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Also Passes Bill Prohibition Effort*
to Entice Labor Out of
Kopeal Acts Giving County Supervi
sors Power to Kegulnte IIuntinR
and Fishing So as to Leave Free
Hand to Sinto (Jamo Department.
iiin*10 Pa8Sa'?o of several important
^companiert by hot contests,
nuked this afternoon session or the
?C"?,1.0- Ar?ong thorn were the hill to
sii fn l? 1"acik'0 ,aw In this
.late, the hill to make it a mla
l"- or attempt to. entice,
solicit, persuade or proeur* anv servant
cropper, laborer or employee to leave
employer or his sorvlce for the
wlnm"* ,?f BolnB out of this Common
wealth to perform similar or other
""I?'' a,n<1 to Pfov'?'o penalties
theref?r; lho bill to ropoal all acts
MMnc to the Hoards of Supervisors of
tho various counties the power to regu
?r control hunting or fishing, to
provide open and closed seasons for
taking game and fish to protect same,
nsh, song and insectivorous birds nnd
to provide penalties for tho violation
thereof; the bill to appropriate J6.500
for rebuilding causeway and bridge at
Jamestown Island; and tho bill to c?nse
under certain provisions the escheat to
tho Commonwealth of funds in bank
IIII,L, TO FOItnil) ANY ().\K
kuoji i:.\tici.\(j i.Anon
Tho Senate bill making it a mis
demeanor to entice away labor passed
by a vote of 28 to X. Senator Strode
being the one negative voter He then
changed his vote to the affirmative,
moved to reconsider, addressed himself
on the merits of the bill and thereby
precipitated a heated argument. In
which Senators Strode. Trinkle, Wen
denburg, Royal!, Cannon, Jeffreys and
others took part.
Senator Strode contended that the
bill was vicious in principle and al
most under the ban of the opinions of
the Supremo Court of the United States,
benator Cannon expressed similar
views Senators Wendenburg. Trinkle,
noyau, and others took the view that
the bill was not extreme enough to bo
a vice, but was a good measure, being
no less a protection to labor than tho
employers. Citing cases in point. Sena
tor Wendenburg contended that the bill
-was to meet & situation and not a
dreamers theory. Senator Rlson stated
that it was always within the province
of State to dcclare what shall consti
tute a crime..
Senator Trinkle argued that the bill
d d not deny cither employers or em
ployees the exercise of a single
democratic principle, but merely pro
tected \ Irginla. employers and em
ployees from ?sharks" who supply labor
to Industries at so much per head under
lurid and false promises.
The bill was reconsidered, and an
amendment excluding labor organiza
tions from the penalty was rejected.
^f,nate theii to recommit
the bill to the Committee on General
Laws. On pending question the bill,
without amendments, was repassed by
a vote of 26 to 8.
Senator Strode ?a!d that Virginia was
the only State prohibiting women from
practicing law, and on vote the bill
rnS|8Tjd L'y "G 10 2t Senators Addison
and Barham being the objectors. Sen
ator Andrews, who has consistently
objected, did not yesterday do so; how.
e\er. he did not vote on motion of Sen
"i?# /a0<.1c' The Senate refused by
10 to S-1 lhe companion bill to
admit women to the graduate an,] pm.
schcK,!w the University of
i^rginla as a special order.
The bill offered by Senator Cur.n.
appropriating SC.500 or so much there
of as may be necessary, for rebuilding
isis.nHU8eWav:antJ br,d*c ai Jan,est .-vn
island, passed without contest
conference was held In tho office
of the Governor ve?t?!rday with ref.-r
t"C? ? tbe I)la,,s for the celebration to
be held there In July, 1018.
The bill to amend section 1 and 9 of
an act providing for the issuing of
county bonds for permanent road or
distHr.hT/,?k em0nln the magisterial
districts of the counties of the State ai?
