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the allies was most essential to suc
The President is ...tld to h.ivo been
In sympathy with the motives which
prompted the Hllitudc of the Krciich
on the question of accepting military
direction froin a foreigner. Not only
had great losses a re.ui> l>cen suffered,
hut the very e\ui?-ncc of the French
nation was at slake.
It is l'( iu \ ? 1 tiu-ie was an additional
rtason. as t'o nel J1 is,> and '.ioiu r.ii
Pershing ? both d? s ove *? ?i m *i?.n
craJ Fo h the : in ? ? a ;; i < t leale:
The ut ility of B: ' ?adership or
t'.ie valor ?. f B: ti !i '?: ? i's a* :.<> tune
entered Into ti'. !:s<_ussions. The
bravery of the Bullish soldiers had
been most splendidly demonstrated on
the battle field, but sentiment was
with the French and they had a man
who appe.t red '? he I ? !> < very
way to assume the responsibility?
General Fo. h.
Colonel House t eached Washington
last night almost as soot: as it ha 1 b. -
come apparent that op:-*>:t ?n to the
plan of single control had aban
doned. He was In conference with t'i
President several times to-day. and
after the appointment of < : i ? : 1 !'?>?-.
liec.ime known made th ?ateiccnt:
"I know General Foeh v< ry v.? ' 1
liUe him very much. 1 r- ;..ii h::r.
as a splendid general."
Kmphnsis was s'vc:i i ? .?
statement from Colonel House l>y a
smil'\ which indicated pro!?? .? <!
faction with t ? choice wh.. h i 1 ?? ? o:i
iiiad*"* in leadership t'"r the itllied
a rni ies.
It was said officially lit ihe While
lion e that General IVr li!:-- * :
to General I'och in l'*a:\ . at wh. li
the whole resour. os of tiif Amerl an
army had been placed :it the u.sp'isai
i f the Kreti h command- r. war in ?> -
conlance with specific ir.strAetfon from
President Wilson.
a>si i:s iti:< i;t\ md
tip rot ir* ai i i:ri \ m i:
!l is understood assura;.- ? alr..-dy
have been received of tin- a* i-ptaiu
o! the high command by ih>- French
The consent of Ureal Britain was tic
subject of extended conferences in
1 .endon between Secretary ot War New.
ton I>. Baker and the British govern
ment officials on Wednesday. It is not
believed Mr. Halter etvonntei-cd any
serious opposition, ? Field Marshal S.r
Douglas Ilaig had previously announo d
hla willingness t > light <.:i under such
leadership as the Was I'mim il or the
heads of the several governments in
volved might eho.'sc.
General Koch, it is said. partic
ularly acceptable to ti.r. British be
cause of the sue-..-: with which lie
manipulated the l- i i .e-i i-. ^ -. h -
cition sent to Italy it shot t while a<i?..
General Koch, it was thought. will
as-uine command of the allied ar. ii>
without delay. <*iiair.-.s i:i n:di\:dlla.
comtuands are said to l>e unlikely. iM
Jiters at ready i:i t *: ? light are valuable
because of their -\perionee.> of the
last nine days.
I.OUK h'oit l.tf.Mf ;i)i.Y'i i;
I III M Mil 1)1- l-'l-NSIl i:
The one certainty in the minds >>i
administration officials, as wt n a: the
general staff, thai a terrific count.. -
offensive hi 1 start immediately, if it
lias not nli-e.ii'> be:; on. l.a-t-lmur r>
pjrt.; which reached the War Depart
in %nt through diplomatic channels iold
of a movement on the part ot the
French troops t.? retake Montdidier,
which was captured by the German.-"
on Wednesday.
Army ollicials in Warhington w
Intel ostcd in ihe i- port t hat *icnmi.'
Is now send ng her n.v.i; :? i .
the fiont.
The information r
running shor: ..t .. ua
regarded \sith much :.:li . . ? t !??!,.
(Continued iroin J-'irs: I'ligp.)
wuK.- developed <.1 urint-; ill nu>rninv in
the nei^hl* /i hood ol M.-zit r*-d and
!?emuin. Fight ing ;? nil! - < :i l:i
tii.- ,-cctur.
"It i* l;iio? n from c:i pturvii do ai
menta that. Ok' German ana ? .
ttay as:r,? c ,s,i.c Nijrpe had lor i:. ot>
j- ';\t t . Mire <?; Vun.v 11 i<t>* ? a ltd
Ar:as. a:i.i -i- ??>.!> carried ??ut l>y
at l? m.\ d.v.>i<<;; ?:. the front lim-.:
v ?-!) four ,i . ? . v. .nil.- in fii^|(or;.
"!)?> pit** tie * < :' Ik atta? tar '?
impression mud i.artlc po.-i- '
tion was iivon: ? . d tin- lisiit-,
jt?B resulted in a severe defeat for the j
?-Ji?? j i
"In heavy fig'at i - fun r . :t Ue
tween lioiry and Svrre, which had ho J
greater > : .-<? ? i-w -r i - ? .. }
hostile divisions \? ere idehtllle .
-hi:;.i. kji.i.s
>i;\ i:\ i \ -ri\ i; i \ p \iti?
11 . ? i rr. 1
I 'AlllS. Mar I. ? S ?. < :. ? \ ? J.\. ; er
rors w ere i;111???" i ni.o ? wounded, I
inc.-! i>! t!u-::: w o!;o ?. . ?! hildJ eli, |
\v 1 '; ; a ? .? . .a I
r.i . ? i a I - .1 .? ? * j :? ;n liie |
r - . Jn : I'.t;*. ? ? ? 1 . iday . ? r -
\ \v. : e ? ? r,:-d:::K '.<? an
oil. '.al c . 1 tii. cv. a
M ;
A:n'jng M H. ? . .
