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Written by Hereward Carrington,
The Distinguished Authority on Psychic Phe
Dramatized by Charles W. Goddard,
The Well Known Author of "The Perils of
Pauline;" "The Exploits of Elaine;" "The God
dess;'* ctThe Misleading Lady;" "The Ghost
Breaker;" "The*Man From the Sea."
Everything You Read Here TodavYon Can See
This Work sit the Victor Thentor in Vivid JTotion
Pictures Produced by the Famous Wharton Studio
for This .Newspaper.
With Mr. HOWARD ESTABROOK as Dr. Alden,
Miss JEAN SOTHERN as the Charming Myra Maynard.
Next Sunday Another Chapter of "The Mysteries
of Myra" and New Pictures.
Copyright Star Company, ItllG. All foreign right* reaerved.
Myra Mnynard, a benutlfal helrraa, In paraued by a baud of crlmluala. known on the
Black Order, whoae object la to kill Ibr sclrl br orctilt menna, In order that the legacy of
her father, a aecret member of the Devil Worahlppera, may fall to the evil order. Arthur
Vtrn(7i a nealtby club man, la the favored aultor of the girl; (n reality lie in the tool of
High Mnater of Ike lllock Order. Dr. Vnyaon Altlen, n brilliant ;vung physician. haa nlvrit
up hla practice to devote bio tluie to atudlea In the occult and the myaterlea of the unnecn.
He dlacovera the cnnaplracy agalnat the girl, and aavea ker from committing aulcldr tvlillr
In a aomnnmbullatlc trance. By meana of a acleatlflcally conatructed h vpuollnlnc machine
Allien releoaea tlin natral body of Myra, which t*m In ararch of her peraecutora. The
ftrand Maater la Informed of thla, nnd In u terrlOc mrntul atruec'* 'or thr control of
Myra'a aplrlt, Alden la all bat defeated by Ike Mnater. Alden determines Co break into
the (?r?ler and put an end to the nefarlona work. Myra la great'y troubled to hla aafe
return, nnil aenda her aatral body In nrarrh of hint. The Ornnd Maater kypnotlxea hlmaclf,
nnd In the inrntnl Of^lit which foliowa, Myra awukaa with the aplrlt of the Grand Muater,
while fhe Maater now poaacavea the Innocent aoul of the girl. The Oraad Mnater nest
returna Myrn'a aplrlt nnd recel-eca kla proper IndlTlduallty In return, nailer clrciimalanera
which plnce Myra In hla power. But for the timely Interference of Dr. Alden. Myra would
hava been killed. Varney placea a red light In Myra'a clothea cloaet, under which the
aplrlt of the Maater aaaumca mortal form. Alden la prepared, however, and under the
? lolet glare of the mercury vapor lampa. which he laatalled In Myra'a room, the body of
the Maater demur rrlnllr.cd la great agony. Dr. Alden'a knowledge of thsuuht photography
rnnhlea him to dlacover a new and deaperute acheme of the enrnged .Mnater, while hl?
? clentlflc arrangement of mlrrora rtefeata the plan of the lllai-k Order. Neil the .Mnater
trlca merilnl telepathy, hut Dr. Alden acenta the method of nttack. revcraea the procoaa nnd
brlnya dlxaater to the lllack Order, while Myra remnlna unharmed. The nrt of levltntlon
Is brought Into piny, hut ilefented by tbe atiperior mlnil of Myra'a protector. Kurioua at
hla failure tlia Maater aenda an ??elemental" aplrlt ta lure Myra to brr death, hut Aldeu'a
departed colleague, llnjl, rlaea and folia the acheme. The Maater krglna another deaplcahle
EPISODE TWELVE pa-rent, but force of habit caused him to
CHAPTKIt I.II Back in tho unholy of unhollo, a.? the
The Klltlr of Vouth elaborately Inner room of the IJ'ijh Master
W/ITH1N lJ,e council chamber of the Black fould well be named, a stranKe ?cer>? was
W Order aiood t?n r.ruree. unfamiliar *n Pro*r1?l!
to Arthur Varnev and hi? A?soc!ati-? , <!V," cat languidly upon a divan.
Vet they had both admittance hy down at the two ea^-r ?kc? before
presenting the necret word and slims a aur- him
prising willingness r>f th?- High Mauler lo In
terview them. after his receipt of - note, per
mitted then a< cee.s. <?n<j <vas ar.
