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' kmall detachments. and at points th?l
'Irillltry engagements have been quite!
r. lively. Tho air forces of the contend*'
.. in* armies have been busy, and several
? amall Italian towns have been bomt>ed
by tho Teutonic aviators.
Only *</?lrty-eight persons out of lS'J
on board the British hospital ship
Qlenart, Castle, which was sunk by n
submarine in Bristol Channel, havu
! been landed. Anion? (lie 111 missing
' are seven female nurses
Decrbash is >ho>v\ IN
L/.)ND<"^". February 2S.?British cas
ualties reported during: tho month of
February show a remarkable decrease
compared with the preceding
fc^wionths. They totaled only IS.'.'M. di
"i^fded as follows:
Killed or died of wounds?orti. ers.
1 S3; men. ?.01C.
.Missing?officer?. 4?S>: men, 14.CPS. i
5C.PATROLS RKl'OKrr.n BY rome
ROME. Wednesday, February -7.?
The Italian otTicc statement to-day
"Between the Adige and the. Brental
there was activity by hostile recon
noltering patrols. They were repulsed
everywhere by our outposts. There was
a lively struggle between the opposing
artilleries west of Vai Frcnzela and
along tho coastal region. Our batteries
flred on massed enemy troops west of
...^lo.nte Grappa and on moving carriages
alone the lower Piave.
"In the neighborhood of Cismoti an '
enemy ammunition store was hit suc
cessfully by our aviators. Tuesday;
ntght our flylnc squadrons bombarded
.efficaciously railroad structures at Bui- !
.* z^itio and Pergine. Numerous hostile'
V-machines made incursions over the
plains. They dropped bombs* on in
habited localities between Treviso and
Venice and with particular fury o\ cr
Von ice."
spamsh pruss axmoinces
sinki.NG OK ANOTHER ship
MADRID, February -7.?Tho Spanish
press announces to-day without official
contirination the torpedoing of the.
Spanish ship Sarniero. Efforts t<> ob
Tialn otiicial confirmation clicitcd this
? -comment:
5?H"j"U-boatM obtained better result.
fE;un:-t Spanish shipping than again.-t :
Italian and French tonnage last we- k." ;
i-'rom i.i'.h.ii\v si mi.yui:\fs
ttOME. February L'S. ? Italian ship-'
piny was iinmuiK from German ^ubma-:
rines and mines in the. week ending
February -if. One steamer attached and
beat off a submarine which menaced it.
.'.During the week 41'.' ships entered
Italian port* and *i3S cleared, exclusive
, of lulling and other small ve; selr-. Not
one ton was lost.
DESTIU ? l lt?.\ IIV L'-HO.VI>
PARIS. February _ c ?No French v.-s
_I oi more than l.tfyO tons was ?-mik
*-bv enemy mines r submarines dur
ing the H ee^-. cu.,:n^ l-'ebruar;. J3. One
vessel unden that tonnage was lost, but
* no fishermen were sunk. Four mer
chantmen fought oft submarine a Mack?.
Kntries into French ports aggregated
8Jo and departures i'01.
LO.VDOV; February -JS ?The news
papers continue to pr.nt report;- of ,s?>iz- i
ures of land and other a-'t. of law
lessness by Sinn Feiner*? in Ireland.
The police arc said to be unable to
prevent thf?e acts. Anions th' minor
in.-idents is a report :h.it Sinn F'Mners'
sei::ocl American lias.-, which tv o boys
were carrying in a street in Midway and
tor-j and burned them.
Through Krtnris of I'.merKCiii'T Fleet
Corporation Tlicy Arc Tukrn
From lump*.
' Bv .?-? ? l.it'.l l-os.- I
UASIl^iTu^; February VS.?
Through? t!f? 'efforts of tIt? limerg'Mioy
F")r-ft Corporation. .'.uOO :hlp workers
drafted into the military service have
been returned to the yards, it was an
nounced to-night. Thirty thousand
workers, s-ubject to rail, have been
placed in the deferred classification
lists and will remain there as long as
they are engaged in ship construction.
The men returned to the yards were, ail
taken from camps and cantonments as
the War Department has thus far de
clined to give up men who already have
been" sent to France.
