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"Ah important society event of to
day is the marriage of Mlsu Charlotte
Hcaty Jones, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Jackson Jones, and l.ieu
tenunt Bennett Perry Hose, fleld artil
. lery, L\ S. It., son of Mr. and Mr?.
,G66fgs Anderson Hose. of Henderson.
N'S,C-. and grandson of the late I>r.
, Hennc-tt ferry. The ceremony will lake
lilace very quietly thl.s inurnliiR at 11
' o'clock in the home of the bride's
aunt, Mrs. Henry Cannon, on Monu
ment Avenue, with itev. J. V. Down
man. rector of All Salnts's Kplscr.pal
Church, officiating. The brb'e will t.e
unattended, and John I?. !So-=o. Jr., of
1 l<?n"rterson, N. will be his brother's
best man.
After a short wedding Journey, lieu
tenant Uo.se and hi* bride will be n*
. iio.mc. in Atlanta, where the former Is (
stationed at Calni Gordon.
Allrai'llvi* ilminr Party. j
Major-General :?nd Mr?. George Har
nett, of Washiiigton. are onterialn'.nc
a house party for the lCa>'ter holidays
?n honor of MInkcs l.elia and Am ?; Gor
don. Their quests are Mi.-i-?>s Jans
? Marvel and K|e:?i ur Van <"?.? ? J?? 1 ft. of
Wilmington. !>?;!.; Miss Kos-; Canerton.
^?f Richmond; l?!eul?*n.'i n -' 'ommat'der
Henry Martin. I", s. N.: C.f.)tarii ilotim
and Denton* *.ts IPtwklms. I'.ov. *'nl
lar, Ilrowster .md I'asil Cordon. of
C>Oil nt Ivo
'J'he Biief?t3 wer': "nl?r(il!lH'J ? ' !l
dinner given before t(ie at';ny and navy
i?l<cf bail, whieli look place- in t ? ??
flat ro- tv. of marine barracks orj Mon
'?I a T-'Jlrtie Ilnil 'Co-Nislit.
An attractive urour ? f Hichmorcd
girl* arc in charge of the May-Umn
ball, to he Riven this owriins ?t the
..'efisrso: . and the following- i;omn!t
tees are arranging the :!?*tails '"v 'he
.entertainment: decoration*. MHsts Vir
ginia Christian, l.ucy Ford Wortham.
Mary Httw.s, Martha Wall. H<*len
Adams: wheel of fortune, Mrs. Addison
Henno'.ds, Mrs. Frsklne Huford. Mrs.
Fred Campbell, Miss Klsle I.lndsey.
Mrs. Frank I'. Christian, Mrs. Waiter
J-eicw; refreshments, Mis?? Nannie fat
ton. Mr.;. Carter Tahnan; Powers. MHs
'?.hzabeth Cocke. Mrs. Philip Glonnan.
advertisement. Mrs. Hugh Ron*. Mrs.
?"?laiborn- Watklns. M>s. William
Forbes. Mlrs I.ora Crump, Miss N?ll
K*niio5d*. M Irs Iloroen Kit /.Gerald. T-.
bics may be reserved through Mrs. Hl
i'4W M. Smith, Itoulevard 0j"7, and
many Informal parties h?v? already
been planned for the evening. The
ballroom v. ill ti<_? converted Into a
f-pclnr p;irrt? n, and pretty girls, dres*e,j
lti artistic oui-of-door costumes, will
assist In entertaining the guests.
The affair li tir.der the ansplceo ??*
thf Girls" Aux llary of tl.e Day .Nur
series. and the public Is invited.
Military Hail To-.Mght.
Everything is in readiness for the
his military ball in the illues' Armory
this evening from R:30 to 1.' o'clock for
tho benefit of battery fun-1. Hat t?:y
1*", Sixtieth Regime lit, at Fortress Mon
roe. The Governor of Virginia ami
Mrs. Westmoreland Davis will attend,
mid ?'apt:?;ti Dulaney Logan. ? omrn.ind
ing officer of the company, and a good
many of the boys are. expected. Palms
aiUl.Hags u '? ?' decorate t h ?? ballroom
aiul an orchestra will play for the
dancing. The public is Invited to ai
:? ml.
The officers and men from the avia
tion camp In Fulton will be special
s-j'-sts of th? committee at the ball.
