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19 17
Chief Werner Abolishes System
Which Has Led to Much
MUST -NOT Si:.\lUl! l?.\U(t.\l?C
Werner Tells Men They Have No
Kiglit to Look Into Suit I a>e> for
Liquor Unless Owner Is Arrested
and Taken to Station Hou-e.
Orders abolishing the so-called ??pu
rity squad" H fi'i1 issued la.-t nip.it by
Major Louis Werner. <-lnef of roller,
who again repeated ?' warning to
ftt'evnbors of the force to tefrain from
searching personal baggnue without .<
warrant. This action 'aiis taken stfti:
a lengthy conference with Ma>oi
George Ainslu. ami was the result of
numerous Complaints from traveurs
who objected to th* obnoxious atten
tions of certain p-da-? ollicer: on dut>
at railroad station
All members of the "puritv squad
ordered to i ? port to th 11 pio
cihet captains in uniform for regular ?
duty. Tiie order, however, is applies
to Patrolman Harry Sweet. does ii"t
become effective until tlie ofllcer com
pletes work on a special ease to wlii h
lie wns assigned by Major We-nci.
This will take s- veral days-.
Major Werner held a lon^ conference
with the Mayor yesterday afternoon
In regord to the activities of the polv-e
assigned to the "purity squad. ? '
matter was brought to a load by the
complaint of Clunks 1.. Staunton. <>t
"2500 1-2 Kensington Avenue. w
claimed that lo< was ordered to have
a street car aft?*r boardinsr it at l.U'i
Station, and tiien co with an otln ? r
to the station when a tool '-it was
search e?l for contraband liquor, tm
findinc that Mr. .Staunton had ro
llouor. he was permftcd t-- procetd to
hiB home. lie as cried that he was
greatly humiliated b> the a.-tton <?
the police, which was observed ?>
many persons.
||,M;(.At.i: WAS sKAHt lltlll
Patrolman Swct admitted to Major
Werner that the baggage of Mr. Staun
ton had been searched but asserts that
110 objection was made. Mr. Staunton,
according to Sweet. . otilllietub d l!n>
ofllcors for their diligence in trying
to make tlic prohibition law effective.
Major Werner was very empliatie in
his instructions to members of lite
force in regard to searching the pel -
Konal baggage of persons entering Hie
city. After the conference with tli?*?
Mayor be again took occasion warn
police otllcers not to exceed their leual
right. The order which will be read
at all roll-calls to-day is as follower
"Numerous reports have reached me
that ollicers of this department have
searched personal baggage There lias
not been an Instance in which n _ coin
plaint has been made at 1111s- ollice ..r
to captains at stations. The men have
been instructed full.v along this line
of duty, that they have no rich! to
search a man's bacgase. unless such
man Is arrested and taken t > tbc sta
tion house.
(.signed* "Loris wr.KNKi:,
** ?Thief of Police."
The d? ta 11 inv of men to duty in plain
clothes for tlie ?l.-t. ? ?i??n of c-rmin
offenses wa the r> >uli ? ? 1 .'o-tiiar
of the s?'isregated district. This squad
was further incri ased when prohibition
became effeetlve. Such a Miua-I ha:*
proved hie:.'. objecttollable. and 111 my
complaints of the act 1 vitie; of the nnn
have been made from time to time,
but, nrenrding to Major Werner, none
has been brought to him. Major Wer
ner is firm in Ins I" I" f ihf.t li e detail
has don- effn tive work, in spile of
the severe ? ondcinii:.li"ii.
has iu;i:v \?ti\i:
Patroli'ian s wi < t bis 1 n <??? ?? of the
most acliv meinlei of tlo squad,
and has tgured mi many nrp is. Many
eases ivliieti w-.uld b i\i failed hud uni
formed < llice! i ' ell detail) d W) e?
