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iewark may not take
*r,nVc?r MMkrJ'm'".'! u,lr,nK r"??
< ,u,? Owner* K*.
(CCdluqrly Caution*.
l-xt Wcdncaduv "aCim in
r ?? tho Clreull a?OUeh 11,0 ,,,ake
puncud licre it ?, recently Rn.
faiichlsc liaa'i-nS V soc??? that the
P I" the Ncu?rU Ch?hUCSU^,ly W1"
frrnerly nrcttldnni , V ? 'i ^a,l,.lca trice,
(lib of the i, 1 ,h? ol'J Newark
f-day -. ii i , , ' ,'11". '-e/'Buo, staled
Jr a berth lu lho niL h?? applied
I't alio*,. i.V.r c,v circuit, he was
I H 'HVoVlevcd ' h-uU?Sr,S1,,0I"1 Kettins
I trip to Clileucrr ?,? Hftor J rice mado
['<?11. n with n V'.U',"? i"! l,aU ;i
' the NowilrJ V'Im? . Snilth, backer
Ircst in the nroi? V ? ! lo8t his ,n*
I" cmc lo J' r^'., bccaus? Smith did
lWaya been ? ImiIIk wilh "hat had
J Whether ? Proposition.
F-^H^?,VS;a "?',^
Fuo'i, "?"Vim'ViV'" "PpK^'hi
I'ortbjnan and w?H,-known
l?adlnp, " haa^w 1 of
Icll as ??fji'llid" for u bprth as
lie Mght\veiki11 <? h? i. t ' 'nanaffcr of
l-d. Who wants in h, ]Jen"-v ''ton
Ironx. Wai'l? Place a club in the
IjcaUori ,co,I'"e;W"ro)'!i,erj the thlrd ?!>
lav'o? Krl'nUnuVln' obyt,acl" In the
lewark or tin. nl! a fra"chise to
fe/7. vj-r ?
" Do ?ol'l by any other parties.
Baseball Results
UroolTiv'nr'va"iS' Boston Americans,
luth Hu'?" an ?'a ' Batteries?
It AlJ(,ti-1vU.,f: St' J?oui;, Americans -?
f'rm?lk ?n,fJ- Uattcrles?how'
prmllk and .Nunamakcr. M; . n
|tn?. Vor.c\'nnVP,[Jnd An,crl"
l?riPM V*' or? ^atlonalu, C. Hat
|i???ti '.ni jl^Carty!""''KS'
!?*' ft A.
|&??! s. A.. 7: Park
h'xJ.f' r.'aei'?"?- S;'; Worth.
Patlr-rloN V *?? Amrr.cans.
pilliam.s and .SVIkIIL ' U"'1 Wou'^>I;
['amp Johnston, 6; PltUburffh**-?!?
lonals, r< IJatterio- \v,.
Id .>rklns;
Irw !??."?? ?K*'t: ashinpton Amrri
lil , hattanooea .Southern Association,
PLAYS IN petersburg
1 Hcncdictine collejre nine Jour
, . I etcrsbury tl> ctVe h-??
li'a?''rl'tv' '-rh?' "^Ercgation in
I.J ? . ./? .Th" hlsrh class of ball uut
I S ti,f! Saturday aftfrnno-i
lj?-day.h "Kht W,H 1,0 Blvc" the Goobcra
I A ,yhanpes havn bf>en made ii>
no Menrdi'-tlne batting or<J.->r, llaflin
| ho pulU-d off a tw<>-i.,am.*or and a iiTt
bllowed'^by r'V Icad ,?^ "" " in bc
li , i !. ? I.'Iio and Creamer ?? h<?>
;ll.;'!", l,r stunts, nurnham. who or,n
Jocted for two three-baaircrs will
'?in'8|>? iTr The order then
?ill be Mcnning. HreolinK. i:i ,k.> :
cr and (.Jrillin. 1 '<-r>b
iir?.cn.^!n,r Warm neneh.