.V.ditlonal names of this committee iri
. i le Mis. Kvcrett Horner uiul Mrs. H.
?Knitting Ilrt" Thl? ,\ ftprnoon.
A "knitting bee" will be given this
nfsern on. from 4 to C o'clock. :it L'O
West Franklin Street, the residence of
Mi" Horace Wellford Jones, l>y the
N nni< l-Jllett Memorial Cir'Ie. of *.vhi? 't
Mr- It. T Hunter Ih president. The
1 ? iblic it cordially invited :> attend.
J ergeant 11 endert-on, of the Three
Hundred and Twentieth Infantry. Camp
l.ce, will sing some popular war songs,
accompanied by .Mrs. Walter O. Mercer.
Miss Mary Lackland will render sev
eral violin selections, with Miss Gr.no
MoKey at the piano.
Iteecnt A it no ti iter tn r n t *.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kraft. < f
Vonkers. N. Y.. have announced the
engaRement of their daughter, Miss
Marjorle Kraft. to Kverard !'as?
Meade, tr. s. N\ II. F . now on duty
at Washington. Miss Kraft is a Junior
at Va.Hcar. Mr. Meade, son of the !ite
flev. Philip Nelson Meade, of Oswego, '
N. V., Is a cousin of the American am
bassador to Italy. Thomas Nelson Page.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I.avlne. of .Suf
folk. announce the engagement of their
daughter. Ida. to Philip Tltleman. of
Baltimore. No date has been fc'et for
ihe wedding-.
. Mrs. Georgia F. Wilson, of Virginia
and California, and Miss C.ler.n Atkin
son, of Staunton, are the guests of
itajor and Mrs. James H. Dooley at j
iheir residence, "Maymont," f<>r a short
Misses Alice ?nd Emma Netherlatul
are spending some time at Palm Beach, i
Miss Mary Hopkins, of Ttlchmond. Is j
the guest of Mrs. If. A. Hunt in Port?:- '
"Will Speak at l.uncheoii. t<? He Held;
nf ItIciimnml Hotel, Mcniinr
?At a meeting of the Uirhmnnd Asso- !
elation of Life Pnderwriters. to Ite held
Monday. April S. at the llichmond Ho-|
?el. at 12:3(? o'clock and to continue I
.luring the afternoon, rddrevses will be
made hy William O. MeAdoo, Secretary
of 'the Treasury and Federal railway;
director, and by Lawrenc l'riddy. of
New York, president of the National'
Association nf Life Underwriters. Sec- j
; clary MeAdoo will speak at 15 o'clock, j
after the luncheon, which is to be a !
part of th? occasion.
Mr. Priddy's address will be of par- '
ticular Interest 10 the life underwrit- j
<-rs here on account of the fact that I
Iv'is one of tee large personal insur- \
ance writers of the country and be- ;
cause he is Ihe firs', native-born Yir- |
jflnlan to become president of ti-.e na-j
t'.onal t-ssoeiat ion, "f which nearly'
eyery prominent insurance man in the
United States is a member.
' Mr. Pr:ddy also has the distinction ;
of being the first president of t'ie na - j
tional associatioi- selected from the j
sales field of Insurance, all of those!
who have preceded him having ben |
either a manager or general agent.
Secretary MeAdoo will address the
i-.eetlng In '.lie Interest of the third
Liberty loan campaign. The under
writers l>f?ve taken active parts in
placing previous Liberty loan issuer
and in selling war savings stamps, and
Ihey are making preparation lo aid the
government as far as possible in plac
ing the third issue.
Governor Westmoreland IJa\\is* and
other prominent public and bn?-iiiesi;
men have been invited lo the luncheon.
The officers of the local association
are Gains W. lJlj:gs, president, J. V.
Kristow, vice-president; C. P>. Kiclmrd
son. second vice-president: It. P. Har
rison. secretary, and D. I. Ch.ipi.iuu,
After Looking Over the Only Man He Could Get to
Work His Garden, Jones Decided Uie Gentleman Ought
to Have a Special Hoe Built for Him . . By Fox
(Copyright. 101$. Uy,\\*h*clcr Syndicate. 1"' ?