The ? a r . . . . \ ,? 1
She.! du: .f
inii-s li?n , ii.i!;;?
' "The em ? . >. r r j
Jloarlu m !' ?
the front u ,
W ish tu |"; . ? . ?
not my U*
they w. !J ii"'.
Anecdotes* .. ? ' ,
morale >?'. t;.' i
lated l.y 1 ?
territorial troop :.? ,?
1:no >???>:? rday.
the o rd?-r t
unconeer: c-diy
range ? f the ? ??
wt re li r?' a i;.: - ?? ?
"What ar. : ,'J ... .? ?
O ;;iencea u
"We ;,r.' it: r<
dier uU ''
III.AAV I jr. If! I M.
I '(>!?? I; S It It I ! 1 * !! IIM K
I.ONDON y. ? ? a . '? II a vy
ha t i * ;' : xhe
In v.-!;. i !>eeii j? r
back to .* . u> r ...ii ? w< ; <>t 1!:. ?
Miiri-e! * and !>??:; - a; s
ev- rinp W.j! .otiii< eai'-nt
North of O.e - >? uli : aft linti
v.-ej,. ii.a;ntalncd. ThCf
Held Center at Marne, Headed Troops Saving Ypres,
Commanded at Yser, Drove Back Huns at Somme
and Helped Italians Plait Enemy.
WASHINGTON. Ma roll "9.?"The al
I . i iv .r....ml a lvadt f ?,f hcrolc .size,
an in.<-;ii ni"< single figure axout whO'ii
lli? > can rallyt Koch In a name to << ?
jui'i with because it has never bee..
ioip)ed with defeat. Victory ik?o
.'ri'wnnl every operation over which
!.?? had control."
Thi.- is the way a French officer who
earm.il his Croix ile Guerre under Fooii.
spoke ??f his old cotiiinandt tlic* new
iieii> rallssiino of all Freedom's armies
:;i France to-nicht. lie spoke with
shining i ;.'s. i I opinion is echoed by
British officers as well.
At last. they say. the allies have
filled tli>' un .it cap in their lines. An
it :'*??"!uir?"-?i a Wellington to fuse th?- :
.irn:i< av.ainst Napoleon and make
them win, as Grant rose through the |
ranks of able but unsuccessful l*n;osi :
il? 11ei als i'l forced tli* surrender of
* titilii <t ti'ti I/.m.', ,-l> now cumee Foch
tr. ,ii \e with ti.e force of his winning
p' isonalit,\ the armies which will |
, r ? li tlx grt it Miii'b ,'ihurg.
Not only is lie a great military
?. say members of the allied niis
s. I?ut he will be a great popular
? ?.???nfidenef of troops and p- ??pie J
will l>uiM about him ami personal je
\ ;: ?!! will 111 ?1 n]> his .il>!e hands.
I'dit.i > u \ vi: m:vi:h
111 ;??: N IIKATII.V l Ml Kit HIM
These predictions Jiff based on th6
malt's record. Not on!> have hN poihis
lit v?r known defeat, l>ut lie has ul
?dy I ? ! Kritsii troops to victory.
L'-.tt tm? rino?? ? ? h?- knows the buttle
ui'Himl n l'toavdy as a man know the
*\..rk of his o.vn har.d. Here his
l-*o?-!i ennnnand?,d tho French r?nt'-r
a' ili'- battle of tin- Marnc. It out
i); iii? t;\ero<l anci overwhelmed the
tin guards .4?i?) uinihilat'-d tlv
Is a ? r'. ! .. i iroo;?r- mi the marshes
w< no j -Tious attacks l>y the enemy
in this region during the day.
The rretieh, m.vs the announcement.
ii> i'??ltltiuivtr their offensive on tii^
. .'iitli' fii l'rotil between Montdidier :::? 0
Las:;un.v. I'r? sh l'rcnch troeps are
a riving in litis region.
T:. * : * M of tlie announcement read.-:
"North of th?- Sonmtc w< maintain-d
ill ottr positions. No s? rious enemy
attacks have been launched durtnj the
il.t y.
?"Sojitli o!" the Soinmc there lias been
i:? .i\ >" : -htinir. <.fur troops itavc be- :i
l l?. .?.?k-i?^ a line running west of
Mat..* :. .Mat a\. attil Demutn. v the
I ! ii. It front south of l'etnum ih?*
:>ench ii:"* runs through M? 2:er? I .a
-x ? j \ i -1 iern.i t .1 and Gratibu: ' ?
ju>t west of MoiUdidfr. T!;er? ha
been further heavy fighting to-day on
th?M iin.-.
"I'.etween Montdidier and wiss-iea;.
tli" I'reneh eounteroffensiv?j eonUnu'-s.
i't- a Kreneh troops are arriving, Ka.-t
of l..i:.-:^t;y iltere is no change isi the
I r- tieh lin? .
, "A captured German ord? r slv>*vs th-*
on March -1 till! objecti\>- of ft < ? ;ny
il;\on whieh attacked nr.ir *u. t -
tin w i to be ihe >otmne. near Han., a
dtsi.itu" of at least cP-ven miles. Act
ually tlie division in question p. ae
:rateil :atl:i r ]? ss than thtee mill--."
