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Early .Delivery ol Sunday Want Ads
Insures Correct Classification
;Eiclimoni> STimeS-;B isipat rij
See Times-Dispalch Want Pages lor a
Service of Unequaled Value
Murder of Japanese Officer
by Armed Russians Is
Bolshevik Party Has Been Grow
ing in Strength With
kisy omtio.v is Tiiitr:.\Ti:.M;i)
Uuslnrss I toil ?os and Warehouses
Contain Millions of Dollars'
W ??i r>i ijf 1'ropcrt> .
WABIIINCT. ..V, April 7, ? Landing -I
?Ifl'anf? at Vladl?? on to It
to protect ;i;.- 11j.j propert ? was r?
I?o 11 ? f| to ti >; ?t ? 1 " ;.ii;tmfnt to-day
''?? thi? A. n- . n ? on-.
I he action fallowed an .eta on ??
?).? p j ncse oi! or i :,v.. ;? ? r,if ? I }:'i - -
titans, who, upon being refused money,
l.ihed Oil* [r , 'K ; WOKided two
?**Uturc ?? ??(; r. .1 Mv
^ ill I)** In ?] i< i.i ,-.| j,-. ! n ? attitude ?'
tli* Russia > I ? jjuI?t .? ftml tSi.
J.i pa r^.-r i . a; !,,, js
with any hostile move by the unruly
element <>f \h- v.
1 ..t r.d. ? ?'f 15;?- .1 :? p:t :ir -?"? wa
l'.po:t?iI t ?/ ?|i. paitmoiit la'e
tO-d?y by tli. AniTi all ? ?>;, :ii. c" ??
t<? ;i lato hour details of the Japanese
action w c i * 1j Lint. '1'Ne Japanese
1 ? ? (,v ,*| i pr <i comment
upon the :? r w.i! !??... except to sav
the move i tn ]|n< \\ .111 the policy
to us*c ariin-l : to yuard ih? liv-s
of .la|iaiKsi> citizens.
In some quarter, !t is feared that
1 j. ! r ? a c I c. iii :, t . may seize u p > ? n t! ? ?
? it**! \ C111101 r ? ?. |li? .! a pa llfrHC to O v ' ? r ?
throw tar i ;t\ tnvf. nriicrit. Kor fov
era! mon; \ 1.?? 11 %??>:? ? ok iias been jjov
erried i?y .t a lit on body made up ? .'
represents * :vns of the liolshevik party
and til* <"o.iM;t Vatlve*. It l raid til":
Llclshcvlk party ha been growing jn
strength and i.- t!.: ? at' nrd open revo
lution If ,, r.. i po . . - ;,ti< itipted
to aid ir: po!:. i: - tfie city
Ainerlcati (iipbitmi tic ofTtciu s sca na
political tlj;iu!'. aii'c in tlic action
tak?-n I.; t . omniander of the Jap
anciic tic - The belief is held that
lab ssik sI? ?.-e:j yroui:i? t:t
Vladivostok ui Hi- im.st week and that
ihighwayno ? 1 .1 \ i' !?? en op*
[openly. I-*r<>M t ii. otitcxt of tlio. mcs
sasc reet I".?(1 in Star* l?epa; tiucnt.
it would .ipjic ir that t,.f> f j ? Ji:*
?lt?n bar.ilith . r tered the ottioes of .,
b':j inets ho ? ..-.M' t?-r| bv .J.:pa:;e.-c
Citizens I !???:* * i;i;r refu>.o*l mon' *.
they opened : * ?? kl'litis otie ::.:i . a..._i
wounding ?? ? otheis .serlo ..?l\.
The ,1.1 p i:,? : ? ? ommandrr !-ent .i
force ptent ? o iph to ward 0lT a'.
tackM upon the .lapaney citizens of
the city sh-iuld thej' be forced to -=e %k
safety abo.M : the Japanese w;ir>hi.n
in the harbor.
VAi.twni.i: phoi'kiitv t?r
I .M.I.I lis srorti:i? IN c IT V
I Japanese b isine.?3 houses and public
jvarehou.se.- ? utaiu millions ? f dollar*"
'n*orth of mo; ch.mdise ; ..d war sup
plier shippt-l from allied .countries.
i>fore than 51 ,*?"<?. or,n worth of w.it
[supplies from the United States
piled upon the docks. Men in close
.touch with vondl </.. in Vladivostok
say that the taking of life by l:us
>?ian bandits may be only a prelude to
looting and if lawlessness breaks out
foreign property would he among the
Ifirst seized by Kussians.
Although the Japa::v-e have j>re
[pared to meet any outbreak with ampl -.
fore. !?. America i marines ami i stilo"?;
'aboard American warships in the f'a
rifie may be called ..pun io. assist In
protecting Americ.n property in the
affeuted zone.
Finnic* Started in Many I'nrls of
Furniture riant :il A'.iout
Hiiiiip 'I'ltuc.
