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fUripnotu) (IPnng^-fH^patcfi
Alderman Asks Increase in Uni
$5 U". versliy Appropriation to
*: 8180,000 Per Year.
Xormal Schools Present Scheme of
^ Improvements <o Cost $327,175.
General Mehols Tells of Needs of
Virginia MHitarv Institute.
president Edwin A. Alderman. of the
iniversity of Virginia. appearing be
f' re the Senate T'lnancc Committee last
n.'ght. outlined the general needs and
conditions at tiio university and asked
tor (tn annuity for the college proper
to be increased from $30,000, the pres
ent appropriation, to $130,000, and for
the annuity for the hospital to be in
creased from $3C.a00 to $50,000. mak
Ing the total he will insist upon $1S0,
Oiu. Ho also stated that the university
vras in need of a new heating: plant,
which would cost approximately $100.
000; but he stated that as conditions
were so tense and demands so urgent
hfc would not insist upon this fund now.
He wanted this appropriation to l>e
paid at the rate of $">0,000 a year each
until the whole amount had been given
the university.
The committee yesterday heard I,. 'A.
Morris, chairman of the board of
visitors of the Medical College of Vir
ginia and the Memorial Hospital, who
asked that their appropriation be In
creased from $5,000 for the college and
V 510.000 for the hospital to *.".0, >00 per
annum each. Mr. Morris stated that
the college owned property to the
? mount of over $.">00,000. and that it
bad been conducted on business prin
ciples. and that from time to time, in
v'ovr of the fact that there was no en
dowment, they needed money bad'.v;
that out of the $."?.0'i0 given by the
Stato about $1,500 should bo deducted,
as that amount would be taken up with
scholarships accorded the State each
year. II? stated that about ts.000 tree
patients had been taken acre of and
given treatment in the hospital in the
last year, and that 1)0 per cent of
these were from other parts of the
State than Richmond, as Richmond
took care of all her patients in the
Virginia Hospital, which is conducted
by'the city.
? Dn. McGriRE TF.I.1.S OP
\EKi) von nocton*
Dr. Stuart McGuire followed Mr. Mor
ris in support of the amounts asked
for, and stated that the country was
in need of doctors badly. He stated
450 doctors had entered the service of
the United States, being one-fifth of
all the doctors in Virginia,. lie also
stated that Virginia was in need of
medical men; that at the beginning of
the war there was only one doctor to
ery S00 people.
E. Li. Bemlss spoke in behalf of the
ccllegc and hospital.
State Accountant. \V. V. Smyth, ap
peared before the committee and dis
cussed generally his work, and after
wards read a statement of the number
ot counties examined by him at the
request of the board of supervisors,
showing large amounts recovered to
both the State and counties by such
examinations and systematizing the
books of treasurers of such counties.
Mr. Smyth asked for an additional
appropriation for a stenographer; and,
if the scope of work is to be enlarged,
requiring the regular examination of
the. counties, and standardizing them,
ho thought three additional accountants
could get through the State In two
years. At the request of the commit
tee he will submit a statement of the
amount needed for this work.
Dr. L.yon G. Tyler, president of Wil
liam and Mary College, appeared and
asked for the following appropriations:
for annuity, $54,000; to supply a deii
ciency, $3,000; professor organic chem
istry, $2,000; money to m^et the re
quirements of the Smith-Hughes act.
*2,000; enlargements of science hall and
gymnasium. 535.000; new tank for arte
sian well, $3,000.
Dr. Hughes apj&ared. tin support of
.Dr. Tyler and 'nc plained the require
ments of tho Smith-Hughes act.
John Stewart Bryan appeared in the
interest of the Travelers' Aid Society
of Virginia, and requested the com
mittee to increase the appropriation.
Captain A. B. Guigon also appear".) in
behalf of the society, and presented an
annual report, showing that the < ..?ty
has caved hundreds of lives ;;ij ?. ,u;
in the last two ye.ir?.
