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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, February 28, 1917, Image 2

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f>nd methods" a- lu doom.- nee
/ to protect w<scl* and citizen
? United States on the high
^ bill further Includes the MOO.OOO. .bona issue as provlikd in the llousi
>ur Senators. three Democrats am
& ~ Rfpul'll v an -- Si one 11 itchcock
'Ormaii and Smith, of Michigan
opposed to the mailt seet>on ol
amett'lctl for vHrlotts rea
i roll call was taken on lit*
to report the bill in its final
JOne of the ptimioal iliifereitees in
\he bill from tin tutsiisurt submitted
lo the IIou se i;. a prov i"ioti
iebUtm which authorize.- ?
i|Tlti crows of al! iiicn h.'iia
Fit! and defend t inn .? v* i
?uinst unlawful attack.
from an vntipiiiM ??
^?IVtCd hy tti.-* o\<. i iimen:
coniiiiittee also voted
. from the origiai'l i'o'*ni reconi
fttj&nded l?y the President the woid
|llould it l'i 1 >it- Judj: nou: l>o? - <inr lioo
ii the fir.si
mma ndcr's
V CS-ci.? t ??
n \-es--cls
This wa <
it lite
i - i :?
> 1 i 11 i -
arm tin ship
he , iih t i ma ?
bf ; u veil I i ? a I -
it I: I
Ssary for It in
16- authorization to
Phi a was sir ickv u out
Ijoi'lty of the civim-iti
Srled the implication tl
V demanding tl'.' ei
fhftO not yet arrive,; v-5
opinion thai the < mi.;*
Ij*B" evlsted t- ?
Senators pressed i? i:?
vr^ould "direct tin '?
? merchant ship.*, mi:
Jccted. Anions S iri'.o: \ iio
it were U'l-r Su:h? l.tn
?;i:WAX'l Ml I'lMtTIK I IU\
roit m \ 11111 n
? '?i i r ?
t i their
. > ' .\ists ., ml
-? Vela!
? i." vv Inch
.v ii: t'> ,irni
till. w .t ? i ? -
Senator.* Stone. II v: oc'i . id 1
[ an, the three Democri't- h- >.
piforove the nic.'.-ui. ? lin.-H;
?Jre opposvd -.1 it ?.i . . ipallj 1 ,
Refusal of t i.? eoVmnit tee
amendment l>
i tWUld witblml.;
pro! ect
ii rv iii_
'he c
3 Ohl'.,
ptlso npjtt
. oad
tfc r.
Senator Smith. .?? ,\i
also favor?d t'lis
ol relenti
of the clause atii! >
t to employ "ot1.'
|1ttcb." Senat,.! ,\i.r. .i"i
hpfrkotu. Joined itim. t?? ' ? : << i
Ttfers Stone and ? ? r? n:t. t
Those opposed to tin lliea- i
Bought to limit it '< ;i pro* is...
6'Would prevent six I'resid'i.t
iiplncin},; cuuners of tl ? tci\ > ??
imcrehant ships. Tin.* im> .il
Jected. Anotlui aim-ndment.
.by Senators who -.nisiii in d
mediate nrming ?>:' sh :?
? authorized the I'te.-ideii:
incrchunt vessel- ?n!i w.i -lii|>:
likewise. ? :<* t ejected
TlCKfirdiii^ rt tcntio ;h
ftivinjr th? I'resid' t t >danU'et i
to hattdli th<' situ:ition. Sen.ttoi
craliy saitl t it the l'r- ni
titled to tlx ???o.vr,. .nid ;h ;i
he. ditllcult to tind word
power more si?< < ilic
(IRJIK TIIIN i :n 11 111:i?
^ m:nmihi i.a
pffjl Sen.ttoi Stn11c. II fodU' ; 11u
he vvas directed i" -eeU
_ -.and decotnl reading and ;i
KI_,l,Jack to the
KS'? *?>?>?
111 11 -I it i- n; of
ii.<?i. I.epublN
icnd.nciit. and
i.i tin no i -
W". i l'i
in ? innim ntal
I" .Ve-rtli
.til S. I!
?v M '!i
1 !' 'U>
T tls
ii inn
<11.1.1:1 1 1:
Hi- I.il'.
it- liral
I ? I ? lie
r Kiiliy. in the
objection the
Ifor t?without
I'lke/'parf t?"ic? and n. I'irrcd
"Senator I .a l'ollctte.
^aid becn in his seat, i iiterec
JI?JT cha 1 r if he
consent had been
it tw ic
s:i id t
? ould
I f *|.i
??I. ? 1.
??orrcct l\ iindi 1
iMi'liaiucntary situation, th
Mpplafrodtioe the bill, read
Kit.v 1 1'u' I'orclBH I !-i t ion . t'oii
1016 The chair said as lie uiidorsln
iompSeiiHte rules. t!i< bill ii.oi l?? ?? ??
[c'-IT ueed and 11 oi In 1111.1 n 1 iiioj
It "1 object." said
tli? r-|c Insist* >1 that
1,0 "'uley. the citai
jJ""Vi reriuest whieii
t?y ti
>d ;h,
ijti.i 11 ?
to lli
I r> i- 1
0,1 :h.
;l'io objection to |ui\.
^A-jtion b\ tinaniniou
_nadr - *f'hi. chair adin n
^saitl th* ohjeel ioi,
A*1.? that rv ..'our.s? , nul.
lo 11pp. al from 11 i
?Ollld |!
did in
Kollt M,
1 in 11
m I.
? In.
>t lo'i
1 to~his rtiltn
? ilin too lati
i>> had to e 11
nded the 1 licnli nt o
.. 1 o. tell! to ;i 1 lovv I
>??' the bill lo bi i on 'Ii, 'd a - in'.rodiji ? d.
I as ha- i 11 ? f j ad oni tin ni si .
