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lM?8. Westmoreland Davis, wife of
^Governor of Virginia. will receive
at the Executive Mansion
. oirt < to i? o'clcK'.k. .\ number of
-omliiMit womori win assist .\jrs.
tvls Ills doing tlu. honors of the at
iH))crou? Cor Jin I*
Tltrr ball. j.c b?\ven in iho Blue.-'
pnory Saturday ii.lvhi for the Twelfth
?u i'hlrteci) Comikipjos of Virgin!*
>ust Artillery, promises t,* OI? r>r
i " JorgfPRr and moMi interesting affairs
I tnu Boati'?n. Mlsr. Gladys t:!.n?.r is
airman oil tjie. l>a.lj. .assiated by a com
itteo of- j4*nmino?t. young girl*. and
I sorts of novel and attractive fea
res liuvo boon dUiui- d. The pa
onciiBen for the ball include:
Mrs. Garret* R W.-Ol. Jlra Kraitk Chris
11. Mrs, 0?4-y>ro 1} itz<;..ra.l?l. Mrs H<>r
e Jv Howv. Mr*, t .M Koa?ll?\. Mr
I'.'lifr ?V ?V?irr.in. llrv Jam*.- Hr..ip?:,
r- ; i. Mrs H-Iirv
I.1IT. -. ?/,?"" SC -.VHU t?r-.?n. Mr.'
Itiinilolph VTtlliitnic. Mr.-, r. o Bark
|.? *frK < i Jr Sir. .f.'.n
< / Hr>,;4'1 - M-W. Thosiiua p. Urv.-tn \ir.
'"I Mi.if. Francs ijii.ii' \|r.
jtnU Pohoj-s. .mVu Uranvtiln i; wi-vi'in*
l-'.i m al^u,'". ylr> *?'"?' I'o1 ?
I Mr*>- Henry L* e \ VS".- 1
Uton Cabell Mrv. ir \v q (jlnv? Jir<
U?*niun W.irUiaiii. Mr- W. -r rt??.ri.' >,r,.
[- ,IJ*- -'ft. *' -lolin Hcriuion. Mr?
IhiSf ft ? ,*r> S?1- Cutehlns. Mi."
Mien SU I'orrell. M.t. VV. h Adam* Mr
le Mr* tvTiiV **''' i5tr\. '>Ianjl ? Va"l?ri
. . 'IllWn .1 i.ri-unh.iii. Mrs B
Tt W i x'' u B- T D MyerJ. Jr .
J* T Rourr*k)rL Mr* T A rMrv
7" Crwvton 'i.rti, )ir c H'
krsktnq Huror/1. ijr*. t^wl* 1, ;
? John J3' < 'arv. Mrs h^^ S Pr;!,^'
?H T 'f r? 'i'**" 'r' Vrs '.?i<rh -.
' 1*1 Ittti. ";.iri."cM. *'?"?" .
tTJt y'^^^tliiK. mar
affrt took pf?ice Sunday u^^ruliig at St..
II ri xvllf,'t Mrs. Alli'.l rtus
11 < arrlngton. of S:i\-c. Iiec.imo th^
ld?j of Walter Byrd .MiCRlaJll. .,f Kroc;
ore, S. C. The bridin wlj o has h*<>ri
t? sru?st of hrr brother-in-law and
f'er. Mr. <tnd Mrr. I.. R S^enc^r. was
ven In n\arr;ase by her bt other Gar
itt Russell. She wore a stylish travel- !
S suit of deep blue cloth ;rimmed in
*?y. with hat and glove* to match,
-ne ceremony wa^j performed by Rev
ugh W. SiriJletr. rector of the church. :
id wa<? witnessed only by near rela
'vei?. This marriage took pl.xoe at St. ;
>hn's Churclt on' account of the land
i which it stand? havlnsr betn deeded
? the city by Colonel Willi.?m Byrd.
te ?reat-gra,ndfat?ior of thrt groom. |
;lio j>> alo'? a Krandnephew of'/'jeneral
''ingfield .-'cult.
Immediately aficr th^ wedding the
?ide and prrmm v:eiii to tin .1 t-fferson
'r luncheon and motored u> W fstover.
te old estate of Oolnpol Wilji;; o Hyrd.
r. Mrf Mitohc-ll n-lll |.-.a.-,-?> " to
Kht for their future home. ;?t. Krog
cire. S. C.
ncaccinpnl A nanuaefd.
Aiuiouim:*.ment I:- made <>f jf-o r-n
ipeni"tit 01 Mrrt. Mar;- Mas
11. daughter of Mrs. Lillistn Ruirer?
jaslln. f nrookljn, V. V. :<?> WiLi.t:u
iharles formerly o1 R:.h?rond.
>w of New Vork.
I'-lrbrulr Mbrr Urdclitn;.
The ehlldre.i of Sir. hti4 r.-. I.ou.
-*nnenhers ;<re ctving a. rectpcion at
e hom.-1 of their .".<>? h*a>t
ay Street, th 1evening :,10 o'clock.
honor of tii'- Hilvrr wedding anni
firsary of >fr. ?nd >! rp Sonnenberc
number "f nut-of-tou >? guest- will
pt*e?r?TU. a we 11 as a creat many
'loiiil? from thi. city.
raven?Iloldr-rof 1.
