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?Light, Bright and Unique
Spanish Steamer Netfuri and
British Freighter I'hila
delphian Victims.
fBoth Are Landed in Austrian
Port After Failure to En
ter the North Sea.
despite I'earp Talk, \rmirs Con
tinued Itussian Invasion, < "I:.*-11
in^ iioNlicvik l-'orrcs.
Two mor? vessels have fillen prey
?? *he deadly submarine. a?*eordlng to
eports from Kuropf ? i ???lr-es rr -
cived la!'* las* gl-.t. t he Spanish
(earner Noguri ami the .st?un -r l'h;'
de!ph:an being 11 - la' r ? v. tinv
According to < :n' ? ??????
I a'1 rid la to las? n : g h t ? h ? gurl
ism oar.'T n the
*vhih: c- I ? '"S :r
I'.innr;- Islands.
K<rro Island,
[cm to the bot
a fcubmarlii"
?Icinlty of the <
r^w was lar.'1 oil
>.\ed from
w ,i s
d a y
11 <? r
o n c
f the Canary grot;P
The P.rltlsh ?????amir I'hiladelphian.
wncd by '.he Lcy'imd t.tne. was tor
?cdoed on February -1. according to
nformat on received at ih1" company's
IViccs la".- yesterday and subsequently
onfirmed in marine insurance circle;-',
"he steamer l^ft N ? - - ? V?>rk. bound for
British ports, on K'bruary 15- No
urther details of In-: destruction were
:i ven.
? I'hiiadelimian had
a ill--, the Wolf. has
. iiar
I by
Huilt 1 ^r' '?
<M pnelt j- i'f ." i -1
Ar other I'.errrix n
rrived in ; >ri .it
|Ti? ??? iia ' men -i
lid I It' ? 11 ?
\ ( .- r -1
lOt po,.t, rj ?
lex on. *?.:?*<?? .)em A i ? r
iid'.an anil !'a--iff '.???ear
,y the I:r:t\dnrr.*!!? t
;? r ai-t.v s
WI i)i ::t u om !>?;i i \ ! .it ?
ling entente
- ?. . ! . d t h ..
t -.:I , r
:\v. :r
! e .o ?
be r
ha ?
:. i b*
?...J .!?
> i"
\ 111 !
i; it
tc Wol
4 ???'.<
1 ;>;?c.
? ' j i h
: an ;
x it iv> \vs
? i la -? 1
? u. i tilt,
did not do a ?
?c i ???a - '-un
? apturcd ?>:?'
? 1 ? .? u ? r;.. While
? tllOMhs. >!)'.?
great danmii^
;tiw: Moewr
.. ids :u ' A ' -
11 ?
.1 .it.
nl . i1
yVlJC. \
i hi -a
y her .
ho Wo': "
.!?!?*:Ti 'it!>
Ite ? f.i nous
' h.' h ? arrled out :?
Htl.' 1 n 1 '? 10 .: till ! 15
Another x t.m < t' ti? <;< :muiii r.i der
\*Olf has '? irned tip "f- ' 'ah
oast, tho S'vi.'.i.isij ?teainer Igo*;: Mon
aptured by the Wolt .n the liuhati
>cean nine tnonths Apparently
vhile trying to rea h .i Oerman port
fter cruising many months with a <;er
lan prize crew on board, .she lie^.
tranded off the not .hern cxtretn.ty o:'
utland, Denmark Shf* brought pr;
:ier.-, two of whom are America;, .
Iron: s'x shins. Her ? o:. mand'-v has
>een interned in Denmark.
.kii>ia v rom i:s cumi
iv pskov stkkkt I'li.n r
In Russia, although the leaders are
catly to conclude peace, the invasion
? f the German forces still continues.
Icval. the Ilussian navni base on the
[southern coast ot' the Gulf of Finland.
nd Pskov, 17 5 miles southwest of
?*etrograd. have been occupied. The
apid German advance continue? alone
.he line southward, especially in Vol
liynla and the L'kraine.
j Apparently, the Germans. h.t\e met
jeslstance at Pskov in their a-arch on
''ctrograd. One report has the city re
apturcd by the Bolsheviki. and street
tghting there is mentioned in other
lispatches from Petrograd. A general
.rming of Petrograd's workingmen i?
Ieclarcd to be in progress, with do
achments leaving for the line of Ger
nan advance on Petrograd to resist the
Teuton progress.
In Siberia the situation is very se
ious. and Japan i-1 reported to be pre
?aring to Intervene there very soon,
'he non-Bolshevik forces there have to
ontend. not only with the Bolsheviki.
riut a1*o against released Austro-Ger
Uian prisoners.
;t Activity on the western battle fronts
? still conllncd t<> raids, artillery
Jiucls. and aerial lighting and itomb
np. There litis been an increase in the
aiding operations along ibe Piave
liver, in Italy, hue no change in post
Jons has oourre.]. 'flic artillery duel
n the American sector in France i?