([;*? As-oiintc? I Presf.l
KANSAS CITY. Jiu, A.pril ?Ofli
cials Invest Ua: i:ig ihc fires which la-t
night de vast atod three "blocks in it
wholesale mkI manufacturing district,
causing a property estimated ;it
from S3..'.oo.000 to i ."?.000,000. were still
unable to - ii iii 111. to t;x the origin.
Oflieials wore more strongly inclined
toward tin: inc-ndiarisin theory tiia.i
they were earl;?r in the day, as a
result, it was said, of statements ou
tlined from pel soj,.-. wlio w itnessed the
fire in its early stages and wlio de
clared the A In rna t hy Furniture Com
pany's building, where tiic tire origin
ated. apparent!;.- was ablaze on all
sb'.es within a few minutes. It als.>
was pointed out that other structure.!
some distance nway burst into flames
almost simultaneously.
"Will Determine t'oinpciiMit ion for
Property 'I'aUrn Ovit Iij <;ov
erninent and llr.nv t'ontraets.
WASHINGTON*. April rt. -A board of
appraisers for the War Department, !.>
determine compensation for property
already taken over or to be taken
over later by the government, and to
assist in the d awi.iu up of War De
part men t contracts was appointed to
day by President \\ ib on.
bietuennnt-Colonel .John S. Dean
and Lieutenant-Colonel It. II. Mont
gomery were named on the board, but
it is provided that additional members
may be appointed.
King Congratulates
Chamber of Commerce i
,\i :\V Htltlv. A |?rll 5 The .\r?
^ iirk I linnthrr of I om merer rr.
eelteil a 1'iiiiisrntulalMr)' cnhlrcnuii
from IxIiik ??rurcr of Knuland to
day wlille ?'rli*l>rntlne, lin one hun
dred nnil Dftlrlh li nil I \ er*M ry. Tlie
ntCNMiur. <rnt In rrplj' l? (tnr from
I-:. II. Oulrrlirlilur, president of (hr
chamber. nfliil. In parts
??'I lie heat rrMHiivc.i of life and
Irrnxlirr thai your ureiit nation ha*
pli;ilKrd In the eauae of ??! \ Ill/at Ion >
mint nK>urrdl.r lead ux to prevail
ncalnnt our enemy. lour morels of
eitrnii rage men! und admiration to
I lie flKhtinBT lorrra anil people* ?f
the llritlali empire ttill flnil a
worthy reaponae In our heart!".**
'I lie aprnker* iverr l.iMrrnor
Whitman. I?r. Nicholas .Hurray tlut
li-r, of I olumhla I nit entity, and
l.o>ern?r Walter i;. lidcc, of ,"\etv
The anniversary eelehration vva*
atlemlrcl by fSIIO inrnibrrt aad
Tells Premier Clenieneeau livery Une
MiiM Kceogni/.c llis Authority
Without Any (^urstiiMi.
Surprise at WioliiiiKtou That (ien
rralissimo's t 'ommaiitj K.\ tends
From North Sea to Macedonia.
Keeps 1'lan.s tu Himself.
WAS-'IIINGTO.W April, 5.?r>ip!-?:uatlo
'I patches: rccrived hero to-day i.-.*fce
it plain that General Ferdinand l-'och
is ni complete command of the a 12let
forces. wherever located.
In assuming this duty he Is reported
to have demanded that his authority
l>? without question. II': has not rc
\ *!?. d. .mil refuses to re teal. li 1st p'ans
tu any one. He is reported lo have
; premier <.'lcmen<-eau that if he i:
?>. .?e charged with the responsibility
of allied victory or defeat, every one
must ol)ey him without question.
To this demand all allied leader- are
r< ported to have agreed. General
l'o It's attitude for the present Is de
: i? d as one in w hich he only seeks
ii.foriuat ion. lie has demanded and re
ceived from alt the forces full infor
mation a- to their operations and pros
pect.-. lie has said that when lie has
digested this information, he will make
his plan without dis cission. The first
announcement of what Genera! Fooh
proposes lo do w ill contained l:t a
bulletin announcing that he has
done : t.
Soi: ? s-iirprlse was expre ed h-M? to
night at the fact that Foch's command
?>.\t'Mid- from the North sea to ;?r
Ad. .at!<* and to *he shore.- *'f the
Acji.tii. l:it t ie surprise tv.is coupled
with <\ pre. .- Ions of the heartiest satis
faction. I'nuer this arrangement, the
allies (or the l'trst time pot-'rc-.- a more
unified control than do.-< Germany with
Mindcnburs and 1-UdendoilT. 'Che
opinion !s expressed here to-night that
the allies a'.s-i excel the cent*.'I p<vers
in the unanimity of their i?oIitii alms
and policies.
\ r??rl l.onded W lib I 'lonr .mil SiiKnr
\> hlch A\ an Senllered Over
Adjacent lluildiims.
illy A.-?oci-ted I'res?. 1
i;LIZAni*TII CITY, X. C.. April 5 ?