Sena ten
Si\yiiip th.
ic. This..^ii v? '"ii 1
,'thc commjttve
i I:
(; 1: m: it a 1. i,i:?.isi, \ i kin
>i.\ivi> i,in 1.1:
I B; A.-:?uv ia'.<ffi I'n
WASIII.Vi ;T?.?X, l-'ebi ua 1
.a I legislation in th'
facticall\ no piosi'.-s t>
jispect that ? 01111 of :
ensuie- will fail to
o'rcli I. vv h* 11 the piv
is by limitation. :i
etenty-four hours. I'm
y hours of the session th
ked about the r? venue hill,
edilrcadv ha? agreed to \ot.
nev night-.
anf|u onl> ot het 1111 i?t.?i 1:1 nt
' vvoii a Riant e f om t) 1 ?
he* the f ."dl.'i.otitt.i'iMI iia\ a i .1
II bill which w a taken
^cf tillli . but III whle
*}lette again
i a mi v a viin o in i
>e '' in the M iltla :
re^liipbt. and th
I'ltOt.lt I .??*
"7 <.. 11 -
Sr nate mi,.m*
-day. and 1 lo
.1 blK ,-upplv
pass bi-foro
cut ' '0112 l'i s -
most of the
Sena w.
hi vv Iiii'li
to.inol -
it 1011
\ ff ;i
? i lid 1
iciency mesiMiri
t hi
I Ii
I-. 11 ili.it
Se Hit t til s
pp! o11 ria ?
Up |o| ;t
Senator I .a
11 o|ipo it ? ? 11
bill .Still re.-l
I - I O! . I Ml 111 Ce
I ami
II lie.- | .
W ' t o". r-r front
era*hcHe liMiieii
omirs t0 beltev.
uld ' In'l s o' 11 ?
er<*nt depart 1
mirch 6. ?n<l ti
pi an eMi.i . - l(.:,
st'L"nd?r the pieven:
?t'tijnt, object 1 on
Jtl'jvent the takiiu; w.
jk'Picr than the r^voi. -,
"t Is paspetl the lie.
*c the naval bill mid
ng 011 the. a nn y 1?i 1 '
OJlBBibility that the ,>*e
fht to-morrow ' ?
ist of the remit.iiIiik !o,j
t'half In continiP'ii- e- ion
[Hope ?)f pcrfeeting t'ie ;
t^ce appropriation bill v\i, - 8l;
?night, and Chairman Moon.
>UKC Post-Office I'ommitt..
>c?d ill the House n |u
>ntinue existing p'istiti ai?pr
for another year Tin- mi .1
(passed both Senate a;id Hoi: .
conference committee could n
pn amf^flmentf. It was th. n? -1
the big supply bill.* on tmv ; .?* ??,
jrogram t?? be abandoned
? .nl to;i n v 1 n ?
I1 ? - del 1 Wilson
e ^ '< ill KOV e| n
Uiiprovideil tor
will be for. eti 1 .
1 to jjive litem
w .1 !. ii, ^ . . r -
? 11? Sena:? ? ; :ei
"f ii n v men 1: e
bi 1:. 1.ut
v? ii! he drawn
t i- di- posed
I'm e , ever;
,t 11 -.v 11. .sit it II
it ml that : u 1 i 1 j.. pit
da ii ml
r ;.t l I0l|f
re n.t'i
but tilt;
111 e( J. \\ . Jolinhon In Intitirord h<
5^ thr (iiivfrnmrnl ol
^ Ontario.
rnr Assoelat^rt Prcr"
J'ORONTO. February 1 ? .
>inen of Ontario virtually were
red the right to xoie when the --..v
tent, through Premier ll^r.-t
t Indorsed th' bill of .1 V',' John
providing foi <'iu;<) suffrage.
(?erniHiiy (lives That ?> Its Rchmiu
WIij The.v Have \m Iteen
Coinrovei-s.v Henehiug (>ra\e Sta?e,
am) Many Washington Officials
.Are t'onvincetl Merlin In (etuis to
Hold >len as Hostages.
I l>? Associated Pros. |
Hi;i;l,l.\. Kcbruarj ->> < \ in Sayvillc.
J-'ebrtiiirx "7).?The release of the
American prisoners brought t<> ?!er
111 iiu j <-n tlio steamer Yarrowdale. al
though iPiiiorcil some time ago. says
tin nvi i scas ,W\\ s Agriny. cannot be
>;iiiii?l out for the moment, as an In
fo-lions diseasi lias been <liscovercd
'at :li> pIt*? <* of tlicir residence.
\s ilu outbreak of t h< malady mn es
n ?inai.iiiliiir measure ntTectiiiK
a ntiiabet ?>!" persons about to leave
iierinaii} th' Overseas Ayrem > states
that the dcln\ in t he departure of the
Americans is in Hie interest of neutral
citiiiirie.-- I'll- hope is expressed that i
the ra 111m> will be of short dura
t 'kii.
The Ameriisi; ? itis'.en?. it i s an
nounced. aii' safe and well
< n \ mm i:it?o itt; \? him.
si*\?.i: in- 4.ii a % lit
i l?> A ?.-.k latf <i r-e-s. ]
\VASIII.\\!Tt>.\'. l-'ebruary .7.?tier
i.iny> pro? rafet iuation in .ompl\ inj.
\< "Ji ? c pe;sted American <i. niaiuis loi
I I ? : ? "I 111* Vlll Inivtlll!. |M''.-oiKI .? i
l.inuur-; tin conn overs* in a crave
? unt d :lic mo. t -:r.ous difficulty
l>< t ?'?ii tin.- two countries, aside from
i subma.rim issue it-- 'f. the Var
i- ? d;'e ens has !? 'n .t soui.e of
^ ..win:; i-oiirfrn md ndipnut ion
n ,-?!?_ ??fli in Is. sum t wl m now are
?-1?11*- in ? d that <;? i'li .i - mention is
t ? hold I lie Am* :??.??? ? ?amen as
hostii ses pending a <i is ion a. to peace <
l'l v .??
" - ..I, an a- t would be reaarded here
a - ii"; . ?1 \ s flair rant \i"iation of In
terna: onal law and liv.' risrhts but
. :i n :i!t to the dignity .-mi joi'd faith
<?:' ili" United States. Vviiile tltt ad
? :-!! iiioi! lias been toil *>?? -ub
irilin.it- h 11 collateral --i"- t" ill.
p;i ranioim t principles :n ol n tin
S Ill . I 11: 11II lgll. t'' 111 "f til.
