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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, December 13, 1916, Image 2

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r*i?" the question nf pen. . which is
* question of liuna??it\ \Ve await the
timwer of our <? ti? mies with that
sereneneaa of m ml which is guar
anteed t<> us l'\ . tir . \t. rfor ;iml n
tcrlor stringth nnd 1?.\ in < leai con
science. If mi- < i|. ri. i s ili'i'lini' to ??ml
the war, >f the: sh to mki upon
Ihfiiisdrpii t|-. w or.?'Y heav\ burden
Of nil th'-s. t.-i ? ? which hereafter
,?;HI follow. I ;**? T: ? vi n II tin- least a lid
Snjalli-st It..Til Cumuli heart
will liurn ill ,( ;.<| wintll against ..III
enemies. \v?" a m willing '?? stop
human s|.i -,i- ;. t ? : i)... ? tip- r
plans of <'<Mii|iH'si -11 ? ? J a ti ti i li i Iti; ion init>
"111 a fill, ft;' lioUl 'v ? I.. ful
devialon |: ,u 'i:t. I v\ li
iSUP. blood <?' MUtoii 1 ! ? ?U'-.illils i f
our sons ufd brother w ^.i\, w?eir
'wv?is for til. Ml IV ?. il l.OIIH
' M.unian ? ' .m1 ; . rsi.tii.ii u
arc tinab].> i. ? .. ? I, 11. -
and last s. .v nle >i
?Aii.iniThns. winch in.- n. '? ? >i tii- t.-i
of earthlv ..is.. he
gl'a tideur .i t ; i
man will i wa > s p. \ c n be
#rf?ve Mod will I.. Jho l'.ltige \\ .
? ?V'ap proceed >; ? w ? ..'.it . ?
unashamed W i ? ,ul> f i
? *? Jightini; itml w< mo '..in. ie-a.
Tho ?"li n n j s .- h w.,; : m d
liy thronged galift ? Th> r ? ?..,!
^ ^QX wk< i rov.il. i1 \l| the anil-as dor
*"* 1 llniSt el s ?' f. -flgM C ?\ .Mill . IK s
w crc in Mm dtp], nat |>,,x
I N'l'll. I M ni'HIMI KVIIs
t.oVnON. I k . -it her U \ i ?pit; iI
News .1 spit. I fr. .f \ m st ei ili; it: .. ; ?
is announ. ? .1 ?.Mi. \in H. ? ha t
linipcrot \V II alii 11:? ? <? tiIt?? ti It . .ni
manditiR g.n i a i - Ucimaliv's |.. a, .
off ?t. and has informed them ; is still
uncertain whrtlin ih.. ..jr. t will hp
acoo|)tr?l l'ntiI Mint un.tr;;, nt> iv
??ntlcii. the nit ssapi .? i\ - ihc\ are t..
fiplit on Tilt iot's:*iic,N ^ o not >-il :tv
fol lows
"Soldier: In .is: .111.11" \ :Mj t
sovereigns ..f mj Hlli.?s and u.Mi the!
.-.?US. iotisiu-s Of victory. I v mail,
an ^ offer ..f t" .t ? t.. 11-, ? ?iiemv.
Whether It vv 11 I.. a , p;.,l ji
"I ntil Hint m.mi. hi iiMiv.s v mii will
fiRlu on."
im: \( i-: <ii-| i:ki:m iiki.i.ii u
\? < umim mi:ii m 'i tiit i: \ i
Ilv ui' ? it |' r r - -
Ji.\ I'M i.\. I?e,..'! i 13. Ti..* i ?a i i;
Telegraph to-dn\ prints protiilneritly
the following
"Wo have received InforiiiAttoii from
an uiilnipea* iiHl.it - .nr. . that 11;? cen
tral powers recentlv . tfore 1 pt-acc t..
Hclcium on tM, follow im> ?..???h;
"The n. lxians at. i:i\ in> ?
f?.i immetliat. pea ? I:, i-.-ttirii : i
tills then count] \ w ill lie i.'stnml t
, j .1 hem. Its imlepen.icnce k'ii. r.. at--oil a: .i
n Mil mini a>> stai... giwii f..t its
?? iiliuiliic rehabilitation.
"In th. event ..f t'aes. ?? ..- _
. [.'efl'St-(i. the intimation has been iiv.n
Heisiuni that !iei vt-rv e.\ . toi ..-her
"! jnonuments. he: public buildiiifv ami
h'r t?.w i.s ? is thteateii. i.