Startling Hun
Plots Revealed
Countess Escapes Hands of
Villa lo Lose Documents to
U. S. Secret Service.
? (Cvj?>rlglit, I '* I ?. by the lnteriiallondl
.N'ew? IMri-au. lnc.>
{ tin ' Ma installment Coun!"i von
S' lmUTnl"Tj Oetcrltx-i, >.nr of the n.ost
'\<riiic of li'r wntiirr-. the ret-uit of
ul.it h MUrli :t F'-it.^ti'jn th rough
'?'it the world. Kmiop-. ??' '.uvfu!ni"i to
' jii'j.il- in hlffli pohtlraj life. ha;. r.i!?t?-il
i" oelrorv in iiinaur meiu it tins
htor;<? It is ctdtnl tli-it the 'ountfu'H
? "f. fc.-f Ion ? were ul>>tr-i'tfl frotn her
1 ;i*i..,hc ?aae I>y 411 mmi), ?.h?> follo^e.i
| h?r to Bern. from T.lilch lity .she begun
. h'-r plottilif >
In reply to this, he said: "No. dear
one. it would not be becoming for
Villa to allow an unprotected, beau
tiful lady ] 1V:o yoti to rrons the frontier
to where the Yankee dog.-? ruJc. Never,
never! You shall be my guest. Your
bower is prepared." he ;idded simply,
"await ine tli'Te tmtil I come. At pres
ent I am oc< uplrd with more important
"Hut I refuse to remain here. I ?o you
dare to hold me here against my
wishes'."' 1 shouted indignantly.
Now be was becoming hateful. "Hear
ori?-. I shall not hold you against your
[Wishes You will remain with me <>f
'your own fr?-?- i! 1. will voti not?'
I could no longer bear him. but what
could I do? I was his prisoner, his
chattel slave, I would not have argued
with him longer, hut i was desperate.
In my excitement I forgot and tried to
appeal to his manliness. "!>o you con
sider this manly to holu a toman
against her wishes?"
OFKKflS TO si:\|> TO
I'pon this he smiled again, and 1 was
about to scream in terror, when he
said: "No. dear one. I am not dealing
with n woman, I am dealing with a
special envoy from your country, pro
posing to me that I become your ally
and attack our neighbor Villa will
nev^r k?-ep a woman by force; that is
not Villa. 1 have an American friend
for whom I have sent. lie. perhaps,
will take you .iw.iy somewhere to
America. I >o you fear hint? is a
good man. Il>> will conduct you safely
to you friends "
I could not understand what he
meant. However, a.s he said these
words I began to see that the savage
Villa was now a true man. He was
very indignant that I suspected any
thing wrong of him. Although Villa
claimed that he was not considering me
as a woman, but an ambassador, yet I
did not understand what lift intended
to do with me and why he wanted to
hand me over to his "American
I was frightened now. and more
frightened when 1 was taken to a hor
rible little hut and locked in there with
only a candle for light. it was a sordid
place, with btit two little rooms, and
no window. Try as J would, 1 could
find no w.iy oi e? ?ii;.''. Kven if i did
succeed in escaping from liii-- hut.
where could I go? Why did Villa wish
to keep me in tliat miserable hut'.' Was
he after mv money? I'.ut all my money
and paper; were still with me. and
neither Villa nor his men had touched
them. Then why did he wish to keep
me there? These thoughts were tor
turing my mind. Who was his Ameri
can friend? 1s lie. perhaps, one of his
Mow long I sat there weeping I ran
nevr tell. The candle burned itself
out, and the place was r?s dark by day
as by night, uace only .? utnebody came
and unlocked the door, letting in the
daylight and supplying r.ie with a fresh
candle and a meal of fried maize cakes,
with a meat stow an.I some rough wine,
which I could not drink.
In the end ! was aroused from the
stupor into which I had fallen by some
body violently bursting iti the door. A
man rushed in and seized mo in his
"liiworiaiv nv ma v
W ITI I (lliRMAX A< Ci:\T
"Quiet." he whispered in Knglish
that had a decidod (lerman accent, "you
will he all right now." It was night
again, and outside were drawn up two
molor cars. My rescuer placed me in
one of these, and soon we. wen; speed
ing away to the American border.
My rfscucr was sitting beside mo in
the motor car. 1 was completely in
terror. He must be the American
Villa spoke of. Hut what did he in
tend to do with me? Where was he
taking me?
"Where are you taking me?" I In
quired of my captor-rescuer.
Without hesitation he answered: "Be
quiet, you are lit the hands of friends.