Hive men were killed and wreckage
iid o.irjju hurled over adjacent build
in?-- when the steamer Annie blew up
,?t her dock here to-day just after ar
riving Irons Xorfolk. The vessel was
loaded with flour and sugar, and the
cause of the explosion remained u mys
tery to-night.
T.?e men killed were Hirst Mate Kin
se; . of Xorfolk: A?s;stant lJngineer
.hunt s Xuwdy, of Kdenton, X. C., and
i v\ c> negro deck hands. Two other
ueuio deck hands wo.c seriously in
jured. one of them d> i:ishortly att'er
iiie explosion.
The Annie, a small coastw ise steamer,
owned by the People's Xavigation
Company, was virtually wrecked.
Of tunrir, It l(ei|ulred lite It of nil
Irifthmiin lo Definitely l-'lv
Slat iik.
XI: \V YORK, April ?The exact
status of a mother-in-law was brought
in'.o (|ii?stion to-day by an Irishman,
lie was sending a money order t<?
Hrance. In conformity with a now
regulation, the clerk asked him if the
ii oiicy was destined to aid tlj ? enemy
:ii any manner.
The Irishman scratched his head.
"Is the addressee an alien enemy?"
demanded the clerk.
"I!o jabers, J don't know at all. at
all," was the reply. ".She's me mother
\iinther Serlolial.v Injured tin Two
Machine* Collide in Midair
at Key Went.
Ki:V Wi;.KT, HI.A.. Aptil Student
Aviator Thomas \\\ Hden. of Wllming
ton. Del., was instantly killed, and
Student .1. J. Mitchell, -Ir. was srrl
<>ii. !y injured when machines in which
ibev were flying collided about 100 feet
in the air at the n:\val training station
here to-day.
Com I n Idea It ecrult inc; Army.
max.u;i:a. xicakaci.a, April
The government of Costa Kl?:a lv ac
tively recruitinr; an army to combat
tho revolutionists in that country.
President Hederlco A. Tinoco has sent
to Panama a protest against permit
ting armed lioliticalicxiles to cross the
Richmond Bankers and Fifth Dis
trict Officials Have Every
Detail in Readiness.
Street Cars to Stop for Three
Minutes to Call Public At
tention to Campaign.
Uk-hmond's th.r.J sir,,t Mfocrty loan
drive to raise It. -hare of the funds
neoe?;-ary for th* conduct of the v. ir
v. Ill be started i h's morhing. Coin?
niiltccs will oprn th^ir h<?dquar tern. !
fire bells will be sounded at noon. elec
tric ciirs will stop for three minutes
at that ho'ir, and manufa <:turing plant?
wilt tound their whistles. Ali details .
fur the opening of the campaign. which '
*? iil n"! be ? f'ii!>? under way1
lull!! Mr>t|il:iy, pad been < otil pie ;f-J 1 ^ r; t
?i ?? and b.i:-le:> |.?:-ov'(i tin - city
Mould c ir it:. ii record for
? ::id hr.ivy : ub.seriptionB.
>iettlnu a cre^t example for other
of Filth District. two
North ? io';:.:v financial institutions
wired to the Federal lie- ?-?.? Kan'.:
of lii.O.mond yesterday--ju-?t twenty
?'';i hours before the formal opening
or tit" ? a .np '.l.- I the <yjotii
leiied Mieir rc p?v.-v4 countif- ."i
r^ady be#*n subscribed. One ban*: wired
that - ib-io ipuons uKZregat'njr cmid
erai.-'y nore than lis apportlonttsfc.tt
ha1' bee i . ver?Ml. Another vised ?
tli.it it til placet? the bonds ?i'.'omm
to the county in wh!< h it was !eoatoil
n.inl.ein v ere tnuch cratified at this
showing of ready response trotn the
people, a nil o? the activity among tlte
bai:J;cv.' Tt hh> generally believed
thit the Fifth District's apportionment
would be raised in Jess than the four
weeks the campaign will run. Ilejiorts
-how that sreat organization.1- have
li?:Pn perfected, plan* have been worked
out in greater detail for better results,
ind the people more fully realize the
crtMt responsibility placed upon their
shou'ders j-ince the recent drive of the
? ierman army on the western front.
Hundred? of telegrams w ? rc received
..t the reifrve bank yesterday a-kir.z
for instructions, and those w ere quickly
Delay in the passage of the loan b!lt
by Congress prevented detailed In
structions bring sent out by tin Treas
ury liepartment. With the bill signed ,
by the president on Thursday night- ;
however, the department worked rap- (
Idly, and yesterday the l.ichmond f!e
serve r.ank was .s?ndinc to financial
institutions throughout the Fifth Dis
trict detailed instructions on t.'te loan.
I.VI'I'tA I. "?HH'MI.M OK nnxus
?in nr. >iaui: nk.xt wkkk
?)?.vernor Sea:* yesterday was art
v r,l the depai icni that initial
-liipments of bond" would be start' !
