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8(a(o Game Department AVill Ex
pend No More Funds at
Tlds Time.
Individual KfTorts Have Ilccn Made
in Virginia Without Success.
Other States Find Cost Cireater
Than Kxpcctcd.
Thn Ptato Department of flame nnd ;
Inland Fisheries has (Infinitely decided I
not to cxpr nd any more money upon i
the establishment of ringneok pheas- |
ants until it. i:? proved that the liiid :
will thrive in tills State. This decision I
if tho result of a review by tho tie- j
partmont ?>f its expenditures for pheas- '
unt eggs last year. i
Under the advice of Walter E. Hath- j
away, tlio (lamij Department ban is- '
sued several letters in answer to mnny i
inquiries from all parts of Virginia, j
The department said:
"We find that the department ex- ]
ponded Js.22'1 for live rlngneck pheas- )
ants. and $1,009 for pheasant pkks for;
hatching, during 1917. Wo also note j
that for many years past individual i
efforts have been made in various j
parts of the State to establish tnis :
Imported game bird, and that in 101.1 j
tho "American Game Propagation and !
Game Protective Association liberated 1
300 live ringneck pheasants In Vir- j
ginla from which n4 results were ot?- 1
tained. '
111 it us wit,i. tii it 1VI-; here:
"Therefore, upon consultation with
the Governor, the department has de
cided not to spend any more money ?
upon this Imported species, until it j
tihds out whether the ringnock pheis- j
nnt will thrive In the State. Tin
shooting of the ringne.-lc Is prohibited '
for three years. Sutllclont breeding |
stock has now been liberated in nearly
every coun'y of tho State, enough to
give them a noofl start, und we ?i-e-?
it prudent to .now wait for results, (
rather than to spend large sums In an t
effort to establish a new game bird,
which we may never be able to raise ;
here naturally.
"These bird* In England n re raised i
in pheasantrioB owned by wealthy men,
are turned out in convoys and then ,
driven by the shooting boxes, and as j
they fly by the boxes, the sportsin-n .
shoot them. Those that are killed are j
gathered up and sent to markets and ,
sold to help pay the expense of the j
private gamekeepers who raised them.
"We do not believe that such hunt
ing would ever become popular in 'he l
State and we believe that money ex
pended in trying to establish forelir*
game birds had better be ijs<m1 in con.
serving our native game birds, whk-h
are indigenous. We also note that the
Strtes which are trying to establish ?
lh a rlnKnecl: are paying out much
more money than they had anticipated, j
nnil are not meeting with the results,
they expected, and in our opinion will
get disgusted and quit, ere long."
(Continued From First l'ag<? >
devoting hiV~e ffttr'?~t ime to liie service
of the campaign In this city.
3IA JOR-(iK.\ Kit A I. CllOMvHlTE
In addition to Governor Westmore
land Davis, Mayor George Alnslle, Mr.
Pou ?nd tho directors of tiie campaign
in this City, places of honor on the
platform have been assigned to Major
General Adelbert Cronkliite und the
American and foreign offl-:em from (
Camp Lee. Dr. J. A. C. Chandler and
all the prominent citizens who have
been designated as aids. The chorus
of the John Marshall High School, tin
der the direction of Walter C. Mercer,
which will lead in the singing, will j
a'.se sit on the platform, together with j
the strong orchestra, which lias be
come famous for its work at the Sun-|
day sings. The Marino Hand will be
stationed at the other end of the hall
or in the balcony.
The bands from Camp Dee are ex
pected to arrive this morning at 9 ;
o'clock, and will play at various points
throughout the city until the time for
the parade. During the.se concerts the
members of the women's organizations
will conduct a campaign among the j
audiences for the sale of Thrift Stamps.
Each purchaser will be decorated with
o. white tag bearing a largo red "T."
One hundred booths will be established
by the women throughout the city and
along the line of march, and that their
efforts in behalf of Uncle Sain will j
prove effective is assured by tho fact;
that $20,000 worth of stamps were sup- j
plied to the women's committee by the ;
headquarters oillce yesterday. J be ,
women will also have a booth In the
evening at the ill lies' Dull, and many 1
an additional contribution Is expected j
to take place at this festivity.