?ill Intense.
<li;\l\t; or PI'.AI K not
' I .ON DON. February Signing of a
'lu.-so-Oernia n peace will not be the
jlnnl solution of the German problem
? n her eastern frontier, and the tinal
fi-ltlement will <*otne when the peoples
? f Oouriand. Kr-thonia, Livonia nd
'foland take matters into their own
lands, according to M. KanietiefT. one
>f the Bolshevik delegates to the Brest
.itovfik negotiations, in an interview
n the Daily News. M. KamenefT has
u/rrivect In London, after a three weeks'
journey from Petrograd. lie is 0:1 his
vny to Paris as Bolshevik plenipoten
tiary to Franco.
.With the handing over of tlie land
,nd factories to the peasants a nd work
ys, M. Kameneff said, they had begun
o realize, as they could not under the
/id regime, that a German invasion
? f fttissla would injure their vital in
(Continucd on Sccond~Pagc. ji
Poker Dead, They
Now Play "Chemmy"
M'lW lOlllv. Kcfomnr y ail.?I'okcr
I* on ll?i i)riiilibr<J in New \ orK,
rordlnj; In ? ?roricc V. Ilniiclile. pre*l
tlfnl of llir I'nrt rlU??* l'lnl>. llr
rnnnr of IHntrlrl Attorney Suntiii'*
H'lMllf* njtnln.nl unmhlinRf Not
nl nil. SI in ply lifcnunr the Krrnt
\nirricnn Rnmr lin* been found Irns
'?X'IIIbb thnn I'hrniln dr fcr l?r thou
?nnili 11)111 lotr rrlnmtioii nflrr it
hnril duy'n work.
"'I h cm niy' pnrtir.i * re lirlnc held
nil oirr linin ?hrrr poker fnrniprly
l?li* plnjrd." ?nld Haiiehlr to-ilny in
(hr dlnfrict n(l?rnrj'? (llllc", lihfrc
hr ng? inorr or lr?* patiently unit.
Inc In learn whether hr nil* to hr
I'hrniln dr frr. or rnilrnnd. n nnrne
rho*en. prrhnpn. to Indlrnte n Kinnr
nf nonir oprrd. In :i I'rrnrH ndnptn
llon of Itnrcnrat.
Mea?nre Providing for I ?n*t rnrtion of
llomr* for Shipynrd \\ nrkrr*
liorn to Presidenf.
' M;. A T*o"lAt?vl Prf u ;
V.*.* SI! I Y' .T' ?.V. February ??: Final
action ?;i?< taken to-day o:t tlic hi!!
authorizing expenditure <?' $ r>. <"? o J'.'fi
by 1I10 .Shipping Ito.ird f--r housing fa
? itttes at fhiplcji'il nj; yards when the
S' rato adopted the tonferenee report
approved last wt'k h? the House The
measun: now scs to President Wil
! on.
Srnat or 'la'.iinscr. 'he P.^-publican
leader. commented upon the practice of
putting I.?rs" sums into thr- hands of
t r. e i-\rr ut'.ve hr j- h without restric
t.on upon its expenditure declaring. "I
hr ii"vo st is alrr.o -t criminal failure
on our part to allow that to k>> on."
Ho r^ffrrrd particularly to tli?: $100.
fir,A/ir,fi war c-ti' ri{?ni y fund "f which,
he said. he <] J not know lio'v many
rr.tl! ons the President Vsad "turned
over to the Creel bureau."
U'prcscntiitiv '"lark. of Florida,
rha rman of the Public Fundings and
("rounds < "ors. mi 11 c introduced in the
H ?j'-c to-tlay a revised draft of the
V*;* appropr .ating $.*?0.01)0.^00 'o be
f.pTdfil by the I ?epart tr.ent of t.ibor
. . providtrg hft'j ? ir.5 for workers in
viir.d'i-tt .,;|tcr "bin ?hipbt;:id
?? The 'I - :>?? a prohibits
"v.? ??t -;. 1 .. ? |i! . en* .?> 1. uM-n;*
rh< hou ??
ii? fur \\ mnr!) \\ i 11 I If* llxi IJ I i ? l? 1
rtn?! Dur-liulf I ii?*ht*s i:i
i j rli C.
i. \\ !?*>.:*, - ?>. ? ? - .
\. u. ik .i n* -
.?)'tc ? l. . \\ i 1! I;i? *. c to I?:r?gti'rn \hoir
.-'.vi: > ' j it *?'.? *1- ??
? >. : ? '? ? ? :?i ?* ? t> r?o ioor?* than
i ;k! ; .i il on-v-ha Is" i'tchc i i'i hr .jjhi.
T: .? >'o.<?!" N.i'i.?:ial s> rv of
t :? 111 .i.-.l leather :radc.- has decidcd
t ;i ?? oonservaticMi o' leather and
j>rv ??:??;!? n wn-*- rcqu.re a severe
tut . material uted in civilians" shoes.
