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llnportant town? of Nikolavev. Kher
son anil Zmxnanka. Reports alto have
It that the Cohsaok General. Korniloff's.
troops have been surrounded b\ the
A* wiis to br expected. the Germans,
asynchronously with their attack in
Prance, reopened last week strong
subniurinc attacks against Pritish and
allied shipping Twentj -eight mer
chantmen llyii.g the British flan were
sent to the bottom, sixteen of them
being of 1.C00 ton** or over and twelve
of smaller tonnage. The previous
week seventeen British merchantmen
of both categories were destroyed. The
Italians during the week loyt thren
steamers and six sailing vessel* in
submarine attack*.
i.ciimw \voi:\r?Kn
I By A?j.ioiat"d Press.)
A M ST K It l? A M, March 27.?Knor
mously long ambulance trains are
pausing through l.iege and Namur,
Belgium, on their way to Aix-la
Chapelle and other parts <>! Germany
with wounded men from the French
battle frotit. according to the Tele
graaf frontier correspondent
Many of tlie wounded have been de
trained at N.unur. says iho correspond -
Cnt. who adds that the hospitals in
Northern Franco have not .-ufholen* ac
commodations for the great stream? of
?.(u:s i vto a crio \
f Br Asfoclaf^d Pr**s?. 1
OTTAWA. March -RrU;-h cavalry
has been in action and l as achieved a
brilliant victory, according t?> a dis
patch from til* neuter correspondent
at British headquarter?, received here
to-night. The message said mo details
of the action had been given.
m iti. >i \ vv snr.i.i.s
FBANCi;. March 27.?American bat
teries are hurling two gits K-hells into
the enemy lines for ever;, asphyxiat
ing project!!* the Krupp gunnrrn send
Last night the enemy covered a cer- '
tain American position with a gas
shell bombardment lor twenty minutes,
fending uvcr nine shells per minute.
Then the rale decreased to four shells
a minute for twenty-five minutes. The
Americans "slood to," expecting a raid,
and a party of two ofhcern and lifteen
men. wearing gn masks, worked their
way through '.he barbed wire and took
up an ambush position in "no man's
land," intending to Intercept German
faiders. They returned, however, as
no raiders appeared.
. In the meantime the American gun
; hers slapped down a curtain of tire
; 6n the German front line, which called
forth a Krupp box barrage, taking in
An American position which was hom
? barded with gas shells previously. At
the same time the enemy put Into -play
numerous big trench mortars, tossing
; over mine throwers filled with high
| f jcplosives. Th? ??how lasted more
than an hour, but it was uneventful.
TBy Asuviated Press. 1
BONBON. March 27.?Four train
loads of wounded oftloera and tnen i
Crotn the battle front. In France
reached London lasj night. As they
were being transferred to ambulances
,1,110 crowds cheered and threw flowers.
'The wounded responded smilingly to
:?'hese greetings.
) ' "What was It llk??" was asked one
of the wounded men
^ "Oh. Fritz Just rained shells on us
Jike a hail storm," was the reply
4iv:ni,lN 1.1.aims i.o\<; u\N<;r,
? no>niAiin.Mi:.\T < o.mim bs
t R. A?n lat?(*. Press. I
^ BERLIN. Tuesday March 26 ivia Lon
Tdor?>?The O'-'-tn.ui have not halted
Tthelr iong-ra so bombardment of
r* rib, a.Toiliny :?> an otlicial state
smen:. from era! headquarters to
Jlay. The .tn..<iuiif'ii)Oiit says:
^ "We ? i11in>j? ? i iKo bombardment of
>1.10 forti' Paris."
i.rN> on p\ris
; ro hi: i >i:u \<;ai.\st loxdon
I ItJv A ^ 1* KxjftVea? >
, LONDON. Ci.?Lieu tenant - '
Jjeneral von I'lionc, a'Gerin&n authority
y>n ordnance, hays iti the Vosnische
keitunt, of Berlin, that the bombard
ment of Part* la merely in the nature
<r>f a u-Ul for suns which are really |
^ir. tended to bombard London, eayf *&
?F.xchange Telegraph dispatch ' rot.
ijopenhagert. Ho adds:
? "It la a waste of lime for citizens of
?P?-fi3 lo ascend the Liftel Tower in an
'?^ftort to catch a glimpse of the ciin
?oon. Only airmen at a height of 1.300
meters will be able to observe them.