The ball will prove a most fitting j
climax to the celebration of Thrift Day. |
and a special feature will be the high (
order of the music to be furnished, sp<
clal arrangements having been made
to have one of tho bands from Camp;
Lee on hand to cure for this Important
detail. Tho original intention with j
which the bnll was arranged was to .
furnish the boys of tho regiment with
baseball outfits and other necessities
for their recreation fund, but the com
mittee in charge has announced that
If there is any residue it will be de
voted to the purchase of tobacco and ;
Elaborate decorations have been ar- ,
ranged for tho occasion, under the di- j
rection of experts from tho various do- I
partinent stores, and the women an
nounce that the refreshmonts which
will be enjoyed are In perfect accord
with tho high-class decorations and
It has boon seen to by tho directors
01* the pageant that no soldier partici
pating in the parade shall go hungry,
and contracts have been let to various
caterers for the neccssary supply of
refreshments. Tho ollleers of the ;
American, British and French armies 1
will be entertained at the. Westniore- |
land Club, and tho various regiments j
of soldiers and sailors will l.e cared
for at the various armories, in addi
tion to Major-General Cronkhito and
the members of his staff, tho following
cfTicers from tho allied armies aro ex
pected: Major J. K. Dunlop, Captain J.
A. K. McCluro. Captain 13. IC. 13. rock,.
Lieutenant II. Aird, Captain J. Toujan,
Captain H. Rose, Lieutenant J<. Bel
linger. Lieutenant F. Bo grand and
Lieutenant C. E. Domezon.
As a special precaution against the
possibility of tho parade being Inter
rupted when crossing Belvldero Street,
or being cut In two by some unexpect
ed interruption, arrangements have
been mad* by Chief Marshal Myorn
with tli?? local society of Hey Scouts,
whereby boys on bicycles will bo hta
tloned lit various points, with Instruc
tions to notify tho head of the column
Immediately, of the approach of any
trains or similar obstructions. The
various units of the pageant have been
Instructed to maintain a space of ten
paces between tho individual organiza
tions so that they shall not lose their
original Identity. The public Is also
requested to refrain from crowding in
firound Grace Street. between Fifth and
Ninth Streets, as this will only hamper
the paraders in falling Brnoothly into
line. A far better view of the com
plete procession can be obtained by
forming further, west along tho lino
of tnnrch.
Tho following officials for the
png'-ant were announced last night, to- |
j;ethor with the special aids who have j
been assigned to assist them:
Military division?Major J. Fulmer,
Bright; aids. I.leutenant Deroy Brown,
(lieutenant George li. Kcc7.ec and W.
L. Carrical.
Civic division?Major Lawrence T.
Price; aids, lieutenant George IT.
Myers, Lieutenant J. C. Pollard and
Nathan Simon.
School division?Dr. J. A. C. Chand
ler: aids. .1. II. Biiiford and A. II. Hill. I
I Floats?llenry Kchwarzschlld.
Colonel William M. Myers, chief mar- !
shal, last night announced the places 1
of formation as follows:
Military Division (Ma.lor .t. Fulmer Rrlpht. |
marshal; ? Corner Ninth and i.'aultul Stre?ls.
SI* Hundred ami Thirty-lifth A?ti> B<iuud-I
ron. SiKnal Corps, F. S. A.?Capitol Sin-ct. i
'.acini; vr??t, hi nil of column at .Ninth Street.
Jlattalion Tliri'i Hundred ami KiKliteimth |
I Infantry. I". S. N. A.? Caidtol Street, faelnic
w.Mt. Immediately In far of Aero S<|U?droti. I
liattjLuon Hallors. 17. S Naval Hase?j
Tenth Street. at corner of Capitol Street.
I'.li-hmimi] Rim-v Hattnllon?Hroad Street, j
head ot column ut Tenth {Street.
U.> Imioad Oruya?Hroad .ltri-et. ItnnictJl- !
ateiy In r< ar of tho Hlues' Haiti!Ion.
Rt? hinond ll<>kYi:-/.eri>?Hroad Street, Im
mediately In rear ?t tli? Richmond Orays.
1 Ionic Defense llmuJ Str?*t. head
of luluAin at Tenth Street. To follow In
rt ar <>f Richmond Howltx? rs when that or
Kanlxatlnn has cleared Rioad Street.
Civic Division (.Mniur l,a?vroiice 1. I rice,
Kiimhal ( ?Seventh and Grace Streets.
