ? ' " '
jut - - Ik: ?
"Philip?i'^i' !
Htere-v!- v
| not ?tell
herself into
tutnultuo :1 >? ' -
if th? - w. ? a pie.-oi; ?.?rtf.l
into the room. I.hui els',, si
emotion 'it-v two r ? ' " ? ?
*r* ?'hl
clitMra ?? ? ??-?? - ,
their n\e-;?l' at .i ' : ,V't ',<
nt Inst to s;ay nwa\. 1-ut ><
crv <*?f \ ?' lSt'?. 1 *% ?
"My Gel s? ? won't >" ,f> 1>la> i
liarht --Jl - ? i, i - t!>'* .-!iov
Fi' tl'o-u iuht" sh? odtot',1. liftinp h?f |
[?' id nncl pressing her painis against J
p.jf temples. -To-night. 1 liari Ur\
: *->tten to-night' '
\' "Hut to-nmht is th?- on:y thmj. . .?
rnurt. remember put In I hlllp s e . ?
"Ton must foip<-? all i'ai hits .'<>s'
paps-cl ami 'i v
-1 know." O,. hr-.Ub' 1. stuhnu ba-K
H 50b. "1 Know!" Then her head went ,
up with a piteous briiNyrj. nut a ? f ,
crept throuBh h< ; ? ? V?:VJa!.i'
the dlrertoi. >\ - >a..t - .. . ,
be read* to-r.g %1 r ' ?'"
in Hie \vh?b vol'Id - ' ill ii;tei ,.'ie
with my work nowIMtiI- ?11 .. ,
wait a bit outside my dooi. II
With imirinui'id gnfcps ??. r? ?
S^iicu grew to voluble gossip outside,
t'.e men sliuflb .1 througl b,,t
n-hen Umgdon ?ns on the threshold
Mary s \ ?? *'opped '
"What sbal! I no wit i. tli.
Thii : s e as
treir.or In hei ?
David ought t"1 i.av,
should .- \ i!"
BBetter keep it fot y?
Mary shivored at til
}.r,'n tl-.e ?? ???lit.:* -? ?
ret>et it lot;
|5?d her ftnget
tfji hfr flUii> I'iovi
f "I can <? ' '
ami tl-,
? t ?
w a
,1 sharply,
ur own prot?? -
. \ . . ??< i &. "'I' -
, . ? t" .? i ? ? - - i -
-? cue just past.
, i .,
u : <? w lilsp
morrow I
Ito ? r,'. t: 'i i '? ??
fTo->. u-h\ ;
\i ni :?c ?'
draft of fretiow
? her t??ars. a
fher smart 11 ?
latenil;. at"?
| it was a srrer,t>
'even w li. I' ?' ? < ">
IshUdt'V.'.- .
(col.-?'.'' ? ?? > ' ?
hltt.s-if h it . \\x .
jfor pity in the nai
5 there was " i
J w hep sht ?
ir . es c. i ,'l w
silei ? h? i "w
I "1
5 lC\< . I >?> a
|_ara 1 ?
>; RI?
: a ? In
iTo I.
lv -
V ' IA
\\ .. ? . w :
St s :. ? I:? >I i> W a
t. -; |iii :ieu ft
l.a r.i: - w ?"'i
;;:it ilitl i .it fait-'
w al" ?' '" ??
.f are ? t
11) v <
? t-'
For the Little Miss
Siniplicity cc'i "i /" I'Oi
I 1 ?' t/ " . '
i : ?? - v ?. * ?>{ k
& .3 - ** k. : .
i ^, 7L~y * /
v ^ *
Simrdb li * ik the iii,-in Mit'iu in
Efehiltlren's I I ?? ? ??? iit ?i\ |
fpnrtionctl plain litt'r i!-in|.? ;i ??? in
?v'tlto besl ?t\le iimI < "ini iiiai mil*- of
^tlinterial jii"?- ??i i-? n nuioii ,n ipi imt
f?^ittlf1 ?? iy-. I?s i'l tl'!- i IC", Jllll <?. \
tvhite liniilrrf'd maicrial \\iih ilie
bolder foriimiii i!i?- -boii \n!v?* .111< 1
^1ee\rs and bandini: lh? -Ivin. I'ini I
fltul plain linen i?r < liainbt a\ >,| vh i;i
_'|id and jilnin linon-. ;i?iauniil;. <?><?%
i binetl.
Coior and Drc
Vu Ar.lbi: cli" f,</hr:.
(: j5, irnpoi ? :
;( 'neiir?
to v
;an jnak<
Khades .< ?
;he disatlv.i
'fVHl find t'i
^ delonp to i to.