(.i:it.ti v\ iiei'oht i i-:i,i,s or
si < ? ns^ri'i. KMJAi.KJiiavrs
1 !:* A: .clat. il IT." ? I
1 ? 1 i K I. I N (Via l.o:i?l.,n). Mar.h
Su< lul ? tigag* monts between th<
.Son-.tn-' and Avre Ktvers are reporti i
? ? >? vtaart ? ttb ii statement I .-'ii ?!
t.ii. ? The statement .ay.-:
"T. :.i\e been . u? e-sful enaa^. !
ni'nt. !?? f.vecrt the Soinme and '.ho
An ri.
< I.aim < \pti hi-:
: 1 ;>? A lat. .1 Press. 1
liKKMN .M.i!.ii .'J (via l.otnlon).?
>'nce tli>- iim i!i; "I Ki-5.it battle!
i:-w ::i j>i tin.' fiernian forces
i-i.?\ (xn) prisoners and l.lo'j
?.\mr. . i j-iJu;. s army headquarters
In local < ict oil both side>. i
of ill-- s .iri?? . .i -ording to too .-tate- :
nii.-nt, tho tUrmati: broke through the j
fiirrmo.it llritl.-h positions ;ir:? J tooiv ;
venil thousand prisoners.
South of the Sommc the German* !
drove the IJr;ti.-h out <?( tri r old po
. tions and from brav.-lv defended v11 ? I
];!?? a in a wo. tcrly and northwesterly j
diro tion by way of Wurfusee-Al?an- i
?.???art end I' 1?-i-' icr.
The Iiritifch. the statement adds?. con- ,
lir.'.nd ti.i.-;r t!u;tU-.fa and costly 1 oun- I
- r ' . iicar Ai'aert and t-> the north!
JJi-lwt n the ^omnxt and Avro the j
? ;>-i-aiaji.- ;iav? attacked a,lain.
l:\ lTI.r. XOW It XfflNG
o\i h ruo.vr i?i* si-:\ i:\tv milks
lwUiS, March 'j:>. - The great battle I
i now racing over a lront <??f more!
'? ir.v.-i ? ?? m; mil* Tina extension
o( the lints lua increased the number!
? f ?*?? -it :u r< < : v engaged. .\ 1 - |
?! : far ii'? decisive s-jlcetfs has
i ?! .*invv.iitr<\ there ij in
ert-: ? ilblenee lioro. Tho Impres
? ri hi ? a! clf'-b-s }?? that the
ba . ii--*. only I..-hi off the 'ier
i; at . but n->.-.' are no longer compelled
? j
\?1i:iCH \\ WO MAX
1 Mj- A iMi !.< ? '??! iTffS. 1
I 'A 1:1March Miss Marlon i
?' ' <'f Alameda. ?'al. Ita.- been
i>-J t i i-\plosion of a shell in the j
l-'fi-ii- ii S-.; . crt.' Fireside." at the
if' ?. wii?-r? she wa- *tmag<-d
1 a .:11 ?*. worker (or the Y. M. C. i
v No i ? -.jil-j nf tin: ocoui rt-tico have
>'? i t. v. - .-...,1
1 un. forty-sir. years
' i- or the flaid of 1913 nic
'?>?? < . t-j the ? olot-K ut a :i early
f< in. li?ed by :h< Mlii
W. : was decided on by
' : ? : "n.iml.cr of deputies this
i . ; l.nown that tho Minis
W i- h i ? decreed that the re
? ? r* Aj>r!l 15. The Chain
' v "? i i'''1 to " on a law providing
date <?r the calling' of the
:i- . in.
' :i. Socialist, in oppo?
? ' N-rttly 3ttaelcr<l th'.- w?r
r i' m ernnicnt. He said that
1 ! friend;-. Alexandre Hlanc
/??it, would \ <>te aguin.st th'
? ?Hi: a;p!,f rend a long paper on
1 . ' of disarmament, which
'i; ' ? h sarca&tlc rc.narku and
? ? Jfiiti.-t
of Saint <1onrt.
Koch cuniiiunJril the troops whi>h
saved Ypres.
Koch was eomniander-in-ehiof of tite
Kreimh forccf at the b'ttslo <>f the
Soinme, Tlte.v swept back tite tJeraian.
over the very ground thiouult wnich
tor the l:<st eight days tlu-> luivo ad
vanced at such fr i;htful lost.
Fi.ch cominandea :tt the battle of the
Vscr. There he was ronimaitd r-in
chicf of the liritish force . Titer* were
more Uritish that. Krcnch umh r his
orders. .lotnt cumnuatl will not. be
new to him.
And last ,hh) most darir.^. Koch was
commander-in-chief of lite Anu!-?
Kieneli army which ru>h.?l into Italy
and stopped the. Uuu onrush into Italy
plains ot" Vvnetia.
koc ir.s rnn.Mo,i'i(>\ hii.i,
i.m'Liit m? ni:.\u*r?t.itN>
Tommies a-u! ber-allien I\uhtm
and idolize him only lc...- Ut.it <>o li -
own jioilu.-. If any man c i< take the
supreme command of the i!rlii-h armi< :
v.-ithout imiict. ins ltoarthurn in Kmr
lalid, it is OciwimI Koch. a< ? oiiiii!^ t /
th*> opinion of liritish military m>.:i
Otiicers at the Italian c?nl.ass.\ l.ave
welcomed tho news \?iTh eheet .