"12; amended Ma rch
17. 1915 and March 17, I9ic, is one of
nrocram?r to the road
program, and passed the Senate wlth
for havi?* *?>- up
l? Tnn* .rvflatiMfT to lho came laws
a one of th<y bills advocated bv the
iJepartment cft Game for the better pro
State?1 ^.5a,ne nntl '"'and fish it. the
the hour of noon arrived Sen
flTor Cannon for the fourth time began
his attack on the Conrad kindergarten
bill, contending the bill to be obviously
unconstitutional under at least thr-o
sections of the Constitution, which sets
"Ke limits for primary and gram
mar grades at seven and twenty years
and expressly inakM provision for lo
calities to make extraordinary provi
nlfnili?a^b,l! edUCatl?n ?f school
pupils and others; and also says that
school funds should not be diverted
for a particular purpose. Section 130
allows cities to provide by local levv
for high and kindergarten schools as
Wx? ?????<>."
Stall"?! t0 th? ,f,,la,lfled voters of the
nuostion of calling a consti
tutional convention, to be held for the
purpose of revising and amending ?
present Constitution. Ho said h/ci?
~?f>i'bIl!ihlne tho aniendments was so
great as to more than Justify the cost
tL't Th""i,/UOn"l.C?"Vem!?'' ?? ."lei
Uniform llulf for Stnfe Will Apply
On and After March
A special bulletin was yesterday Is
sued by Colonel 10. U. White, Foderal
food administrator for Virginia, statins
that on and after March 1, the rules
pertaining to iho dealers throughout
the State will he uniform. Wheat
flour substitute will bo sold in equal
quantities with wheat flour and, In tIte
case of whole wheat flour, with every
pound sold there will also be sold three
flths of a pound of wheat flour substi
With every pound of wheat flour,
there will bo sold two-thirds pound o!
wheat flour substitute or one and one
third pounds of potato flour.
lIonnewlTf*' IjcaKttc Cooking IjCftMon.
The third of a series of demonstra
tions in war cooking will be given the
Housewives' T.?caguo at Sydnor &. Hund
ley's store this morning at 11 o'clock
/Tho demonstration will be In charge ol
the government homo demonstration
agent, who will be assisted by several
members of the leaguo in tho Hoover
\ costumes.
The Weather
(Furnished by I). 8. Wcutlier Bureau.)
__ ForecuM? Virginia
C5C5Sdt?t?^^15 ?Cloudy Thurniinv,
probably rnln In
?r?t portloni Friday
Kurth Caroltnn?
Fair Thursday ex
cept rain lit writ
portion: Friday rain,
??older In ucitt por
Loral Temperature.
12 noon temperaturo 04
3 1?. M. temperature 60
Maximum temperature to S P. M.. 60.8
Minimum temperature to S P. M.. 37
Mean temperature 4 0
Normal temperature 42
lOxcess In temperature 7
Deficiency In temperature 134S
Accumulated deficiency since Jan
uary 1 25C
Local Hnlnfull.
Rainfall last twenty-four hours. .None
Kxcess In rainfall since March 1.. 2.4<J
Kxoess In rainfall since January 1 .87
I.ocnl Obaervnt lona nt 8 P. M.
Temperature, 48; humidity. G5; wind,
direction, southeast: wind, velocity, 8
miles; weather, cloudy.
Place. S P. M. High. Low. Weather.
Ashevllle 64 CO 20 Clear
Atlanta CO G4 42 Clear
Atlantic City.. 38 42 32 Cloudy
1 'oston 3C .. 2 4 Clear
Buffalo 30 38 10 Cloudy
Charleston ... 00 CO 48 Clear
Chicago 3S 44 30 Cloudy
Galveston .... 01 70 CO Clear
Hatw.ras 5S SX 4 4 P. cloudy
Havre 34 34 20 Clear
Jacksonville .. 68 70 CO Cloudy
Kansas City.. 30 40 3S Rain
Montgomery .. 00 72 46 Clear
New Orleans.. 72 SO 04 P. cloudy
New York 38 40 28 near
Norfolk 40 f.4 3S Clear i
Oklahoma .... 04 5,0 S4 Rain
Pittsburgh ... 48 52 30 Cloudy
Raleigh 00 60 30 flear
St. I^ouis 40 42 34 Cloudy
Pin Francisco. 00 62 48 Clnar
Savannah .... 00 74 41 Clear
Tampa 6S 8 4 00 Cloudy
Washington .. 48 02 32 Cloudy
Wythcvllle ... 02 00 24 Cloudy
February 28. 1918.