That savage Villa was negotiating
with an American oflicer for the pur
pose of handing you over to the Ameri
can authorities, lie Is trying to rfhow
to the Americans that he is still
friendly with them. Villa says that
you have some important document that
It would do the Americans good to
know." ]
"Then you arc taking me away, you
have stolen me from Villa so that you
do not have to pay that savage and \
treacherous dog for his services for
' l7- r;4- K V-'ir hands?-' I hVf
cried uncJ half shouted.
? e-nry.'" l'1 was Bor.'|Vrcd to^re/cL '
> -?
' native"1 a' I !"
"?n!z,*rxu*T:?w,?, ?
iv nwi)S OI..
"y"t;r,, V",;h
< , '"in that ;)>?? "-afest
P ror ?CUld l.? San J-'l.inciM-r.
f " u.ii'ii p.ace J could take
Slher-j'-i "l' CO ?"1| 'JaP?i>- through
I * O r? , r," ""
Z. ??W
4 .... . ? * i ,1 I'VI'TV.
, . . aa" I 'ancisoo for me J|c a]>0
- .ii '??<? 'ha: ,ii. American oflh ?-r would
accompany me San Franco
American of .r-> wi.
' 1 thousands of v... )r,i
Secret . * . * ?wii* ricMii
. ,,,on Wirrn > a:trr* J t
that distri.-t. and were stopp nt; ^v,rv
,ru.,d not -ti-^
?'.. 1 > ,n our secret service. Thii
nan .as br??KinB us a Kreat deal o?
information rejjardintr the American
:ra:,Tf ':viUa? :ind ?
F..% r, r Vnv' i"'raURP 1 Il:"5 ?>*K?in to
,, topers, which w, T, ...v. n
. 11 >?' my roar. I l;n.-w.tl. it
*ou*S IllrV r*UC'Kd -<a" r
cor,1 ' " olir coni,ul who
secret 'Pr. r,"n:nu:,"'a,t- our
/ r 1,0 Imj r?au In iJerlin ?,?,i
ask for further instruct Ion.--. 1 was In
roduced ,0 my American ofheer '''
mome-it ???',< J"'?1 t the
rJ.e if * tipon his youthful
i-nh , "as kl,?wn to our men as
?h a'r' WAS a m"'"c bn-v- 8,1,1 from
* very first hour that we were ,0.
Cet her I could see that he had fa Men
in love with me. ""
(To lic Continued To-Morrow )
Arretted on A*??hIi Clinrgr
HrC*VSCi Ul,h ?>s;?,lti:iB
at ^.yi
the Zrr
piece oi^.r"'1 "1j: Uycl,e 'Iropped a
Try|?B 10 He.or,|
- w"
... " **? Rar-?J-" ??mployeo. livintr at Tn<
nlTt X'Z^V: "rroJlc*1,:^
farv Ktri".-* 1 ? .1"' er ""'t on the
: ;:;:7f rv' * w"^1:;;!? nv;.M^
out the ,ar when arrest,,j.
< ' .J!
'' I* ?/. I n I Suit Mr in ^ Arg?rd.
ueil yest^i
4? ?? ? ? a. ? ' *** * i'4 y l}'. o i r
p">1,n,! :J- 1 .'P Silt' ,,f . , ...
-ufarw-e romj.jip,. 0? .
Amor lean National jja?ik i'far'nst
William A. Moncti? i'? ,V , ' ?1,!
The Jay Of
Coming KotSserhood
A Wonderful RemedTThat Is a Natural
A?d and Reheve* the Tenaion.
. '-M^-tant mother revolver hi i.r
all ,m. understood l.y dcxtinv ' And
. 's " fnipori,,,,.... lllul ,
Ilr,t ,hoUs!!? '
? " :i "M "fleiKlhl lemedv ior
Purpose. .Mothers Kri(M1(1. It j,
Mi" muscles of iho ?,/?? ^ 1
roZv,. Z'r-V '"'"'rates ,'i
lellfv, j-HjIii on tier\ <*s, i or.'v . .. i ??
