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Failure of Registrants to Furnish
Addresses May Ixmd to Se
rious lies lilts.
Boards Ask Those Claiming Depen
dent Relatives Whether Those!
Relatives Have Any Others on'
Whom They Can Depend.
To-Day's Mailing List
Hoard 1 25SI-U7fO
Hoar J 2 UHC-aSSS
Mo?rd a aus-ainu
n?ard 4 iiCtO-aOOO
Board C JM23-JS477
Henrico Hoard lOSJ-ll.V)
In spite of the persistent efforts by i
tho members of tho local exemption I
noards and the nplendid co-opcrat(oti '
or tho postal authorities a surprisingly
iargo anil discouraging number of'
questionnaires continues to com; back
undelivered. Considering: that no ef-1
fort has been (spared by these two I
organizations to see that the registered
men should receive them on time, it ii j
imperative that any registrant whose ?
name appears in the lists published be- !
low or already fiubllHhed in the columns
of this paper should communicate with ?
the local boards at oiico if he desires!
to escape being automatically placed;
in claHs 1, or consccjuencca of a more!
serious nature.
instructions were received from '
Washington yesterday In the form of a !
telegram, in which I'rovost-.Marshal- ;
<Seneral Crowder advises the members
Of tbo boards that all quoHlionnalrea i
must be tilled out and returned, even I
it the men arc already in the service of '
the government. They must be mailed
to the Boldlets wherever they may be'
located and filled out by ihem under'
tho supervision and with the assistance!
of their commanding otllcer. Any rela-j
Uvea or friends of men who have en-j
listed since June 5 of last year would I
00 well to notify the boards where
such men aro located should their!,
rarncu appear in tho list of undelivered !
questionnaires. Otherwise they will be I
mailed to the lioadquariers at Wash- I
ington and may entail serious trouble!
for those affected.
i:Xl'lAl.\!i 31 KAMA(V
Oil" QCUSTIOX .\o. iai
Question 12, series 10, in the ques-1
tionnaire seems to be causing consider- !
alio difficulty as In a majority of cases'
it is not properly understood. This is !
no doubt due to the fact that It is j
rather obscurely stated. The explana- j
Don of Its meaning is as follows: If a!
registrant has natned other dependents
besides his wife or children. tliej
authorities desire to learn if such de-i
pendent has any other person who j
could furnish this dependent with sup- \
port even were the registrant drafted.'
For example, if a man states that his ;
mother is dependent upon him, the gov- j
ernment wishes to know if there is not J
another son or brother or sister of the
mother who could support her were the !
registrant taken away. I
Exemption Hoard 1 desires to in- j
form any person afTccted that in order i
, to render assistance to any dependents j
under the selective draft, who are con- j
lined to their homes and unable to ob- !
tain the necessary advice, or who may '
wu.h to subscribe to the oath, that
Associate Member II. I). Zlmrnc-rmann
has volunteered to render aid In his
vicinity. A message to his residence,
lt)3 Kast Cary Street, phopc number,
1 Randolph 92, giving tho necessary ad
dress, will bo answered in due time.
The local boards may well be proud of
the splendid co-operation they have
received from tho lawyers, and as one i
of the members of the boards re- |
marked: "Working with them has been '
::n exceedingly satisfactory and pleas-j
ant task."
Hoard 2 ha3 discovered that the ;
I'.amo of Aubrey ltussell Bowles was !
published In error. Mr. Bowles is at j
the present time with the forces in j
Franco. The names for to-day of men j
ho have not been located by the vari-'
ous boards follows:
Bxmuptiou Board No. J.
Kilwar W. M> ers. 1 Oo l.ady ?t.
Ale*. Klourn?jy. -Zi ej. U>i<J hi.
Win in William*. l i's ?>. teeuiiu St.
.lames U uiio. 24 S. i'lnc St.
Kufme 'founts, 313 S. I*'ir?t Si
i c. liude?^. -i? i: iiuin 6i.
i- red h. Joiic.1. s S. Pins St.
Archie H. Lawgon, 2011 Hanover Ave.
