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Rediscount? of Institntion for Fast
Work Reach Total of
Directors May Take l"p Question of
Acquiring Suitable Site at Meeting
This Week?Weekly Statement
Shows Increased Assets.
Rediscounts of the Federal Keserve
Bank of Richmond dropped back to
normal conditions during the past
week, the total as shown in the report ,
of Governor Seay being 503-4.T51. The
total for the week preceding >vas J'.\
027.222. The total for the correspond
ing week last month was $550,319.
No decision has been reached by the
hoard of directors of the Federal Re
serve Bank of Richmond in reference
t?? the building of a new home for
the bank. The question will possibly J
be discussed at the meeting: of the
board to be held this week.
The weekly statement of condition
of the Federal Reserve Bank of Rich
mond follows:
Gold coin and certificates ? 5.PCS. 125 00 j
Gold settlement fund.... 11.561,000 00 |
I ,
Total gold reserve..., $17.1S9,125 00],
Legal tender notes, silver
certificates and subsi
diary coin 202,S57 SO j !
Total reserve S17.391.9S2 so I
Investments "35.77ft 00 i
"L". S. bonds, including ac- ! J
orued interest 2."64.656 7? ;t
Rills discounted and
bought 7,1515,370 4 1
Items in transit, net.... 418.610 49
.Ml other resources. .. 151.633 .'t? j '
Total resources 927,849,05$ 7? L
Capital paid in J 3.357.250 f>o
Reserve deposits.net.... 16.542.5SS 37
I*. S. government deposits 3,102,073 72
Federal reserve notes in
circulation, net 4.001.115 00
T>ue to other Federal re
serve banks r,sn,rsi 96 j x
All other liabilities 99.11? 71 1
Total liabilities J27,S49.'l5* 79 I'
Gold reserve against all liabilities.
70 per cent.
Cash reserve against al! liabilities. ?
after setting aside 10 per rent g<->ld
reserve for Federal reserve notes out- ' !
standing. SO per cent.
Federal Jlenerve Note*.
Issued J9.4l9.lft* "
On hand 55S.S55 00 !l
Outstanding JS.S-jO.L45 0*
Gold with Federal reserve
agent 4.799,100 00 ''
Net liability 54.061,145 00 11
There was a falling off of nearly ''
$27,000,000 in the total gold reserve in '
the Federal reserve system during the ??
?week ending July 21 and more than
421,000,000 In the total reserve The '
"weekly statement Issued by the Fed- ??
? ral Reserve Board in Washington ^
yesterday shows:
n eeonree*.
Gold c<-.|n and certificates
in vault . . j;* ? *?'1
Gold settlement fund . . 99."'Il ? ???n
Gold redempMon fund with
United States Treasurer 1 ? ,,
Total gold reserve. . J363.5il.00rt <
Legal tender notes, silver. r
etc j r.r,fi
Total reserve 557",3<
Five per <-ent redemption
fund against Federal re
serve bank not^s t l-.
B'lls discounted and boucht
Maturities?Within r <? -i
days c . 7 i >*:
T'rom eleven to thirty day? :? ~s
From thirty.one to sixty
From sixty.one to r.:r>o? v
days ...
Over ninety day
T O t s ' . ; ,
Investment s:
1' S bond; . ?
One.year S T|. . ;
Municipal warrants
Total e#<rnirig ifl.-sets
FederaT'resVr've notes, net
Due from Federal reserw
banks, net
All other resources...
Total resources 5613 r?o
Capital paid in ? ?>f> ,s;:
Government deposits . .
Member bank deposits, not 19;.c.,
Federal reserve notes, net ir? i , ,,,,,,
J- ederal reserve bank notes
In circulation , ^ ?f,?
All other liabilities
Total liabilities I613.fi23.00<
?-?old reserve acatnsi net
note liabilities C9 i j,*] cent
Cash reserve against net deposit and
note liabilities 69.1 ,.er cent
wga ,!l""" ,1,',r'e|' lia
Mltties aft.-r setting r.^-riA *n pr.
told reserve again: ? ;1pRreKilt, Iu-t li;,.
bilities on f<.-d-ra, reserie notes ir,
dilation 69 9 jif-r . ..Mt
Wrings "llnrdt iriies" llm-k
Detect ive l .?ffy returned iast night
from Philadelphia with Itobert Thomas
colored, alias "llardtltnes," who is
panted here on a charge of hnldmir u ,
TTllliam Shield., 212 Fast <iv s!^
?nd stealinr Jl and several sr'lieV-- ?/
nothing 1r(;y. hi in. Thomas w.,'/,.
rested in I'h ladelphla at ,?,e remicst
? the lO'-a, ;i ?, t hoi! I |e>
To everybod? ? >t ?nly in nit hrnoiul
but everywhere, who use Fprinc
One Berger
Steel Tiller
A T.ATtGF., 11hA i.K!; - n
Water wrote us the o:i
e real pleasure, in buy >( .Jr f,j,,
My customer? liko theru b- ^ i , ??,,
are neat, attractive and k, i...
handle, and J like them because <h.
sparkling water is shown t , hotter
advantage. and THEN tl,r. ;,rA
cheaper In the lonp run than th* old
Insanitary wooden t liters.