Hand Three llutidteil and S< vnlttnih in
fantry. U. n. N. A.?".Sixth and tirace Streets,
at li.-.'d of Service Division of Women.
H-rwie Division of Women?Sixth Street.
I),'t iv.on Hroad ami Grace Streets.
Mi-'lliiil ?'ol|eKe of VI rein la?Six t h Street,
nc.r Broad. Immediately In rear of the
m rO' ? Division of Women.
Auxiliaries of Red Cru.<* <irare Street, be
tiye.-n Fourth and Fifth Streets.
War Relief Association of Vli clnla?Grace
Street. at Fourth Street. Immediately in rear
Patriotic I.eaKue. Y. W. C. A ?Sixth
Street. between uraee and Franklin Streets,
immediately In t.ar of the Insurance Under
InVurance Underwriters?Sixth Street, be
tween Crace and Franklin, head of column
at > Irace Street. . .
Ilar Association?Sixth Street, b?twe?n
Gra< e and Fraitlillu. head of column at
I'learlnK-'notiKO Association?Sixth Street.
1.1 i\i f-eii tiraie arid Franklin, immediately
In T' ?r of tho liar Association.
r.iil er? brid iCinployeeji of American Na
tional Hank und Am?rlian Trust Company? ?
Sixth StriM t. between Grace and Franklin.
Immediately In rur of ClearlnK-Hou.se Aa- j
aorluHon. ? .. ?
Richmond Fire Department?Seventh
Street, lietwenti It road and tirai:c, head of
ro.'Jinn ut Grace Street
M< t iulre t'niversPy School?Seventh Street.)
between Hroad and Grace. head of column
at Gra<-o Street. ... .
P.I' Ii.tioriI A' ademv? Seventh Street, be. i
tr.'c.'n Gr?'e and Franklin, head ot column
it lirare Hir">l ....
Kn,niits of Columbu* ami Catholic School*
?h vi-.th Street, belween Cra''- and Frank
Pn. In'medSately in rear of Richmond
Academy. ?
i'( >i,l.>r!a vne School for Hoys?Seventh
Sir-.'. Pet w? i-ri <Jri" ? ?nd Franklin, head ol |
colu ti ut ijivce Sire?t
>ioii ?Hiieiit A veno* It ilder?Seventh Street.
li?lMi>". Franklin. Immediately
In n-.u of ?'hamli"rl:. vne S' hool.
It hrnond I.'dire >?' Klks?Kluhth Street.
I,etwee. Hr.i.nl and tirace. hea.l of column
at (Inn e Mri et.
I'o"-1 A. Travfler-i' Protective A?uoc!atlon j
? .f Hl-lunor.il Hlclith S'.re?t. hetwen C.ra< <? I
a rid Franklin, head id < olumn at Crao??
fVlclimond P.enl Estate Rxchnnce?F.lchth
Street, between Ur^c.. and Franklin, head uf ,
< olumn at Ornce Stre?-t.
Wo-ii'-n Kmployee? of D"partment_Stores? j
f'li;h'li Street, betv-ren Ora'-e end Franlt![n.
(minedIntel} In nur of Richmond Real Ks- .
ta'e Kxehsnpe .. ... . . '
I- r>ti.il T: ad'? in<1 l.abor rvur.ei! ? Klshth
Strr?t. Ii'twen Hroad und tirace, head oft
column at St.eet
Rail road .Men of Richmond?Fiehth Stre?t.
Iienveen Hroad nrnl Orri< ?? Streets. Imtnedl- I
Kteiv In rear of Central Trades and I.abor ,
Council ? ,
Wholesalers en<l Jobbers of i!.tnninn<l?;
F.lchth Street. l.' Wi -n Grace und Frinltlln. i
f.. r 1 rr north Immediately In re.-i - of Post ?
A TrivpUr"' Protective Association. i
Public S' hool' Division (Dr. .1. A. C. j
fhaudlT. innrehal i?Siatlon. cirac<: Sireot. |
emrar.co to Capitol Fiuare.
PiiblP- Schools < White i of Richmond?
Pan'tol Square north of the main drlveivav. I
with the HlKh Sciiool l u'lets and Pruin !