.! o\dali !>?. i > one i s ? ? i. ? itself
'jiin'i; foiwi'id as or. t i' <? most
i; 'lit r.'itoi Ml til' ? .' 1 lip 1 1 ? ilS
Ar.-.iio ; ? ii<< ii i: > rc-irui <: !?? : ii' ?'a
ii. i i !???? ii - nt. tlirou- .""pa nihil
a . ?, - ~? 1 i ? T5v rlin.
? >i, i 111? f111 ill-.- 1'iv' ?: v. as
a.l > ?! t ..... t? p:'::-?ni V..id ? :i
i .i i? ? .i. %. i..pc<1 ? Mi ?: -r
luaii ollioiiiIs had decided to ito>ld iliciit
until i: was learnoil what treatment
German diluent ami prop?rt * -err,
i<i ni' tin- 'imtry.
\V'i- n tlo Van ?? dal*. P" p
tnoli 'ii- \ii". ? lit men n* 'o-r
ll;l ? ?? III' '111 it .lil' t II f ? o-l'll H'l
;ii\f ii' m itnonni'ed that ih?"; ^ *v
!> :n^ ' !'J .?..el'- til had taken pn;
ill' ?; III lilt ? ? ? ll. 111 III' 11 1 I: -
i ii? ? ??? d T ; ? ?; ? !? ? in r? 'der. I
I I ? lb- PI"*. - r "i.. ? I "? 11 * -1J
St'.! - -. ii" ' ?? V "I*. I'to-' ' i: - b- ?'|, ! i'
; ' ? nip! . ? I? : ? i ?. !? ? ij.: _?
.; ' 1 11 L ? 'i i 111 ' * .. .. . !. .1 ?!*'?' !.'ii s
I I Ii.. t i. ? ? ' 111 L ' "?! ?1 ? .."
I ?. i I ? ? Ii ., ' ? u '1'" i. * l"i * *tic
i ?.* 110 ri- lit : ?!'*.. 'ii ':?"
? ? . ? ?: I ? !'.*.?? -i II': . ' i; : ?
I . i ? I . I ! I 11 .1 ii- ? i'. . ?. ? j i.?i?
? 'ia mi Ii. ^ I i' ?
I i li: i' . I i- i:n '? ??:
\ . ii : ? ? i -1 b'lt < ? ??'
ili" ? I#, ii; u ? - in infi'-i i "I* in < * i>
c .i ii? .? <i 11> ili'." ? ri itr> .
? Continued from Fir>: i
W'tii ill Mi' belligerents, and '
ins ' ? i K.-Ioii peine :? ; i.r Woi'd,
lia i. i ii . < ii in ???.!??- 11. o ii f i : ? ? ti ? ? ? rid
? >f i!o iilo.io - h'-iJ It :l I i.'iinnut |?o-:
-in"; ."ii- di'i .' \.ia! i|ije ? .-n for
til' Ai11 ; .i fin '.;? l in to pintect int'-r
iial:niio! law .n a oll<-sidi"'l fashion,
mily a w ^ii i ii; Our enemies and
Anurici!!! .ii !<.?- which aii unfriendly
low ,<r<l ii- thought thai thej' could
P" nt owl an Miiportant diff^renc bc
'out i in it :-c nf action and that
? ' '.lie Rritish IJii^laml. they ha\c
s:i11sIIef! themselves. ilestro\s only ma
terial values, which can he replaced:
while (ierinanv destroys human I vcu,
which aie impossible to replace.
iti:i.ni:rs tiik hi i'tiiii:,
HIT VMM. <.(? KOIIW Allll
' U'i regret the rupture **? sth a nation
w iiii h by h'v history seomed to lie
predestined sur?dv t" "vork with us.
not against tjs, luit ?? m ?? our honest
will for peace Pus ?iHOunt'teil only
je'i iii}; *? ii ih<' part nf our en'-mies. '
ill.re is no more 'C'litK backward."
Tb' n* i oni;. noinp ahead' po'sible
for us."
Tlo < 'ha neo l!i .r tli ii insisl.r) that
j Knulaiiil nli\i..ii = | , < I'ji voi . d .jr.
elate t lint th'- u?' 'if tlo- subn.atini
i wi api.n w a t iie lif-ateM crime of his
lory -;n-' h' -id, Kn^lani) ?-on
?" "i<i ed !)? j if th ordained rub-t of
ill. "O.ii le ami t|o Ii'ncf.iet'.t of
iiumtiuiiy. lie I e. allod ill. opinion ex
pi i -seil on .lulj ! i. I !? I 1. lis Sir I'. r. v
Se-it, t,, whrmi h< ref'rre?| ns one of
ili* ^i.ai.-i l.'n-iivh nuthorities <n
naval Iiisioi \.
s" l'et. >. Ii' a (J. prednird H;lj,
liuiriiii \?ai I'Mn 11 v as i' In,(| i on,.,
ale .H during l Ii war. an.I <i. l.,,..,|
bji i I loll lo it Would l>. po?
'be Kiound- of i.i ?. ..r
' ??'<??>? '.I" ' lia ii.-. (lor
added. ntiVHiu . ould m.t I . . ,
' ''' 1''ha' 11.. pre.-i in ? il.nia i no
warfaif u ? , d i>t,e.|iie ihr . up >;.r.
man dcfensU. meiisur? t'i,. r,,.
?ent? a llie- :i 11 * i tin Kritish ritarvatior
111." vH?l.
l.n?r? III* I Itr \N lirn | rrlahl I rain
I rnalir* Into \iiollicr \riir
It oner \ rrle.
I Sp? in : l. I '| , - . 1 "Ispa r 11 |
? l.li 'leiN i ? ii; .i. v \ i ehi'uai>
KiiRlneer i.^.n ? Ur: . of Million,
\ ,i lost his i.? >1;.. when his tiam
ra .-lied into ,-,i ?. freight Haiti
which had been derailed near Itoncr
1 verle. on the ?'hesat?eake ami Ohio
! The railroad is double-traeked ;<t tha*
poii.t. ;< ? <1 the accident eut red when
hm east hot! wi train ran into .< we t
iioijiid f .'istht. which had 1.. < n .!<?,,1.1 ? .t
'..i i.i a short time that 111. Ik.u
niati to.I'd not Kive watniillt.
Ql]l<r lieiij w a s i. naliv. ..1 'i ?