Vjitton^'r ?
com p ? v ? -
?>hti t fihotii-i
matter r'f ?
jfe An excet
..Itatlerx t,
[ftQlttses ?i?> .
igt harrno:. ?.<
pe aiwl
' h ; r
; ? o\ ij.i v r. n?i ? ?
? ttl our h.'.t 1.'
Satin and Ermine
Sci for Late Win'cr
Artistic fnr Into winter i*- this set ;
r?f three pieces, <-oiisi.-tin^ of liat,
picker mid mil ft'. I hex nre of lilmk
-aiiii mill trniiiic. The hotly of the
jacket is <?f the ermine.
liiuht. Like .ill rules. however, this
it(111111 ^ of excppt ions. :ii"1 there are
m \ t.utr t??T ???* ?a--- on: rust.
r:i: l;rr tlian ha I niotiy. - ? ? ? i: I ? t he aimed
Tliore it- .i ilci.il) ill .i ..- .vjtoriant
,ui<l on? not aiivi.yv recognized by J
i\ ??moil ? -1 '??? i-ulor th.it i i n ? -t h <? i ? ?! ? ? r -
I ? i in of hai. ??f t ri i i ?: ?* :i:leits
rli?:iv! rousty upon tin- \ ost p? : foci ?
i'?in pit r. I > ? i.. Tip.' s.'.rin' pr:" ;? >? np-t
plies io die.-- I?? ?_? - s colots tiat would
t>t; orwise he urhr. ? i.inu ?*a ? ).>? worn
I 0* tivily when sof I et:? d .it the throat
by the additioi of . it-arn ot w 1: ?? or
I itiio-moUov oil )ai-o. More liberty may:
>?<? taken '.Villi . uiiil< ill li.it: if I ho
underh.-lm i efb m - h. i-p-!\ on ti ?? -kin
The i'lict r of .111..I 11 r.. > he'
in.nl' with .. ? a? .i i>aJi> *???!?. lv>il row
? f hriuht 1 -i?' ot a pair of the u i oiik
olfif-il <?.!*: it u f or a iif prwous
- - ' : i: >. * .?? ?? >\ its i . -n <?;> with
ei;lur the wearers fa co o: toil* t;< < an
1-ri:.-: about beauty <i:sast?i as ? |-:i< klv
as >:> thine you ? on 1<1 think of
HI !?> the blond- - hrippkst color
- a n war praet; 11 > any shade,
.?in ? " ij?<-pi ? sapphire 1 ti??> io sky,
r','; .- >r t <h-li- .tie t' ?: i?:I'rr.in
lime immemorial blue has been known
1; ? Moii i. co. ?? i'.sipid hloil'ios.
however, should eestaiiily abjure all'
slind^g <>f pink niiii choose only the
f ? -? ?''? - :iri? ! 1 ?? uiosi t otidei
- le ? ?: otlu ? \v so. their com
? \ ? ? ? !? lot-. ilb>v.
\ nIoinrIli- lli>nurll<'? Ximncro.
'?' ? ? \ r 1. '.i ; i ?' ra ii litt will
i". ? ? ? ? 'h wornout nerves.
sohiloly nci?aiy io have i?
itiii'iuiii of !.;? and reereation.
I ? I ;?!?-! i T > of it, i.- .ihSO
. ?.' 'i i Viiii: nervous. >'\. iia
i ; :?..!> 1" duo in ;i rundown
T ? h niuht takiny a lonu
*a . i I ? ?? - mm to heil. Tin* l>ra<iufi
;< ? v.: your nerve anil promote
o Viioui the oiili" 'liiiit: ? on
n i ? ri'ineily t ii?? oinlil "ii of
c- ?:lh your liiMUth open :H tfi
? T11 j>?- of court plaster over
1;P? 'l iliP Will k< . |i your !: ps
>.p> -ii'llnir open. f'o not sleep
? c> . os: 1., ;> > . <>i.r i *.v - more
i to li i oop In ;lii' po i' ? ? :i.
I- A lieep sha?le <f p.- k woulci
..11.lt to ,i Kir! v.-1tli ii.ii ?< 'orown
< ? u*" ? i'j ? ? and .i m ' !\ ? n -
'?"lie Vioi i! soften tli'' water for
i !? puttil'^ a poili'il of brail
< .isl;t, pl:i< < if :n io i <ius<rts
u.it.-i ;i: . I ? .. 1 ?ifio?Mt ininut ?
?'?no- i!1 of -li< b-nn w <<t?M ' ? ? tiie
' h ' 11:,-1,?? ? :t. ilk v
U'or |.
re weak. ? on
f ,-i s rtiU'i) .i
-It.]., Meep
t w or: v If \ o'.ii in ks
?itil'l .. .:i till open
pmviMe. and, if it is
t ? open :? ii IM in
i-ep lo e,, t h: i.c to develop the
and I?:1; t ! s),. ' -e i^iad t o
' on o . ir s! ili its foi deep
?: ? i-' : f \ ?- i w p. nd n e a
Keep Cool and Warm
Hy It illium lirady M. /).