worked iii? .-lie- -A,- *iillv^b> hi in. II"*
aetivitie: ..f ilu/ <?.< ..1 nod 11. ? r !i l
road stations, howrv.f, has not m< 1
with f ? vor. a the capture of boot
leggers ha* n> ? 1 itated th? uhjection
of innocent triiv-hr: to hardship.- inid
humiliation, not withstands ^ the faet'
that some offender--' b 1 v<- been brought
to the bar ot" iustee wlo- ?w.,ib| ??tie
wise have >? -taped ? ? i 1 ??? ot tio
Sweet wa; vr> .1 . 'irpn. -u at the
complaint mad- 1- -tr. Siaunton, ulo.
was detained <>n Suiurriav ni^-lit wl.ib
his bagca^- . b- ? _ - iir. hoi
"I don't uuiier.-tand lb- r< imh I tba'
this gentbniari. win ?? num. I dmi't
know, was : ? ? 'pin n.b-il 11 wh it we did."
said tli)' "Mic- 1 yi - i r-la.v "!)? ???r
talnlv didn't s.bow 11 while lie was with
us. On th) eonirars. )? t<>!.l us be wa ?
glad to s> ?" that W) ?b- i)>l>,
find cotnpl itnei. 11-.( 11 f..r our work i ??
I ryint- f iifoi' )- 1 f? ? law. Th> whole
affair pas: ? >1 <-if .in 1 a i>b a^nr.tly as
it could ba v 1 ! i - ? r .. w j^.1,11. ?
illRII I liked bett.-r II- ? ? 5 ?? ? 11 ? 'I I lie
satchel him*elf \'|.-r tins, b<* vinib-d
and asked 11 v. > dtdn'i owe him a car
ticket. 1 retd'- d * i u ? ??r?.<inly did.
and held out a :r.- >-.? I. wbich be took "
SAVS sta I vro\ Min.iM.i.i
nl>IM.I) *? t II < A **? I I
Mr. Sweet ( > plailii I tb:.1 I11 u.i told
? anotln r ? ? :11 ?? 1 t>> ta i-..- a pa i 11
btroet ear and !ind '.lit ?b'-ui ?1 ? m.-a
R- 'who had .in- 1 '.iien . if the ti till at
;; Elba Ith ?'i M '"i - ? . Tin suit e.i -111
question was 011 ttear tdatfi.na r,f
the car. H' ?? I-- ' >1 i-ondi- t 1 nUu ?
It was. This oitii 1 1 pointed ?>, staun
T ton.
"After : pi- 1 k ? ? ig I" t:.) m" .1 ? .|
;J.' Sweet, "I as.ked him if b> would vro
> back to tile H.lt.ii', w;'b I < III' re.
j,. plied that h? w ?? - th- Mi ? ?* man in
!? Hlohmond, and tl-at t: ? 1 v n .
Kv" liquor ill Ins .11" ? as. but . . <1
perfect wiliingio ?. ?_?? n.ei; He
f. starte?i to pick tip t: > ? ? e. 1 t<dd
. liitn, however, that 1 .onbi ? ar;;- i: t?, 1
>' him.
"When we KO! i 1 ?. tlie . \|ii.,|i.
he said that h? would <?:?? .t l,m if.
and did open it Tie :? M : m
; It but tools. lift v. a
could be at all tun. i|- 1
in any.way that b< had 1.. ,.?i, ?,?;,.. ,
He told us. though, that ? u .s jrlad
?v >ve were on the job All 1' u.-r
impreaaed with wba'. a :,ie. . . n, ,,c
C'li limber llonrd to Men.
The. board of direetoi ? th. j;
jiMjnd Chamber ot i.'oinni. 1 ? ; .1.:;
' its llret meeting sine' b/ :i. , , ; ,
mon?h ajfo at 4:SO ?> ? lo ? to-muri
afternoon. Coleman Wortham,
president of the chatnber. ? >.5,. t. 1
'p to announce at that time t'-..- n.-ur,. ?.f
f- those appointed to :.erve i.i cuiumit.
teea for Alo- yra?.