Miss Kdelie Ilol/broft. daughter of
?rfieuiu and Jfr?. S \\". llo!doroft. wa.
Jarricil Saturday evening at the home
( h?r parents to Corporal John Ryland
.ravejj. of th<? I'nlted Statos Marine
(orp:^ <ialy the families of the bride
till groom were pn'jpcnt.
? The l.rlil^ woro a becoming gown of
hie liio-s.^alln'-. ar.d carried a bouquet
f orchid.-. Th*"* ceremony wa- per
irmetl b> Rev J. J. Wicker, t ai tor of
le Ueigh Street Raptist Church, Le
?ire . an Improvised altar of palm:-,
latrioti'- air* were rendered by Mis.
^-thel Cfiownlr.tr of Urban dm. 'I ho
ifide and grootn en-ered the room t?>
|,ohenprin's ''Wedding March."
1 After a hrt--f .stay at old l'oint Mr?
firaves will r'-turn to Richmond, and
I'll! make h>-r home with her parents
|lr. Graves will report for duty on the
jii ttleshlp I 'ennsylva ipa.
i-l tlie Art 1 111H.
f Dr. Douglas S. Freeman will address
Sio Art i?'liib of Richmond this after
hoop . .*1 :.'!0 o'clock. Tea will be served
fier 1 he lecture is concluded.
h.lumn.'ir Ten.
6 The regular monthly tea of tlu- '.'ir.
I. inia I'tandolini BlU tt Alumnae A-:<-o
s'iation vill take place at the <'.>t;ntiy
1 chool for Girls tlii^ afternoon ut 1
.j'cloclr, and ali alumnae of the ".chool
re cordially invited to attend. Mhse
tay Moore and Josephine Clarke vill
ft host's*.", for the afternoon, at.il
he tea will be an interesting event <>f
fjio week.
Jroin?Dj son.
1 The marriage of Misj, Iriua C. Dvfon.
rf Richmond, to l?r. Roland V. Groin.
If Newark. N. J. ctlebraiei en
llonday. I', bruary K< The eernnon
performed by r:ev. W. p:. Thomp
rem. I?. I'., pa: tor 01 I'ark rM?c; y.iii
ftdist Church, and Mr. and Mr?. Gcoir
|'f' ?" "!'c,A a *vedding jour:n-y
? hoy will la t <-r mal.e ilu-ir honie m
'.?'to Academy Street. Ntwyrk, ?V. J.
;ho\%er for Hridrs.
A prelfj- r*ff-jIr given last Tie-day
veiling wan the 'liisci llanoouh Hhower.
|l Which Ml';:. Cooruc c. MitcluU u:
.13 North Thirty.-econd street, wa ;
jiostes-.-'. 'lllO iliOHOi' giv> 11 'n
tonor of Misses DIvii Kate,, and Krcell
leadles, two "orldcs'-to-be The !kmis.>
/as riccomtec' 111 .spring flowers am'
, ed hearts, and t!i? ? pr^.-.-eiits wort*
Vronght in by hub Ollie Rate-. ;i:,
'upld's expressman. KefreMimenti
Vere served in tho dining-room, when,
1 color achemo of red and white wst.
[.ffedively carried out. \*jth re-i ti-j
,yh!lo flowers and cupidr, iu decoiat
lie table. Mlfs Alepe Hitter presided
it the punch howl. Among those pros
int wore:
.MImm Klvft B.-iiPj, Ur.-'ll" l-t'iirll^. v.iiu
, liajlp. Hd/M JflllCtt, l '|..| 01l- <? W harl.tn
?iAl'r'r*' ||.,l''"'ll -.r,"'"|' Bate: . flrtrke
Jjebeeca ?ni.-,. .;.orj;ia Ian-:. .Fullu Cloiv.-t'
tmi'C Dertd. Ul'.'MA i'|?ver Alt^f, u?|. '
r iViv'Vml niy'r- Hh'-' tol,. Mnrv lldll'
'J \H ;? . *' 0 Mrs \t I'l.ff
3?I;h. Mrn. .Inmr.M ||. i *\r' v\,, j.
fc. Turner. Mrs. J. i.ewia Deadlel W,ll,'tm
Miss K'n.fl Rates will bo married to
; ' ? 011 Thursday, and Miss
f^Jiirc^fi! WlN mB,ry Peroy
J'o l.ecture Thurnday.
'ie'inri- JAl,".r; KeJM,,or will deliver a
? ve, 1 ! 1 ? 1C<,,|sc*,,n" Thursday
veiling at 1 ocloclc, at St Inset nv
Academy. This lecture will' b* give,',
(im.er the auspices of the "DcMarill 1, "
?ff .he Children of M,ry Sodalltv. \
jipoHal musical prugiaci bas been ar
?angetl, and all members are iiivlto''
'?r MIkk 1'ouell. v *
[| Mrs. Jona Cutler Stone,- entertained
l,?ne evenmgjast week in honor of he,'
jiunil. Mlsn Zatda Vouell. .M|?K Voilell
Played compositions from n,,ch l.a'-l
(Vevin and Tellinan. and Mrs. stoncr
r<av? several charming readings. Fol
lowing tho program, gamer, were n ay.
