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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, July 23, 1916, Image 2

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h* tuprfni' rtfclfloit of 'he n''r must
Jf made on Hie western front
jjfcv ? .
'?SftKIMUtT AVI' W K *OI|Mi:
a?amm?\i:i? n\ \i.i.h->
BERLIN, .11> 1 x hih London ?.?Tlir
^JOcrnmil it rill > hoaib|iial t?'i * stall i"
,/jiMhcial statement t?? -<!:?> claims
/Viiat the jiieat mit/orm A nplo-1"rem It
attack on 'be Soinme ""M-lot " ' i?*n* ?
, (haa been abandoned
i*' Brandenbtirc rouitm nt? ycsierd ?>
'withstood ^tlonu Knssian m :? s? ait..' k
.'ion both s\des "f KU;,n- ,,f
&>?>?* ti.o
Tin- attack- were resumed in ?!??? aftc
,'noon snul ? ..t ' -i. -l nil" <>??- nisht
iiotirs AH attempts of tlx Ciispt.i "S
broke dn? H limit"i !li' I" ? \ !?? ??
, b r> HlHinUt'' e ? ' : ''1'
> l i)
^rnnM. i.i ii'inn Ni t ni i\
nun i.vim it\ i iti:m h
?:! J'. IWKIiv .In!; \ 1 ' ? ? i' - '"ti'i1"
i ' ? ui> n i.oi11.v%? >' <?' si. i?i< ?? ?'???
? \ ,v aos. wa* I' ? ??? t by '????
Crenel., the Wa ' ? I'!"'" i"-''-?>
; iive ,l|| till \ 'Mil fl.'ir I" ' -
ty- Wins 1 >o*?? ?' r ? I I'"
$-? Villon* "f n' " -v '"!
!V i ??.itnln' Komi I: ?!>'? tcfiion ,,f >Ioill?ii -
-T 'litv ? ir a i ' Senium "?? on
ij.. ? ?. SS.l I ? e W. ? ? - I n ? I I
?j > T! ? e -1 a I? ' i ' : ? l '''?I''u '
? I>.< i w ee, ? ? -c a:i?l I! - M ? "
, r .1 . i oil? ? oni. -itiM iMir
i ? * i.f . |.<i|i\ ; Ik- i ft; ion of
Iff , I*,.uiin-S. ? ? ' " ? A. SO.lllo
? :-r ? r \ | ?! f >t 1 ? I "I'll ?"od M'sUlls
< Ia?let I? 'it ;ii t so attach of Ui.?
J, . .. :.-m > au<? 'H-- a - ill l?o> won t
*' ![,> Mtw " ? !? i' -?
[? im th? i .uli* Kvk of '' ?' M?mi.???
./? VcrilUti f"".' ".on- ?'? Violent
*. nmhatilii'.* i:' <?: '' ' "f ' '''"' V
' ,i;nl Kimj A:. att.n'U ill''
: '^iiiiiiy o t t a tret- ^ * 111 ?f I'.iailo'M1
beat-- ?'."i. U i\> ?"!' ii"
? -Mr 'lie % o?s.-t-s f'?- ? spM >? '?"
?.tr-i:n<?nt ?he -?e-ir, < - -111 v ? r ? an at
- , ' . <? ??{?ht ?>.; aitist
. : Of St 1It
:i.k A".
? ? ii r ;h>>!
?- i. -? : . ?' i
? k - . ? ?
. C i
? ' ? ? ' '?
- TT " V ?
w "f-:
?nf.c fc ..*?" "
? s;;' rt " ?
MHfl I < M ? W MUN KMIM 'O V l>
nKKI.lN. -1 u'.y .. ? '
Hr Ili<!: ? av*lr> .? - e:. .