Suit InMltiMed.
Suit was entered yesterday . ?.,.?
CJJty Circuit Com t Uy John T. Wii-uu
against the W. H. Harris 'Iroeery <!om
Xiuny. Inc., for (1,000. No declarution
TV US filed*
Elected President
of Supreme Court
? *? ? V _
>ncorcrt?? .ludcr (Jcornr M. Harrison,
Hc.slgncil?.ludcr llurKs lias Not
llccn *pHlcd.
Judge Stafford Whittle, of Henry
County was yesterdaj unanimously
elected provident c.f the State Supreme
Court of Appeals by his colleagues on
111.' brnch. He succeeds in this ollice
Judge ticoru'C M. Harrison, who retired
from the bench on March 1.
Professor Martin 1*. Burks. of Lex
ington. who has been appointed by
r.overnor Stuart us Judge Harrisons
I successor until the vacancy is tilled
l.v the Legislature. was not present
w lien the court convened vest. rday for
th<- spritic term. It is bcliev.d that he
will not sit as a nieml>er of the court
?luring the present term. hut will
uualify in time to take his place on
the bench tor the summer t> rm at
W ylht'Vill.'
The cle\;iti?.'tl >.f .Indue Whittle to
the preside!) y of the State's highest
tribunal \? ? s accomplished with sim
111 foremi'iiy. Judge Kelly, as the
n. st ranking member in point of
I'mctii of service, called upon Judge
Sims and Judge I'tontls in turn, taoh
of them casting their votes for Judge
Whittle in open court, as tiie law re
quired. Judge Kelly then cast Ins <>\mi
vol. f.>r the senior justice, and de.-lar
...| ^i,, lection to be unanimous. Judg?*
Whittle tliaiik- d his cull, agues in a
bri< t' spec. h.
James 1 .ew Nnder^oti, .*f the Ivieli
inond bar, presented to the court the
resolutions adopted by the associa
tion on tlm ile.itli of John I'roston
Oockf. of till.- city, a.-king that they
be made a* part of t lie court's p'-rina
ii. nt record. The court directed that
tlii.'. h. iloto
Adil rrf>"? h? I'nrincr Viitlounl rrfxiiifiii
It iim.cH t.rrlner I* J-'ollnwrd by
MiinIi' Hnrt Dnnclne.
I'or the fourth time in as many years
the i:i. hmond Itotary Club d.-voted it
self h'.-t ni-iit ?<> fea,-tinp, dancing and
liirlu-hcart. <1 enjoyment on the a
si.m of "l.t'li.--' Night." Th<* annual
function \s.i- liehl in the ballroom of
th" Ui.'hnmu.i 11? ?t?? 1 w tth an itt. iid
an-'? of -It.
Stunt- performed at th> Instigation
..f a committee loaded bv .1 T I'alma
i a ry j.la; ? <i .i prominent part in Hi*,
eutert n innient Among the numbers on
tiie bill wd- lh<- -inging of "l.ittb An
nie Km. to "How l'iy I Am" and
..ih-i i.all.!'!- b- ?|tl..r"t .ompos? d
.?t' William II Adams. .!??:?? Bagb>. IT
W. Wilson and T. I'almatary. Kach
oouid* \vnji provided with a box of
:ou\"i.irs containing an assortment of
.-,?:t,-,il-)-. useful a nd .onto .' Iy usides.-t
articles, and each Woman was given
! -valuable prize.