Jerry H. Johnson, Jus S. Seiond bi.
William ti. II. Jono>. 2?0l Walker St.
Joseph 1'okory, Z-'J S. I.aurel St.
Exemption Hoard No. 2.
William Mack Jones. <SH: N. ilunfor.l St. i
Oeurge Johhfcon, 906 Cotton Ave.
John l'aul Johnson. 121t> W. Boyd St.
Samuel Bdward Johnson, 201J Monument I
Ave. i
Steven Johnson. 2204 Henrico St.
Thomas Johnson, 1-03 1-2 W. I.ullh St.
Arliiur l.uwrenco Jones, 2 lis W. ;>toor? St. I
Manilehi Jones. 11 rj \V. I.oiifh St.
Oscar Mortrfb Jonfc.i, 11 li. orange St. i
lirlrtin Ju<i4h, St. James and JacliEon Sts. 1
koiley Joyncr, 2010 \V. (May St.
Richard James. 31J N. Madison St.
Ailie Jackson, 1212 Brook Road.
l.uliitr SinooL Johnson, 1407 W. I.eieh St. I
Vernon Johnson, 170o 1'ierce St., Haiti- ;
more, Mil.
James Henry Johnson. ,',00 X, Bono St. 1
l.ee Kins. 013 Creak St.
Garland Lyon, HO Hrouk Ave.
Weldon Allison Lojau. ?>01 Norton St.
Herman Kdward Uwin, f.00 Calhoun St.
Samuel Brown I.asslier. 1420 W. Clav St.
Pink I.andey, &1& W. 1,elSh St.
Kverett I'oston Hang, 317 W. Grace St.
Iildgar L.ee, XO0 1-'.' iloore St.
Samuel Augu?ius L.andl.-t, r. Strawberry St.
t.ohn Kumar, HID'h Alley.
i.ftvi Stewart Moulbeue. 701 N'. St. James.
Junius Meade, 4 17 Cabell Si.
Thomas Mulorie, 113 Hill St.
William Meyers, 192& W. Main St.
r:dj;ar Morsun. euro Caruccia Steel Co.,
Clalrton, I'a.
Robert Emery Mobley, 20 W. I.eieh Si.
William Miles, 122K St. Paul St.
Dlsle Mapson, 70S W. I.eieh St.
Henry McCoy. ?.10 Duvnl St.
Heuis Nelson, 1002 William St.
Andrew Phillips, Ciairton. Pa.
James Presion. 900 HermltuKe Road.
Julius Powell, 61) St. Petor St.
William Marshall Hickman, 602 X. Boule
Mlddlck Perkins. 2009 W, Clay St.
Alonzo Robinson, t>04 W. I.elvn St.
James Robetson, 1112 St. John St.
Claronee Richardson, S15 Gilmer H!.
Kvnndcr Roller, 1103 W. l.eljth St.
Herman Rou^e. 140S W. Broad St.
Hooker B. Rhudy, Stuart Circle Hospital. !
Tllman Brnest illrhardsou. f>2? N. Adams
Clarence Nathaniel Roy, 1004 W. I.firh St.
Jnines Marshall Spain, 201 W. Clay St.
Churiie Spruell. 416 Siiai'er St.
Richard Anderson Smith, 101S N. I-'Irst St.
Robert Smith. 130S W. Lelrjli St.
Tony Simmons, Xewport News, Vu.. Gen
eral Delivery.
?Tohn Stokes, 039 W. T/elsh St.
Honery Hubert Hlnton, 216 W. I.eieh St.
1'aoj Hamilton Karl Sloan. Jr., 402 W.
Main St.
BenJ. Franklin Smith, 1216 William St.
Jacob Seymour. 807 Catharine St.
John Sarrent. 1402 W. Lcl*h St.
,, kdward Sylvester Smlthson, C. A. C. <W.),
l-'ort Thomas. Ky.
Daniel Tllman, 718 Catharine St.
Jake Trice. Southern Stock Yards.
Mars\iaun8ttU8 AVabhlnKton Tyler, 1112 W.
James Turner, 1830 W. I^elgh St.