' " " ''? ?' 1 ?" fat her,
' tl e f i. i k J- f , .
? ?' 1 i ? .? i y i ft i no ii i i-.
' ?' ' W.'t I.'t . - 1 f?.
' 1 ?"d ????alt ? ;? > ? , ;iH- ii,, |
'? : '? iS' . ; I .i - | i
my sanltar.s cntflnccrn
L-. Ill,
? i.
? .i t ti
?ii!: ? : *1.1
?' T t'M
?I : ? I h< ..
" 1 ' ; X I 1 ? If I i t s
itrdwer teifiperaliin f.V, living
v' ? ' U H I ? ? : I.l I I ff; I , I,p.
' ? ' Mi t
-1 ? * ? '?* ? 111'11.#
91 ' ,,1': ' '' W >>:" in lh?
i i ' ill . Idt ?,.I, li, i,Hh; ,|V V.-. ||
l< II !.?l li< :, 111 lit III : and lh<
children quarrel about the furnace U I
Is a sign the house lacks soort thcr- j
mometcrs. or *?<*tt???*. a thermostat. j
Personal sensations arc no guide for!
the janitor. Kvcn ti e same individual
will fee! chilly at one time and too'
warm at another time when t*he tem-j
perature is unvarying', and if the fur-j
nact- is run according to such feelings,
why. the furnace will become discour
aged and get overheated or go out.
A thermostat is the best, and a ther
mometer or two tin- next best mentis
of insuring an equable indoor climate,
through the winter months. The ideal j
temperature to strive for is about ?",s
degrees Fahrenheit. A' that tempera-j
ture the air generally holds the right)
degree of moisture, and ?5S is quite as.
comfortable and certainly more cco-{
nomical than the higher degrees of j
temperature in many homes.
Hot air is always bad all-. Fresh I
air is eool. moving air. Keeling warm [
is largely a matter of habit. Melnsr
warm is largely a matter of fresh air.1
and secondarily a matter of food and j
dress. :
That indefinable \et tangible thing '
called culture is Inseparable front!
fresli air.
Schoolroom, living-room, i fllce. store. ;
theater, car, church-?if it is rtS it is |
<|iii'sIIuiin mill An.Hirers.
Karlier Signs of Hright's l>isease?
Will you please ment.iri the earlier,
symptoms of P.riglit's disease? Is per- j
sistent backache one of them"
Answer? Almost never backache.
General loss of strength or weight, pal
lor. digestive disturbance, shortness of [
breath. sleeplessness. Inch blood pres-i
sure. Bj the way, the kidney excretion
may seem quite normal to the natient. j
Attention of Ofnccr* Nor* 'W111 Ite i
Turned to ttlns neniimii*
Pot Into Contract*.
INOIANAPOUS. TNir. February 1.
The biennial convention of the I'nited t
Mine Workers of# America adjourned!
to-day to meet in Indianapolis in llMS.j
and the attention of the international;
oriieeis now will be concentrated In!
having put into new contracts the de
mauds made !?? the delegates. repre- j
seating nearly anthracite and i
1 "0<? anthracite and
bituminous miners
' if next stei. W II ;,e r,,jrit inter- j
?state conference ?f operator and!
tuners t?? be held at Mobile m-xt week, I
at which an effort will be made toj
agree upon a basic wa-.-e scale for
Western Pennsylvania, ->hi... Indiana'
and Illinois, which will also be thei
basis of the working out of wage'
agreements in other soft . oal fir. Ids of'
the country. ,
fore adjoin nine. President Whit-;
announced that he had decided to stand'
as a candidate for re-elrction next De
c>l"'"'r Officers ate . le< ted bv rcf ?
r rcudutn vole. ' i
' ,-ie nf the nio.'t Important acts of
the coi venti,, . v:,.e ,hc of ?
amendim-nt p.-oviuina for th* ptinl-h
of members ..f local uni -up ,v!W'
shut down mines it. violation of cot,. |
tracts. John St ram l.o. ?r ,|,e ;,;,thrn-l
reaion. a district officer. who d.
la red that miners should have the'
' is!" i" st rike u hen ..?e is '..,ced upon
1 operators, brouaht low-,, on
himself the * ? ,* i, icisij, ?f f.r,sidt.m
ft'sldent Partington. of the
I'l.no * nun.-,*, ai.d Presid. ?t .
?- T f;J-litht ;k"Iti rrfi?uis.
Among -tie reqo'ritions ad.