Corps at *he main entrance to the pround*. i
the school! a-rasc-'d In ord'-r is mav he
directed l>y the mat shal In charge of tho j
ill\ Islori.
Colored Division (John Mitchell. Jr.. mar
.h'<n? S'atlon. Fifth end Clav Streets
rtnttnllon 'if Third Section .Colored} Depot |
Prl?"idc Klchtleth Division. C. S. N. A.?I
Fifth Street. between Rr< id atol Orace j
StIic.mI of column at Crace Street. i
Civic nrpinl7*tlon? and IM.tillc S-hoo|??
Fifth Street, head of column resrlnc on
jtrot'l. In euch order as th.i marshal of the
?liviilon may deslrn.ite.
O.'f.rc?A? si'oti ns 'be >1lll1arv Section of
tils dlvleton has been rut In motion th*
civic S?e'.lon v.lll ndvnnco across Droad
3-r'-"t stid <lo?e up on the military.)
KiprMRM Sympathy With Friends
of Uermnn Pemocrnej- In 'Pele
jrrnm to RlanUenbnrg.
XKW YOI'.K. March 22.?Kx-Mayor
Ilutlolph ltiankenburg, of Philadelphia,
read a telegram he had received re
cently in Ocrmantown froni President
Wilson at a meeting of the Friends of I
German Democracy, over which ho pre- J
billed to-day. Loud cheering from the!
men and women in attendance greet-.
ed the reading. The telegram read: |
"Will you not l?o kind enough to con- !
vey to the meetlnp over which yoti J
aro to preside to-morrow evening an i
oxpreFHion of my very sincere sym- .
patby in the cnuse represented by the J
Kriends of German Democracy? I do j
not feel that any country iK at liberty!
to dictate the Institutions and policy;
of another, but it is, nevertheless, j
clearly our privilege to express the i
most cordial sympathy with every i
thing which legitimately makes for
liberty and democracy throughout the
Annies ArOllerjr Itnnge.
CHARLOTTE. X. C., March 22.?
Major-Gencral E. B. Babbitt, command- |
lng, to-day ofllcially designated as j
Camp Chronicle the camp for artillery j
regiments at the newly-established ar- i
tillery range at Camp Greene, at King's
Mountain, near Gastonia, where the
Ravolutlonary War battle of King's
Mountain was fought. He said the
camp was named for Major William
Chronicle, a native of Gastonia, who
was a leader of the American forces |
In this battle.
Certificates Fully Subscribed.
I Hy Associated t*ress. 1
WASHINGTON, March 22.?Subscrip
tions to tho latest Issue of $600,000,000
certificates of Indebtedness, floated in
preparation for the third liberty loan,
oloRed to-night, and early roports from
Federal reserve banks Indicated It has
neon taken in full. Payments yestor
day alone amounted to $896,000,000.
Sldrwnlk Paving Delnyed.
City Engineer Boiling was notified
yesterday by the Administrative Board
that the work of paving the sidewalks
on tho south side of Broad Street, be
tween Meadow and Robinson Streets,
for which work William Kelly, Jr., is
the contractor, is being delayed, and
to take the necessary action to force
the contractor to observe the t?rmB
of the contract.
Former Appropriations nnd Dcflcits
Furnish IJasis for New
Thorough Digest of Pruned Budget
Discloses Fact Tliut Various Do-!
partments llavo Kernlvrd Liberal;
Treatment by (ieneral Assembly.
Despite the million-dollar cut made
in the Legislature's perioral appropri-|
ntion bill, Stat?> institutions aro still j
r.llowod Increased appropriations equal J
to tho combined allowances and de
ficits of the two immediately preeed-j
Ing years, It was learned yesterday, j
when the bill was reviewed in the
Governor's olllce with the assistance
r?f his private secret;.ry, Colonel Loroy
1 lodges, economist and eliiciency an
alyst. in some cases an additional sum !
has been allowed fi>r emergencies that |
might grow out of increased expenses j
iltie to war conditions.
It was also learned, from other
sources, that the appropriations of the
1910 Legislature and the enduing df
llcltH were taken :.s a basis for re
adjusting ill" bill after the Cover- I
nor had his first conference with the j
conference committee appointed by the j
legislature to readjust the bill so that I
its allowances could be brought with- j
In the estimated revenue of the State,
for the next two years.