I'd and refreshments aerved
Vnnunl U. Ti. t:. Tea.
Ch\ln\T*t,n* nf(Alr of this week
/vIII be the annual tea given hv the
United Dautrhlor-i
?f the Confederacy, Thursday afternoon
ram 4 to ? o'clock, (n Lea I hS
Mrs. Westmoreland Davis, wife of th"
governor of Virginia, and Mrs. Cabell
l-'lotrnoy win bo anions tii? promln. nl
iiue*ts pre .sen*.
Of Infrost t.. relative* throughout
the Slate was five ittarriuio Urad
dock Heights. Alexandria. Saturday af
ternoon. of Lieutenant Thomas Ro-ao
COt, V:1.'?'"?"iwiiy R. 'I'll re? Hundred
and bightoonth Infantry. nd Miss Wnl
0/Vl:.1','l.UShlor or d..?bIas Moxlcv
Low, of l.lackstone. The marriage t.>ok
place at the homo of the. bride's si?
'?*), .Mr.-. Ilenry O'Bannon Coop?*r th"
?'!T.',T10,IV bo,"B Performed l,y" Rev.
w illiam Jackson Morton, of the Knis
uop.tl C h.irch of Alexandria.
lieutenant Cochran In porhaps tin
youngest oniee,- ;i, , Hmp ,^0 ,f^s
i,.5t"d,V't <" tsiacksione
lUfch .Sihool until montlf W|ion
v"'< ?? WaM.lnsrion to accept -i
^r,;!"7l position. l.ie-i tenant and
nran will be ,ilc
Vo,Ji'e Morrison, "at 'The
tanWlin, until Thursday of this week.
i ' ? i',}< \'rC'n-a Gordon has returned
to Norfolk, aftor a visit to Miss Holer,
Mevens here.
I>r. ami Mr*. ,|. Thomson Booth have
recenti.v moved to Ashland, when thov
" ill make ti,- home.
Mr. and Mrs. George for. of m,|.
!; . nr? : pet-din^ w:no time wi?h
idatives hi Ashland.
Mis* Catherine Walter?, of Hanwer
Avenue, has returned to her home
after a stnv of three weoks with rel
atives in Washington and Maryland.
Mrs. William Lancaster, of fhi- eitv
?s tli? i;uest of Mrs V-?t r ?
i , t'lia. ?>dl ar
her home in Ashland.
Oar'S, "S >'?"
"?'? *? "?? !;, rV!luZ ,m*
l.aAJrS|' Klark "-fl-.v. of this citv V.ho
has been visaing her mother! Mrs
X noTL i:l ^-Port. N-;.u%.
folk * ?f r*,a"v<.s in Nor.
,?M"" l<OUU* Bl",,,ch- w"ho has been
HI with pneumonia in Saw Vork k
now recovered ar.rt |? spending sev
era I weo^s here with her parous Mr
umentrAvenune.K'err Eranch' W
i jr<,..S0C,e,y ?f Colonial Dam.-, will
hold its regular monthly meeting this
The Woman's Auxiliary to the How
Uer Association will hold ,s "l*
lar meeting ;hl* cv*nt-g- :,t J,?,
m the auditorium of Murp^ AoTel
The Confederate Memorial I.iterarv
Th? Elementary Teachers' A?o.-ia
.Ion will be addressed by S-nato,-* r
on Wed, r1 i " M;.ryhall High .School.*
on Wednesday aftornoon at i o'clock.
The Ted Cross Auxiliary of Mlznah
M.apur_w||l m-et in th, home o S
\ H. Flourr.oy. M17 North TTv-.ntv:
. hlr;C< ,h,R ?naming at u o'clock
All member* are r^juestad to r>r;?'.'
"In0?, krrl"BMv bounded.
Ml ItCMilt ?t , nrd-f.anic
,''lnc Times- Dispatch. ]
1 i.lrwtali .|t.Jf VA.. I'ebruarv j-,.?
As lV* result of a pistol haul* ,f,.,
midnight thi.s nioruir.c in a iiecro*ov?
weMi'wo11 ,llr"n,i Avenue. lio,'^.*
uell. t?o negroes are d,-ad and two
th' s are seriously wounded. Th"
ImJ aT? L' ,DobS?" ???? ?ife!
-t"d r->s.hVVwun"<-'u art Jerome UroxMj
?*rin i.osa Samuels.
William Warren Is said to b? th?
proprietor, a,.d the shooting is alleged
o have begun during a quarrel b*
vhuT ^tr?r?rf "rown a'"1 M. K Dot,son.
I. I . ?VOr 1 t'an,c of card*
Dobson anl his w,fe v ore fatlllv
wounded and both db-d in th. hosp|?a
The wo wounded negroes are -eport
' " ? J-erious condition. - cport
Held for liobhfrr
ber'T !2VrV' ';onfe?cd rob
" ' 1 "tore* and houses I*
?nde, ai rest and held for trial i|
.. fnme was in cutting through the
. 1 . "ai'." ?"?????>?? i.
