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tif'y Delivery ol Sunday Want Ads
Insures Coned Classifrcation
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iUdjmottii Sritne^-Pi^pHf ctj
Sec Times-Dispatch Want Pages for a
Service ol Uoequaled Value
voimr, w?
Takes Oath of Office Before
Distinguished Throng of
State Officials.
Parade and Portico Features Are
Abandoned Becausc of
Promises to l.ivr 1. p to * anipiiiRi
Plcflp**^ "f Kroiminy an?5
Wcstmori*'. : ?! Davis ye-'-.ffd C be
came Governor r>' Virginia when. <<t 1
o clock, he sub cribed to the 0:1 th o{
ofh>:? adtnlr.ift'Tcd by .liS'lur. j-tafford
i>. Whittle, president of the :-fuprem?*
I'ourl of App'a's. A salute ol
!r<;n punj boomed front ^nn''!i o-:t: ide
tbc C;.pitol i'lrt rt* tlu Governor to"'*
the oath, announcing to ire--gripped
Richmond that the apo.-ile of economy
arid efficiency had ai'S'imed t.'* reins
of Rovrrnmcnt.
Into office " lh the ne-v Gove m?r
n-ont Lieutenant-Governor i:. Frank
H'jchanan, .* '.tor:i? y-G'-neral John I-.
Xaun'lvrs. Secretary r'? 'he Common
wealth H. O. Jamer. Treasurer Charier
A. .lohnaton. Superintendent o{ Public
1 nftrtjetion Harris Hart and t.oinni!>
: ion- r of Agriculture G. W. Koner
Juti?fe:s Martin P. Purk*. Kredcrlek W.
Slmr. H. R. Prcntla. .'c^:e V. West,
.ioscph IKelly and P. Carter Seotf.
admlnl; tertd t'oat . the ordct
Orcmoni:' urrour.'Jirs the lr augu
1a 11 o n were exceedingly ?P1" P' * ? The
program wa? s-horr oi all expected
jjomT' because the inauguration com
mittee of the lv s;i '.atur>' deemed it
inadvirable to nape ?' * militar*
pageant In such inclement wra'her. .
The only martial feature o* t day.
except the 1'r.n^ ol the : h>" the
TUchmond llowitsert'. *?*?<?' the pres
T.ec. an guests- of honor, of Major-.
Ceneral Lloyd M- Pre'' cmmamler of
the Eightieth l>;"i w "? h ? i* staff
/?id m'X.Vr of the Br.lis:i ? I reu.-h
\> .'-??>ns ?t Tamp I-1*'-.
At.!, i:\eiu im;s a hi; iiixii
IN IIAM. or Till". IUH J-K
.Ml of the inaugural exercise* wer"
i.r'.d in thesis': of the iiou.-c- if Dele.
;;*tcs, before the General Assembly In
i i'.nt session. Because of tin- limited
seating capacity of the hall, the cM.i
tr>l \ra? do. ed until the ex* reiv'. ?'cre
f.orcluded all e^-'pt meAit"-r- of th- (
A-Homhly. >'?at?! Ofljeer and especially
invited gue^t:i. A^ i* wa!, t'.ie ""at in1-:
i apa^itv u.1 ? overtaxed, r<n*l o) h*id
t.. stand under ""he gallcrtv .md :n the
^ .?le*. None r.f Virginia' ' congre. :onal
delegation rotild t?e p . ?r.r. War 1<*g
1-iatfon iwcpt them ::i NVa>hi.:glon. they
It ^->i5 at t.r ?: hoped that the trro-j
monies could be held on thf touth por
tiro of the Capitol. that the thous
ands who wanted to he?r 'he I'Jovcr
nor'r addrr.-:i could he a. eommodated
oa the Capitol ground Had wrathe
made this also ii?ad Mfablr The rec^r
t >r, at th-* man: on l.ut n:glit. hcv -
rver, 'va: puhP.e. arrt the ? .uvernor .? id
>lr5. Davis were, given a hrarty v.e.l
co-ne by hundreds, who "?ere pa^bing
In and out until midnight.
All c-t.her l'u;ine:>5 of the General
Assembly v*:u> fubordin-itcd. to the. re
.-eption of t-ho r-ovcrnor and other :ic*v
ofllccrb. Both hotii- :^ met at 11:10. At
11:30 the joint jc.oBion hegau in the
ball of the liouje of Delegate-. Simul
taneously Governor Henry C. .-'tUiirt.
Lioutenant-Govcrnor J. Taylor Pllyson
and tho Inaugural committee of the
General Assembly lott the- Capitol for
the Jeffersoji Hotel, wlicnce they were
to accompany t.ic gubernatorial party
to the inaugural ? eremonv.
A few minutes alter the House con
vened Mrs. Westmoreland Pa\i- entered
?n-ith David Jl. UjUc and .t. party of
women. f'oloncl John NV. Williams,
clerk of the Houfc of Delegate?, was
Introduced and guvc her a i-ea t of
honor. Then thv .Ctatc Senators
marched in apdstook scats reserved for
them. By thi.s time the hall ?as well
filled, nearly half < f tne gathering be
ing women.
Juet before noon judges of the Su
preme Court of Appeals were an
nounced In stentorian tones by Colonel
K. M. Newhouee, veteran doorkeeper of
the. lloude. Next camo the \"irginia
Ccrporitton Commission, followed by .
judges of city, circuit and Federal '
courts and the Mayor of r.ichmont'. |
cu.cn party i . ir.g accorded recognition
by tho members ?rising.
Tho most :?'i:;picious entrance preced
ing that of the n<*\ Governor was that
of Major-General I .ret t and his statY.
accompanied by Captain Toujan. of the i
French mission, and Captain Duwlap. ?
of tho British mission. The officers
were In full regalia, and were given
a rousing welcome by officials *rid;
spectators. Former Governors J. Iloge
Tyler and William Hodges Mann came ?
next, marching arm and arm. and were
tested near the rostrum. Former
Speaker Edwin P. Cox accompanied the i
Punctual to the ir.ii.ute of P2. Gov- ,
ernor Stuart, with his staff in full uni- .
form, escorted Governor Davis into the |
hall. Prolonged and enthusiastic ap
pla'.iFe greeted the <otran<.c and con
tinued until the. retiring and incoming
heads of govor.ime.i- took their seats
beside Speaker H.f.vy ft. Houston at
the Speaker's dosj;.