HOLSTON. TKX Anril 7 \\-i._
ilfled of Charley ir.rzo" s~^no"
'nrU ^ v?",d ,ef,or' to' the' tiianVs
pril lo. Manager Mor,raw mioti i,!.
o-nl|?ht that he would nrobVbtv i, i
Imsclf "warmlnjj the bench" for he
ummer The pilot of the NaUon^
ndSbas?,an,Pi0n8 aa u re6ular at sec
The Weather
(Furnltthrd l>y I'. 8. UValhrr Ilurenti.)
(federal Sumnirr Time
I'urcranl I Vtrfglnla
^I.Ir l?t rnln Monday t
\-y/ T u c n il a y fair ami
yy Komrnbat eooler.
'/ y North Carollnn?
Itnln Monday;
day fulr and *ome
ivliat cooler.
I.oral Temperature.
I.' noon temperature SO
:: I'. M. temperature 01 j
; Maximum temperature to S P. M. . tic
i .Minimum temperature to .8 I*. M.. -'IS
Mean temperature 52 ;
.Not mill temperature M '
Deficiency in temperature 2
Excess in temperature since March
1 156
Accumulated deficiency since Jan
uary 1 78
Ijoeal Italnfnll.
'Rainfall last twenty-four hours..Nona
Deficiency in rainfall since March
1 26
Excess in rainfall since January 1. .<0
l.oenl Oliurrvntlon* nt R IV M.
Temperature. 50: humidity, 63; wind,
direction, northeast; wind, velocity, S
miles; weather, cloudy.
Temp?? rat ure.
Place. SK M: High. Eo'w. Weather.
Asheville 48 4s 40 Jtain
Atlanta 58 f.S f,0 Rain
Atlantic City.. 44 4S .. Cloudy
Boston 50 02 .. Clear
Buffalo 48 52 .. Rain
Charleston ... CI OS 58 Cloudv
Chicago 4S 52 .. I', cloudy
Denver 4 1 11 .. Cloudy
! Galveston .... 7?> 7.' 04 Cloudv
Hatteras 50 02 40 J', cloudy
Havre 54 51 .. Clear
Jacksonville .. 00 72 C4 Rain
Kansas Cily.. 5S OS .. I', cloudy
Montgomery .. 58 01 56 Cloudy
New Orleans.. 72 74 02 I*. cloudy
New York 44 50 .. Cloudy
Norfolk 51 02 40 Clourly
Oklahoma ... Gt 70 .. Cloudy
Pittsburgh ... 52 51 .. Rain
Raleigh 02 00 40 Cloudy
St. Eouls 00 02 .. Clear
San Francisco. 01 01 .. Clear
iSavannah 01 OS 00 Rain
Tampa 62 7S 00 Rain
Washington .. 54 00 .. Cloudy
Wythevillc ... 40 50 14 Rain
HIMATl'R i: A I'M A N A C.
April S. 1318.
Sun rises 6:47 Morning 3:09
Sun setB ...7:37 Evening 3:51
f.rover I.onderniilk Make* (Jrrnt ShoTT
Inc Acainat St. I.ouln
t fi ril I nn In. <
ST. EQUIP. April 7.?Grover I.onder
niilk twirled a one-hit paine for the
Rrowns here this afternoon, the Car
dinals dropping the opening game of
the city series hy a score of 2 to'l.
The crsiek rinht bander's pitching was
a brilliant exhibition, and he icept the
fans at a high pitch of excitement.
Cruise garnered the only safe wallop
olY the lanky Hrownlc in the ninth. ,
Twcntf thousand persons witnessed
the Kame.
Prior to the game the Browns pa
raded around the field, wearing iare?
letters on their backs reading: "Buy
Liberty bonds."
Jack Smith, the Cardinal holdout,
signed a contract with President
Branch Rickey in time to get into the
Same In lla?ed on Condition He Refrain
Krom Sulnx the New
Vork Club.