Stall. lull had lived III 1111? I.. < i
son., .ear.- lie is survived I
wife .ii ! -rw i'ii 1 children. All i.a'l;
i was b'.ocked for four houre.
"'*? , nro"i?* Hubert unit Her I lilld
"? W ny to Home in
Among the passengers on the l.a
conia, suiiK oil Sunday night near
1 J,? Irish coast, were Mrs. Caroline Ki
I lube r I. daughter of ICdward Coxcn. 210
"efil Fifteenth Street. .South Itlch
mond. and her four-year-old daughter
Joan Douglas Hubert They were re
turning to their home in tiueritsoy, of
the i hannel Isles erouii, hoping to bo
? time to sec .Mr. Hubert, who reent
ry wrote his wife that he had been
called to the colors.
Mr. ?\>xen yesterday received a cable
gram from his daughter announcing
her safe arrival at Queetistown
Miv. Hubert was born and reared in
South Richmond, and. after a voar'.-A
courtship by Frank Hubert, she was
niHrried. at the age of sixteen, in Is I 2.
Mr. Hubert had come here to supervise
three of his fathers farms, one near
I etersburg. another near Baltimore
ami a third year Boston. This was
.Mrs. Hubert's lit si visit home since her
man-tap... .she was called home ..n ac
count of tlie illness ,.f her mother, who
died on January I.
Mrs. Hubert is a niece of Mrs- i |.?
Bradley, who visited bet in i;UOfi^v
three years hro. She had intended to
' " the St- 1*?'U!?. but that ship
was held in port by the l.'erman sub
marine blockade.
' *'""I inufd from First l'an..>
the l.iconia. but at'TTT the seTomPiTTFT
!>? iio had been fired ami the beats
iatinc-heii a submtirin;? appear-.] on the
surface. iMi.i.' alongside the boat tot.
tainlng the second oflicer and ashed for
the captain.
The '?ul marine i'Min;it:ii:.U r told the
:>eople in the second ollicers boat that
a British Admiralty oatro! Im-I caught
tin-1<.tconfa's wirele.-$. am! whs coml:ig ;
the -,-ene. The .submarine made no
? ?rii-!- if :i ?. and emerged immediatciv
a:: r.
tiiihti:i:\ i.irrzim \
l.At \< it i: t > fiiom i.\t om\
Thirteen boat Inunchcii f *
tin- l.aconiii, T!' .' ! Io\ s t.Mrs. ;;
H?y and .Mis- 121..... in 11, Hoy. i jllv ,
w.to ;!i No. wh;.h was swamped, it?*
life-bolted passengers be .ui;..' up
b> other ooat:. h;:j who suffered
x f '' '? " ' 11' of e\po.'i:ie the
cold wat ? r.
"The boats, aftet ieaviv.g the I.aconla
had to scatter rather widely. in order
to avoid the dat set- collis-o;, in the
twelve-foot swells ' ;,-h were mn.
ning. Klnre- were ke. - ; light by most
? the boat- during the five hour--: of
anxious wait np for the patrol
' < Pile patrol be p,::i picking- up the
boat." i o'clock in the morning. 1>-.j<
? l!'' ~hcd until after da> break."
Consul F.-ost further reported that
?in V.iui .an negro. Thomas Cassey. a
mcuthe of ?li o I ..t coma's crew. was
":c 1 ,u> ?i' wa? til.. o>il\
A .i t> IllfinoO! of the cp' that
perish- d.
.-'"?t ?' the deaths ov< grrnl in one
? l i I r 1 ; | bee a :n.- sepn
ta'.f<i frojji the oth r- and was brought
- . -hore I'.antr.v. ?-r t we nt \-two
i,Cr '? th - boat, e i if 1: T. .1 ? . | of r-;
a:i'' buried a: sea.
Auijtln V. Hoy jc.sides here as re. pre
tative of ,.m Amcri" an Mr?.
and .Ml ? Mo;. ?i|llP t(l . lf. |-|,.te.l
St.-tt.rs some time ago to settle some
raniiiy business affairs, and Austin llov
"CPcAtedl> cabled them not to return
' ' ' :?reae:it < risi? w,i- o\rr. bu*
tr " -dtntly <i.de.j i-.sk ? r- t j;>
! Ali?.-?m n. Ho- . the f.,
aged hihn. i- prostrated with srief.
st It \ |\ <il|s oK I..\( iim \
\ it it i \ k at <ti i:i;\s in \\ v
n a..<v irti' j r>
'??I'I";I-:N>T0\V.V. K..:.ruitr -j: ... There
?as an unusual s.-ene i :i ?;> dock?
hcif -a ir;i t!ie stear.fr w.-h ti,.
v,"ors "f the Cuna.-d I.i./r '.a cmiii ar
rive.j. 5,-jge crowd . ji s?j.
'' ' t '? vailors and nu -v L'rert'<i tn?
" : -'.eering and -i: -
pawi a< r ? . ja, t> -v., ,
Atr.ei ,:-II woman .\; . i.' I* h ?<
who ??. a . ooi ded t o, ,, >,v ,
..?ariti- . . '.n|pr becHU ' -f>> het,-,', ,
Ml i visn.s tile .1.- .. ? , , ' .
v.oirfn ^ .| bildreti ft-:.
>iiip. She was the !a?* .
leave the I.aconia. -tat.d i ?
. , ' -me
of the aptain n i d ;o.-.s ? .. ?
with Itiin. carr-full;, . ' i ; . . , .
women ai d children pa^sr .' -y
that they r. e,r ? tjiei,'"^a ,
pro\ ided w,t|, cloth tit, .... t,-. ,?
tar pan liny.
Aft^r Mrs. Harris .ame i.ii,. n.0.?e
and children. ?:i . |j, . M ,r> , f .?
life belts, nnd then the men j.;: . , .
. Automobile? c.irr.<--d tb<; survivo^ ?o
tne Oueen li.tr-!, where ?urse?
-ided dry cloihing and warm baths.
I i h half-hour the men. women and
children who had 'eoijfe off ti.e Ics -lf. ?
wit re readi foi a reLn< 1
, < ?1|. S .; ,||
on. 'urJ.ey and
^ '1 h' ?'' i pre pa i ? d.