*'on<an. th?* other a man of e'juai years,
apparently despite their decrepit phynlcal
ronilltlor. they wer? r.chlv attired. Indeed,
ttier e iv.ih .4it uncanny air surrounding them
which caused Varncy, used as ho was to
ho: rora of the psychic, to shudder in spite
of / 1 in self.
"This is tt.?> first tunc the High Mast?r
ha*> ever admitted a woman to our sacred
council, brother," he whispered tc the Leader
of r?>renionic*s.
"That is no mere woman." replied the
other, with a cautionary gesture. "Do not
speaix so loud. She and *h* other ar? two
??vil spirits, the Manw-t ;..i ? aummontd to
help him if. our cause!'
The old crcaturtt- shot venomous glances
nt Varney, who Instinctively drew back.
The ciash of the brazen gong struck
thrice, by the claw-like hand or the Master,
announced that tm* visitors were to b#
ushered Into tho inner room.
'1 he black brotherhood, at a signal from
the leader of ceremonies, bowed low in
nhedltnce, on either .side, forming a double
row through which the new-comers were led
to the swinging velvet curtains.
Here they hesitated, looking suspiciously
nt each other for an inmunt's pause. Then,
see tr'.!:gly reassured by tlu-ir common
thought, they hurried within the protal. be
hind the hooded leader. Varney, rubbing n!?
foi eh?-ad meditatively, turned toward the
.i-t exit from the council room. At *
whispered word, a.iother brother opened it
for him ami he left the evil plac*
A few minutes later ho wa.s walking along
the open roadway, in the glorious sunlight
of another fair Spring day.
There was an unusual look of indecision
en his usually calm features. It was not the
self-confident Varney. now. but on? who
se'-med the victim of an uneasy stirring of
spirit, lie mopped hi* foreh'-nd nervously
With a perfumed s!!k handkerchief, and
looked miserable .it the ground
As he strolled on he bumped into mors
than one pedestrian completely engrosfcd in
his thoughts, to tiit exclusion of sill mundane
affali s.
"I can stand It no longer."' murmured he
I'Myra has been so brave, and her faith ha?
He.-r, so strong in me I know "he does not
love me, l>nt I am not it monster. I am
h'.t "an and her trust lias been so misplaced "
lie sighed, and his eves caught sight of
something on tho -ground; It was a fallen
rose, from ?*ome careless person's boquet.
He stopped to pick up the crushed petals.
"Poor little <lower. You are like Myra May
nard You have been trampled "n in the
great highway, and yet. crushed as you arc,
you still retain your fragrance 1 must con
fess and make a clean 'breast of It all. Maybe
she will care, for me the more because I ar.i
honeet st last with her. That is tile truest
test of love. And. 1 do love her. Tlio promises
of the Master are beautiful, but I am not
so sure as 1 was that he will keep them."
And then he looked guiltily about, even
fearfully, as though he were afraid that his
thoughts might be borne throuirh walls and
distance to the mysterious mind of the evil
genius who seamed to know everything by
that strange psychic power.
"I must think It over well, before I make
the final plunge," mused Arthur Varney, and
e walked on into the more open country,
ghtlng for the first time In years, against
his evil desires, and reinforced by that con
science whose still, small voice had been
mute for so long.
Unknown to him, a silent watcher had been
following hint, far In tho distance, and this
man smiled evilly more than once. When
Varney finally p?rch?-d on a high group of
rocks, overlooking the river, the shadow '
hurried Into a telephono booth In a small
road-house In tho valley, to report his loca
"Very good" came the voice of the High
Master of the Black Order. "He will bear
more watching. Hut go to him and tell him
to visit the.'girl, where he will receive a new
order from me, which he Is to o-bey implicitly.
Tell him to be wailing on the street, south
of the Maynard mansion in about an hour."
"Yes. Master. I will obey."
The man left the placo and slowly saunter
ed up to tho thoughtful Varney, who was
disturbed visibly by this sudden reminder of
the evil brotherhood.
"Ob!" he exclaimed, as tho two exchanged^
the "thumbs ui>" sign of the Order. "How"
did you know I was here?"
The other smiled with a leer, as he re
plied euavely.
?'I did not know you were here. But the
Supreme One did. and sent mo with a mes
sage to you. He knows all things at all
And there was r tone of sinister throat in
bis voice, as he delivered the command.