?' ttaina < ons.,r.. declare the
??"?"?""n.ns ind.:str> ..f ,he ,J
of i lvtn .1? , n,n,,: "? ^ itl, the view
,f hVl"? laws ? over ,,;i mat.
- ' I- - >af< :\ and
' in til* oal trade, hi ,iJ
ii.v eonil! nu State law
, tu \
Murder >|M) K?llu " :
^a tarda.*.
' T1 )'f-' 'end' of' h' '{ '? 1V1"'.?rv .j
*?Ol.r ??>?! two' ii'rg ro( J' V? J-"?j
sapsww i wiJsrvss
. . : u "I""n s husband. I >i I
Light lo-jln" when nf?1"0'1 lo i'? I
,.ti,' ' < ,,u' 1 '"ok an
?> t'datits. tin..- , , , " i-io de
Mr. Lew is v. u..,j " "nfss.-.. |
till !???> I, v 1 e\ neeted to
? 1 (% Miori ow i? hT ,, ,
e x pres* ft] i? jK.f . 7 ? s nieji
>-e ready t? i? t.lV, ? ,fi fu"u,(1,
Sa t ii r da.* ' on >
' ' 11 ' > two W . t w v. , (l II I 1
'I Kmc, ?f tho ; ,to* !
buen?. s i w-aii,.., ;
clear on ji l,' , feather ivas
>?!? aecretarv uuJ v lW ;'""i
li'i'M William' Williams were]
mate of tu . ,""'n>s- ' uecro in
W II. iliat i
?aid to mm unit tin. ,t i'lcnee.
a?5vi se?| ? !o ??aeneral |
-tioi |,e u , r y , " '' Xlate ' 1
-.ett ?-d that II, .. !j. ,. :,v"
I i \ ^ t,f |i|(k ' ? J?t r-sc.iHi* -
u,.t r a, - depm,.!
I woman and - 'f,"r '!
?"????'?"i-'lial.tet. -.tei tl.Vt M \v"]
I '???'? ?????d?=. C.nt .el f.?. V VV|
;-?-? >? ? o- ;i,
* ? ?? f? ii lil I i?|j ||
>i \V:I:, '^->....1, i
T t t:. , '" iifi > l
" " ve^^Vdav V, ,'|,I"i' """
?< . . , . " T t I""1 elect e.I
lent on.v ^ T1 i,,", fl
ing the Wi lc,m i?V i ?'I ? ""deii.n
, .(|ii \ ' ? ? ?idmintsi ration and
, . , (> ?'efornjs Mlvaestcd
^; l;,- yf ; f
t.. i . f M!,>' State Sena
l.i,, ? e i 11. i ? 11 1111 It h o 11 s ?! .
"" "? 'bt-i t. ,,,
p. , ? '::r, !:rru
I J ? "t.M ''aul alignment i.ro.gi,, to.
. ' political it tit agonists in
" IS of former I'ostin ist. r
\ee/.e| and former I'r.M mast er
' 11" , ' 1 1 iiUhouser lost ||M.
i e iVm'.',lVa K, t:Zfl "?
- Hoosevelt rdg,,.
? ? ?..s made referee
, 1 ' our > e..i s a^, wh.-n
I .-'."/J rt:,; |rrt''-r o-.er Acker.
.. . " 1" ^1 v' ? a C I| lei-be- I
' ?' "-,l healer, and now tiie
u ': ':1 o nbined agalmt Paul
I , i> a . ,,itcd it,e.h.?n
I ; ' 1 opposed Paul on
i ? mpei a Ik ? Ki'.-Iiid: als<?.
J Practically Km tire Country Has Laid
Down Its Arms Hefore
Onicial Report Says Attitude of In
habitants Leaves Nothing t<? Ho
I'esiretl?King Advised to Flee
to Avoid Imprisonment.
\ IKXXA. February 1 (via Rrrlin ami!
wireless to Say vllle).?An official report'
issued nt the inn in head.martyrs .?r thej
A list ro-11unsnrian army to-day says: j
I be situation hi Montencr.ro andj
*">?'iitari district is calm throughout. |
I be attitude of irtie inhabit.*nts I
leaves nothing to lie desired."
< 01 \ritv
I.A ^ S DOW N I I V \ |? VI>? ;
M-.nuX, February ! <wireless via j
Say vi lie).?.Special correspondents ofj
? let inaii newspapers in Montenegrrt j
uiio from Cetin.ic that practically the!
entire country has laid down its 'arms.
The .semiofficial Tmnsocean Xews Un
real! to-day fssuo.l the follow Iiir state- |
Most of i he .Montenegrin people arn
Klad thai their sufferings ar \er. in t
' eiinje there arc a lar;r>? number of I
Halkan leaders and statesmen and other!
representatives of the people.