The fleet corporation is seeking an
arrangement with the army f -r the re
turn of workers who volunteered for
or?-\'.?'e of which there are said to be
several thousand now in the various
branches. Groat ?Br:tam was forced (o
?draw from her armies many thousands
of volunteers u .. j Irft the shipyards
early in the war.
Says Report of I.urce Sums in ?vr
1 orli (lank Doe* Htm
Injun (Ice.
fliy Ar.-o. :?t*.i )
PARTS, February ".'S.-?Senator
Charles Humbert, owner of the Journal,
xrho was arres-ted last week in con
nection with the investigation of Opr
man propaganda in France, has writ
ten to Captain Boucharden. of the
Paris military court, a letter s.aying
that he haa been placed in a false
light by the ca.blod dispatches from
New York regarding funds on deposit
to his credit with J. P. Morgan A: Co.
.(An investigation made at the request
of the French government ty Attorney
General Lewis, of New York Hiate.
Showed that Senator Humbert had cash
? -.and bonds to the value of S324.000 to
-"his credit.) The Senator asked a iitar
ing on this subject, engaging to pro
' dtice complete documentary proofv. of
his assertions.
No Action on Dlilrirndi.
I- NEXC TOHK, February ? Director;
oI the Chicago, f:it< kukee Hi:d Xt. Paul
Vtailroad Com pa riy to<jk t o action to
day ei'.h<.*r on the preferred -t ? ointnon
stock dnidendt.
Mineln/s Floy I.ooaled.
Norrls Utley. newsboy, who hid been
missing from his home at ">1T North
Twenty-ninth S-'trc*e*. tincf Tuesday r>as
A found and sent home last < .ening l?y
I've. T. Clayton, of 704 Wen ? :.i. >:f><
The Utley boy, who is eleven yearn
old. came *o the Clayton home yhortly
^ft*r 6 o'clock aiid asked about person:.
>'i?g In that neighborhood, and noting
he tallied with the boy described
Jthe newspaper* a-s missing, Mr.
ton notified Second Police :itation.
leer came and took the Ian to hid
Three Deaths, J)u? to (?a^ Attacks
aud Twenty Men Severely
Private Coleman, of Rocky Mount,
Victim of Pneumonia ? Accident
and Disease Claim Scveu Ameri
can Soldiers.
WASHINGTON. February ?jS.?The
longest list of casualties in actimi yet
received from General Pershing was
announced by the War Department to
night. In all 1m reported twelve deaths,
iour in ai t ion. twenty men severely
wounded and on* man slightly
wounded. There also were throa deaths
from accidents and four deaths from
Uighleen of the severely wounded
were victims of German attacks on
February 26 and two on February 25.
The one slightly wounded received his
Injuries on February 26. Three deaths
were due to gas attacks. The li^t:
Private Melmcr 13. Royelt, infantry,
killed in action February 26, Harlan,
The two men severely wounded In
action on February 25 were:
Private Clyde S. Batts. trench mortar
battery, Flizubelh. N. J.
Sergeant Casper M. lleckeineyer. field
artillery. St. Louis. Mo.
Private Bernard .T. BecUwith. trench
mortar battery, of Morocco. Ind., was
the victim of a wound on February 26. |
The eighteen men severely wounded in 1
action on February 26 were all mem- |
b< r.' of a trench mortar battery. They ?
Private Jacob Anger. Louisville, Ky. ?
Private Hobert M Beatty, Hammond.
Ind. |
Private Frank P. Mahoncy. Munclc. |
Ind. j
Private Alvtn M. Masterson. Roches
ter. Ind.
Private Schuyler C. Mowrer. Monti
Icello. Ind.
Corporal William O'Connell, Cam
bridge. Mas?. ~ /
Private David 13. Plunkett. Hani- '
niondsvllle, Olilo.
Private Adam Bielawsky. lr%. ington ?
N. .1. I
Wagoner John Brown, ^Junci". Ind.J
Private Emile M. Cole, TUau'ih^-Vbr, J
N. II. j
Private Walter J. Pauia. West. Or- i
.iniso, N. J.
Private Marvin R. i'mvn, Anderson, |
I ud.
Sergeant William J. Pagan, ^Zadison, \
Private Addison W. Jonc?, Hc>f)\ins- f
i"tile. Ky.
Private Joseph Golden. New
Private James W. Grltlln. I.ivi^s
ton. Ky.
Private Chester C. Harrir, Albau. j
r? i. >
Corporal Glenn L. Van Sice. Wavcrly, 1
S-. V.