Accordingly, all dealers were urged to
pln.-e oivlers for shoes no higher than
eight and one-half incites for women.
?nd to so'.! white footgeas- to snen dur
ing the warm season.
P.ecomirtendation was also mad? tliat
there be a curtailment of colors and
liiat uniformity lie established
Illinium* Men nnd KlnnnHern I>Reo lo
Postpone All I nnfi'f*sary
('onntrtirtioii Work.
i By Asrociat*?i Tress. I
WASHINGTON, February :o -An ed
ucational movement to tejrh business
men. fmaiv.and public officials to
postpone unnectseary construction and
expenditure of capital until after the
war was discussed here to-day at the
annual conference of Federal reserve
agents of the twelve Federal leserve
banks, who also act as cha.rmen of ;he
capital issues committees of their re
?pe-tive districts.
Members of the Federal Reserve
Board's central capital Issues commit
tee urged that the local committees
make every effort to stop nonessential
expenditures at the source, rather than
let them come before the committee
here for its approval.
^nj? If Amerlenn Farmer Uepe.nn I.ant
Year"* Achievement All Will
' Have Plenty.
WASHINGTON*. February CO.? "The
American farmer accomplished a great
achievement last year. If he repeats
it this year?and there is every indica
tion that he will ? there will be no
shortage of food either for the United
States or her allies."
This was the summary of the crop
and fond situation given by Secretary
o?' Agriculture Houston after to-day's
Cabinet meeting. He is optimistic
about the farm labor situation of th?
coming year, lie says the President's
fixing of the wheat price fer the com
ing harvest should settle the whole
T. R. IN G. 0. P. WAGON
At I.east. Iliac ].? Word of Will II.
Ilnyn. Follow Inj; Conference n(
NICW YORK. February 2t>.?Colon? I
Roosevelt is "wi'.h" the Republican
party. Will II. Hays, the newly elected
j chairman of the Republican committee,
made this announcement to-day, after
spending an hour in conference with
the former President in Roosevelt Hos
\ gree on Cl%ll MlghtM llill.
WASHINGTON, February 2fi. ?Com
plete agreement on the soldiers' and
sailors' civil rights bill was reached
to-day by Senate and House conferees,
who soon will present their effort
I lo Congress. No changes were made
1 in any important provisions e>l' the
Measure Provides Four and a
Half Billion Dollars for Fi
nance Corporation.
House Spends Entire Day Dis
cussing Section Giving the
President Powers.
I A soHat?vl I'it.* 1
A>l1fN'i ;T? ?.Y. February is; While
the Senate was; beginning debate t?
day on the administration Mil to .-re
nte ,i war finance corporation with au
thorized i r-sonm-v ,,f si "?00.000.000." the
House continued to make slow prog
re*s 'in the administration measure
governing or.trol or the rail
r '.'art.1*. Indications to-niglit were that
hoth i.ills would i - passed Thursdav.
Th? al'"? ' r bill 1 . ,al
order in the Mouse to-ntorr? w and. as
? ">r. cut <on;in i' coti
ideratif": of the- ?\-oad measure was
i fu.? ed. -h" latter inc., tire ?? ill over
until Thursday. After vtfting down an
amendment to reduce the railroad re
? Hin? fund front $"<00.000.i.or. to
"0...000, the House t!)e entire day
'1-bating th<- .-<? t i.?n civinc the |?re?.j.
dent rate-making authority. ,\ final
vte v..,- i,o M>oned until Thursday,
??hen i:epre-:cntnti\v Sweet, of bwa.
had railed for -eiier:. after a ri-tng vote
wax counted. :?> to v: against an
amendment to leave rate-tlxing power
? t.,e Interstate * ommeti-e Commis
Ui:? i. \ ki;s i , x. | < |
? ovritoi. mom;\ M\i<Ki:r
I.I 1". p e ?; i 1, J; debate i., .|)(, Senate or1
? ' 'iani e corp-<ra t :on bill. Senator
~.!ntnon:- of .V >rth Carolina, chairman
of ' Finance t'omtnittee. said the
let' ..it.I.;, w.i >.e'e?sar\ i>. -au.-e the
irovert'ir.ei'.t nttr-t control the money
market m order to finance 'he war
'i'li.'d '!..?? the measure would
? a ;-?? itislat: n ? f currency.
H .th as.- urati rs of l.partisn n -up
i < ? .<:rinan Stir.mon c\'?>cted the
Pa- -' the me., lire probably
t:r<Ja; and certainly by the end of
t.u week. Consideration of It in the
House to begin immediately after
'1 bill i passed in the House.
