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Mlsu Mary Elizabeth Moore. of the
Chesterfield, la Isavlnfj to?movrow for
Pino Forest Inn ul Suinmervllle. 8. O.
where Bhe will epend tho Knster eea
!?on. Miss Moore will bo accompanied
to Summervlllo by Mrs. \V. H. Sudtei.
of this city.
llrlMlunt Spring; Concert.
One of the most brilliant events of
tlio season will bo tho spring conceit
given by the St. Cocllla ChoruB. of
which F. Flaxlngton Harker 1b direc
tor, in the auditorium of tho Jefferson
Hotel on Frtdnv evening, April 19. at
8:30 o'clock. This will bo the fourth
concert of this splendid organization
anil they will render on this occasion
a cantata. "Tlio Legend of Orannda.'
The St Cecilia Chorus will ho (insisted
bv MI.?k Mahlc Maxsioti, accompanist;
Miss Margaret O'Brien, Boprano, and
J. Foster Darr.es. baritone.
The concert promises to be one of
tho largest and moBt fashionable
events of next month.
(?ncnt uf Minn "White. /
Miss Mamlo Ober Peak, of Washing
ton, arrived in Richmond this week to
be the guest of MIbb K.dlth White at
her apartment on Shafer Street.
number of charming affairs have been
planned for Miss Peak during her stay
in Hlchmond. Mlas White will K'vc
an Informal dansant at her ho,n?
Saturday afternoon in honor or her
gucBt. and a number of the dancing,
eet will be included in the Invita
I'r?tly riom^ WeddlnC
Tho rnarrlAge of MIbb Virginia ritt
man Marshall, daughter of Mr.nnl
Mrs. 13dgar Marshall, to James At-tins
Gregory. ?un of Mrs. Laura Atkins
Gregory and the late James Alexander
Gregory, was celebrated yesterday at
high noon In the home of the brrde,
parents. 3 South Boulevard,
Rev Henry C. Pflfer. of harmvtm..
officiating. The dra wing-room was
decorated In pink
palms and tho same color scheme
""Je^bJuio1 descended the -JMrwav
traveling suit and hat
of orchids. Miss Kllzabeth Marshall. a
So,to of .he tirlde. ?< <?"H?o"Ay
was maid of honor, and Mina Doroinj
Courtney, of this city, was bridesmaid
They wore modish blue drcBsca and
????? ihr"T'rD ? r/.
gardenlaB. ? anlj Lieutenant
? H?ll, American Contingent.
Royal British Flying Corps, acted as
'T?rn; ru" rsissrc
^V\b^i?rmec5,noTBf'.'rn?.m.n4 Pink
"Tr' and* Mrs Gregory loft later tor
and Mrs. A. J f Farmvllle; and
Wa.hlngton, form
erly of thlB c,ty'
2. and the card pa > Jefferson
in the palm garden o^ ^ ^
Hotel, instead of a^h^?n\ertatnment,
originally i?la?n??i- JHe ^? a ot
which 1b uiven under tne ? u for
the Hlchmond Chapter ^ Fonlal,io
the bene tit of the France.
Maury bed In * endowed oy
Of the Con fed
racy in France. wcek at the
The card 'arty C nl nnd faan
Jefferson will u?? } ir wul be a
lonablo arf?.ir for those who do njt
knitting table tor tno
cat e for cards.
Prominent "edd*?*- of New York.
Miss Marlon, 1 l??n>. weddlnR party
has been *ldd Fnhnestock and Syl
of Mlrs Marg - ^ ^ l>e marru-d on
vanus Stokes. O'.hers of Miss
April 3. .n W ashingio ^ l c hef
Fahnestock s ^nJt'clon Ca,npbell, of
two cousins, Ml - .,aro!lnc Andrews.
New Yoik. anu . -? Margaret Cap
erton^'daughter of* ^njlra^Cape^ton;
M\8a 1 \jarlova"brldesma ld?. and Miss
jss Prvstjsars vx
Mr3'tn o^the bride, aa tloucr girl King
cousin of the Dria . groom.
Stone, brothcr-i " ? . lhe uehers
will be the best man. ana "<?
? bVUeutenant ^ber ^
1 ee- H. I>. Crenshaw. U. S. ?>? r ?
?? Ar?.?ndoi
-- tt ?i M C of Montclalr. N- J
Clevea, U. &. > ? p of Bal.
and John Brooks, U. S. r>- ll*
Card Party for Sheltering: Arm*.
An attractive affair of next Wertncs- j
day, April 3, from 3:30 to 6:30 o'oU.ck, |
will be the card party at the Jefferson !