Clarence Thomas, ins w. I.eieh St.
Peter franklin Thompson. 1117 W. Moore.
Cleveland Thompson. 1B29 W. Marshall St.
Vaughan. 1308 W. Moore St.
Charles Bunyan Vai'Kliaii, fill w. Clay St.
f^dward Alongo Wrapper. 20 Duval StT
^Thomas Bedford Woodruff, 1016 St. James
Bavld Williams, fOS Catharine St.
Richard Williams. 105 E. c^iurity St
Lewis Dowen Wilkinson. 3 N. Foush'ea *5t
Charles White. 107 W. I-elgh st
CPV'eo Whtte. 2028 Brooklyn s't.
Richard WashlnBton, 917 St. James St.
Robert Lee Sa atsen* 609 Catharine St
S?n.y,n Wa?ker. 616 Jew# Bt.
?J?erry Walden, ?09 JKeaney St,
Raiding in the Pacific on
Board Hun Pirate Ship
Uplala llaldar Smith, laic master
of tbe American (ailing ahlp It. C.
Sladc, haa iTrltten the alvry of bla
experience* aa a prlioatr oa boar*
the liermau pirate ahlp, Mveatller.
It la oae o( the war'* moat thrlllla*
narratives. Uo tells hot* fala Teasel
?n? burned at sea( aad hotr, with
other American captnlus and crewa,
he wa? forced to the linn ship, e?ea
attainting the twentieth century
plratea to ahell other American
nhlps. lie descrlbea how the raider
rovea aimlessly In the I'aellc and
rantured and bnraed war-lanocent
merchantmen. finally the pirate
iv?* w reeked nt anchor near Dnltla
lalnnd, and ita commamler e*raped.
leaving own crew aa well aa hla
prisoners In that lonely Island,
whose Inhabitants consisted of only
four natives. In n small boat, which
he himself made. Captain Kmlth,
with three of hU men, sailed 1,000
inlles to Pagnpaxo, carrying de
tails of the loss of the linn pirate
The first Installment of Captain
Kmith's story will be printed ex
clusively In The 'Mmca-Dlspateh on
Saturday, January s. There will be
nix installments, each one a thriller.
Make arrangements with your news
dealer so that yon will not miss n
rIngle number of this series.
Uaxltlna I.awrenca Woodson. 1117 W.
Moure SI.
James Wlnbush, f>2C N. Adam.* St.
Ben Woodson. ISOt NV. Lel;th St.
IJilv.arii l'hiliriure Wood. 703 W. Marshall
Charles Vatea, 430 W. Baker 8t.
William Henry Young, 112G St. Paul Bt.
Nii>? Croi'e, 1 15. .Mart-hull HI.
Kicftard Goodeu. 120" N. Hirst St.
Hubert C. IjCi-hon. VOi W. Broad St.
Jameo Henry Minn, 13!'; Boyd St.
Itobert Matthews. 10 W. Murshail St.
Krriest Moore, 27 W. Baiter 81.
Nelson Patterson. 12 W. Charity Rt.
James Uoufc-lai) Hhelton. 64) Brook Ave.
George lloiuy Hinlth. 917 Oak St.
His ml Tlnsley, 111 W. Jarktton St.
Hubert Kuujeli White, 208 \V. Duval St.
KxempUon Board No. if.
William Harrison. 729 W. Ninth St.
l.iwrence Cutting, 14 17 B. Broad Hi.
John I.ewln. 12 Short Seventeenth St.
Charleton Baruba, American l.oromotlvs
Willie Sanders. C01 1-2 N. Thirteenth St.
Itnjiert I'erry. 1007 N. Seventeenth St.
Aniilstead Miller Johnson. 60? 15. Grace St.
f.arReld Ware, 619 B. Franklin St.
William l'ladger Emanuel. 1411 l'orter fit.
Andrew Jackson Walker, 100 15. Grace St.
Mattvog Glvsgoslon. 1228 K. Broad St.
David J. l.atham. 410 N. Ninth St.
Hoy Itobert Waiden, 21 W. Ninth St.