'? "...M'i-, PIil(lu V/; !t
I tliej e.Mtaml easily when l.al.y i,,rlx.N ?n.l
?Mothers I'liend I- f,.r .xteruit
?is almolult'ly .-alt and wonderfullx elTe.'i'U
.1 eii.iM.j. th.- mother to |.r?-<ervJ
r Itea.ih M,ei.Kth. and ?|.e remalin
.a preuy mother l.y l.avi,^ HvoM,? *
''?,nc,r whirl# w,.U|,| otherwi-Q
u'tomj.any Mi.h un oceaMl..n. Kverv ....rv
!'"?"!? "'"roughly luhrlc,ted'
'fieM |.,er"t "? "r"par*" ?">? 'he llra.l
field Keuulator <V. J sti I.umnr ll|,iB.. A .
! ' <*n- '""'I you ?? lni..?eelv
. Interesting ".Motherhood Uook." writ's
'hen, to send it to you. ?n<1 ?r i
j r ir, ^?:;\.::roV%h^rrr,ed,rrK,'<i ?-'->?
I Slot Ion's work'" MoiVi'#-r'?!*''l-'rleII'|U**' 1">l"
Itosslhle for y, n t,. do so u
used rex u In r I), without full .7
| mornliiK.?Adv. * "* "'Kht and
Everything Seen
in Retail Market
Abundant Supplies of Gocd
Things Calling for Use of
Elongated Purses.
Th? carriers of i Ji?? rnarKc? basket
will find ;i plenty <>l everything with
which to li!! them mii the t > iij i iii.n iti in
tins morn .i.i;. out tliej will n.ivf .?>
ii I* > 11 ^ pictty lengthy pur- s to work
os. _. . .ii v a tile sup
ply is la rye and varied
yb..y ciiang-d lure :md there.
ainl tlcuros somewhat stiffer. 'nangcs
iin?l a ra pcf rui*. arc especially high,
while strawberries ar" marked down 3
unt a quart.
Kggu remain firm at former quota
tions. but the dealers are |ircdiot:i>*4 an
early advance, which may come ttnd t"
the e\tT.s{vc d ?* in a nd i?t to-day. < ?'?un
ify butter is a little lower. .Moats run -
tlnu" to threaten to higher, hut the
figures have not been marl;> d up ye*.
Sptinc lamb lit? tifon .< little late cuin
ipg. hut there will he some on the
market to-day at only >1 per ?t tarter,
the highest price ever marked on it in
this city.
Tile quotation: l-How will rule to- -ay.
I' run-.
App'< ?. 'j pr' k ;'| |.x ;ll
? j. r: u-" v. /r'i 7"> " 1 1 1
l.T.ions. iluMii 2"? (i 40
1..11.a nil, . . ' (,
> Jr:? p-1 ??'lit . i i .i
straw birri<. . ? jr * . j ? M
\ rci'lulilr*.
Stirt pi>'an.*. .him: '. . ?' !."?
(irrrn penprrs. ?l?jz?n <t j?
.. .iii i. h>-a?l
? liiK' , poin d .
Carrot*, bunch
: r .<-li pot.< . i omul ...
i | .,'iT.o
*. ' ??! 1 ?)- I i ? . pull!" I
H<-r:iiud.? un ioi..- up.* ?
el.it-ri* liil: h ....
Kgr pi < fit. * !>??-?? .
"I llr . bull li
C\ nibi.iiS?. api'-iv
Sj i'lMi h. '? j p- !; ....
T n ? r- - i 1s )#??<!<
i*4 . ? If . bum I. '?
i a n; itto w<*r. vr h?-a'1....... . ii
Celery. . 6
Tomatoea, G for .... 'w
Mushroom - I'i :a
U.I.'. .? I- "
? n'Uinl" r* j I'I" e . . E ':l
N. vr f.i.ic i.-h p"?- in ii'ill,
J ouarts for . ft
A^parHKUM. bunch 40 ft
KhubarU. bunch
Flxh mud Oldrr SfB Food.
Bay ma^kerM pound O ?6
Flounders, pound O li
1" r-1.1 j ?. txiUlid
Crab mf?i. ouart ft 60
/.? imp erab. <iuart v 1/ si/
Clams, dozen (( W
i'.c;. ro'j'.. pound 4' -?)
Itutterflah. pound ft
Miaeft-h t>ound O W
fh'-ei'.-iwatj. pound it 15
f.o^l.fl-h i>ound
Shrltr i>. ouiir'
S: r>?l. - r<! lb...
-r< h. i>'?'inu ..
V- I <? i ? r Ii. p..,irid. .