. " Street, and si.-alii tr
a larse quantity of poo.?c, |nc'"dtn
.lothtn,. twenty-five high-pried' re"
; i ' .V ' /'lt' locks. , tc. Through
ahle'7,n r!T,0n lh" P?lico hav<?
notver ?VOr rn"-h "f O-'C boot'"
orl?>, i. anS"0rs "^crlptlons f.on.
oti.ii cities of a negro criminal M-id
record.eHieali n '* be ma<1e of b,s
M?S* Mlllnn lipj ii nr?l. ?f y ,
l-nt rrtnins J.orRr AudlP:ue_lM1?i *
?teceptluii I 'ollotrx.
"i..? ,.f ;hc most .harming mu?lcalet=
, n,,J .sea;-0? "'???. ? hat given at the
\ is'.Tm m yi,%{"r^y ?'?f'ernuon by
a" soprano, of N,-w
R.'ill -If v'i ',Q '"''airman was Mrs
Basil M. t.wathmey. The outst-<nrfi.,r.
Ie.*tt'"'es of Miss 11 oy?'ard's work aro
IovpIv l ih a 'rrlc Foprano voice of
,u,cj ?-vlic knows
how iutnrpret .songs. Her volco is
? rtsh and youthful and lends itself
the''since! , Si^Ct?rt>IV 10 ?iiuU
H.? .inget makes upon ii. Kspet-iallv
worthy of menllr.n i> the beautv of he'r
,,?l l,.r con.
other. "nC ,mp?h!,ih,e w iihout the
usill ?f ,h,% ?Wsr*'" 'he
u.ual nfornm! receplion took plaoc
rie following were hostesses for the
W m'.'rJS,:nM,:V.- l; ? McCabe Mrs
William r:. Trigg. ,fr.. Mrs nm,
siringfellow. Mrs. Hichard ?'an in-ton
.1 .. Kdmund Wad.lill. j,..t jjrs Samuel
I ravors. Mrs. u. Terrell, Mrs. i: \.
,,au"der?, Jr.. Mrs. Clnirchill Young
n'.r IV V/r,r', M,f '-"^1,
Hardj, Mrs. John U. Muiu-e.
llepTir ( linniherlnjrne A\enne
he Admiiiislrative Poaid vester.l.v
dirert. d . Kngiiieer Helling to r, .
pall the roadbed of Chamberlain- Vve
Soothe the Irritation and you relieve the
distress. Do both ftnickly and cflTectirely
?by promptly ysinR a dependable remedy?
And cpugbti nn.l colds that persist In
spile <>f ...re and treatment and tbreuten
permanent invalltliyin, try
for many jears thia Calcium prepara
tlon has conspicuously evhienced n?
? worth, ejipeclnllv whero tonic trcfctment
v. Jmdiulld^. ContHlns no Al
.ohol. N.ircotlc or Jlnblt-rorinlng Drug
?I??7 ",?VV ?" ?l*e, now SOu.
frlee Includes war tax. All druir?|gte
I-.ekinun l.u bora lory. Plillartelpnla
llexiilulions Governing Distribution
to domestic Consumers May Pro
vide Rationing System.
Fuel Administrator Denies That He
I rgetl People Latst Veur -Not to
Put in Normal Coal Supplies for
'Mils Winter's Use.
J By Associated Press J
WASHINGTON, February "jj.?Fur?
Administrator Garfield advised house
holders to buy their normal supplies of
coal lor next winter in rhe regular
way ;,s soon as the coal Is available.
Dr GarPeld denied that he had
,,r-' <1 people :-*st year not to yet in
Hi' r normal .supply of coal for this
??inter's use.
Regulations governing the distribu
tion of <;oa I for domestic purposes
<vHt be formulated upon the rettjrr. to
Washington oi I?. A. Sn-iad. Ftd-ral
fuel distributor, v.ho Ik now visiting
the Statu administrators. These reg
ulations may provide for a "ration
Ins;" rysteni similar to those a'reidy
adopted by some local administrators.
Dr. GarHcId indicated that the fuel
administration was giving serious "on
sideration to the proposal that il! str?et
railways he required to <?dopt th?
"skip-stop" syrtem as a cor.-ervat'<.n
measure. Such :*n order he 'id'i??i,
wo.lid he welcomed !>v the syo.a > j\.
way companies, many of which had
difficulty in securing enough noi1 to
K(-p running.
In Conjunction With French, Sammies
Penetrate Hun I.inea and Bring
Iiack tloches.
[By Associated Press J
FRANCE, Sunday. February 24.?An
American patrol in the Chemin-des
Dames sector, in conjunction with a
t rench patrol, early yesterday pene
trated a few hundred yards into the
Gernia., '.'res and captured two German
officers, twenty men and one machine
There was some sharp fighting. and a
number of the enemy wrre killed and
wounded. There were no American
casualties. The Franco-America'n pa
trol wa? under command of a French
The French War Office communica
tion Sunday reported that r.orth of the.
Ailettc River. which parallels the
<.'hemin-'1 * --1*>ames. Frer. h troops had
penetrated the G-.rman lines as tar as
the neighborhood of Chevrigr.ey. They
were reported to have returned with
material and twenty-five prisoners, in
cluding two officers.