? offensive thrust a lost? the Somt
? >ii Thursday. ? ? -*r<l *? * '
Herman amy headquarters
Its iic^ w,i? fntlle. hutovcf :?
in th* 'it. wli 'h sain
? Hi it ish avail > nnniist ed "
hat U fnteu tin comi-ai T: -
feature of mi.-h waifaie w.i- m
!?> ohaitue tli< ti: i i ??>inlt
Tlif foreuoiiitt iiarac ra |ih was '.ol
??ontain? il in 1 hf ? til? ? I version "f I' ' I*
<1ay's Herman ollirial stalftiiien:
ltl?.)i|i\?i PI'.M'.'I'lt \ IT.
i.r.it >i \ \ i iiivi i.im:
I * I "I" I:' ?<; I: A I ' Jul* l'i' <\ia l.oriil<int
J'"n i > o eiiHajjeiii^n 1 s liave taken |?ln< <*
/soulli of IIIk'i. a ml Ku.^sian Iro'ips liaxi
penetrated the tierman lir.^i line n(
several points says ilic olll< ? in I slati*
iiienl issued I?> tlie War fitlii'e lo-nialii.
In the t^'auiasns I lie ft?r<'es- <if tiiattd
I 'like Nicholas Aidnsa,
about t li I f t e<-ii miles norlhwest of
? iiiinusUhanrh <-i iln- <'l it li'v- i
r.l',ilM A\s It(I >1II \ It I>
nitirivii with iav *nr.i.i>
LONDON, .Inlv A spirited artil
lery duel along tlo liritish from u
Northern Kihiiit, ilniiim wliii'h I'.iiii li
front-line and yupporliiiK ttemhef
ivere botnliariled with nas sln-lls and
pro.|e< tiles eoiitaininK ? :? i iiritaii!
recorded in to-day War ' ?tt"? ?? r> port
Aside from thvsi- lieav> I unl.aiii
ments sr^rral (mints on Hi" front ui
the pas! lw'ijvi' "lAvui s. thi-ro itavi* ? ? i.
no important ".ii \ eloiniient s
Moni-i riH\ i.ano I'lliMiNKip
i \i'ti iii:i> in mi -vi \ w
I'KTROO It AI >, .Inly 2'J ?via l.on
ilon?.?Th?' Itnss .ins liiive driven tiw
Teutonic forces iesi?tlnsi thfin south
of the lliver lapa. In \ ? 1 It\ nin. neai
the Oalician border, beyond tiie town
6f Rerestchk. to ih<* wort
More than l,20'i i'iivoner? w ?? o ? up.
luifd by Hie Rus-ifii ? on T l> ? 11 s?l i? ? ind
Friday, mnkii i; i total of '? <"i" cap
ttire<l since ,lni>
i < 'f. lit ill '-'I ' ? in I list 1 'a?c I
?jTow of an iinidi - I'ltei! wss<M about ten
J miles 'iff Hi* ? ?;?11 ? day, it was if
ported :l-i ? \ -c ilia Mea> Ii if cl
dents. who . ?'??? wit-i^ssed tbe in
| Cldont, S: r ? > .1 p > '?? sii-ry lo Norfolk
t. AccordiiiS ' ? " t1 <? vessel, whkli
rvas supposed t i n fr?id'-r, bal'ed
upon t!i? firifii- f th" ?iiot. the allied
I ahlp moved i <r >i?r. and nftoi
-* few ml/i'Jt'-L t'Hi vli? r'-r
! ?.mined to i i ? ' ? -
[ The allle?i ? ? ? * n '.Mt.-b
j ?,vil)l the si1 'if 'S| r-i
I I hrouvh Kri t: i ????'.? a * / ? ? ? i> An
g hour aeldorn . ?> '? . t ^ tin- d \ Mi.nt
I i-ome \ ess^l '? ? I " ? >. .H"?ir ? Ir .
C not leave : ).* ? ?? t < ? r I ' f ? '.em
* are hailed by ti. - ? . >, :? ps f<??! ? ?
format ion.