" ain: Committee now
? ? *r?. on tin measure with
? ; ? a t ly r eport
'-he measure is ex
' tn t:.? senate and llou.ie.
lie lla t. | Maine. Kepublican,
? ? ? ?i an .??!ncudnieut re
?'i Die cor;.'.ration to make
tej,o>;; jo Congress and Sen
p "? -v<'v Han pt'hire. Demo
? ?' declared he would oppose the
provision authoriring the corporation
to issue $<.000,000,000 in bonds, ami
would lns;-t that dire tors of the or
ganization have no personal connection
with any financial institution.
I?i:t I.AItKS TIII;It 10 |< NO
In urging the bill-.- importance. Sen
ator Simmons slid thero is to-day ab
solutely ?io market to which industrial
corporations ..an go for capital to pro
vide frr enlargements or to take care
'?f maturing obligations
?-enator U? llogg. of Minnesota. Re
publican. s.iid that wlr-n the Finance
1 otnniittoe w.i.s ? onsid<viii? t}io i?kms*
are. the only representative of indus
try to appear were officials of public
utilities corporations. In admitting
t]iis. >c.nator -Sit .mens suggested that
from this fait it was to be assumed
that tiiere was no objection to the bill
in the business and industii.il world
Senator Kellogg replied that jt VV;,s
commonly known that representatives
of broken down public utilities: cor
porations have been hanging around
Washington for wo k. asking for gov
ernment assistance."
^"rker- Picked From Street. | |n
floor* llloun Off nnd Tree*
UI??*v ii llotin.
I My Assoi iat.>,i I'rets 1
N'l*.\\ ^ OI * K. February
Vork stag?ered to-day under the for -
of an eighty-mile gale that blew out
"t a clear sky. I'eapie on the street
were picked off their fee. by hurricane
blasts, tin roofs were ripped oft' bill
hoards. chimnevs an,, treos blown'down
and some ships torn front their moot
:"gs. In the skyscraper district the
sale cut queer capers, lashing itself
Into whirlwinds or Mr wing in powerful
gusts, seemingly from all directions .,t
once. Pedestrians were blown about
almost helplessly. Two cir|s trying to
K<-t by fiie Wool worth Huilding were
knocked down and injured so seriously
that they required hospital treatment
i? wall of a tliree-storv builditi"
the downtown district collapsed"
but no one was hurt.
To-day marked but the sixteenth time
tue wind lias exceeded cightv miles
an hour since 1SS(.
\relil>ln|io|i I'renilerRM.st Dies at Home
in I'hllndelpltlj, After laing
I I IllOSJk.
F I fl I #A f >1'.L1 'IIIA. I'Vbruary 26.
Archbishop Kdmund Francis I'render
gast died here to-night, lie had been
ill for some weeks from a complica
tion of diseases lie ?;|S sevontv-ilvo
years old.
Archbishop I'rendergast w t.s born in
Ireland He came to the United States
when H:\teen years or ace and studied
?it the l^celesiasticaI Seminary and St
Charles Ih.rrome... Philadelphia Hr
was ordained a priest in im;;,. |.*or
?v.ore than a half-cent urv lie h.,s been
a leader in Itoin.m Catholic church life
ill this count rv. lie was ?onse.r.it..<l
auxiliary bishop in isn? and apponiKd
archbishop jn 1 f?11. From is;t."i to is^;
he served as vi.ar-general of the Arch
diocese of Philadelphia.
Record Speed Is Made by Low
er Branch in Disposing of
Appropriation Bill.
Only Important Change Is to
Transfer Item to Meet Fed
eral Aid Requirements.
Sucn hours after it ? a1 .<? ?::> under
:-}>!?, i:< 1 order :tt 11 o'oio* estcrday
iiiorfiins thf House appropr;.?ii<>n l?i 11
had ben adopted and vnt uvt t< th"
Sonat?v . rf?:1151?ti a new re?-ord fur
?? f ?#???*! in flii- c'as ??f :.i ? ? ?: i The
oniy materljl . hanK'* in tin- I? > 11 as it
'?;itio from the ornmlttee l - one where
by i 1'L'.V.Hift of t ho 1 01 appropriation
t r, ji , i i <1.? r .i. ;? . ? 1 for r??;i< 1 "
is shifted !<i the appropr aiiori fur
IM >, iii.i'.i! . -li'- total f< ? ;h:^ yc.ir
n. ii.iii ? f f'f?n Th?* ,-hift
I'M ? to pr ivide fill <1 ll'l ???r. t
to ni'o r t1 ? a ppropr .t ? ion due
?till;.' 1 tl:: ye r
Sovora! attempts were ni.nl'* by
Mini's. 1 'V. i in. 'iordon a::d flai . of l.oij.
?joun. i') shave off inrrca.-es in salaries
authorised In the hill. but .n no in
? tance were tlu y uorr ? Messrs.