V I.I.I i: > HIJKl SI-: IIAM)
thki wii.i. ri;i;i. nvr
ll> Vsso.ime.i Prfss l
?, lilil'.I.lN. I>c.?ember 1: ivm l.ond..n,
r?eeemher t'rt 1 ? ConimenunR on Chan
. t>i|Ar von R> thmalin? 1 lollweg's speech
the P.m. bsthn. I >r Theodoi Wolll.
j,, editor of t^i.> TaReblatt. Sa>.<
....... "u> Pr,<>' Hi" !?tep . .f th.' Teu!.,n:i
a'lied po\ eriim. nts. and shall beij.v,
...,5t eorreft and de.si.-able. even thouRh
ti should develop that the ?ovi i nmeilts
of enemy stales are not y. t ready it,
rtntn the ,-trenm ..f l.iooi. which lias
?, .flawed through Kurop. two anrt
years "
If the opposing g.i\irniiients," i?r
Woltr continues, "should de.Iin n.?
(e overturer. . i di.-tlain them as a
,tfw." ;?I"J suffer I,g. 11..
people will Mlor(. Wj!li ,hems.-|v, s i
the vjuemii.n wh. thei they hl. ,,ot b. -
mg driven setiseii ,.,|\. and withoul ui
gent need. t.. new- sacnH...- t., r^.
newed rnasyu.ies Th. iJ.-riiiai,
Pie. if their opponents" ansvv. r is ?. y - |
alive, w ill s... fl.'Hi l\ thai i - th. i I
?'uty to |..v. t h'-ir h-uvj Imiden. .'.i
e\. 11 heavier burdens, a.- .? ng ;t.. th.,,
are no possibil.ti.-s .f ?KI... ;I1K
"" iit'CC'iiUil* . ?t tiii >'?-:i4ft? 4? 11,? |
? Die Pc^.treH^i th. Overtures
in an ? \. . .-.i ,uk 1.. p. ssiniist ? manner
decinring that tr.-i. will i... :i,4VthinK
except willingness ,n l.'nglund t*., , e, .
i.gltt/, <.irmi.n> lefiun i nunts. Th?
newspaper warn- <;ermanyv . .nf.lnlM
tliat if jt.u i.fust ?iermanv'.H hand
you Will -..on feel h.t fist Wltii I..
? reafted f. t. e
It rtili.s that if \.'it tire? show ,i
superfluity t.f neutral offei? .,r, t,, i,u:f
??f peace. " Tin > d..r. t need u. s
matters any n,..: e SMJ s |?, Post -T|,,.
ne^otla tionr begin unm-dinte,-.
and directly
'* '.n:iini'-il from p.r>! ,
lU,"an[t > T la r at io?s f..:merlv
rna -v ? ? IiiJi;1 O n I t it.lines^
for. peace we:, ev.ul. i bv .. , ,t.iw.r'
Marie. Now we .a.,. .?(lWl?ed o?.
*tep further .. ti, S ilireotl,.,,
y\ "?n 1 1P1? the l-'rnperor
/ ""I per*o..all . t . take the -;a\est
decision which *\er 'ell t.> tj,, . #
G?|-rnan-the order for im>blll*?tloh
? ? w hich he w* . :npi lie.) L. V|. .,y
. result of the K ss tnobllizatloi,
' Durln* Ihes, long ami earnest eat . i
Of rhe ,he i;.., peror h,. Wn II Ov^
by n ,lr,Bl? ll,..u,i?; ,.f>w
v e reatored ? , nafeicuard M-rinanv af
? ter the Strut Kle which <he has
fought virtorioualv.
?-t "Nobody enn tem-.fy hettn .( t j, .
"than I. who beat :i,e respm.Nibiinv for
all actions me km>.
deep morn! nel re! B-o ;> ..T,s. ,,f ,i,Itv
towarrtu his ria"o., RIwl i,?.yond It to'
wft rrt* hun.anit. ? p. , ...
a . ? r.pei Or now
eon si rip: - t... ha - me
? or ofncial act i towards pea .
"His Mnlestv the-e'.,-.- .
. "* " . .ill f.le t e
?.f?rmonv .",n'i . ..r~. v.i.. ,, . ,
Me, decided to propose ?? ,h? i.osiUp
powers to enter i, to peaee n^otia
not.. Thts tv.'.- rv | trans-:,i-ed
JL note to rhia . ff.. t t(. ai,
powers, through the repre.?entatIv? ^ of
those, powers which a , watching over
^MT Interests and rmhc in rh. h-wi;..
es. | asked the re:.re?entat 1\es .f
<1 to forward that not.
S#The same j.roceduir h; s h**,.
>ptcd to-dny in Vienna. Cons.tantl.
pple Rnd Soft}, riihf.t iteutral ?tat?s
W Holiness the Pope, haw i.e.,,
Similarly informed'
a'2t'v ' Kr??r, Intenlitr. Oenil.
Ejl^K-'TA igfS r>e. ember U-. jii. II.,
'?'WiiiiineH Kruy, mventoi of the Kra?
iifle, died here lt,-da\ i), *St> >< v.
entj -nine yearn of ,.K,. M,. WMf,
on# time chief of the Notwegiati ord
? ? * . ?4. r?|||.