J. Ill Iho BhM : I ' f f .?n .
rj -lion regarding 11 ? ? i ?< i ? r\ lo.,? ? v
?( of the allied t ? i>s ? n' * ? ? ? i l,.
|\ are Indulcii u ' *?? 1 bb -' . ,
|A. Hon rrn arditii: ? r . ? ? ...
are at least two si, i <? ff *i ?
others, insist Huie are 11. ?? r.<l t <
day eaiiie the su^ui -i o-; ? < ; \
of ten "r moi<- w a: ? hifs t j b< uc
1 thirty or foi l t ? ? ?
^hips hi Migiit (in- ? ?'|i'*t
a uumhet ea-<il> ? ?? i ? i.. ; d
the waters to wh !, -m ? f i
friinuently r?-11 ? .?!?- I: -? \ it
I kndwn ab ih? "Ho -1? I,* ? .
' ' well Off the lain- ?' : eta
< Observers at ?',.|.< li> ?
ieport to-nig'ht th- t t <> ?.
I'/. jr|ii?BtioniLblv tho??? i . ? ?? i.
y entrance, have caw: , f i >
TiBual, ftnd for ih< Mr- t t. ?: no
^ I'OntlntlOUSly lllf!i ; < v. I ? r
t - lifrlvts to sw eej. i h?* - ? a
d- ? The outlines of H > si i/? p
vtlllllf, des rd t ?- ll-.e nil- "I ;
are declai eii to b# I . ? ? ? one i?i? 11
Ihre.e-ri.ile nentralii> Iiih ''oii-m ?
jire favorable for the entrain o of it
?*'iJr?men with I xipnan *5.? ><i -
'<>,'lnn the sea.
lUMtimtMl From Alpine, Stonr ??
!Y.mr?lv. IWtiiii-o of IVn*n
I'rrllnu Him.
yn i Mi-T at vm)I,i:n< i:
rriM.nrr. Who Killr.l Hi^ Wife ??<!
I,irul mailt ?<,,"'l M' ( ?
II.-M Iniomiuinii?'inlo?Apprnrs lo
(lr on \ fW "f roll?p-;c.
KI. i? \s<?. ti:n i"1' Harry I.
s,.,nnoll. win. Tlmr>.??> iu?'<? -hot and
,.t. xvif.- .m.I l.u iii. naiil-Ooh.iii I
M , I :ut lor at Tex., was held
11,, toiintx Jail '? *'?*'?> under
mm nl I 'rpiitlos who anlveil
xvlth ??.o ,Mis..nr. ..lib u.-?a> a**., to,I
foelinc I" AI|?ltio is tonso. ami au'tmri-i
I if.;- i lift e frate.l an all empt at vlo- (
loir e
Spanned ; lir-Ul incommunicado. On
.||(. vvnv to the J.ill :< new spapti' until 1
asked Spanned whv n.- killed ins wife
an11 Butler.
V ppa relit lv ...I tlio vol:.' Of a collapse.
Spam "11 replied
? I mii t hotlm ii. 1 have no I III HP
sa n
\ovoi <1 i11 ? ?> ' oport> fiom jail an
ihoritlos. Spaiincll last niclit awoke
ft-.-in a fitful sloop. huts: out w eoptnc
an?l expressed a to see his flve
vear-old dauchter
I'r.ori.i: ok m.imm:
\ttkm? ki " ,:,i
PINK. TKN . .Mily 2. -Practically
i*n 1 ire population of .Alpine ?t
..1 funei a' set vices here to-?la> for
rrvstal Holland Spannell. who.
I. leutenant-Colonel Butler. was
\ |iv her husband last Thursday
I':,. ? .1- ?; Spanned said to-day
h.^ hac been overwhelmed with
?. ic ia .t i* * k i \ h i: i i
whf hoarded a train last niKht
.A ,s , y:. ? A 1.10 sh.- -? taklJiC
s' arid'3 body for burial, Mrs.
. . ? . ? is ?>' t V. e -ration
lisbahd nor Mi
l.v.if ? n Man ?*
Hill KM V lt>Ol.t I Kl.\
INMII I'.NT OP * N ^ >\ lt??N?;
WASHINGTON. July 22.?\Var De
? repent* -o-'lav from X
--.j, c -inc further detail.- the
j,] . itiiij* of Lieutenant-Colonel M. O.