With the coming of ihe central fi.^
urcr of the occasion the preliminaries
we're complete. Right Uev. Kobert A.
Gibson, Kplscopal Bishop of \ irglni.t,
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Striking Points in /
Governor's IVcssagc
Striking recoriiiue nda I ionn in fiov
ernor, flr*l mrmiiisr to the
iirnrrnl A ?ir ni li I y arc:
lllMMinliuumK'r of creation of n n -
nriTs.tnr.r olOi-e* nm) Ihr cm ploy
meni of present official* to perform
nijdiI IimiiiI duties.
lileclluti of member* of Ihr Cor
poration I 'omiiilanion nml Supreme
? ourt of \|tpe?la li jr |irii|i|r.
Audit of nil ni'countii of State <1 r
pnrlinenla. odtn-s anil n^riicirji, anil
plttt'lne of oil ffm In State Treamiry.
Creation of purrhnninc; commlufcloii
for collective liujlni; for Slatr.
Immediate action Uy I-e^Ula tore
to ofTnet threatened deficit through
lo*a of rrirnur Incident in Kovrrn
menl ronlrol of rDllvvnva nml piilillu
Investment in nuntaiahle bond*.
I.emulative nctlon to prevent fur
ther depiction of fnrm lalior.
Full term for primnrv ?chooln, nml
better pay for teni-hcr*.
i:rfcctlve trnnt Icr Ulal Ion.
.Making ?f 'iovrrnor real chief ei
ceti live nnd Sm?e*? liunlnenn man
Appropriation* f mm I rr iuury,
t h much tinrlccr VMfm, nnd with
consent of (irn?rnl A?*entb1r.
U iirkmcn'v rompcnnallun l.m.
Acrlenlfurnl Innns nml more frr
?inent farm drnionnlrnMonn,
S}?(emntlf I in pro v einen I of Stale
Tell* Legislature He Will J.ivc l'p
to Campaign I'Mpcs a*
to I'A'oniini) .
Object*- to I'ticoni rolled l>eparl?
iiirni.s Auditing Tlieir Own \c
counts?More Work for Officials
Already on Stale'* I'ay Roll.
!I'Miding tlie advent <? f <? f. r- ? -
r efficiency ;ir.'! o-on'M:,.' *:i tV:??
adininiM ration of Stat.-. aftair>*. \V? -t
ntore.iand Davis, in t!??? addre: to ';ie
?*;e?er:i1 Assembly marking hi.- nr. ' of)?
? ?'.i. y t .t Oovrnor of \ii_uiit. ;. r?.
t--rday outlined j-o':- irs vVj.-- pr-ictii-.i.
? tfect w:!J l.e t.i iti>?i ??'.l nil <-m
:l;^t may !>? Pirktni; ..i ?itlur the j-i
? ln-iai. legi.-litivr ? -r depart -
i:i<? ni.*- of 'he gv.-ri;-n?-nt "Die
note of ?')r rv ?? ? ? I-.t?-1 executive's m*
sage >< as Iii?i advoca y ft "efficient
C"vrr,.i''r,i e..?rmoini--.il1:' administered."
He abo sta'.i-O that i . lie I :r v.-.J that not
only Corporation Commissioners should
b<- cjeotrrj by popular mi*, but ihat
iudge. of thr .'-'wpr* i c .r: i.i f A|?.
;-iea".. sliuubl a! ?? o i-IK'
That pari rf tlio addre- mos*
ominous i? 'hi-.- ~ who :t v mployed
in v-orl-ie:: for \\ 1,: :?.r .-ta -
soorJ !?laric}i wa.- vlir-rc :'.te
crnor v.iid: "I p.-ij!Tt:> ""d rltir;np my t^rn.
of ortici; to ?-Ji.- ouiitcnan?-e the eroa'ion
of ncv otlii-e: unl<.-f rr. ndr-t '.'i ncues
ht y l?y extraordinary ? iri-'im^ta nccr
incident f> the prrsr-nt var . .i; a?iit:r
that further -.-t! .i :ivlty
- ftjhJ he ;??!ni.-t' r-^d m ?-?"?nnei-t.'.rin
w :: 11 e\i;it:ii^ S'.a{? ofl: c- I ter; ,>-;ro
iiij* attitude v.'iil tind favtir."
Thi.- is taken to hkhii that -lie ? ;ov>
-rnor v ill v>tn hii'- -is ? 'i. \"ir
sini.t liidwstrial i anv.tnir-vio". .?!.?; the
Virginia H-ord of Movin? - '?-?r!
'">rs if ;?>.?_?-ed in thoir prc.-int form,
which xvotild rrc.itr ? .\ odicc.. rc-'iuir
ip.g ralark? approxima'' n; ?1'4.?>00 a
'??ear. It is not believed, h-nvovcr. that
he will eppot-o thent !f they arc
amended to place the work of the
new offjee? in the hand.- of officials al
ready on the pay roil. nd wh0i<? time
not now fully occur led.
sow: m:rAHT.Mi;xTs \oa\
At I>1T TIIK.IH OW\ A cent XT*
Tile introiiui-tion of m<->re ;i?:vt ptahle
biif itK t .i mi thod^ -" a: ur^i-d by t
fJoveraor. Ilo advocated Mio p-isr??
of mca-^tiri's that would place t)o
tinatices ot' all department?, offices ant!
agencies of the Kovernmept tinder con
trol of competent head,--, and ad', iscd
the adoption of tit's htjdjret sy.ste.iii for
State disbursement"*, lie al.-o favored
collective puivhasitisr by ail depart
ments of the State, .-ayiniy he believed
effective and economical buying ?lc
tuapded the employment of a purefias
mg aseT.-t to aonc under the direction
of a State purchasing1 co:nn-.i.ion.
whose n-.emhert: should he appointed
from present State otliecrs.
"From time to titne." the tlovernor
declared, "bureaus and State agcncles
have been added to the list of our pub
lic activities, and it has been the en
deavor of their creators to place {hem
beyond the supervision of the I'iavernor
and to permit them to rti.-bti:?e the
funds collected hy them, as well an to
practically audit their own account;*.
They hold themselves entirely indepen
dent of the General Assembly, and con
duct little governments of their own.