AuM riji-liungi<i> S*)> Obini- i>(
t^iitulruplr Alliance Are
l-'iill.v \chlc\r<l.
no ( hamt: i ok hki i:ai' now
llt'lievcs l!iipni), by IVe-sing ( on
llict, t'nn Do-irt?> Much, l??u ('???
not \lter l'nip?('antlhl ami l.oynl
Kit oi l for I'oin't'.
1; \ ->?> i? ??*: .
ia?ni?o\. iifnmbr r: v
\ .til SMll IIUIIl, ft'l'et . illi to lllv
. ofte; -
"Vvliifii, in tho summer of ;:?14 the
I'.i: ? ii'-.' ? VtlsTia-lluncat \ w . s .\
.. u>
c?.n,.: '.?ii ..n^l c\e: -. * 1 !"Caa?;:'.jt p:ov.*
catlons ami ihciinotf, and the titan- ?
1 i'i> after almost i\iw \ ears o; u*i
cohcn peace, ind ?ei- compelled
I.- draw the word thts we.ghtj dc
? isloii wits animated neither by augres
slvb purposes nor design* ??t cdn
qii.st. ?ut by tItc hitter liccos
s.tj of to defend ?.:? t\.
istt ii? ?? an.; safeguard itself Tor the
future au.t.tist sttmUr treacherous
p|r?tv 111' !i,.stile eighhors
""That was tno task and .ij:n of the
?eonan V.j th. e-ent wa- |n cm
lont tiot w.t ?- we!" Tried in
loyal comradeship ?:? arms, the Aiuiro.
I! Jncartat .. ?;;> .> fle. ; :iK". : ns,
'?bedms .-"sailing n.l con*
? Itiering:. ua?,ned < u-h success.-* that
J ft- ;?:t .tt- d -he . ? * ? : 111 o n s oi the
' 'I' nj . 1 ne 1,'i.uiv ;ple a2U.tr. t n>?t
only ii' ?*' won an immense series of
4 ictorU s, but ?!>o holds in its power
?'\11":i.-:\ v .1 st le territories I'rihrohen
:? -tr? as our latt<: jreach
eru... ? >t< m> Vits ,iM experienced.
"'"a n o': enemies hope to .'on.juor
sha'tv ,?ll ance of powers?
They will never succeed in breaking
? t '?> "lo, ka.le hti'I starvation inoas
res. Thei. war aims. to the altaii -
? -n. of whi.h the;, linv. 1ome yo
i earer ti ti 1 ?? third j ear of the war.
will n the r'.ttute >>? prove". to !.a\e
;* n?i ;n;: ai'onc. therefore: - the pro
??er-.nion o," the lighting on the par* ..f
the 1 neni\.
1: \i?ti:m 1: *i;? t hkii
ll\ \I>\ANI"\?.I> WON
"The :>i n*1!.' of th- <r,iaiirtt;ile
lia.?. ?? . on ; ae ?>:iier liaml. have ?tYoo
t v?-I; ;>urvue?i tlyir aims. tta!iielj. ? I
fv:..-e aS.i1,: -t . "tacks on their f-v:?t
. nee ,?r;d ;nt??sritj- whsch was planned
In concert long since and the achieve* |
n of c ;arantees. and t o . will
ttt*"- er al'o.?w ti^**rts*4P*es to he d**t>riv*.l
"i" the havi^ of their existence, whi. h
*.he\ se>".;red l?y advar.tu(;<??< *.v<?n.
" Tin con11 nuation of th- u. .rderoxij.
v. ., r. ii. wiii.ii the enemj .'an destroy
tr.acli. hut cat,not?as tlit- .adtu-,le
alliance is rlrn-.ly ??onhdent?alter fate,
ss e\ et n-.ore seen to !?? an aimless
obstruct :on of htiman lives and ;jt r;>
ertv. at: act of ;nhunianit". Justirted by
? > n?-c?-ss;ty aiui a > rime against <Mvl
This ? >:i vit t loti ar.u the that
similar "? ev. - 11 .?!- . Ve hecun to he
entertained in the ?: ? tnj' ca:i;;>. has
? ans.rt tli* to r:p?n iti the Vi?nnti
<*ab:net ? i:-. full asr?"ni'nt w!?h the
governments of the allien (Teutonic*
p avers?t?f .y .. . :>ndid arid lojal
? ti ieavor .o con e to discussion with
? r *?: f ? the p .rpose of rav
ine it way for p<ace
The statement says in conclusion:
".Pint .a and he- allies i>: this st* |>
:.,ive a: vet. ? ,.!:>! <l?-..-:v pr ...f of'
then love ?,f p.-;, ? It ;,c.w is for theit
encnies to make known their \ie-ws
h.t'.ie the world. \Vhat<*\e: th.>? result "
? f :t> proposal ma* he. no responsi
ble t an : -.11 o: ' ? c, ;ati: upb* a 1 li ?
an ' ". -n he:<ii r 1 ?- juoRHK i.l seat j
i:< ..w n peopb k. ?' it Is ? v?-n: u:< 11 j- j
? to ? ill..in. til' wa:
IHm'Iokpx ( imtlltlon* lit U I'Hi rn and ,
^??ollifrii I'rnnce. Still t n
louehrtl l>y llnnrt of War.