If your dealer lias not giwn \.>u
one, write us. The HFItGKK SIT
CLAI/Ti COMT?A N V, HlcluiionrJ. \ a.
Boundary Line
Definitely Fixed
Cause of Irritation for Century
Between Maryland and I ir
ginia Removed.
I Special to The Timos-l?ii*patch 1
UALTI.MoKK, .Ml'. .Itrty "-.?Thirty
years !ik<>. when Maryland an<l Vir
ginia oystermen were banc ins at each
other with rilles and muzzle-loading
sliotcuns lu'.auso of their ri'siicclivi'
and rival claims to oyster beds. Gover
nor Klihu i: .la<-k.-'":i. of Maryland, tele
graphed t>> Governor Fit/hugh l.co, of ?
Virginia. asking him to Join in set
tling the boundary dispute Ix'twoon iho ,
two States. "There should l?e no lino
that would .separate Virginia from
Maryland." promptly wired General
Not until Governor Harrington, of
Maryland, and Governor Stuart, of
Virginia, met yesterday was the fart
?stahlished that the boundary line be
Hvi'on Marvlaml ami Virginia had been
infinitely and permanently fixed, and
hat a cause of irritation for a ceti
ur> had been removed The Mary
and commission, headed by Senator
?'rorc. and a similar commission from
Virginia, had effectively done their
The two Governors at their con- t
erence yesterday arranged that their \
espective engineers should replace tils- j
ippeared ami disappearing boundary
ignal buoys in the Tangier Sound.
The settlement of the boundary dis- '
nite between Maryland and Virginia 1
narks a long step forward for both
tates. It also recalls interesting his- j
orv which dates back to Colonial days, j
Virginia complained that she was los- j
? trade because <>f the lower rates of 1
uty imposed by Maryland, while Mary
;md was in a state of alarm over Vir
inia s claim to the right to levy tolls 1
pon vessels passing between the j
apes of the Chesapeake.
After several conferences at that time ;
was not surprising that the com- ;
lissioners should have agreed that the i
otoniac should be a common highway, j
ith the proviso that "the right of
shine m the river shall be common ;
ml equally enjoyed by the citizens of
oth States."
\rrcMed on llouwclircnklnc ( harcr.
Sam Df.ndridge, colored, was arrest
il last night by Deteotive-Sergeant
Wiltshire on a charge of brfakinc into
ie louse of .latiey lirown. colored.
St? Sixth Street, and stealing cloth
ig valued at $3." from Frank Brown.
llody Not Idemitied.
Tiie body of the white man four.d
ti e dock T'ridjv had not bc?>n ideti
fled at liillups's tnorgue early
?.?>r?;inc. although a number of per
>ns had viewed i: yesterday. The
ody appears to have been in the wa
'r about a week, and ;t is thought
tat the man was a mechanic, a pa-r
f calipers being or.e of the few r ; : -
les found in his pockets. Th> victim
pparently was about thirty-five years
' ve feet f ?](? '-'-'les t i': and
?ivr'nnc about : 4-t :nds. H.- T\.>re
light blue linen shirt and a pair
?" i imv bla^k s o. -
I'ined for *periling.
?I !>err ird* was lined a? ,
'ir* yc.?:?? *? ; ?? . ?
- ? < >!*?? i.nc
? li.* ?s. Polman L'?aw
?: -e port el him i
! World Touched l>y His Inspiration
ami Kealism of His Homely
One of Few Individuals Wlio, Do
, voting l.iues to Poetry, Gained a
Fortune?Last Years of His I>ifo
Spent Quietly at His Home.
INDIANA POMS. INI).. July 2?.?
.tames \Y hltcomb Riley, the Indiana
poet. died this evening.
Mr Kiley suffered from the extreme
heat all day, l>nt was ihought to bo
resting easy to-night. He aske<l his
nurse f??r a drink of water nt 11 o'clock.
When she returned with , it he was
.lames Whit coin t? Kiley. t>?m of the
M i i Idle West, sans;' the joys, sorrows,
farcies and humors of its folk, largely
in its own dialect. The world was
so touched by his inspiration and the
realism of his homely symbols that h?
was one of Mto few. that, devoting: their
lives to poetry, gained a fortune.
Mr. Kiley was peculiarly sensitive as
to tiie advance of age and evaded in
?juiries as to the date ??>'.' his Ivrtli,
but the 11. of t accurate information
tvailable in dcates that he was born in
IS I.e.
?'Should you ask his ape." one of his
friends sni?'. "he wo.ltd answer. 'This
side ol forty.' and leave you to guess
wbi'-h side."
The poet was the son of Keubeu A.