Alvin Perry. 1416 K. Broad St.
tTharile Dykes Elkln. 201 E. Grace St.
.Joe .VitpDrt. 014 E. Marshall fit.
Julian J. Williams. 1S15 K. Broad St.
Garrett Washington Jeffrcss. 314 Poca
hontas St.
Robert Jnn?5, 44Of. Forest Hill Ave.
Charles J. Kelley. 60S Hull St.
lMe-.ii Herbert Ferrell. Southern Hallway.
I.loyd I.?e Hubbard. Rtumpfs Hotel.
l'hlllp Clyde Cromer, 609 Hull St.
I'erry Carter. lfloS Lawrence St.
Samuel McDanlel. CI4 E. Sixteenth St.
Herbert Mathews. Southern Hallway Shop*
Walter I'.eed. corcer Twenty-second and
Everett St*.
Krnest 1'arklnnon. 3S1* T.arrpen St.
Albert Coated. Ninth and Arrh St*.
Oan H. I-ottos. 401 E. Franklin St.
Ernest Howard. 1"> S. Fifth St.
Ktam E. Cheetnutt. TU Broad Ito?k.
Worth Mnrkel Watkln*. l'"< W. .Sixteenth
St.. South Richmond.
Kimore 1-lght. .102 Hull St.
Sidney I.ew!.->. 210 Mayo St
ST. T.OCIS. January 3?President
Branch Hlokey. of the St. Louis Na
tionaltj, in discussing reports that he
might Hell linger Ilornsby, his star
shortstop, to the Chicago or New York
National League clubs, to-day said:
"It will be safe to nay that Hornt-'hy
will play with St. Louis next Beaeon."
Kickiy Hai<l ho might consider the
Hale of Ilornsby to the New York Na
tional for cash and Players Fletcher,
Hums. KaufT and Kchupp. He ?:ald he
had told President Wecghman, the Chi
cago Nationals could have Hornfjby /or
$100,000 and Players Alexander and
NEW YORK, January S.?Benny
I>?onard. lightweight champion, can
fight for the welterweight champion
ship If he wants to clash with Ted
Lewis. Tha latter to-day challenged
Leonard to a match of from ten to
twenty rounds. Lewis wants the pro
ceeds to go to a war charity.
NTCW YORK, January 3.?The New
York National League club announced
to-ilay that Churlea M. Tesreau, vet
eran pitcher of the team, had algned a
contract for 1918. Tesreau is the first
major league player to sign a 1918
First race?ono mile?Adeline Ii.. 1W (Mar
tin), 12 to J. 6 to 1 and 5 to 2. won: Onwjril.
104 (Howan), 4 to 1, 7 to 5 and 3 lo 3.
second: Cora Lane. 102 Mveorh). 15 to 1.
?i to 1 and S to 1. third. Time. 1:40 t-j.
Alexander. Yalals, Bonnie I.aside. Treluwnle.
I>a I wood, Nowhere. Galster. Marasmus and
Altno I.oulse alfo ran.
Sernnd race?mile und f>i.ttf-enth--Bogart.
116 (Itohinson), 2 to I, 4 lo S arid 2 lo
won; Hotuan, 107 (turner), 15 to I, 0 to 1
and 3 to 1. second: l'a* de Chance. lOi
(\\ lllls). to 1, 2 to 1 and ev?n. third. Time,
l:4Sj-5. Utile Abe, Mind'. Treown. Nannie
McDee, MinlanUa. Goodwood, Dundrspry,
Hnslona, The I,si Qnd Excrutor also ran.
Third raec?one mllo and a Ni.vteenlli?
Blue Vlool: 119 (Rowan), 8 lo 1. 3 to 1 and
fi lo 5, vron; Pluto, 103 (Slnipiion). 7 to 1.
5 to 2 and <-v?n. second: John Graham. 112
(Poole). 10 to 1, 4 to t and 3 to 1, third.
Time. 1:47 4-5. Malheuer. Petlar. l.onrfel
lovr. Slumlierer, Brown Velvet, Mies Hepre
went. Andes. Fiancls C.. Mlrza. Mary Estelle,
Double Ma#s ?nd Meddlln; Miss also ran.