"oil! 'Vo'ip. ? s liivi- been a;.rerte<l
mu Ii ft. In te :o the vii : lot:? ;-,at:)o
fronts of Kutopi. it may he a relief
to til! II them to W"-.-itern Htid .-'o.ithein
Kiatoe t or tuna t el., -ml! untmi. >,j,
t.o nHtiil <*f i\,, 1, tit^ opening scii
t?* 11 * *" *?f the b*ct 1:1 ? lit-liv. 1 e*i before
t ? ^' li.lt of Kichinonrl j fstet da j
a: ? ?? t noon h> Miss Anne .Stt .vari Hail
5e> She ?. otidu. ted her nudlem e
throiiBii Vo.mandy. Riittany. Touralno
f<nd I'rove rice illustrating h**r lecturo
by vtoreoptlcon views of the most im
portant architectural and artistic
achievements of each pion n>i e.
i^speeially i.itercstiiiK anioiif; ihe
"? ?' ies in l:; it tan. was the -tatue of
-a ut I'oriol patron of cattle, in
which the sto it little saint is depicted
in the h t apparently of bb-ssinp two
little hits* t el(efs of cuttle.
I.eavinx the s.-1 :Onsti<-H5 of Rir-ton
plft> and medieval cathedrals, .Mish'
Ihiiiey tame to Tours, the ceiiti 1 ol
the chat.-an legion. "The spirit of th<
KenalRsance. as it expressed Itself if.
nuii linRs ? live in. seems t.* me to
show itself in th?- t'hateau of Amhoise,"
snbl Miss llailev . "One cannot but be
col o.iis that a new .sort of life is*
1'? 1; lived her. I'i. isual views v,m.>
shown of t he chateaux of Hlois. I.oches
a tul < 'henoneea w ?.
I he palace of the f'opes n Avignon
Was tie first of "he rrO\enra] Scenes
' nief in interest here were the i..
'e:.tl\ discos ereil f:es oes 1>\ Men,nil.
the Itiil.in painter, whieh dati front
I hese frescoes, ".clii* h lemintl
one of < Jiott... were foi centuiie.s cov
ered by plustei, which has b.-en o/ily
1 >? ei.tlv raped off The remains of
classical art In I'rovetoe are lost
studied it, Vlines, of nil places most
Ii. t' : est ins to Virv.lnians and MIsh
I.alb ; showed an especially beautiful
picturi of the Mai.son 1'airee, familiar
to to. p?-op < of Kictiinond. and beatitl
full\ ci.pied by Jefferson in the State
<"apitol |{,iild?|.g
^ ? ?" Ita.lej *iii: iiiiU'il lie? address
* >'b a refei ? nee to Mistral. the
Pro? '\ .ca 1 -iiiet, to wh"se efforts 1- due
p. revjvii, of tlo- appreciation of nn
f,.'le: . i\ .Iir.nt Ion. and whose love of
'traditions ,f iiif native Prov ence
m.? .011,paied to the lo\e of Virginian"
for tlo- traditions of Vircin.a
?.o? eriimeiit UlllelalH Trolling I (reply
I III tl lllpcll I OKI of
l.li Ink.
Jt. A >-!-??, Inteii 1*1 (
\.~ll l.\?;T< ?.n Ilecember I _? I'u.a
tess in the government's itojuiry into
o; high > ost of living was confined
largely to-d.l\ to fuitlKi crdleition ?f
? nfornnttion by liepurtni' nt of .lustice
?in. 1.1 Is
-\ 1101 > -i 1 e no 1 a 1 i a i eg it 1 y a n 11 .# nn* e#l
tt.at he would determine w th.n a f.-w
d..\ .- w hether be would recommend 10
the I'rehioeni that <'ongres? hi u?kert
to pass additional legialutlon
In <"oiigre?s ltepresent.it iv e ? oath
a fni 1 jirr introduce/) res.duiioii9 wh.c,t
would prov ide (,.j- furthci in\ < si 1 ^at ton
into the high price of certain food
' atufTs.
German Colony Here
Agog Over Peace
Kaisers Ocalures To Allies
Causes Excitement in
Dculschcs Qt tar tier."