The three deaths from gas attacks ,
were: w }
"Private George V". Galloway. Fcbru- f
iry 27, Fairmont, N. C.
Private Joseph A. Schumacher, Feb
ruary 26, Bristol, Pa.
Private Sid Coleman. February 26.
Cord. Ark.
The three victims of accidents were:
Private Genry Juhala, quartermas
ter':; corps, automobile accident. Febru
ary 23, Gladstone, Mich
Private Ralph ?Ilurd. infantry,
fractured rkull. February 26. Lowell.
Ma; S.
Private. James P. .Jackson. steve
dores. crushed February 22, Savannah.
Diseases claimed the following:
l'rivate William R. Coleman, engi
neers. pneumonia. Rocky Mount. N. C.
Private ?''harlea Harris", engineers,
pneumonia, February 26. Superior. W.
Alexander R. Trobridge. sadler pneu
monia, Gooding. Iowa.
Private William C. Gilberty. infan
try. tuberculosis Potomac, Mont.
Although General Pershing's report
gave only the explanation "severely
wounded," It Is the belief at the War
Department that the eighteen men re
ported a? severely wounded in action
on February 26 were victims of the
German gas attack on that date.
Llruttnant William L. MaclU Full* to I
Heath on Gerstner
I Bv Associated Prep*. 1
LAKE CHARLES. LA.. February 28 ? ;
Lieutenant. William L. Magill, of the
army aviation oorp?, war. fatally in
jured. and Lieutenant Telland L. Ool
nian. of the marine cori*>. was plightly ,
'nupt when an airplane fell near here
late yesterday, according informa
tion obtained to-day from Gerstner j
Fic-ld. Lieutenant Magill died in tlio
field hospital. His home was in Jersey
C11 y.
The fw*o nontenants were engaged
In target practice about fourteen miles
from Gerstner Field when the accident
occurred. Officers at the aviation camp
made no announcement regarding what
cautod the airplane to fall. Colman
escaped with ?l few bruises. HU home
address was not given.
A Condition That Will Not Improve
I poo Itself.
Tn the spring the depressing condi
tion that many call spring fever often
runs through families and neighbor
This indefinite, hard - to - describe
state of poor health probably means
that you are thin blooded and anemic.
Exhausted thin blood gets ''thinner,
low vitality fails lower, poor appetite,
becomes poorer. Then the thoroughly
exhausted system can no longer resist,
and on comes the prostrating illness
<?r :?rlou? d'^ea**
Treat the half-sick, spring-tir^d
condition with that splendid cour.-e ??(
medicine--Mood'* Farsaparllla, to for
tify th" n hol>: bo<l". . I'eptiron. to iron
i?r ;in<i make rich red blood; Hood'*;
Pill* 10 route the liver *o it;. r<r<ular
daily dut i?.*.?, --and the. half-w.n i<
viv< y to perfect health. Dach medicine
is valuable in itself. hut i:. trebly
when u.-ed iti this combination Adv.
118 E. Broad Street,
National Capital
News Cut Short
Happenings at Washington as
Rcjlcctcd in News Dis'
^ ASHI.VtiTON, February VS.-?"'.'on*
y"es:> was asked to-day to i11? ? 1?i<1 an
additional appropnat ion of I -
j f"i" the military ??s'ablisimient in
the urgent deficiency bill, now pondiiu:
I coiiiiidrrfd by the Senate Appropria
tions Committer. OT tint, amount ? I V ?
GSO.noo would be ?j> ?:-?l for barracks
i and quarters for troop?. for
(quartermaster corps supplies. ?'.? 1S0.
I 0tM? for mm tor and sew cr syctetus at
inilitarv posts. ?L\52r..OOO for roads and
I wharvoj. $3."50,000 tor the construction
land if pair of hospitals and 1500,000
j for shooting galb-rics and ranges.
| Those little animal airplane:', the
| carrier pigeon.* of tho I nited States
I Army, will receive protection from
| I'nclft Sani just as a doughboy does-.
| Senat'T Fletcher put in a bill to-day
| imposing a penalty upon : nv one kill
| inc or detaining the pigeons. The
Senator also introduced a bill estab
lishing an army mine'pianter rcrviee in
the coast artillery corps*.