SPARTANBURG. S. C.. April 7.?Man
ager Stallinirs, of the Boston Braves,
received word to-night that President
! Percy Haughton has sent the follow
ing message to Charley llerzog. the
baseball prima dona, who has refused
j to deal with the Boston club and re
turned to his home at Ridgel.v. Md.
"Boston club will Rive you $3,000
bonus and n:-sume your New York con
tract. provided you will not Iring law
suit a pa i list the New Vork club or the
Pennsylvania Railroad during this
yea r."
llerzog suffered injurier, by a fall in
the New York station ot" the Pennsyl
vania Railroad, and is threatening to
bring suit for damages. He also is
planning to sue the New Vork club
for $2,400 back salary which lie claims 1
is due him for the time he was out of j
i the game following the accident.
Player* Will .loin Soon.
SPRANTANBURG. S. C.. April 7.?
Armando Marsans. the Yankee's Cuban
player, who failed to report, will join
the team within two weeks, according
to word received.here to-night by Man
l.rnjcuc Slnrs Arc lli'iiibrri of
Solillrrn' Ilunrbnll Tram W lilcli Will
Mert .Mnek*tern.
CAMP I.KK, VA., April 7 -Connie
Muck und Ills Athleth-s were assured ?>f
playing before on<- of sin- largest
orou'ils that will witness any or his
games on the return irij? to ?l'hlladol
phlsi from trulning quarters at Jsick
sonvllle, when order. were issued from
division headquarters that the next
Wednesday half holiday be postponed
until Friday. This was done in order
that every officer and enlisted man
of the division may have the oppor
tunity of yeeing Eddie Klepfer and his
cohorts lining up against the big
leaguers. The game will l?e played on
the drill Held of the Thre ? Hundred
and Nineteenth Infantry, which imme
diately adjoins division headquarters.
On Wednesday afternoon the divi
sional team will have a practice game
between the inen whom Klepfer be
lieves are the strongest tor the respec
tive positions against a second leant.
The strongest pitchers will probably
work for the second team. Three men
arc slated to work three innings. The
pitchers include Klepfer, the leading
pitcher of the American League, who
worked last year with Cleveland; Mil
jus. of Brooklyn, and Pope, who for
three years was with Oakland on the
Pacific coast, but who was with Mo
bile last year. Kennedy, last year
with Little itoclc, but the property of
the St. Louis Browns, is catcher. Joe
Harris, of Cleveland, and his brother
of Chattanooga, in the .Southern
League, arc others of experience who
will be seen in action. Others include
Nixon, of the I'acitlc Coast League;
McKay, of the Ohio State; Dolly Cray,
of the Central League, and Heswiek.
who led the Ohio State League in bat
ting for several years.
IliRhcnt Level* Show .Net <>nin? or
I to 17- Points?War Xewi
In Important.
f By Associated 1'rcss. 1 i
NEW OHLEANS, April 7.? Wide ad
vances again were made by cotton here
last week, mainly on the strength of
the spot situation, lyowest levels were
recorded on the opening session, while
the highest levels were made in the
last half of the week. At no time was
the market nt a net decline, and high
est levels showed net gains of H'5 to
172 points. The close was to 137
points over the closing prlee? of the
preceding week. On Friday there was
a stiff reaction from the decline, but a
good part of the setback was recovered
on the closing session.
The continued eood demand for ac
tual cotton antl reports of an increased
inquiry for cotton goods, for both gov
ernment and civilian accounts, were
the mainstays of the rise which put
all months in the contract market, as
well as spot prices, to new hluh levels,
the highest ever known on futures, and
the highest in hr.lf a century on spots.
Crop news showed distinct improve
ment. without affecting values. The
main development in this direction wa?
the breaking "f the long drought in
Texas. The reaction Friday was partiy
1he natural sifter-effect of the Ion;:
rise. and was partly due to reports of
price-fixing and less favorable news,
but on the week end a more favorable
opinion of both features obtained.