Music v 1 Iurnt.-he.l l.v Mrs. W, I:
Kamhardt. Mr I' ..mas Whi?t< ? Joseph
Whltt'ioor. .nl Howard 1' Bryant,
a? .-.jinp.. ?!i?-d !?> W. l\ Irk M 11 tic vs. An
orchestra play.d. and aftei the bail
out ' there u .. <1 tricing.
llussell.ilt.lto r. of Kansas ?"?'?>*. Mo..
form* r preh nt of tiie International
Association of Hot a r;> tMtil.s <>f North
\n>eti.-,i deliver".! ili" address of th'
.?vening. M\ in M Smith. the president
..f tlo- K!. linoiud .dub. introduced him
?I we born ..f Virginia parents in
th- I.a nnei U.-ptiblieaii foiiritv of
. duo.' . aid Mr ' ;r< in?*r "I >i ed t"
: iippos< when I w i- vtitig tiiat good t
I >. llioci al; . w lo-n they died, -w ould go
t .. the ' 'Id I 'olll in i- ?!! "
?A 'iii.iiilnr of tills organization
should I." the 11",ft etlicient, the most
reliable, tlo in..:: unselfish and the
most hop-st man in h.s partlctilar 1>n*
hm-im ?- m the wli .b ? oinuiunity.
The trn? Kotariatt i tlo- man who has
sin ceed- d in eliminating tin ego from
his WOI.-1'ip. Uota. y has taught me
that se> vie I- (lie true t.a 1. ol all
honest business, all orderly society;
and all t rue i eligioti '
i: Jet>*r I ."lie.- wa chairman of the
?oin in it '? 1 which had charge of "f,;idien
Night" "I" '? other member- of the
n ij'11 ? 11? . ' i". i'r. - ton Helvin. lialph
\ 1ii? s.inff.-i', Howard I'? Bryant.
It.i W Hall. W. I.'-e Jo. 1 J. T.
ralu.atary, t'iiarb.' <1. Taylor. Jr. aiid
I .. W. I I. Street.
\ rs?>rl ?iink In II'm-K In Deerinlirr la
I 'hutted?May < lulm llum
The teiin h'P Admiral owned hy the
Me I I a -,!I' Kill. . wind, v ae sunk in the
1-ji- I .O. . 1 u-ecinher -0. 1010. has
t , . .. ra'. el, according to a report
mad.,- to th< Administrntive Board yen
t< rda\ l.v ?'ity lingineer Boiling
It \. ., com piallied that the vftsnel was
htramb'd b\ the lowftriiig of the water
ii the do. k without milico to the
owner- and thai the. steamer was dani
l^-e.j h\ l etng grounded
'?.ititain Thomas ?'?inningham. of the
ty tu;:. who witnessed the salvaging, j
Mated t!i ? if an; 'lamage were done 1
1' was ..i is.-.I by th? chains u.-.ud In
rai. iin. tin vi - ?! to the. water s level.
Increnne In Uevrnur,
Kevet'ites of i lie Biehmond. Kreder
b-ksburu and I'otoma. Its.tlroad Com-!
'puny l*i- te* month of January ,-igirre
Biite.i <:;V: ;I. mowing an incrohse of,
$?!?>, I.".:. oy. . 11; ? irio: month of list !
? nr. o-i ..r<In.g to figures made* public
yoind.i t xp. nses for th< month In-I
creased i?>0,'.'!d{ o\.-i last Jaruiary. with!
'lie ne. operating revenues totaling'
II r.'j..,i, ini ri.,'i!>.' of }utj,3ti0 OV?? 1
I the fc&nie month of las-.t year.
iW,- .... w/JbZj,
Captain Myers Telegraphs Times
Dispateh Battery Entrained
Yesterday Afternoon.
Good News Enlivens Meeting of As
MK'iation Called to Perfect Plansj
for Itcccption of llcturulng Artil-1
lerynieii?Jones Succeeds Wilson. (
News that the Richmond Howitzers'
had started on their homeward trip
was received last night by the Rich- j
moml Howitzers' Association while!
that organization was holding a meet-(
liifj to perfect plans for the reception
to the active battery on its return from
San Antonio. The artillerymen! ac
cording to a telegram from Captain '
William M. Myers, loft Camp Wilson
h? ?? o'clock yesterday afternoon, and
will probably reach here on Saturday '
or Sunday.