Women aspirants radio operators'
positions in the navy and naval reserve
forces were notified by the department
to-day that womcq^arc not desired for
sucli positions, because they call for
long experience and" for both land and
sea duty.
Instead of being destroyed 1>. the
Internal Revenue Bureau, ?.100.000 worth
of opium and itr. derivatives. ;.cixed
under the Harrison narcotic law. would
be available for hospital use in th*
war under a hill favorably reported
to the House to-day by the Was; and
Mej nr. Committee.
Once mote to-day the. hearing upon j
Senator Toilette. ;; ; pech last ^
tcr at i->t. I'uul was postponed. The
Senator's son is \ery ill viih pn??u- I
monia and his family are constantly j
at his bedside.
Tobacco would be Included in '.he 1
army rations under ;i bill introduced
::i rite Mouse to-day by It.-preventative
(iallivan. of Massachusetts, and rc- j
fcrrcd to the .Military Committee.
Appreils < otrrt IfeTmtrs to flelicve -Siif.
fcrrrH From rinlirai t)i*
* ? . . .LB" Associated n.-ejs I
MAI.lf AA, N. S.. February
Owners, of property destroyed by fire
which swept over an area of two and
a half square miles, after the explosion
on the Mont Blanc here l.'ecember i>,
ftiu. t px.y t ?\es on hosttM which no
Ion set* exist. under a ruling by the
ctrur: of tax appeals.
in dismissing petitions for remir
fcnoa of taxes the <-ourt held that as the
afsetsmcnts had been levied before the
'?*> there was no legal way by which
property owners could be relieved of
llabflity. It was pointed out that the
magnitude of the disaster did not make
tho case <yiy different from one. which
might arise troni the destruction of a
single building, and that the city was
in no position to azsumo an attirude of
The taxes in question were levied for
the >ear beginning May 1. next, and
tho appeals were based on the ground
thst such property would not be in ex
istence during that, period.
>oldier<. Worsted in Attack on Vrnrricr.n
l.ordei- Patrol .Near l;l
rR??, 'IV*.
I Ry A:i?r?i*ln? eel Pr?v )
i:j- l*ASt>. Tj;x.. February -JS.-A
Mexican federal agent and a private
soldier wore wounded yesterday bv
Lnited States cavalry patrols in an c\
clians?* of shot;- ai ros.t the Crande
east of Ysleta, twelve miles fron> here
The Mexicans oper.ed fir.- on a patrol
party of eight cavalrymen. \? ho re
turned it. The six Mr \ i, soldiers
took refuge in a adobe hut liut later
attempted to escape, u hen two of their
number were wounded.
Plntm for Celebration of Founding: ol
lll.sslona In America, to
nrKln In tniy.
[Bv Associated Prrss 1
fCASHVlTLLE, TENN., February 28.?
Southern Methodist editors from many
States were in Nashville to-day to hold
a conference with the centenary com
ml!? ion of the church to f ?"> r m u 1 ri t *
plans f'">r the celebration of founding
of Methodist missions in America,
which !? to begin iti IM?. The <)?'>''?
: .-heduie included morning, 'ftrrnoon
and evening meetings, trin meeting: to
night to !>? for the pub'.j.-, with IT. Pan
H. Hrummitt. of <"'hi.-?g'>, ;i? tho prin
cipal spe;ik? " M:>hc.|i . Askm.- i:
chairman <?( the coininifsion.
Pershing Refers to War Department
First Cafrcs of Kind Since
Americans Reached France.
rrpsidont. Wilson Will Probably Re
\ lew Sentences of Four Men
Caught in Serious Neglect of Duty
in Face of Enemy.
IBv Associated Trcfp-J
"WASHINGTON. February 2S.?Four
American soldiers, caught arleep whila
doing sentry fluty iti lite rtrst-linc
trenches. have been sentenced to death,
but General Pershing, although ho ha?>
authority to carry out th? sentences,
has? referred their cases to the War De
part merit for review.
These are the first eases of the kind
since the American troops went to
France. One soldier has been executed
there tor an unspeakable offense on a
French child, and in his case General j
Pershing acted swiftly. without as j
much as referring it to Washington. I
In these case?, however, somo cx- ,
tenuating circumstance may be found ;
for men. tired and nerve worn by front
line trench duty in a hitherto unknown
manner of warfare, to/save them from
the death penalty at the hands of their;
own fellows.