Sun rises 0:40 Morning 5:20
?Sun sets 6:00 Evening 6:05
Here and There
in the Legislature
A severe blow against the war
profiteers was Riven yesterday by Gov
ernor Davis, who sent a short messago
to tho General Assembly urging the
passage of House bill 370. and Senate
bill 292. Those are companion meas
ures to prevent trusts, combinations
and monopolies and provide prison
penalties for Its violation.
The attempt to advance to the third
reading n bill for the suppression of
contagious diseases nmoc-.g bees in
Virginia by creating the rilfice of in
spector of apiaries resulted in sum
mary objection from Senator Holt, who
in tho samo connection reminded the
Senate that it was a Job he was not
seeking. The ill-starred hundred-and
eleven failed to elude Senator Holt;
though Senator Strode went to sleep
at the post and let two "suspicious"
characters by him. Senator Gravatt
told the Senate that the hundred-and
eleven was the only bill on the calen
dar this session bearing his name, and
that ho hoped tho Senate would not
pass by it. Senator Holt paid that he
wanted the doctor's record to remain
clear; while Senator Garrett tenderly
expressed the hope that the bill tarry
on the calendar right where It is.
The bill to provide for uniform offlco
hours for all State Departments, insti
tutions a ?1 other agencies was ad
vanced to its engrossment.
The following bills were offered In the
State Senate yesterday:
By Mr. Thornton?Senate bill No. 2.C. to
amer.d ami re-cnact section 1 of an wet to
Imorpotate tho town of Vienna. In Fairfax
Count v. Referred to the .lolnt Committee |
on Sp'oelal. Private ar.t! I.oral Legislation.
Mv Mr. West?Senate bill No. 377, to i?ro>
vide for the building of bridges in the
county of I>1? of Wight. Referred to the i
Joint Committed on Special. Private and
Loral I.efc-lslatlon. ? __
By Mr. Walker?Senate bill No 37S, to
-ncouras?' tho protection of food Ash. Re
ferreil to th?- Committee on Fish and Oanie.
Uy Mr. Barham?Senate bill No. .17$. to
amend and re-onart an art for the prolee- (
Hon of fNh In the Nottoway Itlver. in
Southampton. Sussex. Dinwiddle, Brunswick 1
anl Cr* eno-vtll. Counties. Referred to the!
Committee on 1'ish and Game.
Havana Entrle* for Thursday.
First r?(three-year-olds and tip) ? nvi ;
furlongs?Twin Six. 100: Chatter Bo*. 1?:
Marie Mirror. 109: Hot-order. Ill: Rebel. Ill:]
Causln Hob. Ill; Datly Cupriccious. 112; Snip.;
112: Bulgar. Ill
Second rare (threo-year-olds and up)? five <
ftirloriBs?Rlanny. SS: Calit-e. l'Xi; Sveneall.
ion: Mnranvilla, 103: Owana, 112: J. It. Har
rell. 114: Mlnerief. 114: Master Franklin. 114. |
Third ra-i- (three-year-olds and up)?five
furlough?Kith. OS: Mr. Pooley. 100; Dora
Collins. 103: Curls. l'O; Jack I.atfun. 111:!
Cash Cr>. Ill; Rock of Luzerne, 111: Baby,
Coir. 112: Cautaln Ben. 114; Charlie McOee.
-.14 Servlu. 114.
Fourth race (three-year-olda and tip)?fix |
furlongs?Out-en Marcot. 95: Pin Tray. : i
Kicking Kid. S4; 7uzu. 97: Eastern Pririress.
?J7: Salfie (VDay. 10t?: Biddy. ICO: Blue Racer.,
109; Wavering. 109; Nettie Walcutt. 110; S. R |
Meyer. Ill Aetio. Ill: A1 Hudson, 112: Bank
Bill. 115; Mil in u nd Adams. 115.
Fifth ra-e (threo-year-olds and tip^?six
furlongs?Brizz. 32; Captain Marchtnont.
106: I.vtle, 108; Burney Kurney, 10?; Schemer,
0*: Neville. 113
.Sixth ra-e (three-year-olds and up)?mile
?London Girl, ??: Jose Devales, 97; Margaret
U. t<:?: Water Wings. 101; Cousin nan, 101;
mph Tlile, 10.;: Bendlet, 1*7: K1 Itey. 115;
Carlaverock. 113; Charley MeFerran. 115.
Weather clear: track fact.