1 London is about PJi mil' i :?v: "ie
?r>e.? rest point on the front.
<AI1V\\? i;i) IM>> I > ^ I. A *? 11
ai.hm; ii m iv\ i hum
r P\ A O' I* t?<l l'r> |
I ROM I .March -' ? ? r advanced
?I'v^tt .ii >'.<? \r.it Yai'?-y i, | . c-i| enemy
il'. liKjlunc!,' I . rif.? hr? . ay;, t - ua>-'s ?
V'lli' iHl i mni jiiicatiori. "Patrol en
i/O'JItlcr. O MlMiri '.iic Piave a: d
.Vast ot Montcl!''
'? 'On the remainder of th'- front there
lv ere desultory aM-.llerj actions wi i<:h
*? i re more . ' ?r ?? ?" ? ? : v .?' ? .it 1 ti?"
? on pta 1 region
? ?????
'rit daiikh. or ?"lt \ sI I. ii \ *
I "SATISPAl 'I Oft \ nil'IIIX-ION"
I ! By A -?U- :> tr 3 !'-? - I
I PA 111.S. March -. l'r> mi't Clemen
?cc*u h&a returned from the front with
'A satisfactory tmpi e^sion of the s-it'.ia
? liou, hay: an utile i:<i ii"*.1 I>.kueil Io
?*!?< y. '1 l.i rr.i l?
' "The < at i!" t n ?:! t: .1 n.oin.np,
Jl'rc 'lent I'u.ri<:ur>* presiding Premier
J'Mcl UCr.'i'l llifortJi'd !si? ? ie.?trtjf-. of
jhe ii lary situation. The Premier has.
Jjut-t ? ? e>l f: - : ? th?- '? , w r ?? .?
Jl?a?-b* ? i 11 '? day Tr. lay ? Ith Pre?1
J-iorit Poin'are .< i ii I, . >,.".ir <th>?
JMmuter of M r .. }? > n; e r
Iieturned with a ??' ' :????>? -rni.rev
m.i;ii >| \ n ? nitit i;si>o\ in . \ i s
* I'l,AC LAMKIIIi \\*? M.'.i: I \ I mil,
f Uv A J
* A.M> ri:i: I . M. . ? .
?t l OOf':- llit ve ! :i i. r, |
jaltacks a ^ i J; ' I h ? .. ? . : i ?. i. ? ? ...ir
?LaPete, writes tr.<- .. ?y
S^pondent i'f \'(>rv :iet lx. .> ;... 4 . t|,,.
eattacl.b were r? jj iI?-i--i . . rr<'
jspondent Hfiof.
? "Attacks of ? *jiii bit;r 1 ( aiiie;i f^.r^es
Jj efitcrdaj acain;t :s#- j.ivo: of tin- '.let ?
?man attacking front ii?a. hal rre ne.-e
jpartlcularly hcavj. The: e countT
y?lt8Ck9 d d not find u* unprepared. It
peatlfteei to th?- uperioi foresight of
*t.lie Gcriuan culiininiaJ that i lie ^ a at
National Capital .
News Cut Short
Happenings at Washington as
Reflected in News Dis
WASHINGTON. March 27.?Supple
mentary to its recent decision In the
tf. per cent freight rate case. the In
terstate Commerce Commission to-day
KH\e permission to carriers to Increase
oal tariffs by not more than 1"> cents
per long ton on shipments from the
United States to Canadian destina
tion.". the increase to accrue to carriets
within the United States.