Uritish opposition to tli> appoitr -
mcut of a generalissimo when su h a
step was first urged by <"oi"i,,-] ?
at l':\s months aeo. H recalled li< r?>
to-day. was almost wholly pot t'eal
and at home. Tho P l.-ii ;\"iuv ver
objected. Now. it i> ?!o'> M>.ri "t 1;? ? ri .
with the bad scar<? the Kriti h public
have h;.d. no poll; ic in: ri laigiam. will
dare t?.> laise hi.- vo: ?< at i n t -tiio new
leader, pnrtlcularly u? he General
to permit th^ ?miouv by his maneuvers
to shape tiic course which t lio battles
? J* k 11 UKc.
The kimits! feelii>?r is that for fifr?
many tne battle is virtually In-'., that
for the allies the battle i:- abunt to
oitJKfTivi-: or orFi-:.\si\i:
The operations thus far arc accepted
as= confirming the theory that I'aria was
not the tniiin objective of tin- German
offensive, but tl;at the. plan of the
enemy was to break the connection
t<->tw> <-n the l'ren> h and B-'tiv.i :>ri:"' s,
in which he has failed. His main ?t!
root attack was westward toward t!:e
: fa. Tli'' Germans seek Amiens If -
? ause this town is an important rail
\ ay center of communication with
lh gland. The loss of Amiens woul ! be
inconvenient, but not vital.
Violent llphtiiur continued la t 'vvn
inp and la;' t night in the region of
Montdjiiier. the War Office announced
? o-day. In ^ 5? ite of German counter-'
ana?*tis, the French held oil to the
villages which they took yesterday in
:his region.
Monchel was taken by French troops.
North of Montdldirr. l-'rench and
I'rttich troop:-- hold up the German
thrust. The German lystc.- lia\e b. .n
extremely heavy.
no Tiii:ii( mi- i\ nvrri.i*.
;n> A. ... -t.-! I r I
TICnS, .March (by t'afi.vliaii Pres.;.
Limited >.?.Ml unit- and ;<:; ranks in
tli.- Canad.au army look to the future
and the possibility of their being cm
broiled in the idfenslve. now raging ?>'
their rinht tiank with high i.ouiag" i
and ;? steadfast determination that they j
shall bo worthy of the Dominion and;
worthy of the high record of its forces.
Wi:i!" nothing approaching,' battle-'
like activity on the whole of our front '
h:is >.* developed, our army In - be.
in v (ify and ni'-vht. With mo^nlig .
nigl ' there has I- > :i great aerial .1 -
t'.ity, our plan' being busy 11 ? 11:11 !
t'.<e diiiiiy line<. whilst ho.ille nr.
c'l ? have b"inb? l villages 011 ,t?r
front irt some eases flying -o b>w t '.at
the; >.av 1 swept the streets with their
machine guns. I
fm.'i'; panic- rf French c.villins ..re
to he met with on the road moving out ;
of >-:ic!h d area but th re i' :i<> yen
era! civilian evacuation, and hope and I
confidence have increased that the j
enemy, in his desperate gamble for a,
decision. I.a.- hastened h!.< final defeat. 1
No.*Ill from la-i to hill 70 we. gavr
the enemy another heavy dose of !< thai
(.'?ir early to-day. N'o fewer than l.r.00
drums werp projected on his front line
< oinmunb-atlons in the battle areas.
Thirty minutes later our puns opened
no in a battle barrage which lasted
flftf.-n minutes and swept the enemy
assembly, support and frint-i.no areas.
i* viiis m:i:s i:\coi iia<.i\<.
muxs i.v n.ws M-nvs
?*A:: IS. March S'.4.? Keports of yes
ril.i; s rations arc eueourar li;-- :a
tv.o particulars. re-enforcing the calm
confidence h i.' !.*i: ben. i ?
v. as the plainly marked 'shock 'Aliii
which the Germans met in their at
tempt to extend the battle north of
Arr The second feature i ? the i f
fe.ctlve and Increasing reaction on the
part of the allies, resulting in import
ant successes, particularly in the re
gion of Montdidier.
Louis l.oucheur, Minister of Muni
t!ons. who also came back from 1 h?:
front, spoke of the situation In the
most hopeful way.
AMUUHAX l'AI'ltdli
caiti iti;s rtirii
tli'. A.i.-oolat^i! 1
with this am^:i:ica.v akmv in
I'lJANCK. March 23.?An AmM'icun
patrol wl.lch to-fl.iy captured four 11?? r
ntrtn !>ri.?.'>rn.has be<?n cited in l-'r>" i .1
.?(!<?.j tli. day. an?l will receive Hn>
I".''n l< War i.'russ. Tl). Asm rieans to
he rewarded are.
Lieutenant r.idrgo lledwood. o! f'.a!
timore; Kergftanl Henry Mum^ojiu. of
?""lif.rry Valley, M.,sh? and l'rlv.n*-.- Kd
ward Armstrong, of .Mariana. I'a.; Car
son Shumate, of Ada. \\\ Va? and P.er
r.ard l'.oU. of South H?tiilehem. I'a.
Tim four soldiers <'a;>iure<l were nvre
youths. They ?ore brought hack to
the A inerlca n lines In broad daylUht.
They were poorly led and clothed, and
:.(? tiled to he exceedingly fcLtd to i>f
captured hy the American:*. One o(
tiii! men oven ashed permission to j^o
to a near-by point and pet his brother.
| lixtremcly valuable information i>.
.said to have been .secured from the
Grundsoti of President John Tyler
Among Men Inducted Into Ser
vico From Petersburg.
Si\ Airplanes Ordered to National J
Army Cantonment Will He Used |
in Training Kadio and Liaison Of
ficer* of Division.
