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Joint Session of Senate and House
Confirms Action of Demo
cratic Caucus.
Several Circuit Judges Are Named
for New Might-Year Terms?.ludfie
(?oolrieii, Who Had Failed to
(Qualify, Is He-Klected.
Ity :i unanimous vole of hotli houses
of the (lout-rill Assembly. Judge Fred
erick Wilmoi S llllS, of I.ouisa. was
yosterday elected to tho Stale Supreme
Court bench for a twclve-year term,
beginning February t. 1!'17. II" will
sui'i'i'titl Judge James Keltli, who will
retire at the expiration of 'i' f* term
on January 31. I!il7. The election con
firmed thy nomination of Judge Sims
l?y ilie Iiimocratic caucus.
Judge Sims wax nominate! for elec
tion hy tic-legate Hrownlng. of ??ran?o.
Among those who s?>eonded the nomi
nation wa.'i Delegate Gordon, of I^ouifa,
who was affiliated with the faction that
supported lila opponent. Mr. Gordon's
action in H0con<liiiK the nomination of
Judge Sims yesterday was received by
tho 11 oil.ho with a round of applause.
skvkuai. ci in i it
Hotli houses suspended tho regular
ordr-r of business at 12.1.'. o'clock to
(jt into tli^ election of Judges nomi
nated hy the caucus whoso terms ex
pire on February f, 1017. The follow
ing were elated for r.ew ferrr," of
eight ;. ears.
Judge 1*. II. I'Ulard. Rooky Mount,
Thirtieth Circuit.
Jii'Jyo A. King, of tlie Corporation
Court of Roanoke.
Judge I'rncst II. Wells, Richmond,
Hurtlnga Court. I'art II
Judge T. J. l'.arhani. of the Corpora
tion Court of Newport News
Governor Stuart notified the General
Aorombly that lie had appointed Judtre
John T. Goolrlck, of Fredericksburg. to
(Hirrned himself as judge of the corpo
ration court of thai city. Recausn of
Ultics.", ho h:.d failed to <| lallfv in
tlrno for the new term to which ho
was elected by the General Assembly
of ISM. Hotli houses yesterday con
firmed the i.'iitvt nor's appointment .?'>d
e!r in! Judge Goolrick for a new t ? - r s n
of ? l-?h vcars. beginning 1'cbr'iaiv 1,
11 *'>ti t Intit d f t.?r? i Kirst I'aia i
rni-.de it dear that he would rot sign
a 1 ?: 15 which invaded h - constitutional
powers. j
The publication of the Governor's
letter brought ;ti>out a hurried ? onfer- ]
era <? i-f prohibiti>>ri lead-rf l.at< r In I
tho day several prominent members of j
the ?;?n<ral Asenibly called on the
<!ovr r vor a I 1.! s ot!b ? . i :?<! ?? re < 1osete<i j
with hiu. for some turn- Tl.?* deputi- |
tJfiti did i.ot Include in Cannon. The j
Interv -w it i;- understood. determined 1
th? tenor of the amendments that were ,
off*-red at the ?'iminlttec hearing, and
repri vent at un< ondit ional surrender to
tin Governors const itutional objec- '
<ti i:>tio\ or I'oi.n s is
\o\\ id mi: hi:ti:i<mim:i>
While th institutional barrier in ;
th< wa> of th<' creation of the new of
fice. if tile bill is amended a1- p.' opo. '-d, j
will he swept away, the '{Uestiotl of
polic> is in no w a touched The Gov- ,
ernor is known t" hav- definite views
on the adv. 11.: 111. of creating the new \
otli'-e, and. while the feeling prevails
that he could hardly withhold lit?- )
signature from tie- bill a^ amended If j
found to be legal ah > In other respects.
It Is tot a: >tiined that the Governor's ,
doubts are fully s, t at rest. At the
executive ofhee fvcrybody maintained!
a discreet sib-nce. and the situation j
last flight was not entirely without :
foreboding of diMlculties yet to come. j
Iti his objection '<> the constitutional
vn'ation contemplated by the un
amended bill. Governor Stuart - was1
joined l> v Attorney-General I'ollard,
who. in a verbal opinion yesterday, re
etiforced the Governor's contention that
the proposed < '? ?mmlssioner of Moral
Welfare would not be under his au
thority m tl.e same sense that other
heads of Stat? <:? pa runouts arc now
sub.ie. ? t-> executive supervision and
control. Tiie Attorney-General ad-,
vised, however, that there is no consti- j
tutional objection to creating tiie new .
department If the supreme power re- j
mains in tho executive.
o.M.i I'.Mtri^ mi-:i-:ts
GOV Kit \ OII'S Olt.llU I IONS
With the constitutional question
eliminated as a factor of di-coid itiej
danger of drastic treatment for tiie bill ,
at the hands of the Governor i?- ma
terially reduced if not wholly re-noved. t
Tlie question of establishing the new |
department involves questions of pol- |
b y. expediency and economy, and is j
not a question in which the Governor;
need necessarily Intervene. Tiie torn- ,
per with which lie had <b alt with other
public questions, however, rentier it j
certain that he will not hesitate, i
should he consider it necessary, to do ;
so at least in an advisory capacity. j
A crowd that filled the hull of tiie I
J louse of Do legal* s anil Hie gallery to (
overflowing was on hand to hear tiie
speeches for and against ihe prohibl
Hon measure, which will, for years to j
come, be regarded as lite distinctive j
work of the present General Assent- i
bly. Senator G. Walter Mapp. of Ac- '
comae, chairman of tiie Senate Com- 1
inittce on Moral and Social Welfare,
presided. With the Senate committee
sat Ihe committee from the House.
