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"norom*?Is i-ttl) valid to-day. Certain
'it'is that only peace based in all Its'
P*rts on the principles ol justice has
a prospect of endurance.
' The socofid clause e.vpress?*s the de
b<ro that peoples and province .-hall
not t?c bartered about from s?ovrtelgnty
to sovereignty as If they wore mere
chattels and pawns in a earn--, oven the
treat c&me. now forever discredit-.'d.
of the balance of power.
"This clause, too, cun be uncondi
tionollv at sen ted to. Indeed one won
ders *that the President of the United
StaH;.- considered it nccessary to em
phasize it anew. This clause contains
a ' polemic .against condltionr Ions
vanished, views against t'abinet poli
tic* and Cabinet war?, against mixing
Mate territory and prtnccly and pri
vate properly, which belong to a past
that is far behind us.
"I ilo not want to b?* discourteous,
but when on* remember? the earlier
utterances of President Wilson, one
might think that ho is laboring under
the Illusion that there exists in Ger
many an antagonism between an auto- ,
cratic government and a mass of peo
ple without rights.
"Arid yet President Wilson knows
as, at any rate, the German edition of
his book on the state proves?German
political literature, and ho knows,
therefor?. th3t with us. princes and
governments are the highest members
of the nation as a whole, organized in
the form of a state, the highest mem
bers. with whom a final decision lies
But. seeirs that tliey also, a.- the m:
preme organs, belong to the v. ;io;e. t.^e ,
decision is of such a nature thai only
the welfare of the whole i? tlm gunl
insr line for a decision to ?<? taUen. T
may be useful expressly to point this
out t<-> Prerldent Wilsons countrymen.
"Then, finally, a' the closc of the sec
ond clause, the game of tin balance
of power ts declared to be forever dis
credited. Wo. too, can only gladly ap
plaud As it well known, it was L..is
land who invented the principle of the
maintenance of the balance of power,
in order especially to apply it when
one of the states 011 the European Con
tinent threatened to become too power
ful for her. it was only another < x
presslon for England s domination.
ron.Tii i> thiri? ti-.MSi:
"The third clause according to which
every territorial settlement tnxolvcd in
this war mutt be made in the interest
ami tor the benefit of the. populations
concerned. and not as part of any mere
adjustment or compromise ot claims
:innong rival Mates, is only the appli
cation of the foregoing in a ?leiinitc
^dj-i^otion. or a deduction from it. and
tT* therefore, included in the assent
ik given to that clause.
5 "Now, in the fourth claus?*. he dc
fmands that all well-defined national
inspirations shall be. accorded the ut
jj most satisfaction that can be accord
ed the in without introducing new or
"^"p*rpe.tuatiug old elements of discord
'and antagonism that would be likely,
tu time, to break the peacc oi Europe,
1 and. consequently, of the world. Here
! also 1 can gi\? assent In principle, and
! 1 declare, therefore, with President
Wilson, that a general peace on audi a
basis is discussable.
"Only one reservation is to be made.
I There principles must not be proposed
the President of tlio 1. nitcd Slates
^alone. but they n-.ust be recognised den
[ nitely by all states and nations. Prcsi
'. dent*Wilson, who reproaches ihc G.-r
\ man Chancellor with a certain amount
backwardness, seems to me in his
! flight of ideas to have hurried tat in
[ uilvance of existing realities
[ " ??Certaiuly a league of iv?ti?>ns erect
t ?d upon justice and mutual unselfish
; appreciation, a condition of humanity,
? in ."which war. together with all that
' remains ot the earliest barbarism.
should hav. complete!" disappeared,
a'tul in which ther.: should be. no bloody
sacriJ'cei-, no t*lf-n?utUatiou of peoples,
nu d?.?iruct'OB of laboriously icquired
r cultural values - thai mild b- an aim
.uv.mlv d-)
i "But that aim it-'. ' ; ' 1 b-en
' reached. There ?i. <.- ic.-i >"??'. e:.'- ?. a
court of arbitji^iion s< ' up by all n-<
i tionJ" for tliv.-sutegu'at'dinp of peace in
the name ?>f Justice- V hen Pre. .d<-ni
Wilson incidentally . a >' ?: that ih< <j<-r
? man Chancellor Is. speaking to the
i court of the entire >\or".d. 1 iiiu.-t. as
! things e'.and to-day. in the name of
I the German empire and livr allie.. dc
\ cltae this court as prejudiced, joytull>
* as I would greet it if an impartial
court of arbitration existed and gladly
; as 1 would co-operate to realize such
"Unfortunately, however there i.- no
trace of a similar .-tato or mind on the
part of the leading pov. trt in the en
tente. England's v?r aims, as recent
ly ^expressed in Lloyd ilojrst's
;? peer h .1 re still thoroughly im
perialistic and want to impost en the
?H'orld a p?*a<*.. according to i'mgiand't;
good pleasure When England talks .
about people' right of self-detormlna
tion. she dot. not think ot applying
the principle to Ireland. Egypt or
India "
Declaring that 'he new German op
erations agains' Ru.-.-ia wcrt tak^.n at
the request of the populations to re
store order and that they did not aim
a! conquef?:: the Ohaicellor oontinuecl.