. ! ?" !'?> ??tU'-i.s shov. ed the
ot d?-a I. t
" the inisfortube, for the me>vt .
p | . and nearly all were able to enjoy,
" "r ' : * Kooil ..<r?prtite. The
nurses insisted then on the survivors I
r ng, w i a|>ped up jR warm blankets I
" ' " Aafi bottles, even for
'' '"f passenger-j, expect to
r?a-b I.oi,<lo,i on Wedne.sda: morning. '
*>l\ l? \ sn|.; \ |.|.;n s
to hi-: i.ost
It frr .i. |
|.'?\||.,.V. I ebruarv 2".?The iJunard
' ? ?*" 'he following name- of
I.aioni.i passengers inrsilig and
'? u r? r] to |i;i f; horn lost;
. ?' / h i Hot , Miss Klizabeth lloy,
' I-ft', William I. Itobiiivoii, Dr.
' I! at '/..I.del. \\-,lhain Kva
I'our m? ini.ers of th'- new are also
(!) '?' ii a - in isii :?(;
" r.i Hnued l- rom First Page.)
paTtnct of his father, prac- I
liclnK a' Mbei-tj until the year IftOO.
'' ' ' v ?'?* appointed reporter of
statu Supreme Court of Appeals. H
po .t i,., h liieh hi- 'ill let/iinH.
, ' '' v- 'v- < ailed t<> become pro ?
| s ,r ''' 'ilW at U'Mshiiiglon atirl l.eo
'? v'?! iny, i.e. on i:iK later tho dean of
"? " school. The degree e.f doc.tor
' v a s > onferre.il upon In in by
? '-?auok. <',.llen<. in Appreciation of !ns
V ' ' ; bar and al?o ia recognition
? alue o' ,? la?v book, "Property
-is of .Mar rie. Women In Virginia,
pijohtiied b' bun in ISft.T tin iirc ni
' ? ''rofef, -,i liurlxv married
lli.bri ta ijar.ible Ucil
President Wilson Asks C'ongirjis to
Ail on Several Pending
Wants Lan Hnaeted That Would Au
thorise the Taking Over of Ships
Under f "oust ruction In American
Yards for Foreigners.
I l<\ ArMJVittlCd I'l'ffS.l
\V ASIIIXOTO.V. February -T. ? Pres
ident Wilson to-day urged upon i'on
gress ihe imperative necessity of a* -
lion at this session <?u l>il|>, pending in
both houses to Increase the powers ??f
the Federal Shipping* liuard 11? in? ? t
extraordinary conditions in t ?:???- "f
war or oilier national emergence
In a memorandum prepared ? ?>'
Chairman Ueiuiian, of the Ship
Hoard. the President emphasized
iinpoi iiiinr of enacting the prop
law authorising tho taking o\
ships under construction in American
yards for foreigners. The divi-t?i? ? 11 of
i iiastwisc shippum to llic for?i-i' trade
was blamed largely for the voiucslion
in overland transportation, Ihetelv ;"d
ing in causing the rl=o in price.-' "f food
and other necessities.
"Kven in tho absence of ae'u-.il war."
t'.o memorandum says. "the m< aminos
be fore ?'oiigres:; :ii?- demand.'! by ob
vious needs, and attention is directed
t"? the niilit.il'> value of addin- to th?
American merchant lici t ton -*'- ? Mi
niated at between 7 aO.Opit and ' .'nHi.tnhi.
imiikask in towu.i-:
w n.I. tti-; (.in: v i 111:1-1*
"While the relief of th>
.due to tile i.it shot 't?gt
agents of this new tons
coast -to-coast trade will i
diatel.v large. the rapid in.t
IMIJt' ?: tin" ?? \ cs. i Is t ?
l essors come off the dot '??
material assi tiinif u> u
very remote future.
???.nil iii>p..s are that tl
tioa it > > I""" - leared up
tion of peace throuuhv .:
TSut we cannot be :>1?..?.
that ? a '.I ? - now con ii i ??
s id crab I;, to the hin'i o> '
our great litics in..- >
lolls period of tine W
itivid;e other age t
distrc t?Ul the ;:ic. ?
for th* ovcrsta
instant a'.t- nl iot
It was pointed
been taken to <.
turbaiicc as posiii'1
shipyards and !??
foreign investo?.
millions of f??: ? .vn
: a:uber of \inorica n
; .?u ie-. wei e -aid to
t ii>.- t overtime nt' - phi . ?
< 'liairman Ale\at>d' r.
i 'omtii 111 ee. r a ted that
cull up the -hippiiiu
t ii
- est loll
? h the
in the
I 1)1 Illt?
. tun
?l silf
th< r? j-1<.? i a -
the worl.I.
to. fa. -1
- So > .Ml
of living hi
' iltie l\,| ;?
.. > i are I..
lessen oti?
i f a e i 111 i v s
??in.i!i?;.-> nil!'
lilt a '
ii l.
i I'll a
the 11 .-.u -<
hop'.- fc action in th
111: ~
appi o
lb. u
w .-o !?
h - i.f
? ? '..nt ii>'j'd from I'irst Page, i
to hi- < omiiiander'? a il with a liar of
iroii. f? II to lh< dc< k at th'- ti' -t volley.
The police bout ? ^n>e alongside, ami
the p" e '<f Jlf'e.Mi that l"put\ Sheriff
lire nt lot ? I p> ? <i ir ?> -'n . ' . a nit
aboard. Tli'\ fotunl ISo'/.'ma 11 n th'
hold. 1 > :111: a-io a r,-i of wlii-Uy.
n< of h - ;.an<l blveijin^ prof'.ise!\.
Th' n*^'i v,,'i> found mi deck, with a
1. i! 1 ? l-.oi" til ion ch his : lioubl r and
at tlicr in 'Ik hand. ?'urti: nra?l-haw.
a -uiit. -.<ii:te man. who took no part
in th' fighting, rushed from ill' \ cs -e|
ami mad- his way te> ?'art'r'- Wharf
wlo-re lo surrendered to < tl|ef ui'.iuher;
of the posse.
I It \ IMiTIIN I'llll l ltCAT.IIIi.M'
Ti - hooner was tal.- :i n tow and
ari t.i Irvui-Lon. wnet' Ur. .Vow
bill, ? th?- .Marine Hospital Service,
j.-tid 1 o lla v.kins niini.-tCi ' d to th'
woiiii'l-.1 Two lingers w<-:.- amputat'd
hand, and tiic
i il'.r .-If a used
fi oni ' ap'.ain Bozcman'!
wounds of the negro
ami di 'd.