Former Presiileht Hough, of the Vir
ginia Anti-Saloon i<cague. opened the
discussion with a general indorsement
6f the bill, emphasizing in particular
4i<- commlssionorship feature. "Give us
this bill with tin- commissioner of
-noral w elfare, and hold us responsi- :
hie," lie told the committee. Mr. Hough
made no reference to his correspond- t
once with Governor Stuart.
I SK OK Itl M !.\
KI.A\ OHI.Vti TOIIA ( t o
Senator Cannon, of Richmond, di->
reefed the committee's attention to tho j
apparent interference with the use of i
ruin and alcohol in tho manufacture '
of chewing tobacco. He asked that Ihe I
ItiH be amended to protect the tobacco J
manufacturers, and also that provision ,
be made to allow wholesale druggists j
to supply to the retail trade pure grain !
alcohol for medicinal purposes, under
proper regulation. While the modiciiial
use of alcohol is not prohibited by tho
bill, no provision is made by it for tho
handling of this product hy the whole
sale druggists of the State.
Senator Strode, patron, with Senator '
Addison, of tho session's first prohfbl- 1
tion bill, informod tho committee that ?
no effort would ho mado at this hear
ing to press for a consideration of that
measure, but that Senator Addison will
ask the committee to fix a convenient i
(Into for a hearing on tho question of j
what authority shall bo Intrusted with '
iJws ?f ",0 Prohibition,
laws, at which lime he* wll, address
himself to (IiIh matter.
r.w.vo.v <;oj:s ovi:h
I'HO VISION'S <>!?' 1111,1,
Dr Cannon followed with a detailed*
i.xaiiilnation of in.. ,||S,.USM
fiom tlio viewpoint of the Anti-Saloon '
;7~r- which, he stated frankly, was
V..lip tor its provisions'.
1 inl.l il ! |UU| of the hill. he
j " " Ismiive eomnilttee of the
: S'liSu.lM v Wr h" is c,,airman. was
ICi.-liuri p.. i""".' <;"v"rl,or Mann and
iu< mud hvelyn |{yn|
its ?lut>, .s.nd l?r. rrani'on. "It is not
I here to dletate to th.r Ueneral Ass.-m
I l! 10,1 11 w,,at ?l?- It is voiir
hu n.ss determine if U is aUeh
I A hill as v on can pa as."
j Asked hy Senator Andrews for a
I elear statement wJh reference to the
I'"1"!"" rro"' bill of provisions
^ .i i "vineries and hrewerl I'.v
proy , e,| in Uic Knahllnjr Act that was
?ippto\e<l ii September, 1914. I.)
i Mn."J ll,al U"" Anti-Saloon
. . mi<- did not recognize anv right of
hese industries to special protection.
' ' ?' rred to the troublous passage
I'*"abling Act In the Senate in
I 'M, and the compromises which pro.
uioltion lenders had to make to secuie
the passage of even a hill loaded down
I wj'h |,.H| amendtnents?aMiomltncnts
I wh.cli, lie said, were accepted reluc
?.'ntlv and against the convictions of
i-.n true friends of temperance.
i-MAi'i* ti:i,i.s or' "i?i:.\ i,s"
mamio iv skvati: or nm
i Senator Mapp supplemented the
stat emejit with a brief review ?. f t<-e
,'deals" made in the Senate of j o 1 } '
I While i*_ had been his intention. |f
^aid, to ahldo hj* *nc pron-.!sj to pio
teci wineries, the "wef iiiteic.sisf
broke faith by forcing the adoption of
'lie brewery amendment. This viola
tion of the pact t.y the "wets," ),<? aid i
absolved the "drys ' from their pre.'
vious promise to protect the wiM.-r,,.?
and neither Industry is entitle, i r?,w
to the consideration of prohibition stn
Attorney Samuel 1. K<*||v, who p.
th? floor later in the hear.tig, touched*
scathingly on I ho nimble logic witi,
which the question of the wineries
breweries was dismissed liv I)r <'.n.
Whatever mental reservation'' ,->e
cotnpa ii led the adoption or the
and beer ameiidmrnts to the enablitr
act, !n the minds of the prohibitionist)
and in the mind of tl,.- Anti-Saloon
jeacuc." he said, "the 30,000 majority
that voted for the enabling a. t v?:,,|
for that act with the wine ;,?.i j..*.,...
amendments in it. and you cannot re
fer to this majority in justification of
your course now.
kkm.v iomi:s -it.
??SIT I |* with i oHI'M;"
'The people of this State voted
??5ibllng act Which express '
owed wineries an I breweries to" con-I
?"mi* in business. provided they ship-!
ped their product outside the <tntn:
;t.to not prohibition t.-rritorv. jr !
v ithdraw this protection In the ?,m {
lo,i 'Io ?ot in answer to the de-:
Mj.-tid of those Who voted for the en-I
1U1, b.Ut ;,r ",0 tion of the!
Anti->.i|oon i.eague "
?Mi Kelly told the committee at the I
tllUl, ,lc w,s P'-'.-seut only to !
igge.?i a few amendments Tl <? li. '
''"or interests, he said. realijsed tha
k was the intention of the state to
them out of business and w re
i-.iking r,o fight. As counsel for the
Mrginia Liquor Dealers* Association
.'or rJe '" t :""" 5" "SU l"' ,vltl1 '
>peaking fiom the consumer s stand
point, said Mr. Kelly, he would sue
?:est that tli- one-fjuart-a-month re
s fiction as to whisky be changed to
ni.?' gallon ,i month.
sw> OMJ-m AltT FKATini;
is IN ADKI| l.'ATK
I assume th.v in allowing persons
"? Virginia to buy one <juart of wiilskv
.< :: i o 11111 you <i<j so j? recognition of
tne demands of those who feel that
:??: must have some quantity of liquor
'or t.ieir own personal use i sub- '
jnit. however, that If you are going to
??I ognlze their appetite.* at alj ^ n?
are doing it very Iriadequatelj. | ,|n
not thitik an allowance of otie gallon
a month would be excessive the
ordinary family."