Varney looked at his watch and nodded.
"I will obey as I have always done," he
replied. "But I am boglnning to be discour
aged, for I fear that we can not sucoeod.
Tnere is too much white magic fighting our
blaolt art."
"Ah, brother, do not dare to tell the Master
that you are losing faith. That Is almost as
toad as out and out treachery, for the strength
of our occult force depends upon absolute
confidence. We will win, for the greatest
force in the world of matter and spirit is
?with us. Adieu I Fall not, brother.
They separated, with another exchange of
symbolic movements of the h&nda and Varney
walked slowly In the direction of Myra's
fcomt. His conflict of moods wae atlU ad
rnrr.a Into hor oeing. Her eyes opened wi(l?r,
her chin srow bigKer, her shoulders bro*d
ened and straightened uv> from the former
ntoop of senility.
Her cheek-bonon took on a fuller curvt, a
pink glow caine Into the haxgard okln.
lie/ vomjjunlon stepped back with a glA<i
wonilnrinn <:ry.
"It works! It works!'* he exclaimed ".>hn
?lux become young again. Oh, give me ny
#harii. Master, and w? will be your wtlltriK
slave* to serve your end*, with all o;:r -jviI
pu? erf!'"
''"he Master hamled him the re-ftlled gias:-i.
And utibelievable as It seemed. to th? lee.d?r
of ceremonies, so us<id to the ft.-anire
machinations of tho Master, within ??. few
?r:!r.jt?s, th^se two?who had tottered In an
ari elderly, year worn pair, now stood facing
each other, with all the robust physical
beauty of youth.
The woman appeared not more than twenty
one or two; she was an exquisitely fair
creature, of a languorous and Orients! type
of ueauty.
The mu.n. well knit, with straight, hand
some features, looked like 8omo latter-'lay
depiction of a Greek rjod!
"I have wrought my work well." rom
m?i.t*d the Master, sinking down Into a
meditative poso on tho divan. "Give this
note to Arthur Varney, whom you will tltsd
;i t the address where a brother will lead
you Then proceed with your task."
'I h* man took the envelope a.nd bowed,
-naklng the sign of the Devil Worshippers
???fore he left the inner room.
"And you. with your beauty which I have
restored, must win your cause with Dr. Pay
so'i Alden. Me is only human, and you aie
fairer?and more devilish than Cleopatra '
The woman drew herself ui> haughtily, and
"I have forgotten none of the wiles of a
thousand years -you Hhall nee!"
And so she retired, leaving the evil genius
smiling and muttering to. himself. with su
prcme satisfaction.
The I'niion of Jealonay.
Arthur Varney had finally conquered his
own wicked nature. He was determined to
:r.akn a clean breast of the whole conspiracy,
?browing himself upon the generosity of
Myra Maynard; knowing tho spirit of tho
girl, he was, certain that she would keep
his confidence and not betray him to I">r.
AltVn. And if ho acted quickly enough he
n.ljcht he ab!e to save her from this n?w
>.nd Incomprehensible danjer, presaged hy
the visit of tho two wicked-faced old
strangers in the council room.
H<? had reached tho street upon which the
spacious Maynard estate wan located. Walk
ins; down the thoroughfare he arrived at the
iong and carefully kept hedgerow which shut
off the grounds from tho highway.
On the other side of thin he heard happy
voices, and he peered through the Interstices
of the green leaves.
There was Myra, In a light, tennis costum?.
springing about the smooth rolled court with
tf.? lithe grace of a young antelope, as she
nwuni- her racquet with rare skill.
Va: ney's heart leaped at the sight, and
'?'I he ttIH r?*vonl hl> tnllhlrnnoss," nr^rd Vartiry.
Both the visiters, on their kn?>s, w?re
begging almost tearfully for his help.
"You can jfive us the masfic potion if you
will, Muster! Will you not reward 'is for
what we have already done?" begged the
"Ah. 1 RSVf you what was your need.
Hav* you not both wealth and power?"
The old man mumbled through his tooth
less xum.i.
"Ten! Hut the greatest boon of llf* h?.s
been denl?*d us. after all our fiendish servi
tude to you."
"Ay, we want YCM'TIT. without which
power, wealth, and everything else is as
naught'' echoed the old woman, wobbling
un.steadily upon her aged knees
The Master laughed with that crocodile
smile of his which sent a tremor of appre
hension through hi." two suppliants.