This week the trade will have to di
gest a greatly increased tnas.t of crop
reports, and on Wednesday, the first of
the oliicial weekly reports on the crop
will be Issued by the Department of
Agriculture. Wnr news is bound to be
important, and the trade will be unable
to get very f.-?r away from develop
ments in the markets of the country
for finished cotton goods.
Danville Minlater OITrr* Service*.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
DANVILLE, VA., April 7.?Rev. .1. K.
Hicks, P. D.', pastor of the First Bap
tist Church, and one. of the heat-known
ministers of this place, leaves here thin
afternoon for New York, where, on'
Monday afternoon, he will appear be
fore the war work council of the Y.
M. C. A. Dr. Hicks orrererj his ser
vices in the capacity of a field secre
tary some weeks ago. though this was
not made known' until yesterday. De
fore America became involved in the
war. Dr. Ilicks's sermons attracted a
good deal of notice. Since the declara
tion came, however, he has entered ag
gressively in pro-ally movements.
The Danville minister will be phy
sically examined when in New York,
and his credentials will he placed be
fore the hoard. He is required to have
letters from three different people
hearing on his views of pacifism and
Dr. Hicks has had under considera
tion for some time a call from Nash
ville, Tenn., and one from Savannah,
This is Your War
Your Country represents the toil, sacrifice and
struggle of past generations of Americans. They won
its freedom, preserved its integrity and handed it
down to you as a priceless heritage and sacred trust.
If the Government asked you to contribute your
share of the cost of this War as a gift* you would
have no just cause for complaint. This is your
Country and it is to your interest to protect your
property, your home and your family.
A Liberty Bond takes us to the front trenches
just as sure as the Polar Star takes us North.
Denominations of $50 and up. Any bank
or trust company will explain details
and arrange payments you can meet
Startling Hun
Plots Revealed
Dcscribcs Establishment of Sub
marine Posl-Ojjices First
in Swedish Waters.
\?.'ojiyri|f ht. 131*. by the International *
.Sows Burcai, 1 ncj
(In this Installment of h?r confession
the countess tells of the Oermun pints
in ilimtriiy Scandinavian xhii>;ilni;
owing to the Rlnitlnx of many such -hl|>s
with ? argofs eventually for in" use oi
Hi" "KHtlii'rlanri," ? p.an had t?? be <ie
vlsril to protect ships with such car
suus i-'h<; tolls how it done.)
However, I h:\d seen loo much of the
world and traveled too far antl wide
to take this woman very seriously. I
was very polite to h-ir and I think I
repaid her by showing her my good
nature and being amiable.
"Before you go." she said, "you will
communicate with Karon von Kautcn
fels, who will instruct you and. ex
plain to you the nature of the mission
on which you are sent and the ser
vice demanded from you in Scandi
1 had never met Baron von Kautcn
fels before, but all the world now
knows the measure of his idiocy, and
I take some personal credit for sus
pecting his total incompetency on the
occasion of our first moetin.
KiMJS ni:\v acoI .\ivrvxci-:
1 reported to him in his office. which
is attached to our Foreign Ollice. Ho
was in charge of the Foreign Office's
Scandinavian bureau. Our interview
occupied over four hours, and his in
structions consisted entirely of talk
and more talk. When he had finished,
or rather when he was exhausted. I
knew very few of the details of my
assignment to Scandinavian countries.
He had consumed all that time with
empty talk, and in demonstrating: to1
me tiie ?Inverness of the device he
was employing in the destruction of
Norwegian shipping. I was not with
hirn leu minutes when I became con
vinced that he had obtained h:.s know
ledge of jecret service from lite cine
mas. All the time he was talking I
v 'inhered how he ever succeeeded in
obtaining such a position. I am very
sorry to stale that occasionally one
finds in the service of the Fatherland i
such asses as this man. Baron von
R a u ton f els.