\Vl?> down east In mirlh< w,
;h'l,n vSorman o\tral-^
.su" cluster neighbor-like in a
'?'?fined ilviits.-lii's iju.irticr."
i 'e pe..c, tli.spniclics from licrliii were
> o>terd;i> s absorbing topic
?rn, ,:,:r Kais.v crsucht <l?'n
! Ju sohliessen
t:-.r K;i;s,.r s.'oUs T,u> mes
'n,'u mouth to inoiiih ?n?i
'' ,u ' " xv , ! ' unable tn i cini tlit*
i-tipi!!. o\ti.is Mumii! out their unip
ping sons who coulit \.. .?!?.,ili'mi in.
Jurist ,lt !tl( .-hlcis .Vus!:, Adolf
i> i: the trenches bv tin- SoinniO. hiiu
? nde I'nis marched Inst ?it|< into
Mshh.uest Ni'.i: ones .mil dear an
scattoi.d along tin- whole but tie-front
Peace will bring thrm back to their
fa i'?Iliv> alive
Kii H.itoml s lii'riicin mlouv numbers
" ''i' " ?v?t?n?iv ami children. 7;.
pi*: nM : of then, native horn. Their
Am,?:ii',.ii:?lll i- not of t lie hv phciu.ted
1 ''?? lathers of son-." o: them
wore til,, k t ay in i ^0 1 Their sons aro
V i'- other Virginia boys on the
Mexic.r hordet Hut for the old Fa
ther -i* ,i they still hold a undo: spot
in tiicif heaits
Heing Americans titst. thev have ro
? f?'ii t'.o stirring anthem. "Dcuts.'h
l.i:nl I eber Alios." and made it "I?eut
sciil.iioi 1 clo 1 Al! ?? s " \oi i lermanv
above verythitti:. Nut tiei-main ovot
t;i*' on tot ' i' \ r .'i for this sentiment 110
good Vmeric.m qtiarsels with them
li - tioini news. good new?.- said
1 t!i.\ Hi'.-so', editor ?'f the Kiciimomi
tlernia:. \dv ei-tiser. last night. ,uf
course. we know llttK .1- ye? a bout
'lie details of the [ic^oc offer. lo.it Just
ths fact that the? Kaiser is roadj ami
willing to discuss ji-'ji. 1 terms with
?Jet-man;. - enemies 1? promising i:i ii- .
self It {troves what we have always; 1
known?-t; at the Kaiser has always
wanted peace, that ?iermunj did not
1 u>!i into this awful war willingly."
'I'.- you l-eUe\e that the Khis-r will:
be willing to pay a war Indemnity in :
addition to restorinc the stains fjuo."
ho was asked.
Nevet replied Kditor Missel. em- :
phutically. 'The recent reversals suf
fered by the allies ought to convince
them that they need not hope to crush
viermany and compel mi indemnity.
The Kaisir is not suing for peace?
he ?? oJTering to Join his enemies in
considering peifo tt is for the allios
now t<i decide whether this war shall
i?o prolonged."
t'-'ontii ued from First P.igrt.i
pap.-r mtsst not be ,"f,7 t.^Tfrdings
nuir' thai on.- day maUing the o,->i
le. t .i?ii 1.11 Friday abs..lutr l\ nci'?.?s;irv
I'lllM ll'AI, lir KACH SCIIIXII,
n " Times-1 *ispat< h last niglit mailed
the following leu..,- t(. aii school prin
Sir. -As \..u have no doubt
h^arci through 1-r. .1 a f .-handler. ,
li? ha.- ???rdially aocepted th?* sugges- 1
tion of The Tinvs-1>i.spatih that thel
children ?.f the public s. hools ,
'M.eratr m a ainpuign for the saving
of vtiste papi-t. hoth a> a matte! ,, 1
thrift and profit.
Waste paper at this tirtie 1}i ;l very |
valuable louui odity. .Many tons of j
dail.v new spapers alone are distributed '
?.fli week i11 this- ??immunity, if a j
Mflsonable per. e,,tr.g.. ,,f thit; tonnage '
could ii i ttveied through a syste- j
matii ejtort Iliadi Ity the sohools, a i
large vol ul.t l>. .i.lle. ted week- j
ly and a very valuable revenue derived. ;
The i oop. iHtion of th. children in
this nov ement would t.-nd to in. ulcate!
the ha hit ,.| thiiit nn.i at tin- same
" i in ? Inrgel.v '.o 1 lo fund.- for play -
giouiul or library in, pi oi i nn nl or som<
iithi'i useful pill p..,-.