Hotel for the benefit of the Sheltering1
Arms Free Hospital. Tables may be !
secured from Mrs. K. B. McGeorge, Mrs.]
C. If. Mason, Mrs. Melville Peck, Mrs, j
H. L. Lorraine. Mrs. F. O. Dtverldge,
Mrs. S. T. Beverldge, Mrs. Norveli j
Langhorne, Mrs. Thomas B. Floyd, Mrs. j
Hiram T. Gates, Mrs. Charles S. Smith,
Mrs. John O. Taylor. Mrs. J. B. Ki-.ld,
Mrs. Henry Meanley, Mrs. George T.
King and Miss Bettio Daniel.
Interesting: Lecture.
Tho James River Garden Club Invites
all who are Interested In gardening
to attend the lectures to be given at
the V. W. C. A. Friday and Saturday
afternoons at 3 o'clock. Maurice Fuld.
of New Vorlc, a prominent lecturer,
writer and gardener, will be the speak
Subscription Cnrd Tarty.
An Easter card party, under the aus
pices of tho Catholic Woman's Club,
will be hold in the McGill hall Thurs
day, April 4, at 8:30 o'clock for the
benefit of Floyd Hall Home for Work- j
Ing Girls. The general chairman Is
Mre. Frank H. Knox, and a number
of prominent women will act as pa
Mrs. Robert Carter, formerly Miss
Alico Small Blair, is the guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Beirne Blair,
on West Franklin Street.
Miss Helen George, of 1S31 Monument
Avenue, is a gue3t of Captain and
Mrs. H. H. George, 111., in New Yorlc
City for several weeks.
J. W. Slaughter, of The Plains, Fau
quier County, has been spending sev
eral days in Richmond this week.
Miss Katharine Cottrell, who has
been visiting Miss Ellen Wright Wise
at the Chesterfield for several weeks,
has left for her home in New England.
Mrs. Harry Frost and hor two chil
dren, who have "been spending the
winter here, will leave shortly for their
home in Fauquier County.
Miss Helen Lancaster, of New York,
has been the recent guest of relatives
Miss Llllle Lasslter, who la attend
ing school In Washington, will return
to Richmond to-d.iy to spend tho
Easter holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mre. C. K. Lasslter.
Mrs. Henry Fairfax left this week
for "Oak Hill," her hotne In Loudoun
Miss Lou A. Armstrong, formerly a
teacher at the Stuart Female Seminary
Tomboy Taylor Has Discovered a Fine Place to Retire
and Read Her Favorite, Forbidden Literature of the
Wild and Woolly West By F. Fox
(Coi>yriRht. 1911. Whwlcr Syndicate. Inc.*
at Washington, and principal for sev
eral yeari of St. John's Protectant
Episcopal School, High Shoals, N. C.,
is visiting her nephew. 1?. D. Arm
.strong, of Monteira Avenue, Barton
IIclKhtn, and other relatives here.
A round-table on current events, ac
companied by a knitting bee. will take
the place of the regular weekly meet
ing of the Equal suffrage Eeague of
Richmond this afternoon at suffrage
! headquarters. Fourth and Franklin
Ktreetp, at 4:30 o'clock. Mrs. Henry
Aylett Sampson will conduct the round
| table. The public is cordially Invited
to be preacnt.
The Godmothers' League will hold its
regular monthly meeting this morning
[at 11 o'clock In Hoom 630 at the Jef
ferson Hotel. A full attendance Is <Je
I sired.
A special meeting of the Eadles of
| Charity will be held on Good Friday
j at St. Joseph's Academy, immediately
; after the services of the Way of the
Cross, to be held at 3 o'clock in the
chapel. A full attendance is desired.
Will Work I'ndiT Y. \V. C. A. War
Work Council In Improving Cnn
dltfann for American Xuraea,
Miss Willie Ramsey Young, of 16'_'oi
West Grace Street, has been transfer
< red from the staff of the South Atlantic
I field of the Y. W. C. A. and is at the
association headquarters in New York
City waiting the sailing of the ves-j
stl on which she has taken passage for
j France, where she will do Y. W. C. A.
1 work under the direction of the na
tional war work council.