Analysis of the present bill shows j
Increases over the original in three i
Instances. Confederate pensions are]
In'-'rejtm'cl to $1.T,00,000 from $1,409,000;
Virginia llorne and Industrial School .
for Girls, in Chesterfield County, Is
given en increase of ?2.r?f>0 in the sec- j
Mid-year allowance, and the civil con- !
tlngent fund of general government 1
f-vpenso Is raised to $27.00o from *20,- I
000. The latter increase was especially!
Insisted upon by the Governor for the '
reason that no allowance whatever had '
been mad? ft> mak* the State budget I
law cfTertive. The $17,000 will be spent |
for surveys through which mis taker ,
similar to that which brought the leg
islators back to Richmond cannot be
repeated. The bill creating this law
originally contained an appropriation
for this purpose. but for some unex
plained reason was stricken from it
before its passage.
Pome of the biggest cuts noted in
th? bill are partly due to the Gover
nor's belief that the present is no timet
to ??root new buildings, since the na
tion needs much building niaterl.il and
prices are consequently much higher i
than be thinks they will be after the j
war close* The largest loss in ap-|
preprint ions Is accredited to t>-*> va
rious State hospitals In the different
parts of the State and to the epll^p
He colony. Just a little less than $?.
[>00 000 was appropriated in the orlg.
Inal bill fr.r thes?. Th? conference
[?ommlttee shaved ofT S2S9.000.
The next larsrest cut was from the
appropriation for roads, which orig-I
Inally nrionnte.i it. fl.s50.r00. The cut
was $2CC.00i>. This If said to be ample !
to take care of any Federal fund now ;
available to Virginia, nnd to guaran-<
lee an early beginning on the State'
ilghway system, for which provision i
was made by the Legislature.
The State Superintendent of Public!
Instruction will not suffer anv salary I
decrease, since the Governor" receded
from his desire to have the cut rnadt, '
when he learned that. the prerodlng '
superintendent had been allowed cer- I
tain fees. The department headed bv
the superintendent, however. had
M 10,000 shaved from Its appropriations
totaling $.*>.GOU.OOO.
^ he four State normal school were i
originally allowed $509,000. They lost '
">nly $18,300 of this amount. The Modi- !
cal College of Virginia, at ItiebmonJ. i
nnd its hospital lost $20,000 of its j
5100.00J appropriation, and the unl- i
rersity suffered a pruning of $40,000 I
from Its allowance of J3.11.900 for it- I
'elf and its hospital. Virginia Poly- |
technl* Institute lost $45,000 from Its
?3L'6.0A0. Appropriations to other
ichools nnd colleges were not changed.
Tho Penitentiary and the Sta'.*
Farm appropriations, amounting to
?361.700. were cut Just $C0.7."?0, and the
Virginia Home and Industrial School
Tor Girls lost $15,000 of Its total ap
propriation of $76,730. although an ad
ditional $2.5ao was given it for sec
ond year's work.
General expenses or government,
nriginally $760,000. were cut to an even !
5700,000. The Department of Public i
Printing lost SHI.700 of its $169.?S)*
rhe Corporation Commission. $12,000 of!
Its $150,000: the legislative reference I
tiureau. 57.500 <>f its $16,000: the Com- 1
missloner of Labor. fl.ROD of his $40.- i
100; the I'M vision of Markets, $10,000
r?f its $20,000: tite Hoard of Health
M5.0O5 of its $173,000; and Commis
sioner of Insurance Joseph Button lost
bach of the salaries allowed him under !
the I>oy Scouts appropriation and tho \
Prohibition Commissioner.
I'll a itci-is ron it i .pa i iis
?r? .mansion nni.F.Tri);
All of the $s,000 at first allowed for)
repairs to the Executive Mansion and
he Gover nor's office was stricken from
he bill at tho express request of the
Jovernor. who was not pleased with
?riticism directed toward the item ,>.v
Members of the Hottse of Delegates j
Phe Governor insisted upon this dela- I
Ion in spite of tho fact that every new j
lovernor coining into the Mansion in
ecent years has been allowed sums at
east equal that called for in the bill.
Jovernor Stuart bad recommended tho i
lems. anyway, it was stated.