?'Our war a.tv.*. from the beginning
werf the defense of the Fatherland, the
main1enanee of our territorial integrity
and the freedom of our t 'onomic de
velopment Our warfare, even where it
nju.-- bo. aggressive in a tion, i? de
fensive ;n ?:m. I lav e.'-necia.! lirc-fcs
upon that Jufct r.o:n <.-rder that no
misunderstandings; s-lull ar:-e. .ihout
our operations in the ?.a6'.
*Otr AIM TO SAFKC.l'Altf)
l'"RL IT or I Klt AINE PKAf E
-'.?Alter the breaking r.ff of peace
negotiations by :: e Russian delegation
February 10, v. c had a t:ec lian.i a?
.:gair.?' 'Russia The >.ole ;tin. <?{ tho
advance of our triors which was he
run seven dart after the rupture was
?o safeguard the traits. ot our pea- e
Mrjtli Ukraine. A;mt> of t'onqtic: t v ?re
in no way a determining fato.-. "A'e
were ctrer.gtheried in this by the Uk
rainians' appeal :>-r apport i-i b.-ir g
ir:g about order in their young *tate
agalnut the disturbances rarriei out by
the Bolebevikt.
??'lf further military opera<ion& in
othc. rcgiont have taken ;>ia.~f. the
tame applies, to them. They in no way
aim at conquest They arc aolely taking
plsice at the urgent appeal and rtpre
-sentftlons of the populations for pro
e :tior. again?t atrocities and devat,'.*
tIon by Red Guard- a;ni other hand*.
T.lwy have. therefore, been undertake;;
l??' the r.am^ of humanity. They are
measures of arsiitanci and have no
ot'lier character. It it ?? question of
creating peace and order In the Interett
peaceable populations.
*'W.! dc not IntTd to c:.tal>llsli our
vo|\<". for extu-iple. in Kiitnonl* or LI*
vonia. In Oourlund and 1-ithunnii our
chief .'ln<vt is to create orcans ?f self
ilrlii" ?ln'ili,,n ;?i><i self-administration.
Our military action, howev. r pro
tsuced a suoooss lat cxcooili'ir tin- 01 ij,
l:ia! aim. , ...
"News was iff.-ived yestcrlay tnat
Pet'rograd had accepted our conditions
and s'.mt its representatives t i Brest
Litovsk for further negotiation?. Ac
cordingly. ou ? dolomites traveled
thither last evening. U if- posslbl? that
tlitre will still b? dispute about the
dttailf. but the main thing beer,
accomplished. The will to pesee ha'
i-evn expressly announced tront the
Russiar side. while the condition* h :tve
been accepted and the condition <?f
nesce must ensue within a very
? To *-aloguard the fruits of our pcacc
with Ukraine, our army command dtew
the sword. P.mcc with Russia will ho
the hrppy result.
"Peace* negotiations with Ko;nir.n'.a
began at Bucharest yesterday, it ap
?1 pea red necessary that Secretary von
Kuehlmann ?holdr be present there dur
ing the lift divf, when the foundation.'
w<*re laid. Now, however, he will pre
sumable soon go to Brest Litovsfc.
Ml>T I'ltO t'KCT
or all hkh almi:s
"It 's to be remembered, regi rding
negotiation* with Roumaria. that w*
are not taking part Iti them -ilone, and
arc under obligation to champion th<
interests of our allies. Austria-Hun
gary, Bulgaria and Turkey, ?o r?e to
it *.hat * comprotnisc it- arranged ti-cr^
regarding ;?ny divergent des're:' t^at
will possibly sive rise t""> diflieultics.
but these diffleultieH will be overcome.
With regard to Roumania, tot, tl'.e
ciitdiug principle will Ijc that w.- mutt
and de:>ire to convert into fri<iiid> the
.mate.- with which, or. the ba-if of th?