: wc-ik. The telesram. pov
ernin? the cash sales of bonds. which
wa ,'frt to all financial institution.*
!a.-: iiit*bt, is as follow :
"Department will start Initial ship
ments coupon bonds third Liberty loan
'next Ve.u, As hands are available
first shipments v. ill he rade to most
remote point.-: and all ea.-ty shipments
will ho made of each denomination
!:i txaet proportion preliminary allot
ments all districts
"Cash sales will be allowed during
the campaign up to Jlt'vH'O par \alu._*
to any one purchaser. 1'orms for
banks to sign to obtain these bom!;?
not yet ready, and we don't expect first
deliveries of bonds to reach you until ,
bitter part of next week, l'.xpect yoj
to supply your banks with bonds for
cash transactions as in the sccond
loa ii."
Richmond's campaign will not gain |
momentum until Monday night, when
William (.!. McAdoo. Secretary of the
Treasury, will address a mass-meeting
in the City Auditorium. Secretary
McAdoo will also make several othar
talks to various organisations while
in Richmond. lie will arrive shortly
after noon, and will leave Richmond ;
on :i tour of the Souht shortly before
10 oV-luik Tuesday night.
Banks will begin entering subscrip
tions to the third issue of Liberty
(?on(Is. which bear interest at the rate
?j: A 1-4 per cent, payable semiamiu- j
ally, and arc nonconvertible. llich
moud's committee, the central State
committee and the district committee ,
have all opened their headquarters i
ami will begin their work this morn
I'ire Chief \Y. 11. .loynes announced
that the lire bells of the city would
sound the clarion call to "Buy Liberty |
Loan Bonds" at noon to-day. Thej
tirst signal will be sounded promptly
at 1- o'clock, and will be repeated for
("Continued on Third rage.)
Collinsville. 111., Man Is Taken
From Home and Hanged
to Tree.
State Officials Also to Take a
Hand in Inquiry to Begin
ma! investigation of the death of Uoi>
ert I*. Pragcr, who was hangr-d last
night by a mob which accu him of
disloyalty, will 1:0;. be made until Mon
day, when Roy A. l.owo. coroiiT of
Madison County, will hold an inquest
over the body.
I-'ix moil said to be ringleaders of the
mob that lynched Ilobert 1". Praegcr
here yesterday are in custody. This
announcement was made to-night by
the sheriff's office at I'd w ardsville.
The prisoners have been hidden away
so prevent the possibility of a jail de
li wry. Further arrests are expected
to-morrow. the chcriff's ufiicc an
?"hio!' of Police Staten. of i.'oiliiis
ville. declared to-day tha* the identii}
ef a number of members of the mob
v, ,t known to th- authorities, but tha;
the local police moiiM not attempt to
make arrc;;ts. because the crime was
committed outside ;h- city.
llepresenta t'ves >,f the State Attor
ney -?;*neral and the adjutant-genera!
will be present at the ii><i<ie*t pre
pared to carry forward any measures
if-emcd recs.-.a: y :o apprehend those
who '.vtrti'.-ipated in the hanging.
Mayor Si^g"'. ! i a statement to
night. a.-^etied thi-t he had telegraphed
to-day to Senator Overman, of the
Senate Judiciary Committee, urging the
immediate passage of the law iinposlnc
n ? 'vere penalty on t!i ?? loyalty. It was
.Vis opinion, he said, that the violence
? nig'".! was the result of neglect
by the Federal government to furnijii
tlii. penalty.
"We arrested a man charged with
disloyalty last Sunday," he declared,
"but. botau.ic of in'iifllcienl eviilenre
under the present law. we were un
?:?> to hold him. Th* crowd last nigh;
evidently believed that another dis
loyalist waa about to escape, and took
rt-e matter i:i their hands. This d> -
pi -table act merely emphasizes the ne.
resstty for a drastic law to apply in
s-:cl? cases."
So "ar-us cftuld be .learned to-nlgh:.
the. action of the mob u;'.s precipitous,
and no person as yet has stated con
crete instances of disloyalty by Prager.
It is known be registered a:; uirmomy
alien In St. Louis. June -". giving his
occupational:' a baker. Me asked for
a hermit to ent^r ail barred zones to
flllp!ovi;;cnt. The p---rm:t was
S . anted. It ?'a.- also discovered that
be registered for the army uraft June
G last, wnri that in April. K'lT. he
caused the at :-t o: a man e-n a dis
loyalty charge, lii.- friends ?c.-er' he
was radical in his views on .socialism,
but that when the '."nited States en
teral :he war l.e declared he was "all
for America."
The mob idea had its inception, it
was said to-nig*.*.t, in a saloon on the
outskirts of the Hi.v. v. here miner?
from Maryville and Collinsville gath
ered. Many of the men were foreign
ers who understood littl- Knglish. and
it is believed the remarks of Prager
were magnified with a trarric result.
pragej- was unmarried, lie wai horn
In Dresden. Germany, and came to the
United States in- lf-Oj.
