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? fc?ol Mumlirr an ufermbrr .11 Wit.
Approximate!, I2.7T0 Mtenmern.
nna 8.021 MnIMiiie <ru?.
I LONDON, May 37..-Accordlng to
Lloyd's*R?ginter of Shipping tho total
odd 11 ion to tho reglHter of the United
Kingdom during 1015 was 055 steam
S ''r>8 of MBl.Slfl tonnage, and 152
""lllr.g vessels of 61,034 tonnage. Re
movals from the resistor during the
>ar wtro 741 steamers of 1.452.67?>
i 'image, and 331 sailing vessels, of
^-?222 tonnage, so that during the year
s' amors on ?hw register decreased hy
^ ' -?ht> - eix. hut the tonnage Increased
?> J.137, while tho number of sailing
vc-Mela decreased by 182. and the ton
nage of 20,288. Th.* total number of
?j, . thu register on December
. last, was approximately 12,770
l?.n"!r*;ilor 1 9.154,277 tonnage and
sailing vessels of K44.3!?l ton
'TP*** year :t'7 ?<*w steamers
r ... i* ullti seventy-seven bou?ht from
?ieign countries, fourteen transferred
J om colonies, and 11?2 acquired under
v * heading of "other additions," which
.? ?eludes enemy vessels requisitioned,
f . ? ,xt>'-one new sailing vessels were
'J'M. fifteen bought from foreign
'untri.-s. and seventy-five obtained
t.nder "other additions." .
Removals of steamers from the ret
? ter are classified as M2 lost or broken
|ip. seventy-one sold foreign, nineteen
lansferred to colonies. ttfty-nino
? ?>ther deductions."
. \ essels sold foreign include seven
en steamers, 78.4N7 tons, and six
s.iiling vessels. 9.S70 tons. sold to the
I "ited States
'if sailing vessels, 270 were bist or
broken up, twenty-seven foreign, two
transferred to colonies, thirty-live
? >ther deductions."
The number of new steamers added
r > 'lie register during the year shows
" decrease compared with ir>14 of 305
f.fsols. of 557.0.S3 tonnage.
?"Id \ortli Stute Claims to IJr Ahead
In Hie Matter of Heal 4'redlt
. ItAKEIOII, X. c\. May 27.?North
arol na, so It is mild. has a way of
I.iVho.I1*' ,\T. b<" flrwt 111 811 and
,h'n6-" Maybe the claimant?
' mif-taken along some lines, but it
v^t l. "aid M i,h ,ruM' 'hut the OM
? " .i State has the primacy In the
-fganizatlon of what are known as
"?edit unions." *'?fl seven of these are
now under operation, with slightly over
Thl? ? ?rB and nf,y depositors
rhere has been paid in on shars over
much' X i deP?8,lH amount to as
much. th.? loans to nearly Jt.nnn. the
total resources being over 15.500 In t
the past thirty days membership in- :
'^eased over 25 per rent, and the total
Resources morP than ^f)UbI<.fJ
rJZu,:"n,lon* buy an sor,fi of thi?rs.
? erttliz?r. for example, for their mem
'?ers at wholesale rates, and. a" the ?'
?lvmtrK W'h" bUy "?M hav? ??>
u r *aVy I'^mtum" to dealers for
?til farm supplies, ii will occasion no
surprls to be told that the sav<ng is
7 >' 25, >-r. ' ? compared with
time prices." Thu. these aggreea
ions of farmers set the same prices
and discounts as are given the big.
-h'\' _y , 11 ayIng men or plantations
nrt Vv" . be',nnJ"K 10 K-rlp the Ktn t ?s, !
?"1 ??> autumn th.-re will be a great
? pdop.nent of it a statement is marie
? ' the end of ea.-h month. An <-xpert
w'r m'Iki'. ,unl"n* and Informs them
l sin ?J ,,!e he8t flnan?-ia| and
linking methods
'?. "/le,^ Mill. In (.rerne < oU??. Wa.
Unlit Sevciit).TM? Vrum
A bo.