"And if 1 grant you this boon, will you do
what 1 demand, in bringing about t^,e de
struction of Myra Mayrard and Dr. Payson
Alden ?"
Hoth nodded emphatically.
The Master arose from Itin diyan and
wallced.to an elaborately carved cabinet, on
which demoniac figures, holding trident? and
other implements of Jorture were inter
The old man and woman followed his more
men ts with greedy glances.
drew from a drawer of a email black
laenvered Jewel box, bringinsr this back to
the divan.
Here he pat again, unlocking It with
tantalizing deliberation, and drawing front it
a smaller case.
The aged eyes glittered with a new Are
as he finally drew from the lunar receptacle
several small vials, filled with various sub
stances of liquid and powder.
"Kee." und ho tantilizinR, held up one.
"The TBlixir of Vision!" ho continued.
"Would you like that?"
"No, we have seen the world for three
hundreds of years," answered the man. rau
cously. "You know what we want."
The Master held up another vial.
"The Elixir of Taste!" he aald. "And here,
the Klixir of Hearing."
The old woman shook her head.
"Age needs thorn not." she said. "Drive
away the burden of years and wo will have
all else which soul c.ould desire."
The Master smiled again, as he replied:
"Souls . . . You have no souls. Those
are already bargained away. But here Is
the precious substance which you crave.
Ho held up the last, of the bottles. It was
labelled: "Klixlr of Youth."
"Yes, yes'" and both of them crawled to
ward him, screaming with delight.
"Will you obey me then? will you bring
about,their destruction, if I give it to you?"
"Anything! We will obey you from now
until doomsday!" cried the woman.
"Yes, that and more!" asserted the old
woman. They seemed for all the world like
drug (lends begging for the doadly stuff,
after a period of enforced fasting.
"Very good?or better still, very bad. then,"
and tho Master arose. He poured a few drops
into a little curved goblet and handed it to
the old woman.
She drank It eagerly, and staggered, ae
though the liquid had burned her lips and
mouth. She clutohed at her bosom, and sank
moaning into a c.bair held by the waiting
leader of ceremonies. Her companion watohed
her anxiously, his skinny fingers closing and
opening In a tremor of fear and uncertainty.
"the is dying!" he gasped.
"No, she is being born again!" answered
tho Master.
Even as h? flpok* an Inscrutable change
then his heavy brows contracted In a. frown.
I!? could 5<-e the athletic shoulder/? and sun
ivirned arms of some man. facing away from
: he hedge.
"t'urse him: It Is that confounded Alden,
again!" ho muttered with a pang- of lealousy
stabbing "11 the {rood intentions.
As he peeped Myra stopped to tie her
sho' lace.
?"Mere, let me be your krlght. fair lady!"
laughed 'lie physician, nimbly vaulting' the
net and kneeling with droll gallantry before
the girl.
"Very good. Sir Galahad." answered Myra.
as Varney's hand clenched angrily, from bin
vantage on the other sldn of the gr^en
*ereen. "Thank you very much. How shall
I rr ward you?"
As Alden arose, he whispered something
in the twirl's car, and she blushed prettily,
with an alluring pout, she shook her head
and turned back to serve the ball again.
' The confounded interloper." muttered
Varney, turning on his heel and retracing
his steps, with an additional flow of epithets
which wero even less complimentary to his
Hut 1'avson Alden and Myra continued to
enjoy their sport, with unabated energy.
Varney had not gone far when he wr?*
met by two men.
One of them was a familiar brother from
the Black Order, who. after a shifty survey
for possible observers, exchanged the Devil
Worshipper's symbol with him. The other
was the rejuvenated envoy of the Master.
Naturally Varney did not recognize him. But
he did recognize the diabolical signature at
the bottom of the note which tho man
handed him.
The message read:
"Varney obey this man without hesitation.
The man then raised his hand with a
peculiar gesture which brought, an answer
ing sign from Varney. The token proof
that, although not a" member of the Black
nrc'et the other was affiliated with an or
ganization of which the club man know
much. Ho nodded, and put the note carefully
Into his pocket.
As lie did so the woman companion o(
the mysterious messenger approached thorn.
' This lady is helping us." said the man.
"Now here are the opera glasses -which you
are to use. Let us see the girl and the doctor.
Where is a good place?"