Butler by llarry J. Spaniiell. manager
' \!;.iiio hotel. sa> <"olonel Butler
xv . - . bsolutely innocent of ti.v
,VI ..e nM.I. Whatever the cause irl-ht
. , o<i'. "it appears Ilk.'1 o!-i
iiletl. premeditated mur.ior. cotn
... -i#.<i i>\ i man oraxeil h> jeal?>us>
'..Ion* I I". itlor ? .11 1 Ihii i< .1 in
liiist ? N.itlonal ?Vn** t.-t > l?er? M ? -
Not tieeliin >IO|? ' ?'>?> l.itlltrit11It. ?.n
llosK-li \\o*l of llrlilB?'l?nn.|0oh. "t
Mrr. y ot lira* > Sons.
| Special lo Til.- Tit>v--I linpnt. ii 1
itmot5kHampton, n v.. .iui> us -
'I'lr- I.iii four - niastoil s?|iia i e - i iuye.l
si <><? I >hip ?'lan * Sail.rail It. I-.alius N"i -
weuiaii coliirs on her breastpl:ites. and
IiohikI trom ltiist.il. Kuclantl, in bal
last f'>' N'f w Vol U f"l" a < a run of > as.
oil for t lie British North Sea Moot, is
on t lie beach, a I the inercv of heavy
? as, just w.-t of I". ml p. h a ill p toil
The ship Bi'ounrtoil in a thick foir
shortly before r? o'clock this inornin
l-'or more than an hour this afternoon
Chailes K. 11 iiplios. the B-'publi ,
pi. siib'iit ial iioininot . and hi- ta'iu'
watt lied the I'onibcra buffet tlio -h
about. She lies I idside on. not n...
than flftj yards from biuh-wat' i p. u
I'.iant seas are hourly drlvniu h<v > -
shot o
i'? pi a id < H< -on ali.l lus ci?*'.\ > ? f tli
iii. ii are still on board, but the Hi ? If -
hampton and Southampton life uuat *
have tllinu a line aboard the <"lan <'.a'
^itaith and iiwired up a breeches l.ii>i\
lo li'Scue the s'amen if the .lancet
01 ruses
A wrecking tnc from New TorU
on the \s a > here T! ? ?'?>ast
cutter Mohawk >? also . nmiiic '<? help
\side from the hour he spent v.a' h
? Mll. fne st i a tided -hip ?"ha>'le- I',
line lies ur.ve up ihr .-iiii.f "la> to (itii
11 lip the fin Is) ins iron-..e? on ni?. >;?../ . t.
of aceeplnnee. which *vill |.r deliver,
in New Vork a week from Monday
?v? Damage Is Done, (411)1 .Mm
'l ako WrniiiK Wil limit
< 'oniplniiil.
Sfonn Wi.ior Knllx raster Than
(linked IMpcs Will <'arrv It OfT.
Hrllls Suspended 1'ntil (.'round Is
?Not I?l??no by iho Alleghany
highland country. t'amp Stuari yesttr
?'?ij had a IIimmI of i(.s own. Tile un
usua"y ho.'ivy rain fa II turned the camp
Mir intu ;i wallow of mini and gave
Iho soldiers a chance in return to child
hood and oxen iso all of tholr old fond
ness tor paddlinu around In the water
Although the ranm was soaked, no,
serious damage was dune, and tho men j
took tho dose without undue complaint, I
a? all in tlio day's work.
When the men wont to sleep after I
I he Norfolk Clues' Me party Friday
" iglil. some ..f them left I heir unl
forms |yi11n <>ii the floors of their totits
beside the cots. When Hie men woke
til' sestet day morning, several found
themselves marooned, their clothes hav
ing floated out with the tide. As the i
tain stopped, the water receded, and'
ditches iIiik later in the day relieved'
the trouble.
?'ii account of the mud and slush!
which extended over the whole camp.'
no drill was attempted. .Men waded !
around in undress uniform, consisting- j
of hat and slicker, and had as ntuoh j
fun as the> could out of the situation. [
llatlous continued while the grind of!
drill relaxed, and the soldiers were ?