Fourth race?mile nnd seventy yards?
Dollns, 10S (W- Collins), IK to 5, 4 to 6 and
out, won; Wild Thyme. SP (Willis). S to 1.
4 to 6 and out. second: Sayonarra. 1W
(Mooney). 2 to T. 3 to 6 and out. third.
Time, 1:44 1-5. Glory Delle, Clarise O'S.,
Iteno and Southern I.eaaue also ran.
Fifth raoe? mllo and sixteenth?ltedland.
110 (nice), 4 to l. " to 5 and 1 to 2. won:
Gordon Russell. 114 (Robinson). 4 to 1. 7 to 8
and 3 to 6, second: Plea?urevtile. 10". (John
son). 4 to 1, 7 (o 6 and 3 to 5. third. Time,
1:401-V Orderlv, Oruinny. Ambrose. Stone
henit?> and Wadsworth F.ast also ran.
Sixth race?mile and an eiahth?Kin*r
Hamburg. I0J (l.auder). 0 to 1. 2 to 1 and
?ven, won; Conflagration. 107 (W. Collins),
7 to 1, 8 lo 1 and 6 to 6, second: Leah
Goehran. 102 (Willis), ft to 2. S to S and
4 to 5, third. Time, 1 :S3. Waterproof, Red
Cross. Itrian Boru, Sllr Un and Sam Slick
also ran.
First race?sir furlongs?P.ork# way, 107
(Humphries), 3 to 5. 1 to 3 and out, won:
Dy. NKUtell. 106 (WInefleld), 5 to I, f to 10
ami 1 to 3 peoond; Itarloek. 100 (Murphy),
ti to 1. 2 to 1 and even, third. Time, 1:20
1-5. Hetchaniilllon, Farnuni and Twin Six
also ran.
Second race?five and a hulf furlongs
Ray, 103 ((Jargan), 4 to 1. 8 to i anil"4 to 6,
won; Captain Ben. 100 (Humphries). 10 to 1.
4 to 1 and 2 to 1, second; Freshet, 103
(Thurber), 3 to 1, even an?l 1 to 2. third.
Time. 1:15 4-5. Margaret IKatahdln. Bend
let. Alinandlte and Business Agent also ran.
Third rira?five and a half furlongs ?
Gratiado, 109 (Ball), D to 2, even and 1 to 2.
won; Tt?ln Stream, 10S (Taplln). ? to L
2 to 1 and even, second; 8*1 Vanity, 109
(Howard). 8 to 2. even and 1 to J. third.
Time, 1:12 4-6. Clutnsv Kate. Honey cut.
Purple and Gold and Biddy also ran.
Fourth race?Ave and a half fur|ong??
Frank Patterson, ICft (lllnthy), 9 to 2. 7 to C.
and 3 to R, won: .Tames Oakley. 1W (Collins),
, to 2. 7 lo 6 and 1 to 2. second; Ed Garri
son, 103 (Smith). 1 to 2. 1 to 6 and out,
third. Time. 1:13. Sallle O'Day. Bank Bill
and Wizard also ran.
Fifth rnr.e?one mile ond fifty yards?
Kneelet, 101 (Bmlth). 9 lo 1, even and 1 to
2, won: Don Thrush. M (I.unsford). 2 to 1,
4 to 6 and 2 to 6, seeond: Bnlfron. 114 (Col
lins), 3 to 1, C to S and 3 to 6. third. Time,
1:53 l-D. Sol MlnU. Oalar and IMquette also
Sixth rare?one mile and fifty yards?No
Trumps, 95 (Ltmsford). 7 to i, 8 to 2,and
4 to 6, won; Paul Gtlnej, 1?8 (Thurber),
2 to 1, 3 to 5 and 1 to 4, eerondj Titer Jim,
103 (VV'ewUr), 15 to 1, 4 to I and 3 to I
tbtrd. Time. 1:55 S-6. Marl* C.. Safe and
Sana And Cotuln D?? alse ran.