"Among i horn* now in the .Mont* tie-; .
tfrin capita) are the Mont cnci'.riii del. - j ,
Kates Mat alio vie, Itadslox ic and Yankoii
I'opovle, former Minister of finance j *
Yerpovlo. marshal of the Co in i:
manodonvac: Oenerals Hecir, f'eyanovic
and \ esovic, Major l.ompar. forin?r Al
banian .Ministor of the Interior; Akif
I asha and the Turkish general. Said
mchoi.as was aii\ isi:o
to i.kavk enrvrnv
"The Mont "necrrin ministers. Rnds- '
Iovic and I'opovle declared that they:
had advised King Nicholas to leave thei
country, since otherwise he probably i
would bo made a prisoner. They de-i
clared further that the actual Moct.'
Brin Koverumcn: residing In Cetinje!
and consist i nu MM. Radslnvie and!
I'opovle and 'al Vcsovii was en
titled 10 conclude peace, because Uie\
took the government into their hands,
with the const nt of Hin Kin* ami in
accordance with the provisions of the
Constitut ioi;,
"The .Montenegrin Prince .Mlrko is on
his ? -o ii ii 11 > estat' at Kinse\ar. near'
fodKorltza. Austr?H ntrarian sen-!
tries are patrolling the place and are!
sunt Win^ tho r?\it.s.
"In fetlnje. also. is th* Albanian'
chieftain I'ronk I'.ihdodda. i tall, broad
shouldered man. who In addressed by'
his followers as 'Your Highness.' | [e
is delighted With the turn or events
? ?'I states that the Catholics of a I - !
'?ai.ia. although fonnerl\ <iivided in
their sympathies between Italy and,
\ust r:a - llutmrt! y are now all on the
-ale of the Austrian*. while the Mo. '
hamimdnn? In Albania naturally al-.
ways favoi ed the Turks and their i
I'HnPl.K UIK llosrn.K
TO IT \ I.I V \ V I.I.I i:s
i li? population of Montenesro is
una nlmou-ly hostile to the Italians, ?
spite of the fact that the country for!'
s" ' ' monti s ha* heeii overrun with,'
Italian agents. who carried on a
ubiquitous agitation in ti:e cafes and
public sipiai e? The Montenefiri: s
have no sympathy for the Italian ev. I
p-i!:sionists who worked for Italian
? lomination of the Adriatic, although
the shore.- on more than half of the
*e.. were Inh ibited by Slavs The Mon
I'-neiriins spread all soils of rumors
about the ltali. US. ami declare that.
!tal> kept f,,, b*11 self several million
\ ilo? i in? of ibitir which had been dis
patch'd to Montenegrin relief b<
I 'ranee.
"I'odKf.riiza I- now filled with Ser
bian refiipt*i -. who are making ihcir
way to I'atiaro in \arious vehicles mn!
on foot. Tlje Serbians criticise their
own ?o\eiMpent for enticing the
eivllians to wander, together with th?
-olfliers. a.-if. - the desolate and bar
ren moiiiitains in ihe severe winter
weather. Thousands of women and
<hi!iiren perished.
? "Newspaper eort e?pondenIp confirm
the i eport that the Alt.an.an . mef
Is What Cardui Gave to This Ala-,
bama Lady, According to Her '
Statement Printed Below.
< lio. Ala -"I been in good
If'a 11 li until 1 was If, years old."
\v rites Mrs. A. 1,. Knell, of It. |?\ |J. '
| No. 1, this place, "but one day ?
I was helping my father plant cotton
in the field and was caught in th?
1 ?'i"- Ai iliat time I goi vor\f
!"? I suffered great agony
in the lower abdomen, right side,
and had dreadful sick headache, alro
pains in the hack. ... I got;
dreadfully thin and simply gave en-J
"rely up. i had to go to bed, and ;
was there, on my back, for two!
v eeks.
')r said I'd have to have i
an operation. I wouldn't hear to)
I hat. so. si.s my mother had used t'ar ;
d'ii with great benefit, she reconi-j
mended that. I take Cardui. . . I
Soon after I began taking it. 1 saw i
;in improvement, and war, able to
np and be about my work. . . . 1
I nearly entirely well
when one day . . . [ scrubbed
the whole house, washed clothes for
seven in the family, and got my feet,
wet. Thin caused another sick spell.
' turned again to my old
friend, I>r. Cardut. . . . After
the use of less than a bottle again
I was able (o |,e up and about my
work. I also fleshened up again, gu
a good color, and I ant now in good
health. ... I highly reeommend
1 U,'dui. . . it js ihe best tonic
thai I know of."
If you need a ionic, try Cardui.