"Cross the street." said Varney. "and look
down that way, through the trees."
The man obeyed and nodded.
"Yes. I see them plainly. Here, you may
look so that you will make no mistake with
Tie handed them to the woman, who di
rected tne glasses as he indicated.
"A very handsome fellow," she said
coquettlshly. "But 1 think he will yield to
my charms, lust the same."
Varney looked at her queatlonlngly.
"Bring tho girl to a spot where you can
U93 the glasses on the front window of the
doctor's house," directed the man. "And be
there In lust half an hour."
He muttered a few more dlreotlono which
brought a new look of hope to. Varney'a
face, and thon he dlas.ppearea with the other
brother of the Black Order and tho woman.
Varnoy walked down the street, 'by a de
tour. so as to reach the front portiao of the
Maynard mansion without passing the ten
nis court.
"I will wait for Mlaa Myra," ha told Willis,
the butler, who admitted him
"I'll call her, air.M
'Nn. don't, Interrupt the doctor'fl Jlttl?
game "'
WtHis smiled and shrug-feed Ills shoulder*
politely, us ho left the visitor alone In the
Varney walked to the window and watched
the c-!o*e of the tennis g'feme with Increasing
hittrrix-ss In hi." heart, lie saw Myra look
lit hor wrist watch and then gesture toward
the hoti:<e. Alden walked with her, as sho
turned toward the porch. Just as they
tl:? surnmT house h? beckoned to her
to st'-p Infi'le. and Varney almost tore down
tnr? curtains In hip Jealous rage.
As Myra laughingly ran out of tho house,
Aiiien stepped bohir.d her and waved his
1 could have sworn tho scoundrel kissed
he- then!" ?xclnl:n<?d Varney. as ho ilung
I;! it.He If mlFerahiy into a. chair.
ile heard Myra'a step on tho hnll door as
sl-e called her lAft farewell to Aldon.
"Well, If you won't come in and have tea,
doctor. I'm sorry for I'll have to drink it
alone. But you are a bad boy."
This H?ttle<l it. Varney sprang- to his feet
ami regarded tho our;;ri?eil girl with blaz
ing e>es.
"Why. Arthur! I didn't know you were
i.r-re.'' was her abashed greeting. "Why
didn't you come out and Join our tennis
Yarrey snapped his Oncers. "That i? a
Kamo for high school boys and silly glrle,
not for real men. But, Aldpn was playing
a man's game in the. suinntor houae. He
kissed you."
Myra flushed and stepped hack before his
vehement torrent of fury.
"Well?Wh?t 1* he did'.' Ien't it my IjusI
ness. Arthur Varney.*" she demanded.
"So'." he cried. "Not as long as you are
engaged to me. l'ots *r.? wearing my solitaire
right now. Ana I won't stand for it."
Myra laticrhed with subdued anger herself.
"Then you can sit down. You can also
think over your apology, for you have been
very rude, f am goin^ up stairs to change
front my tennia suit, and when j come down
* will tell you (something?after 1 hear your
apology. Otherwise I will never speak to
you again. Goodbye."
Varney glared at her. but she turned on
her heel and ran up the broad stairway.
He walked up and down the library, rag
ing. but gradually his shrewder self cams to
his rescue. He paused and saw upon tho
carved table the crystalline globe with
which Myra had more titan onco been able
to use her developing psychic powers.
"I'll beat him with the very trick ho
taught h?r to do. The man should be there
"I.?ook again!" commanded V?rn?y. "You
may w* something mor? Interesting still."
Myra arose unsteadily and walkM away
with down-cast glance.
"No. I can't believe It. I simply can't.
Bon ?miinoR th? crystals play <i'.ieer tricks, he
told mo!"
'Hrt t">!d you! He ha.< told you too much.
I'll tell you ;hit though?I was Just getting
my opei a glat>se* from '.lie optician where
they w?r? beln^ mended I have them hare
In my pocket. There is nothing psychic about
opera glasses. and we can bo down and look
through hit* windows from a i*afa distance.
Then you will believe what you see and not
his Ilea!"
Mvra turned upon him quickly.
"Why are you so sure?" alio demanded
"1 will not be a sneak."
"I am sure because I have hearrt ugly
?torlo? about him." urged Varney, "and I
want to nave you from a sneak."