Aunev of tture?ti uf \nvsl ("nnilroi'
lion nnd Ilrpnir (.ntlf rt lir
WAS III Vf.JTON. April ? l-'ire to
niglu Raited a four-story building or
cupicd by h:i i.nni'X of the IPireau of
Naval ?'instruction and repair. No
imp--nan? plans sire known to have
bi-ei! 'lest j oyed.
Police authorities were unable to
substantiate reports that the tire was
of inc.-Hillary origin.
The blaze was discovered p.bout I>
and by the time the ii?e department
arrived the entire building- was ablaze.
f.y II o'clock, however, the firemen
had succeeded in obtaining control.
Major-tJeneral Peyton t\ March, acting
chief o;' staff of tise arni>. and hi.*
aids watched the lire from the War
Department building directly opposite.
(Milifcriitc (irrinnu Men*.
JOI*I.IX, MO., April ?A committee
of citizens las-t night visited headquar
ter:- of the Joplin Turnverein t!er
lr.ania and the Joplln L?iederkrant:i So
ciety. and with black paint obliterated
the name* of the clubs from the doors
..f the build in sr.
' _ I
Senate Lays Aside Other Business to
Denounce Sedition and German Spies
other liu.sinrss ?a* Inid nsldr l?y thr
Nrniil* lo-il?j f?r ikiiiini'litlliin of
<1 isloj ri11 j , nimIIi ion, i.rrmon nplf ?
Sind the I. \\ . >\ .. jind ill?rll*?i<in
of hn? thr rsplinincr ni'l should hr
extended, so H? in ?urli Ihcsr oils
i.nil n.old Mii.li Inn. Million! ithrldc
Inti the funilnmriitnl liberties of
Amrrlcnn ell l/.rni.
While Ihr *?rnntr drlinteil thr
pending srdltlon Mil?cnrrjlns bp
verr prnnltlr* for disloyitl llttrr
nniT"< nnri nttrmpt* tu obstruct thr
draft or l.lhrrty Ion ns?I'residr nt
\\ iluon itnd tlio t nlilnet cn f at
tention to report* of thr li ni'lihi;
of Itoliert I'rnsrr. n i.ermnn. m < ol
llnsiillr. III.. Inst ni^lit. Mrmlirrn
of tin' t nli I ni-1 on Id u firm n rd (he
drp|or.*?hle Incident rnt|ili:i.<il/.ril thr
nrrf?<llj for itnmedinte li'slnliilion
I hnt noulil ennlilr tl?e giivtrnmrnl
to dm) Mltli disloyally and rnrntjr
ncl(a1lon. so tlmt thr people Mould
not )>r trni|itrd to tiil.c the Inn Into
their intii hnnr**.
\ d ti i n!st rnl iim lender-* in the ^en
:? I r hope to |in? the Krdltion hill
Ki.itKirrmi, the nniiiiersnrr of
\inrrl?-n's rut rimer into the uxr.
\n agreement for n loie in-miir
rn?v, Miimht to-nisht li< 'rnator
Ih iTiuiin, in ?-linrt:?* of thr measure,
was litoi'koi) hy >enntor I'rrit, "Ihr
Missouri Srnilnr <?(? 1*1 hr nn* In i
sjnipnth.v with thr crnrrnl purposes |
of the legislation, '??? thouclit it
should not hr hnstlly considered. ?
When >rnnlor Oirrninn Ntntrd that
thr A t lorur j -l.rncrnl hnd tinted '
ptinsnirr of thr hill lo-itny because >
it* provisions Mould he nrrdrd dur- I
Ins the l,|lirrt.r lonn rnmpni^n, Srn- J
itlor Jlrrd said that xm "titter non- |
urn sr." I
Senator l.nd?r inlrodneed on {
nmrndmrnt prohibiting t ru nsmlssion
tlirnuKh thr ninlls of any ninttrr
printed In thr t>erin:in Inn ciiHRr,
niiii Senator I.cm Is olTrrcil our ^Thieh
miiilil forfeit thr ri t l/.e n?h I p mid
property of persons adjudged dis
loyal hy n jury.
Ihirinu thr illni'iiasioii. thr atti
tude of \ictor llercrrr. Socialist enn
diitnlr for the Senate In thr rrcrn?
Wisconsin elei'lion. ivnn il-nonnerrt
h r Snintors llornh tind l.oder lis
disloyal nml \ertlnn on treason.'
Senntor l.oitcr. nhllr iirirint; thr
ilcnth prnnllv for spies nnd ti'rrmnn
nsrnts nhn dr.strov |iro|irrt> In this
country. snld thr hill's rest rift ions
upou free spcrch Mere too hrond.
nnd could hr usrd to supprr*? lcirltl
mntr discussion. ^ennlor llurdMicU
MiKSeslnl thin they uilcrht pre?rnt
pejii-r tnl'i Inter hIii>m sneh ilisrus
?ion in I ix li t he proper.