General E. W. r?'i.*hols, superintendent
at the Virginia Military Institute, ap
peared and gave a full history of the
institute, and pre <*nted the activities
for the last thirty years, rolonel Jo
seph Button presented the r.<-edr Of the
school as follow f: < l 00.000 for new
academic building "j','/*?> th'.r year and
$50,000 next year, a.*. ; ,t. o asked an In
crease in the annuity SIO.-jOO. General
C^harles Anderson ar.d liorer A. .fame*
also appeared for tr.e Virgin's. M l:*ary
Jftrtltute and ,??'-! ? r .. to
appropriate the i\-.o-;r. ? rarr.'-d r ?"</?
onel by or..
The ?'ovrrr. ? rr, ~
chairman, ! - %.<
'b? wori of ' ? > o ?>
' e V ?; ?>: . T Z
?ntcd the
r. .jit y
llarrif.or.'r ^rg . '? j '?
Had ford .. e. ?.
Fredericksburg <.
Karmville ... . : ?
The COm "7
vidual tupcr!rit?-j . r, ?
s"hools supporting ti
!>v (he chairman ?
i !?0 % r
Jfrnft Hon rd ttfillngn,
Provost-Marahal-'Jeri". raj < ? - 0 w d ? -
hab announced :>.at men of ? tarv
ago. may servo aa a . o. late m< n
W lepra 1 and medical advisor -
at any time prior to indu tion into
military servire.
^ He also wired the 'i^vern r t v
local boards might maJ-:>- re.onim'-ndv
tionw to the appeal board: as tt,. y . lW
flt, but that in casia where the 1
board?! were not intimate w t'.
-intrants' clrcunistan;?< ?; it n, ,u T.
tended they ?houI<l eal; in witn.- <
and hold lnvct ligation
AIko, he stated that local boards had
been nuthorierd to Mop inducting'men
into the avaiton eorps.
I'nrdonn flrfuitnl.
Governor Stuart r< fu: td pardon .
tarday to Thoma? \V. Preston . on.
victed in Bedford in March, 1 I<i. j..r
murder and sentenced to ei;-|>tee!
Soars in the penitentiary; .ir.'l also tr
liarden Davis, convicted hi AdiIm rsi
County^ in Octobcr, HtK, lor murde.j
and sentenced to sixteen ytara in th?
War Stamp Drive
Backed by Women
i ? =
Mrs. Hayes Will Aid Local
Campaign al Exchange
Mrs. John G. Hayes, chairman of the
?woman's executive coinmlttec assist
ing in the great war savings campaign
in Richmond, will to-day be at tho
' Woman's irxehange for the purporc
of further enlisting the support and
oo-opcration of the women in further
ing the big thrift drive. Mrs. Hayes,
assisted by Mrs. George .1. Scay as vice
chairman of the committee. has already
'formed a speakers' bureau, and wr/.\
en have been assigned to speak be- ,
' fore various local organizations-. Thoso
organizations to which speakers have
not been assigned are asked to com
municate at once with Mrs. Hayes, who
j may be reached by telephone at Boule
vard "71S-J.
City Director Henry 13. Litcliford an
nounced last night that the work of
organizing thrift clubs throughout tho
city i? progressing rapidly in school:?,
factories. Sunday schools and among
the children at home who are not of
'school age.
"if the children are taught the habit
of saving, tiie desire to save will soon
overcome the habit of spending." said
Mr. Jjltchford. "The child who de
velops the habit of saving becomes the
thrifty citizen, and the thrifty citizen'
is the community's best asset. Par
ents should encourage their children j
to save, ami the easiest way to do
this at this time is to buy war savings
School < hlldrrn Want Honor of IJrco- >
ratine Coal Scoop nt Execu
tive Mnnslon.
January SO is to be "Tag - Vour
Shovel"'' Day. The tag says, "Save
that shovel of coal." "Tag-Tour
Shovel" Day will be national in the
cities. Dr. J. A. C. Chandler has or- \
dered tags to be distributed among
the school children of this city. A boy
and a girl, to be selected probably by
scholarship, will tag the shovels of ?
(Jovernor Stuart and Mayor Ainslic.
Telegram from Washington to Fed
eral Fuel Administrator Byrd stated
that In that city tiie boy and girl from j
each school would late on the day of i
January :i0 escort the boy and girl I
who tagged the I'resident's shovel to
the White House. It suggested that he
have the superintendent of the ltich- !