[>'v>ecail to Tin* TAnie.s-Dispatch. 1
CAM I' I-I-: !?:. V.V. March 29.?More
than 1.000 Virginians. i in: hiding Aiiclt
mond'.s (inula on the second draft, ar-j
rived at ("amp T.eo to-day. and to-niuht ?
arc i.uj > tcr?>d in the barracks of the
Fifth Tr.tinias i'-nltaiion, ? ?ne Alutidrcil
and i-'iftj -tiftli A ?epoi LArlgrade. where j
ti'cy will remain for several days be
I >re in .nir as.-ijfiicd to the various!
rcyinientd within the division. i
The ? amp's iiuota scliedtilrd to ar-j
rive m tlic live-day period AirgInnin;;
to-day j: O.flxS?L'.'.Tn from Virginia.
v:m; fit.-Ti A'entisjylvania. aad J..M-I
X r.? iii \\". t Vii'Sinla.
Ti-li '.imiiis received at divi^ji he.id.
;irt' i. mdb-ated that tAie \V? .;t Vir- ]
ui't'ii'..- had already loft their homes .
;.<r tin* cam|>. hut ?ion?? had arrlvedl
early The I V-misyl vanians
wdl heifin to leave their local boards'
on next Monday, and will be la re ;
u: ii.i three tlaj-? t io-reaf ter.
Amoni; l'eleraburij'B quoin to the j
c." t 11: ? who arrived to-day was .loh i !
Ty:? I- CM . . a (rrandson of .lolin Tyler, j
former President ol' the Called States.]
Mr. KUis is the third of Ads familv to'
join the colors. his two brothers liav- j
in).' volunteered immedia ;> iy after llie |
out!.: eal of the war. With I he exeep- i
t'o i <>f li - luthor. v ho is a Confed
( ra: i"* veteran, every male adttlt trum-|
:?er of l> family i. o?v in tio service. ;
IA::; father a-:<I iiiotAter tefcido at j
h'lia ws>ville. \'a.
1 he d;\ ;?i naA r> ?.????? v.-ill probably ;
draw the r;i'>! crowd of . ;vil!a:is I
ilia; h;i ;.?<?: visited t' ? . i: ? o:i men*. 1
I'.rip-olier-'? ral I.'ojd M. 1 It. the j
ranking brisad:'-r-?;rnernl. -v{'. 1 lead |
tlj?> ' Mi'' Hundred anil r-'ixilcth l"rlgad? j
across Mi" <1 r: 11 tleld.
S:\ airplanes lii?\?* been ordered to |
i"am;? !.??<?, and. a "rding to Major- j
? lene"a! ?"ro.ii.li it ??. should arrive here i
not 1 t t ? than V ; : i 1 1 j.
A : ridl>? and :1a- ? ofTieer.-- (?' i'ir
diVisi.in will be leipiireil to mnlt*
llivrh;.- in order t?? familiarise them
s1 ve.s with the method:1 of obucrva- j
t'on and tear, mining u>et>.--as( .i?
T\\ O \ IHt.I MAN* Vltl'J
>i:> rkm ku i-'oit nnsKifi rtiN ;
Two Yirv titans n re to-d.iy sen- I
tenced *.>? terms at hard lal?wr '.'or <1>. - ?
Wi.liam 11. llitimlt. ("otnpany '
K. Thn-- Hundred and I'?teent h
? I ? V. m (? (ii crted li' ??*? nulla nd on
.la iUhi'v and was ,crf ^'od twelv.*
da> 1 ? i" a' h!.< hii.ni; at !? ^ Stonr
(lap. \' i 1'rlends had endeavored to!
pel Itit turn, but lie told them :
that "to return ?,i-. deatlij anyway, and j
that h-"1 would as .s ion die there." The !
en'irt tha* tried t!ie (.?;??.? give him
twenty years a? hard Aahor. but this
a., roiAuced l?j" Ma;er-'.iencrai ?'r??:?A.
bite fifteen year
.-'.i:i 'i- M. ("an ph " "f f"o:v ;>any V. j
P.tee llimlf 1 and l'iplu?enth Keg!-!
no -it. "efi camp on I?> -endier 7 on a
llvc-dny pot*?. AAe went directly to bin j
home :*t Mount .la.-kson. and re-j
nvuned til arretted on 1'ihruary C*.
lie was p.vf-n twenty years by the.;
Qcaer.il cwtli't that tried liie ctise. b-ir.l
on account of the short lime th.'t he !
had le er. ?. ,1 the : ej-vice, tl .s WHS re.
d i -eil t*n years by Central ("ronk
x V sen finer.? will Tie .-?ervcd
a: Fort Jay.
Aiili-HitMirvik I <????! rr ?? Mnnrtiurla
l.s ISoln? S|ip|?lic?l With
V. nr l'Jni', liu-.s.
lily Associated I'rwii i
! 'ills ! Sal'.irdav. Mill... |
eao, French ami British u> I I guns have
? ? < .-<? for-v;.r> I ? ? rjeiv rul Sctnenoi'f.
tilanti-Bolshevik leader, whose troops I
li.ivt l<i!o:i in.' i r. '? Mol-hevlk
f-?j-i-cr In M .n? liurl<i. "I'll" .lapano-e I
V1. M.lUaj. ?).!. !ius arrived Ijiaccj
I;?'t ;? |\ < li I.
? ; . i! SYiui :ii.i<, l al.i:<>uii' ? I
: - _ ft .i under ?Joner~l
v.;.. i;a ? !??-?? i. appointed hy j
i, ? r .? : -i !? i -. ?> !???: a I f lorva tli. ? .iIit a >
e a '? ;n<; r ! Ilav':.:n. n- i of ail
I:ii. i:?ti i licit: 'a r-'ii.rria and Man
. .nr. <;?!!. ral 1 '!<?:- Ilk Off is th" !? i>1<m
of th? L ur: ? !ossac!<s, ami toruii sly
? ?iiiiii.ilul .1 the first .Siberia:! army
<-?r j>..