One Creulutcd l{e|iorts of ])i>astcr8
on (.and and Sea and in Mil
iiit i?'ii 1'aVtorio.s
1IND ! I:A\!v SI'KAK (if I LTV
North Carolina Distriet Court. How
oxer. Give* Him freedom, That
lie May I'rovdc for 11 !> Yoiut.i
Wife and Child.
' Hi A.-soctuitd IT--; 1
?\'< ?!U? >l.K. VA.. April ? Five
?iisemy ;:ii-n;. believed in )e djingr:
outi. one of v.'licni posed fnr rev<?r.il
? fck;1 in 'hi:-- section us an A. --.1
Rtcil I'. -" - r ?'prosv ta t' vo a 1 circu
lated fal;-* i r-port-- '1' d!sa> *rs on Inn.I
ili'.il -ea. V. stiV-d on thei ?
1 ? ?>- I ? ili? :il!?n detention ca:n,i
hi 1 Oi-; ?igleihurpe. ?'.a. All of the
jr.-Ti were lie M on president ial wa.*
r.;i.tf. They an* Herman von Vtoriiiii.
tV> ::i?! }?*.? in- "i Xorfolk :<11>i .Vtnv|iori
l-'iMiik W i 111 - lin. arretted in i
arred /one in Newport News. without
:i Permit: "'Sustnve Hoffman. troiMy -f
liT;isnr,:t ble utterance--; lie<>r;rr <
(Jcrni.iit. cntiylu po.?injr a? a french
man nt Hampton Koac'.s naval l,ase,
and Willi.? i Schi'iimm. hvpsHiI for
posing as t'arl Xelllsoti. :i l>.mi:l> sub
ject, on u Norwegian steamer.
MM'.Att t- I'OI \l? l.l ll.TV
' CII AUl,<vrr K. N. <?.. Anril r..?Tried
in tin-' Federal lMslriot ?'ourt here r>,i
. ' chars* "f threatening the Frcsblent.
' FranI: Spear. of i.'harb'ttc, an miini,
ted imtivo of Saxory, Ger.n.iny. and for
ti -t\-three yoars a resilient, of Am?-r
ii;:. to-d:*y was <1<H-la red guilty and
?conditionally allowed his freedom 1>>
Judge 1' >yd that he might provide for
his young wife and infant child. 11?*
| ordered to report to the jtids ?
Rt the next session of the court, v hs.,
;sentenced may b?" imposed.
The indictment against Spear, a
leather worker, alleged that he de
clared "the 1'resident ought to lv
rhot," that he "proved a traitor" :i:ui
that "the 1'resident ought to l.e taken
,011". and his head chopped off."
I 'I'hnt Ik \?mv Itr^ulniioK in Cnnailn
'licit IlilM I d 1 r It fell mill
\ llrns.
OTTAWA u.vr., April .".--Idle aliens
anil the hi.e rich in Canada have been
niad" th<* subject of government co:i
: tro). The government to-dsy an
nounced an order-in-council directed
at these classes of persons, providing
that fvfi; male shall be regularly on
gaged i t s-cne useful occupation. with
the exception of persons- under sixteen
and over sixty, or physically unlit, or
a sviidna:, or temporarily unemployed.
Violation of the provisions is punish
ahl - 1-y a line not exceeding >KiO. or.
in default of Imprisonment v-itli hard
I labor !i.?i loneer than i.i.nn li.-.
The Truth About Life in Germany
The Times-Dispatch will print, Iirsinnliift on Similn y. April 7, "'1'lie Truth Ahout (irriumit,'' as l?y Pri
vate Thomas n. Dickinson, of the Durham l<iKht Infantry. who win captured near t |irr<i on April "<i. IIHT,, nml
has Just returned to Rnglund after n remarkable escape from tierniiui.v.
|'ri?n(f Dickinson, a school irnchrr Ity profession, Is blessed with the ;j|ft of keen and accurate oltservatIon.
While confined in the Kaiser's reulm the author, owlnR (o his nhilil.r to speak (irrmiin and French fluently, acted
us interpreter, unit an a result hail many opportunities of conversing not only s? 11li t.crnuin military officials, Imi(
also with civilians in various wnlks of life.
lie learned many Important fact* respecting' the economic conditions prevalent in the l-'nlherlatul, :ind these
revelntIons, diversified by graphic accounts of his own personal adventures and siift'criiir.s, form no illumiiiatint;
and thrilling ncciiunt that cannot fall to Interest readers. He tells of strikes caused by the shortage of food, an
attempt on the Kaiser's life, terrililc boodshed tit WnnibarR. disease rampant as a result of poor (futility of food,
and the forbidding of the one of wooden coffins because of the heavy death rale. If you would know exactly how
Germany In living to-day, read this story. Make arrangements to-day with jour new* dealer.
Such |* Statement of Xotetl French
Diplomat Now in American
rri:\ of tidi; is hi;achi:i>
Xew Sacrifices Will lie Deinnmlrt)
??r People Here, and Tliosr of
liuropo Will He Forced to Tighten
licit* Still .More.