' Jordon :?r: ?1 Wall a 11 ??iu pi i '1 r> iii-?rr
?i clause limiting salary in- rrj . to
T"' )x ?? i r nt and i:n r-nsed a>propria
t or.s for other pur poses to " p<*r cent,
whatever ai.y i:- rcaso <?< .:: < ? 1 o\ei
ii e previous ;i r. Mr. -h i. klef->rd
tviiiit"! to amend this so that e:nph>
and officials wli?.. <? salaries ? r- raised
J ?? the hill sho:j;?: he R; ? r ? increase*
of I". 1". and pi r t'nder hic
amei;dn''M'.' salaries of If ?? 11 .in SI.'.'1 1
would he, f:i r^.i-ed -f' per ??tr. tho?"
between that tlgure arid SI sno would
!><?? increased 1" per ??out: oth^r- up t>
1 ' i' w ould get a 1per < ? :?t in
r: -.t.-e. Till1- ?hedule " as :o ,< I ?
onlj to ? :ila:ie im "eased by th?*
oripi* ai hi'.!. Ail of the sa'ar; amend
" i* ? v. <*j-i rejected.
MO \ t) \ I'l'ltoril I \TIIIN
MHKTS t-'KIIKIl.M. \lll ITM>
Ti:e <hsriKO * f the road appropria
tion crew out of Robert O. Norris's re
quest that V.'.'0."(>rt he added to the
appropriation for this year, In pre
senting thi- lequest h- m:.Je a vigor
cm- sp-M-rh in the interest <?: jjood roads
:ind contended that wiih the sum men
tioned in the bill Virginia ?.ould hepe
to accomplish little in a really con
structive way. and that the sum was
really not sufficient to meet the &ppro.
prlatlon due the State from the I'cd
'rral aid fund
In defense of hi.- position he called
Highway ? 'om.nissioner Coleman to ad
dress the Mouse. Speaker Houston va
cated the chair for the commissioner
to speak. Mr. Coleman contended that
the appropriation was much too small,
hut admitted. when questioned by Col -
onel lliewrr. chairman of ih" Appro
priation i 'ommittee. that with th>- shift
of a part of the 19!"* appropriation to
that for l ?< 1 > his department could
avail itself of that it of the Fed
eral fund now due. and that consid
erable work could be done pending
larger appropriations by the 1 ;?0 den
ltOAI> \ IM'llOI'lt I V TIIIN
>iiil"ri-:n to this \ i: \ n
When Mr Coleman concluded. Col
? nel UrcHcr offered. a substitute for
Mr N'orris's propo.-a!. that the appro
priation he shifted. Thomas l.omax
Hunter charactei Szed tho shift as a
make shift, and Mr. Nor ris fought
valiantly against it. a.- <ii<J Albert <>
I'oschen and \V. W. Sproul. 11. A. An
dorson. minority loader, sided witl
I'olone! Vlrewer. When the vote rami
the appropriation chairman was over
whelmingly the victor. Mr. Norris was
not displeased, however, pointing ou!
that iite shift had sav <1 $CJ5.0'?0 oi
Federal money to Virginia that won 1?
not have heen here had the bill gom
through in its original form
After the road item was settled
further reading of the hill \?a? dis
pensed with. li wa.',. adopted almosi
i\< l oit km1*1.0 \ i:j:>
\t st\ti: ( AI'lTOI
Contrary to expectations', no voic?
was raised against the items carrying
increases in salary for Capitol janitors
elevator conductors and policemen li
the case of policemen. Mi Nnrris askct
that the increase i>e made uniform
placing all the men on a $1."00 basis
No change was made in this salary list
however, beyond that Riving all jani
tors $900 a year. The original liill dis
minuted against those of one build
ins in favor of the other, liven l.ind
:<ay Cordon arose to object when sonu
one intimated that the number >?
watchmen in tlie Library liuildin;
might bo reduced. Mr. 'iordon pointoi
out that one of the watchmen there
".is a Confederate veteran, and as sucl
deserved to hold hi:-' job whctlici ?>r no
he was needed.
r.nKwr.it si im\itr/.i:s
SIIIOOI. \m? iioaii iti:.m*
l.efore discussion began on the bil
Colonel llrewer summarized the finan
, il condition of I lie Stale and ih<
(Continued on Third I'age.)
| Lowering Rations
Clause of Strikes
In lo-dnj's iiiMtltllmem of ??SI*
Month* in llell and Mark \naln,"
iKiiuliii* Klniisl loll* (he sliiry of
llir (irrninn slrlkri. lie point* nut
(hat their can.iew lire due lo a shorl
rnliiR of Ihr food riilliini. nml also
llini (he.v nre lichit unceil primarily
liy (lie iineduonleil ?nrlieri of (lie
eiii|dre. nKlioiiKh ninny of (he
xkillrd ixirkrrs IIUpii isr look n
hand In I hem.
'?Tlie middle oIiisn.'* *a>* l\innn(.
??are lo-ilaj po verl ,v-s( rlekeit, nml
enn *rnrcrly e\er rpreh e (heir full
porllon on (heir food riirils."