Wli'ii the blood was hid under
a'pti- lint, .lustices Kleming and
I.eWi* i emanded liozeuian to the i.an
carter '"..'lnty jail anil gave the two
member? of the crew into the- custody
of olTl* ers Ite-sielcs twentj-three cases
of whisl-.\, i he I21i/.abeth ?"'larke car
ried 70'i railroad ties.
Koze-iiifin is from Ileal Island, Mil.
(tradshau claims Smith's Island, Md.,
as liiIn.me, while the negro sailor is
from Baltimore.
Hiiltimorc mill lllilo \sk> PermlsMiim
to Ailvnner I'nNtriiKer I'lire*
in W est t IrKlnln.
I<- A*- ni iapil I'- ?.?* 1
CltAI!I.K>T' i.V, W. VA, i Vbl tUirj :'T.
? Ileal nit id: hegun to-day before
the West \ viriia Public Service Com
mission on tic petition of the HalU
inere and Ohio l':.ilr...ul f..i p'-riois-ion
to advanei ?? passengei rates In West
Virginia ft" ? i-,-ni>- a mile to :i t least !
" I -ei- ilt s a ni i Ie.
The eonip y i-laim- lo | ave been
operating a: !i,-- und- r ila- ??ate pre
? cribed by t ? S';te ?vo-ceit fa n law.
Natural Alkaline Water
now on sale
and can be ob
tained at all
first-class Ho
tels, Bars and
i I'rcaliletit nitil Mr*. llano mid Itlch
iii ii ml ll?.?'*lcnl* Altrnil lie
trillion In \\ iiNhlnglon.
IspeciaI to The Times-Dispatch.]
WASII INUTON, February -7.?The
openiitc of (In- iic*v addition to the
Motel I'owhataii last Saturday nighl
w.i- one <?f the notable events of the
wr.-U in tlie national capital. The com
pletion of tin- addition. imi which work
w .is begun last July, w as signalized
by the iiiguiug of I.ODU invitations to
ti-e formal opening. President and
Mrs. Wilson and many oilier distill*
guished repi esentutives of tin* social,
diplomatic and official circles of the
capital. with a nuniloM of l'lchm>>iid
pi ople. iiiopectt d th new addition and
wen- guests' of the hotel .'it a buffet
supper an?, d.inee
The I'liMdent anil Jli>. Wilson weia
among th" cat!.- arrival*. They were
ort'-d throush the inn hoi?lC'lr> b"
.MaikkCi i:. <Owa. and afterward
paid a x >vl? i" A!; > W ilson's mother.
Mrs. William il Hulling. and her sister.
Miss lUrtliti Hulling. who occupy i
suit ? a ? til'* I 'ov\ ha t a a.
Shoilly after tie ili paruire. < ( : i i ? -
White House vislio's. gnosis i ? ? .1 ? i
to artlvc ii number.-. ami the hotel
xva the scene of animated activity
uiitil midnight. Tin* liallroom was
thiougtd with daiictrs from 10 until I
loch. Th'^'> pre -tnt from nichunoid
iv -<v Mr. and Mr-. Warner Moore.
Warrcr Moore. .1 r. Mr. and Mrs. A. I..
Ilawt -. Mr. and Mr?. H. W. UoUlltrc*
and .Mr. and Mi . I'. I! Midvetlc. Nil
of i i i v uiiovi ,i: < olJh. mi and dii cc toi s
in" the I'owhatun Hotel Corporation,!
W a "-hi lit to'.. 1 '. i".
In t i?? inipi oven ? n's. two ?<; ? i .?.? i
it ere added I" ill- old b.lilding ti d.
an oasi : ddltion was provided, 1: i - ?
creasing the uuinber of bedroom" bx ;
;or, and bringing the total itunib" r "f
rooms up to ::?!?? I'he . n-t of 111i> itn
pro\e;netit was in ?*\>:Css of S 000.
increasing the to-. I ivestinent in :h
propet 'o in li>' Il M.001,1'01*.
The following S :t-hern *bi\.r r.i
with ?' i- e.-coi' will ma.e th<tr
lioa'i<|U.iriers at t'. ?? Hot* I I'owlmtar.
liurlic the week of iiu* inini^uratio
itovern.-r Manning. of .?"????111 Carol!' .
i J o vi r i: ??r llall. of Louisiana, and <;.?%
ernor Stuart. ?f Viiali- <
-oelal i(lalr> < piled Oil on \eeonnl
?>f llriitli of llr*. \\ llxon'n
It A I ft f'f- I
WA.-'IM V ;T? ?N. F'bruar.v J7 So a".!
plans at he White llotise have been
canceled ?...aw* of d'.ith .w
torday at tloanol-..- V.i . Mi '. Maurj,
sis t ? r of Mr- Wilson The two re* j
main ir- I'abinet diunei -. tbos. fo:
Scere'.ii ? I :e<Jl\cld anil ? * la llot, ?
tun. '.lav. it i a 111 "1 off
1*1 M :n M. "? C. 11 \ l? l>
|-|llt MIP*. MM 111 llltl.ll
l.-pcial ??? Th. Time- -1 lis? pa teh. I
i;i. i \i >K I! V A . l-'ebruarv -"7 The
lunernl <fi,vin,? of Ml - Annie I11? 11
M.itlit. sister of M: . \\ tNon
who d'i" d ? est<-niay?. hIKi a br.ef ili
... ebl at ?if Maui y hum.
t It i r* afternoon, i ii t ? r in e n t I k . n l- ? ii
Cvo.ciccii C-nu'er
liolf* i: l!o;iin?. Yorl.. a
l.ioih' i, ac. oii.panl'd by a sist> r. Mis.
Mcxander llun'er Oi'v Mi 'lalt and
,.f Washinuton. attend.-d ili* fu
neral No "itllel- member* < f tbr ramily
t. . i . present althouwh it ^ as ?*s|?c..-t?d
that Mrs Wiis.n would .?tt*-iid.
llf \ mo 11 n I Nff^nr? I" r.lrr, \V II
sou, Ml llni s I Mi.unn tin*.