?Mr Kelly directed attention to the
provision of the hill prohibiting the
use ?f glass containers, su.-h a pro
Mslon, he pointed out. would make
I-ractioally Impossible the handling of
whisky or beer In any quantity, since
:.-.e glass package is the one universal
ly used. He suggested also that pro
vision be made f,,r a refund to saloon '
keepers for unexpired I! .;n?es.
A\|? SKI'/.l'ItK I'lt OI* I * I()\ N
Attorney Richard Kvelyn Rvnl ad
vised a modi.-leai ion of the search-and
sejy.tirc 'provision to make the d:s
co\ery of a prohibited amount of in-,
toxicants in anv p. rson's possession
evidence to be taken into account with
??flier fa.-is in establishing that per
sons u nit. The bill provides now that
the ills, overy of such spirits shall he
prima facie evidence ..f the violation
o. the / w \ person on whose prem
ies s-i.'i; spirits were discovered, said
Mr. Ryt-d, should have an opportunity
to prove that he is not a criminal
In other respects Mr Byrd cave his
hear'v Indorsement to the bill
< .eorire McP. l'.lake denounced the i
bill in entirety nn Inqultous i
measure the like of which have not ?
been see it, the Virginia legislature
since the days of Malum.*. it pr?.
jtos.'.l, he said, to confiscate $20.000.<>no .
worth of property, to turn lO.ono rrr>n j
out on the streets and to tnl;e from ?
? he State's revenues Sl.00ft.niin jn taxes
w ithout any assurance. if the . 1
perl.Tee of other prohibition States is
to he taken into account, of helping
the cause of true temperance.
T.con M. nasi! asked the committee to
strike from the bill the section which 1
would prohibit the circulation or ^ale'
in Virginia of out-of-thc-State new*.
papers or periodicals curryltit! liquor
ad\ "rtIscmenis Su' li a law, 11?? said .
would work a hard: hip >n all nc -
dealers ami deprive the ????:?? 1111iv publh ,
?.r the State of SOIIH- <>r Hi'- hlghes;
clans periodi als of this country ami |
i;\-i.o\ r.it \oii m\n\
ui;i-*i:its to kki.i.i i
The totniiiit 1 took a i - s at ?'? 1
o'clock ati'J reconvened again ;it x. At
the evening lit stiion tii" i>iincit>:iI 8|>oak- j
i i1 was I'oiiucr Governor Mann. lie i
replied at length to several of the ol?- i
jcolions that had In en raided h.v Mr.
Kelly ri11? I .Mi. Hlake, tirgin ? the coin- ;
mittee to ignore "In- claims of all ?<;>??- :
cial ami solllsh inter -st ?> in < omplet iuc.
:t:; llnal draft of the lull.
Attorney .1 '1'. .Mr Mllsti'f, of Hot |
Springs, asked that the l<11! he ainc-tol- ^
oil to allow resort hotel, under l?on<!. j
i" keep on hand alcohol which is use ! j
?<>r rubbing down purposes in the eura- t
tive hat lis, and also for a provision j
under which hotels would he permitted '
t<> use ceitnin wines for culinary pu . -
1 lie committee was addtessed brietly ,
hy Mrs. Howard Hoge. pre? idem of the i
heal l>ranc!t of tht Wooien's Christian
Tenperance Union, a:id l<; Mrs Geor;*ia
May .lohson, president oi the Woman'
I'rohlhition l.eague of Aic-!'.i Colli
gave their unqualified indor ??tcent to
the hill. At 10 o'clock Hi com^nittees
arose. They will meet in joint ses
sion at I o'clock this a It
ti-:.\t or a >ii-jv o >i !?: \ i s
oi-'i'i:iti:i> tn on.) \\\o\
Ainendment.s to tti< Mapp hill, offered
hy | ir. Cannon to meet t in ? ? ?ri* i?? i -
tional objections taised by : ,i ?;<>\ -
eriior in his letter to Mr. ii ?u;;ii. fol- ?
f-' i tion ?The on? i il a .nibly in
session when this act ij pass ii and
the General Assembly t.. a.-s- inblu
<ver\ six years thereafter .11 clc-t
a Statu commissioner of troial
1 a re. wlio-'f- compensation shall !.< !':xed
!<y law, ami whose term "f ?.:'i ? shall
I.e ? \ years. commencing .iulv
i :? l
Whenever the w??rd oinu. .>ncr"
is used in this act it shall in< in "Slate'
commissioner of nioi.il welfare"
The Governor of Virginia hy au
thority vested m him hy <?< Uons 73
and 7-1 of the Const it ution shall vo
the power to suspend said coniniis
sioner from oflire tor misbehavior. in
capacity. i.e^le. t o:" official duty, "f
acts: performed without tlic authority
of law, hut in any case In which this
power Is so exercised t: e floverco'
shall repoi t to Hie General A sem'oly
at the beginning of the ne\i session
thereafter the f u-t of : ueh ' 'ispeiision
and tii?- cause thereof: wheteupon the
t ;eiici :il Assembly shall determine
witether such commis* :o?ier shall be
jestored or linally removed, ami the
Governor shall have t ? power during
II. e reij.'-.-s of the General Assembly to
appoint pro t?-mpor* a -u ?essor to
the said commissioner, hut h;s ap
pointment to Sll'.h \ si.a':! ex
pire at the end of t! i i ? :; daw :fter
the commencement of the next session
of tii- general As-emhly.
The said commissioner ; 1:.?11 make ;m
annual report to the t iovcrii'u. whi-h
shall five In detail the expenditure of
all public moneys and the wo.k of his
department, together with su'-h recom
mendations for new or additional legis
lation in reference to his power.- and
duties as he may deem expedient.