For sale at all druggists.
At the Movies To-Day
t'OI.O.MAI,? \\" ill In in Slia.T nnd
I'ltirr \VIiIIiip,V| in "The Itulliiu I'n*
Vl( i'OI(?KiIiiii )lu>o iiii(I Henry
\1"i* 1 <luill. In "'I'lic Strnnuc (.'mr of
Mnry I'jicr.'*
OI)l-:0\?"I-'IkIiHiik for I'riuicr."
ISIS?llcrlieri lliiHnorlli, In "Si'ar.
It-1 Sin."
lll-JX?"An n Woman Somh," tilth
<>rr(ruilr KoIiIiimimi.
III.MM ?llcnry \\ iiodriifT. In "Th??
tleckoiiliiK l-'lunip," ii ml "A Modern
Cnui'li A rUen," t\ltli Jnr .lucknoii.
I.ITTIaK?DunHii rnrniuii, lii "Th?
? 'nil (if (lip t innlie rliinris."
\i-HnOc Si-piip nl 1.1 Hie.
A scene that stands out as one of
irtistic hip! it and pictorial beauty in
'The fall of tlif i'iimlit;i lands," in
ivhich Dust in Karmiin is t lio star, at
lie Idttle Theater attain to-driy, shown
In- studio of n Now York artist. I Co
tas induced a voting iik?untaiueer to
40 to llu- city to display his talent as
t painter.
Irieiilnl I'lcluic at ( olmiial.
"Tin- ItuliiiK Passion." with William
hi. Sliay. cosianv.l ? ih C'iaire Whit
icy, in tin* William Kox photodrama
? f oriental life, is t lie folonial's main
'eature picture for to-day and tomor
II ion Drniifc i mini*.
New attendance records have hevn
:et up at the i;ij??:i for TrwuiKlr pro
grams b> llvnry Woodruff nnd Tsuru
\oki, tlie little .lanaiiese lending woiu
in, in "The Heekoitim: Kin me," an I.n
Iin ii story of nivyt ii isin. As for Joe
lackson and the Scnnelt-Keysione
?omedy, "A Modern Knot h Arde.n, ' it's
i scream
i\nr Picture nt llilron.
"Fight inn for France." the pictures
? f I!ie ureal liuropean war. authorized
iv i lie French irovet nmont. are draw
nsr layman as well as students of con
emporaneous affair* to t??r? < ideon.
I'hese pictures are uni?;?j?- in thai they
initially portrny the war as !t hnp
?etiod. not as som* correspondent
houjrht it happened.
aln. Issa Holetinac, was killed In a,
Iflht in Scutari.
"Itefore the arrival there of the]
luslro-llungarian troops the local po- J
iee had besun to disarm the male In
abitants ;?!!?' ??ml Albanian police into|
h- Aliianian <|uarters.
"Hol?*tlnac and his two sons refused J
o lay down their arms, but went with'
lie police to polir-e headquarters. There
lie .if tiic sons shot down two pollen-1
Hen. In t ho ensuing tight Holetlnac!
tid le.tb sous were killed.
"The riot t-jucad lo tlie m sects, and !
otiie Albanians succeeded in occup 'inn
lie . htjrch tow* :, from w hich vantage j
mitit they pouted ;i fire into the|
rowds. Wliin tiie A list ro-H u nvn riau I
roups rea> iieil the ? ? i t > an immediate
nil was lirought t>? the rioting."
IOV .tKKt *-t:s TO TKI.I.
now oit who shot iiim
ISp.v .ii to The Tlmes-Iiisnatch 1
'{.M.KPiH N ? . Fehruai : 1. -There
? lit tic ii ope for the recovery of Kllis
I small son <r l'?r anil .Mrs. ?"*.
d llt'tslies. of "ransf t'o intv. who is
iiuler t r ? 11 !:i< lit in Ilex Hospital for a
iTtr bullet perforation in his stomach,
iperation was dela\od for three days
jeeatise the lad Insisted tnat ills injury
vi!s caused by a nail being stud; Into
lis si?e His con lit ion became net :ous,
ui'l an X-ray examination rev-aled the
?cril seriousness nnd the wound. 'lb>*
toy refuse; to u!\e any An'uupt oi'
tow he was shot.
< tinvlcled of circling < mil.
.1 i.ncs Heeton, colored, was sent lo
;i I1 for six1 > days from the Polite
'ouit ' -tenia'. when convicted of
? teallt ? 'oal from the ?'hesapeake and
dtio Itaiiuny.
tli IIMIIMI rovni ACTOlts TO
ii: ii.i) shops t r it vi.kh.ii
?; A ? K!'JI . N" C.. K-brua:> 1 -The
?><-a hoard Air Line llsllway procured
fro.n 11 . < 11y to-da\ building permits
for 51'?.i?'h> of the terminal im
iriiv.-nn nty anil shops that the company
nom. to add in connection with l^e
li>:,i.s.>r *!| r> et freiqlit 'aids this yon
ri). wo!'\ is to b^ trotteri ut der way
r once, :iit? I will be done by the eon
rii tit ? u- firm of A. M. Walk up .<? t'o.