Inclined to ho cheerful at the roinpro- j
St)I.I>| Kit s \Hlltlll t|,IIMi
I or amateur soldiers, unseasoned In i
arm> life and used to soft beds and'
dry roofs, the men in Camp Stuart have !
done well under th?> trying clrcum
stan.es, in the opinion of their oflicers.
Matters had revalued a more normal
condition b\ yesterday afternoon, and.'
in spite of the temporary sethack of
I* dice arrangements, camp lire will no'
on as usual
Vobod > is to blame for the Hood,
unless tlie rainmaker can be charged
A kt.-k of ? ,:i.-id.-ration in turning,
streams on so heavily. Kver since
flie lirst week of tite soldiers* life in
i'amp Stuait weather conditions have
been ideal, and .ill matters of sauita
?ind drainage hiivi* grown into lit
tle short of perfection. All of a sud
den one of the heaviest rains of the
\ i burst upon the i.tmp, and the
' lies and sewers were temporarily j
inadequate to arr> off all the water.
Had the cloisd-bui st come when the
men were In the tield under actual eon
11 oiis of warfare sleeping on the
ci "iin.i in doc tents there would have
b. en -ure-enouuh cause for worry. If
each man had had to cook his own
breakfast on ;? !itf of water-soaked,
wood. ih? soldiers might well have
-worn ov et their hardtack. Colled I
snugly in th? r cots above the Hood
' 'amp Stuart, howevei. maty r? f the 1
-oldie-- -lr-.t through the wnr.c of the
o\-> -flow. ami woke uuwillin^lv at the
mtid-cliolied note.- of teveille.
? '<?< I :? ed r III l-'irM t'ace. i
: -i;- 'ii .-.inside: it r ion of H Sn.oo t
a nils* > w lii-h. a< ojding to the same
indent ii e. was to lapse a? soon as she
t eina I r!? d
wfTiiiii t i(i:\ihm. rr
I is; b-Jore the wedding ? ??rem uiy in
l.'-xington. the. youtie widow told the
cr.'ir; slie w as presented with a doni
- ? - t by a weli-known Ciehmond
w>e and asked to si an it Some
before, she said, iloocli had proni
-? d ' . iiestow on hei through ;i pre
??r.iial agreement a homo and an
?' 'la 1 'in nine of $11,000. which she was
i*d : o elieve would he in addition : ?>
" ? 'ferest fixed b> law. which would
'o her a* widow arid di<
? ? ?111ee in the event of her ?u:v|vlnic
in She took his promise, -he said.
- ?? evidence of her ueneroeity, , nd
'???ier "(ijeKtioned him. as to hi? flnan
<al standing.
\?-urniiig. by a readme of tiir- tir.s:
' ' t - .*t?H of the paper handed i . her
b> f Richmond lawyei Ui;(i :? was
ni??rely h written agreement carrying
ii *o effn t the promise made to her
verbally, she said, she sicned i* it
dev.-loped, however, that the papet ,je-j
pri ed lier of all her right.- of dower1
it consideration of the payment of
i.iifiH jo ihr> Ohi Dominion Trust Com*
? o.
are Opportunity..
We hold in 1'. S. Government bonded ware
house ?")() barrels of choice Old Apple Brandy,
full 100 proof, distilled in 1011 and 1912, which
must be sold before November 1st. Grasp
this opportunity to provide yourself with
-ome of this very rare and select old stock.
1 gallon $4.00
2 gallons $7.75
gallons $11.25
\% gallons $16.75
Goods carefully put up in new glass jugs,
except I %-gal Ion quantities, for which we use
new, clean kegs.
Out-of-town orders promptly shipped on
receipt of remittance and shipping directions.
Order at once and store for future use.
This is the kind of Hrandy which Vir
ginians who know quality use in putting away
fruit and for family purposes also.
29 North Seventeenth Street.
Randolph 3S7.