P.efore entering upon the duties of
his office the said commissioner shall
g i ve a bond t<> he Approved by the
Attortiev-ileneral in i!ie jienalty of
$? for the faithful performance of his
Iii t :- case of a vacancy in the ofTh:?
of commissioner during the recess of
the General Assembly by the ueath >">r
T-eslgnatioii of the ?commissioner. t!.e
Governor shall 'ill such vacancy by the
appointment of a successor, whoso
term of oflice shall expire thirty days
after the meetinir of the tiext General
Assembly sitting after the occurrence
of such vacancy.
Hy a vote of .'{<"> to 1, the Senate yes- '
terday refused to i oiii ui i:i the House
amendment to Senator Thornton's bills. .
vesting in the trial judge the power to
-ay whether or not an ox-convict, once j
or twice before convi' ti-d of a felony I
in the I'nitcd States arid sent t>> the
penitentiary. shall s* rve additional:
titne oi subsequent convictions.
As drafted b;.- Ser-.ator Thornton, the I
bills make :t discretjon.-iry with the ;
jud^e only whether a f< Ion must s> rv?- I
ti:e adilltiottal tlve years pre.-cribed i>.v J
the t'ode on a second conviction, or the
life term on the third ami subsequent !
convictions. House amendments to the
two bills place the Jury on an equal
tooting with t.b.o judge, providing that '
either may take the responsibility of'
saying what shall bo done in the mat- '
ter. They were voted down on the j
ground that they would place the judge j
and jury in the position of "drawing I
straws" for Jurisdiction.
Senator W'eudcnhurg's bill, iriving '
courts of record the power to suspend '
sentence In convictions of larceny or}
foigery during rood behavior, passed!
the Senate, arid was sent to the House j
for concurrence. 1'nder the provisions
of this bill, the trial judge may, in his j
discretion, parole the person convicted j
? ?i" these crimes and save him the ?
humility' of donning prison stripes.
The Senate's attention yesterday was
occupied for more than an hour in dis
posing of the routine business of the
body and in executing a joint order for
the formal election of judges already
nominated in the Democratic caucus or
appointed by the Governor. Only
seven bills on a congested calendar
were taken up and disposed of < >n
motion of Senator Rison, the Senate
adjourned at o'clock to convene Hi
day at 1 - o'clock noon.
The following bills were passed:
House bill No. 'Jt. to prevent fraud
and deception in the storage and sale j
of oleoma! gerine. process and reno- j
vated butter, and providing for the ?
regulation of such storage and sale, j
Patron. Mr. Sproul.
House bill No. 12, to provide for the j
You Can Tell The People IV ho j
Have Iron in Their Blood
?Strong, Healthy, Vigorous Folios
Doctor Sdvn Ordinary Xti.f nted Iron
Will Make XrrvoUN Itinulown I'eoahli*
UOO'/t Stronerr In Two Weeks*
*1*1 in i* In Munr I'liNO*.
XRW YORK, N*. Y.?"One clarion in
enough t? I' ll which people have iron
in their blooti." said Dr. Sauer, ;i spe
cialist of this city, in a receni dis
course. They arc the ones that do and
?laic. The others arc in the weakling
class. Sleepless nights spent worrying
over supposeii ailments, constant dos
ing with patent medicines and narco
tics for nervous weakness, stoinacn,
liver or kidney disease and useless at
teinps to brace tip with strong coff?e
or other stimulants are what keep
them sulTcri tin and vainly longing to
lie strong. Their real trouble is lack
of Iron in the lilood. Without Iron the
blood has no power to change food in
to living tissue and therefore, nothing
you eat. does you any good; you don't
get tho strength out of It. The mo
ment Iron Is supplied the multitude of
dangerous symptoms disappear. 1 have
seen dozons of nervous, rundown peo
ple who were ailing all the time, dou
ble and even triple their strength and
endurance and entirely get rid of
every sisn of dyspepsia, liver and oth
er troubles in from ten to fourteen
days' lime simply by taking iron in
the proper form. And this, after they
had in some cases been doctoring tor
months without any benefit.
If you are not strong or well '.on '
owe It to yourself to make the follow- ;
ini; test: See how long you can w irk
?r how far you can walk witliotu be- i
?oming tired. Next take two live-grain I
tablets nt" ordinary mi.xated iron three
times per day after meals for two)
weeks. Then test your strength again !
and see for yourself how much you ,
have gained. There is nothing like ;
good old Iron to put color in your '
checks and sound, healthy llesli on'
your bones I'.ut you must take iron j
in a form that can bo easily absorbed
and assimilated, like utixa ted iron f
you want it to do you any kooiI. othe -
wise it may prove worst! than useless.'
NOTK?Nuxated Iron recommenced above'
by Dr. Sum r. t.s one of the newer orKante
Iron compounds t'nllke the older lnr>i);.> nlc
iron products, It 1m canity assimilated, does
not Injure the teetll, make them til.uk, nor
upset the stoiiiaeli; on the contrary, it is!
a inosi potent remedy. In nearly all forms ,
of Indigestion, as well us for nervous, run- >
down conditions. The Manufacturer* have !
such great confidence In Nuxnteil Iron that I
tiiey offer to forfeit $100.0(1 to any ehnrlt- j
able institution If they cannot take any |
man or woman under fiO who lacks Iron ,
and Increase their strength 2On per cent or
over In four weeks' time, provided 'hey
have no serious organic trouble. Tliey also t
oner t<> refund your money If It docs not ,
at least double your strength and endur- j
a nee In ten days' time. It is dispensed In j
this city by Traglo Drug Co. and ull other I
protectton of certain fur-hearlng ani
mals in tho ?'ounty of l.oudoui I't
tion, Mr. Nokuvl.