President Wilson, probably in (he end,
will review th^ir cases. Going to sleep
on sentry duty has long been recog
nized as an unforgivable ofTense. pun
ishable by death, and such cases, rare
as they have been in the American
army, have furniehed some of the most
absorbing incidents of its history.
New H?*Kiitotio:t?rOor Litadlnt; Munitions 1
Would Prmcnt Ilrpftltlon of
Hit liLaa" Horror.
1 By As.socIa.t*<ya2rc??. 1
WASHINGTON. Felix^S.-*iiegu
lations designed, among 'tings,
to prevent r.t American ports such uis
asters us resulted from the collision
of a Bc.lg.an relief *hlp and a French ,
Munitions ship nt Halifax r.vently. j
were issued by Secretary M?**,dr?e, ivit'.i j
the approval of the President. Tliey j
provide for rigid control an 1 supervi
sion over the loading and handling of
munitions and the movement ?i" vessels,
in the navigable waters of t!tc United
Sta t ei.
The regulations ^ Tr dra-? :i under
the provisions <M the espionage act. and !
wi.?! be enforced by the collectors of |
customs. Special port captains will be
r'.risnated by tlie secretary for New
Vori<. Norfolk, Newport Neffi and
llbmpton Roads, and they will enf<">r>-e >
regulations governing the. anchorage of j
v. n 1*1 d may be called upon by the. |
collectors to see that all other portions
of the regulations are complied with.
Advnnrrd - I'or t cut Monlti Kudlug
.lununry 15, Malting U5 Per Cent
I tor Ycnr.
(Ity Associated rrcts j
1 JOiUAjft'O N, February An-i
>oiji<er ? cent added to the retail
' prieca o< food from December 15. 1917,
to January 16, 191S, made a total of!
per cent. v. hlch the cost of living j
advanced in the year ending on thei
latter date.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics to-day '
announecd 'hat eleven of fifteen stand-J
sr.! articles' increased i:i price from
December to January, the. greatest ad- j
var.ee being S per cent in hens, Flour j
de.-reas-ed 2 per cent and lard, bacon j
and cornrr.eal l per cent each.
In the twelve months front January, j
1917. t*> .January, 191S, potatoes alone!
registered a decline in price, being 1 *? j
per cent cheaper, t'ornmeal advanced]
77 per cnt, bacon ?'.t. lard 53; milk 35, j
hen: "9. butter "5, eggs -3. sugar IS and !
flour 17. '
Throe (UUrcr* Al.so Injured in Accident
nt School or Fire in
HONOLULU. T. II.. February 28.
Corporal John Simmons, Piedmont. S.
C., was instantly killed. Captain Peter
Sorenson and Lieutenant W. llnnna
were injured seriously, and three other
officers received slight injuries from the
explosion of a grenade at the school of
fire. Schoficld Barracks, to-day.
^2Jw There is no "cure"
but relief is often
brought by
is two parta common sense and one part,
bank account. The Bank Account fre
quently determines the practical use of com
mon sense.
It enables you to go out. and lool< for
op port unity.
o^'c Interest on Savings Deposits.
Old Dominion Trust Co.
I lie Strongest Trusl Co. in tlie. South Atlantic S(;itcs.
Capital nn?1 Surplus, Two Million Dollars*.
000 Knot Main Street.
Uptonn Olticc: Harrison and Broml Streets.
Women Not Suited
for Sectipn Gangs
JusticcBrandcis's Sisler-in-Law
Tells Railroad IVagc Board
About Their Employment.
(Bv Associated Press 1
?WASHINGTON, February ?A spe
cial session of the railroad wage com
mission was held to Wear Miss Pauline
Goldmark. sister-in-law of Associate
Justice Rramleis. tell of the employ
ment of women on railroads. She gave
figures to show that women aro be
ing hired in increasing: numbers for
heavy work, her statement contradict
ing in some, instances the testimony
of railroad executives.
Mi^s Goldmark appeared as repre
sentor iv?of the Consumers' Uasuo ol
New York and other organizations. Her
testimony was given Informally and
will not l>e included in the record
until sho has incorporated it in a for
mal statement. Secretary Lane, chair
man, and Hie other members of th?
commission, showed a keen interest In
the general question of women in rail
road work by their frequent questions.