PRny of Richmond. to be held in trust
for her a.s long as .she remained un
married. Tlic Income from this trust
fund?$:;.??00?wns her sole benefit.
Mrs. (loorh, through ouuiiscl, there
upon brought the charge (hut she had
been deceived as t? i the content of the
agreement. charging that her late hits- j
band had fraudulently induced lierrto
sign away her rights. Letters and i
papers found on t?ooch, it was further |
charged. indicated further deception!
towards her. since they showed rela-j
lions wilii other women, which had |
h/?en carefully concealed from her.
(Continued from Klrst pngo.i
ueertj are expected to fttil&li their work |
ami flic their reports in the next few '
weeks, and the terminal company,
which was organized to build the sta
tion. is expected to carry out its plans
with as little delay as possible.
Mow soon this work would be started
could not bo determined yesterday, i!
was stated in official circles, hut both
the Atlantic < 'oast Line Itailroad and
the Itichmoiid. "Fredericksburg an'd I'o
tomac are anxious to carry out the
project as quickly as possible. Tin
Coast Line has been planning f"i sex -
eral years to make extensive improve
ments to its propMties and yards at
Seventh and Byrd Streets, which will
be used entirely for freight service
after the completion of the ne? sta
tion. and is anxious also to net this
work under' way. All the required
property has been acquired, but little
or no work can be started until the
yards are relieved of passenger traffic
Pl.W *l>ni?TIOI> API'RM
naw ?o\ki-:ukx i:?
The plan for the depression of the
Belt Idne tracks was adopted by the
city and railroad company after many
conferences, in which members ?>f the
Chamber of Commerce figured promi
nently in bringing railroad oflicers and
city officials to a working basis. In
fact, several "f the preliminary con
ferences were conducted through a
third person Finally counsel for the
city and railroad reached an agree
ment. which was ratified by ihe Coun
Kxhaust ive study and Inspections
were made ?? f the conditions and sur
rounding territory and numerous plans
suggested before the final plan was
adopted. Many of the suggestions
made by Kngineer Wilgus. employed by
The Times-l.iispatch to studv the sit
uation. are embodied by the plan uudci
which the work will now be carried
out The depression of the tracks will
eliminate uradc crossings alonu this
line at the principal street intersec
tions. and. wilh the completion <>f the
new union station, to be erected on the
grounds of the Hermitage Coif Club,
on West Broad Street. th? tracks of
the company will be removed from
Broad and Belvidere Streets
Itu^Nlaii Minister of Furelsiii Wfnlrs
succeeded by Premier
st unner.
I'KTU" UlltAD <via London >. .luly 23
?Sergius Sazonoff. Minister of Foreign
Affair-, has resigned, lie is succeeded
by Boris Vladimirovitcli Stunner, the
Premier, who ha- tnken over the office.
KPcrnl Publication of Itlack l<Nl of
Amerlrnii KIi-iiij" <'nnd?mtiod
h.v Xculi'Hl Diplomat.
|)i;CI,\lti;i> IX) HK I NNKCKSSMJV
I'ariicnlnrly Twtlrnl Krror at This
Tlmr, When French laiiin l.s About
Ki |$e Floated ami ltusshm Finan
cial Plan* Are Under Way.
I/?NI"*N. July 21 lileliiy^d).?A neu
tral ?1 iploiim I. exceptionally well in
formed reenrding the details of tho
oconoinie war which Croat Rrltaln t:;
waging oil tlx* cMlll'fll powers, declared
io-dav t<> n representative of the Asso
ciated 1'iess Hint no regarded the
coni t?ni?Ii? ation hy tlie British govern
ment of the black list o;f certain Ameri
can firm.*- as "the greatest possible tac
tual blunder a*, this stage. when a
l'? on* h loan is about to be floated in
\meii<a aiiil important Russian fitian
dal wrannemenln are under way
t here."