This state of affairs should be remedied
by prompt legislation. All funds should
b? paid into the treasury subject to ap
propriation by the Oeueral Assembly,
s*"id sliottid bo audited by the Auditor
of Public Accounts, who should have
vouchors for their expenditure."
Krrit.lKAt V AM)
ictovoMV siiu:ssi:i)
Good roads', bcttet educational facili
ties. co-operation of State and i-'ederal
governments to solve the farm labor
problems, antitrust legislation that
would punish violators with Jail sen
tence?'. remedial lccrisation to supply
the deficit threatened by loss of reve.
unit i'rf-.n railroads and the retirement
of taxabb- capital into nontaxabi ? i>ib.
erty bonds, enlargement of appropria
tions for military needs, better care of
Confederate veterans, were all touched
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Signed by 4,254- Qualified Voters
Demanding Charter
Mot Inght Expected in Legisla
ture Between Opposing Fac
tions as to Changes.
Havins ben ccrtiti* ; l.v ? ".crk Wa!
. lor < "lirit i:i n, of the1 1 lusting* Court,
lli': no-a- well-know u iv Hal! peti
tion ' was f? I ?? ?i with Major ilooriri'
A ins! to *.ite yt-ytp-'ltiy afternoon bv
'lornmis: ioner Oraliam P.. Ilobson, of
'the A'JmtnIstrative Hoard, who recently
"adopi.ed" the pa;>?? r. TI-e Mayor im
mediately transmitted the pr-tition to
" if i'!r .\ Ifr^d II. M. I-ow <-H. ?MJ j.
v ?1 "? 1 i'" ? n'r *1 to tl i r i oninion < 'ou ti -
regular ?n"t :ng MonOav
CJcr'- ''l.ri * la ii r>. I !iei| ? l;e ,,r.
li'on. ? i-i ? J.entoil liy Mr. I loh. on. i on
tamed the f isjr.ii turcs of I.JM qtialilh:d
votei ? of tlie city.v This number is ex
aet ;y I :>. ' ;? more nam' than the jpon
?r>r. ?.?li'v. 'i t he i-onta :neij |>"
'?Tf? ?? v. ^ ??; f'Kf <; |.y Mi t'iir:1 ian.
Th' numro-i- r.t' ignatur' ? obtained is
i-oneidcra !>ly more t! ,-m ?h e p. - r<-nt
r* ? | u 11* ? 'J i? v ?'.?. 1 r* 1 e. a ? ? ? ot" thr i ;?*ricra i
A? f rmbly. the qualified vote In the ;?si
general <-b*r-ti'.-i having been 1
Th<?; r . r ;h>- h^^ 1 <>? th\- paction
mo ?. ?-nter. t <!???? ',a red la--: t. -zb? 11 >;?' ?!*>?*
1 'iia'.t'T had t,'.",- !>'?? . pia 'd qu.irHy
j before the Council, but that they were
no: won t<*ti over th" ;# 11: ? id" that
Tie < I a v " r > in t li o i*i; < "ha rl'
approved Thursday night by the Hoard
of Alderman jr- expected to l.c pre
??? nt"] to the Genera 1 Assembly early
t. \? iff. hilt th;? {.-if the
?>PP'.- fi.-tion ro < <~ui r:i
rn.iir is nn\M i;niu:p
TO l'MK?M or M-JI.PI.ATI |{J
Tl" ? had generally believed that the
pre?entat lot* of the petition to the
' ? the 11 ii st i tig .i ?'ourt would
?an *. n't I v> postpone further
' art* r , hut siti.-e the petition
did st ? ? up< rate, they now plan to
carry the ficlu into tlic General A - ?
s^ntbly. Thin aiaCemf-nt va- freely
'?adv la. t n srltt. topether s*"i? :h' m ?
rt ??? :i 11k< t. the l.ej:i;=la t nr>- wottld
approve Ki< hmo:t'I :: !?.::>
? ?barter atne-idn-.ent^.
I or ?-ra 1 days ntenib'TF of
.a-tint; -ipportir.^ th? !*<-t ii :??:? ha-t
be( n tive .< t the ?':ipitol. and t)i.
it'.-.nient '.<* - autliorjtively n: i?;i Ja>-;
Wi.Tht that the ii~5i; v.ivuld b" eoh
?in'ied. ?"?nee rifhincnd'.i eharter bill^
ar' pr.-? 'in.'d to the General A.'rfetnbly
!' r' f"ri"'?? to i?y < 'oininitiei> on Conn
"i4 ? . * i! ie.- a :id 1 prey
>*-i!l brought t., hr-^r in that
bod; t . tabl> th(: > ntlru bill
S'ippirtrrs of the petition movement
flr-.-lared that. ir. their opinion, th':
I z.sla.vir^ would T'ier ;>. rh.< bill."
?' tiie pe: it ion " pending hefor'"
i'1-ditpoud': ? :ty '"onnei!. I; m-;,
.-?iaj tipht entirely, the;- t.^l.-.t-d ou>.
and one In which the 'Jeii'-ral A.-.-en.My
would not tniN. Tl-.is bod> ?| ? al'?.a>.
read:-- and willing tr. rrant ar.j- roni
"ttin:ty ueh i-h.ance: it def-if ? in
: ..d> "t g vi-rnmcr.t. but. t"x\v .
st;', :t v ;.i no* ;*'-t \ hiic there i.-^ a
looa! ligl.t ;.i prosre.-.-*.
ilOI.lt TIIAT l I'J'Y ? ni N( II.
i" M'oivi-;>M \ \ r oit I'Kori.i-:
?'"st a.- nttii-h iire.-f.jre will be brotjsh
? bear, however, by those supportinvr
the ?-lu:v,-rs revomniended by th.- ?"'ity
' ?'?inrit. i: 1 ? pointed on; Thr pai-*.
a-' t.f then bills, a.- ,t ?-tep to\<-;ir!'