Thf- Times-Dispatch ]
>TA.\AItl>?VII.I.K. VA , May -7 _
'?;>*le> s mill, one of the landmarks
V?rI?/"? S?unty' burned on
ihursdaj. The orlpm of the fire has
yot Of en explained. The mill had been
111- for some time. It was built sev
nty-two years ago by Captain James!
1 eazlev, on Suift Run River, and for
v?ars was one of the principal mills
? i this part of tho Htate.
^TJ:e property was owned by Z. S
.oudabush, who carried a small insur
:ice on it. i
Johnson's Camp, or Ambulance, Car
The above picture shows Norman H.
John .son's automobile, converted Into!
:? ramp or ambulance car, the arrange
ment being the result o/ a littl? |
thought by Mr. Johnson. The idea oc- I
cur red to him last Hummer wheri ho
whs planning a camping trip. Mr.
Johnson worked over several designs i
and finally converted bis auto into a
"camp car," which makes a tent un
necessary for camping.
The problem of cutting the seat
without weakening the tonneau was
overcome by placing a post at either
und of the seat, and also a post at
either end of the tonneau. This was
done without defacing the car by us
ing metal beading.
To provide a lock that would hold
the seat up without rattle or looseness,
two locks are used at either end of
the seat, and are somewhat similar to
the locks used on an upper berth on a
Pullman car. The seat when turned I
back rests on two rubber tip stand
ards which fold down when the seat i
is up. The sent can be let down in ?
less than thirty seconds.
The upholstery in automobiles In
equal to a hair mattress on springs.
It provides all the comfort possible,
and will accommodate two persons
comfortably, as the width of the car
Is about three-quarter-bed size.
Mosquito net curtains are also a ,
part of this equipment. These are :
folded up in the interior of the regu
lar curtains, and consequently the oc- I
cupants are protected in all kinds of
A trunk running the entire length
of the running board and divided into
Ave compartments is another part of
the equipment.
!<"rult I'ritt liinvn Coiid in Vlrclnln.
K\en If 'I'hfy Art- of I.oi'ttl
Option Kind.
The tenth annual report of the Stute
ICntomologist and Plant Pathologist, by
W. J. Schoene, Virginia Polytechnic In
stitute. has Just been issued und is now
being sent out.
Tho report should he of special in
terest to fruit-growers, nurserymen and
farmers generally. Besides a general
statement of the work of tho State in
tomoloKist it publishes the results of
"Inspection of Virginia-Grown Nursery
Stock at I'olnts of Delivery," and "In
spection at Destination of Stock Ship
ped Into Virginia During 1014-'15,"
giving the number of shipments in
spected, amount of stock and stock con- j
demned. mentioning the diseases and ,
insects on the. trees which made them
untit for planting.
The report presents a somewhat ex
haustive discussion of the present cedar |
rust law, giving the results of a case '
In the Circuit Court at Winchester, ;
which resulted In a victory for the
fruit growers. The law was modelled ?
after certain sections of the Virginia
crop pest law, and was intended only i
as an emergency measure. It is local
option in character, and is not effective
in any county until adopted by the su- J
pervisors. The act by the General j
Assembly makes It unlawful to keep j
red cedars within two miles of apple J
Good Automobile Bargains
One 7-paasenger Cadillac $850
One 5-passenger Hudson 750
One 5-passenger Overland 400
One 5-passenger New Overland 500
One 5-passenger White 500
One 5-passenger Chandler ooo
One 5-passenger Studebaker 350
One 4-paasenger Cole 300
One 7-passenger 30-60 Stearns 500
These are cars that I have for sale for the owners, who have
ordered or bought Chandler cars. They are in excellent shape.
Call and see them.
1217-23 W. Broud Street. Hell-Vue Garage. I'hone 88#.
The J. W. Huss Motor Co,
Has Been Appointed Agents
for the
Mitchell Car
Watch next Sunday's Times-Dispatch for the opening
Call Madison 4775 for appointment for demonstration
this week.
I'hr Montreal* Mount* (itin at *?rn, but j
IHMinouutn It lleforc llmrhliijr
? .Norfolk.