Ilotise hill So. ?L\ t<? amend s?m tton
1 <> of .tli act lo provide for lll?' issuing
of !>? 11?I - for i. i mar.e,-. t road or hrh'i'.c
Improvem- lit i:i tin- magisterial dis
tricts of tin* -minties of ?11? ? State. ra
tion. Mi I'?oii'i
I lolls'' I.ill No. tl. to ptohlhil the
hlllitlli.: hootiliir. 11 -11111 j; or ! icsiiass
,ng upon t!.-- 1 ;t :t ? i i of an\ person in I !???
?'<>uiit\ of i.ou'loiiu without pi-rmis.-ion
!.*i writ i nr.. Patron, Mr. Nalanil.
Senate I. I! No 11'T to civ courts of
M'conl ih" i-owi ? t.. sii'.'|k-i;i| iti-iu u
in convitior:s of .????? it .. forj;?'ty or
littering or atte, '.i ? j- to employ as
tl'.l-' Mil 11 fo.|
k no Willi;
i-> lx foti?d. duriui: i;iiih! I ? liavior ami
:li.- rff< ? t thereof. ration, Senator
S*na t e loll No. 7". to ptivent ihe
barter and sal" ? f the plumai'.e of al!
Itirus killed in Virginia other than
game birds or dome ? ? ! >wls. Patron.
.Senator < Joolrick
Senate lull No 7':. to prevent th?
buying ami selling of the wild turkey.
I'atron. Senator Gooiricl..
.Shortly h(-for?' /a(Ijo,irnui??nt of the
House ot 11* locales tor the div |), .i.?
0f A1'" . ntVoduccd
? ?? resolution, whirl, * ,l;, adopt. d ,|i
:n""K State .1 l'ha,mac v
lo tile With tile llo.Jse
ini; t!i< amount <>t f..,--, . ,,n .
the I,oar,I sine- Km,,. th<. Hl|t.s<1
posed and collet ted by (ho hoar.) from
ns creation until .lanuarv 1. i j1Ull!
th" manner j? which the money .so
collected has been expended. Tho
resolut on also asks that the House be
Informed whether any ofllcer of (he
?oanl i ? i.-ei viim emolument under the
statute is holding any other huvit;, ss
position ami, if so, how ].. (l.',s
held it and by whom ho is eniploy.-il."
"The State makes an annua! np-n-o
I'llation of S?:.f>nn to ii;e Board of Phar
macy," said Delegate Pitts a'ter
jotirnmciit, -and I want to know how
this money js being applied. The (Jen
eral Assembly ought to have this in
The House engaged In a llv< !v cU-hate
over tho Huduins hill on its ?<? (>nd
reading. which reduces f r?? m i sj^ii to
*?">'? tin- annual tax on Ulneran- v ?nder.s
"? patent medicines, nostrums, toilet,
preparatjons, stock feeds and other
; reparations of this general character
After various attempts to amend the
"ill ny Increasing the lie. t,.s? tax. the
:i,? - a!*tire was passed to its third r-ad
and engrossment.
r?el.?2 ites l.ove, Aleetze. I.eed' . <Jor
?:on and others '-spoused the ,.f
the medicine sellers, who they said we re
J'U' V . or- of preparations held in high
est ee.n ,.-. iti.. country people. These,
>i was stated, desired to see the fire?^
?at 42.",0 tax reduced to a point which
w.il impose no hardship on the itlner
'he farmers, it was pointed out.
? :-:.t from these roadside merchants
" ? preparations and proprietaries
' thej could obtain otherwise onl v
?'' 'iruic stores at a higher price.
i )f-l('irate Myers, of Iticlnnond, op
posed the lowering of the present tax.
He was informed, he said, that many
af the preparations dispensed by these
itinerants under t?ie guise of medl
c ties were little more than pure alco
l.'-I with onoucli other ingredients to
f'ti.ihle them to he sold as flavoring
xtracts and bittrrs.
"f call upon you prohibitionists to
he consistent." said Mr. Myers. . ad
dressing himself to the arid majority.
"\ou have declared yourself to be in
tavor of effective prohibition. Do not
make <t possible by this amendment
for your ooimfrysble to be flooded with
r, lcoholic preparations, and thus defeat
Ihe very object of the prohibition law.
Personally, 1 am in favor of mnkinc
the iirohibltlon law as rigid as pos
sible, I believe you Intend to allow
people to have one quart a month.
' am in favor of striking out even
the nuart?.f don't want any at all."
T|V-rc Delegate Cordon, of T.ouisa. In
t?'I ni;? t ] wlt!? T1) *? rj!'rt.s! I(?ti !
?'Has the gentleman from Richmond
ity rend the bill? If he has. ho is
[iroha,,iv aware that The contingency
lit mio'' t ioi)F is j^unnlofl nuninst."
"V\"hich hill." asked Mr. Myers
"The i.il! that monies to us from the
-o-an t e." replied ^Tr Gordon.
?koines to us from where?" asked the
member from HI- hmond sns-plciouvly.