>f IIiehmond.
Rkmmom's Great U#oc*scu.imo Stoai
Tift Largest Cloak&&utrHouse m Virginia
Announce Further Reduc
tions on all Suits, Coats and
Dresses during the remain
ing days of their most suc
Values You Cannot Afford
to Miss.
The Mast Valuable
t iin't Me lllreil?Cnn'i lie Klred?
On the Job MrIm miwI Day.
The Universal
Not nn i:\pcrlnient, hut a Proven
Manufacturers have tried for
years to producn a eleanser suit
fttde for A I.I, I'SI:S. Wo bcllftvfl
that lllke-I?irt approaches this
closely? at least, wc don't know
of a use that IIIKK-IMItT won't
till the I.ill. \oi Tin IT, please,
for your sake. I.arac cans, 2!ic.
At all good dealers, j
j Ample Itmrrvc for All \>a?eN In l oin-'
mlMNlon. I?n( Vol for Those
j WASHINGTON. February 1?A suf-j
|rtcient supply or niiiinuiiilion Ih on !
| lianil, I teur-Admiral Strauss, chief ?>t ?
.ordnance of the navy, (old tin House;
Naval Committee to-day. to equip nil
.sliipH in commission, reserve or already!
constructed. Ph'i supply for tdiips.
under construction or authori/.ed, how-J
| ever, is not adequate. For present j
j ships. Admiral Strauss said, hii ample i
reserve supply also had heen accumu-'
I luted.
i The committee went into executive!
session for the llrst time during its'
|consideration of the navy hill to not'
; actual tlKtires <>n amniunitioii. which
I Admiral Strauss declined to reveal
[publicly. I
| Admiral Strauss said every Ameri-1
Jean ship or tin- California class car
j rte?i f.T",oo't pounds in pcace or war.'
I but hi^ declined to state in open sea- |
sion tii?> number of rounds pur uun !
.that amount represented, lie also re
| fused to dircb>se what information the
jnnvy had as to the auinunt of ainrnuni-j
J Hon used hv liel llgci ent ships during
| eng.iKCiiients in the present war.
During; I he open hearings it de\eloped'
.that the Navy Department hopes to'
obtain appropriations under which n
Jean store more than J.ndft tons of'
j sodium nitrate, or a tw o years' supply, j
for the inanu factui i: of navy powder i
|a? a reserve against the possibility of!
j ?*? war in which the 1'ti>t?>.I State.- w ould j
(be cut on" from Chile. Kecause of the I
lack of .i.fiui ? a i tiers ;< I anything hut
exorbitant freight rates also, it |v'
planned to bring some of the nitrate;
to this country in navnl vessels.
Chairman i'adgett rend ti Wter from'
Admiral Fletcher asserting that the
open-sea target work of the tlect last
year showed a 2;> per cent Improvement '?
over the preceding year and was th<
i best In the history of thu service.
Target, service records, Ammunition '?
' supply and similar matters are regarded !
jSnw your liair! All tin ml ruff
stops and liair slops
coining out.
i Sit| Cl V t I .1 "IJanilc: Hie }la. i
1 b'?liSi :( you w s h to i in in ct i,i t e!y
iloiil>|?> the hea'.itj of your .Just
o.osten a with 1 >a nd>'i ine ;u:ij
draw it carefully through your ha
taUr.tr one small vtian'l at a tti?.?
thi? will cleanse the hair of .lust, tint
or any excessive oil in n fw minutes
j>ou will he ninaz.-d. Voui hair will
l>e wavy, fluffy and abundant and pos
, ses- an incomparable softness, luster
land luxurihiuc.
lU>id?s beautifying the ha r. <? e np
, pliv .it inn of l >and'i:iif iHssolvc* ev< r>
, pui ticle of Oandruff; invigorates th<
scalp, htopping it King ;,i-d falling
ii.i. r.
i Danderlne s to the hair what fresh1
jshowvrs of ?..i:j and sm h.i,. are to
vegetation I' toes right t.. the root.-,
j In vigoi a tes and ttn -ngthens ti,.-m. Its
; exhilarating, stimulating ar.d lif. pro
duclng properties muse the hair to
giow lonn, strong aid beau'.'.ful.