After You Read This Ad.
and convince yourself that then;
is more to buying Coffee than
you thought. Soe the different
kind.4 preen. Have Cotfee roast
ed while you wait.
it ml
A HA 111 A \ MOCHA
Tiinu v-si:vi:\ ck.nts n>.
Saturday Morning
\ I ii in ilium IVr
o<il:Uor. SI.98
Dexter Steel Knives
Kor l>ui<-hers' nml home use, carving
and skinning. i:r?o to .*>1.25.
Kentucky Lady Says Two Bot
tles of Cardtai Surprised Her
liy Act iu^ So Quickly.
Holier. Ky.?Mrs. Sarah M Hill,
of this place, writes: "I can't praise
Cardui too much, for it is a wonder
ful medicine for women.
Eight years ago I began to fool
not quite so well as usual ... I was
not abb- to d(i an\thing. It seemed
like I wa? dwindling away, and kept
getting more puny every day. I was
weak ami pale and could not stand
on my feet long ... 1 had no doctor.
Iiut I knew by my feelings that I
had womanly weakness.
After I decided to try Cardui, 1
bought one. bottle. It seemed as if
the very firs! few doses began to
help me. I was surprised that any
thing could begin to act so quickly,
r.ut ii helped me right away. I know
it did because I began immediately
to f;<-t strong.
After I finished that first bottle,
I bought another. When 1 had fin
ished that second bottlo I was all
right. I did not need a third bottle.
I kept right on getting stronger until
f was as strong as ever, and I have
kept so. . . . Now I am ns well and
as strong and as able to do my work
as 1 ever was in my life."
Try Card ii i to-day.?Adv.
1! ?<? i:? S. . ..
iti'i Km'. po'ind ....
< lllUlll't". |K?lltl'l
IVrr f.
J *n?-| hIp.iU. imxiikI..
I(?ff tenO ?-r ? o? i>. i.omikI
"ii 1
>I fa
Cuiiml i ? ?. ii?.?I . .
H'l, rim-' lyo-n-I
I; i,nu> lx.iii.il
> ?Up Tll'-il. pUU*Mj ...
CoruiKl ??'"f. pound
< .a mil,
l.a mh. fhoiild"'' pound
I.imb rh"1'. ?n?uiir;
nirwlnc ia:nt< t?>iiin|.
S|.i.'S I limb. ? ..irt.<r
I'.>rl< ! mi'id
I*i?r'< tmderlnin. i?iiind
Itoait iMirli. iioiit.fi
'li rh'- llilT. i il
lUiun. ''iri-il. no.i <1
Hunt. kllieil. ttwiiid.
I-..I .% ?< . /.-a' . i ?
Head < ltei*.*e. pound
S?ou?e. pound
ISIOuit i.U'lilir.s. I'OUU'l
\?ul i inlets, nounii
V**i chop*. pound
Hound v<al. i.oiiii I ..
J?rrj..l \eal. i>?uiiiI
Drmril I'oullrr
I |n]?t iii c villi i??Ml."
i 'tilvlt?-;i.4. i-roilr r
s> wwintc 1 lil'-K 'ti?
? '?|.Otl*, pOUtl'l
1 >1 ??-: < I lurln > ??
I k11??1 is pouriil
? 2iiliieu* uit'*' "
Hmter. creutnrry.
i .milry '.in i? r. r" ? i?
l*CC?. (ri'bh. ?>nr':- ?!
American cli'f<-. tx.unl ....
fihwl'tir i h'f!"1. iK'ijnd
RomWort rb'Mi1 do'ind....
t ? ii'.il
nil I
r:s?. Clteeif.
1 M
li??p?'t,lIns* Oj?l?r liriMind*.
("ommisslonoi i.l l-'i^hcrl^s Walto* I.'.
Ur'.tliRvvay and ~11??'I Kis!i t'ontmi>'?io:ior
.John !l. I!iw :??*<* i ;i :ir.B i**. ftispoci ion
lour if i'll nys'or vround.-t in th?:
IMi';." r(.|<i
l''?ruifrV IT it In it SiMTrtnrj1 Say* \ lr;;lnln
l<*nrmern Arr Thoroughly
A rousted.