Myra. almost against her will, yielded to
his urging and they were soon walking
flown the street, not far from the physician's
"Now wo can see down the hill here. There
is his study or reception room window on
that side of the house, as I remember It,"
coached the persistant Varncy. "That la the
room where your mother and I waltod that
day. Here. n>y dear Kirl. take the glasses
and aee what you .ve without my prompting
you." *
"I only came along to prove how wrong
you were, Arthur." said Myra, and she now
took the opera flosses with more assurance.
As-she did no. Arthur Varney looked ut his
watch and smiled. And just as sho did so,
within the doctor's watting room was a woman
visitor. The woman looked at tho clock on
the wall. She suddenly threw her arms
about the doctor's nock ana clung to him
with strange fury, showering kisses upon
her face ana holding: him closo by the window
as she did ao.
Myra Ma.vnard. from her distant viewpoint,
pave a scream and dropped the glasses.
"Oh, Arthur. I hate you for having shown
this," was her surprising remark, as she
burst into tears.
Varney caught her In his arms. Impetu
ously, and the girl struggled. As he did so,
sho gave a final weak call for help and lost
h?r senses.
The I'ntli to tbc Moon.
When Myra came to a reallratlon of her
surrounding she found herself being as
sisted by the mysterious stranc?r who had
brought the note of command to Varney. The
latter, hiding with the other Ulaek frier
?hj" tins tint". They said half an hour. She
Will learn n lesson Indeed." ne ro'd himsel f.
M.'.a ra.) returned to the library
"i':n very sorry, my dear eirl. lest 'r's my
great to.-.- "o* >ou which mares in.. mad tvitii
fury .vlifu i see that deceitful j'coundrel
playing v 1th your affection." -for 1 know
that you *re exceedingly fond of hlin, much
as l hate to admit It."
M \ ra paused, and then answffi! indig
"Well. that is a poor sort of apoloKv. Hut,
why do you say Dr. Aldan Is deceitful? lie
has proved to mo that . lie Is the sotil 'if
ho: c :
"W ell, I dare you to use your occult power
to do crystal prizing nnd Ifnd out!" retorted
Varncy. "Mo has a reputation among club
men of being a great (lirt. and von. a younif
Kill hrt> reacy to bsdleve any of his lies. Just
try to see him in the crystal globe nnd be
lieve for yourself."
Myra shook her head.
"Why. no. that would be a sort of spying?
eavesdropping In h way. I wouldn't do It.'"
"\V? would know tho truth then," Insisted
Varnny. "Try it?he taught you the trick.
You believe In him?why not put htm to tho
test and find out. it" there 1* nothing wronir
you're no worse, and ycu've proven tne to
he mistaken. As your futurs husband I have
tho right to protect you, and to advi.se you "
Th' piri hesitated and looked at tho crys
tal in a fascinated way. Then nhe walked
timidly toward It as though fearing to gaxe
into it, to learn a possibly unhappy secret
"riit down nr.d atudy 11 !'? Instated Y&rney,
e mi line
Myra sank Into a chair before the unci Jtiy
meuioer behind some evergreens on the side
of I'rie istreet, peered anxiously at the girl.
"I ?o ynu think he hypnotized her sufficient
ly'."' it.v'uM Viinif y.
"V?s. shi> will obey." replied the other.
"See. she thinks he's her benefuotor. Ila.
And the man laughed quietly, as tho other
mar. assisted the girl to walk unsteadily
along the street. Myra had rounded the curve
in the road on her way home, escorted by
the gallant stranger, before Dr. Alden's
visitor had Anally yielded to tho commands
of the physician's" servunt to leave his house.
Myra. at her gate, thanked her visitor for
his courtesy, anil entered the house. As she
shook hafida with him die had felt a strange
thrill of apprehension: it was tho same feel
ing which one might have experienced on
touching the soaly body of somu jungle
Rut the ?|rl was completely unstrung, ller
mother found tier, flung unhappily upon her
own bed and sobhing.
"What Is the matter, child'"' demanded Mrs.
Maynard. "Dr. Aldrn Is calling for you upon
the telephone and T (old him to hold the
v. ire."
Myra looked up through her tears.
"Tell him ! never want to see him or spenk
to him again." she responded to her mother's
surprise. "lie has proved unworthy."
\nd although the physician tried to reach
? many times during the following hours
the girl'was adamantine In her determlna
t i o i i .
certainly don't understand it." Payson
Al'lcn told himself, as he started to leave hi."