Appropriations for agricultural pur
;iopes and Catawba work were not dis- j
urbed, nor were any others except
salary Increases in a few instances, j
>tate employees drawing less than |
fLSOO, who had been given increases, I
,vere also left alone.
Governor Davis Is confident that tho
institutions of the State can live well
ivithin the sums allotted to them by
he new bill. He is determined to se?
Ihat all officials make an effort to keep
heir expenditures as low as possible.
U least.
Women** I.eague to Meet.
Of general Interest is the meeting
of the Capital City Division, National
League for Woman's Service, which
has been called for Wednesday after
noon at I o'clock in Kootn 630, Jeffor
bon Hotel. Patriotic activities along
co-ordinating lines have occupied tho
attention of tho members of the Capital
Pity Division, of which Mrs. Frank D.
Williams is the head, for several
months. Just at present tho members
are much Interested in the work of
Mrs. M. C. Patterson, who heads tho
gardening activities of tho Capital City
Division, and tho meeting Wednesday
will bo of general Intorest to tho largo
membership of this effective local or
ganlza tlon.
T. P. A., Attention!
Evory T. P. A. in Richmond is re
quested to meet on west side of Eighth
3trest, corner of arace, botvreen Frank
lin and arses Strests, at 8 o'clook this
evenlnr and Join 1? the Thrift paradt.
Here and There in the
Perhaps the best "Joke" ever stajjed
in tho history of Virginia lawmaking
was pulled ofT In the Capitol late last
Wednesday night when, after threo
days of wrestling with the "angel" and
adamant refu.s*al to admit an error and
accept the Governor's demand that the
appropriation hill he scaled of Jl.O^O,
000, a chorus from the House, which
had adopted the report and wanted to
leave for home, invaded the serious,
proud and uncompromising Senate sing
ing "Oh, why not come to ?him' now?"
It was two, days later when the
Senate was converted; and even then
on the last roll call eleven said "no."
On Thursday night nothing but the
vigilance of the doorkeeper and the
serjeant-at-arms prevented tho same
delegation from waiting on tho ben
ate tn its solemn deliberations and re
peating, "Why do you wait, dear broth
er; why do you tarry so long? Why
not come to him now?"
Assistant Clerk of tho Senate and
Document Clerk John J. Jeter, whose
services with the Senate during the
session just closed were characterized
by one of the Senators on the lloor of
tho chamber as "the best and most
eflicient and loyal that he had ever
known in his life," and praised plso
by every Uopresentatlve in the body,
is again a candidate for Councilman
from Jefferson Ward. Every Senator
with whom Mr. Jeter was associated
?and that was all of them?left the
Capitol when tho Senate adjourned sine
die with the hope that his ward would
Bee fit to profit by re-electing Mr. Jeter
to the Council. Mr. Jeter has denounced
as false th<? charge that he championed
he 5-cent-straight rate for the Virginia
Railway and Power Company. He se
cured the rerouting of the OanwnoJ
and Main Street car line to the help
of the eastern and northeastern sec
tions of the city, being patron of the
Referring to the account of hia
rpeeeh in The Tinies-IMspatch of
Thursday morning, reading, "In regard
to the question of salary increaser. Sen
ator Goolrick pointed out that the
??alary Increases of officials receiving
over $1,800 per year totaled only J76.
000 annually," was Incorrect; ?-s the
total amount should have been but
J7.C00. There were other typographi
cal errors calculatcd to leave wrong
Salary increases of State officials re
ceiving as much as $1,S00 were scar;t
this year. Only two salaries were in
creased beyond the first recommenda
tion of the Governor; one of them he
permitted t?> he set at a higher figure
than either his recommendation or the
original appropriation bill set, the of
ficial to he secured being an expert
rate adjuster, the State Corporation
Commission having found that a suit
able man could not be had for l?p.-5
than JH.C00. The other case was due
to an oversight, by which Dr. J. T.
Mpstin, Commissioner of Charities and
Corrections, shall be relieved of hav
ing his proposed ralary increase pruned
by executive mandate.
Statistic* Reveal liO Per Cent Drop
Since War Started, While
Mortality Increases.
rn.v Associated Pres?.l
WASHINGTON, March 22.?The birth
rate in Hungary has been cat more
than half by the war, as shown in
statistics read to the Hungarian Cham
ber of Deputies recently, and made
public hero to-day in an official diu
patch. In the year preceding the wa
765,000 children were born; In 1917 the
number was 22S.OOO.