1 he presence of American units
along the famous Chemin-des-Dames
was disclosed in an Associated Pres*
dispatch last Friday. In a patrol fight
th" previous day American soldiers
killed one German and captured an
other. One American was wounded
? ?nvernor f)r?li;nHif, Judge Harvey to
Sit in f iinnlnrhnm .Mat
ter in Danville.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
j>AN\ ILI.B; VA? February L'O
Judif e William keigh has requested
Governor Davis to appoint sonic other
judge to pass upon the propriety of
granting William K. Cunningham a
certiticate of character in order that
he may lake the bar examination at
Richmond. Recently Cunningham filed
a petition with the court asking this,
charging that the judgo could not give
him an Impartial hearing because ho
had already expressed himself on the
In compliance with Judge I?eigh'?
request. Judge E. J. Harvey, of the
Seventh Judicial Circuit. wns on yes
terday designated by Governor Davis
to pas* upon the petition in question.
To Wed March 2.
'Special to The Times-Dispatch i
N'CHBLRti, V.V, February i!J.
Mrs. Henry E. McWane. of this city,
has announced the engagement and ap
proaching marriage of her daughter
Miss Mabel to Purse] | B. liarrah. also
of this city. The marriage is to he
celebrated March 2.
Thinks Ogd en, Utah,
Is New York Suburb
Arthur t.u> Knipey, the American
who Iiiki become (amuuu for his
hook, "il* er Hie Cop.- now running
In The TliiicK-Diffnatch, hnd nontc
iimnninv experiences when he tried
to en list in the Hritlxli army lonv
before w> went lo wnr will", Ger
iiitiny. At first he wns rejected lie.
niuHc lie wns im Amerlriin citi/.rn,
hut when he t.honcd I hat he was
disappointed the recruiting sergeant
took him on.
10inpey signed up ns coming from
Ogrtcii, I tali, which the recruiting
sergeant said Jimt outside .?*r
1 ork.
I.ater the man who put the ''otrr'1
into "Over the Tup" tried hiM hand
nt recruiting. Iiut illd not have
marked kuccchh, for he snyn tiint
lifter three weeks lie nearly secured
one recruit for the king's armies.
lMMnl>urclirr*? i:>* Iladly Cut In lirsl
tio, mill llr lluil UIIUcuUj in
tircliiK I-'ue.
NEW onLKAN. LA., February 2S.?
Fr?il Fulton k noc ked out Frank Jloran
in the third rouml of their scheduled
twenty-round buttle here to-n'.uht.
The *\-plasterer made abort w>>rk ol
the sorrel-topped Pittsburgh--.-. i.rtn;,'
in? his mighty ring sw.ng int.. |<Uy.
Jloran displayed gam en ami was
putting up a wonderful scrap until h-1
suddenly wilted under Mi.- terrific
smash which came just after the start
of the third round.
The first' two rounds were by far
Moran's on the point figure.
Mnran's right eye was badly cut by
Fulton during the first round, and the
cut was opened wider during the sec
ond period. When the third round
opened Moran seemed to have great
difficulty in seeing his opponent. After
a clinch, in which Fulton landed re
peated loft and right uppercuts and
Jub.s to Moran's chin and body without
a re'urr. 111 o w bo ins? stnick. lie fin-illy
landed a hard right cross to Moran
???V fe'l on '?< 11 fours :? tvl h-s
seconds tfi*<aod in the l-ulton
i.ehiir accorded a technical kn :kotr
Fulton weighed n'> at pound*,
while Moran tipped fbe scale-. ;it 1'.'.
SURE siw^n*^DDlKJR
Athletic League l"?I Snmlar School
v?* rii,"'T <?ootl
IMnjrrn In I'ronpiMM.
ipr'rp "ore: i' Is " ' :l J-'1 '?
in ?h ?*??:.? :<>J Sou-re v-s? .v a.t- r
* o ?> ?h v-t jir-r.'i-''?!" '
!>!<? '.f "kfitchlnV" of the year The
rxrnitevrn of the city nre waking ?\#
ti .(1 A^rpest ly dtb-ittM^r a' lir_m
crlves the prospects for the com!';--.'
sprinc. .
The >mr>,eur Bnseb^ll Leaa-U" o.
Richmond held its first meeting 'his
vear li's1 uisbt at Murnhy's audito
rium annex and the doubt In the mind
f.\ e V f'11 i!i the City was 01-? I !'-'l
? 'here" will be the usual ainat ???;
?rarm-s th's sprinc and there will be
lust as man v clubs represented is
there were last year. Accordi-it to the
leagti-. commission, there will He no
dearth of yountr men who ?-rt not
under draft reouirments ftn-l w no are
"ood baseball players.
The Athletic Leasrue and the Run
day School League, both of whom were
represented last nitrht. were unam
o-i? ir- this statement.
T'r." officers elected last night are a*
* oll'iws:
H Lee Smith, representative of las.
vMr's OoldK team, second vice-pres'
d?nt: A.rthur Van Buren. H. !' East-.a
md \v. J. llechler. committee to re
vise rules to conform to 'his year's
conditions, and Arthur Van Buren.