-iK-e.-s of our army, we. now concl.ide
"Regarding i'oland. that country, as
we know, was freed by Germany and
Austria-Hungary from oppressive de
pendence, with the intention of culling
an independent state into existence. The
constitutional problem, in a narrow
sens*, is. still tn the. stage of exhaustive
discussion between the three countries
concerned. Pcacc with Ukraine at tirst
produced great unrest in Poland. 1
hope, however, that with good will a
compromise on the conflicting claim?
will be reached. In the. settlement we
arc demanding only what is indispensa
ble from a military point ot view.
"The entente arc lighting for the ac
quisition of portion.' e! Austro-lTuu
carifMi territory l>y llaly and for the
tovcnnce of Palestine. ttyrla and
Arabia from the Turkish empire. ling
land hopes by th- creation of a de
pendent protectorate t. annex ne-- por
tion: ? ?{ territory to f.v Br.tuh empire,
and !?> increase ?nd round off the.
?r \ s'n puss1* si ion ? especially in Atri-a.
ihjclaHks t.ius wkiib
* ntcri,AT?:v> itv biiitons
?1 i < f.t.-e of '.lilt p.dlcy entente
statesmen dai ?? to represent Germany
the d;>turber <?' pe-.f ? wlm. in the
interest of world pea mutt be ion
fino.l within the narrow est bound . By
a system of - ami calumny they en
deavor to HM-tigaie the tr own people
and in itr:i 1 t-ounifif. .icani.t '.lie ???-a
tral power; an ? to ;i' MirO ne.iiiral coun
trle wiih t? . !??? of th* violation
jf neutrality by lieraiKiiy.
"Uegardiue the intrigues recently
oh rried a in S1* ilit rland, wc never
though:, nor \? ??1 wr think of assailing
?\\ a- uti.iiit* W>" ar mueii indi i?t
. Switzerland. We ex pre..t. grati
tude to her. Holland, tho Scandinavian
countr.es. and Spain, who by Uer
geographic*! po?>ition is exposed to
espc ial dirtlcuiti- .. and .10 less to the.
extra-Uuropcan voiintries which have
not entered the war. tor their manly
ii'uude in tlut. de?. p.ic all ttmplations
:!-.;d oppr?-stions:, !'i > pi-'.-<-r\<- 'lT*ir
nc ra itty.
:??; i.i> i>(iMd> t. t'oii
r?;\ci;. m.:<*t<Aitlui.nt
1 ic ?' <>:ld is Wnainc t'?*r p ace. but
ih* i;o\crnnieist. 1.;' the enemy i'uuh*
I - ' 1 ? again 1 Ojaiiag the passion ot
. 'I'l.ere are. however, other voie.es
to i-e h'-ard in Blight lid; it i: to be
hoped ih.it tiiese voicet will multiply.
" The world now ttaiid: before the
tina' ?ie. ion. ICitiier ejnr enemies will
eli'cide to conclude peace.?the*- know
on v hat . ondiiiom we art ready to be
gat a discussion?or they ? ill con
?inue. th' insanity 1 ?> their criminal war
of conquest.
??i"nn* people will hold out further, but
the blood of the fallen, the agonies of
th.-" mutilated, and the. dis'ress and ;uf
t"c;-;avr.-> of the peoples will fall on the
Iweis of tho-?- \iho insistently refuse
10 h.'.t.on to ? he ..-e 01 r* ason and
; vi.C11 >
llcclaifd Tliey Destroyed Last Hope
for Pcaco by Encouraging Ger
man Outrages.
Iuskliuus fcfl'ort to Produce Lethargy
ami Dissatisfiu'tion in America io
Rrlng About (jicrinan-Mmle IVikt,
Virginia Senator Charges.
i By Associated Vrr-> 1
WASHINGTON. February bcna?
tors- who participated in the filibuster
:.iv ii resulted u th? d< t<-ut ?-f the
arnifd ship bill last session were as
sailed by Senator fiwsnsun. of Virginia,
in n speech to-day a.* having destroyed
"the last chance for peace" between
the United States and Germany. Viy
this action, Germany was convinced,
ho said, that we di-l not have the
couragc to defend our rights, and
that no Injury ."-he could :11fliot would
result in warfare.
"This 'small group of willful Sena
tors.' " Senator Swansea! devlarcd. "were
res ponsible for the creation of tint.
b<-lief in Germany and deserve severe
condemnation for mi. representing and
thwarting, at this critical time, the
will of the American people. Con
vinced by defeat of the measure for
arnv-d neutrality that the United States
was too craven to fi^ht. hardly hud
Congress adjourned before Germany
commenced tho enforcement of extend
ed submarine warfare."