The peace-time infant mortality rat* '
was 34 per cent. In 1916 it had In- 1
creased to 50 per cont.
Methodist* Will Confer.
MEMPHIS. March 22.?Plans for a
conference of Methodists from all parts
of the country to be held at Junaluskn,
X. C.. next June, were perfected at a
meeting here to-day of the Joint cen
tennial commission of the Methodist
Episcopal Church and Methodist Epis
copal Church. South. The meeting at
Junaluska will complete arrangements
for the centennial missionary celebra
tion to be held in Columbus, Ohio, in
June. 1919.
Daniels View* liberty Motor.
r By As^oelat-d Press.!
WASHINGTON. March 22.?Secretary
Daniels and a number of Navy Depart
ment officials inspected to-day the lib
erty motor flying-boat, which recently j
flew to Washington from Norfolk. No
trouble whatever has been experienced j
with tho Liberty engine, officials wore !
told by tho aviators.
Increases strength of dellcato, nerv
ous, run-down people In two ?weeks'
tlmo In many instances. Used and
highly endorsed by former United
States Senators and Members of Con
gress. well-known physicians und
former Publle Health ofllH.lls. Ask
your doctor or driiRKist about It.
A toilet preparation of merit.
Helps to eraJlt-at? dandruff.
For Reatoring Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair.
60o. anil II.W at drucctM*.
Iii Black and White*
For Dancing.
Albert Stein
Fifth nnd Hroart Streets.
Members of Richmond
Real Estate Exchange
and Their Employees
iro rcqucKtetl to assemble on the east
*ido of Eighth Stroet, hetwoen Grnco
nnd Franklin Stroots, this Afternoon
at 3 o'clock to Join In the Thrift
Day Parade.
Heal SKin Troubles
That Itch and Burn
L with Cuticura.
(j ) The Soap to cleanee and
-f wi\ f purify,the Ointihent to
V' J K soothe and heal. Everu
x? f ?where Soap25<0inimcnt2x50<
Thlnkx Gfrmnn* Inlritdrd to Knmtrate
an Interallied OITrnalve 1'rnm
I.nnd nnd Sen.
| WASHINGTON. March 22.?Tho great !
German tlrlvo on the western front j
was analyzed to-iluy by the War De- 1
partment officials as a stop-loss incvc
J rnent, Intended to frustrate an inter
i allied offensive from l>oth land and sea.
It was not believed even from a cold- ;
blooded military viewpoint any pos-'
' slblo pains the Teutonic forces might
accomplish would compensate for tho
! tremendous losses they must neces
! sarlly make. The strength of the op- J
; posing forces Is declared to be evenly
i matched. Jf there Is any advantage,
1 oitlier numerically or in material and
equipment, it is said to be with the
i allies.
A break in the morale of the British i
. forces under Field Marshal Sir Douglas j
I Ilalg, now meeting the brunt of the
j attack, Is the only contingency under
which a thrust that will endanger j
j French ports on the channel can be j
made, it was said. This is not beliovod ;
possible unless the arrival of rc-on
forcements is greatly delayed.
(Continued From First Page.)
Senators Strode and Mapp, the latter
opposing the bills on their merits only, j
moved that the resolution be referred
to the Committee on Hales, the chair '
1 having ruled, according to section 61 i
j of -the rules, that the resolution to limit ?
the debate was not debatable. Senator !
Goolriek. then, when Senator West was j
launching upon an extension of his '
I speech-making on the motion to- refer I
I the resolution, raised the point of or- j
? der that the motion w.-\3 not dehatablo j
j as being incidental to the other unde
I batable motion, and was sustained by
< Senator Gunn, who was acting chair
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rr^an. Senator West was then again
ruled out of order In an attempt to
address himself to the construction
ot tho section referred to; and for th<
first time during the session was taker
from his feot In a pa? tlamentary situ
immediately a mcllon to vacate the
chair from noon, the tlmo the motlor
was made. till 1 o'clock carried. Th<
chair having been resumod at thai
hour. Senator Cannon moved to adjourn
fcine die. The motion carried, hope cl
Kitting a vote on the bills in cjuestior
having been abandoned.