Final plans were discussed for wel
coming the Howitzers home. The as- |
sociatlon. through its committors, has
everything in reudlness. and little re
mains to be done. The interior of tlic
armory has even been decorated.
The meeting was a combination'
?'business and social session, former
members <>f the Howitzers being the
guests of the association at a smoker, i
During intervals between business.'
: stirring music was played l>y the
Howitzers' band of thirty pieccs. Fol
lowing the business session, refresh- i
metits were served, and several nunrtot
numbers were sungi Patriotic num
bers predominated.
Thirty new members were received
1 Into the association. Among those ac-j
cepted for membership is W. H. Lips
coinbe. who one of the organizers
of the Howitzers in IS.V.t. Mr. Lips*
combe is eighty-three years old. Ho
helped organize the battery, and went
with it to Harpers Ferry during the
John Brown raid, scrying nineteen
days there. Lieutenant-Governor .1,
: Taylor Ullyson. Major Henry C. Curter t
I and Charles Poindexter are other war
time Howitzers wlio are charter'nicm
| bers of the association. Lieutenant
Governor Kllvson was present at the
i meeting, und made a short talk.
l!en W. Wilson, who was elected '
vice-president of the association, ten
; dered his resignation on account of ?
other private and civic duties which
, fully occupy his time. Fairfax C .lonoy ?
' whs unanimously elected to ti'i the
. vacancy.
I Captain Myers, in a telegram to The
Times-D'spatch. said:
"Howitzers entrained at Camp Wil- .
son at 1 o'clock. Left San Antonio ;
j at 4 o'clock, with 12S men and nine j
oflicers. Colonel Mann S. McClosky. i
I". s. A., wlm commanded the regiment :
j in which Howitzers served. i? accom
panying UF to Richmond. All arp well
and linppy .it the idea of 1 oing headed
homewa rd."
IIA'ITi:iMI> WII.I, fall
'I'll Til IS III MO.Ill-: STATION'S* j
lit addition to th<* Howitzers, throe !
other batteries of ho].| artillerv from
this Stato are headed homeward. The
j batteries ate the Norfolk Blues.'
! Grimes Battery and Ttuttery D. from;
Noriolk, Portsmouth and Hampton, re
| spectively. The batteries will u-n di
re? fly t<. their home stations to be
mustered <>ut l?ach will bring thirty
two hornet home for permanent duty.!
The troops will arrlv here over the
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, which
means that they Muiy not get lit r^ un
til Sunday, on account of the route to
be taken. The train with the llowit
zers will be parked at Seventeenth and
Hroad Streets, where the im-n will de
? rain ami unload their c<|iilpm* tit.
Horses will be provided and a mounted
parade will bo held. The route or
march li.is not been y n selected.
Plan* '>>r a reception to the Rich
mond Signal Corps on its return from
duty in I ''Mr v ere disctu-sed jester- 1
day afternoon at a meeting held at the
hoine of Miss Grace Fritzsehe, S04
Monterlo Avenu.\ Mothers and friends
of the organization were present.
Nothing (Iclliilto was done, owing to
th? uncertainij as to the .homecoming
of the company. Preliminary plans
for tlie wcboiiio, however, were laid,
and means of financing it discussed.
.luMIrr It Irk? Ta lion In Men of Sehool
bi?i n I nder \ilt Urnirnf ? Mnny
' "r 'tinifr* I nttii?lain.
? ' Ilogo Kicks, .lustiee of the .lu\c
nile Court. lias t.tkon under advisement
the ea::es of mv boys charged with
ia Inir iiutoinobiloa without permission.
I he arrests wi re made by Patrolmen
Mn'' W aller. The boys are as fol
low- Williain crow, -jsoi Semnus
A\eiiue: .fr.ltI, Muck, 202-1 Floyd Avenue
N'or,h Eleventh
."'<?1. riiomas Pleasants. 1 o .1 |-:Bst
Tl'ilp I S f;r"lr"1- South'
HHrd Street. William Lewis, 50C
1 r ran id) n Strict.