1 mond schools select two students by ,
scholarship?a boy and n girl?to tag i
the Mayor's and the Governor's shovels. !
It Is presumed that the boy and girl
from each school will here late on the
day of "Tng-Your-Shovet" Day escort '
the two who earned the distinction of
tagging the shovels of the Mayor and
the Governor to the home of the Mayor !
and Governor.
It is desired that cities everywhere
hold a "Tag-Your-Shovel" Day for the
' conservation of fuel.
I'llt I'ndor noiid In Sum of VtUO Kach
liy .Juallce t.'rutch
Ten swarthy gypsies were in Police
! Court yesterday morning facing Justice
Crutclifield, who signified his intention
of protecting the public from the acts
of tho wayfarers. The men were
charged with vagrancy and placed under
fGOO bonds. After Attorney Uovenstein
stated that his clients owned property
of great_ value in Chicago, Justice
Crutchfield stated, "Well, ?;!00 will not
be too much. We put a poor "nigger"
I under 5100 bond.-' Another case in
volving gambling charges against the
jgypsies was continued to January 10.
Members of the tribe were also ar
raigned in Juvenile Court, charged
with contributing to the delinquency
of Mary Adams, charged with larceny.
The girl was placed under bond.
An appeal was notod.
The placing of the members of the
band under heavy bond almost per
suaded thern to "pull .' takes" and seek
another quartering place.
Paul Worthain. colored, 1410 North
Twenty-eighth Street, yesterday re
ported to the police that he had been
relieved of S4.25 and a watch by a
gypsy girl to whom he had g<>n* to
have his mind read.
( ninmi??i??ner Itoper (itve? Inst met ion*
a* to .Nonresident
Daniel O. P.oper, commissioner of
Internal revenue, has forwarded this
ruling t?/ the income tax collector ir.
this district to the ? fleet that non
resident alien individuals are required
to pay tav upon all income receiver]
in ti.e calendar y*ar from sources
wrh:n the United State*. c.\ ?e j.t ex ?
??rnpt our:*-..
'ere. t received fr'>r:i ?:?-po-it: i?:
banks located within the United State;
constitute*. ir.cof r.e received fiom
source* *.vltM:i ?' e United Sta'.'r, and
is : ubje'jt 'o the withholding pr-\i :on
<?'. the h<~4 r' September v 1 :?!?,. a
am'i ')'?') by the r.ct <it October r. 101.'.
ar", th< refore, required t??
withhold th? normal tar. of u- ;r r cent
'.r-en interer patd to nonresident alien
individuals ar <1 tj... v.ar t.i\ of ' per
eet,? upon intere t paid to nonr> i ;<-n'
alien corporation "not cngnged i'i I i -
in'-.- or trade within tie United State*
?? r'd not having any ofTlre * place of
bir inesH therein."
W .hIiIprIoii n nil Old Dominion llallnar
< ompativ llefore Mate ? orporn
t ion i n in in I * * lo n.
<"oT.pla )..?ve l.een made to tlje
State ? * ? rj ? -? fiii <.'otr.rui>Moti that the
Wa nil.and ?.?:d Dominion Hallway
< otr.par. m iiii operate in Virginia
Iri-in tije l'otui . Hiver t., i;iu< tuont,
beyond !.ee burg w.i running elec
tric car : ?? o poo; '; heated that i Inl
drcn a:.d oth<r. w re suffering .*evcrc
ly. It wa' r'pe.rieij t>. the commission
that i'.< car- w?r? equipped for elee
t: ai heating, but that the heat wa:;
: .<t or pear tlv bottom, ami that
even the tunning <f the <?; r. tailed i>,
i.. ep :Ik el<-.-t ri< al! . supplied heat any*
n ? . ne,i- to :i im>ii fortablc degree.