Senator Swan.-on, after reviewing
tlic causes which led to America's en
trance into the war. declared that thcra
i.? "an insidious and treasonable propa*
ganda now being conducted in this
country, designed to produce dissr.tis.
fa- tion and patriotic lethargy In order
to secure a German-made peace."
Engaged in spreading this pernicious
propaganda, ho said. "its a motley crew
composed of fanatics. German spies and
persons corrupted with German gold
and promise*, officered by a tew selfish
politician.?, who foolishly think they
ieo an opportunity for ? elr-advance
iueni. although it may result in the
wreck <?f the country."
The activities of former German
Ambassador von Bernstorff and otlv-r
German agents, despite the neutral
ity of the United States, in attempting
to cripple industries, instigate plots
ani to influence the Congre; s in the. in
terest of the German empire also were
denounced by Senator Swanson.
tieii^ml Pershing's* Report Also Mxin*
others Were Injured lour
ing Battle.
' Bv Associated Btc.-s- ]
WASHINGTON, February ?The
de.'th ?.f one man in action, ot two
oilier.-: from wound: received in action
and a fourth from a gun cxplosiou,
were reported to the Wai Department
to-day by General Pershing. The dis
patch also reported four men .-lightly
wounded on the fighting line.
Private Janiei: J. Regnery. Oshkosh,
W'l?., was killed in action February 1?,
and Privates Edward F. Hernon.
Brooklyn. and David Iliekcy, St. Louis,
dud irom wounds received in action.
Three deaths in the American ex
peditionary forces from natural can; ea
v. < r- also announced.
1'i-aikU.lln .Made Assistant.
\\ ASlllNGTON*. February C8.?.F
Franklin, of Kansas City, chief of th<-"
Brotherhood of Boilermakers. Iron
Shipbuilder? and Helpers, was ap
pointed to-da.% by Director-General Mc*
Adoo, assistant director of the railroad
administration's, labor division.
EN'V-t,BKKC -.k;nl.'ie-l :ni>> r**.-i ai ll.'-fl
f'.-liM-V: ,\ M I'Vhruury T IMS. ??' S?
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"Vol V
0 V &3H
^Continued from Kirst Pago.)
CoiiHcqucnily. tiic conscious
ness of tlio necessity of defending the
country was growing among the Itus
uiiAKi.M; or snu:.\> i vn.5
men to defend capital
PUTKOGRaD. February 26. ? Blaring
sirens awolce sleeping Petrograd last
evening, warning the inhabitants that
the Germans had entered Pskov. The
blasts- of tho whistbs alto served a? n
summons to bes;in digging trenches for
the defense of tlv. capital.
The district Soldiers' and Workmen's
Council? of Pctrogrud were informed at
midnight that small German detach
ments had taken possession of Pskov
and were moving toward Petrograd. A
general mobilization of the working
men and working women who are ?up
porting tlvs council! was ordered, every
one being directed to report to tho
ir-'molny Institute, th- Rolshevik head,
quai ters.
There are varying reports what
hapjiened at Pskov when the Germans
(?????npied the city. One account has it
lliar. ;i small German dc.tachmerit i n
t< red |Jj;Uov and subsequently retired;
another reports that a German armored
tr:?in caino from Ostrov, which had been
previously occupied, while a third
speaks of street lighting.
Regarding Getrov, it i.< stated that
an armored airplane acted aa ccoii*.
for the govcrnineitt cavalry advanein?
iilong the railwaj. hen the airplane
hovering over Ostrov .-.ignaled that the
evacuation had t>e*?n begun the cavalry
rushed up.
AHTI 1/L.EnT niKI, IN I'. 5.
t By As'-o.-'-if'l Press.)
FRANCE. Monday, February t'o.?The
artillery duel in th? American sector,
ntjrthwest of Tout, grows more intense
daily. The Germans tired a hundred or
more shells during the last twenty-fsur
hours, and lato this evening began to
bombard violently rome of our batteries
with gas and U!eh-explo3ive shells.
The American artillery has replied
constantly, doiit? most effective work
against the en^my front-line trenche*.
his battery petition* and wire entangle
ment?. Numerous enemy working
parties also were : helled. Beyond ob
servation by balloons, there has been
no serial activity, owing ro low clouds
and rain.
American ma ninr suns last night
and thie morning tired inuny thousand
rounds in the rear "f the German po
sitions. where marked movements of
men and material progresses.
^nnunicft t.axr Proof of a Spirit Krjual
to Thnt of Prencb
WASHINGTON. February ?6. ? An
oiUciul French dispatch to-day said
that th- recent Franco-American raid
in tlie Cherr.in de:> Paint? took place at
Chevrcgny, and that the two American
officer:. and twenty-four soldiers who
were chosen after the entire battalion
had volunteered for service, "gave
proof of a spirit equal to" that of the
French troope.