"round commissioner.
The officers for the le:ig*:e :ire:
President p: n. Fuller: first vice
president. Arthur Van Buror-: se-or, 1
vice-president. H. Lee Smith treasur"*.'.
?"re'.rge niaeVc .secretary. P. F Sutton:
conim's'don. H t: Piston, \N .1 lle-'h
!t and B. K. Wilkinson.
The next tneetir sr of tile lr-tcue will
'.e on March 11. The manacers of the
Vthietic Club will meet l* riday nig;it
at the Harrls-Fl'ppen hardware for4.
All clubs who were in the orean.xa
tion last sprinc or wishir.cr to become
members this year are requested to
servi their applications to the Mm
mission as promptly as possible. i he
association asks that such applications
be addressed to 33$ N*. Mulberry Street.
"III* rtrldnl Mjlit."
The presentation of "His Hridal
Niaht" at the Academy to-night and
Wednesday and Wednesday matinee,
i will introduce to local theatergoers
a sparkling musical farc-i that has
met with great suceesf in. all the larg
er cities of the country where it play
ed last season. The comedy is by
Lawrence Kising. in collaboration with
Margaret Mayo, who was larirelv re
sponsible for the suce? of "Tv. in
Beds," and has to do with a young
man who, on his wedding night, finds
himself unable to tell his wife from
her equally charming sistM. Frederic'.:
V. Bowers. whose song hits have l>-en
sung and whistled for more than a
decade, has composed the. music and
will ne seen in the stellar role. Th"
Dunne twins, whose, remarkable re
semblance is the cause of the numer
ous complications of the story: Alir.a
You I in. who will bo the prima, donna;
Lois La Mar. Harry Liilfotd. Alt Lir:i? e
and Clarice Grey will lend adequate
support. Douglas Gordon, in reviewing
the Norfolk production yesterday, said
? f ii: "Though it is billed as an in
timate musical comedy, it is really a
fast little farce. To see it is to laugh."
At the Lyric.
Well-mixed music and mirth, bal
anced off with a dash of well-acted
playlet, mark the bill for the begin
ning of the week at the Lyric as diio
of the best f<.r some time.
The music start* with the very open
er. when Mitchell and Mitch show
their talent on the banjo. Both **oung
men play Well, and saying the nu?ii
eii.-e ??liked "em" puts it mildly. More
music comes with llendrix and l\>
dulu. an attractive, woman and a young
man %*.?th a pleasing voice, v.-ho sing
songs old and new. They are roundly'
The well-acted playlet stands out
prominently in trie bill. Few ir; char
acters. but sound in plot and denoue
ment. ii holds tiie audience reti-ely.
Two lawyers and an approaching mur
der trial is the thread with which tho
little sketch is v oven. To say mors
would bo telling.
Ueruu.le Barnes p!t;>.->?.s greitly
with character songs. Depicting the
vampire in a gorgeous "ostume. r.nd
immediately thereafter singing a child
song which flays Kaiser Bill, serve
! excellently to display the wide range
j of talent of this beautiful woman.
After Cisticura
fio?p 25e. Ointment 25 and 50c.
"Honey and Tar will gioe you east ichen yoa start to coagh and anrrtxa."
DON'T wait for a cold to attack yoa. Flghtback. Attack it. Hit first, if
you can.
At tho flrat indication of tho presence of tho enemy, get buny. Oo
right after him and keep right after him until you know posi
tively he has retreated and gono for good.
Watch ? But Don't Wait
Don't bo afraid of answering a false alarm. You never can
tell what a cold will do when It geta a good start. So there'o
only good and no harm done when you atop a cold before It
gota any start at all.
It Is far bettor to tabo a dose of safe and harmless cough medietas
whoa you don't absolutely need it than it is to fail to taka it when yoa
doneodit. Play Bafo and auro. It pays in tho long rem.
How to Attack Successfully
The beat way to attack a cold is to take a few dose9 of Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound. It quickly chocks tho cold and by its action builds
op a strong defense. It coats too raw inflamed membranes with a sooth
ing, healing armor, stops tho spread of inflammation, clears the air pass
ages. loosens the phlegm, easos toe broatbing nod Danishes the stu (Ted-up, whoozing condition,
Foloy's Honoy and Tar Compound contains no opiates, is absolutely safe nod harmless,
and has Deeu used in thousands of hoa^s for many years to provent and overcome coukIim,
colda, broup, whooping cough, la grlppo and bronchial coughs. In 25c, 50c and *1.00 sizes.
Ton got tho original add genuine Hooey and Tor Compound whoa yoa Insist on Foley a.
"Six Months in
Hell and Bac
German Socialist's Vieu:s After
Six Months Travel Through
out the Empire.
Copvriicbt. International N?as Bureau.
During the height of the disc >sslo:i
in our Munchen conference, one of
these young ivomi n taunted bitterly a
com ratio of tho majority party allllla
tion by telling him that even the
lloman Catholic party of Germany had
shown more courage and antigovern
ment spirit than the Socialist party.