"The I.nn< ?f the .Moon." ahx murmured.
cryfttftl nnd etared Into It with an Intent
Suddenly aha acreamed.
"What do you see?" demanded Vsrney.
tensely, leaning over her shoulder to beholn
only tho Iridescent pinna.
"It la Doctor Alden," the girl murmured
unatcadlly. "And there 1b n woman?A black
haired woman, sitting hy him?Oh! I can't
believe It'."
flhe recoiled and averted her troubled blue
house to walk over to rhe Mnynard mansion
lata that evening. Jiujt n? r\& stepped across
tho ruz In the vestibule he kicked some
small object.
"What'* this?" and ha turned on the elec
tric switch. He stooped to pick up a small
wrist bag which he had noticed, as he now
rerct mbored, on the arm of the strange
woman who had forced her kisses upon him
during the afternoon.
"Well, that means that aho la apt to come
back and olalm her property. fiho waa a
OUrer patient. and I be|(eV? 1.
i1"'^ .d'^m w.sTi ;'N?~ i"
to sea her. That's a^;??i?We11' 1 don,t ~*nt
?.?" ?.?"?i.* ceriain.
or/i'JXTi-'l.te ??,?>*. ??? on
beheld a tiny hieroclyuM,'"ww'h c'a:,3
a?,ntrv?u? start. which cava
t m'" ho muttered. "Mavbe
meaning to this th,. r there a a
That woman kisser1 in? k ,aven t stiapeeted.
Myra did ??t wlnft^talk ??Vh,S w'nd^^
*paln. [ wonder If tnl*?to me or n?e
& t-h.;p?rWetcahndor1?t0k^
?>^n SifVTS^tK* to",Vac ?d
W-'Thn/r r?;1m- ,0<,t "-P thou^'h d?Wn hl3
-Sir rra;m:,lnbKaeT^ ^utth.t
fst ur> hor that Half told me of A 1,ttU
tho papers J,.3 bequoathed to me" w amonaf
Ho hurried ui? m.i,, /*? ' he mus-d.
upened his anr<? and drew m/? ,H hor<itory.
Ki'?*3 ',V"r" *""" niro'hm.T.*
Jacks and a .small hammer 1??ur,nS ?ome
ttirR!?K U|> tho 11kht to hotr? Jlen' w,thout
any unwelcome nb, ?Vt* Lhl", actions to
"'?roll faro upward unon h. * tttck?d the
to himself oxpectann>- ' "?or? ch"cklln*
'??- ^^'lP<mllraclt"ifrilnrn br-Snf 8oIom#n
Hajl nay,, y believe he snnl,.*,w 4, QR?3. eo
we win trr once more.* " truth- a"<*
for developments an h?f^moV ?atlonc*
after olr.arette. A thoualnrt .? d
lea flitted through hi. mind ? ?nf' Va*ar'
had he pT.sonallv delved ' ItvJ tV' ao mu?h
that a hit of the stranite forol -i P?ychIo
telling h|In ? to b,?
^ ;5;:
& ?$""<>'" hi;
to the0pa?t?r,'op"Iedhedo?rVarrP.t
?h? w#itinK room. aoorwa> .eadlnir Into
P o r t a' ? m y a t e r fo uLYy1 * nc,l*0,k ?nd the front
"f It" hln*e. Th? nsure or i "??I l?clt
h'*U' sB.ar ?sK'lBfSCr-s..?'nr'"4
"?vh Impudent abandon ' "fternoon with
-j' MVj" if*?* *"?>
electric switch. 1 threw on tho
woti.anVpun "^"?t 0|?ndadmr*etm0nfht'rSnd th?
??Who.7 5hs Knld' hrarenly.
Aide,,. 0 you want herer* demanded
*3fe '-1st <?.
? inorway," - *''rO. Mock that
AldVn" arft fr?m th* B,*<* Order." anappod
nard.'bV Ihi.-1 tlme:-Y,?nd "iho'lau^ M,Vra
huruar. hand ?
it'- cr?.dnATden.f?Hrn hat1fl" can do
and a c a .*?iKtinl John 1 | a," cr' toward her.
^ >'rX?r~xr.&
m.?nV ZrtW&CA l?^cK:,h'rA0er,,??.?.t,,e"5 ^fCh"
<V a shrill ..a,lone, which wa'a falrly^a^lt!