Men From All I'ai-ts of Country Ar
rive to Begin Special
Line Officers' Training School Will
Soon Open nnd Candidates Will I
lie Notified To-Day?Colonel Love
in Charge.
(Special to Tlio Tlnie?-Diapatch.)
CAMP IjKK, January 3.?From every,
section of the United States men ar*:
rived at Camp Lee to-day to enter the
Knglneer Officers* Training Camp.
Krom th" far-away .State of Washing
ton and from icy Maine men wrho are
to become officers in the engineering
division of the army reported for duty!
to Lieutenant-Colonel Dewltt C. Jones,1
who is commandant of the school. From j
Fort Logan, Texas anil from balmy j
Florida th?-ro were representatives,
who its civilians inude progress as en- i
glneers. Men from the Regular Army, j
from tiie National Army and from the
National Guard were received. A large
proportion of the 1,100 men who have
already been commissioned as reserve
officers reported for work. It will be
the largest engineering school ever at
tempted in the United States. At least
2.000 men are expected. One-half will
be eniistcd men, and tho other will be
man who have nlready received their
commissions. All will receive the same
course of instruction while at the
The different commands in the camp
have detailed certain men who will do
such routine work as Is not essential
for the training of the men. V* h'lo ill
the camp the enlisted men who are
working for commissions will receive
the same pay as they were receiving
prior to their entrance to the school.
It is thought that the engineering!
school will be continuous for the period J
of war, and as fast af. one class ad-1
vances an additional class will he,
started. As soon as a man, who Is lit',
the service shows ability that would ;
qualify him for a commission in the
engineering department he will prob
ably be transferred to this camp for
Camp Lee's quota to the engineers
camp had not been completed to^day.
The majority of the men will come
from the Three Hundred and I' Ifth.
Engineers, but there will be a few
from other units of the division. It in
thought that the complete quota from
the camp will be less than thirty.
Officers of the engineers' school In
clude Lieutenant-Colonel Dewltt C. ?
Jones, commandant; First Lieutenant,
H J. Flannagan. adjutant; Major Al
bert K. B. Lyman, senior Instructor, j
Officers of the line officers* school j
1 ave been laboring to get things In ?
readiness for the' opening of their
school on Saturday. In this school
there will be approximately S00 men. |
One hundred and seventy-four wl
come from selected schools, and the re
mainder from this division. The ex
amine board has been working to com
plete its work and the men
attend this school will be notitled to
The commandant of the school is
Lieutenant-Colonel Jame* M. Love.
Colonel Love in well-known In N rsInU
having been inspector of the National
Guard of the Slate. He was also an
examining officer for the oW"" Ifjier
in<>- camp in Kentucky and other
States. He is regarded as particularly
fitted for the development of 3'?""*
officers. Associated with him will be
Captain A. P. Cronkhlte. senior en
gineering instructor; J* ,~
Powell, adjutant; and Captain A. .
Comb, signal officer.
ft'ontinued from Flrft Page.^
t'ions. and added that she had seen a
light burning in tho judges home
when she retired at about 8' ?
Monday evening. This Is the light
Chamberlain Is alleged to have stated
that his brother blew out when they
departed from the home that night.
The lamp in the home wao subse
quently found dry by Squire Houchens,
who says it evidently had burned until
it went out.
Louisa lloatwrlght's testimony la
The kidneys are the most overworked
organs of tiie human body, and when
they fall in their work of filtering out ,
and throwing ofT the poison* developed (
in the svstein. things begin to happen. I
One oi the first warnings is pain or
stiffness in the lower part of the back;
hltrhly colored urine; loss of appetite;
indigestion; irritation, or even stone in
the bladder. Those symptoms indicate
a condition that inny lead to that
dreaded and fatal malady. Bright a dis
enee, for which there is said to be no
cure. . ? ? ,
You oan almost certainly find Imme
diate relief in GOLD MED/.L Haarlem
Oil Capsules. For more than 200 years
this famous preparation has been an
unfailing remedy for all kidney, blad
der and urinary troubles. Get it at
any drug store, and if it does not give
you almost immediate relief, your ,
money will be refunded. Be suro you j
get tho GOLD MEDAL brand. None ,
other genuine. In boxes, throe sizes.?