During the morning session ther?
was some debate over the constitu
tionality of the salary "grab" bill
Senators Keith. Strode, and others at
tacked tho bill, while Senator Rlsor
continued his defense of It. Senatoi
Walker voted against tho bill, but he
recited the case of 1?!5. when a simi
lar bill passed and was approved b>
CJovernor Stuart and Attorney-Genera
Pollard, the latter having said th?t sr
long as the appropriation was rearon
able for expenses it was not In hi;
Judgment a violation of the Constitu
tion. On the preceding night Senator.*
Cannon, Goolrlck. Keith and others had
spoken against the bill. Senators Jor
dan and Strode were Inclined to vot?
for the bill If It called for mileage
only. The recorded vote was:
Ayes ? Andrews, Barham, Bowers
Buchanan. Corbitt, Davis, Early, Gar
rett, Goodloe, Gunn. Holt, Jeffreys
Lacy, Mapp, Mitchell, TCIson, Royall
Thornton. Webb, Wendenburg ani
Nays ? Addison, CanncTi, Conrad
Goolrlck, Gravatt, flening. Jordan
Keith, Mathews, Strode and Walkei
, - f r 9
Dolshevlkl Charged With TlolatttM ti
Port KreaUtloiu at
Korfolk. l-j
mr Anaoplated Press. 1
NORFOLK. VA.. March 25.?StXty*
two members of the Bolshevik crew of
tho Russian Bteamshlp Omsk, to-day
were ordored held for the May tira Jbt
the United State3 District Court at NOf
fplk by United States Commissioner
Percy S. Stephenson, who conducted
tho preliminary hearing. Tho men are
charged with violations of port reso
lutions, interference with foreign rela
tions and violations of neutrality.
There whs no explanation of tht ao
tion of tho commissioner without fur
ther hearing: of the case. Bond wall
fixed for all of tho men at $200 In d?
fault of which all are still hold la the
city Jail.
The number under arrest m aug
mented to-day by the taking Into cus
tody of fifteen Russian sailors still oa
the Omsk, making the total held elxty&
two. It Is understood that the anrfcrt*
were made on orders from Washington
but no confirmation could be secured.
OfTlclals declined to make any, stat$
inent regarding the reasons for the ar*
rests. Department of Justice agent*
are known to be still Investigating thi*
Rnorr Falls t* Tuaa , J
FORT WORTH, TEX, Martfe Hi ?
Snow was reported falling early to-day
tn the Texas Panhandle. At Perieow la
Dallam County, the snowfall bag?4
last night, but the flakes melted M
they struck the earth.
It Pays to Be Well Dressed
It pays in more actual dollars than the entire in
vestment We don't mean that extravagant dressing is
best, and we don't mean that foolisb waste pays. What
we do mean ia that the man who chooses his Furnish
ings carefully, who exercises intelligence in his selec
tions, has made a paying investment, financially and
Neckwear, 65c -
The well-groomed man of to
day, even when ho must econo
mizo on other articles of ap
parel, usually has a goodly sup
ply of neckties. It's because
the tie contributes so much to
their personal appearance.
This particular neckwear at
65c is unusually beautiful and
rich In quality and style, being
made of very fine silks in very
pretty patterns and colorings.
The kind that fit* the foot,
lasts a mighty lone; time before
the first hole appears and has
tho silky mercerized surface
that alwayB looks smart.
Socks that are not ashamed
to mingle in society. Well made,
well finished and surprisingly
inexpensive, both In first cost
and in tho long run.
To-day will offer six pair of'
these fine 35c Socks for $1.58,
or 37c a pair.
Speaking of Men's Pajamas
Do you know we are selling them in fancy stripe
soft-finish Percales, trimmed with silk frogs, at
$1.50 per suit?
This is positively less than you can buy the ma
terial to-day.
Men's Faultless Night Robes, of fine nainsook,
at $1.00.
Men's 85c Genuine Pepperel Jean Drawers, with knitted
insertion in the leg; very special, 65c.
Men's Soft Cuff Rialto and Regatta Shirts at $1.29.
These values we cannot replace
under $2.00. ~ : ? ?
= ss?
Hurry, Hurry, Man1
New Easter Suit
Our Clothing Department lias a splendid assortment of all
tliat is new in Men's Spring Suits, at
$15, $18 and $20
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Coats, with military, patch or
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