I.am, \ urilrnee Ileum nr. Klhin.
"" audieni that packed the largo
auditorium of Gracd Covenant Prcbv
t'lia.i Church la:;t jiicbt, itev. R. o.
linn. D. !?., of Atlanta, preached on
' 1' " x' '' II"- righteous scarcely be
saved where .-hall the ungodly and
h ' ?'I'PearThe revival services
comiijeted b> Dr. Flinn are marked l.v f
'?tinp.leiiy and power and an- entirely j
tr. . from sensationalism. Tlie text
"f th'? s> rinon this- evening will bo j
How shall we escape if we neglect so;
great salvation?'" The meetings will
continue until Sunday night.
I Ire Hoard In Heel.
Mir Uoard of Fire Commissioners will
meet this afternoon at \ o'clock. Kou- j
tine business is to be taken up, and I
the board will also consider the ap- 1
r-nront reduction of the number of flre- i
men in the budget now befori the Citv
I.on fern llorred From I'ollce ( ourlj
Police Court presented a deserted ap
pearance yesterday morning, flue to
the fact that uniformed oilleers pre
veiit.ed those without business from en- '
taring the room. The elimination of
the customary gallery was caused by
the introduction of a resolution in the
Common Council calling upon the Po
lice .lusticc to enforce the ordinance In '
regard to unnecessary crowding.
Market Baskets
May Come by Post
Rural Community LcagucTakcs
Up Suggestion of Postmaster
Thornton, of Richmond.
The publication in The Titnes-Dls
on Sunday of the suggestion of
Postmustcr llay T. Thornton thill city
consumers ami their cousins in the
country, who produce things for the
table, get in touch with each other
by parcel post bore fruit yesterday
in the receipt by Mr. Thornton of a
letter from \V. II. Dorin, owner of a
farm at Clover. Halifax County, in
which are contained some practical !
suggestions as to carrying out the i
Mrs. Oorin is president of the Rural :
Community Club, members of which, j
Mr. . Dorin writes, are anxious to co- i
operate with the Richmond housewives j
in their efforts to supply their tables j
at reasonable prices. To this end, Mr. j
Dorin has suggested to his wife that t
she lay before the club his plan of :
making up market baskets, to weigh !
about twenty pounds and tilled with :
garden products in season, eggs and ;
poultry. This, lie tl mi res. would bo |
worth about nt city quotations, and j
he suggests that they send It direct ;
to the consumer by parcel post for a
nominal figure, enough to compensate ,
them for their trouble.
"In this way." says Mr. Dorin, "it
will enable the country woman to pot I
something for her garden labor and
the city woman to get absolutely fresh
vegetables, poultry, eggs and butter.
\ would suggest that they try to sup
ply families that desire this basket at
Insist once a week."
The ltural Community Club holds
.i meeting on Saturday, and Mr. Thorn
ton will write before that time giving
suggestions. He has in his olllce a
list of producers which he will be glad
U. show any Richmond housewife who
\s ishes to deal directly with the pro
ducer by parcel post.
Night High School to Oritnnlrf Class If
Kitotigh llenf People
If there nro as many as fifteen par
tially deaf persons in Richmond who >
desire instructions in lip rending, ac
cording to the city school authorities, i
a class will l?o formed at once in the j
.John Marshall Night High School.
Training such as is offered in the Slate
institutions for the deaf will he tii\en
w ithout cost. The class will meet on |
Monday. Tuesday and Thursday niKhis.
After taking the course, it is said, the ,
pupil will ho able to understand ordinary
conversation without difficulty. The
school authorities have the opportunity
to secure a woman of high training ?
to teach the Mueller-Walle method of
lip reading. Those who desire to join
the class may apply to \V. C. Rocker, j
principal of the night school.
WVnI Is Acquitted.