[Special to The Times-V?ispatil/ 1
IjVNCIIML'KCS. VA.. April 5.?George
II. Itowlcti, secretary of the Virginia
Farmers' Kducational and t_'?#-operati\
I riiou, who Is in flosrn tou<*h with the
farmers of the State, declared to-day
that tho fanners of Virginia ar" thor
oughly aroused ami will grow the great
< si crops this year in the history of
tire State. President A. 15. Thornhill
j.lid Secretary Howies are both making
numerous speeches to farmers through
out the Stat.- in an effort to rouse them
to even greater efforts. Mr. Howies has
an itinerary for next week in Isle ot
Wight. Surry. Ureetiexvlllo and Halifax
Counties, which will bring him In touch
with thousands of farmers.
Ilrneflt Concert.
l**or the benefit of Virginia Metho
dist camp work, a well-rendered pro
gram or music anil readings was en
joyed t?y a large audience in the lec
ture-room of the Hroad Street Metho
dist Church last nigh:. A large sum
was realized Tor religious work in ajid
about military camps. The following
artists took part in the program: Mr-,
Kula Bailey Crouch, reader; M:... A.l
riana Kuyk l*udwig. soprano; M
Daisy Smith, contralto; <Kalph Hud
wig. tenor; W:\lier i?. Sharitis. bn^.so;
? Professor J. Humont (Jalbruith. accom
CalUM "KltS
United Slates I'ood Administration
License No. G-1TK1H.
Mixed Va. Deans, lb 12Vic
Largo cans Asparagus. 2 1?-ll>. cans,
each 20c
Breakfast Macon. Hi :i5c
Whole Grain Rice, lb lie
Can Corned Merf 28c
Can Tomatoes. 2 cans for 25c
Can Corn 15c
Can Pears 15c
Can Baked Means 15c
Can Mutter Means 15c
Can Pumpkin 15c
Can Sour Kraut.
Smoked Jowls, lb 27c
S. Uliman s Son,
Kstablished 1805.
1820 and 1822 Knst Main Street.
50<5 Knst Marshall Street.
313 N. Adams St.
MikIImiii 721. Randolph 4ISO.
Swift Premium Ham!", pound 35c
Silted Baron, pound <5c
Krffli Country KxKh. dozen 40c
Good Sifted IVa-. can 15c
Onion-', pound H
Stttj.ir rnrn. 2 for '.'5c
Kr?>li Pork liams, potltid 'iSc
S|i?>uld?>r?. p<iuf ?! -tJ':
Kr<-.*h Hrt-a-t Pork. pound
Unas', int* t'lilik'-n*. pound 1-t
I'lil" ?.ainl>. ISowst Bim*( and Vtfal. Sltad
find .Sha.i !:>?>. Perch and Kreslt llerri una.
<. >i.>n i'.ii.I:i;;p f?pm:n 1?, !<alr. Salsify, ?''.>?
.-timber* .ir.d l.i'iuirf. itliul>url? mid Kin#
Tomatoi- Kino lot of t'ouniry Shoulders.
:tv pound. l.ots of good thing.- too inline
rou* to in* tit ion. I'otiie early utitl t?t ilia
Hw?hI<?I|>Ii an-mv _*'-8 W Ml Hroml,
1703 Kast franklin Street.
M. THOMAS Ml'SSEN. Mannscr.
Miidi*?u I'M*. Madison 2239.
Ilicli-CiKii^ Gr?ifrii"i of All Kind*.
MA 11 Kiel's ~~
Sanitary Meat
W. W. Tiller
Special for
Roast Beef 20c
Machine Sliced Bacon 45c
Cornet! Beef 20c
Shoulder of Lamb JWc
Leg of Lamb HSc
Breast of Lamb ttOc
Fresh Hams 35c
Fresh Shoulders ?'iOc
Hamburg 25c
Itegular Hams 35c
Victor Oleomargarine ii'-c
Sauerkraut. 15c qt? 2 for. . .25c
Phone Randolph 575<>-5717.
We deliver to all parts of city
Wagon leaves for Highland
Park and G inter Park 3 o'clock.
mar kl:ts
No. s?i;. Jtroad St.?No. S
All 31 oats Sold Here 1*. S.
Government Iuspeeted.
Special Sa!uriay
Good Salt Pork,
Good Pot Roast,
Stewing Beef,
Choice Pork Chops,
Good Chuck Steak,
Swift Premium
Sugar-Cured Hams,
English Cut Smoked
Fancy Dressed Veal, Lamb,
Kir., Lowest Market friers
Phone Kandolph, 37S7.