Vou can surely have pretty, soft,
ilus'.tous lia r, and lots of it. if ? ,,-j
will Just get a 23-cent bottle of
. Kaowlton's I'anderin* front :> i ? drug1
store or toilet counter and try :t as
? lire, t ? <1.
Saw \our hair' Keep it looking
? ?hat mint ami henutifiil. Vou will f.,\
, tins \* as tin host L'.> cents j ou eve'
" l ow Pi oM t I'ciicy Sro:e
flroad nt JelTcr^on.
Hoosier Sale
Now On!
O F v c r v 1 f? | 5
Hoosier ti o w
r e <1 u ?? e .1 for
Window J."'^ ^'dowi,:
l.asy terms.
fW >/~mr H tmJt
I ?
Quality in Furnishings,
Reliability in the Firm,
Economy in the Buyer,
are three essentials which will
lead you lo us.
Sydnor & Hundley
a# navy s?crct?. Admiral Strauss said.
Ills attitude whs supported by Secre
tary Daniels. who Informed Congress,
in reply to a resolution offered by Rep
resentative Gardner, that he could not
reveal details of the fleet target prac
Mr. Daniels appealed to the Mouse
again to-day for sin emergency appro
priation to deepen the approtiehnt: u,
the New York Navy-Yard.
l-'llti: IJI'.STItOVS It AII \ o.V
rAim M;.tit ii a it it isti> u i m;
I Special to The TlnieM*DIkii'iIrli i
HAitRi^xm-no, va .. |.>i',,uafyJ,
li.ii ti (in i))?^ farm of i?* \
Shands, two miles north of Harrison
burg, was destroyed by lire late w*.
Icrday. 'the loss will he aboul S::'ftOn
Sparks fiom a lire, |,?-s '
hoinu slaughtered. set ule to a st.aw
bt?. k. from which the huihllnir .aiiisht
t'ther buildings. Including ???<? r, . ,
ileme, were in jeopardy, hut the flames
did not spread.
II Ichn riln?llorkr.
(Special t<> The Tlmcs-DlKpatt h 1
I'HKIilOlllt'KSHl'i:.;. va I'etMiiarv
I,- Announcement has heen ro.-e|ve<i
here of Hie ma i l ia ne vesteidn\ of
<icoi (ie \V. KicbardH. of this City, arid
Miss ('arrle V. Hurke, of ,st. Louis. Mo
Womeini's New
T ailon-ed
F<a?r Spring
The price won't mean much to you
until you sec tho Suit?.
Then you'll realize that the smart
"<t I'ailored Suits of the season ar<
:it Mosby's.
' Morbymitdi " Suit? are distin
gu is lied not alone for their fjiiallty
and finish, but also for their exclu
siveiK'SH of .style.
Individualitv !? a marked charac
teristic of these garment.*
f!?bar lines. Serges an.I Poplins
are among the materials used in
making the early arrivals.
Fashion s favored shades for
spring are shown here in all their
beauty, including the new greens,
ne-.v blues, tan and black.
I lie styles are many, and each
suit of each style Ii'ih snni<> little in
dividual touch that distinguishes it
from the others.
One style has a semyNorfolk r-f
foot < oat, plaited back and front, re
versible collar. Four-piece ?- kirt.
with a pointed yoke on hip.
Another style resembles a Husrinn
blouse with an imitation belt each
side. fastened with large pearl
buckle.-, gathered under the arms;
pointed yoke on skirt.
A Very Stylish Looking Suit has
a straight coat flared from the wart
down. The skirt is gathered In the
hack with a pointed effect to lortu
a yoke
Richmond's leading .Silk Store is
i ready to supply your every need.
Among the new spring arrivals are:
(.late < liif Ion Taffetas, 3f? inches
wide, in sky blue, turquoise, orchid
pink and rose. SI.75 yard
Tub Silks, ,?,2 and 36 inches wide,
in white grounds with light blue,
pink, lavender, ereen and navy
'stripes, SI .on yard
inch Tub Silks, in wide stripes
(?f old rose, turquoise, gold, navy and
lavender on white grounds, Svi.tiO
' yn r?l.
lull Crepes. 3 inches wide, in
white with colored stripes, .Sl.f>.*i
Let Us Re
pair Your
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
OI?l Itrliiililr .lender.
< KMlHldlnhed ISST. I
Phone .Madison -IIMl, and we will
send I'or your work.
:ti:$ l-;u<it flrotid.
Wnrtlrnhf Comfort nnrf Service
nl <? iinrn iilecil for seven
} curs.
Here is the final achievement
in Wardrobe Trunk design,
handsome. strong and wonder
lully convenient. Covered with
lllier inside and mil. STHONdKIt
1 I ,s kind. Heo it in our window
A fe*v ftprcinl value* nt re
duced price*.

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