\\ NRlll.VuTON, A^rJl r>.?American
f"rcos w'lll (lAcldK the of Hlcardy.
It will vail for the utmost speed anil
sacrifice and devotion to get theni
iht-re. Hit enough of America's do-.
lpiininaiio:i has iilrfartv been revealed
to warrant the belief on the part oi'
the allP-s that the m<>m<: ntou.* decision
oi last. w.-e|-: io .?.;ie..->tl <?i;I- incii ii.is itc>t
been lat-tcn ;?>o la>o.
*! 111? lo the importance at'.a -hod t>?
the new war j?!a;i by a : ir; g j !? .j--i
l* roni'li tl'jij.ihiAt here thin
lie r->-e:Iie tnient |ires:->?f|
yesterday I>y an important Knglish 1
uf'ici 11. It in tli'.s:
"The turn of the t i?-jp i, ls been
reached. America must take the tide
at the flood, no matter what tiie Inci
dental cost,
? It has been your fight all along, of
course." he said. "Hut now every man,
woman fnd child must realize that It
:.s your light, as we tit Kranee realize
it and as Kuitlirid realizes it, and it
lias been seared Into Italy."
Xow sacrifices w ;u he demanded of
the Kuropcari allies as well as new
sacrifices In Aincrica. France's store
of food hi:- been depleted by the great
Gorman offensive'. Large stores of
wheat und other foods bad to be
burned close up to the battle area, lest
they full into the hands of the ad
vanning Germans. Other large stores I
? ?annot be drawn upon for the civil!
population, because all railways In
I* ranee to-day run-in only one direc
tion? to the front.
So the priori:y riven troop move
ments over the niowmvrt of foodstuffs'
overseas will require the Vrenoh and
I:.;' an people to take ano.her hitch In
their already tightly drawn belts.
This will be but temporary. As soon
,|s l'10 troops rti'j over, the ~!iipnieiit
r>' foodstuffs will be resumed.
Cornier Steiio?rupli?>r of Arl/ouo Usink
Acciifteil or Obr.iluing
T'Ri >VH'?t:.\i ?!?', U. | . April .'.?John
A. I "rye. ? ,v< ntj . forme- ? t .Msograpliv ?
o" tlio iVesoott State Hank. of i'r.
co. . . ? "i/.. s:iol and killed himself
to-<lay when detectives sought in ar
l. 'ii on r ch:>rge of victimizing
three Xew Vo: k banks fur $'JS,000. '
I rye vas alleged to have secure.1
the moifj b\ presenting forged order- !
rri>m the I'resfjof. Ic.nl: to Ihe <"huso '
Xa (ioiii?Mank. t li? Xat'onal Hunk ?>'
< 'or.imo-.ee and the Mechanics and
Mctal-i Hani:. II*- registered at th ;
?I ? Mpi'i Motel l'obrui/i10, but ell- '
ippo-.red three weeks later. lie was''
traced through a depo.-it for
injMlf by him In a I'rovidenco bank.
V I - i enf-ont?'J l?y I'..* officers !?-?
ao-.-.itti I bis crime, produced a pistol | *
?i.il sho: hit: self through the head. '
Den illy \U-ii|inn of l.onu Mnnirc I'n^rs i
Til rough ISelelmit on >\nj
to I'ront.
I It- A -,:i?rd 1 1
AM.-- I I.i:i?A.M. April ?According to 1
I.'-s Xouvelo t. of Mawsuicht. anoih r
'o:ig-!'aitge snn ?! nll.ir to tho.ie al
ready bomPHrditic Hurls. pasae-l
t-i? i.ugh Hcigiuni I-h-scn on Moii- I
da: The length of the barrel id from I
t.vcnty to twenty-live meters and the- l
caliber from twenty ;o twenty-tl\e cen- i f
tnncters. [ f
General Pershing's Soldiers
Somewhere in Zone
of Hi# Battle.
Report Capture of 90,000 Pris
oners nrul 1.300 Guns
to Date.
Score Minor Success Stmt Invest of
Albert, Xo:tr lluilroacl
to Amicus.
I f'v Assm-U" tj m - 1
The rsennnns (!:?! iihl resume their
atiu.-li.s north of .'.Son.didivr during the
course of the <la y. I * i-?; r. ?-li troops have,
by vigorous coutitcr.ittachs. succceded
in improving their posi.ious at-several
points. notably :?! t ii ?? ropions of
Mailly-rtanicval a d I'uitigny, tlio
north a ltd west outskirts of which
town tiro in t heir hands. says an ofli
<_?::?! ; . . ?! at Paris by tho
War ''ifflc.
In a hat '" \vi -it ha:: lasted sinco
Thursday, aid hi- h n, labiy is still
eontiiiuiiis- wl.'.i utM t fu:-y, the Ger
man? have !???': Ihii'mi-j massed di
visions apalr-*. :'.io P.-i'i-h and Preach
lilies fro 'i the f,ir toriii of Albert to
a .-iiort lii-i t'.i. e i.or.h of Montdidier.