Boulevard Market
j 0:ancc. Luiioik. Heavy Grapefruit rivI
j I'ant y Apple;-. Celery. T .inau? .
I?:.veti SAtet IVpiicrs. Carrot.-, l'.tr- ii.,s jii.i
KUulmrli. hlini! unit i'Vtaii Ilerrtiij;?-.
j 2802 Weal llroail. ltoulevanl ?;?(!.
TheLeighton Market
S'i'J North Sixth Street.
Mniiifcuu -t'.'O.*).
Jennings Fish Co., Inc.
Ojrutrrs, Kifcll. Gil me .sntl Poultry,
stall-. HO tu 9(1. SiViintl .Miirkrt.
tCnuilolph -'llil-'.'l 17 anil Muilimin .*><67.
Specials for Saturday
ahi.i: i'i:i. i:s
flin?* of ?? -u r- . i'? i m.h*? ihe fre?ze.
Ed. Keck
Kltrulolpli 2l!".V hrcuiiil Market.
Sirloin Steak, p? r pound... :;'>o
I'orK SAUMiage. per pou nil Uou
l'./rk Chops, per poutlil 3i,_>
I'oMerhouno Ste.iU. p?*r pound y,?c
Itoupd Sle.iU, pi r pound j;,,
i'I.ij.U ftoa.ii, per uouiul lie'
In It lark and White,
For Dancing.
Albert Stein
Fifth and Broad Streets.
. Biggs
Is Worth While
59 e . Ha a ? EM: h, ?
11 21t
18 East Broad.
Xo matter what Is ady<
H Used elsewhere, it's chea;
? lie re.
I a r e m O' l'i'imi
A Really
Costs No Mi
Tin-: woman wlic
bag shopping
glad to know thacL
showing is entirely?
representing the
in stylos, colorin
fabries. Prices r
found most reason^
The "Torpille" (torp
is the name of this'-;
linctive Silk MoirelpJ;
in elongated shape,)w
steel-covered frame,
side mirror and pi
and strap handle. $
cial this week in nai^
black, purple and sana
$2.?s. H|
Til is heavy Moire Be
sand, lavender and
has a half octagon
tarnish white ni'
frame an inch wide,
beautifully chased; I
and fitted, $5.00.
Another charming Bag;
of "Moire Fantasia,''* 1
gray, sand, black k
Burgundy, with a fo\
section tassel. Fitte
with purse and mirror,
Many other styles ai
T. 4-?-1
Dresses?Suits?Coats i
Surprise Stori
11S E. Broad Street*
. .0/
tDMBunmnmnnnwtEnwo"" _
40 Wwt 48 5
N.w York
U?t off Fifih ,
en on* of city'a J
qukiot rtttaifj;
One of N?w y#A'
noit beautiful bote)
Much favored by vat
men travailing l
out aacort.
Within fouf 1 _
walk of forty
CtnXm of
, Rmbw private bath,]
$2.SO and l+nmit.
Siltiof Roam, bod*'
raaoi and bath.-i
S&M and ?raardh
W.Jateaaai QtAsa, .
j jiiHiHnnttjiiiBmimttHJjimiHiMnfifaB
A Good Room with Bath 0'
at 2.00 to 3.00 Per Day^
Is Hard to Find,
Cut thr Editor of this Paper will s
tc!l you "You can get $
i ?? t ' ' \
them at the ;???; s
Hotel Gregorian
35 th Street,
Ret. 5t!i Ave. and Broadway.
Hornlike, Modern, Hlrrpro?f, G$lVr
tral, neur Theatrea and Shop#. V
Heat of Food* at Fair Prie4?.V '*
Wrltt for Booklet to ?
?Hotel An soma
*?0.1 L*A ri 1. _ n 111. rf'X11! .
73d St.-flroad>vay-74th St.
.Vjr <
"Ali.N 11 'K'liNT I'l Ktl'ltOOF HOT"
(OMWIMMi I.too ItOO.HS, 81
Rooms and Bath;
$2.50 per day ?
For 2 Persons,
?4.00 per day
Canadian Money la Aerepted M Tbl*
Hotel Without DiKraoat. ; M;*r ?
I.ato of l.afayette Motel. Balflbv' .
K. Y.; L?tr Victoria Hotel.
I.ate of the CarU-Kit? Hotel, Teecalo

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