As the tlrst bis expenditure from
the $500,000.000 railroad administration
revolving fund. Director-General Mc
Ailoo to-night agreed to loan the New
^ urk, New Haven and Hartford Itail
road Company S43.S64.000 for one year
C. per cent interest to meet notes
of that amount maturing April 15.
preparations for a Teutonic offensive
of thf Italian front continues, the
Italian embassy was advised to-day by
cable from Rome. New divisions are
tacks. In which American troops cer
tainly participated only symbolically.
urro not only beaten ofT. but were
thrown back on the Oi-e Canal by .in
L'nerRetic blow."
rtUKIMI AliVAMT. M\ltlir.O
in l MAI. ATKOCITir.S j
l.ONP< ?N. Tuesday, March -*>.?The
sntry of the Turks Into the port of
Prebizond whs marked b> atrocities i
tgainst Greeks and Armenians. Grecks
who have arrived in Athens from ihc
f.laek Sea report, according to an 1
Kschange Teleuraph dispatch from the
ijreek capital. "I'h ? Turks ul!?o p I
laged the town and caused much prop
erty destruction.
(Continued frvm Firnt Page.)
speeches asTdocumcnfs of patriotism and
Senator Smoot declared that the Re
publicans had svipported legislation
asked by the President, "although
some of It has been revolutionary and
socialistic, and, in some cases, unjusti
fiable and unnecessary."
"No Republican." he asserted, "has
sought to secure party advantage by
calling attention of the country ad
mitted blunders of the administration.
No word cf warning of the extrava
gant anil wicked waste of the people's
money or weakness in efficiency of the
administration have been intimated,
but some Democrat would immediately
rise and claim . . . that It would only
bring Joy to the Kaiser."
The Utah Senator contrasting Repub
lican and Democratic partlanshlp. de
clared all Democrats directed their ef
forts to party advancement. President
Wilson, he said, has frankly announced
himself the leader of his party.
"No man while occupying the White
House." the Utah Senator proceeded,
?lias ever uttered strictures against
his political opponents hs severe as
President Wilson in his Indianapolis
I'y speeches and actions and by re
fusal to accept proffered services of
"a most capable man" of the opposition
party, he said, the President had
proven his partianshlp.
President Wilson's recent letter to
Mr. Davles, stating the Mcl.emore reso
lution was the "acid test" of patriot
ism, and his letter to New Jersey Dem
oerats <vere cited by Senator Smoot as
prdof of thf President's partisan pur
chaiu.i-'.s pitr;siin:.nt in i *in?.
The letter to Mr. Davits, he said,
"discloses that not only i;i the Presi
dent willing to use the prestige of hli
high office for partisan purposes, but
that be was willing to cast aspersions
upon the loyalty of members of h!s
own party to accomplish the present
partisan task of electing a Democrat
to the Senate.
"He Is a most intense partisan, and
persists in that partisanship in time
of war."
Referring to the "acid test'* cited by
President Wilson on the McL.crr.ore
resolution. Senator Smoot recalled that
he had appointed former Representa
tive Kent, of California, who voted
for the resolution, to the T iriff Hoard.
"lie has made the Issue," said the
L'tah Senator. In conclusion. "He has
hrown down the gantlet to thovc
iir r! ca r.s who believe !n superiorit y
j( f!"pritil!ran principles ant] !n greater
ihlllty of those men who constitute
ihe Republican party. ft Is: an i' ?'?e
llepiib".ic."?! ? have been willing <*i:lier
to iKJ-!*"'rr> or to minimize. They fun
how. In maintenance of their self
respect, r no other course thai, that
?>f accepting the gauge of battle ???
Ihe President ha*; drawn the batt'?
line*. We can only regret thn' ft'ir
?unimarider-'n-chief ha? not s'-m fit to
hI. tain f-on partisan ?<? 11viti**:?, -ind
llitreby reciprocate the rf?! nonpur'.i
Fans<hip ho essential to his ultimate
pucce: s "
The only reply to-day to Senator
S? r?? ot came from Senator 'Myers, of
Montana. who deplored oriticlr'm and
Investigation n the Senate of the na
tlon'H r.-itr activities. The Montana
Senator *;atd that, while spending tnuch
time in criticism, the Senate lias failed
to give attention to charges agyinat
>:ie of Its own members which have
been pending for months.
Rasputin Honored,
Patriot Sent Away
In iii-dni'i Timen-Uiapn Iclt t'?r
aint-y ??( ? iiunlrti Ton Schnurnbcrs;
? <?11% ?it llir llivlltollH l i i r rl Iir t.f r
ill ?>(. I'rlrrtlilirK. through
l>rii-i ?i-i-ioan* tn IiIrIi plni'fn, In put
I lid r I on I* in m-t un I riintriil of 111 r
Ciikmiiii uu\rrnmcnl.