? ?? ? ? ?
Wonldn't Shnke Hands?Fined.
ALTON, If.L.. February 27.? For re
fusing to shnke hands with a innn. j
Lawrence Windel has been fined $5 nnd
costs in police court here. He met
John Goodyear, who occupies a farm
from which Windel had been ejected.
Goodyear greeted Windel pleasantly
nnd offered to shake hands. Wimlel
scorned his attentions, and is alleged
to have made some uncomplimentary
remarks, which were heard by wit
nesses. Goodyear swore out a warrant
for Winders arrest, and the magistrate
Imposed tho fine.
To break up a cold overnight or to
cut short an attack of grippe, phy
sicians and druggists arc now recom
mending Calotabs, the new nausealess
calomel, that Is purified from all dan
gerous nnd sickening effects. Those
who have tried it suy that it acts like
magic, by far more effective and certain
than the old style calomel, heretofore
recommended 6y all pnysiclans.
One Calotab on the tongue at bedtime
with a swallow of water,?that's all.
No salts, no nausea nor tho slightest
Interference with eating, work or
pleasures. Next imornlng your cold has
vanished and your whole system feels
refreshed and purified. Calotabs Is
sold only in original sealed packages,
price thirty-five cents. Recommoncled
and guaranteed by all druggists. Your
money back if you are not delighted.
(iocs Through Without Objection,
Creating Two Positions nt
$2, too I'cr Year.
Attention Is Called to Plank of Plat
form Which Opposed Creation of
Additional Oflires?Many Other
Iiills Given Approval.
The Senate bill relating to motlon
licture films, reels or sterooptlcoji views
or slides; providing a system of exam
ination. approval and regulation there
of. and of the banners, posters and
other like advertising matter used In
connection therewith: creating the
board of censors, and providing penal
ties for the violation of this art, in
the absence of a single objection,
passed the Senate last night without
a dissenting voice.
Governor Davie called the attention
of the patron of the workman's com
pensation act that he had been elected
on a platform containing a plank to the
effect that ho would veto any bill cre
ating a new office. Jt has been sug
gested that ihc opposition to the cen
sorship bill became dormant through
the hope that the same plank would
knock this measure in the head also, as
it creates two new offices, to coat not
loss than J<.800 a year. Although it
is the Intent of the bill to be no drain
on the Treasury.
The bill provides for two censors,
one of whom may bo a woman, to re
ceive n salary of $2,400 a year each:
and that In case of disagreement the
tie shall be broken by the Superinten
dent of Public Instruction. It also pro
vides that a tax of II shall be charged
the film companies for every film ex
amined and 50 cents for every dupli
cate. The law does not apply to bill
board posters, in so far as the work
of the board of censors is concerned,
but merely states the policy of the
State, that It shall be unlawful to dis
play ?uch posters as are Immoral or
obscene. The bill further provides f<?r
the films being stamped. "Passed by
the Hoard of Censors of Virginia."
It is anticipated that the tax on the
films for examination will meet the
expenses of the new offices, and pro
vides that their salaries shall bo paid
out of such funds.
The Senate last night passed the ful
lowing bills:
To provide condltiona for leasing th?
.'Hate farm an') other lands to the Waverly
Otl and Oas Company for the purpose of
drilling for oil and gas.
To amend an act of March 22, 1916, re
lating to the situs for taxation of intan
5lble properly owned by corporations which
o no business In this State.
To amend the act of March 27, 1314. re
lating lo making ti obligatory upon person*,
llrm.s or corporations employing men In
foundries or moliiln^ shops to provide
for proper ventilation In such foundries
or molding shops to require one basin and
one shower for every ten employees, ex
cept where the provision be dispensed with
by the written consent of threc-lourths of
me employees.
To provide for public health nursing and
merit' a! int-pet lion and health Inspection
of school i hiidren.
To permit the transfer of the Valley
Turnpike to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
To provide that memoerii and emplovet-s
and agents of the State lllghwuy Commis
sion may us? toil loads and loll bridges
without payment of loll.
Ti> authorize Hoards of Supervisors of
'?ounties lo pay rewards from county levies
f-.r the capture of Illicit slliU. etc.
To prohibit advertising concerning ve
nereal diseases.