ScrRcniit lint Uunlilli'il for 1J Hi <? ir nc j" .
nilfl 1st Itoeommended for
I'roinol luu.
I nAwo. iilnl IT";> I
i :ca:>? ;;. Mar. i "JD.- Sergeant-Major
' i.aric 1'. T:ifi, son of former l'r?_-.-i
?lent Taft, lias Loe.n recommended,
through the regular military chan
nels, for promotion to a commissioned
<>li'n cr. Sergeant -Major Taft, who lis.
hen at ill-- front for some time, u
i >1 to hiivn proved himself an tf
i! lent noncommissioned uftlcci*. and to
? ?v.j una Hlieationx i-jr a commission.
\\ ill Transfer Soldiers.
ATLANTA. March 'J#.?The transfer
???' o.iOu dr.il'.ed n ? from Northern and
Eat>tcrn eumps to Camp CScrdxn during
i!m' next, week was'announced at d.vi
s ? n ii.-rio'-.i .r;? :?? to-night. These
tr>??i;>.< will he wed to till up certain
in.ii- ,*.t the local cantonment, it was
? llii-.aKy stated.
t'?\o A > lutom Killed.
I'orrr WORTH. TRW, March 29.?
I'" .). Uwyor arsd .T. Scott Rowan, both I
"if tho liriiiyh ftoyn! Flying-;
(' ; jij>. wore liillci! in aviation accidental
I ells How Rasputin
Served Germany
>11 tlir liiHtnUlllollt imlillMlird t ti
ll II > of I In* mollttion* of the
< (iiiiuivs* t mi ^HiuumiImtk. slic tolls
lion i In- Intelligence Olllcf of the
i.ci'miiiii Kiiimiiiiriii ?<?fiHivnlc?l**
II :iN|iti (I ii Imi; In-fore Ills iiervlee*
were tt ?* t ?i ii 11 > needed to ndvancc
(?it hi ii ii intcrestx nt tlir IIiisnIiiii
The iiuiiiacr in tvMdi thin requi
site person exorcised li?.s hypnotic
power titer tlie female relative* of
the lie nils of Rnvrniment, unit tvn*
on mont fiieiiillv termn Ml(h the
t /iirin:i. lit ilescrihcd, :r. well n*
the Mil) in which (lie n|iy Inveigled
liim Into wrllliiK :i personal letter
to tlie t /.iir nr^liiK Immediate react-.
Roll of Honor
List Showing Men Who Were
Killed or Injured on
French Soil.
WASHINGTON. March 20.?Thirty-j
two it.nncs were contained in to-day's
casualty list issued by the War De
partment. The list was divided as fol- I
Killed In action, one: hilled In accl- |
dent, two; died of wounds, two; died .
fn.m diseases, live; died from other
causes, one; wounded severely, one;
wounded slightly, twenty.
The names o? nine oiiicors appear on
the list. Captain Ira U. l'enberthy,
died from accident, and Second Lieu
tenant Louis II. Lathrop. died <>f tuber
cMli'sis. The slightly wound* d include '
Major A. Kasmussen, Ca|?'tit Albert i
Florian, I-irst Lieutenant Cliutles C.
I'l-ou-iC, First Lieutenant 1 forward T.
Ilavron. First Lieutenant Clarei--o It
Heubner, First Lieutenant John 15.
Nutt, First Lieutenant William J*.
W!t ucy.
Killed In action?Private Doll A'dcr
I>ic<1 o? vicciclcnt?Captain Ira U. !
IVnberthy, Private Ler. l'ryor.
Died of d sease?Second Llcuten.\it
Louis II. Lathi op. Sergeant John J.
Connolly. Privates Perry Dodd. Paul
Klchard I lech t, Raymond I-'. Solomon.
Died of wounds?Corporal Albert W.
WiMi.im:'. Private Thorn ? P. Minopue.
l'?it*d of other eauues?? 'ook Henry
Wounded severely?Pt'.valo William
.1. Haralson.
Wounded slightly?Maje.r A. Kas
mussen, <*aptain Albert Florian. First
Lieutenants Charles C. Cron.-> . Howard
T. Havron. Ciarence I*. Huebnor. John
P. Nutt. William !?". Kidney. r^'aiit
Major Harvey ? . Crowe. Sergeant Al
beit Sorenson. Corporal Hoy T'tylor.
pr i Ihou-s. ('?<-, ry 1". Har
rison, Franc!.'. Hifjby, William II. Kep
hart. Wayne Perry William Pot:*-.
Patrick J. Stanton. Leonard M. Stewart.
Frank A. t'ft'ernnui. t'bnrlrs K. Walker.
Vnlue of "Vow .Irrwj- Woolen *llll.?
!>rUt'ii \ rr Valued at
; T'-. \? ,i ta ?'-ii Pr?* 1
WASI1 IN*!TON. March '.'0.? Six great
Germa ,?-ow-1??-.| New Jersey muuIcii
mills, with a total valuation of more
t|i i i S~" ? 000, have lui n taken over
by i)ie ;?'.!? !i property ru.-todlar. Tii'
? arr.tnns of the prooerttr.^ during in
w a r wil! ft'' into Jh<- Federal Tr?-:isui-y
for the purchase of Liberty bonds. The
11,, 1 * over were annouti'-od U>
nigM by A. Mitchell Palmer, the al:ci
property eir-'odian, as follow;:
The Passaic Worsted Spinning Mills
the P.otany Wnr -ted Mill.s. the N
Jersey Worsted Spinning Company. *!i
Fortsm.mn ?^* Huffman Co.. .i'ul lit*
Cera Mill.-, all of Passaic. N. J . an
i!:i fPirflehl Worst'il Mill . of <J.irt;' !?!