a .i"tor? ? orth ient yystcm of government,
with a fi>:#.d responsibility, -will he
tsr ? ? 'I 1 -anee.= hav.t ?een recommetif]
' d m the State's trovornmentaI mai-,h}n
? ry to e-.tt away much "deadwood. ' and
it is known that me nhers of th~ Gon
???*. . A.-r mbl.v are favorably inclined
towards- some of these rccomme.r.d.-i
tions. Since HiehmonJ faces practically
the same situation, it i.-; believed that
thijj .,-ity.s bills will l>? a ven favorable
In the meantime. Uichmond s po-iti
cnl situation grows more complex. Th"
amendments reeonitncnded by the City
Coun.-i! will probably he present-d to
Mayor George Aitislie for h.- approval
to-day. Immediately thereafter i.'jtv
Attorney Pollard will draw the- neces
sary bill? to carry out these change
ami ;.f them in the hands of p.ich
ntond's delegation in tlie General As
My f-?r present at ioti to that body.
i:-it before there hills arc presented
to the Legislature the Common Council
will have received the -City lTall peti
tion." Thin paper is signed by Oil
?nullified voters who petition the Coun
cil to e,ii ;i special election to deter
minc "Shall this city take the nece.srary
step.- to frame, stnd request it be grant
ed. a special form of charter?" Tn
cer: lin quarters the statement is made
that action on this petition by the
Council is mandatory.
? m-; MKFKKIIKI) v
to oitni\A>ri; i ommittkk
I: generally believed last night
tl at the Common Council would refer
the petition t.. t.hc Committee on Ordi
nance- at its meeting Monday night.
It will the a he the duty of that boclv
to teport. within thirty days, some
ot dinanee covering the petition. Should
the Council adopt this ordinance, then
the measure would go to the Hoard of
Aldermen for concurrence.
In this election the voters would de
termine whether or not the city's form
of government should be charged. At
the same time electors \ ould select
members ot a charter commission. In
c-Nent that the system of government
should be. changed, then this commis
sion would work out a plan which
would l;nve to be ratified by the voters
arid presented io the General Assembly
tn 1 Since the plan -quid not be
submitted to the Legislature until
it could hardly bjfome effective until
1921. thereby resulting in a delay of
three ytrars.
Prediction Made After Dr. Gar
field Confers With Direc
tor-General McAdoo.
Final Decision Awaits Receipt
of Detailed Reports Showing
Results of Closing.
IB Aanoclated I'rf )
\\ A SIIIXtJTf'.V, Kel>rtiai1. \ban
doii mcnt <?! t!i" hcatlo Monday pro
sr.tin after its enforcmcnt ti^M Mon
day. v. a predicted to-nisr 11 th- 0
of ;i prolonged cont>r<*nce hctw?cn
Administrator Garfield ;in<] Dirvi-twr
(Ivn'T.i! of Kailroads McAdoo.
A lill.ll IM'jll Wa. not rea< lie ;. ;?nd
i ftirtiwr ?:onf'Tf w ,11 l.~ j,?.?,j Yue.?.
da; but them wa> . v. ?v ,t,
f-.tll f.JMot.-li.w. .,xoI] ., 1'ff jd. lit Wil
.01:. who In. I.??? u consulted. fr<? I ili.it
' J "J j .V#.- e : <>uph? i'.im !.?? ?uir.ji; . ,j
from ij.,w on by ronttnuanv of f.r? t. r
cntial coal : ratiFportnl'on a.id .1 ui
btition and by railroad fml>ar;oM now
in for.
Ten liTttlr.'s Mon'h.<. ??<-?,. ,,r,j
by t]><- 1 'j" 1 admini t ration ,T;?n<;.<ry 11
a measure to save coal anil to re-fl
IJcvn railroad transportation Next!
Monday wiM th. third ob ? rv ' T!
'""iliiy hol*d:iy> ?. .Mr* pr^? ? ')?*'! bv
' ? <-day iml'j -rial shutdown ;i?
,.Kn <?,<? Mhle.a 1-. 1.-tern la.lromi ,
,>{ l?ir<ctor McAdo.,.
?' ? arsons araii.et 1 It mo-.. t.;
- ral froigin
T!ic Monday Mosin;: ha- broupht
opposit ion from .r.|[;
tr.-Tr Ja! ! particularly ;,:T
department t.The small More*
?. ...?\e opposed if. as hs* ? t*iow:i
of oflicc h iildtns . Theaters suc
? ? ? J'd in lsavii ? tlu- day a: applied to
th'-'ti dialled to Tuesday.
!{ w? ?= stated officially t?"--nir!it 'a.-)
r.-i ? ? :i a final ?J?oion wae 1
reached vas because complete report
hav? rot yr>t been recciwd >hoT,nt
11' ' ?*"?*! ^ ? j ! r ?: of ?V)r. ti vc - rl'ty r-v.* .
; inc. .mi] :?? effect' r.f opcr.-i'inn of Iii?.
cinharso tod .i.v r-vh Mr M? Adeo
^ * Id a r-- <?f ;!ir opinion, 1
'?????? ^'tic the 1-0,1! problem
lar~f!y on ? ?.f t ra n-i.oria t ion. eia
baryo.^ ?- i 11 brin..- re-ults without .-on
' it.-c of t h<- Monday .-loyinvs. Nm
<Miforvenient r.f f ^ . n.barjoes, it
' h' hrprov.-d th- .^ittjation as
, a.-. ? 1! J :i;i otvervanco of nin.
b< :;tie??< Mon'dayp. :il!:iou~b bad
^??"ndirior.-s ."io? 'rt tip i -.?ai move-f
;in ni.
The fw. ; id.r,sr.:refer' r.? i 11
"rd-r catlinp for the diMrihtiliun
? '*a! tir<t to honsehoI'i'T.-. ship*. ?.tjb!!e
, n. t it u: and fa\> r< tl war sisdu ?
trie-, u ill sr.'ind. a.-- v ;; ,is v.-jl -io 1
r.?adminh-'tratitnV order c.- iisc
, p: ??'frre ilia I r:. 11 tr.rtve rnent to eo.sl and
food. TIv><e two order:-, it !? dcvlarid. '
,\i.; c;jaran'.ee coal to cor,?uraer5 which
? r> ^o'/i ritMient ia d^toj-jTi ,n?>d to
?? upplied, h !? r.'>u..'n tl-f> |e.?j* csyential in
du>t r je.- ar*s 'Apeet?>d to HtlflVr. and
&otii<* niay . ,<??> ? r. cdc.vn.