I he dlM cnrrt of the plot led fo
llir r VI'I'IH Inn ul n number ol Ir.nloii
liy (?rnml IliiUr Mrlioln^, (he ^rf ?l -
r?( of Htintln'* mlllliir* lemJ<rs.
'I liiw ?-<4i>n?urn rr-*iille*l in iKir
eiilc of It im put In, nhn nnn rmlornl
to Imor after ivro monllin' alisener,
and l>r ind tlukr Mi'luiln* nna srnt
to flir i atiensii* nf the l<rhr>( nt
llie l.Tin.in ivunipn t?Iio ii*> lb'
( rarlna.
(???rrniinkn( Iteiiiilaltlwnliiic nf III* or
Sleniner* )lrntm Sertoli* Po<nl
Miortaur n( Un?lilii|:(iin.
WASHINGTON. March 27.--Ovorflow
ing Washington is facing serious food
shortage for the coining summer.
The river steamers Wakefield and
Majestic. the mediums for the trans
portation of millions of dollars' worth
I of the products or farms in Kiiii
j CScorgc and Westmoreland Counties
] A'a.. are in government service. and
I water communication between these
jlwo counties an dtheir market. Wash
I ington. is severed.
171? less some Immediate step i? taken,
[resident* of that vicinity declare.
' thousands of acres of farming land
! will he rendered useless, since products
| of these. farms will not reach tlie clt y.
The logical solution. according ...
i James A. Arnold, proprietor of an ROi
| acre farm at Potomac View. Kin.;'
Jlwo counties and their market. Wauh
? ington-XeWport News Short l.ine ltail
This road would cut through the
heart of the counties and provide
facilities for quick transportation .-i
freight to this cltly. which w<.uld
stimulate farmers to Increased pro
duction. according to Mr. Arnold. Tlie
other an{:le of tlie situation was also
driven home hy Mr. Arnold.
"I'll wager." he said, "that the.-e
are not ten barrel's of flour for the
entire Io.nnn people in King George's
i 'ounty.
"From personal experience and to
show vliat the situation In every case
down the re is. I found flint w ith th?
i ivei t ;?;? nsporta t ion cut off hy the
ice last winter, forty herd of hog?,
many of which should have heist
sailed, wore hft unbilled for tl:?* want
<?!' salt to cuie them. The sail was in
Washington, but we couldn't uet it
down here. And Hoover asking for
the conservation of food. Mere was
thousands of pounds of pork unusod.
"To-day we h re feeding these pics
<?11 .urn costing $-.!.*? per bushel."
? i'out litueil from Firs; T'.tgo.l
TTu7.:-uT~a> s the > .erman ottbial com
munication, issued thin evening.
The text of the communication fol
"The B'itish be Jan a retreat this
morning on a wide front on both sides
? the Somine. The stubborn resist
ance of the hostile rear guard was
overcome in the sharp pursuit.
"llritish and French divisions which
were defeated on March 2.1 tried again
yesterday In the pathless crater fields
of the Somnic battle area to arrest our
advancc. Our attack broke through
the enemy's lines
"To the north and south of Albert we
won a passage across tlie Anere. Al
bert fell In the evening.
"To the south of the Somtne. after
violent lighting, we drove back the
enemy by w*ny of Cluiulnes and l.ihons.
Hove was taken by .-torm. and Novon
was c'.eared of the enemy after bloody
street fighting.
"At many points we have crossed our
o'd positions, held before the Scmme
battle of 1?1?5. toward the west. TV
number of prisoners grows and tin;
booty Increases.
"There were artillery battles In
Inlanders, before Verdun ;<nd in la>r
ra !n?.
"Captain Raron von Riohthr fen has
achieved his Ixty-ninth and seven
tieth aerial victories."
i-'imvcn ^dmit somi:
(iltUlM) VliailRP TO ni \ >
f Ry ?elf" Pre* '
PARIS, March "7- With fresh troops
tiie ilermans to-day attackrd the
French lines east of Montdidier. an<!
although their assaults were repulsed
several times, they succeeded in mak
ing soma advance, according to the
War Oflice announcement to-night.