Ihe ITouse Indulged in a suptircssed
buckle \ few minutes later it voted
lowti P'-leirate Brewer's amendment to
?l."rt. in another
minute it ! :i!ed :.n amendment tnakinu
the tr, v ? 100. Then It refused to p:,ss
?.n amendmeTtt excluding patent medi
cines from the list of preparations
Itinerant venders affected by the hill
-hall he allowed to dispense. Then It
passed to its third reading and en
? oss 'ten t tl .- Hud *ir.s hill as it stood
"?arrying a *_.o ntinin) license tav
Tlo optometry hill, on its second
rending, was advanced to Its- third
rendlntr and engrossment by a vote of
to tfter an amendment wa? in
corporated at the instance of Delegate
Moss, of i,ynchburg, which providea I
that only practitioners of five years':
?standing in the St-.fe shall he e\e,?;,f
from the e\a ra!tia tion reau'reinent pro- !
k ide.l for the act. The bill ?s drawn j
'? \empte i fr-o"i thic provision all nrae- j
litioners- wl.o have been In tlie State
r?!,1 o - onv
Tl? follnwinc TTouso wovo
passed on their third rc.'ullni; an I sent i
to tin- Senate for concurrence:
No. 132. authorizing the school hoard
of Pleasant Grove Magisterial District
No. ;j, Norfolk County. to borrow for
s< hool improvements .1 sum not ex
? ? i-iilll:; JJO.OrtO and to issue bonds
tin ri-t'cir Patrons, Delegates Davis
an.I ! I;i 11.
No. *1. repealing so.tion 10 of rh.ip
?? r U of an Insurance act approved
March 1 Patron. Delegate Myers.
No. amending tlw a<t approved
Pcbrtiary 1'", 1 !?"?;, authorizing th>- silo
of lots purchased by the Common
wealth for delinquent taxes ami not
redeemed within fotir >ears or more
Patron. Delegate \\ h51? ?
No. m'., to < .licet capitation
that arc three years or more pa-t due.
pat I irlegn t ?? II. I.owry.
Here and I here
in the Legislature
Kxpressln:? th?* hope that t ei? 1 ?* i
hors wilt he <-oinplet.il l?\ th- nex i
regular session of the I.???? ts\ ? 1 "r. . th
commission > liarg.'d with ie\i--'on ot
the Code vest el day inside a f
of its wot lv to the General As
seaildv Mc h of the St .te s ? tat.it
law. the report says. has b- n
considered atid Silbj* ?-U-?l to t* lit.lt . ??
revision. but it is impossihl- s<>
.iitst what proportion ol it has h< .-n
? otnplet< <J. The report is signed hy
.Indue |-'ra 11k IS llutton. Samuel A. An- 1
dcrson anil M. !'? Hurks.
All the .statutes embraced in M.lutne
'j of Pollard's Cude and some <>f the
chapters of volume 1. the commission
oi'H say. together with amendatory acts,
have been considered in cotifei enee, but
there is such an intimate connection
hetweoty tlie different part- .f tin
1 !od?- that It is impossible t? > sa\ dot -
nitely what parts have been considered
Nnallv. Tlie uoik oonimiited to them
is of stich a nature, they say, that it
? an not be hurried, l.n: the cotnmis
* sloncrs promise tiie diligence on their
? part that they have exercised 111 the
The Senate Kinnnee Committee will
hold its initial meeting to-night r<Jr
tl.e purpose of framing the general ap
propriations Idll. Amlitor ? Ivc
Moure will appear before the com- I
ml t teo with estimates. assessments
' and reports of collections; under the
new s* heme of taxation." It is Ren- J
'?rally understood that the appropria- j
lions will not he much in excess of1
those of the last s.-ssion.
' After a prolonged session, the House
? 'onimit t ee on Schools and 1 .olb-.uo:*
esterd 'V afternoon referri d th" i' inf
!? ???lutioti. providinu for a readjust
ment of the- State Hoard of l-Idm-ation. ?
in a subcommittee, -onipo- ed of I[
;:at? s l.ovo. Price, of Hiciimond, and ;
I lols ton, which ?v ill investigate the;
matter and report to the larger body
at it.i regular meeting Friday after- (
noon. Dr. .1. A. C. Chand'or, stiperin- 1
jtendent of Hiehtnond schools, was also
I named to confer with the subconunit-j
. t--e. ,\ number of local bills were re- .
' ported out.
1 The House Committee o'i the t'liesa- j
: peake Hay and Its Tributaries yes- j
j s?.rday afternoon reported out the lolls
1 protecting tin? sponge crab and pre
scribing the size of tish to be taken .
out of the Cltesnpcsike Hay and its'
tributaries. A subcommittee was named
to take up the matter of how far |
: streams may be cloned hy vsirlotis j
j seining devices and what kinds of tic-ts 1
may be used on the;sp;iwiling mounds. |
1 The House Committee on General
l.aws will hold a public hearing on the 1
Willis "blue sky" bill at 3:30 o'clock .
this afternoon.
A bill introduced vesterday by Dele- i
gate Green, of Danville, amends the!
} law against conducting business on the j
'Sabbath day by providing that the de
livery on the Sabbath day of ice f
cream manufactured on sonic dav other :
than tlie Sabbath shall be construed as j
a "work of necessity" and shall not be
held to be a violation of the statute. !
Senate Bills
The foliov. '.ng M'.ls were offered hi th-*
Si ..to Senate y.-sterday .ml leferred:
Ity Mr. Gsiyle?S. JJ. No. 22.1. to authorize
am. regulate the exchange of certain
. !.1>S|'H III reciprocal or inlet ?ur:inr?, I-Oll
tracts among individuals. |>:?rtlierfliIj>m and
? -?rporatlons. einpow.-rln< corporation* K-o
>?1 uly 10 m.1 Wo such contrails and prescrib
ing certain It>-s and 'i.-iijliy for violation,
l;. 1 err. I to tlie Coininittee on Insiirance
and It.inking.
Hy Mr. tiunn-S. II. No. to autliorlxo
auo einpow.-r the board oi diri-i tors ol* the
Virginia Htut<i Penitentiary to purchase
?iiul l;?t'p het.i.s ol thoroilghhretl cattle, to
.1 f--t.es- of the malt calves from >al?l herds,
and to appropriate money therefor, K?
I'-rred to the Committee <01 Pittance.