Relating lo dissolution of certain cor
porations. ^
Relating to bond issue for bi .idlng roads
in Kluvanna County.
Relating to schools In Norfolk County.
Two bills relating to water and sewer
system of Winchester city.
To ratify certain war measure acts of
H C. Stuart, as Governor of Virginia, re
la'ing to the situs of Camp l.ee.
llclating to the roads in Scott County.
To amend nn act relating to contraction
of corporate limits of cities and towns.
Relating to the form of government of
cities and towr.s with fewer than 100,0v0
To provide a new charter for the town of
To amend section S4S of the Code, re
lating to pay of supervisors.
To allow Bedford City lo sell a portion
of a street.
Relating to corporate limits of Williams
To make uniform the law of transfer of ;
shares of stock.
Relating lo relief of taxpayers In V..n
State whose land has been or may in the |
future be acou'rcd by the United States.
To amend section 4077 of the Cftde.
Helming to the Hureau of Insurance. In- j
surance. guaranty, trust, indemnity, fidelity. |
fiepurity and frnlernui benefit companies,
etc. ss to rertaln deposits.
To Incorporate ttje town of Dungnnnon.
P.>latlng to roads In Warren bounty.
Relating to the charter of the town of
RelstlnT to constructing a bridge at Hut
ton. on the .lames River
Relating to roads In Norfolk County.
To ni<tborl-?e ?n!e of certain land by the '
town of Alta Vista.
T? rcp?al ni. net to prohibit the killing
of deer In Buckingham County.
T?*e of Armory Crnnted.
?Richmond T^odne. No. 45. Benevolent
and Protective On'cr of ISlks, has be^n
granted permission by the Administra
tive Bo^rd fo u??e the Grays' Armory
on the night of April 13. for an enter
tainment to raise funds for war relief
work, on condition that the organiza
tion bear all the expenses for .?"hting,
heating and cleaning the building.
Samis Grotto was also granted the
use of the armory on the niirht of March
13 under the same conditicns.
?t*ke~a~ prompt and effcctlre remedy? on a
that acta Quickly and contains no opiate.
??iou caa get such a remedy by askiug tch
Attorney-General Answers Deques:
of IIou.se of Delegates for
Amendments Enacted in the Mannei
Prescribed by Law Do Not Havt
to Do Deferred Dack to Electors
Says Opinion.
j I* ollowing is a letter from Attorney'
| ?eneral John H. .Saunders to J. W WU
; Hams clerk of the House of Delegates
I n acknowledgment of the resolution 01
?the House requesting his opinion or
if questions relative to the lo
I I.'nhty Of the change of city charter? bj
. the I^ci;islature.
-The first request made, namely, thai
I advise you according to the legalltj
or the various acts of the General As
??.mh.y for allowing cities to chang<
Hnn ii7?rr? u Rovernment under Sec.
,u' of Constitution is 1 under
hor .V" ' convcrsatlon with a mem
. ?f th* Douse, in reference to th?
l!M<i Chaplcr 81 of the Acts Ol
i i?i i k' ChaPtcr 74 of the Acta of 1916
rJ' ;hf for the chang.
. !,JLi form of government In cltli j
having a population of over 100.000
; I wive, therefore, limited my reply tt
j these two statutes.
' ? .*Karn unaJ,'? l? detect any provinior
wlicT TfiUMM rendprln* th? ?ame In
f I.1 stimSn. i u eSe acts 8eem tc
a 1 e general subject
r thereof within the scope of the
PCvi era of the General Assembly
! ,J-r scc,?nfl question Is that I ad
iai)vhorf1U v. Ieeallty ,n allowlnR
; . in?,d/,0ther nn e'ected charter
t-it,mission to propose a change In the
1 / rfla5"her'oU 13 prov,<Jed by Section
I L ,1 Con8litul'on that genera!
? aw.- for the organization and cove?
j m,nt ?f cities and towns shall be en
I n\? il^? ?en'*rs;1 Assembly, and thai
' latlon0l?h a|Ct sha)I be Passed in re
nrnvi i thereto except In the manner
?ion Inh Articlc 4 of the Constitu
k c*cept also in the case ol
J cities having more than 5,000 inhabl.
tants as hereinafter provided.'
j In your question If I will advl?