Adv. - .
i Colonial
^ Mahogany
Is Worth While
I, - -A
Commercial Stationers end
r (^fice Outfitters
Shoe Prices Have
Advanced?But We
Continue to Undersell
('Jtwo Stores)
$08 IL Main. 10 E. Broad.
Uncle Sam's men cordially invited
Breakfast from 7 to 9. Pinner, 11;
to 2:45. 8upper, 6:30 to 7:30.
Fiftk Street, Near Mala.
considered the most damaging yot
Kiven against the accused physician.
?She said 011 the day of the alleged mur
der her employer left home at about
11 o'clock to take his wife to the rail
way Kt.itlon, whence she was to leave
for a visit to relatives In Nebraska,
lie borrowed her horse for this pur
pose. feeding the hor?<e just before de
1 parture. In the wacon lie placed a bag
I full of crab errata, Hho said. Ueforc
going h? told her that ho would stop
[by his brother's and settle "that note."
i lie returned it little after S o'clock
| that night. It was late for him. but
| she had waited, keeping his suppor
[ready for him. "When she heard the
| horse drinking at the cistern she
, opened the door, and tho doctor seemed
i surprised that she had waited. A short
: conversation ensued. Then she closed
' the door and placed supper on the
[table. Stiveral minutes later the doc
| tor came In. at?- sparingly of supper
i and dismissed hor tor ihf night. When
| Ghe started home he followed her to
tho door, an unusual occurrence. In
[her pathway was a large dark object.
, He told her not to mind that, as It
i was nothing but the harness. She con
tinued homeward.
| Louisa said when she returned next j
i morning the doctor had already break- (
! fasted, and that ho volunteered the ;
; Information that he had "tamped" the
'? fence posts Into position. .She said tho
i posts had been standing in the holes,
l untamped, several days?more than a
! week, she wan sure. In cleaning the
house that day Louisa said she noticed
i that a fire had been built in the fire
place of the doctor's room. This, too.
was unusual, as well as was the fact
that tho ashes from the fire had been,
as she said the doctor told her, dumped
in the hogpen. Louisa also noticed
that one of two large rubber blankets
were missing. She identified the jump
er-jacket yesterday introduced as be
longing to Dr. Chamberlain.
Cross-examination by James C. I'age, ;
leading counsel for the defense, failed
to weaken the testimony of either of
the colored witnesses. Really, it
seemed, the prosecution was moro than
well-pleased with the few additional
facts brought out by the defense.
A dossen other witnesses were put
on the stand, most being used to iden
tify the various articles exhibited yes
terday and to corroborate previous tes
timony. There were no conflicting
Papers in the arbitration proceedings
through which Judgo Chamberlain won
an award of several hundred dollars !
from his brother, were read into the l
evidence this morning by Walter'
Leake, of State's counsel. It was stated ?
! that an effort would be made to prove I
1 that the doctor was attempting to de
fraud his brother of the amount |
through deeding his property to a per- j
| son to whom he was not indebted, j
Robert X. Kent, Jr.. a Richmond banker,;
was named as trustee In a paper filed
I by Hr. Chamberlain, alleged to have
| been a part of his scheme to swindle :
[his brother. Mr. Kent testified that he
knew nothing of his appointment as!
| The State seeks to prove that it was
! through these proceedings that tihe .
i doctor became angered with the judge. !
| It contends that the award furnished a j
j motive for the crime.
; The State will close Its case before :
| noon to-morr'ow. It is understood* to-1
j night. The defense has less than a i
I dozen witnesses, and will begin sub- 1
| mitting evidence In the afternoon. Just i
j what turn this evidence will tako r.o '
I one has been informed. It is thought
| fliat all of it will be in by Saturday,
i noon at any rate. It is hardly prob
! able, however, that the case will reach
i tho jury before Monday, unless night
| sessions are held in the meantime.