Probably th<:* ii n v been a more
sanguinary 'natile '? ;t:iit ?ince the lie
Kinninv: of the T"i mi r olTeusivo
March I than '.i s. which has for its
oljectlv? the d-ivlrs o." a wodpre bc
!hicii the I;r: m.d i'renoh armies,
the cinins >f th ? 1' >ris-Amiens >all- -*
road south of Ain'ens and the *.\pttire
.?t that i-ity. P. it. in spito ol the
power of th? a:tu?k and ike desperate
of the sighting. t i< entente allied
Ujjifns liavn stood Us in %r the most
of their front. A t or ? wo points
ifivc they Ihh>ii f il ' ? Kive j;rov?n*1.
the.->c scent, on the 'nap, to bo
ovly minor : nceer.-es \vh n com par-id
<v'-.h til.-- icr iii.M- of itvv s which they?
!\:.cost. .tc t t.<> the ?? ithwesi of
Albert, the I; ir>vc v. ithdrawn a
she r fjin;i ii th> 1- each have
r v* up :'ie village ??;" ?'>.stel, west of .
"?ii \? '. i. ? h Ii s >.????> i : tiie storm
ceire:- of h ? Cerman assaults for the
Inst ilay.<. At itiis point tiie Teu
tojv? are within three miie.s of the
Paris- \miens road.
The (iovi in ?> .itli.'ini s.ateincnt claims
that suecessrs both nirih and south of
tiie Somno- have been won. suul that
tiie number of prisoners taken since
the hesintti ii of the drive lias lu
cre.. sed to rto.i'ini. and tiie g-uns to
1.P -evtns probable that the en
ten ? ' allies have abandoned their
l'ab'.iMi tac'.*e.-, and r.ow n;e prepared
to give ha 'tie :?? i he <: . aans. They
iuive fixed tiuir Pries about twelve
miles past of ?h,'* city of Amiens, and
it is evident that Iit" have turned
at bay against the ! vade;s. The con
tour of the country h i of tiie allies
lends itself to defem- e * -tics. It is
quite high, and is of ? eharacter which
compels attaching for ??e-: to expose
themselves t ~> con -*???* rat Ions of fire
from artillery and ! 'attry.
AI.IllMIT \ \ l> MOUPt >1.
li is iiciess:!') ti.r :!?.> t'ernians h
'?reak through the liiii'sh :in<1 French
lino.' in this ifci"ii or 'i? outllanic
'he by :< diiv" to the north and
soiiili oi' it. Tlie t liti.iii near Albert
-rii;<? north oi* Au>iit?! io.- ? ? .-ma to have
'or its object th<* ? ir of tho al
. t-tl pi.siiio.i.-. Tinu ? Albert iin*l
Moreuil fri'iois uiv- > the Allied
<U i slui'.vii by ?? stern resist
? ??? maintained tli< j-f it! too last two
The (!:iwnir:jr o" the li""* anniversary
fh??- entry ? the t*i?; ? States into
:!??? war finds <:cn?'ril ivrshingr's ve'
i ,-.i is somewhere in the iiattle zone.
I lev,- many are there. \* !i ; units have
h. .-ii rhosen for tin? ti,;hf and where
tiiiy will make ihoir first appearance
i? lot known. It h p;' -nible. ho'.v
tver. that an American ? ?: :ny of soni.s
proportions is ^i!h?-: .. 1 lly in Uu.
?ttr.icf.-le or i? held i - rvc I mine-?
I heiiinil the ?it? ?
in spite if the ieiri strain to
i '>!??). the; have >? * ? i ? lijocted, the
-?il. ? *- ha \ ?? stiiiek hail; :u the Ger
>-:r*is h?? \ c retrained some ground
?:ie of the:;-- puhr s is near tirlvesnes.
i s'loit distance nurtliwi -? of Monl
i'dier. another :><?>' 1nterne an.I
notli.r li.-? w?'???!? .M ''it-.-dit-r and Xoy.
..ii. ue ii* ih" \i'h>;" i f < ?i villers-Sorel.
I: i in t i i i r* laM.v m that the
allied ooiitr.er.ittack has been
:>xnected ti> i.i It. n'leh^d. So far as
?epoite 1. it - ? i'tfi'itry attacks have
It^e/t made oil this front by tiie tier
mi:..-. t.ijt their artillery has been
><ry active a* fir ? ast as N'oyon.
i'iie line on the northern side ot' tit >
valient also has hern bombarded
.e? viiv.
Tfc??re have been artillery engas-v
il..t; in Various Hector* ot vhe lie* -
!*r and l-'reiKii iror,'? outride of tho
>avle arva in I'toardy The. city ol'
itiioim.s hv.s again been subjected
jombardmcnt by the lierminu. In '? ?
lector, however, has there been I ?
'antry lighting of an unusual naiuic.

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