The complaint was froi-i Jlayor
I 'hatie.i 1!. Lov. enbach. of Lce^burg,
and wa; conliiii.<d by I'oi'.nel Ulijah
\\ i:it' it : tated that 11 company car
ried two cat together dropping off
oi " alone the line, to b? picked up cold
fin th' return trip. The commission
v ? ed Hi" company that M the com*
i plaint were iru<- a? stated that It w;is
. ot living u]> t'? it obligation as a
? pulilic -crvice corporal ion and that
i 1 steps riHist be t.ilicii at once to remedy
M tho tituation.
Hairy Gayle Dies in Hospital One
Hour After licing Woumletl
l?y ^olico Officer.
Policeman Cousins, on Lookout for
i Chicken Thieves, Fjrcts After
i Culling to Fleeing Hoy to Stop.
Cousins Ctulcr Teelinlenl Arrest.
I. CI. Cousins', a patrolman from the
First i'roeinct Police Station, fatally
woundoj Hurry CJavlo. a fiftcen-ycar
oM boy. living with his parents', Mr.
nml Mrs. Kobert flaylc, 1001 North
Thirty-tlfth Street. at about 6 o'clock
last night, when tlio latl did not halt j
in his flight after having entered the
chicken pen of U. M. Wingtield. til 4
North Thirty-fourth Street. The bullet ;
entered the boy's back just below the
shoulder blade, and came out near the
breast-bone. When the fleeing: youth
fell he was picked up by Mr. Wlngfleld
and sent at once to the Virginia Hos
pital. where he died at 7 o'clock.
Following a complaint by Mr. Wing-'
Held that lie was missing chickens, the
ollicer stationed himself near the pen J
to await the thief. In a little while he
yaw some one enter the coop, and
wailed. The Cayle boy came out of
the pen. and Patrolman Cousins called
to him to stop. He called a second
time, and when the boy did not stop
raised his gun and fired. Mr. Wingtield.
who reached the boy, who lay on the
ground, before the officer, stated last
night that Mr. Cousins was amazed
when he realized that the bullet had
struck the lad. There were only two
chickens in the coop which the boy en
tered. and in the dusk it was impos
sible to discern whether he carried
these or not.
The officer was bailed last night after
a technical charge had been lodged
against him. Judge Richardson, of the
Hustings Court, having made the neoep- ;
sary order.
Miss Hargrove Aska $10,000 for Injn
rie*?Struck by Motor Delivery
Miss Flena W". Hargrove, of 3101 West
Main Street, Instituted a suit for $10.
000 damages in Hustings Court, Part
II. yesterday against Italph and Jesse
Kothschild, conducting a clothing busi
ness under the name of Murk & Com
pany at Sf'O Hast Main Street, for in
juries suffered by her when she was
knocked flown and badly injured by;
one of their auto trucks t?n Novem-i
ber t> at Thirteenth and Main Streets.
Miss Hargrove sivserts that, in addi
tion to the pain suffered from a broken,
leg and many bruises, she was obliged
to pay $300 for medical attention and
that site was prevented by her injuries'
from attending business for a consid
erable length of time. At the time of
tiie accident, the plaintiff alleges that
the car was being driven at the rate
of thirty miles an hour.
Council Committer Appropriate!* SI 00.
A*kn *.1,000 for Convention Work
.\>?t 1 rnr.
The Council Committee on Advertis
ing and Enterprises agreed Iar-t night,
to appropriate $100 towards the ex
penses incident to the annual conven
tion of the Virginia Good lloads" As
sociation, of which W. Saunders is
president, providing that sufficient
funds arc available. The convention
will be held in lliclunond next mouth
The committee voted to request an
appropriation of S.'?.0o" for the year
101*; for its budget, and will also ask
permission to carry forward the bal
ance of * 1 C"i, which remains in its pos
session for the marking of historical
spots. Th* committed will also name
a delegate to attend the convention of
secretaries of conventions, which will
meet this year in UulTalo.
With n*? business befor* it for cor.
s.ideration. the Committee on Dock,
Itivt r and Harbor ia.;t night worked
out it.-; budget of needs for the year
lf'lS, which was presented to the
finance Committee.