Wh6thep a charter change pro*
i chln"rcf rnJ"K a c">'- Which also has
I i
ti'TV, ?,td
i KA'i'.cfurr,1 thViSJir.1,'
:i? .Schn*rcl!?t"^5,.r ?; LT'"
prescribed by law. does not havTIS b,'
? "c"r;.rb" ' ??*?
'Continued from First Page.)
?ne was interested then In securi^
enforcement of the laws against cruelty
-o animals. She asked that a new
humane officer be assigned to this
' X saw her again on February 4 on
Cu7yiini|StreCK ?n my Way from the
it> Hall to the Candler Building."
,S>ie nsked mo for a conference that
afternoon |? my ofnce ,n the Cand,er
building. I told her It would be im
possible. but I would bee her on Wed
nesday afternoon. February 6. at 1
ocjock in my office In the Candler
fhUJ i^K ^he d'd n<>t Stat0 th0 matter
she wished to discuss with me, al
though she made mention of tho Hu
mane Society.
"On Wednesday afternoon. February
Hundln0,?"1^0 my ?mC0 ,n the Ca"d>"
In, 5 v. removod her coat and
sat down beside the table. The door
from my private office into t.ie hallway
Don't snffcr! Instant relief
follows n rubbing with old
"St. Jacobs Liniment"
Stop "dosing" rheumatism.
s pain only; not one case in flftv
St""" inter"al treatment. Rub
liniment1 whlch "^"^Usm
soreness and stiffness fro , ?ch z
Joints, muscles and bones- ston? J?i
anrtR' .,umbaffo' backache', neuralgia
and reduces swelling. uraigia
ofLo?dbCtimUeP!hGOt a sma11 tr,al bottle
or old-time, honest "St. Jacobs t ini
ment from any drug store and
rheumatism away.?Adv.
Successful and Profitable
A Small Payment
Balance Eaay Terms
A solvent, going concern, well organized, with valuable future
business already worked up. Owners entering army. A real oppor
tunity for investor.
1111 Travelers' Bidg., Richmond, Va.
We Are Now Showing Sew 1918 Models.
No other range is so economical?no other
range possesses so many exclusive features?no
other raiiKe will afford such lasting satisfaction
and service. Thai's why more New Method Gas
Ranges arc found in modern Richmond homes.
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ONHJ-QUAKTIili OAS. The fuel you save will
pay for your range in a short while.
was lockod on tho outside. as It atway
"She had hnrdly seated herself bo
fore she sprang up and exclaimed tlia
she saw a man outside of the window
I remarked that It was probably i
window-washer, and turned around t<
look, but saw nobody. Mrs. Illrscl
claimed It was not a wlndow-waahe;
but a well dressed white man stand
Ing on the edge. I again turned in;
head to look out of the window. Whei
I turned back to Mrs. Illrsch she h.u
removed her hat and had opened th<
door leading Into tho hallway. A mai
was standing In tho door and lmme
dlately entered tho ofllce. I had neve
seen him or hoard of him before. II'
said: ,
"'Our honorable Mayor, this 1h nice!
I at once suspected that a trap ha<
been laid for mo ? "
At this point Attorney John R
Cooper, of counsel for the defense, ob
Jected to what Mayor Candler sus
pected, and tho objection was sus
"I then ran down," continued thi
Mayor, "to the ofneo of my son, Asa
Candler, Jr.. and he returned with rn<
to my office. We found that Mrs
Illrsch was still there, but the mai
had left. Mrs. Illrsch was crying am
I asked her who the man was. Sh<
told me his name was Cook, and sh<
had visited at the home of his mothei
and sister. She asked me who the mai
was with mo and I told her It was mj
son, Asa G. Candlor. Jr. She then lef
the office.
suspecting SINISTEIl
motives, moves fou defexsf
"I at once got In communication wltl
my brother. Judge John S. Candler, am
with my friend, Forrest Adair, telllnj
them I thought these people had at
tempted to trap me for a purpose. Mr
Adair arranged a conference with CooV
for tho next afternoon In Mr. Adair's
office. I wont there to hear what CooV
had to say. He refused to talk wltl
any one except myself, and 1 conferred
with him alone.