?"'trii ials n>ai - no >>srf of iv f.4, t I
111 a ? ba-! rail *? so'-~ b- ?- n ,j.? -j...j
'? ! V r u - J" pl.t. ?. ! )?.? i lifl?l.-? l'.i J jns
f \?*?-?? 11 ? J 11 o t ? r (ifi-rt ij-.vued 'I'iie
eivtbars-je.- p,.;1-'-.-] ;it the uj-~ >p.t'
renuept of t'.ie t iei administration. |
wi !c'i eor tended that il>( ei'i'--.??r
elo.siiiS- O'dor '???"tjld be nullified by !
'r conditions th? ^!e?) v ?? ? ]
Oflb" ?!.- ?-f 'he railroad adtn-nj;'ra
tion believe 3 return ?f ?<->f?d weather '
will , ,*?od;ly rr?;or-> the transportation ' j
sj.-tem, and t'.tat thi.^ t*-.;} <ol\e the ,
fuel p.'obleiri. The" tay that the M.-n
day < losinp has di.'oreranizcd industrial 1
activitie.-. and nctuaily has hampered!)
rsi!rr>;id operation by making it !m- ' 1
possih'e to load and unibad ?,:ir? 1
l)?'ii:nrrii'>; flinooc 1'rmu Mniiy ? itien
>lenilierk of Vationnl MU ixoi y
< ummliire,
W ASi I i XOT? j.V. I:*ebruai y I With t
plans ??on,pie:?. tV>r the formation of .1 1
'v i;r:ni - n it.on il advisory i-ommiitoe ?
? ?'. '!k 1 '< nil- t t. Xat i?ipiil > 'oiiiin .itce. 1
anssouii 011'iit w.is- mid 10.day of thc.t
appointment of number, xcre.-.>? siting 1
every port cd the country. Anions the!
women leadms the list are: ? .
Mrs. Gertrude A. Uec. Pcnvcr.
Mrs. IVrry 1'ennypacker. Austin.
Tex.; .ATrs. .f. A. Corbett. Jacksonville.
I'ln : M: John K. Ottlcy. Atlanta. <;a.:
Mr*, l'tanklin^ s. r::,rdr.. Salt I.al:e '
.fit:., ftah; Mr-, j. i'razior Konnic.
Louisville, Ky.: Mrs. lienry I,, sher
lo.-k. 11 cIcti?>.. .Moni.: Mrs. A. If. tI;ir
ri"ia n. Luconia. .v. JI.: Mrs. William i:.
ratta?iffa:i. Augusta. Me ; Mrs. Theresa
?irahain. foein d'Alene. Idaho. Mrs. | 1
ae Ua.-.s. of Chicago, will !>.; chair- i
man of the committee. >
A It-KiuiM linn Mlci-ted V|cc-I>rr?|ilrut of '
\s?iM'iatb>ri of Soil!Iitii \-ri- '
cultural MurUtrv.
f By AHsoeiuttd l'i e> >. I
A'I [-A.VTA, ? J A.. l'obruary 1.-?Ucportp
of committees and the i lection o: i'ic>. i'
feasor J. I". OtiK-scr. Aubutn. Ala., as ! '
; president. t>:t:ur.<d the Hosj.u; ,se>.,ion ?
of the nitiett-etitli annual convention of
the Association of Southern Agricul
tural W orkers here to-day, '"/'her ofli- ' 1
Jeers elect..d were: J. n. KRgflc.ston. Vir- .
crinla, viee-prcj'ident. and Dan T. Gray. : ,
Kaleiyh. X. O.. secretary. \\\ j:. i?od. ! j
'son. 1 tat on Hoiia-. l,a? fornjer prej-i- f
(!?ut of ihc association; I!. A. M->rsan. !:i
j Tennessee, and 13. W. Wtltfore, Kaleiyh! j a
X. C.. were appointed members of tho i r
j executive committee. The next meet-j j
ins placo waa not announced. Ik
Registration of Enemy Aliens
Will Be Completed Next Week
[By A: "rini'.i )
WAMMNI.TON. IVbriinrv t.?Thr
llrparlllirnt of .fustier hfl* rrrrhrd
mnnr ri'qili'iils for special rutins* on
thr oil i*riisliip rf aliens In prep
aration for Ilir nnllon-nltlr rrcis
trniion of (irrmaii i-nrnij' nlleim 110 it
"rrli. A ?pe.-ial corps of IliHjcr*
Ims tiurkril Inrrssnntly on the <i?>?-? ?
lions, ulilch nrr inerensiiiE: in niim>
Iter jis ihr rrsNlrnlinn iIm.is ilrnu
urn r.
N t.ipicnl niirry rnmp from n Nor
folk. \n., iiiiiii, ? ho u?< Imrii in
? ?rriiimiy of \im1rlnn pnrrntn. ami
vhilr n inline i-hllrt innvrrt ii>
S?ll/rrlanil, ?hfrr hi* nutilirr Iitnr.
rird n llu<><iiin. I.ntcr Iip ?'ninr In
ih?" I iiltril "Uiirs. rrnniinrrri his
stepfather's n i? in e nnil mil loiuilli y,
nnil applied fur \nirrlrnn citizenship
pnprr*. Ilr H i tl nor hrrotiic fully
tint urnli/cd before thr imr. 'I'lif
rtr|)orlnirnl is pumlrrint; liin rn*f.
>11 ?i mini it rtill/r d l.rrtnnn nnlrs
nlmir Ihr ncr of fiiiirlrrn, ?f iihmn
nboo! .Min.lMKI nrr In ilir I'nltril
Mntrs, Mill hr rnjuirrd !?? rreislcr
liPlHfni nr*l Miniilnv nod ""nlnriliT
\tilli Ilir police i?f eltlrs nhmr .'i.CflO
population. nnil with |inilni.i*trr? of
?innlkr rnm iiimililci or rnml dis
trict*. 'I hrrr ? ill he no chnrtre r\
iTpi for ilir four copies of >i photn
urnph >?hlc|i ilir rejristrnnt mini
furnish. Subject* of An.it rla-Hnn
enry inri nomrn nrr no! compelled
to ri-si'trr.
1|rn hnrn In Ihf, t'nllril Slnlrn of
i.i'ininn paronis. or fully unttirnli/cd
hrrr. need nut r? (ti'lf r. hilt those
m ho hnir tnUen nut only thrlr HrJl
paprrs is i11 linu to enroll. Kormrr
resident* of Alsnrr-l.nrrnlno, horn
Ihrrr after thr llrnnan nrUurr in
1ST I. nrr recorded m- nllrtiw, r\'?
tlionsh thry nrr of I'rc neh dencent
n nil s ? in pill h Irs.