Witness I estifies That Packers Set Up
"Dummy" Firms to Ruin Other Dealers
' l< A s?< iiiir.l J'ro I
I III* \(><), I'ehrunrs UH.? Testi
mony intended to h it li s I a it I i n t r
I'hnrap* (hut lilt I liicnuu puckers
eliminated Mmnll (Iriilrr* in poultry
and ret* lis unfair tnetiesi I lint
tlieir nuetits Inhhied nualnst eertnin
lnl)?r Ireiilntiaii in Xnlr enpitnln.
(?nil that IIipj hoiikIiI tn liierrase
nritrn help in tlieir plants, tins in
triMluerd In-tllt.v at the Inquiry of
the piiekitiK industry liefnre '?anuiel
\\ . In I or. e\liiiiiner fur tlie I'edernl
Trade t n mm Issio n.
I'rant-is ,1. Ileney. of the l-'rdernI
'I'rnile t olllllllssloll, lit tempteil to
slum thtit the paekers, Ill selling
lip 'dummy"* lirnts and lij tinder
srllins the small cotiee rns, hail
I'riMiileil mans from tlie lleltl.
lie named W . I". I'rielie. n limn he
eh.'irued ssith drnssini; n Halnry from
s-isift A t o. while sersiiiK o>? tht
l-'edrrnl food admlniwIration for *1
n sear. with heiiiu espeeinlly .utile
in the enmpnit;u nsnlnst small I'uli
.1. II. Ilohan, of t a r roll t on, Mo,<
nfter sisinu testimony in rejiiird to
the imi'kers' activities, made an ap
peal for Kitirriniirnt proteetion, as
Iir frurrd, lir snid. (I*t? ( his himinrii
uiMllil Iir completely urrrkrij liv fhe
linckfrs in retaliation for his testi
iiion v.
"The ;rrnt trouble Ihr Enirrnnirnl
ha? in procertlinc ncninM (Iir |ini'k
ers." siilil lleney, "is thai nirn like
jnil. ? h? hsnr the iiiformatIon. fenr
lo Ki\r it. 'I'hc I'rdrrnl Trade I om
mission, without rrd tnpr, will act
?hriir*rr complaint.* are made of
tiliflllr, Illegal business practice*."
>1 r. lleney is rxprrlcd to read
more letter* taken from the pack
ers" illcs when the hearing Is re
sumed to-morrow.
I ".\erelt t . Ilrn? n. president of tlic
' ItietiKo I.ltc Stock Nxfhiinse, te.sti
tied riitirrrniiii; the li\e Mock re -
ceipts, and aiiid thnt more than half
the total receipts rracheil the i'lt y
during four or fl?e month* ?( the
jrnr. lie .said hlfl;h price* of the
last t w o years had not stimulated
prodticlion to any large ritrnt.
On iTONS-eiaininatlon lie admitted
that the packers bought about ttO
per cent of till live Ntoek rreelved in
t hiriiKo. ami that when the packer*
shut diiw n their plnnt.s It had a de
prosliiK cflccl on price*.
Telegraphs Siale Department (i'er
iii .'i 11 Arm,! Is in High!
Slours of ( apital.
Not Ilrlicvcil American l{epre>enla?
live Will follow I.eniiie-Trot/ky
l?e?inie to New Capital. Situation
of Itolshcviki Hcino Hopeless.
I Il> As.m. i.iteil Prey." I
w.\si 11Ni ;T< ?N. February ?The
?State IJepartmcnt was advised by Am
bassador Francis to-day that on yes
t'-rda; the German army was only
eight hours' march from I'ctrograd. and
that lie was prcpn ring: to leave the
llussian capital with his start.
The message, which was dated yes
terday. and sent by way of Peking
said Mi. Francis would .ioiti the
Chinese and Japanese diplomat?, also
preparing t" leave. It did not refer to
plans Ht the F.uropean diplomats.
r was taken for granted at the de
partment that the ambassador has
aba lido:. ?d a-iv idea of following the
1 r i;i(-T: o:zk\ allthoritit'- !?> ? tem
porary capital. and that th? route
chosen is that over the Trans-Silurian
Kallroad into China.
No inst riiit ions have been sent by the
State I ifp.iriincnt to Mr. Francis, who.
in all his negotiations with the de facto
government in Pctrograd. has used his
own judgment.
An abandonment of Russia will be
construed by officials here as an indi
cation that tiu- ambassador regards
the situation of the Uolshevik go\ct\.
ineui a.'; practically hopeless
Our \\inlor Killed nnd \ not her I'm all*
I ii jiired n< I'arl. \*in
tion l-'ield.
It A-st intrd Pre - 1
MKMPHIS. TKNX. February ?; -
William J. Weissinger. a former Wash
ington newspaper man. was killed, and
W. C. Story, of Freeport. X. Y.. was
fatally injured when the airplanes in
which the men. cadets at I'ark Avia
tion Field near Memphis, were making
solo (lights, collided in midair and fell
about l.OOrt feet late W.-da>' Weis
??inger was instantly killed. Story was
so badly crushed lie died Inter at the
lield hosoital :*? which he was taken.