I must be very careful In referring
to the activities of the third Socialist
element In Germany. I can relate hun
dreds of Instance- v.-hon these fearless
men and women have shown real
revolutionary spirit, and set an cx
ample to the "moderates"?in courage
if not in policy?->vho are lately think
ing more aggressively than they did
las; ye.n^
1 learns 1 i:i* tho political prisoners
in the i.p;r>? wero beyond number.
At the end of our long conference,
utterly Oe._.r--.-?cd. I left my Socialist
comrade:- Although the Faiherlaud
iias gone through the greatest de
teriorating changes, the method an<3
mode of reasoning of our two prln
? !?lo Sorb* list parties in Germany has
remained almost the same. I was
.here wl'.h r! 1 ? -:: to listen ti- what they
knew about tho present-day German
:> .t' fa. temper, and I listened atten
tively. without n or.ee interrupting
them, but when it became my turn to
explain l) ihom what tho outside world
is thinking and expecting of them. I
r found in them a bad audience. I am
not only referring to my Muticheu
comrades. In majority of Instances I
found our Socialists an accusing mob.
They accuse their government, they ac
cuse each other, and they accuse, above
ail, their foreign comrades. I found
i'. very ditlieult to reason with them
a! nu the origin of the war. They seem
to wish to shut their eyes to the
present-day realities, and stay con
tented in dabbling in their prewar esti
mates of other countries.
In the Berlin district 1 met many
leading Socialists. and interviewed
nearly thirty-five members of ihe
Heich.stag. and with the exception of
?* few I found them alive to the new
conception of world democracy. But
outside this district I found our Ger
man Socialists not internationally
1 In South Germany, electing Munchen
| as my base", i made many journeys to
interior cities and towiw, and found
'hose wh jru I Interviewed violently
a gains.* the war and the government.
Hui after com.ng int ocioser contact
1 But after coming into closer contact
i her of those 5io are violently against
?h ? government are moved frr.m nuiie
different motives.
The majority of the South Germans'
i violent criticism ol the government Is
!not based on the fact that they have
been led to this bloody war by their
rulers, bu* because they believe that
the government has chosen a wrong
time to go into the war. I was
grievously surprised to listen in South
Germany to criticism of the govern
ment. hased on this most immoral Idea.
A Sccialist friend at Wurttemherg
complained bitterly that Germany had
rot yet awakened to a moral sense of
I have attended over fifty peace
meetings, and felt shamed and sur
prised that the speakers were the most
immoral materialists to whom 1 had
ever listened. Xot once did I hear
Look, Mother! Is tongue
coated, hrenth feverish and
stomach souri
Cleanse the little liver mid
bowels and they tret well
When your child suffers from a cold
don't wait: give the little stomach,
liver and bowels a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once. When cross, peev
ish, listless, pale, doesn't sleep, ent or
act naturally; if breath is bad. stomach
sour, give a teaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Figs." and in a few hours
all the clogged-up, constipated waste,
sour bile and undigested food will
gently move out of the bowels, and you
1 have a well, playful child again.
If your child coughs, snuffles and has
caught cidd or is feverish or has a soie
throat givt- a good dose of "California
Syrup of Figs" to evacuate the bowels
no difference what oilier treatment is
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
'take this harmless "fruit laxative."
Million?; of mothers keep it handy be
cause they know its action on the
stomach, liver and bowels is prompt
and sure. They also know a little
| given to-day saves a sick child to
j Ask your druggist for a bottle
j of "California Syrup of Fins," which
'contains directions for bahles, children
! of a|] ages and for grown-ups plainly
on tho bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here. Get the genuine, made by
"California Fig Syiup Company."-?Adv.
73d St.-Broadwny-74th St.
(u\rAi\i.N(i t.ino Koii.Ms. situ
Rooms and Bath,
$2.50 per day
For 2 Persons,
$4.00 per day
Cunadlnn .Money Is Accepted at Thi?
Hotel Without DiNCCOtint.
l.nte of l.nfayelle Hotel, nii(Tal?.
N. Y.i I.ute Yletoria Hotel. N. Y.
l.ste of the Curls-ltlle Hotel, Toronto
Grates, Mantels, Tile
l'orehcs, Bathrooms
And Anything l^n the^ Tiling or Marble
II. >. Fit AN CIS & CO., Inc., *
111-113 South Fourth Street.
I'honei MudUon 104.
?luring those ?.-<? gatherings a
speaker denounce th^ continuation of
the war from a human standpoint. I
found tHo speaker* unforgivably Igno
rant. arrogantly ignorant. I heard
POJ'"0 speakers denounce the govern
ment for not stopping the war. now
that tlie Fatherland was at tho height
of its conquest. I waj astounded to
witness such callous ignoranco when
attempted to convince, with ob
vious sincerity, their hearers that ?
was in Germany's power to stop the
war at will.