Miss Young is responding to an urg- j
ont call for ten more women to go at I
once to Franco to help make condi- j
tlons tolerable for the groat army of I
Industrial women and for the American 1
nurses, who havo in many cases abso-I
lutely no comfort or recreation when :
eff duty at the base hospitals. The !
latter work is done in close co-opera
tion with the Y. M. C. A. One nurse
writes of her small living-room where
she has only a dry-goods box for a
dressing-table and where there In
nothing to rest her Jaded nerves af
ter the heartrending sight ar.d sounds
of the hospital. The association under
takes to provide attractive rest-rooms,
where the nurses may relax after
their long hours of service and may
enjoy a simple tea, sympathetic com
panionship, music, books and games?.
The war work council has, In all.
thirty workers in France. Among
these is another young woman who
will be very pleasantly remembered in
Richmond?Miss Irene Headley Armos, ]
who Is to be hostess at tne Y. W. C. A. i
hotel for American women in Paris. A
I cablegram received here several days
I ago announced Miss Armcs's safe ar
rival at a French port.
To Sprak on Ilaek-Yard Gardening.
Airs. M. c. Patterson, president of
the James River Garden Club, will
fcpeak this afternoon at 4 o'clock on
"Back-Yard Gardening" in the audi
J rorium of the Bellevue Junior High
j School. Twenty-fourth end Grace
| Streets. Mrs. Patterson will speak to
the women of Church Hill.
After being ro-created by the
! SCHEOSS METHOD. Send yo.ir old
j bat to SCfHEOSS for perfect clean
ing and reshaping ar.d got a new
ono in return for only a small part
of its original cost.
_-^v n'* *.
h-Ji Kant Broad Street.
Otit-of-Town Folk* Write for Price.*
JlniiT IntrreNtlttfT Itrport* Sl'ndo br ("nm
milKrn, nnd Sir*. Wr^imorfland
I)ii> l.i Klri'tril Ylee-Prenldem.
Th? Capital City lilvislon, National
Lf.ipu<> for W'onun's Service, held its
annual meeting ai the Jefferson Hotel
yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The
president, .Mrs. Francis It. Williams, !
presided, and Interesting report* were
: ?.-id by the chairmen af committees. j
The annual reprrt of the president
was of especial interest, being a rt:- j
same of the activities of thin organ!-j
ration, the iir>t which wa? formed In !
the city for war work.
The making of surgical dressings ?
and the tncouragem?nt of gardening'
have received special attention, the
Capital City revision working as a
committee of the surglra! dressings
division of the War Relief Association
of Virginia. The gardening interests
are b<Mnt* c nduct'd under the direc
tion rf Mrs M. C. I'atterson and Miss
Park Taylor, the latter having been
appointed garden and poultry special- |
1st for the cities of Virginia by the]
Federal government.
In an Interest I.ic talk before (he]
league yesterday. Miss Taylor told of
garden work In other citleti of Vir
ginia and suggested lines along which
this organization can work in Rich
mond. "There Is waMe here 01" str*-et
sweepings. and ashes," said Miss Tay
lor. "In Norfolk, there are compost
It-ape of green stuff and auhes minglel
thRV Itmito & moat valuable fertilizer."
Mlprt Taylor went on to state that even
n?p tir.all quantity c' leaves from a
j>tr.all city lot could bo used to make
??% vi.uublo Lo.T.p'jav heap for sesi-beds.
The following olllcere of the Capital
tlliy Division, National league lor
Wvmun's ticrvlce, were elected for the
enoHlnj year at the meeting yesterday:
Alia. Francis D. Wllll&ras chairman;
r.mt Vlco-prcjldent, Mrs. Wostmorelard
Davis; second vice-preside?u, Mist Mar
ina M. Robinson; third vlce-presldon:.
Miss Caroline Col?man; treasurer, Mrs.
A. 1*. Wilmer, recording secretary, Mrs.
11. S. Blnswanger: corresponding sec
retary, Mrs. O. J. Rands.
Knrnlnga Show Heavy Increase.
Estimated earnings of the Southern
Railway system for the third week of
March aggregated i2,616.82S, ns com
pared with actual earnings of 12,0-iS,
239 for the corresponding week of last
year, showing an increase of S5G7.CS1),
according to figures announced yester
day by Comptroller A. H. Plant.
Reappoint* Amnfom,
John B. Minor, John J. Blake and T.
Catesby Jones were yesterday reap
pointed as members of the Board of As
sessments for the city of Richmond by
Judge D. C. Richardson in the Hustings
Children and Grown-Ups Alike
Are Benefited By Old, He
liable Black-Draught.
Rockymount, Va.?Mrs. Sallie E.
Chitwood, wife of W. T. Chitwood.
of this place, writes a letter which
should be of general interest. It
"I nin very glad to make a state-!
ment in regard to my experience with I
Thedford's Black-Draught.