The gist of whrxt he said to m? dur
inc these f.,-ir hour.-* was this:
Ho had had bombs made like pieces
of roal or cakes of tobacco, arid car
borundum powder hidden in fountain
pen.*, and L>> a miMber of childish do-,
vices of that nature he expected to
destroy Norwegian shipping. He im
pressed upon me the value of such
things in the work I was (o under
In a word, there were two classes
of exports from Norway and Sweden.'
Some of the ships sailing from Stnok
holm and ?'hristiania contained food
?uwangp.: arg ?
ami metal and other necessities which'
worn intended eventually for tlio use
of the Fatherland.
Like all other ship*: these were liable
to attack and sink ins; by our brave
submarine heroes, whose duty it Is
to sink all shipping. neutral as well
as that of the enemy.
ii.\i? i i'T orr < ak<;oi:s
In this way our submarined had cut
off a number of curfucs which Ger
many sorely n'.edod. Then for a time
the order had been given that all Scan
dinavian shipping was to pass un
scathed. That resulted in the transfer
of much enemy shipping to the Swed
ish and Norwegian Mag, so the work
of destruction .'sad to begin again.
My business in Stockholm was to
provido somu safeguard to the good
ships leaving the j>-?rt, that is, those
loaded with merchandise for Germany,
and at the same tirn-* to make certain
of the destruction of vessels sailing for
the infamous purpose of supplying our
Baron Xtautenfeis had already been
I engaged for some time o.i similar
w'orlj at Christlunia. 11" claimed that
over forty Norwegian ships had gone
to sea and had never been heard of
again owing to the success of the
measures he had taken. He had in
his pay Norwegian and Swedish marine
engineers who wero inspectors of the
Scandinavian ships. There men were
putting bombs in the hold and car
borundum powder in the valves and
bearings, of engines. Each marine en
gineer Inspector received trorn our
Christiania bureau the price of 5,000
marks for every ship thus sunk.
I said: "But. Excellency. Is there
no danger of these men either doing
the same thing for the ships sailing
to the Fatherland, or selling their ser
vices to the British agents in Krisr
Baron von Ilautenfels laughed con
fidently. He said: "My gracious
countess need not worry on that ac
count. I have safely under lock and
key good evidences showing that these
men arc guilty of criminal offenses
against the laws of their country.
Should they decide to betray us, we
will at once produce proofs of their
criminal guilt, for which they might
suffer long prison sentences or even
pay the penalty of death. Their ac
complices? I am here secure in the
"But supposing that these marine en
gineer inspectors make arrangements
with the English agents to do like
wise to ships bound to our ports?" I
In reply to this he said: "The Eng
ender has no brains. He has no ef
ficient sccret service department In
Kristiania." TI?3 answer, however, did
not satisfy me.
On further questioning him I found
out that his method of introducing
the bombs into Norway was as simple
as it was dangerous. They were
packed in boxes and consigned to
Michaheilcs. our diplomatic representa
tive at Kristiania. "No one may ex
amine parcels sent to an embassy,"
crowed Baroti Ftautenfels.
On leaving Baron Rautenfcls I found
myself thoroughly convinced that tho
baron should have been sent to an ,
Insane asylum a loner time ago. I
knew that his schemes would sooner
or later involve us with mere than
?ne friendly neutral neighbor. I
wanted to tell some one that the old
baron was a thorough ass.
I went directly to the Foreign Of
fice. where a "husband" and a passport
were provided for me. As I have al
ready mentioned In one of my former
records, a "husband" always accom- i
panled me until 1 reached my destina- !
tion after that I discarded my "hus- j
band" until ready to return to the
When I arrived in Stockholm I had
definitely decided that any plan I might
adopt would certainly not bo rfiodeled
on the lines followed by Baron von
(To Bt? Continued To-Morrow.)
llnrroMlne Stropsic on the Krenrli
Front Slourd Dunn Hi
NEW TORK, April 7.?Wall Street
was put to a severe test of its courage
and sanity during the last week, but
emerged with undiminished confidence.
Nor was there any impairment of mar
ket values.