Hy Mr. I 'I i-ivrv?S. H. No. "1'T. 10 v.illdiite
cettaln dee.is mad" by the clerk* of .onrts
ter land sold for <leli:ii|ueiit taxea. Iteferre.j
to tliu Committee lor Courts of .lu.-'tlce.
It;. Mr. 'laiiett S. H No. "L's. to authorl/.e
the Hear, ot Supervisors >.f llenry I'oiml.v
t.? appropriate from the general fiind of
the <ounty a sufficient amount to r 111 the
euitvli t road for.-.- m >aid county for the
v.-aJ~ r.-p; urn1 1 ;?!T. Itel'orieO to tin* Com
mittee oil Joint. Special Private utul I.ocal
l.eiijsla 1 ion.
Hv Mr. Allen--S. It No. 1 to -im?-nd
seiiion ;l:it of the Code of Virginia, iro
vi.ling for th?* recovery l?v motions, imfi.-r
rift"-- 11 <Ia\s' notice 011 cot tra t* to recover
mon-.-y or to recover damages; when uotl'-e
t.. I..- returned to the clerk's osfi-.-, pro
visions to prevent il iscotit i nuant-e III' mo
tion. Ref.-rrrd to the Committee for Courts
of Justice.
[!> Mi'jims. Walker, -troile and Dtewry?
s. H. No. ".>1. an t I'.orl.-.ing <-?:n ml t men t of
perjoim charged with .rime iviio are -it
I ;>??<? ted of helm; to <Mtv or
? ??iinty farina. ami provldlne for length of
*??????? i??? and examination. Itcferred to the
"oiinn:t?''o for ''ourts of Justify.
l'i.> I., h.wlr'jr I'llN wer? present#.,i unit re
" ' !i Hnus" of I "*lcs.it<'!i vcst-iday
r 111 ??
' uiiuiiittfo on Cli'8.'|i"iik(> and It1*
1 i n.III .( Ml. < ;
"y .Mi' II ?nloy To prohibit hautlni; seine.
'7.'1 ' ' ''lili k.-ihoinln* lcl\nr.
' I 1." w ,??!. m l i? ,.s Trlbutarb-.
"'?* r"'ii"il<l.- lor Courts ol .Initio*:
Air. w int. -To amend an<l rt'tnaot
" ''ii|i'. t :i of m :i i i-oMftniiiK
J.II .11. rp..ration* provldlnK il, ,
? th.. p .r r ,, trav
, 'II' '",l" l?!;;>i w.?y. wnen inlur-I
b> ? ????. ?.'? . -I sr.ln, on h
; r":-sii. , si II ii.,: r." erv. tiul-s-1
M- i ' il"' ""Si'"* r Is
Motive ineuns! P???Hvc and equally ef
,lr' Hurl; To ;i[II..|l l .. ?;.| , y
set-lion ? Of Ult act to define dentistry
Hy .Mr. Bowles?To re-enact ...i amend
r:;. 1% i',,r / ?" ??? r.!,
I-l'.- I !.irtli< .. nlny I.'Hi' .
Hy Air. <;<>r< 1 >? n l:t.? ii .iini: t'i? lii'l' tv
?. ?o,iimon carrier-- l.v rai'..a,l.
in intrastate (.mun-ii- t'? rl.-lr .?s
.ii n.-Kilitoii. ?? . ,i.ps. mi.I ti:o.' i: v in t? ??!.. | . ,.
Hi* ??001III..II I.IU. . ' ISS|.|:..,|
'I"' .u.l - i nlri iiit'irv Ii*!ic*'ti1 ?
Hy Air. HowIw ?To mukq ti i -* ..f cer*
tai-i lii.iiiltIII), epithets ,i ml- .i?>ni.> noi
To ,!?.? Sp... i,.l. |-riv ,t > in.I
'??? 11 I.?>i:i.?lutioi:
Hy Air. I.eedy T< -t'lthori-'e :li<? si |,ool
?'? 11 1 of I/ir.'y I \>r |>..r iMmi Iiool |?|-trl>. ?
^'' 1 "i tli ? < ? *? 11 ty ni I'uye, to bo**ro\v
1 y j'-furs. P.m.. :. I.-! |?jtts To aui?r.,l and
' *'a' t .ill :i. t t <? t ii t iii ii | ,:o A Ibe ntarlc
inty to borrow mi>rn.?\ ;ii .| Ishii.. bomls
'"r 1 v,i'n n .r i-\<.-*i"M111: ?::u '?<?>.
Al' ' <""? i'n??? ami l-iti.s To amend and
re ? in. t in a< ? n. authorize Albemarle
< 'laiitv. from time to time. ;m ii" ??ir.\
t" borrow inon?y and i-?>-iio bonds r.,i '[
Mini i:n ?.\. .'?'dlnR itiJ. KiO.
All. Hat tIkiii To aiit hori-.to the H. ard
'V ?? II !i.T\I ..|~ I.r t li?' <.'o.uitv I.f frill...
? t.? iPidoitiiki- t Itbuilding of :u>
ini|M..wd ro . I from tli- corporation ljti.?
r "! l'"t'T.M?H|ri7 to ;t,.. vlil.ltro
'? it> 1 id nr. Ii; ilt? sild oountv. nnder tlio
<i "ftii.n and tu ai-.-ordaii. .? with i;.
and upo. Ira-ailoiiS ..f s.,t.. Ml?'nvn
( |.t ir..,,, ,i?. . ,:v
"'""K- for ins purpose, i . out: tbuMoii.
* III. Ii lias islri'a.l v li..?.n tendered n-' t i.