I have used Black-Draught for
sonic time as a liver and stomach
I medicine and find it splendid,
i I also use Black-Draught for my
j children in cases of colds or any of
' the many disorders where a laxative
j is needed. It has always given sat
i isfaction.
1 make it in a tea, and it is easy
j to take and the results are good."
i Children and grown-up folks suffer
i plenty of pain and misery from livor
and stomach troubles. What Black
Draught has done for Mrs. Chitwood
and her family in relieving these
troubles, it will, no doubt, also do
for you and yours.
Try Black-Draught for colic, teeth
ing troubles, sour, stomach, indiges
tion, biliousness, headache, constipa
tion, feverisliness, colds. It has been
Jn successful and popular use as a
remedy for theso and similar trou
bles for ovor 70 years.
Try Black-Draught.
necommendod tor young and old.
For sale everywhere?Adv.
OritaiiUntlorv Announce* thr Vnk'nir
Over o t V*-CO ml Wnrtf In HoAp'tal
nt Ki tillly, France.
liio United Daughters or th* Con
federacy have completed the onflow,
ment of u uecond ward in the Ked
Cross hospital at NeulUy. Franco,
known as the American Military Hos'
pltal No l. Ten dayB pro cami the
news of the endowment by this or
ganization of one entlro ward. That
seemed a splendid and wonderful ac
complishment. but there seems to be
no limit to the work they Intend to do.
The flrut was endowed by funds re
ceived from the United naujrhtera of
?he Confederacy members of South
CaroHna Virginia. Arkansas. Ccortria.
.i'orn'^. Tennessee, Shreveport. Lia
1 his second, by .North Carolina. West
*v? D,?ltcrs"old? <'?!.; Alabama.
Texa*. \ irjjlnla, New York. Philadel
phia and Washington, D. C
i:ed.H m these wards arc to bear on
!!l hnTtpl"M the ,,am'!8 of Jeffer
f. ? oV?' WnU? Unmpton, It. k. i.ee
{.' i*' Clel,ur?e. Hichard Jackson. John
II. C.ordon. All.ery Sidney Johnson. 1"
i. Uo.iurejfard. Kiiatteen Mitchell Tcn
neiiFoc a private soldiers of the ilxTles
? li- an':?. Stonewall Jackson in
?hoiio honor three beds srP endowed
others. SCmme8' J?e Wheeler Vnd
The general committee, of which Mrs.
is chalrn.an ' ?f M,rm,"Pham. Ala.,
by th" Slatota|Jnlrtrt<1,A<!ClCr' "bpotcted
Conr!3.?JS B^M.dn."f th<
ward the work under L for"
??* Cneral commfueeInSIS"0*1 ?f
resuU ??*hZ tht
endowed by the rnllJ n '* befin
?hb Confederal mll^ of
in memory of^e^K V
Stonewall Jacfcron" ce ai,d
mi,. . Hay A'ctn 94.340
"he Instructive Vl?min~vJ
Bocla t Ion has been bi t rs# As
?? friends throughout ft. rlt'r
act amount coMectp.i J! .1 1 he ex*
the tags Tuesday Tm' -l*e RaIe of
exactly n,3<n 30 tm= ?m?u?<t was
1 hnt the same nroJnt'8 n,0t onI>- 'n?n8
vice which haw hi>r?t ? efficient ser
ved fhr- 1. y N a win character
rendered. but that 7h? conMnu" ?o be
?b? IUM.m.n? pXllJ w,S"'ir""y
r/;r'c-T;r? r "P"??
f? Mbii? unr w"?"
?nd the many worker* BP.apCfs
ntood for hourt ottering the MttVe'rod
cr\inring ,he contents of the boxe/
Boys and Girls
Clear Your Skia
_With Cuticura
Sogp 25c. Ointment 25 50c-_
One Who Saw It All Writes of I
Belgium's Rape. !
' By IIurI, Gibson. First Seer, of locution
Net $2.50.
Surprise Store
118 E. Broad Street,
j "Billy" Word In Dpcorntcil by Gfnrrnl
Pershing for HrtiTery Vnder ./
Fire on I'renrk l'roni.
In recognition of his gallant conduct
and remarkable bravery In a recent
engagement at the French front. First
Lieutenant William E. Word. Jr., whose
home la 404 North Lomb.irdy Strtet.
has been awarded the Distinguished
Service Cross of tho United State* gov
ernment, according to Information
reaching this chy yontorday. Keyond
the fact thnt the cross was awarded
by General Pershing, no details of th
presentation or of the particular action
for which ho was thus honored were
given out.