,,"lt is a blunder." continued tlie
diplomat. ' beofuise It is unnecessary.
sin< e Iiii months most of the linns on
the list have been on n sub rosa bktfk
iisi \i any rate, they were not on
the white list, so the government had
complete control ovei any of their
nperations which touched British ten I
'The financial section of London Is
!.v no means unanimous in approval of
the measure. even those in its favor
being dissatlslied with its scope, con
tending that some omissions ftyun the
list ;< ?? mote significant than inclusions.
<?no large banking institution on the
list maintains close conneotlon with
one of London's largest banks, and. at
the ie<|itest of the latter, some time
ago made extensive changes in its dl
rectoiate. In order to eliminate men
objection;) bin to its London corre
spondent This London bank now
wants to know why it is prevented from
cairyinu its American business
tiiionsh tho blacklisted bank, while
Amoritan firms known to have been
actixdy connected with liorman loans
and otlie activities are still on tho
white list
"Its publication at this time Is a
mystery. <'ne possible theory i> that
the government's hand was forced by
re. alcittant Rrltisb firms which may
have declined to give up trading with
firms not on the white list until their
position was made legally untenable
by the aetuill promulgation of the list.
If the government hud desired to warn
the British public, wider publicity
would have been sought. The list was
published only in the ofllcial London
? iazette. None of the l.ontlou papers
printed It
"The possibility of legal retaliation
against 'lie i.lat K list is a ?|iit stion for
international lawyers, but the possibil
ity of unoflleial retaliations is almost
unlimited. At least a Pacific t'oa.'-i linn
of unimpeachable Americanism might
make the position of I'ritish tiaders in
Warner's Safe Remedies
.\ <'ons|;in( IltHiii to Invalid* Since 1ST".
Warner's Sufe Kidney and Liver llcmrdy, - .">Or and SI.on
Warner's Safe lliiilielcs Keiued.v, .... .SI.-."?
Warner's Safe Klieiiiuatir Remedy, ....
Warner's Safe .\siiiina Itemedy, .... Tru
ll Warner's Safe Nervine, .... ,*i()c and JjJI.OO
Warner's Safe I'ills (('on?t ipat ion and l>iU<?ii?.ne??-) - i!"?r
The Reliable l-'amiiy .Medicines.
Kor sale l?y leading rtruRjrisis cverywhsrp T-'ree sample sent on reri?r-l
W XUNKH'S SAKK II KMKItll'.x I'll,, Urpl. 5a I, IIOl'll ICSTKIl, \. V.
I wish to announce to my friends and patrons that I
am now connccted with Mount ree-Cherry Corp.. "Homo
Furnishers of Quality," where I will hp glad to serve you
with Hip host merchandise obtainable.
P. R> Vellines
Formerly with Pnttit & Co.
Too High Class jo
Our Pocket
Tile phrase, we hear no more. Why? Simply be
cause the time has come when everybody may in
dulge his or her hesl taste without extrsivagancc.
And the. time, has Rone when inexpensive furniture
was persistently eoupled with ordinary styles.
This will he most forceahly. proved by our wonder
ful new PALL showing of HEAL FURNITURE
for the HUME BEAUTIFUL. Don't miss the op
portunity of lnspoetinp.
Sydnor & Hundley
Hearl of C'ity.
n immlicr of fort tic lields decidedly un
huii.incr ?i'' iii.ack i.isr
IM'diiil.AliLV itisri sm:i>
WASHINGTON, .1 illy Anl ieipnt - |
jiiK protests to the Slate I ?epartliient 1
from tlio llrniH and corporations named i
in the British black list, Sir ?'coil ''
Sprlim-Itice had another confcreneo to- i
day with actum Secretary I'olk, in J
which tin- subject was informally dls- I
cussed Iiifoi'innI conferences in Wash
ington are expected I? > no far toward*
claiifyinu the position of each side .
.nut serviiic to shorten nccoiiationt. j
that may follow.
It is understood hero that I lie Urit- !
! is 11 uovei iimiMit di?l not comniiiiiicaii' ,
the I da cK lit to Amha sudor Cape he- j
'cause the suhjc< t was regarded a.i one
I purely internal in its lep.tl aspect?. To ;
have l>ron.'h?il the matter otllcially J
i i<> Mr I'ape imiiht have heen 4aiveti ;
las an admission of (lie rlclit of otliei \
| governments t<> concern tliemselvr: in
it opei a l lolls.