]c-'"r.'l m'."" K- 1 ,l" ''"nt NemourM
?? to. this purpoto. a <'onirl!i.ition wbi -t
is already been t.-ndirod ol
froin ??"ttit.e property ownfff ||t?i
Wl'u-h "ZTVrTfr1*?- th"r " "trlb.,tl,M,s
v..I'll may hereafter be tendered for UiU
put..os... and in borrow from Mm.. nm,.
thV; iV?7rdS , |,|,u To "t-fhorlTtA
f >upi?rvisor.s <?: Alt
now Z
""" ,tllk'!t
u- \Y- on and Prl??,.
Vi.ih .. Hi -wpr. Ilundl-v ami ?Vl|l''
Institutions of Vlrnlnbi ?i, i 1
tHUon a <s?J SKUr;^,^;:
-r &? H'--r
.w:rc ''rs
To at,u.n',rr'u?|",r,.k; ' ?"d lloilMon
in rHallon to li,"
lor trood conduct < oin |.-t.
TownsV6 C?m,n,,'U>c '?? Counties, Cltle* and
and" r?-Mdia.r[l an"n.'tIn""'1, 7U.'\~'r'> ?'""end
'?? "mending section W. ,)f J,i
Hy ' Ai r ' V:',-."'.','' ' '"n.'ra ! l-aus:
section 3TS0 of ihi- i'""1 rfi-enact
latIon of the tnhlu.n. ? r,,|a"n'' <o Mo
providing that tlio . in v '"in,shed. and
?r> the sabbath ii v .;, ?rv "/
has been nianufaciiired on'.", rrr;"n
than the Sabbath day sh iU Tio"- .V ?,hor
!>.;. a work of neeessltv construed to
?y lir.
bills of cosis ii, ! ,V,r.r?'7.U ,h' Pi'l.lln^
or 'anils for dellnnueiit' taxes " W,lh salcs
Hy ^.mpnatlon,:
..'."way fN,n.n?:s,;?,;v/,;:!".?rl^u;^ft>;v:^
How Thin People
Can Put On Flesh J
isar- as I
I'l-mluofiiK nourish!,It"'! "u>. Iat*
Vou ir-. . 1 c9",a'r,cl
ounce. That foi.d ...u i w^<-ic,lt i
Ixxl.v lll<t. unluiriicil ccvi'i th?'?m ,-vo,,r i
??l?cii mat.. Tin- in,,.?e- ,,,lo,|K?' an!
I"it your fuoil WnM there,,
ami the plain tititli i? V?,' ,iLntl
enough tioiirishin.'iit froiVi" ...V!'-v K,'[
"? Pay for ih,",,', oJ"/.! ,y?l,r
'?- true of ,iuM r,,|lis tl .? xvoH.'l T'"S '
^ our nutritive oruans v?..V. .?1 1 ?.Vf'r- i
:;>mit uoo.i .son,i pounds i
slay-there" fat urn- l. i "?Mltliy,
K j
pounds a tnnnti, u hil.- fi|{i,lir e, _ -,1'
tablets to a \\\ y 00mo '
harmless and ineV ,,f.,,sive; !
Infill** I o ;i ii fl ;<) | ??t h ?k r* ?? n'n I i ?*"*
s,w? i.,h, K v.;?r?jnv;wrc?si
>? t ' imp :it rst.iwl>.! s.oui'o:(ti'n fo* th*
l>urp ? ?<?. n? cunMm tint! mi jt los'M.
w.ilk.i uiiil mji.1i otliet tnifrovi ment.i 4.1
?i! iv ia?;r>'i'ii upon by t' ? St llisJnrixy
"munil loin t ,ii"l t*if> <<? 1 :1- ilth ^'om,
nii-MOr ? r. <inl |iro?ci-ibliiRr t'l" vi.ii'cor lt|
ut.lti tin < ,\|iMi-i s <' it|. !i fni ; whall
pu 111.
Norfolk Veil ?|tiiper I'rliil* He;iort 'I lint
A ttifrney?(iriirral lit- \11mrd <0 ICn
f 11 rep I'roli i lilt ion l.aiv*.
1 'otisiderablo intercut .vat shown yes.
torda.v over tho printed report In the
iN'orfulk I.' ?I1.Mspateh that -\ 11'?i -
ney-i.Jenoial .John ?:nrl:? :i?; Pollard
tniuht In; nanvd a-; ;>roh lition conw
missioner, and that tin would be j1(>
separate office or departv.oni crea:?d.
When shown the article and asked
for a statetiMn*. 0:1 fh?- subject ''ester
day aft?rnoon. Mr. l''oll.:rd declined
to comment upon tii article, though ho
read it. with ovidei.t i 11-rest and ju
broad smile.
Mi- was asked uli . ni'di :? suggestion
had been 111:1 le, and t.'ted i; uas prob
ably the outKrowt.lt fit" tho Wost Vlr
uinla idea. Prohibition ? ommisstonej
l!!ue. of Wrst Virgin;... was 1 Ct'tn
? ii i?^ion* r until li<- \va. a t.j.oi utod proJ
hibition commissioner, aii'i no new de
partment was ? re ited in that State
Mr. I'ollard, who is an announced
andidat>i for Unvrnor of Virginia,
a. toil a- tin- ai-'lit of Governor Stuart
in (tic H ip|ir?;??Witi of lt.i r.iblin-j .t ihti
1,'iiiicstuwii 1 ai " trai'k and in 11??; break
ing n;i of t! 1 ?* flagrant selling of liquor,
at Hopewell and <'uloni.il l.ieach.
Mr. i'ollard was an interested spec
tator at tin1 Joint hearing of tho pro
hibition bill, whon ho was approached
and asked regarding tho report carried
by tiio Norfolk panor. lie was asked
if ho had hoard such a rumor before
but iio merely smiled, shook his hcatf
and replied:
"I have nothing to say about It.*'
Hub Backache away with small
I rial bottle of old
"St. Jacob's Oil."
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It never disappoints and has been
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Thrift Day
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