R. W. West, an employee of the
British-American Tobacco Company, ;
was dismissed in Police Court yester- j
day on a charge of accosting cirls lea v. ;
ing i lie factory. West on Saturday was j
fined and costs and noted an ap- j
pen 1. Th* case was reopened at the ,
request of Patrolman Curtis. who made ,
the arrest.
< linrgert With Theft of Whisk?.
I,. C. McDowell, of l'JOT Seotl Street,
was arraigned in Police Court yester
day charged with the theft of a quart j
of Whisky from the Southern Kx press j
Company, for which ho was a driver.
The case was continued until March
?:30)and 8:20
Mat. and Jive. The Greatest and
?'!irliest of all N.
Y. Winter Uardon
A World
of Pleasure
HIP People. In
cluding All-Stnr
fnnt and PCP
<'lt.v Auditorium. March in,
Philadelphia Symphony
i!>4 Musicians).
ST0K0W8KI, Conduclor
AY E R K E Ml AT 11, Solo I st.
rrices. 75.: to S-'.OO. Make reserva
tions at once at the Moses store, 103 1
linst Hroad Street.
S Hear Dr. Flinn To-Night S!
) s
\ Grace Covenant Church \
S ?
^ "How Sliall W'c Escapc if Wo ^
N 5
S Xeglcct So (Jrcat SalvutionV" g
\ S
Vou Arc Cordially Invited to
Special Services
for Men
Under AuHpires
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
St. Paul's Church
1 to 1:30 P. M.
Speaker To-Day.
Ht. Hev. Thomas C. l>nrnt- D. D.,
Hlahop of ISnal Carolina.
The American National Bank
l>r. .1. A. C. Cliniwllrr TcIIn Tundny
Club I'lindiimeii tuln Arc Soi \cg
lfi'lfil for Fndit and Frill*.
Money is the chief dellciency of the
Richmond city school system, accord
ing to the superintendent. Dr. J. A. C.
Chandler, in his address on "The Needs
of the Public Schools," delivered yes
terday at the meeting of the Tuesday
Club of the Railroad Young: .Men's
Christian Association.
The superintendent stated that the
average appropriation for school pur
poses in American cities was 33 pel
cent of the totiil revenue, while in
Richmond it was considerably less than
that. Although the expenditure for
schools has increased in an encourag
ing degree, lie said the city was still
behind. In order to provide adequately
for the expanding population, a more
generous budget was indispensable.
The schools were the biggest factor
in the life of Richmond, the superin
tendent told his audience. For six
hours a day, live days a week, (die
sixth of the population was in school.
The hiK'ii cost of the educational sys
tem was natural, he said, in view of
the great number touched by it.
Dr. Chandler defended the Kichmond j
system from the criticism that the fun- i
danientabs of education were neglected .
in order iliat fads and frills might be :
introduced. The "three IJs" were
stressed in the Richmond schools now -
as always, said tne superintendent. To
meet the requirements of all classes of
people, however, various supplemen
tary subjects were taught. The object I
of the schools was to provide for the
needs of .ill pupil:, and 110 course had ?
been started until ihere had been a
demand f"r it.
Stockholders of Old Dominion llr>er
nge Corporation (ilrel Oilier rn
mill Directors.
At a stockholder*'meeting of the Old !
Dominion lleverage Corporation held ;
jesterdav at 00 llroad Street, the fid- |
lowing were elected olllceis and diree- !
tors: i
Simon P. Jones, president; Clyde W. 1
Saunders, vice-president; II. C. Cofer,
!>ecr?tHr>-treasurer, and the following
directors: Simon P. Jones, Clyde \V. I
Saunders, Dr. Charles V. Carringtoti.
T. Cray lladdon. A. T. t'lrillith, F. 1 ..
McCotineil, S. I*. Waddiil. all of l?ich
iiiond: It. S. Harbour, of South Bos
ton. and Walter Wilson, of Milford.