Ileen I'aiH.
I ll> A; -.'ii ml" '"r 1
NKW VOItK. Februa: .. .7. Appro\
i ma t<lv S-.'..-(00.0t"? was ? \pi lid" -1 n the
BinpaiKii to re-el-ci IM" id. nt Wilson,
it was announeeil her" t -da> .it he.id
nuai lers of the Democrat i? National
i-oinmittee The commit"" disman
tled its oiliccs here prep .iator;. t<? m-.v
III- to WushinRloli. it had d<t1 .' at
Hi., . lose of the campaign "f $?'?aO.""ft.
I.Ill It f as said Mo".""1' "f the aniount
had b?en collected sin.-- .--lection 'lav.
The deficit remaininc is mostly for
new Miaper advertifinp >a Hi* final
days of the cam pals n it was said
*' J
Supporter* of Admiral ton Tlrpltt
\\ mild I.Ike lo See Htm In
Chancellor's Place.
I By Assoelnted Press.'
AMSTKUIjAM. February "27 < v ia Lon
don).?According ?" ? telegrain from
Berlin, ihirty supporfrs of Admiral
von Tirpitx. former Minister of the
Nav*.. including ?"ount t-.n lloliens
broach, have li.ld .. n.eetini; to .lis
r-uss change in tli" otfi. e of Imperial
i Chancellor."
Il is said to b* llu puipose ..f the j
promoters "f this i<> hold 1
meetings in all the laige towns of
Uermany. and also lo obtain the sup-J
port of newspapei ?? foi the purpose of!
forcing a . liunge in 'he head <>r the ,
government. Socialim and -Liberal
newHpapci'H condemn thi action. I
Absolutely Removes
indigestion. Onepackage !
provesit. 25cat all druggists.
Montague Mfg. Co.
s. \\ . Corner Tenth noil Main Mm
S\MI. IIMMIS lltltlltS, I'ltAMKS.
Iim' eno ami lei ?ii hIkiw von liotv j
in "lo it. No eimiKc for coiisultiitlun I
and no brokerac*.
Savings Bank of Richmond
haina A? National Rank*
III? i:*it Main htreet.
Capture Village of I'l^uy ami Occupy '
Positions West ami .North
of I'liisieuv.
<; i-: it m a x tkkm:ue.s ii \ii>i;i>
Four Vessels of AKRri'KUli' Tuiiiiuko
of 8,520 Sunk hy Submarines
Within Twenty-Four Hours?liiit?!
isli Transport Steamer Sent Down.
I Hy Ami'iatttl I'rcss. 1
??ii tin: tlclitiiip fronts 111o niaiiviivol*-:
that sue being carried out by the I'.ril
isli in tli- Aii'.Te region slIM hold tli*
iiicat-st a 11 cut ion. More. both north'
ami south of the Mica ill. they have
inside frcfh advances, capturing (In*
\ llngc of l.lmiy. southwest el" I'.n
p.iume, and occupying further positions
v.-cat anil north of fu ivIeiiN. To tli"
north, around l.en.< ami Ariiicutierer,
< S'lniin trenches have been rallied hy
the Ihitisii. ucrordiiiK to the l.ondoil
Win < ulii e. and considerable d.imav
Mil. t ? d >>11 tliMii.
''n that part of the lino where 'In
I'tel h are o|i|io.' inu the ' ivt iiist'i- tin
!iti111 ii': htiv lieen done mainly b> the
.irt lib rv <?f hotij sides
Titer ? l^ still lltil" ;icti\lt\ any;
of the other frou'p. except artillery j
duels and attacks by rahnnfc partio.*
Th< leport* .if tli" last t wentv-four
hours show that four vessel*. of an
aiu'i'i H?te tonnaue of S.."?.?<?. luivi been
Hunk. The tiirniiin Admiralty an
nounces 111? ??? i li ? i?v; of the Itrilivh
transport Flonuier A -1
moni.iv c;ivi:s \ r.itsiox
Of It A 11) ON li I'ATIMI I OA ST
lit' As <n. lated Press 1
r.KUl.lN*. February (via Sayvill".
I'ebruary 27 I.?-The official '???rinan a t i -
noiini-eni'tit of ihn laid of Herman tot
i>i i boat destroyers on the K'-ntij-li
? ..i-t ./ Knxlaml on th" ni'-'lit "f l"< l>
ruar> '.'"? sns that the '??rin.ni war*
?lit!'- -teamed into t i. e Ku-ii>li I'liannel
b?*\ oml the line from l.'over !?? <'a'ais
a mI Into lli#? month of tip Thann s
l!:uv It iimi|>
"< >:i "Ik ni-ht of the ".".l! s".in< of
? an Uii'ii'do-lmai ?-? a f..rie.-. umb-r the
? 'totna al "f I'aptants Ciirvi l, Tilbs'n.
AlbrCi ht a'd l\"Mad, ;id> nit 'ci| into
tin- r.n^l 'li Channel beyond tli* line
I iovi i '"alals ami into tlo Tkaim
? po-ith I'rltish ih Mr-overs- ??n. nunl' red
ti a am 1 weie for. ???! to an ?i
t. lit ??lit. and. a ft'-1 a violent "i : * i 11C ry
I uht, ?i'tc dispersed Several of theai
v ?' ' 'lainaLHd by hit?, and the;, n \ i ? I?I ?? I
1 lighting by a fHisty ictrr-iit.
it'll \> ? ? 1 s ?? tl IT ? ? i ? d i" 1 ? -?? s <?r ilarn
;. ^ ? A nh front t'- < isau' li.??II'.
notiiia. ?a- ???>n of 'In- t ? Hi' i'1
w a t ?? r >
"Aiio'Iii i ?? tioi> of o-.ir 1 ? ? i ;????!?>
tlotllla |> I ijti i ded *a 11 boil t ?in oittit' I ma
iinx IStitish una id boa-- UMi 1 11 ' y
,.'d th" North I'oo land and tnto
the I'owns Mi!:iar> ? s t a b| ih tn? n t ??!>
111r . ? ? . ? t neat >."??: t h I"? >r. la tid tin*
tow:, of Marpat" and >"> ff.il ??'!