More Tlmti Hundred TlioiiMitnl on
Tliclr Way to Training
I nmpn.
t ? >-ocl,ilt'l i'rr ? ? )
?\VA?!! 1N<"5 TON. March 2!< ? Witli th<
exception of .1 f?".- district;* In !':?* larjj>:
Eastern eitie., where delays have been
permitted bc<- i use ?>f telle iou? < t- -
monies at Ka *.? r time. !'.<? rriohHI/.: lion
of r?r. t-n comprising the rtr:t In
'T' mcnt <?!" '' ? !'.r. ? 'IT and la "? "
mfn of the second began t.i cri w. !er
way to-day. The :irt! of lO.i'OO whit':
men and > 0 "? r.egro< * lif\-,in moving
to the Nafftlo '.I i Army rnntrriipf n*?
The first, men < f the .second dr:tft are
called. ;>lt" the ia> t th.r ''orcr^. ?
has not ye' amended the law to chanKO
the basis of a ppe>rtlonmem as Pruvost
Marshal-Oencral Crowdvr has asked.
Hut it Is practically certain that no
more. will be called until the iiuet:tion
.s settled.
The fG.OCO men now called, it un
derstood. are needed at once to till up
divisions and other ttv.lts or t'i tuk"
the places of men transferred front
other divisions to make up deficien
Army Vuthorltlew Arrange for Diver
sion of Soldier* of Allenby'n
A rmy.
I By As?--oeiatcd Preys. 1
ViNDON. March '-S.?The two leadii.g
theater:- in Jerusalem have hern t <I.e t
over by th? British military authorities,
a ltd are now producing "home talent"
shou t for the diversion and entertain
ment of the ;,oldiers. Two theatrical
! rograms which have just reached Lon
don indicate the type of performance
which !*? being provided.
tll.'sci lirrtfi Kinder Slio*.
llAWl.INCS WYO.. March ?.*? -Vic
tor T. Wuiil, of <;rimes. Oi;l. . an a'.?
iegeil draft evader. was shot ai.d nrob
itbly fataii\ wounded to-ilay in :t bit
t'c in a lonely ? ??ibin In the S'- .-.i ;r.o:
Mountain, wlics-e Ward I? alleged to
have heen in hiding for several weeks,
recording to word reaching here to
rail i |i 9r.t1.ttn11.nno Hill.
WASHINGTON. March 29.- The a!
ministrat ioji appropriating P50.000,000
for houses for war workers in con
gested industrial centers was called tip
in the IfouFf to-day ur.der a special
rule, hut a vote was not reached. It
will he considered further after the
Liberty loan hiil Is passed, probably
or* t.ij,-, fow hichly vitalized I
word-pictures of real war.
Ky l.ieut. Antnlnc Uedler.
\c?, $1.40.
V'firni,i:i\\Y. v\m: &. co.
I wish to inform my friends nn<l
the public that I am now associated
j with tho TJurncile Drug Store, 101
11 \Vesl Drouil Street, Corner Monroe.
A mil cither in person or by phono
will he appreciated.
| Irving L.Beveridge
Phone Randolph 1720.
American Cavalryman Also IviltcO
in Skirmish Near Valen
tino, Texus.
Commander of Ojinaga District
Sends Formal Protest Against
American Troops Crossing Line,
and Says lie Will Send tiuards.
I J]V A.-iy. !;itr.J I'lt-.s.l
MARFA. Ti:X.. March 'JO.?Tc!? Mex
ionns anil private Theodore K. Albert,
nil Ainerh-an cavalryman. \v? rc I. ill ??1
yesterday In a fiKhl between t'nlted
Stales cavalry an.I Mexlean bandits
!t? ar Pilaren, Mexi< o. loutlieast of Val
Ttlnc. Tbs., no:nrd ini; i" olll i.il ad
vices t?>-day. Tin- itjfhl followed a pur
? tt'.l of thn Mexican who raided the
Xcvill ranch, killing: ?;!?-un N?vtM.
Ti 1 Mi cleans wtic w->und?'d durlnt?
the running U(jrlit. The expedition
m:ro"-s the lino following was in pet
F(>n:?l command of i*o|o? . t;e
I.a:>pli?? riio. comm;ni<lor of the liiR ltetid
I'lMrtit. 'l'he rnvalr.-- troop I
t'? the l*:ilt??l States !:???? t? rda >,
having march"4'! ."??v. nf y-live mlie.x I.;
th'rty-.-ix ho\ir>', fitth'inj; tin: rt.gntie.
i-i'tit in tin* meant lnt.\
? Jencral Jose Mnrnnla, the rnmmai;
(1 cr ?>:" the r?jin:?K.i diMri t. sent
onH J.annhoine a formal proti
against tiif; itch iiiK of Anieri-au
tr'i'i|n In pursuit "f the bandits, Mot \k
1 ?: intended s>'ii'lni'< l-'vderal troop* t??
oppose their m\.i: on. H?*wev??r, the
cavalry troop.- returned across the l>?*: -
(!< r w ithout seoinjj any 1 ?'??dcr..!
t ?iilvcr*ll>" ?f 'Irtun'sin''' I nil in I'rnni'i
>nfTrr?? I'nini I'lif of ( n
knniiii Oi tjiln.