The <"ommittee on Public Buildings. ,
Properties ai;d Utilities referred to a!
subcommittee tlve liUggej-tion for con
verting tiie old school building at thr
l'.r rthwe:-', corner of Sycamore and Cary
Streets into a detention home for way
ward g:ri,<. Considerable opposition to
this plan arose, aiid a petition protest
ing ag.iin.-t the. establishment of the
home wa- presented to t!ie committee.
A reused Dentist Appears in Polieo
Court Aeeoinpanied by
pkkiwiucd to figiit chaugk
II. >1. Smith, Jr., of Hichmond, and
John K. Woodward, of North Car
olina, lluvc Charge of Defense.
i Dead (sirl's Parents Also Present.
Anns folded and exhibiting no sign
of nervousness. Dr. Lemuel .0. .Johnson t
stood before Justice Crutehfleld in Po
lice Court yesterday morning. while i
his counsel, Ilarry M. Smith. Jr., now
formally retained, and John IS. Wood
ward, of Wilson, N". C.. secured a con
tinuance of the preliminary hearing
until January II. The young man.
who has been confined in the City Jail
since he was brought here from Wilson,
made a far better appearanco than on
the night of his arrest, and carried him
self well at this his lirst appearance
in public since he was made a pris
When the witnesses in the case were
called it appeared that Coroner Whit
Held was not present, and Attorney
Woodward arose to address the court.
He was Introduced by Mr. Smith and
stated that, owing to the inconvenl- j
once of traveling to and from his home
here, and to other engagements, the
defense desired a continuance to some
day next week, lie added that coun-,
scl had a sincere belief in the inno- :
ccnce of their client, and that it was
not for the purpose of delay that the
continuance was asked, lie also stated!
that Mr. Smith had been called into the
case only a few hours before, and that
they had not conferred with Dr. John
son. Commonwealth's Attorney Wise
resisted the continuance to the later
date, and urged that the hearing be
held later in the day, when Coroner!
Whittleld would be in town. Justice
Crutchtield stated that he deemed it fair
to let the hearing go over until Jan-,
nary 11. and that day was set. Coro
ner Whitfield later appeared in the
During the course of the hearing Mr.
Woodward referred to the. promise;
made by Sergeant Wily at the time it
was agreed to allow Dr. Johnson to be1
brought here for trial without requisi
tion on promise that the prisoner be
subjected to no grilling or "third-de
gree" treatment in securing a state
ment from him. Mr. Smith said that
there would he no question about the
prisoner securing fair treatment from
Dctcctives Wily and Smith, who have
the investigation In hand.
George IS. Knight and wife, of 1313
North Twenty-second Street, the par
ents of Alice Knight, with whose death
Dr. Johnson is charged, were present In
; the courtroom for a few moments, but
later r. tired to Justice Crutchtield ? of
fice. Mrs. Knight was heavily veiled.'
and was accompanied by her daughter,
Grace. Miss Mary Jordan, 1503 N'orth
Twenty-second Street, and Miss Mildred
Taylor, friends of the dead bride, were
also in the justice's ofllce.
I Mr. Woodward, who was called to
defend the young dentist by his father
on the night of his arrest, is a man
i P^t middle age, and has had a large
experience in the trial of cases involv
; ing the death penalty. He has been en- I
gaged in many murder trials. One of
the most famous of these cases was the!
trial of John Jefferson, accused of kill
ing Captain Barnes, of Wilson, in which
his client was acquitted.
The grand jury meets next Monday,
ami will either adjourn for a wec-k, or
there will'be a special jury called to
tak? tip the case. If Justice Crutchlleld
sends the case on. and it is anticipated
by those who are interested in it that
he will, the young dentist will fnr-c a
jury in the Hustings Court within the
i next few v.ccks.
Ilrld for (irand Jury.
KoUert Tucker and William Hai ris.
both colored, charged with transp:-rt
ing whisky m violation of the Heed
amendment, were given a hearing yes
terday morning before Commissioner
Klegenhcinier and s-.nt on to the grand
jurj .
Richmond's Cafeteria
I Seventh nmj franklin >
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K a usage?Some Breakfast!?You E?tl
Prices Easiest in Town.
";00 to 11:00 A. M.
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IN '
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fire and tplrit. that
Eivcn It real life.
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:'?> . . ' - - ?'

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