Thr Hrpnrlmrnl i?f .Inntirr colled
nttrnllnn lii-dny to Ihr foot Ihnt
lirrnmns lit itic in n rurnl rnm
in n n i t .1, or rt town of le.*j? thnn .".IWC.
ImiI rrrrli In- otnll from n lnrcrr
riij p?.s| -oilier.- ore to bo registered
l>y Ihr postmaster of (lint odlrr, noil
not hjr Ihr poiloe of the lnrcrr rlt.r.
special efl'ort* nrr hrinc innde by
Ihr 1 te port nirot nt Justice. hy p?.
1,'rr iiitH posl-nlbee officials and
others nssjstinc In Ihr rrslmrnilnn,
lo eliminate nny Idrn Ihni thr rej;i?
Irnlion implirs any *pr?'lfii' lilnmr on
Ilir pnrlirtllnr l.mnnn. 11IflrI:iIs nrr
?'nnlionrd lo li* ? onrteous to nil
nppllo*nis. .mil Ilir (?cruioi.? nrr re
minded thnt in rrrlslrrinj: ??thrt nrr
tritins proof of their penrrfnl dis
position* anil of their imrnlinn lo
conform t? the Inn* of tb?^ United
llrMMt-r \Nnm? |lt'?<lrr* \?>t tn t li;irec
Morr for Wliont I'luiir.
' It;' ,\V *0-<l Pr" .
W A1.1 N . TON. !?'??t .-Ka r v .! w.'
?rtiit-" I ine:ca?e.s in whv:ii tlour
'Ji e- will not I'O in'rmi t sou. Yho
'ood idimnh H al iOIi to-nii^it u.?v?5
warninsr to d ale:- : I. ;i t (hoy '.nu.vt not
: ij\.- a :? ;? iiii'Or.c y i It'irtas'
,ii .? t i i. :? . . brought <?:> by the
imvv .1 man I ti'1' new Itaklu? result
ikm.. Iia> < ati-io.j.
Many .-ompla int:- i-.icbcd l'oo.l Ad
ii ,:ii - ? r.-i: i'? llooxor to-d.-iy that ? 1 i? I -
i i h ;|i l!io > v? i ?. t i *? u? ? alriady iiav.- In*
i;un to tlio-.i price?.
"Mills ?.>?' iho country." jh.I Mr.
!|ao?-ri *\viv' preparod to mic i the
L-r'atf.- demand of lio'i.civiM1- a i l h.i'.
?r.-1 t'o" OtVr cereals dliriil-' ilm !ir?i
I'ow months. l.m-k of transportation i
: i .oily f,?.-'..r t :i tf will stand in t ?
??ay ? t i-r ?>[?< .- <1.i i'.nst io.i tlr ?.oip;)iout
I ho f-ounlry.
'Tn'.ii'on.w; o ; r< :a;'rrf o. ' -o';
<t nii-ir' than .i r?? unal-Io :>r>tit will
iavo thrir supiill^ out o? f through <h<
ico ;iioa<:<-? ii of ;-'i ? u:es by tho food
Klmini-t ration forbtddipp the n to ro
? ,u onl?r> fowl from mi.Ii v?
?i oft ill f* ii t 'loll* Doinncrutic '"naton
lli> linen Not lioslrr AKiIii
t ion iu l onuri'is.
' Hv \ IT ? '
\S A. II1.V ;T< i.\. February 1 - In ?m
i'-.a j- .t i hi: b,:< it ;i>n to I ii o .Senate
Military ?''<>!nir.i' tfv'h io ? a war rah
i- ?! K'i"i a mmrtiou d iro.-tor. 1 *r? ? i-i?1 ?_-r.t
A'ilson nrvtod upon another group of
.>< tv.ocra t ;i- Senators, cm lb.-d to tin*
kVltit- Mouse to-day. 11.*- noooftity of
ivoifi.n?. as ;-.'.r a? po.sajble. agitation
n i*^onBross ili.it might euoouracc the
mi-a:nJ the iiliprri< ?:i of cl: > -
:o v.-!.
Thi Pr*:- .ocnt. a< lording ir? tiioj-o at
oniJins th'" ??orif'-ronoo. tn for-vfu!
a: lion r<-itc:n t'<-1 lii.s ohJc-.-tious to the
u-i.U0r.0d legislation, ami ri-v.-lircd In
vould tii -ojifidor a <-onipromiso oil
';o-n. 11 ^ >?ii id h-'-th '?>;?!.- wfi i' oano.x
oti; :.-? him iie.-auso tljoy woro uai>f o?
? i . :i s n I lit ?? a li so tliey would r-nili.i;-- ,
??.-> hii-1 ilpprjvo hitn of authority i.i
ilu: i-f-utmn i.f the war.
Although all Hi*- yonatovs in-o-eni
? I
vero ??! to he In '-irire a -.-<>r,| with
h-* I're..-ideiu'it position nnd o- tiildeni
ha? the U-sssI ition -? *-eita f?r" <ir ?
cut. t!j?v said Senatoio Mlteln-o-!;.
m,; Wild:-**.????-.-ili Tiep.iliiiran. Wi r? plan
?- ii it i-peo<-li. 'n ih. S.-nat. c ir!" im's!
ve. li in .-ii|o.o; ? ..r ?;,e 1.S! 1!? anil . i... 1 ?
lot i>e .-'.iipji' .! under the Jennie rul>-H.
lieplies are piaimeJ on hehaif of tiiu :
liinini.-t rat ion.
? or t h<* r ii Pacllic Train Hit* *??-1iot?1
\\ ii lion. Si-ji( irrina Injur?-H AIon^
l(i-^lit ?f Way,
' I ly A ?t.?V 111 I ' >1 I've ]
MI..AKI3, MIXX.. l ohruary 1.? |
^ XoriloMii i'a.-ili.- train sirtiok a bus
ii ->i hifli twenty .-i-hool oliitdren were '
idrnpr hero Sale to-da;*. Uillin;; sovon.
Cone of ho p.i,--c;:r,ers- or member;- of !
In- train i-ro\v m.is injurrd.