North I'itmlliiiaii Instantly , Ivilleil
While UorlvillU In
S.\!.ISHt"l5 V. N <?. July "J". Kallinif
a< loss ;? rapidly ?evolving. s:iw, Wil
> liain Martin, a well-know it yoiiim man
of Western Uovvan I'oiinty, no t iir-tant
| dentil to-day. He was working almut
1 the sawmill and accidentally fell with
his body under the saw. the trunk
beiiifi severed from his lower limb.' He
leaves a vvif<- A toother met death
bv lif.iit niim a month ago at Amity,
I rede! 1 i "onn t y.
rnmsTiM-: MiiiLi:i;
|'|f-ii?o on 11 a nil hoar re-rreatibti ?> f
llVi vrii co.
tmk m;\v kihso.v
Ilrond ut SccoihI.
lil('IIMI)M), V.\.
Savings Banh of Richmond
Saino As Natbiiial ItanK*
till Kant .Main >t.
Any ?rliool>hoy run lo|l u? ;)ll
iiIhiiiI iMi'xIcii, lull in i'?*p the h?>.\ |s
not piTsciil liciv are a few farts mnsi
of ns Iiiiv forgotten.
.Mcxicn has tin area of over 7H7..
IKIl) square mi lex.
Population about ia,n00,000.
It Is divided inter 27 stutes, lun
territories ami out* district.
(ompiered by Spain l.~?:jH.
Spanish Viccroy ilnposnil 1821.
War with I'liiled States 1810-18.
War with Franre 18(12.
Restoration to the Kepublic 1X07,
These vacation days
made war on the
boys' wardrobe.
Here's the place where you
can replenish the stock with
satisfaction and economy.
Very attractive Norfolk and
Patch Pocket Suits for hoys
from S years up. $5 to $0.
Other Suits fnom $10 to $15,
and the best of Wash Suits for
the little ones at J)5c, $1.25 and
Khaki wear. "rq
Cool Cloth and Palm Trench
Suits, $fi and $fi.
White Duck Suits, with two
pairs of knickers, $5.
Hell Mouse Waists and
Shirts, 50c to $1.00.
Underwear. Night Shirts, Pa
jamas. Tennis Shoes. Gymna
sium Wear ?everything for tli<?
hoy. .y
Virginia Headquarters for
Roy Scouts.
Mail orders filled same day
RAWP.347I ? 5l6M.IT?
ju:st service:
liuml'>lph 2MM>.
?116 fast Main Street.
Help Yourself
Your m < ;i i< -1 KNKMV is Yf>l"RSKf>F Vnur h*?! FR1RXD i? TOITTl
'Sfjl.l l:?-?ter Mian liavinu a rich uncle, If being VOI'R OWN rich
11j i ? 1??
'('<> iii-v* mr>n?>v you have laid up your.^elf. that you hav? accumulated
l.v 'voiii 'ii(lii.cii>' and fruR'ality, f?els a lot better than to una
ino?H-> sfiint't?ri(ly has 1?? ff yon
Start an a>'i'i? nnt NOW with the t'NION HANK.
11?-11> \ iiiim-ll'.
THE UNION BANK of Richmond, Va.
I tot Kn*<l "M >i I it Street. ?=?
Interest nn Deposit*.
The Appointment
of an individual Executor may hinder
prompt, settlement of your estate. He may
beeoinc incapacitated before his duties are
discharged. Delay follows. Application
must be made to the Couft for a substitute
to complete the work.
If you wish to avoid the chance of your
estate being administered by inexperienced
and perhaps unfriendly hands, you would
do well to look into the expert services of
"The Safest Executor."
Old Dominion Trust Co.
The SlroiiRPSt Trust Co. in the South Atlantic States
Capital and Surplus, Two Million Dollars,
flOO East Main Street.
n% Interest raid on Deposits.

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