Woi-sinm-r's home was i :i Ihiena
Vista Mi. - When war was declared
he emered the officers' training camp
it Fort liver, securing :i commission
a- licuienaut of cavalry. lie.later was
transferred to the flying section of the
signal corp. a :id tame to I'ark Field
about a month ago to complete his
t ra ining.
I'.iiiiiin .Inntirr ? hnrgr* tier 11 utlin nil
litis Iteenme Very Cruel mill
I iitolcrnlile.
I ? \ xItl'I' V. co.vx.. February
I'nima Janvier the actress, lias bejjun
divorce proceedings again.* t her !tus
band. Mortimer .1. Smith, a wealthy
resident of Newtown. Conn., charging
eruelt \
These acts ..f cruelt \ . she allege:-,
recently became intolerable.
Mrs. Smith asks the -our! '?> ti\ the
amount of alimony. Sh ? rays her hus
band is worth St 7.'? Olio They have
three eh i Id re l.
Wilt l.?> to I'llle?line for ?erWrp With
I -eiiern I \ lleiih.i '*
I 'orees.
NKW V??ltK. February 2?. Major
? ieneral lliooman A'nite, ot the l!rit
i.-h and Canadian recruit ;ng mission,
SWOIT III I on .lews t <, d;i\ |,,r service
ill Palestine V 1111 ilniTal MlCllbj s
forces They will go to lios|<n to join
ojher .li-wi-h recruits from alt part, of
the country.
Following the custom of the Jewish
church, the nien took the or.t'.i of al
leKiance to Kitig Ceorg" with their
hats ?.ti
Commission Will Advise Director
(ionorjil of Its landings l?y
Middle of March
Kail way Helpers* and Laborers'
I iiiun Declares Colored Worker*
on Railroads of South Are Migrat
ing Because of Poor Pay.
I Hv A^sorlaloil Prof's*. 1
WASHINGTON. February 26. ?Hear
ings before tin: railroad wage com
?.nission in its work of making recom
mendations for the most extensive
wayo adjustment ever undertaken were
concluded to-day. It was said officially
' that the commission's decisions r.s to
what classes of the 1.250,000 railroad
workers should receive increases and
the amount of the increases would be
communicated to the director-general
in less than a month, possibly by
March 1"..
Alfred 1">. l-'iinn. appearing' to-day
for the I'nited lingineoring Society,
askerl that the commission consider
professional engineers in any increases
Xeni<> employees on railroads in the
?South w? re said by .1. W. Williams,
Alonzo Jones and II. 'I. Itailey. of the
Railway Helpers' and Laborers' I'nion,
to be underpaid and migrating to the
Xortli. where wages were higher. An
Increase from '-':i I - - cents to 2" cents
an hour w.i- asked fi>r blacksmith
helpers and similar laborers on thr
Central of ileoriiisi. Atlantic Coast Line
anil Seaboard Air Line.
II M i'omortoiil. representing pow
erhouse engineers, telegraphed that an
impending strike o:i the ttoston Ite
rated Railroad would prevent his ap
pearance. Ilis mi "sage asked increased
wages and an eight-hour day for sta
tionary engineers.
?lr<. Iliraeh Denies she 'I'rled to Itlnrk
nmll Mayor I nndler. of
\ I Inn In, lia.
! rtv Associated Press. I
ATLANTA, i?A.. February - >'<.?The
case of Mrs II. II. Ilirsch. and .1. W.
rook, charged with attempted verbal
blackmail of Asa Candler. Sr. Mayor
of Atlanta, wi'l be placed on trial
here to-morrow morning. The case is
docketed as a misdemeanor.
What lino the defense will take,
other than published statements o<
counsel for the accused that the first
suggestion of money came from the
other >:di- and not from Mrs. Ilirsch
ha- not In n disclosed.
1 let iii'?. the grand jiiey charges were
made that Mrs. Ilirsch and <*ool>. a
local r mI estate dealer, had sought in
I obtain ?.".i?i>.i?ii(i from the Mayor lioth
Mrs. Ilirsch and I'ook have denied thr
allegations and have asserted that "the
whole story would be tohl in court."
\\ a ii l * s |'fr t rut \ ill niter on I'riiiln
mill \ cKelitblfM to \f?