Some of th'- bodies were nuiuglcd be
fool Vv .'.-ifrnition. I'jiksi ns?-rs aided
!o. tor.- ^ nd ;.ui-- in attend* Ihr in
tired, tine- r?who"t may die.
Tho *r- tin t.-l; * lie l>-is. a bo\'ikc
ff.tir wi'hont windows. j.|u.irc!y in tin
niddl reij'i'-ias; it ' u Uiniiiny wood,
'a'-l Muellor, the driver, siti<l lie was i
innvaro of tlo- approach of ihc train. J
V. ill I nil *MI1i'tl ll\|irrl?.
'It' \.s.,<iali-.| I'ri'j.s I
WASHINGTON". February I.?-The jd
nini.st rat ion bill authorizing the T'resl
cnt to call skilled export: in indmtry
vr agriculture into the military ^orvleo
rroHpcesive of .Ma;^ifn-ation under the.
Ira ft. >\a? approved to-day by 11:?? .sen* :
to Military ?'i>iiiniitt??<-. Arransc-me:i s I
Ift'j were made for final notion to-|
norrow on another bill recjuirlnu ,
ouths roftciiins twenty-one years of
tra to register for service.
? ...
rrr*lrt?"Hl W oulil >o( llrprlvr lnt?*r>?tn(r
Hoard ?f Hntr-F'hlp^ l'oHrr? J-,
tlnilroari Rill.
! Wy Ai.ooci.?tci pre:- .)
W.WIII.WJTON*. ?v:.r..tv t. ? Pros
j pe if ot *111 '?nrly a z rcf .iirtt t in Con -
j cr??.?* nn the administration rail
road 1 ' 1 br;?ht??ncd cein.-iderably to
jdsv. v iicn the members of the Pcn
, *t> Interstate Commerce <"'ommittee re
lurned from ? White House poiir'1 rrnnc
\?ith word that the Pr-sident did not
ile.-ire to !? i\<j tho Intorrtttte Contatrrce
i'n:n:ni:-:on diprlvcl of Its ral<>-mal<tn5
power: in i'T government operation of
j|? carriers!
?s,)OH t Ij I'Onl'oi'ClifiO t|je com
mittee Hro'^ into the hill provision?"
.limiting ?overntnent oontrol of raii
r-'-itJi; to eighteen months at'ter the w.ir.
;i nd atiUiorlifinv the Presld'-nt to Inl
? ' ?? r.i'e . -uhl'-' f ;o appeal to the '**?
terstate Ccynmeive Commission. ThH
p"o;m1. ichicli wjis Hiiopt'Ml by i voto
'*f II 'o I. v;is a compro'.u!??"? "f tlie
o;ir.njt?ce\- jHiferen :es. and eliminate^
the most rloui* t ii>-ie to prompt
enaS|ment of the measure.
The ajfmfiit ?rm prepared by a
n'.i. onKnit"-e consisting ot Squalors
? Robinson and Toirnsvnd. appointed to
?"lilts' difhctil'iev p?t?r the Psinsr of a
ner,.-mi t'.?r government oper?t'.en h'i I
! opposition to giving the President
i power tn t;. \ rate-i.
Istf'iro rlie agreement wns :~ubvntttei|
to (ho committep, jt wag ia!;*n to th<?
Whit* House by CHnit"ii ?* S-nith and
Senator I ndcrwood, who supported it
KirM Pert'nrtnnife'" Will rtr on file I .'til.
AI JacolMrii llanaRrr at
? amp I.cr.
' H- t if'1 Pre?.- 1
WASHIXCiTON, February 1 ?Becau e
of tneasie.' quarantine at '"amp Pis
; Wrlfrhtstown. N*. .1 . the iir: i of the
l/iberty theater performance: at the
, National \rmy cantonments, which van
to have been held there next .Monday
n;chi. h.is been postponed
ljppi>r .1. .Mayer j^ncrnl iranager of
the camp theaters. announced to-night
*' at e,gbt o*' i!\c Hi\teen companies*
v. ill b< o ? th road bv February }5i and
? th it t?j$ enpre number will be playing
M ir-1, i *i"iirf-w. Ot the sixteen ea'Tip
theaters have been completed, and ?h<?
are expected to be rvady by the
end of thjs :nonth.
Tff'v' of t'.ii Uteat rjcal coiiip- nics
Will varrv a>?personnel of fourteen
players. ;i?} preafht legitimate p!?\
oii!.Vi Th' oilier four wil* s;ve ya|
e'y eijt,.rtajniuc-ntJ? The yompanic
v 51 P y wcjj! ivn,,ti;.'n',iu ijifie v#||
with n'ghtly p-rrfor;?ia.|i.-e-: an J ma * i -
noes WedneVdayj' *ij{J Sr? urdayi The
hills \-.-{!i be ehapged every two days,
.M.inare: s for the thirteen completed
theaters were announced to-night. They
Include J. H. ratrell, Jackson,
t.'olumblu, S. C.. and A1 Jacobecn. ?'Amp
Lee. Petersburg,
".-:nileai;i>" l<oo!<? will bo ?; -epted
:or ndjnjiisio'.i :? t alJ of the theater:.
< ?ml (am ill |lr (nnMacil ?:j 1"very
Twenty-Knur tloiir* After
Three IJhy* free.
WA si I l.v ;"' i >.v. February 1.?Three
da> s t'j-ee -inn demurrage cliarcres of * :
,i d?v t'lerealtor A'*cro determined to
day by t!i Interstate Commerce ("on
mhxi'.i on cars contain'nc anthracite
.mi bituminous co.-il and coHc s^pt to
tabofrd. Tlii.i gr.is into eft'oct the
lOfi. r'tfd applies to coal for transship
'.liCiir i!ir?ct by vfjff'ls, or to bv siorcrl
for shlptnent by vessels when held for
?>.?. by consignors, or fur any other pur
i '.u's rcconsicnrd or jeshipped for rail
*|e.:\*ery or to Jinother rail destination
will be siibject to the national car de
murrairc nr.es.
It?i|iiret fainlly hy t<*.lutiterit.
P"KT|,AM. 0U15<;:.| January SI.?
city Health Ofilecr Piftih. boliewftig In
llooverUlng. has reduced 'ips family by
eisiitccn. Me l..v v<s onjy five cats and
two dogs now. lie used to have twenty
three cats about his home.