"Cook declared that he was a frlenc
of H. H. Illrsch, that he had beer
watching Mrs. Illrsch for somo time
had seen her come to my offico ant
had finally surprised uo In a compro
mising position. Ho threatened to 'ex
pose the whole situation,' telling m?
that he expected Mr. Hlrsch to roturr
to Atlanta In a day or two. and that
there was only one way to prevent him
from telling Hlrsch everything, and
that was for me to got Mrs. Hlrsch out
of town. Ho demanded that I socurc
from Mrs. Hlrsch a written agreement
which was to read as follows:
" 'I agreo to your proposal.'
"The agreement was to bo turned
over to him.
"I saw Cook again on Wednesday,
February 13, In tho Mayor's office In
City Hall. Cook walked Into the of
neo unexpectedly and said: 'You are
trifling with me. 1 will give you until
next Friday to do what I have out
lined. If you don't do it by that timo
I will expose the wholo thing."
"I told him it was no easy Job to
foparate a man and his wife. Cook
iald he would take all the blame."
This concluded Mayor Candler's direct
On cross-examination, Mr. Candler
lenled that he knew Coolc before meet
ing Mrs. Hlrsch.
In answer to furtho- ouostions, Mr.
handler said ho did not seo Mrs.
Hlrsch again, after the automobile
raffle and the Red Cross activities until
January. He denied that he placed hl3
land on her shoulder or took any liber
tics with her when sho visited his office
n January.
Replying to questions concerning a
Mississippi Lady Ilecites llci
Family's Experience in Pre
vention of Serious Sickness
and Tells How Quick Re
lief Follows Use of
Edinburg, Miss.?Mrs. Lula Mc
Lauchlin, who lives a few miles out
of this town, recently made the fol
lowing statement in regard to Thed
ford's Black-Draught, the old, reli
able family liver medicine:
"Wo have used Thed ford's Black
Draught in our family for years, as
a liver and stomach medicine. I have
used it for indigestion, gas on the
stomach, for bloating and a disagree
able taste in the mouth.
A couplo of good doses will relieve
a sick headache and make you feel
liko a new person.
I keep it. especially in the winter,
for grip and colds. It has been such
a wonderful help to us.
Black-Draught has saved us many
good dollars in doctor bills, aa n
great deal of sickness comes from
constipation, and torpid liver whlcli
. . . can bo relieved by so simple ?i
remedy as Black-Draught. I praise
it to all my friends."
Torpid, or Blow-acting liver, is the
commonest form of liver trouble mel
with in America. The liver doe3 not
do ita duty in helping the digestion ol
food and regulating tho bowels.
Thedford's Black-Draught has beer
found a very valuable remedy for de
rangements of the liver and stomach
not only In tho caso of this Missis
sippl family, but in thousands of slmi
lar cases.
Try Black-Draught.?AuV.
Give* instant roltef for catarrhal con
ditions. Try a 20c tuba and bo con
For aal* at all druc stores.
Cu-Mor Chemical Co.
Montague iv-ig. Co.
R. W. Corner Tenth nnd Mnln Stn.
Baltimore, Mil.
visit to his oKlc? on February 8 by
Mrs. Hlrsch. cAndlor said she was th?r?
not mow thaw ten minute?. lie denied
emphatically! that ho was In a com
promising position wUh her when Cook
came' in.
In answer to further <iue?tlo
Candler testified that. Cook <U<1 not .
tually domand monriy frcm him, 1
threatened to "cxiioso" the wholo tn
ter to Mrs. lllrsch'H husband.
rJJial/iimer c%5rot?ecs
Fashionable New Spring
Dress Fabrics
Khaki Suiting I
64 inches wide.
Finest wool, and shown in three attractive weaves.J
Wool Jersey Cloth
54 inches wide. ...*
Shown in the stylish shades of Khaki, Beige, Copen,
Artichoke and Mustard- This fabric is
fine all pure wool,
$3.50 Yard
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We are featuring a large collection of smart plaids and
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Miss asks: "I haV'?* pimples, oily skin
and suffer from coiistlpatlon, headache
and never feci strong and well. Plea3e
prcscrlbo for me."
Answer: You should overcome consti
pation and cleanse the system of accu
mulated poisons by taking; three-grain
sulpherb tablets (not sulphur) for sev
eral weeks or more. These tablets are
very beneficial, especially In hot
weather, as thev have a tendency to
cool tho blood and improve Ita duality.