Women first were employed in any
number by the railroads about a year
ag<->. Miss Goldmark said, at the in
stance of the railroad war board. They
were put in clerical positions experi
mentally, but their use has extended
until now they are in the freight yards,
section gangs, shops and roundhouses.
While much of the work is suitable
to them, many occupations Involve
heavy physical strain and other has
nrds. Miss Goldmark doubted the ad
visability of employing women on sec
tion gangs for work out of doors In
ill conditions of weather and without
proper attention to their physical wel
"In order that there sha.ll be no
tvuFteful use of labor and to reduce
the turnover." she recommended, "it
s important to make an investiga
tion and standardise the work for
ivhic.h women may be employed before
.heir numbers increase. Ono railroad
imploys -10ft on one division and an
other has a total of 1,517 women
Miss Goldmark said that white ?wo
nen were lifting weights of as much
ir. fifty pounds in work as drill press
>pcrators. Hie gave a long list of oc
?u nations filled by women.
Charged With Being Short in Ac*
counts, (hut Denies He
Got Money.
BAIL K D IX SUM OF $14,000
Accused Official, Stephen C. Pace,
Declares lie Does Not Know How
Shortage Chiiio About, and Asks
Accountant Make Examination.
fTJy Associated Preps 1
PORTSMOUTH. V.V. February 28 ?
Charged with beilie between HO.ooo
and 515,000 short In hla accounts} at
the local poot-offlce. Assistant Post
master Stephen C. Pa< e was arrested
by post-office inspectors la'e yesterday
'afternoon, lie was taken before United
j States Commissioner Stephenson at
I Norfolk and admitted to ball.
Inspectors are continuing the work
of checking up at the post-oftlc.e. The
exact amount of the shortage is not
known, but It was said by Postmaster
S. T. Montague to-day to be between
$10,000 and 515.00".
Pace, who had been In the postal
service several years, and assistant
postmaster for ten years, la said to
have declared that ho knew the short
age existed, that ho did not get the
money, and that he does not know
where it could have cone.
Commissioner Stephenson, saving the
case Is an important one, declines to
state the sum in which race was balled
or to Kive oui anything in connection
with it.
Mr. Pace said to-day ball wm fixed
in the sum of $54,000. He declared ho
doc.* not know how the shortage came t
about, and that he will demand a cer- j
titled public accountant be put to work
on the books.
Cold Morns' Holdings of All Cltun of
Pork Shoir In
t Pv Ajsaciate'! Prexe 1
WASIItNOTON, February CS.--Pork
lets Saturdays are effecting vast sav
ings of pork. Cold storage holdings of ,
ail classes ln:reased during January.
riroad at Smart Apparel
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more desirable. Our regular $3.0S Waists for $'J.08.
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Willi its use these coming spring days, will make life
brighter, as a consequence, for themselves or
those about them.
Sydnor & Hundley
he Department of Agriculture
announced. Lard stocks wol
about 10 per cent.
Kroien beef hi s-torapo
beef holdings also incroaet
I I L I j_1 12
3J14J 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9
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"The wlnda of March are rough, but
they blow away old winter and all that
pertain to him."?Bancroft.
Everything in clothes here
to take a fresh start for the
Every taste, except bad
Every style, except bad
Prices that won't scare
anybody, and patterns and
colors that will please every
body and everybody who is
anybody will be interested
in this showing.
For men and boy3.
Your Home ....
With the New Edison.
There is the same pride
in owning the new Edi
son that there is in own
ing a twin-six, rather
than an old two-cylinder
car. The truth of the
matter is that the New
Edison Recreation has
made the ordinary rec
ord out-of-date.
Listen to the New Edi
son and you'll agree with
us that it is THE IN
STRUMENT for real
SchwarMchfld Brothers.
Wrist Watches
The Officers and Enlisted ft
Men have shown a decider}/,
prefcrcnco for our type o'."yi'J
Military |
' y-p
Wrist Watch
It's close-fltting to the wrist,
the oane of reading, as well
as their perfect time-keeping
qualities are details which
we have carefully planned.
We will he pleased to show
Prices $15.00 and Upward.
"The Bank ot Broad StrMt*
To Serve
to invest wisely, and t?
make every banking trans
action satisfactory to our
iruntoniera is tho founda
tion of our iUq^esB.
3To Interest Jon Sa\laff?
SI*H? nnd
Convenient, ConiiervatlTlt

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