Around l.assigr.y and Nrynn powerful
enemy attacks were broken up.
msthiw iti:i?miT <i,aim<
ith riii;it "i;m:.\T m. cckssus"
I It . A>sor-ia!<-d pre>?. I
I.OM>O.V, March 'J 7. ? An Austrian
ofhclal communication received here
i!?: eve iing says
"I:i France our allies have achieved
further great successes."
I'lli:i'.\it %tiiivs Ann makim;
! liv Associated Pre**.!
WASHINGTON, March 27.?Prepara
tions fir a Teutonic offensive on tha
Italian front continue, the Italian em
bassy was advised to-day by cab't from
Rctme. New divisions are arriving dally
on this front from the Roumanian
front, a:irt the Austrians have brought
tip numerous new pieces or heavy ar
tillery. The dispatch says:
"The situation a: the Italian front Is
becoming every da- more Intense, it
.ppear.-* that the Austro - llungarla i
orce* are courting upon the success .f
The Weather
(I'urniolirtl li.r I', s. Weather Iturran.)
lorrcnot: Virginia?
mir north. cl<>u?ly
houtli portion TI?Mr?
(Ihj ; Friday probably
North Carolina?I ?<?
ral mhm Tliiii>?la> ;
I'rldar firoliatdy fair.
I.ncnl Trmprrnturr.
1 - nifon temperature ?'
I*. M. temperature
?Ma.\imum tcutuerature to S I' M ? ? ? ;J*
.Minimmil temperature tu S I'. M...
Mean temperature J"
Normal temperature for this date.
Itellcleiicy in temperature ^
lixoesK !ii tempera!uro since March
I 1 !?'
Accumulated deficiency sitttD Janu
ary I S!?
I.nrnl It n 11> f rt 11.
Rainfall. 24 hours endinc s 1'. M.None
lOxoess in rainfall : iiiec March I.. Trt
Kxcess in r>infall since January t. I
I.oca I Obiter* nt Ions nt K I*. >1.
Temperature. IS: humidity. .'iT: wind,
direct ion. southeast: wind, velocity,
. slate of weather. Hear.
s r
AshfviiIc ...
Atlanta ....
Atlantic City
Host oil "X
H u IT a In :IJ
i*|uiflfston . .
< 'hic.'iivo
[i.'nv< r
< in 1 vision . . .
Matt oniK ....
Jacksonville .
Km p.siis * "it y .
.Montg 'inery .
N><\> Orleans ?
New ^ ork ....
Norfol I
Oklahoma ...
Pis tshurgh
St. I .Oil IS .
San Francisco
Savannah ...
Wvthcvllla ..
Tomiifrii 11.
. .M. Hie
4 J
i C It
4 ?
tvxt t;irn:s.
S ft
4 t
.1 li
I :a 'ii
1*. cloudy
? 'lC;i r
? Motul V
i 'lomly
i Hear
? 'lea r
i 'lomly
i 'lomly
i "lea r
? 'lomly
?'lea r
P. cloudy
i""lca r
? 'lour
Cloud y
Cloud v
? "lea r
? -lea r
i 'leur
i"ira i
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
i 'le.( r
I\ cloudy
>ll.X I N'ltlti; A I. MA X AC.
Mat? h Jv 191 *.
Sun fine? r. f-r. Morning 1:10
Sim set.--. i',:'.'*; .Jvjninp
t'.je i.Jerman drive in France to discour
age the Italians before attempting a
i!<mv offensive.
"New divisions are daily being
brought to the Italian front from Hi
Roumanian front. Artillery dueli are
growing In Intensity all along tne
mountain section of the front in Y? 1
l.:igad!na. (liudicarla and Astico. 'J'.ne
Austrian* have numerous now pieces
of h?avy artillery.
Members of t'r.lvrr?lty of Virginia Ain
lilllnncr t nit IliMitler* Frrneli
liren! Service.