NOKKOLK. VA, May 27 ?The French |
Mi-umcr Monlccnis. which arrived yen- i
terday from Marseilles with ? curun 1
of cork shavings. reported to the col- I
lector of the port that a 2.95-lnch *un !
was stowed between derks merely fori
ileferisive purposeu.
The rum had been nAjunted nft on ;
the i Montcents while the vessel was |
tit sen, but wax dismounted Just be-1
fore she entered thin port. The mat- !
ter has been reported to the depart- j
inent at Washington. |
014 East Main Street. Randolph 88JW.
To 1,250,000 Ford Owners
?m3nts and teStS*
.<After careful |e*P*^ stor
? ha"e Oil f,ere ?
1tra <*">"? fZ use
the b2stadapte
(Signed> rvy
Wa fumuh tht* httfh
tfrad* motor on to th?
rord Motor Company
111 and Ua branch*a.
?f the "upper
\e<;essary to
?viso It was
)f the raoes
nior" oars
t won a
Vtly. inex-*
STRONGER than any claim we might
make is the above signed statement.
When you consider the responsi
bilities of the Ford Motor Com
pany to over a million and a
quarter owners?
When you realize the thoroughly
reliable tests, covering a period of
three years, that led to this de
cision to use White Star Extra
Quality Motor Oil exclusively in
Ford factories and service sta
Can we make any more logical
bid to you or any other car owner
to use this oil in your motor?
You can depend on it as the Ford
Motor Company depend on it.
Sold in the popular six-gallon
container and standard sizes by
Broad and Ryland Streets.
(Exclusive Distributors for All of Virginia and the District of Columbia.)
Gasoline Drops 30
Per Cent. With a
We Will Give Your
Triple-D-Mixer in
Your Car
Money Back if it Don't
'.V ?
? ? f* ? ?
. ? >?" *? ? *.V J"
? ? e m
V *? ?*> fe
lt ? ? . ?. .1 ?
.."S v. V
?> ,c- * .0
Showing Manifold Without Mixer
and Wet Spray Going to Motor.
412 East Main Street,
O. S. WILLS, Manager.
Telephone Randolph 3351.
Over 1,000 automobiles in Richmond have TRIPLE-D-MIXEKS on them. It's easily adjust
ed. Vou don't have to tap any holes. It only costs you $5.00 installed. We want to call your
attention to two illustrations in this ad. One is the way the gasoline enters your motor in what
is known as n wet spray, called "The Old Way," The other cut. called "The Sew Way*" repre
sents a TRIPLE-D-MIXER, breaking up the wet spray into a VAPOR. This positively assur*
tag you more speed, greater horsepower, cooler motor, cleaner cylinders, less carbon, less miss
ing, less valve grinding. Your engine will pick up quicker and affords a perfect idling of
motor. We will gladly show you our files of the largest firms right here in Richmond, as well
as the city's most prominent citizens, who have install TRIPLE-D-MIXERS on their cars and
have allowed us to print their opinion, which we have done in our previous ads. We can refer
you to people right here in Richmond, not somebody in Winnipeg or the Sulu Islands. Your
gasoline bill will be reduced one-third with a T RIPLE'D-MIXER in your car. It lasts a life
time, and only costs $5.00 installed. Remember, please, that we absolutely guarantee you 30
per cent more mileage or money refunded.
TALMAN AUTO SUPPLY CO., Richmond Dealers.
For Further Information, Call Randolph 0073.
Fifth and Arch Streets, Richmond, Va.
*r ttr m
'? ran,rst
6 illrf
* umirfm f-AMt
? ?i?? <*?*!? $ r st r n j
? ?f?m ? '* ? -0T
'?0 a?
?4 Sill Iff T.fl.t.
? . . ? - {K
U * r
?_ A . . ? .a u ; - . AJ
zr * ? ? %v"
A c ? <?>'
A Manifold W ith a Mixer in It
Vaporizing Gasoline.
412 East Main Street.
fi. S. WILLS. Mumrr.
Telephone Randolph MS51.

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