Lieutenant Word wan among tne first
to receive his commission at t^e ot
llcers' training camp at Fort llyer,
upon the declaration of war bj ?htn
country. He Is an alumnus of the Uni
versity of VIrglrla. where he was ae
I live In athletics. He was mar.'led to
j Miss Katherlne xVInston, daughter of
i 11. 13. Wln6lor, of VorePt Hill, short
j ly before leaving this country with the
I American expeditionary forces.
In the Living Room
The very name living room
?hould determine the nature of
I the furnishing and decoration*.
Here, where you live, harmony
?hould prevail above all. In this '
room the comfortable yet digni
fied furniture it supplemented by
covering the wall* and woodwork 1
i with
Masury's Perfection
Flat Colors
Old ivory, of *mooth velvety tex
ture, for the wall harmonizes per
fectly with such eurrounding*.
The soft quiet tone io an impor
tant note in the ? decorative
scheme. Masury'a Flat Colors are
oil paint*. They do not rub off,
?cale, crack nor soften with heat
or moisture.
R. Met;. DL'L,LIXGTO>" A CO,
Sales Aprrnts and DlMrllintorn,
1.123-27 Hast Cnry Street.
I'hone Randolph ."31)4.
| I
| Spring Styles S
112 The "Ycrra Method" will jg
| {j change the shape of last year's ?
, g hat to the season's latest styles. Ill
Randolph 1)00?Rlrhmond. gj
0 Petersburg Rrmich?Mnll Orders. ^
jimamia b h ss h-h
Is Worth While
3 East Broad Street.
The Little Paris Shop.
for Easter
Something Different, That's the
Cry of To-Day.
The most Recherche Hats that will appear on the
Promenade are here at from $7.50 to $25.00.
We want you to see the alluring
models in Spriug Footwear that we've
selected for your approval.
Graceful, stylish, well-fitting Pumps,
Oxfords and Boots at
$6.00, $8.00, $0.00, $10.00.
SEYMOUR SYCLE?HI Broad Stereci?Wcsft
Good On All Occasions?TWe Would Appreciate Your ?
| Madison 3510 and 3511. 425 N. Sixth Street. |
Fashion's Fulfillment
in Suits for
Specialty Shop is an accomplished
fact to-day. The final shipments of
pre-Easter garments arrived Wednesday
morning, and are by process of elimina
tion the very arbiters of correct fashions.
IN THE LATE offerings the couturiers of
Faris have revised many of their earlier crea
tions. American artists also have suggested
adaptations, and the results are evident in moro
distinguished, more truly American costumes.
THE WOMAN WHO is uneasy may put her
fears behind her, for the Specialty Shop is splen
didly ready with Easter Suits in complete range
of style and color for Madame or Miss.
the Navy Suit is le
dernier cri for every
type of woman practi
cally inclined. . The
weaves are Serge, Gab
ardine, Tricotine and
Poiret Twills.
insists upon a fuller
expression of her own
personality, these fab
rics may be had in tan,
rookie, etc., and the
Silvcrtone Cloth in
Pekin blues, Quaker
gray and tan is exceed
ingly distinctive. U -
tra-fashion also is e -
pressed in the tailor. 1
Suits of black ai 2
there are scores < '
them: ripple effect .
pony coats and sever ?
ly tailored conceits 5 1
straight long lines wi<
braiding ? in any * '
which one is likely i >
find charming use of
the mannish vest de
v e 1 o p e d in silk or
heavy cotton veBtings.
An Unrivaled Salon of Suits at
$25.00, $37.50 and $45.00
T. 3-88-18.
r.?.;v.u.ViV7? -
1T~) BR OAD;
Announcing the
An Invitation to Call
We Arc Now Showing Sew 1018 Modcti.
N'o other range Is so economical?no other
range possesses so many exclusive features?no
other ranee will afford such lasting satisfaction
and service. That's why more New Method Gas
Ranges are found in modern Richmond homes.
Patented oven and burner construction SAVE8
ONK-QL'AKTKR GAS. The fuel you save Will
pay for your range in a short while. >
A Small Pay ent? |,
Balance Ea t;
Iu Black and White,
For Dancing.
Albert Stein
. Fifth and Broad Streets.
Grates, Mantels, TU
- Porches, Ba<! oomS
And Anything in the Tllt'hp, if MarWe
Line See
H. N. FRANCIS A C( , lac*
111-118 9o?(k Ko?rti > (Mt
n?Mi Hauaen l?-t.

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