;ii>> lo.i * ?! ? lo.-r o th" land \\ ' I ?? taken
UII'I' T "III lit' Willi ^??????1 II' e-s
"No mctcliant tralli.- was en-otin
\11 . ir v.- -.?!? ? ?? t 'i rni'd un
da ma u' <1
l.r-.IIM A N" IN w l> r
? on'i i \ i i: ni: i iir. \ i
i l-'roni ?? Staff ?"..i t < .-poa b nt ??: tin
\ ? -?? . ia t ? d I 'r'-s >
i; i; i t iii iTi:ain^i a?:ti:i:s in
l K. Kehruarj VT ? via l.ondont
There wa -h.<:,"i )? i>tam-< alo.tK the
llii" ? f tio ' ? ? i 111.1 ii '?ti".it t.j-d.iy than
,, i i n \ .-in-* tli* ino\? n.r nt b"^an
There la no indention as \'t of
ilxcil ptirpowe b> tli" t,5crmann to tnAk
.W illi it ?? sta ml I.II' t \ I'.* don
everytliliiic possible to Interfere wltfc
the Itritish advance. The rear uut?
posts were Immensely atruiiKthencd,
and this led V(> still- lighting with t!*?
Itritish I'orwitrd patrols.
The Gormans iircpitrcil carefully for
their retIrcinont. apart from chousing
the moment when spring was just be
ginning. Holt after belt of barbed
wire marks the Gorman trail, ami the
Germans appear to have outdone nil
previous efforts in the way of wlro
barriers in the Sonniic and Ancre areas.
The British. however, pushed for
ward to-day all along the clevcn*inllo
line stretching from south of Lionime
coiirt to west of Le Transloy. ' They
pushed further into I'ulsieux-au-Mont,
southeast of Gonimecoiirt. In which
more lircs were visible last night.
The present objective of the British
is a crest which overlooks the high
?;roiuil rtiiiiiliiK between Archlet-b
I'etlt to ISapaume. IMusieux has not
been so completely knocked about us
mo-it of the other battle villages, It'
standing walls offering cover for the
<1< fetiding iroups.
l-.'very bit of ground taken reveals
further evidence "f the thoroughness
of the destructive methods adopted by
the Ccrnituis Just prioc to retiring.
Their carefully buiit and long-occu
pied dugout have been converted into
a mass of u reckage bv explosives and
>eimte IIeni?ure Would Ittilxc Ml.unO.OtMt
to lie I Neil for I mpro\emriitn
(o Hlntr liiMtltut loiot.
I! AI.Kl< i 11. N. February -7.?Sen
ator I lobb-rncss, chairnwi 11 of the Coin -
mitt'', on Appropriations, introduced
to-night ;? bill f?r a $3,000,000 bond
i>:-u? to provide for permanent itn
pinvemeuts to Slate i lint It ut ions. JoOO,
(?"" of th<- to i:oii.h111ii;c a per
manent loan fund for aiding in con
strioflon of buildings for elementary
and high M.hools.
Th< .Senate eoimldercd th> Oates bill
to form a central purchasing ajtency
for State |nr.litutloris, composed of the
beads of th< Institutions. Tho bill
|ia;,yed fe-und reading.
Senator Turitei hail liin bill for prison
reform :?< t a:- a pe<ial order for Wed
in -da) It would i-l,i: if\- prisoners
and provide reward* for good behavior.
The Senate to-day indulged iti ani
mated d!;-? usmoii of the .loties bill to
e-.tei >i the MjU'lil^i' to Women III the
e|e? tion of presidential electors. Sen
ator l.<?n?. of Alaniaii' u. amended to'
l'-t the woiikii \o!e "ii -tiff rage at the
lie\t < lei Moll This whs adopted, but
tile bill \\ ;? ij'feat'll. .'II to -J I.
Tit" boi |e r -1 tc-peet ion bill was kill-il.
The House refused to i-oneur in Sen
ate amendments to the revenue bill,
and a ? oiifcrenee < oinmltfc was ap
point ? d
I to- ,.!? bill' r> b II p.)-- eij the House.
:l 111U e 11 till "(line ;i - the I 1 5 I.'IW.
tie.. . |.c, -.tiij iiotaob feature i-i a
pi ov i on for *li> r>ii m m.'!it '?f prop
<-|t> hi "flood -w ' |?t ' .'?eel loll." of the
Stat* ?lf i ,-<:i to *'.oned b\ the State
T.i v ?"otnmissioti
< ulian t,?neminent l'nr'.<? llio r llrn
liirnle 'I'll ree-11101 r Itiiltle Willi
ihf lie lie la.
i: A .. .1 -d I'r. 1
I! A \ \N.\ i-'ebi .a : \ T t'o|n rj |Jc
tan oiirt. ?? :;re| nt -it the ."?id of a
ViVi rntiKn! for> e fto.n Manx.anlllo, to
a 11 t <U ' ' ? " I' a ? Santiago entered
tlv town of I :.i :,iii" 111 'o.i-.Je prov.
inc at '. o . lot ? ?terda flemoon,
after a battle !a t ng more than three
ll-e;:- I,,. ,1 It hobl'tig f 111\.alio
were 1 ? 1 _ atta-J;. . !? . ,;: loval sol
mob ibrieral 'bin^alc Olavel,
who had - ::-o nded the placr
The rebel.' retreated in disorder to
m ml .Iik tan 'I e r 1'i 111 bc of dead on
^ith'! i-ide ha" not been a nu>> incctl. but
t 1- believed to lo lar^' Many col*
diet. oil bot i, . Ir - l\ f I e wounded.
TIm woijtiu'd .till".the Jr. ,il foTers
include Majoi Gil :?< a Wga, Captain
Juan Corena and l.o ifii.uil- Iludriguer.
,.nd 1'erielra. The rebel dciid includes
1'??1 o 11 eI Anton:?> .11mene/.
For Early Spring
We Are Showing
<" New Hats.
New Shoes.
New Topcoats.
New Reefers for boys.
New Wash Suits for juveniles.
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* I
Slightly I.'scmI Cheek Writers ;iihI Protectors
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1311 l^?!st Main Street. J!
;2 L'p-to-Datc Hank and Office Supplies.
1311 l^ast Main Street.
Up-to-l>atc Hank and Office Supplies. ^

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