? ? ?
"Florence" writes: "I have suffered
with a bad cough for some time and I
am also weak and tired most of the
time, which 1 think Is due to the severe
coughing. Can you givo mo a remedy?"
Answer: Yes, your weakness Is due
to the coughing, but you should be well
relieved by using tho following: Get a
'l\<z-07.. package of essence mentho-lax
one and make according to directions
on the bottle, then take a teaspoonful
every hour or two until the. cough is
cured. This makes a full pint of the
very best and safest cough syrup, if
your druggist does not have mcntho
laxono, have him order it for you of
the wholesale flrtn.
? ? ?
"Sickly" writes: "Being past middle
age and observing that my nervous sys
tem is in bad shape, 1 write for a pi in
scription. 1 do not gain strength frc m
my food, am weak, listless, forgetful,
sleepless at times, tired, anil unable to
act tho part of a strong man of health,
such as 1 was at one time."
Answer: Oet from a well-stocked
pharmacy a sealed tube of three-grain
cadomone tablets, which are especially
made for those needing a strong, harm
less, rejuvenating tonlo. Astonishing
t/Zefv/s jBaAer
The questions answered below/
general In character, the symptom."
diseases are given and th* answers wl
apply In any case of similar nature, i
Those wishing further advice, frol
may address Dr. Lewis Bakor, Colio.rJ
Bids,. College-Elwood Streets. Dayt'ii
Ohio, enclosing self-addrossed stum
envelope for reply, full name and^
dress must be given, but only Inl',
or fictitious names will be used ir
answers. The prescriptions enn be
at any well-stockod drug store,
druggist can order of wholcsalei
and pleasing results follow andi
hope are ronowed.
? ? ?
"Boston" writes: "What b!
to relieve a severe case of kl
bladder disease? Urine In do.il
odor, and passage is Irregular
ctc. Have depression, fovei1
lialns like rheumatism, and soi!
region of bladder."
Aas^lfcr: For such symptoms]
descrlBo I prescribe,.my?
mula Inder the name oroalmvv
lets. hIs is a splendid efflcacici
edy for such abnormal condition
pin their use as per directions?(
sealed tube.
? ? ?
Thankful asks: "My scalp iteh*^
rlbly, 1? feverish and a great.amou
oily dandruff la present. What.isl
for this?" ? ;11 '0
Answer: First shampoo the haf.
apply plain yellow mlnyol about?
a week as per directions. This rail
tho itching, overcomes the dandrufjl
makes tho hair beautifully gloss#!
vigorous. Obtain In 4 oi. jars of al
gists. 1
NOTE: For many years Dr. Bakeit
been giving froe advlco and prest,
tlona to millions of people through*^
press columns, and doubtless has h<
In relieving illness and distress ]
than any slnglo Individual In the w'o?uH
history. Thousands havo written hlr
expressions of gratitude and confld* '
similar to tho following:
Pr. Lewis Baker, Dear Sir:?The nlat
Yellow Mlnyol?it Is great. I had
used It twice. I have been trouble
with itching scalar falling hair tor t\
years and havo/ led everything life*
of and nothing/^ i any good. I probi
ly paid out j In tho last two yd
Hut the MinyOTstopped tho falling T
and the Itching is moat gohe. it I
great relief, and I surely believe
I can have my hair as njcfl j "
as It was bsf-yr can refl
to overy one who has falllni
druff, and itching scalp.
Yours very gratefully!
_ N'orwlJ
?Adv. R. F. D. No. ll
Bad T ee th Ruins Y our Appearan]
and Produces a Foul Breath
We Restore Youf Teeth Artificially and Replj
Them at Little Cost. Convenient
Our $7.50 Teeth are Beautiful and
to Give Satisfaction.,
For the accommodation/^of
those who cannot como drfn-iiig
working hours, wo are cn to
8 P. M.
I>ady Attend:
Our Work, Consult Our Pal
Set of Teeth *7.t
Gold Fillings
Gold Fillings . ??...$1,"
Gold Crowns
Bridge Work
$4. *5
027 E. Broud Street,' Next Door United Cigar St|
Best Servlee for Least Money.
Open Dally 8 A. M. to 8 P. M.j Sunday, 0 to 1.
Reference: Our Work and Our Patients. Phone Ran.

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