The company was organized to .-ell
11011-alcoholic drinks. Complete :?I?
pence of alcohol from the beverages to
lie made by ibis company seems to be
assured by the presence on the direc
torate of a former president and pres
ent Ireasurcr of the Anti-Saloon League
of Virginia.
Illegally Tnniapnrtinc Liquor.
.lames Wesley Kemp, II. Nichols.
Frank Smith and Arthur Williams
pleaded euilty yesterday in the Hust
ings Court to the charge of illegally
transporting ardent spirits into the
State, and each was lined $50 and sen
tenced to thirty days in jail.
Henry llolt and Daniel McNeil, col
ored. charged with illegally transport
ing liquor into Itielimond, were tried I
before a jury, and both were acquit
Vlnlf the Hluehlrd for IliipplneNN.
Moino of Perfectly Projected Photo
In Uex Ingram's Production of
and Other Added At tract lonn.
Dorothy Kell.v and I hiirlr* Itiehinnii,
Frank Dnnleln anil IIiikIiIc.
See the Hoy Scout and High School
Cadet pictures TO-DAY.
REX Theater
"The Vampires"
l.ast Chapter of Series, lOach a
Complete Story.
.1. Wnrren Kerrigan. In
"CLI'lll AND \ llllll'K."
The Sensation of t.be Hour
VA A marvelous photodrama ?
U thai will *?!??" ??.. ?
that will give you food for 2
thought. v> ?
m.?? r\ i,:.
The Shopping Center "
Sale Extraordinary
New Spring
/ are?over two hundred o.
i?right at the beginning
of the spring season,
EXCEEDINGLY charming Silk Frocks for
women and misses?a larger and better lot
than the ones contained in a similar sale of
some ten days ago. And yet in that sale most
of the Frocks were sold in a few hours?a result
which, in this instance, seems likely of repeti
So. in securing this second lot, our patrons
may consider themselves as fortunate as our
selves. The Frocks are not only superior in
styles, materials, colors, etc., but there's a liner
assortment from which to select, there being
Most of the materials The colors: Tea Rose,
are: Taffeta. Crepe tie Apple Green. New Blue!
Chine. Satin or Gt'org- Navy Hlue. ninque. Co
rtte Crr-pe. The trim- penhagcn. Pearl Gray,
mfngs are exquisite. Gold.
Style, intrinsic worth of the garments; from
every viewpoint a sale like this should command
the attention of women. We are certain that,
could the Frocks be seen and examined care
fully, few would let such an opportunity pass.
Ready this morning in the French dray
Salon. Second Floor?West.
The Confederate Museum
Open 3 K. M. to 5 P. M.
Saturday* Oprn v a. M. to ?? I' M.
Admliilon IJulljr. 25c.
ODEON ^yeHere
I.I I.MAX wai,ki:k
"Kitty Mackay"
A Story Wilh n Wnllop in IJvrry
f'lrftirc v
Mrs. Vernon Castle
In "Patria"
.The Valentine Museum
Hours 10 A. M. to o r. M. A'Jintsalon 26a
Frco on Saturdays.
?\\ iirwick
K<-n< nn
"A r.trl'f
how a
pii'tiiro (Ira
ni,i its mad'-.
A rom?dy
) "it I lire i.s the
Mflilnl atlriic
The Original, Hugo, Stunning and Poetic Masterpiece
Thomas II. Inee's Million Dollar Production
Marvelous Air and Sea Battles?The Most Stupendous
Picture Crcntion in Modern Times
"An entertainment on an ar
tistic level with'Ben llur.'"?
New York Times.
"Outdoes *Tlie Ilirth of a Na
tion.1"?New York Globe.
"Nothing so stupendous ever
before created by the brain of
j man."?New York Evening
* Journal.
' Performances 3 and 8:30 Daily
Admission: Nights, 25c and 50c: Matinees, Ail Scats 25e
Seai Sale To-Morrow
The Demoniac Madness of War Vividly Portrayed
? ?.
? J* i?'t v -*? *
1 1 ' ?

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