'"'HA RL.OTT l;*f? VI l.l.K. VA . March
? A recent I'arls edit.on of the Nexv
Vol".: Herald contains the announce
ment that refer li. Mulr. ef the United
Siates Ambulance Service. 517, ha*
Iteen awarded the crois lie Ruerre for
liis bravery under fire. Mr. Muir is a
Maryland hoy, a nephew of Mr?. John
Wat's Kearny, of the University of
Virginia, and was a member of the
*ii*2*t University of Virginia ambulance
unit that went to France * few months
ago. lie is the first of the number
to receive the high lienor.
His c'tatlon says that lie was under
:i violent bombardment while trans
porting the. French wounded from a
dangerous point, and showed Rrent cool
!ic-.? In performing his duty. In ad
dition to having his ambulance riddled
by -hell Tire and his helmet punctured
by t>10 fixing mis.-i>.?. Mr. Muir en
countered in hi" drive a drove of
stampeded horses. When he finally ar
rived at the post it was found that
the wounded had also escaped further
lllsli School Aonfli* Admit Attempt
al Illtti'Kniail in Order In
Itnlne I'll ii.i*.
' Rv As o.-Ul'd Prey. 1
N!:\\* YOltK. March -T. -Isadoi <;em
>tci11 and Morris Bernstein, arrested
'ast niarht charged with attempting to
blackmail 1?. F. l/ore*. president of the'
Helaware and Hudson Railroad Com
pany, out of $10,000 by threatening
"disclosures" concerning his son,
Major James Talbot Lore*, in the
United States Army at Spartanburg,
S. C., pleaded guilty to attempted ex
tortion when they were arraigned late
The youths, who were hi^h school
students, told the court that they are
believers In the doctrines of the Bol*
.sheviki and that they hoped to get
the money from Mr. T.oree in order j
?o conduct a propaganda in this coun- j
try. |
Save The Shipping
by using* home-made prod
ucts instead of imports.
If you are a coffee drinker
you need not deny your
self a rich, coffee-like cup.
Instant Postum
is made in America and
provides a delicious drink,
really superior to coffee
because free of the coffee
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At Grocers Everywhere
li nucn-Mrlt i*li I'otitniiiinl Prrpnrlng to'
1.11 liitoti fuuntrnitfrnilve M lirn
AIIIcn Art* Iteiiily.
I tl< \i ??? !;? Ui' I'rest' I
I'AI'.lS. .M ii\ !i "i. lu conversation
w'th Hepiules who surrounded hlin In
the loi.oy before iho ('h:\iulivr assem
bled tins morning, Premier Cleinen
ceau rti clarcil that never was conll- !
i. hoc more Justified than now.
According to the latest news from
rlu* front, the force of tho German at
tach seems to have been diminished
by tlie deadly struggle of the last few
days. Yestorda; '?! onslaught was far
from having tho sumo violence ah tlioL<i3
which preceded it.
i The Franco-British high command Is
taking advantage of the respite to pre
pare for battles which tho allies will
1 del ver at their own lime ami on tho
( most favorable ground.
Pepti'ies who took part in earlier
a upa lis express the opinion that if
the Hermans can be held for forty
echt hours more lh?':r ? ffenhlve will
pro\ c to have been checked
SAYS japan refused
I'renrh Historian Declare* Tlml
Kroner Asked for Jnpuiioe Inter
vention in AiikikI, llll I.
I n.v Associated I'r^w I
PARIS. March -7.?Intervention by
J? pan In the Kuropean war was sol.
clted by I'rance at the end of Ausuhi.
1911. according to a detailed account
by M Bernard. the historian, *j pub
lished to-day in the l&xcetalor. Tlieo
philc I ?? leasee took charge of the For
eign vrhco on Annual 118. llis llr.'-t
step was to draft a note to the i;m
peror of Japan in his own hand, M.
Bernard Havti. The nolo was comniuni
catoil to the British ambassador. The
tcply was that Japan's policy was en
tirely Oriental, and that ho army was
not prepurcd for action outside that
M llernard denies. r>n the authorit>
of M. 1 'elcHf'oe himself, a report w hich
has been current for a Ions time, that
Japan demanded the cession of Indo
china by France a? the price, of her in
tern i-ntion.
tn?ncr< Mr. A\ ilvi>n> ' nlilcBrnm, Snr
ina Ml AVill Fiuht I mil Kreetlom
of Mnnltind In Won.