The rdan outim.d t.. 1 >. . handler
calls foi u lOlle. tion on l-'tiday of this
we. n and again ..:i Thur.-dav. He. em.
b. r ?.! on the.ie days the . hildren
should bung all the old n. wspapers
anu maga/.in's U,e> . rt? n-.tto the
school Tlo- janitor will |?. . harge
of lhe.se hi]II(lit . 11 n : *J*|,e Times
DHp?t' h w ill i oil.vt from I weigh
ing the bundles and issuing .. r*> < ipt
in duplicate in or?l"r that .h s. hoc.1
; may l?< properly credited
A number ..f these leite,- ln.
j closed, m or<le? thm. you may fi!Vr on<
| to en, 1, ,,f the teachers foi then :n
j formation So much of the auc-ens of j
j this nn.veme.it rejtis w ith you and v'onr
I staff that we hope you will find the
I opportunity t., give these sugoestions !
your earnest attention. Thanking j-?;,
in advance for your cordial <fforts. -v. '
| beg 1 o remain,
Vours respectfully.
'Signed ?
Till; TiMEK-DISI'.vi, ||
1" ? ' III her IJ, 1510.
S r 11 a t r \ d it p 1 h II, r <i>nirolttee intend
ment to (he Immigration
IH AhKUl i.-tttll Pri-niI 1
A.sll |x? I'l 1 >S, lieceinbei |. After
,iiiio!her ?ia\ of debate over the i-xclu
j moil t,f a litis account of race, tho
?Senate to-da.v adopted the cofriinittee
amendment to the immigration bill
viliich would bai Hindus and certni,,
1 Ahlatn-f), without mentioning
them by name, with an added pro
vision Mipuiatiiig that nothing in the
I't shall lie construed to repeal ;n,y j
e.\iKtit,K law. treaty agreement
which serve- to prohibit .,1 restrict
iininigi at ion.
I his added stipulation is designed to
replace th" oiiect reft rem e <the so
'ailed gentleman's agreement" with
?lapaii. which w.,s stricken out of the
Mou.se bill bv the Senate committer, a,
jthe ,,-nuest of the State I ,,,,.,,1.
Sen; tor Iter-d's amendment to eji hide
African hla. ks from the I nlf-d States
'?' - dfl-iited by a vote of ;?; j,, ;,f
When the Senate ndjoutned th'-re wa?
pr-iiding anolliei nlii'-ndnieni ???. Senator
P.".| 10 excllltie ;,|| perso,,K who come
I" 111' Ft. ted state? f,,r temporary em
ploytii'-ni laboters. ir.Ierid\nv to re.
tuin to th'Jr T.ative land
II nn?r l-'ii 1 or* I ?v,rnHi MR ?f
iMriett of Meprenen
? nili m.
I'. ^ A >- h'?< tate>| Pot, I
w A.'l||.\t|T??N. I ir. t|ii|,i 1 12?A fir r
a warm debate. t?,e vo|#>(J
I'/'"";' Keprese n tn .
r n.r.oo
?' Mar. a?.j each ltep,e
17ft a ?i" bd,,u"""" "nployee at
I ib k mofilh*
|t.iih prom neutrals
I >??.???? ? f ?,i, Kim Pag,.,
. or,tip n<( TMlioui am,,,
Nuru o ^ OU,,tro, ^ the l?n,.s of
No. the.,, 1- ranee would llkelv he n.skod
KXI'KfTS , oi.omks
*ro in-: iti-;sToiti-:i>
lost colonic she ex
ln thePa??r possessions
i If however. arc not ? sul..
i. ' f K'"i,t aiwl Ule IterII,i
??"?, umci.t is understood ,o be rend\
t- relinquish the eh,im OM |<iauebai!. '
l l.o security of Turkey |? possession
"tlUOVl* would he
" " uf,?" ??u- central power...
The S,r 1,1' rost?rntion of Albania.
Th, establishment of independent
vou.i ,'8 ''Ithuanla and Poland
would he one of tl,e factors in the
??""T" 1,"opoi,al- nlthoush that part
V "OSS,,f,s"d 1>V Worn,any a, ,he
outbreak of the war wouhl no. be In
What adjustment wouhl be ,??,ie t?
llU" . ",c Irontluo region between
Austria and Italy or any provisions
affect I iik Kjjypt, the Sue* t'anal. Meso
potamia or the gateways of control to
the Indian fmplro arc not made clear
? " German quarters here. The Halkan
situation ,.?? considered so delicate It
would have to be untHURled In the
peace conference.
< om'i:iii:\ri-: wn.i. m-:
IIKI.I) ix THIS cot N'rit \
I lie u hole ? iei'inan view of t!i?? pe-u-e
move that it Is a step toward a dis
cission ? peace (einis which. if It
amounts to anything. ou?ht to show
some dell,ilte' prom-ess earlv in
?>ary Th.ro is said to be no posst
of a p.conference beginning
'?!: 1. luted states. Hern and The
Hague are mentioned as most likely
pla. es. and it is not doubted that Count
von Hernstorft. ?),e German amhns
sador here, would go Ms one of his.
country's representatives. His atti
tude was e\pressed to-night in the fol-J
lowi?n statement:
ain. of course, extreinclv grati-i
i'^.l at the step that has been taken.
hope that it will be successful. Rven
if It does not lead jo peace. It offers
proof that Ue,many wants peace, even
after a victorious campaim,. and does
not desire the responsibility for further
suffering of mankind, loss of life and
property. Germany wants peace, and
does not desire conquest. I cannot
say anything about the terms."