? i?l T) ' T-r ? I 1. * ?! 1
< 'HAlM.i ?YT I . S\ 11.1.1". VA., |:>t-<*h :?
- A !"i ?? i j? i >i i o< j \ ? I hei e ' I '-m ' ? ? i
poral M. 1-1. O.rtor? oC tbi? city. , j
meir! ? r ..f l*s. . .rslty ..f Yi- \m
hit la IK': Clitt .'!o, r tat> 11 1'- ;
\>: ;: y of fvt'.n see i.'nlt ' ?! ' h ?
til IK fortune t ?? b I' v ? ? o| ? .11
two C,-.l:i !>;? fire ?[ 11!. ???% II ? rl-.-tn
'tilt M kiys <"j-t?r. i:. ? > ..' ? ? ? 1 I" .
little town ov? r t.' ? ' '? ? t:
. ' a 1'vcl ;>.? >1 not vvrv f-t tr?" tit
Swiss horde t. The moan? .m 'a
)? i ve u^-n i"'iV<Tf . . th .
V t: nit I ? aelied > !i.it i ? ' . ''
the al>. cnee ?? t bat !. -- t i<- >? !???%
h n pettnitt'o 1-. i ? ? >. t t .mi ' V. i
!ia\ ? " s ' a t t 1 ? ' rl
i ? -_il>t ?? a r (j I ? <' alt t" r ! ?> . < .i |.<m
?' 1 ) i?? r '? 'is' at I . .< v- ? i'
j.v . h? v t'jr.' do f. I r. aft.f \v?i
f !'?Vi f:?: t vd t >.' '?*. t ? ? ? !'!?
nioti* lv p:' ? At I f.oj t: r
i . t * I ? p. ? t tee ? ,i i ?!???:
out. They nr.- Svondorfully c.onntruc*
? -I a. ?: . :ut. ? ....... n .. .u-?.
? :.' '..-i ??!?.,. ?? ?, I . : ? 1. I ? '! ?
i' v. ?;? in- ? ?>, :? a r-. ? \ ?
? ?t \ery fir :? wv. v \v < ? r -i \rr\
i<e ii " J.:. .*-???* ! v. . ? ??i ? . . ?.
ti.' not o. '
N \ U-ltni ?>f I'elinuin.
i Spf ' il ? ?> 1 . I'i- ? -1 >! ?..,;.
IiA.Wll.I.i: \- \ ;.s..r ? i Ml I
W ."ill " . f Mjri:; ?? l I lead
>'if> a K- <?* i n ? y -! i v ? ? r- es* p.
pr.i. rm.ira 11 ?! ?? f. > v m.- : ?
v n s former'-- M< "? . .: ..f l ? j ? t
xylvat.ja ?"-.?* t ? . an-! i- . >{- . v> d h.
I.'.. ilU;!>an<! and t.ve . ..." 11 ? .
>ationnl Army 'I'root'N l?? I'tiradr.
ATl.ANTA. Mirch v? -.VHtlonal Arm:
?! t * I". ' t ? : o: C ?; ' . \ p.: fad
? :i Allar t.i on >. in >? :r;-r.?i n
the t ii' ? ,t r- ?>: ;J,e lo.ai ea r- *i
the t: .i I. '? ? ? t -.- Joan
w=fsj uun ? Yi. u 'J
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Dru^i sis
refund money if it i'ailo. '25s
The New Edison or
a ' Talking Machine'
It is just as though you
askoil yourself: "An
eigh t -cyl i nder Cad iliac
or a two-cylinder ]>lo:iir
ure car?'' One is i lie
latest, most improved,
most perfect?the otlvr
i.; a thing 01* the past.
Ask 10 hear the New
C. B. HATN ES &<Lb
? V <_? f. U A t i I CON I)
Klvc-Yftir-oiii Sou of j. t;. ,\. Twnkct
of l.yitrliliiirt;. Struck
'?>? Antoiiiulillr.
tSi>??cl:*l (o Tho Tlnifs-J.'Mspatcli.]
J.I N< "1J KL'lUJ, V.V., March "a.
!ive-y:ir- olil -on of J. tj
1 :ink( rsl? y. a |joliiw. 'Jelcctivc her?. vr
MlniQHt instantly kU1?mI Into to-day
front of IiIh lioma l.y auto-nob
driver by J. It. C.'ox, ti traveling sal?
man. The child ran in front of t
l':,r from tin* r?;i r of a \vn;ron. i
"?>. U was |,iok"ii by one of t?-e who.
Mf. !?<?" W IH wctl.'ll*
prortrntt U l>y i|i ? n<;ul?*ri;t
Vou will find our
Boys' Department?
just the same as our
Men's Store?bloom
ing* with all the new
ideas 'for Easter and
Spring dress.
IJriclif, cheerful, colorful
mix Hires in (ho Suits.
(Irays with a dash of
color; hi ties with a touch
of green; green with "dee
oration" of brown.
Thn variety in models
and tuixiur?>s for ihe boys
gives a lare,?* ranj/" for sr>
leci ion.
i he right Suit i.s iiere for
i lie boy ?from H years up.
Wni'li 11 Siii: . 7 .> n;>.
Was h Stilt? * J Lup.
>:? ' f**r . 'J f) up.
? ? < atr: yp#
Everything* else
boys wear, as well as
1-101 E. Main Street?Clothing Department.
1105 East Main Street?Shoe Department.
Men's and Boys' Suits ?
Men's, Ladies' and ChLdren's Shoes *

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