* I
Military Commander Deter
mines to Suppress All
Breaches of Peace.
Revolutionary Committee Also
Captures Many Merchant ??
and Other Vessels.
nri> <a wnus kuikk.yderixg
Hungarian Premier Declares for
I'oarp, l>?t Miiinlnins Alli
anrr With Cicrtiiiiny.
I IS;, A t.> t.-i| IV 1
With the military on rations on all
the ssia jor l?sittl?* t:* ? ? si *continuing far
below n"'nvil, the Internal political fit"
?:.<*. i?-?ti - in 'leinsa :iy, Ku>.kU and I* in
land am Still to the fore in seneral in
? ???re t. 1 :i all three of th?v?? countries
the tiirlMsl? ttee of l'i l days invol\ 'ing
constituted and He facto soyernmenta
osi t h ?- r?n<- hand. anil d?* *sis i.sliod popu
lations r?u the other ? t i; 1 prevails.
in < Senvi.iitv. aUhou-h apparently
numerous s'r:k?-r l!it mmhout the em
pire <hu- t;?r Inve failed to rettsrn to
work. :hTe s ???iniosrly '".is beers *
lessenins' si the tens:'.' of the .situa
tion: us I;u -.-i i the Intern*:?Inc strife
betw?'?>n the Uolsiscviki a.i-l counter
rovolti t tona i y f,??-1 inn* avtaisi has height
ened. while in Kiniaii.l tlx* struggle
,.or\veii the White O'sard. representing
ih" new fovfriisn'i't. and the Red
? Ju.ard. which is opposinc it. sroe.s on.
Meanwhile, frons Ilsmrary comes a
reiteration "f the sincere and earnest
desire of that conns ry for peace. made
before the l?iet by t'ie Prime Minister.
The failure of rjernsati newspapers to
n 't!vc iit the susual n<*iiira! points, from
which ue*vs iif vmdition*4 i*i Ocrmany
is d'ssemlisati >1. leaves-- a veil of un
certainty ov r rise exaet status of af
fairs s.sere. S'i.-h adv^.^f as have, ccme
through tfnl indicate that the strike
iii?i\ eiiifut ha* s o.iched its greatest
height. rond :s?,*iv i,; in the proof.-'15 of
dwindling. T'v. ascribed s.-> the
-ee-siing lsjk'"?M rnsness <?f the labor
loader* toward -V movement, an I also,
ist great par:. in she st r-ing repressive
me.i>'iir> f neirtpred by the government.
MA It II It * Ml or MIMTAItV
n.M i;i? sin Tin-: >tiukkii.<
Ko!!i wi! 1 rr clot-ely ssposi the action of
?li ?? Hamburg military commander in
?leciaring martial law. the commander
in-cjvef iis Brandenbtirsr Province, i?i
svbi -h 11 ^?* s si is : t '.1:11 o.|, has placed she
ha r?I hand <>t the inllitarv 'spots the
.strike:* sissder his Jurisdiction. Hndcr
,i "m?re drastic state of siepe." the
? or.snsnikIt iisfomis tiie public that lie
will .??jpprrt-v every attempt at breaches
of pe* o with all means ai hits disposal,
lie m'.ii nt orderly < Itizens to take no
part in public meetings. and to avoid
crowds. and eon* index by saying that If
arms have so l>o used "n<> distinction
can he sis a '1 0 betw-in the disturbers
of order and those v. ho are not takiisg
p?rt in siifii dlstssrbances."
In rtnssia the Rolshe.viki have eap
tured she isssportant. ni.tek Se;t port of
Odessa and al:-?-? the railroad junction
of t trenbiirpr. which li'1 ?? near the Ass
ati'- fr^nri? r. la ndrlli i.in. the ISo!
sne\ iki are eon; iniftriT t is.vr program of
Is*-' iiliti^s a.-:if;i^t ttu'ins.i'ii-i. the s'evo
.'?itionary onsmittee of '.!s>> I'-iack Sea
flei?t havirs;- eonllsejsted a large ssssm
'oe;- o;' ssserelsa 11 and other vessels In
the Pdaol; sen in orilrr to hamper liou
mania's e.otiirsiori?\ i">n th>N .?thcr hand,
the notsms?is!;? es have taken the town
of Kisdsin?'v, capital of Dessarabla.
it in fifA it l)s a it K
DKPn.tTr.ii vm) m nni:\rii;rt
In I", a land th< Hod iju.ird every
where is beltss defeat- d li>* ; ho White
<.?uard, or i.s voluntsirtty stjrrenderHtg
n:s'! laying dowss aims. The. revolution
ist's. however, s^ti!! hold llelsingfors.
*"?:t the battl*- ft?os^t^ the most im
portant fighting has taktm place In tho
northern Italian theater. Here tho
\s;;striar.s endeavored t-"> evict she
Italians from new position- on Motsto
di Vul Bella, in tnc Asia^o plateau sec
tor, but were repulsed before they could
rei.;h she itt:e of the defenders. Pre
viously, the Ha'ians. i-.\- .1 ciuiek stroke,
masterfully < ? ? ??;! had pushed
farther forward thel- ' :se in this region
to the head 01' tho 'V '.1;;o Valley. The
Austrian lo?ves isi tlie pa-t few days'
t^frhtins'. not isK-ludiftg the men made
prtsoie-. ;> re e.-1 t'i' .1* ed 't between
<?no ,j m! <!.0'M!. 'in siii! ?->ther front**
'he "vh! e->nt-. to In- carried out
by sua'.! parriej; of i"i*art:' i:i rnidissT
oner 1'.ions and t?y the puns of both
A\ AM .s IT. V< I'. Ill ?' ?s
ruin rou i.ntMW mi,u
AMSTriil'AM. 1-Vbrnary l ?Dr. Alex
ander Wekerie. Hungarian Premier, in
Jiddre.-'.-tissg tise f?iei to-day. declared:
s'?s:r readine. -> for peace :s ,-lncerc and
cai ::e>:, We rover Mso\e liar do Wft
.strive, sor eo:niue ,im."
a::- ready to >*)cV: i ji.-t under
stasidlng. which will l<^ad to histlrsg
peace and the security of that pes.en
and of international agreements." I've
m!er Wokerle added, according to tli?

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