I'iplomats of t !,?' entente nllies here
reifnrd the peace otT-r as having the
double purpose of placing upon the
lh' responsibility for continuing
the war and of impressing upon the
German people that they are fighting
defensive contlict against enemies
who refuse quarter.
WHAT M.I.IKS lll-:i.l|-:\ K
?m-:a?'i-: Ti:itM.s w u.i. m;
l:ased on Information from their
''"in*" xovernmenti.. th,- entente diplo
mats believe Germany's terms are. |?
general, about as follows:
Uestoration of lielgium. hut with
conditions which would practically
leave |i under German control, anil
probably give over the port of Ant
werp to tici many
Kestoratioi, of the occupied portions
of Northern l-rance. tun w.th economic
control, which would Ku.u.,nU-r ,(J
wermany supplies of iron and other
raw materials drawn from there
Domination of .Mesopotamia bv
many and Austria, to give them a path
to the Persian Gulf and break Kng
h< lid s gatewa> to India and Kgvpt
1 ? "ward to I hi Ik aria all of Serbia
as fur south as -N'lsh. which would take
from Serbia as much territory as she
warned in the Halkan wars They ex
1"' t 'Jeriiianj will demand the return
of her Airican colonies, or. at least
propose to exchange then, for l-Vench
Turkey* inlet est > are . .inside, .-d a
minor affair and not fully developed in
consideration of p.>n. e.
The attitude of ,|?- I'.alkan nations
the Germanic allies, it is expected
Will be set rortl, in the notes which
have bfen dispatch.-I f,orn Sofia ami
< 'otisiaii t inople.
"ne immediate e?e.| T|?,
developments upon the lalted States
will he to hold prn< tlcally i? ahevance
all tbe diplomatic issuer pending with
the warring countries.
.In German quarters it is believed
ih.it any sort of an armistice during
?i discussion of peace plans would l.e
out of the question, hecau.se this Is an '
economic as well as milltarv *Wf,r
However, the central powets. it j? SitUj
?'X|l>e. t all neutrals lo encourage peace
>o far as has been disclosed, no inti
mations reached the American govern
ment forecasting the action of ti.p cen
tral powers. To-dav a dispatch sent
,i "m ,?,,rliii on Sunday night to the
' ?ern>an embassy announced the inlet,- j
I"'"' of ,hf> Koverninent to make pub
Proposals "probablv Tues
m;i y."
I his was take,, to indicate tlr,t the
,""1 ? '"'-"ided upon Saturdav
or Sunday, and probably after lOmpej-oV
William's tive-hour conference with
1 ?'?!!'?! ;i I von Hlnilrnlmrp.
A m r rli-H n M?||,>oy AasodnHon \\|||
l-'orce Kecnlcltriinl Itoaris tn
VV ASIIIN'tJToN, Occemher 12.?The
American Hailwny Association has do
f 'I l" forc-e recalcitrant roads to)
? o-operate |? relieving the ,ar short-)
ftge. according to n statement sent by I
r'a I rfa \ llanisoi, to Interstate Com-'
ni..,.r Comtrilssioner McChord and
made puhlir i,e,e to-night. .Mr. Harri
son |^ president of the Southern Rail
way a,,,I chairman of the car service,
commission of u?. American Railway
A sfiori it! 1 c 1 n.
l.ffoits ate being made to rush cars
to those Notions where there i? tho
gr?-?test Kliortage. Hoads that do not
follow insti nct ions of the cur service
cotnm'vi ion f? n,js regard will be
brought to th. bar of public opinion,"
according to to-night's statement.
I'nisident of War Itelief Association
Questions (ierniuny's Sincerity
in Proposals.
Takes Kaiser's Message as Sign That
Central Powers Are Kaeinj; I'act
of DcPral or Collapse?Speaks to
North liielitnoinl Association.
"iJon't pay any attention to those
accounts of i?o:i?-?? you see in the pa
pers.'" said Henry \V. Ainlcmiii, presi
dent of (lie War Relief Association of
Virginia, last night In an address to
tin' North Itichmoiid Citizens' Associa
tion of the Seventh Precinct of Lee
Ward. "They mean nothing, ami peace
will nor be hail for a long time."
Amplifying his statement after the
meeting. Mr. Anderson, who recently
returned from a tour of I?nglaml and
the lighting front in France. said thiit,
in his opinion. Germany's overtures for
peace were i?11 indication of her recog
nition of ii.hcrent weakness In her
cause, and a sign that she is facing
the fact of rtefeat or collapse.