I'.nglniid I'nrn,
I Itv Assorinled Pr<v-s I
NORFOLK; VA,, February 2G.?Xotlcc
was served to-day on shippers in 1ts
s< c!ion that the Met chant;-' and Miners
Transput lation I'ompany. operating
regular lines of steamers to I'rovidenco
and Itoston. ha petitioned th> Inter
state i 'oniim rce i "mil in is.-- ion for the
read jusl in-lit of w.iic;- rates, including
an <iverage increase of S per cent in
Hie i Mr on fruits and vegetable; from
Norfolk. I'ort -inoiilh anil Newport
New. They al--o a.-k for an Increase
of 2" nts per ton on freight handled
to <?: from lighters 111 these hatlmrs
The company's steamers handle im
tn e 11 ? i| i.i ii t u jrs of tt nek-farm prod
in ts io lit,- two New I'.ngland port
Thii Vilnlorx Hunted.
i'M'i: may. N .1. February
Knsjgn Walker Weed, of the aviation
station here, and Lieutenant I'.ennett
of the local aviation corps, were badly
burned to-day, v hen the engines o<
their .-e.i pl.t lie b.? k-tired following a
collision with one of the stone jetties
Claims Such Body Would Be
Prejudiced, and Declines
to Accept Its Judgment.
Hints Misunderstandings Could
Be Removed if Responsi
ble Powers Met.
Hnwevrr, Imperial Chancellor In
sists That (tcrniany Is Fight?
ing for Humanity
(By Associate'! Prc.?s.]
AMSTKItl'AM. February 2C ?The cen
tral i-jvers :iHemj to giw -self-govern
nvj it tlic provinces of Courland and
Lithuania. Imperial chaneo'!>r von
Hertiina declared in his address to the
i leichi-'.ag yesterday.
The operations of the central powers
in the east, the Chancellor said, wera
being carrieil out with the sole aim
of .securing the fruits of the peaca
with Ukraine. He added:
"We do not intend to establish our
sel\ on jn Kstlionia or Livonia."
The Chancellor asserted the central
powers hail froeil Poland with the in
tention of calling an independent
into existence. The constitutional prob
lem involved was .still being discussed
in its narrowest, sense, he said, by th#
three countries involved.
"Our war aims from the beginning
were defense of the Fatherland, main
tenance of our territorial integrity
and freedom of our economic develop
ment." said the Chancellor. ' Our war
j fare, even where li must bo aggressive
I i:i action, is defensive in aim. I lay
special stress upon that just now, in or
; der that no misunderstandings ntay
arise in regard to our operations in
the east. Their solo aim is to secure
the fruits of our peace with the Uk
Following is a full report of Chan
cellor von Hertling's speech yesterday
in the Iteichstug
"After a few prellminarj remarks by
Pr. nermann tS I'aasche, vice-president
| of the Ueidistag, and the tirst reading
of the budget. Count von Hertling
arose and said:
"The Jleichstag has a right to receive
an explanatory statement in regard to
the toreign situation and the attitude of
the government concerning it. 1 will
meet the obligation arising therefrom,
even though. I entertain doubts as to
the utility and sucess of dialogues car
ried on by ministers and statesmen of
belligerent countries.
Air. nunciman, in the House of Com
mons. recently expressed the opinion
that we would get much nearer peace
if instead cf this, responsible repre
sentatives of the belligerent powers
would come together in an intimate
meeting for discussion. I can only
agree with him that that would be the
way to remove numerous intentional and
unintentional misunderstandings and
compel our enemies to take, our words
as they are meant, and on their pan
.i 1 so to show their colors. I cannot ii*
any rate discover that the words which
1 spoke here on two occasions were re
ceived in hostile countries objectively
and without prejudice. Moreover, dis
cussion in any intimate gathering
alone could lead to understanding on
many individual questions which ran
rea.lv be settled only by coinpromiw^
"It has been repeatedly said that w#
do not contemplate retaining Belgium,
1 ill that we must be safeguarded from
the danger of a country with which we
? ?f.site atter the war to live in peac"
and friendship, becoming the object or
the jumping -oft' ground of enemy
machinations. If. therefore, a proposal
cam^ from the opposing aide, for ex
sniall step toward a mutual rap
procheinent. I. therefore, pass over
attitude, even though the discussion at
first might only be unbinding.
.Meanwhile, it does not appear a*
it Mr. Ifunci man's suggestion has a
chance of assuming tangible shape, and
1 must adhere to the existing methods
of dialogue across the channel and
"Adopting this method, 1 readily
admit that President Wilson's messag ?
of February 11 represents, perhaps, i
small step toward a mutual rcap
proachinei'.t I. therefore, pass ovc;
the p:*cUiiiitia r\ and excessively long
ri'cla ra t ion. .:i order !<> address myself
| immediately to the four principles
winch. i:i Pre--.dent Wilson'.-. opi:ii n.
i must itc applied in a mutual exchange
of view s.
\(.iii:i:s with Piti:smi;\T-s
Fl MIAMKXTAI. Pit I \ f 1 Pl.KS
"The t'.r? t i :.tu.-e }..,>?.>> that each part
of the final settlement must be bajed
upon the essential justice of that par
t'.cul ir case and upon s\j,-)i .,djnst rnent!
as are more likely to bring a peace
itiiat will be permanent.
"Who would contradict this? Thf
phrase coined by th> great Father of
the Church, Augustine, fifteen hundred
j-cars ago?Justitia tundamentum reg

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