WASH ] N'iTON. March .7. Field
Marshal Male's reply to President Wil
son's cablegram was received to-day
at, the. White House.
"Your message of generous apprecia
tion of the steadfastness and valor of
our soldiers in the great battle now
raging has c fatly touched us all,"
cabled the field marshal. "Please accept
our heartTelt th inly. One and all be
lieve In the Justice of our cause. and
are determined to light on without
counting: the cost until the the freedom
of mankind is safe."
To Idrr Drnftert Men Meml-OIT.
(Soecial to Tl'.e Times-Oispatch. j
--Thirteen tn<-n 1 rom Fredericksburg
and Spotsylvania '"o'lnty liav-; been
ordered to leave hoie on Friday morn
ing at 11.0V o'clock for Camp Uee.
These men are in the draft, and re
cently passed th*? physical examina
tion for this rjuotri. Mayor J. P. fiowe
has issued b call for the people of
Fredericksburg' to assemble in the
courthouse at 10 o'clock Fridiy m? rn
ing and has extended an invitation to
the people of Spotsylvania County t<>
join In th* demonstration, which will
be in the nature of farewell exercises.
soldier Kndw III* l,lfe.
CAMT* Mc<'I,i;i.l,AX, AL?A? March 27.
? Private J'aul I.title. of tVes'rn inster.
Md.. committed suicide while on guard
duty to-night by shooting himself in
the head.
f'opiilnr Vnutlcvlllenr* nt l.j rie.
"Will Ver Jim" Hooley. the breeziest
of ececntri': comedians, and his pretty
and talented pattner. t'orineo S.tles.
will loom large c?n the new bill at the
I.yri* for the latter half of the week.
<-ommeneing with the matinee -per
formance to-day. Dooley and Sales
ha\e long been established favorites
here. They have Just returned from
a European tour, and will offer a smart
new p.-t.
A foreign act on the new bill Is the
"tcrpsfoliorcan ?volution." in which
Suiih Raraban anil t'harlcs fSi'ohs will
be hpcii. They arc artistic dam-cr*. and
have a repertolro that embraces many l
forms of llio "nui-sy." I)?n? Caryll and
Thornton Klynn, hi "A l-'ow Minutes at
tlio I'iano." have a happy vocal and
liiKtrumiiiital act with comedy Interpo
lation*. Scn:-at lonal gymnastic and
cqullihrtatlc fonts arc promised in the'
exhibition of .Norma Till ma. and a bit;
song. girl and fun act will ho sup- 1
pile"! I?y N??il Norton and his ".loylund j
tilrlK." New motion plcturca Include I
some stirring war soenns.
?M.lrl n| Sly Hear/."
Iteautlfully stuped, admirably acted 1
and capably sung. "OSlrl of My llcart."!
I'erry .1. ICollyV musical comedy offer
Inc. which will be the attraction at'
tiic Acmlcuiy Monday Tuesday and
Wednesday, will no doubt prove one
of the season's most enjoyahl . as well
aa profitable, engagements. The bool:
and lyrics arc by Arthur .1. [jamb, and
| Sore, touchy corns stop hurt
i ing, then lift right out
I with ringers
lror a few cepis you can
get a ;-ma!l bottle of lb"
magic. drug f rcc/.onc re.
irenlly dls<:ovcrcd by ;i ?'?.n
clnnatl rnnn.
Just ask at any drug
store for a small bottle ??f
frceaone. Apply a few
'Irop i upoti a lender, acli
li.g i-orti or callus and in
Mailt ly all soreness-disap
pears and shortly you will
find the coin or en Una so
'oo?i- that you lift it off
\*ith the f,tigers.
.In: < thinl:' N'ot one hi'
of i? .* i l> before appl;. inK
free/.n'ie or ,i f t <? r wa rd'- It
il'>'f-i t c \ e j! irritate the
? urr' Hind ing .--Kin
ll.ird ? orris. "-oft corns
or i-i?rn^ between the toe.*,
a pto hardened calluses on
bottom of feci, shriveled up
and fall off without hurt
ing p panicle. It ia almost
niii I
I,sidies: Keep * tiny bot
lie on the ilrc?:ier and
never let a corn or callu:'
t. h** twice. ? Adv.
rii* late l;fv. ?JhurcltiM J. tlibson, or
I'.-tir hurt. If .weptenit<'-r. vrote *
fvil!ou> .