"Of course," said Mr. Anderson, "(>r
many would he perfectly willing to
resume the status nun of before the
war. Iiut how would that relieve the
destitution and the denationalization
of Belgium or restore the Other peo
ples sli?' has stricken or overwhelmed?;
No. The allies are determined to Unlit |
t lie war to a finish and to a successful
conclusion. They are determined to
destroy Prussian militarism as the only
means of bringing about a lasting
i:s okiimam is
ivi\<i:iti: i.\ piioposai.
11<? stated that he believed Germany
to be Insincere in her proposal to re
store peace to the warring countries,
and that iihe knows her present offers
will not he acceptable to the allies. In i
his opinion, the war will continue at
least a year longer, and probably more.
Mr Anderson gave nti interesting
narrative of his experiences in Kiir
land and France, described In vivid >
colors the .scenes lie had witnessed In
both countries, and told of the unfal
tering determination of both nations
to wage war until their object has
been attained. There is a. difference
In manifestation bv the two peoples, j
but he said that the underlying spirit 1
was the same In both. The Kngllsh.
he said, are cheerful on the surface
and determined underneath, while the
French are sail, but equally as deter
The speaker displayed French and
German helmets, a gas protector used
by the French and which he himself
used on two occasions in passing
through a icas discharge on the front
a hand bomb, rillu bomb and cartridge
cases. On 0:1? occasion, he said, he
6.n00 British guns on a front of
twelve miles, with tifty aeroplanes cir
cling overhead.
His story was closed with an appeal
for aid for the French refugee ehil
dt en and for the wounded soldiers of
both countries.
SOt.t TION rut M> FOII
The meeting of tlie association, pre
sided over by President \V. S. I'ettlt.
was varied b\ a musical prostata ren
dered by Miss Moris Huker. violin
soloist, anil by songs from Miss A. M.
Kuvk and Maurice Martenst eili. A
resolution offered by Rev. George \V
Kemper that the association indorse
the proposed civic survey was adopted.
O. .V HawUins stated that a solution
had been found foi the problem of giv
ing the seventh precinct lite protec
tion, ami that a site, which he could
not then divulge, had practically been
agreed upon Referring to the pro
posed survey, lie stated that some of
tlie city's administrative officers had
salii they would welcome it. and that
the present system has fallen short
of what it should accomplish
President I'ettit announced tlie fol
lowing as the nominating committee
Rev George ?\T Kemper. Stewart
White and W K. Bnche. The commlt
t'-e in to 11-port at th? next monthly
*neet ing.
Note 0/ Thank* for Protest Made
l.erniiiny Presented to Secretary
I.H II: 1 fig.
WASHINGTON, Oecefnber 12.?A not"
of thanks for the protest made to Uor
niany against the deportation of Bel-'
gian civilians by this government was]
presented to Secretary of State Lansing
to-dav by Belgian Minister Hnveiiith.
Following is thfi text of the eommunl
ca t ion:
"I have the honor to Inform You:
l-Ixcellency that I hove receded in
struct ions to express to you ni# deep
gratitude of His Majesty's government
for the noble action which the govern
ment of the United States has been
good enough to take in approaching the
?yerman government on the subject ol
deportation of Belgian civilians to Ger
many, and for the greut interest taken
by the United States government in the
defense of the unfortunate Belgian
communities which have already under*
gone such eyiel trials.
"In exile and slavery, to which these
unhappy people are being dragged by
nti oppressor who no longer knows
any law. either of fSoil or of man, they
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Iiavo the moral support of hearing tlioi
voice of this noble ?:ountry proclaim-!
lug the now immutability of those
principles i>r justice and freedom which
arc ho dour to all clvlllzed people. I.ut
above all dear to tlio United Stat-y. for1
hi defense of tho.se principles, one of
tlie ki vat est of her Presidents, At.ra- j
liani l.incoln, nave all, even his life- I
llrmlN Delegation Appearing Hcfore
limine Committee In Iteliulr of An
thony Amendment.
I llv Associated I'tpmh |
\\ A S 11 I X(l TO N. December 12.?
Headed by .Miss Jane Addanis, a dele- '
Ration of the Women's Peace Party ,
WHS lu-ard to-da.v by the llouse .ludi- ?
clary Committee, urging the Susan B,
Anthony amendment, for suffrage. Be
fore the Foreign Affairs Committee It
urged favorable report on the Keating
bill for an international commission
to pave the way for good relations be.
tween Japan, China and the United
I'nlversal suffrage, the women told
the Judiciary Committee, would hasten
world peace. When .Miss Addams re
ferred to the "splendid vote" women
had given to President Wilson, which
she traced in part to his stand for
peace. .Miss Ann .Martin, chairman of
the party, and who opposed the Presi
dent because of his stand on suffrage,
demurred. Miss Addains. however,
firmly declined to permit h<>r to ad
dress the commit tee.
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