1 found a terrible "peace meetings"
confusion everywhere I visited In Ger
many Since the last two years and a
'.i;i!f there have been genuine, sincere
and moral peace movements in Ger
many. incited by Liberals and So
cialists. Whenever such movements
assume serious nrop&Ttions. the gov
ernment Immediately sends its false
agents?all experienced public speak
ers?and everywhere in the neighbor
hood there are peace meetings, until
ing real peace-seeking audiences become
'sick at their stomach and return to
their homes in a terrible mental con
fusion. I attended several such fals*
"peace meetings" at Berlin, which were
In reality war meetings under the aua
oice.i of the government, held for the
?turoose of confusing the \ real peace
Oi reaching Berlin the mn?t signifi
?nt fact that forced itsett to my
'??^mediate notice was the anxious de
' -ire of L'beral and Socialist leaders
to learn the truth about America's
sincerity in the war.
At first when America entered th"
?"> r th<' authorities had ignored and
-idiculed Attieriea's war-making capa
bilities. hut when the news filtered
hat America had appropriated a htu'ii
?*m to nuild and man a fleet of more
' an "O.cmO aeroplanes, the govm..
?-nt had found itself la an embar
? ssin-r position, and felt themselves
compelled to make further explana
i 'ions. A German officer told me that
lie had a very short interview with
m American who was taken prisoner
"ither in the British lines or the new
American line, who told him that the
war would not end until they reached
Berlin. He was greatly impressed
with the apparent sincerity behind the
American soldier's bravado. I mention
this because my officer friend's state
of mind represents the temper of the
average German military man. T ob
served that In spito of their boastful
statements, the rank and file of the
soldiers were greatly excited over
America's possibilities.
1T0 be Continued To-Morrow.)
Dnmngc Suit on Trial.
The $3,000 damage suit of Willie Mal
lory against A. S. Purdy, supeiinten
dent of the Virginia Colony for 'he
Feeble-Minded, was started yesterday
in the City <"ireuit Court
$1 Table To-Day
fiW Chop
009 ^
.'120 Knat Grace.
For Women, Sajs Hixson Lady,
Who Took This Medicine
On Her Doctor's
Iiixson. Tenn.?Mrs. J. B. Gadd,
of this place, makes the following |
statement regarding her experience
with Cardui: "I was ... 1 suffered
with a pain in my left side: could not
-leep at night for this pain?always
in the left side. My feet, and legs
were terribly swollen. I was almost
in bed.
My doctor told me to use Cardui.
*1 took one bottle, which helped me,
and after my baby came I was
stronger and better, but the pain was
still there. I at first let it go, but
1 began to get weak and in a run
down condition, so 1 decided to try
sonto more Cardui. which I did. The
last Cardui I took made me much
better, and. In fact, cured me. It
has been a number of years, still I
have no return of this trouble. I feel 1
it wa6 Cardui that cured me. and 1
recommend it as a splendid female
If you feel weak, tired, worn-out.
or suffer from any of the ailments
peculiar to women, try Cardui. the
woman's tonic. It must bo a good
medicine for women, for many thou
sands have voluntarily told, just as
Mrs. Gadd did, of the good it has
done them. Ask some lady friend
who has tried Cardui. Shi will tell
you how it helped her. Then get a
bottle from your nearest druggist.?
Shoe Price* Have
Advanced?But We
v^r-^Coiitinue to Undersell
(Two Stores)
SOS !?:. Main. 10 K. Broad.
Aluminum Ware
I'uriilitiK I'iiii* 45c to one
flrenil f'lin* X <!.*?<?
Itonstem $-1.1,1 to f5.su
Miller & Feldman
5S!S KiiMt It road Street.
II I?li :t(lHK?Phono Your Wnntn.
?xw EAST ?R0A?> 6T.
Th.* \\ mni; snic of lite Street.
Im tbo <???? ??? l?r?????*.
5s Worth While
Surprise Store
118 E. Broad Street.
Ant Unusual
|J NUSUAL, not alone
as to smart style
and low price, but espe
cially unusual in that
these styles will be in
extremely heavy de
mand for the season just
In charming new
shades of purple, buff,
rose, emerald and Copen
and handsomely made
with purled waist and
fancy knit bottom, in
Shetland Wool, WITH
sleeves, as pictured, and
just the garment of the
Special, $5,98. .
T. 2-24-11.
ALL makes of disc records
played with a chime-clear,
deep, rich tone. Silver
Grain Spruce, the same
wood which for centuries
has beautified the tone of
master violins, is employed
in the "Singing Throat" of
"'her* a half-century'* musical
jxperlenco fashions it ao as to
ne I low all musical soundE in a
nanner most bewitching to the
;ar. 8 models. Terms. Call.
phonograph CO.
Wholesale and Retail,
"HO \orth Second Street,
lilt'hmood, Va.
Special Clean-Up Sale
| This Week Only
Rugs, Linoleums,
We nft'er for this week onlr ex
ceptional values in Tapestry. Wilton
or Velvet and Ax minster Rt'gs; all
slzer. Also Linoleums, Crcx Rugs,
etc., at big reductions.
Odd and Sample Pieces
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?desirable Furniture for every
room in the house at big savings?
including Redroom Suites and Sepa
rate Pieces. Dining - Koom Suites,
Buffets, Dining Chairs, Pedestal Ta
bles, etc. Como in early.
National Bed Spring?, <JJ
only ?JV
Hopkins Furniture Co.
25 West Broad Street
The Homo of Oood Furniture
and Liberal Credit

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