'?npr. t>u 1 the physician dratrired her on in
exotablv determined to end it then and ther."
tlie ' louo-UM' 'he sacred parchment
tren:h"np"aRV Though from a^hm.8'" ?f *****
clut.Kto^hVr! Ine!" Shb moan,,d. ?"t Aid.*
Tiirn ^ Ieif sr?,.,-Toh"-". commanded.
I icn a horrible ict&ht groatfd them th?
r?ijrg 'V*ttPPt>ar?fI fro in hor cheokii; her black
hern"nhou/dor'^ntiraiMe ''and ?
--/'ress^,riat^^!^dW^rV,a ClU,Chln*
John horro7Cs,.ri|,^< weaker weaker, a.
' ?!trlcken. now turned away.
with treinhMnK flnRera* 8l,rht fr?m h,S #ye"
??\,vn,|hv^.,,rlolV <lco,or "IHI held her there.
th, I .1, r r" ""^ to me? WM1 >'ou to11 "1.
, lr. r take you off of the ncnta
>p 1"! ''ema ndad! I'cnta
1 h? totfrtrlriK old woman, now ^hanired
irl!.'slil,,u;.,|tM??-n'-ance which flhe had whfn ah?
flr.x; visited ,he High Master Of the Black
? der moaned almoat pitifully. Her Implac
af-fK'KSi?5 "a'ipT.S.T4 ,h?
MIH hnldin- hor firmly' by The arms" Chl,r'
if von don t tell nn> all. I will hold vn?
.n?i?.lv,"tlh y?Ur "Vtl, rplrlt '"'Integrate.
.,.J '? ' 1,0 ' omnia tided
ho old woman's toothless mouth mumbled
Im-herently and tho wan. thin 1 In* moved
h' it no sound came forth at first. Then Bha
tltially managed to speak.
"An Incubus, n friend In man's rnrm
hvinotlf.ed Myra this afternoon. She a?w mi
,k0';-..>ou- "" lh,nks yo? are untrue In your
mandeiVfh.r?!,?Vi do,riff to her now?" de
i?i i . ..T ? "'clan, a new horror jrrlpnln*
*?11 r A nswor, -r I'll dra?- you hack"*
Pin- tv ^ to ,"*>er hlm at th.
in the river bunk; a he wai tn
W"I<o u[. from her sloop and follow the f'cht
of th? moo., until he ,nrt her; then he tva.
W.t'e.'? fh T"lk ?,,r,on th? P??h Ahovo th?<"
Mom n'l ,)ath- to th<* of the
v i V ? ' i troubles were to end!'
Alden turned with the words.
watch this wotuan, John and see that
?|7;dSoC* out I.ock the doors after "me."'hi
i^JJ" 1,1 n,s. P?''k<vi assuring himself that
he hnd his revolver safely jn piaoe for emerg
en,- e*. Then he rushed from the house fol
!m*v w.01'1. woman, who shook a
!in her .nW after hlm- Pho plotted
;r:cvi,!K j?h*
Alden was runnlna down the street.
tu' ,h 1"? on the rlppllnsr stirface of
tli Meat river lie could see the srlittertnr
^o^vhT n! tK? n'or,n'a !.'Rys He understood
I ," ,[ V'S of the phraae: "Tho
Mi\fr I si111T *
His boat hou?e was dark, but he rounded
furiously on the door of the care-take'*
room with the hut of his revolver A sieenv
??" ,ir?&"???
"h'X rk' 'v-^^a'.trX stir bo"
Head up the river to the tlrivv RncM"
forward mc???thnS,r0nB b3tt"''rV-"B'U a hot
forward .Ike a silver nrroiv and as t!u.v
Mvift vtn, rtreado<J rock.H. Payson Alden saw
..I>ia Mavnard. walking- out Into the water
hertrr'TJlnn of ,J,e moon's reflection.
At her side w?3 a dark tlS,ire.
The doctor dr<viv his revolver, but hesl
Suddenly there was a scream
i??aj.peared from vlfw other flgrur.
Rtoo(l?on the h^w velU'1 thft Physician, as he
^lculadtlond ju?tr?nlht^ed.a w,l\ a ?hrewd
^tyK'lfa,alSnn{?^t?h** ^
riot tell as yet rt *ndered. He ooul4
>t mental torture. ' *uprem* mom?M
42'? ^ontlnnetf.)

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