The accused to-day seem to evidence
i If tal:*n la time this Calcium eemp*un4 \
lessona tho risk ot chr^nlo throat ar lung '
! trouble. All the remedial ao>l tenia <juaU !
i ltl^a ore oombir^d In this Calcium c?m- !
; pound. No harmful drugs. Try tbonx to- 1
, o?r, m i i
50 cents a box, including war tax
for sal* by all draggfata
Eckaaaa Lab*r?t?ir, niiikdcipkla I
h!m firat Mlyns of anxiety over the out
come of the trial. Frequently he seemed
dazed, but ulways ho would smile when
his frail little j:irl wife nestled against
Ills chOulder. Airs. Chamberlain seems
not to realize the gravity of her hus
band's situation, and often Is amused at
the wrong tlriip.
With the lessening: of the weather
rlgorounness by to-day's unclouded sun.
many Hpcetutorn came to add volume to
the already overcrowded little court
room. Humor of negro testimony fre
quently caused laughter, but this was
speedily curbed by Judge Rutherfoord.
who Insists upon perfect decorum.
Frances l)emare*f. In "Toet! Toot!"
Trances Demarest has been given the
role of Mrs. Wellington, in llenry W.
Savage's latest musical comedy, "Toot!
Toot," which comes to the Academy
next Monday and Tuesday. Miss Dema
rest made her stage debut under Mr,
Ravage's management as one of the
flower maids, when he produced "I'ural
fal" some years ago. Since that tlmo
she has become very popular, having
played the prima donna roles In nume
rous musical comedies, which have been
before the public notice the last few
yearn. She was in "The Gay Ilussars"
anil "The Girl From Brazil" some sea
sons ago, and later played the prima
donna parts in "Madame Sherry," "The
Blue I'aradise" and "Gypsy L*>ve."
The character of Mrs. Wellington in
well remembered, taken as it is from
Rupert Hughes's Pullman farce, "Ex
cuse Me." in which a pretty little war
bride elopes with her soldier boy. The
popular Mrs. Wellington takes tho samo
train, bue she Is en route to Reno. Her
husband. James Wellington, which will
be played by lOdward Garvle, has trans
ferred his affections to strong drink and
the fair rex In general, but ho travels
with his wife, also en route to Reno.
Wellington asks for twin berths, being
rotund and of much fullness of girth,
but he is assigned to the close quarters
of a lower with amiable Mrs. Welling
ton, Many amusing situations follow
in the course of a most unusual jour
ney, enlivened, as in "Toot! Toot." by
lively music, song and dance and pic
turesque ensembles for the chorus of
lively boys and girls.
"Lyric Corner Mike"
Lyric Corner
"Where the Crowds Go"
?because it has every
thing that a popular smoke
shop and soda fountain
should have.
"Lyric Corner."
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Cold crowns. }3 and up,
ISxtractlon. $1.
why I c?n do your dental work at a
n-a?ioiiablo price. It Is not becauia I il?e
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plate In all my orowna, and (23 K.
> gold
C. arid
"4 K.) gold plate In my bridge work. All
niy auppllea are of xtanUard make and pold
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rive yoti a reasonable price Is: Klrwt, my
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huppliex and got a dlxnouuV; third, I have
my own laboratory mcchanto aud do my
luboralQrS' worls In my office.
I have had elrtat years' experience In the
practice of dentistry and my annuitant liau
Ii?rt over ten yearn' experience. Therefore,
you are not trusting to students or inex.
perienced men, but to experienced, rexls
u ri'd dentlhtii.
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l.jrachburar Klrdrlo and (iai Plaat May ?
Have to Mhut Dona Within
i Week.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.] i
LTNCHDUHG, VA., January 3.?The '
j I.ynchbunc Traction and 1-ilRht Cora
j pany lias telven notice her? that, unless
i the State l-'uol Administration can get
I it coal within u week tho electric and
I kas plants here will have to cIoho.
j The pre/tent Biipply of coal will last
seven days, and tho company has none
rolling:. Until a month ago the com
pany had no trouble as to fuel, but ten
days or two weeks ajjo appealed to
the authorities for help.
a. j| or Tomilitis?gargle
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, with warm, salt water
4bcn apply?
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