Riley, a lawyer and political speaker
of iSreentleld. I ml. The bo.v could not
he bronchi ;?> the dull routine of school
fla. s. but lie was wise in the lor.'" ot
?streams rn; fields. Mis mother, who
was Klixah. tli M; rme before her r.iar
l iaue. w.i< a ;t? i of verse. and Kile'.'
in iat? i lii?> ait t i'oit. >1 .some of h!s itn
>ra< t ii-al-ili: \ ; ?> her.
Instead of preparing for the practice
of law. as his father wished, the son
turned itinerant si en painter. For ten
years he roved through the Ohio Val
ley. painting signs on fences. He had
the trick of the brush and pencil and
cleverly drew sketches illustrating the
virtues of merchandise. He was
naturally musical, and shone as a
tiddler in the villages at which his
party stopped at night, lie played for
dances at 1 at concerts in the country
hotels. lit wrote rimes, which some
times found thei: way into country
KM I'l.lM l'.l> HKI'OitTKIt
He led t!i s cheerful, free and easy
life late in the "It's. then he took em
ployment as a reporter on a newspaper
.it Anderson, Ind. In 1ST", for the pur
pose. as he said, of proving that lie
could write poetry of value, he perpe
trated the l'oe hoax which for years
was a literar*. sensation. He wrote a
poem in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.
to which he gave the characteristic
title of "Leonanie," and it was offered
to the public as a hitherto unpublished
product of the genius of Toe. One of
the stanzas was.
I .??("?ruin se?angels named her.
And they took the light
? >' the laughing stars and framed h?r
In a smile of white.
A? 1 the; n:.ide her hair of gloomy
?' -. is". and he" eyes of bloomy
M ? ... -,r l thev hrough* her to
tnn night
tl r poem '.ia? a ^ -
genuine; in others it was
hs a fraud After th? eon
Not Only for the.
Office, of the President
Imm ft>c the oflice of any capacity,
arc tve equipped to furnish nist the required furnl
i ii re. J i is nur spct ialt v.
We carefully note the progress in mannfRcturc of
? ?fllce equipment, and ke^p ourselves prepared to
o(Ter the nwM desirable fn YOl*.
\? Fall nppronches, I'Hn'.ARK. Re ready to ron
veniently handle your increase in business.
Sydnor & Hundley
e ?
? *
li '
i| '
i! II
l< B
I *
Indiana Poet Dead
troversy had waged for month?, Ii 11 o>
Ill the early eighties ho began writ
ing: versos in "I loosler" dialect for :he
old Indianapolis .lonrnal. Me ? 111
some of lii.s poems to llenr> \V.ids
worth 1 .on8fellow and tliey ii\ ?d
his praise. A volume was punli?ln *!.
and "Ihe iloosler I'oet" becan to win
a public. He was an excellent reader ;
of his own dialect v/M'ses. and for tlo*
following fifteen years, or until 1SC'V. t
he made tours of the country, appeal
ing in public with great su *< ess_ i ? ?!h i
alone and in association with th<* u-i
niorlsl. Bill Nye, who was his intimate j
\\ iiik iii-:rocxiTiox or
Publication of books of poems year
after NCiir brought ltiley a tortune
and wide recognition of his literary
genius, and not only in the p< i -e form.
Many of his poems are of imaginative
fantasy of gently philosophic.
In he received the d< sree of
mastei >>f arts from Vai?- l'iu\ei sitv, ?
and In 1904 the University of l'cnn-1
sylvania conferred upon '".mi the de
Ki'Cf of doctor of letters. li: liana l"ni
versity conferred the honorary degree
of I.L. 1"). on him in ir"'7.
In July, 3911. the r->. t presented to
the city of Indianapolis property'
valued at $".",010 for a site for a public j
library and school administration build
Mr. Riley never married, but he was ,
.i lovc'r of children, whoso spirit ho
divined so Intimately, anil of family
life. Many of the last years of Ills
! life lie spent quietly at his homo in
a secluded section of Indianapolis.
.Norfolk Toller mill ('o roller Thought
to Ho Arriving nt Proper
NOKKUI.IC, VA., July 22.?Although
it is believed that the police and cor- I
oner have ilevelopeil additional dues !
i likely t-> clear up I ho inyntory sur
i rounding the death of Airs. Z. E. Keis
! tor, whose charred liody was found in
, the llreswept attic of her home on i
(Thursday morning. local authorities de
cline to mako anything public. Kels- |
t.-r. with a Itullct wound through Itis
head, from temple to temple. is si ill
alive, but in .a precarious condition
to-night. lie attempted to commit sui
cide after the discovery of the body
of h s wife.
I ?:*. S. It. Klght, coroner, who held
nit autopsy over the body of Mrs. Keis- '
tor to-day, declined to-night t<> make
a statement, declaring that what ho
had discovered would be made pub
lie on Thursday at the inquest. The
police are known to be working on
' elues. but they rofuseil positively to
make any statement. The various
movements of Kclster on Wednesday
night, preceding the tragedy at his
home, are being closely followed by de
ii . lives, hut thev deny that anything
of importance has been developed
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