American batteries, the dispatch said,
co-operated in the preparation for the
raid which, fho.igli of only five mi 11 -
ut'v' duration, \va; extremely violent.
Heport for Seven Months SI rn\> !a*ss
Wheat, Corn and Pork
Shipment* of Cotton and Co(t<?n>eed
OH Also Decreased, the Forme i
railing Nearly 1,000,000 Rale.*,
lmt Value Increased.
i Hv As.- ociated Pre*.--.)
WASHING fON. February 26.?Ex
ports ot important foodstuffs, including
wheat. corn and purU, showed a marked
decrease for tho seven months i-nditi?>
January Ml. 19is, over the correspond
ing period of the j ear hefore. figures
issued to-day by the Hureau of Foreign
air) Domestic Commerce show. Ex
ports of beet' products and oats in
creased during the same period.
Ulxports of wheat fell fron> 90.16t?,t?C2
to vn.53$.S24 hu.-;hc!s: pork shipments
di-crea.sed from S7I.07S.11*? pound.-. to
5.1.MSI.:!???. pound?, and corn exports
from to lt.iir.72S bushels.
Klour export- increased from O.OtiO,
to 10.11i.lf'l. and b<*ef products ex
ports increased from 14*4.1 S5.742 to 191,
551.S<JH pounds. Oats gained irom 54,
931.730 to l$".4 7t bushels. The total
valuta of oil breadstufts exported the
seven months was * U11.797,743. as
against *291.4X0.773 the year before.
Meat and dairy products increattd from
fiy?,035,r.5" to $:is.?;o7,57::.
Lxports of cotton and cottonseed oil
also decreased during the seven months,
the former falling from 4,340,510 bale?
in she corresponding period the year
before, to it.07S.419 bales, hut higher
prices r*ceivc<l sent Hie total valifci -jf
cotton ui> to $131,701.51?, at: coiApared
with 53ss,:<o'.',543. Shipments of cot
tonseed oil dropped from 7 1 s to
29. I0.r.,as>^ pound**. and decreased in
value from $$.991,S$!i tu ?l.'J37.73-.
Shipments of mineral oils decreased
from 1.701,27$.o30 to 1,517, JM??. 212 sal
IS.\ ports of crude oil decreased from
100.S77.95VJ to i?7.-lt>i?.07i gallons. and
gas-ofine from 243,S57,S35 to 23S.00S.31S
V. S. Adutil^ \cw Gun.
WASHINGTON. February 26.?The
Browning mur-hiti* gun rifle, adopted
for the American army in France, and
declared by ordnance experts to be the
greatest weapon of its kind yet de
veloped. is now being turned out in
three factories, Secretary Baker an
nounced to-day. and tnorc than 100 al
That Will MiiKr Vou Keel Order. l.ooV.
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The House That Made Richmond Musical.
ready huvo b<*eri delivered. Tlio gui
will be put lo an 'exhibition Ucmonatm
tlon on ;t rango hcr? to-morrow.
You buys from 12 to 1J
years will find your indi
vidual tastes have been an
tidpated at this store
Nothing has been over
looked and you'll realize hov
carefully we've prepared tx
make this shop your owi
Everything for boys' wear.
Everything right.
New Spring Top Coats art
New Hats.
New Shirts.
New Shoes.
New first Trouser SultB.
Picture the sharp steel
needle wearing itself
dull?scratching the sur
face of the record, on the
ordinary talking ma
chine. No needles on
the new Edison, but a
polished diamond which
glides smoothly over the
hard surface of the Edi
son record.
That means perma
nent satisfaction. You'll
never tire of your Edi
No Needles to
1 fc.CrXD AT ? LCOKD
Daily Arrivals
Women's Footwear
SMART 0-inch boots will bs
worn this Easter, and are
shown in now shades of gTay,
champagne and brown kid?
plain toe and full French heels.
All sizes and widths, at pop
ular prices.
Also classic pump
tpats in patent colt
and soft ruatto demi
calf. See window. i
tuouve mvney
(3 being preached every
where, but it is only con
sistent and persistent
saving that will get you
anywhere. Got the
habit of putting some
thing aeide regularly,
and when you reach
middle age you will havo
enough laid by to feel
unconcerned about the
future. Wc are here to
h< lp you. Don't neg
lect the opportunity.
One Dollar starts an
Talk with us about
our plan for purchasing
a Home.
Buy Thrift Stamps
and Liberty Bonds.

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