?? am a'i<l ir\y tf?t*mnry to th?
many i^trons r>n*f* you l?*v* rear *c5
Blue Ridge Water
I,*.* b??r in inr fajrliy with nio*t <5?
i i.Je.i li?nerlt '
\d<lrr?fc rilll.. V. ftKOU N.
Phon? Mud. :tU 12. I') 1 i;; i'rBnklln.
1 wish Jo inform my friends uml
the public that 1 am now at^ocialcd
v.-ith the Hurnette l>riiR Store. 10 1
West Tiroad Street. Corner Monroe.
A call cither in person or by phone
will be appreciated.
Irving L. Beveridge
Phone Randolph 17l!G.
.11110 ?* ClKMtVOIll l?HH SU)>pll<Ml th* mu#l
wlilcli <-<-?iit?Inm many niiinhrr.i dentin*
to l>c sons' lilts over night. |
A Berry
for $25.
With or without belt.
All sizes.
The handiest coat any
man can have.
LtfA?U?HtC .?!? .
Grand Opera
at Home...
Think that the pricc of
a pair of Beats will bring
into your homo the
voices of great Metro
politan Opera House art
ists to sing and play for
von. not once, but as
often as you want them.
Stop in to-morrow
and ask to hear the New
ICdison re-creations.
C. B. HAYNES &<3b
? K.OA. 0 At ItCOMD
><4W*sfrjrj*z. y///A\\\\\\WiViww///
Tin? Stupendous Seen if Production,
\uvpi<Ts Siiinis Grotto, ,\o, :)0
I.OOO.IOVS ? f ,000 Til III IjI.S
See Ilir- Mountain Strewni of Real Water
Sfe Calamity Jane's Danrc* Hall
Srr a Milling Town During the Hush for fJnld
Sci- I In* l.onti-llorn liar. With Its Da m inx Cirls, Co\vbo>s, Cowpfirls,
Indians, Mexicans. Beautiful Gypsies, Maidens
Admission to All Only 25c
53.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $8.00
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price
is stamped on the bottom of every pair
of shoes before they leave the factoi'y.
The value is guaranteed and the wearer
protected against high prices for inferior
shoes. You can save money by wearing
W. L. Douglas shoes. The best known
shoes in the world.
r 1 'he qualityof W.L.Douglas productisguaranteed
-I- by more than 40 years experience in making fine
shoes. The smart styles are the leaders in the fash
ion centres of America. They are made in a well
equipped factory at Brockton. Mass., by the highest
paid, skilled shoemakers, nnder the direction and
supervision of experienced men, all working with
an honest determination to make the best shoes for
the price that money caji buy.
The retail prices are the same everywhere.
They cost no more in San Francisco than
they do in New York. They are always
worth the price paid for them.
Sold by over OOOO shoe dnalflrs and 10J5
W. I.. r?ouarl?n fctores. If not convenient to
rail at W. L, HourIm* More. a*k your looal
dealer for them, Take no other make.
Write for booklet, showing how to order
ehoos by mail, rootage free.
Prrildnnt W. L Tlonglas
Sho* Co.. 210 Spark St.,
Brockton, Man.
Beit in t>!? World
$3.00 A. $2 SO
CAUTION?Kef ore you buy bo
?ure W. L. Douglaa name and the
retail price ii stamped on the
bottom and the inside top facing.
This isy our only protection against
high price* for inferior shoe*.
W.L.D0UGLAS STORE: 304 East Broad St., Richmond
rho earU hoyhood dayi
of \\ . Douglas were
spent in ??rd work with
long hours. Beside* peg
Kins nhoQE ell day he was
obliged to jjather end cut
up wood for she fires,milk
I he cow ?tnd take cara of
the horse, working early
mornings and until after
dark at njght by the light
of a smoky whale oil lamp
r*rvneM. V. I, f)tiig!ai ,1hoc C?.

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