The only outward manifestation of
its general attitude while the harrow
ing struggle on the French front pro
ceeded was a decided slowing rtown of
the machinery. . Trading for the six
days barely approximated the total at
tained on any of the countless "boom"
sessions of th? last three years.
The end of the week witnessed the
signing of the $50),000 war tlnancc cor
poration bill by President Wilson and
the launching of tho third Mberty loan
under auspices that would seem to in
sure the successful consummation of
thAt momentous undertaking. Out
standing Liberty issues, especially the
4s. yielded virtually all their cxtcnslvo
gains of the previous week.
For the tlrst time this year, per
ceptible relaxation was shown in the
time money market. Numerous thirty
anil sixty-day loans were reported, the
former nt ft 1-2 per cent for mixed col
lateral, while 0 per cent was paid for
the longed- accommodation.
So far as the stock market disclosed
any trend at all. industrials of recog
nized worth fared rather better than
rails. Transportations derived little
benefit from crop prospects which for
mer times have strengthened grain
and cotton carriers.
Trade authorities agree that the
business outlook is more hopeful on
the country's entrance into the second
year of the war. but refer to various
restrictions and regulations as among
the factors making for uncertainty.
Accepts C'ntl to Amliernt.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
AMI IICI1ST. April 7.?Rev. J. U.
Franklin, now of lilueficld. W. Va..
has accepted a call to the pastorate of
700 W. Broad Street,
?? v.-i?-v?U|)Ps. r.iinfs.
the Haptist church** on the A inherit
neW. These churches aro Ainhet I.
Monroe. Clifford and Kbeneser. Rev.
Mr. Franklin will begin his work in
Amherst May 1.
Our Liberty
Bond Booth
Will Be Conducted by
The Social Service
Mrs. Gordon W. Wright
Mrs. W. 11. Magee,
Mrs. S. R. Livingstone,
General Chairman.
Every One Can
Buy a Liberty
and Not Sacrifice Any
They Are Safe. Secure and
Negotiable, Just as Good
as the United States
4',4 c'o Paid Semiannually.
The IDEAL way to fuel saving!
If all houses and their coal bins could have held a meeting on any of the
many severely cold days of last winter, they would have cast a solid vote
endorsing the IDEAL heating comfort, the unequaled fuel-economy and
the domestic labor-saving of
Call your dealer and get
him to submit an estimate
BOILERS for your building at once
With IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN Radiators, there can be no over-heating requiring you to open the windows
?no under-heating causing chills, colds and discomfort. Fuel waste is cut out. Every heat unit is made to do
its full work. Every pound of coal is burned economically.
Automatic regulation gives regular and exact heat supply
IDEAL Boilers are designed, built and tested by highest engineering talent. Our engineers will not permit an IDEAL Boiler or
AMERICAN Radiator to pass the testing laboratories that does not measure up to the exact scientific requirement as stated in our
catalogs. Therefore, when you buy IDEAL heating you start on the right basis to get the utmost amount of heat from the least fuel.
IDEAL-AMERICAN beating saved millions in coal waste last winter
It is of the greatest importance that you should specify IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators for your new or old building
bccause now more than ever it is necessary to practice the most rigid fuel economy. Furthermore, IDEAL Boilers burn the cheaper
grades of hard and soft coal, screenings, pea coal, lignite, coke, wood, gas, oil, etc. ?thus offering you this means of saving.
An unfailing, stationary Vacuum Cleaner
You should also know about our ARCO WAND Stationary Vacuum Cleaner,
for dustless, complete cleaning through an iron suction pipe running to each
Fully GUARANTEED. Lasts as long as the building?like radiator heating.
In sizes at $190 up. Send for catalog.
Send at once for catalog
"Ideal Heating"?it should be
read by every one interested
in heating. Call your dealer
today to get an estimate for
equipping your building.
Sold by all dealers
No exclusive agents
smericam Radiator roiupany
Write Department R-8
Chamber of Com. Bldg.
Public showroom* at Chicago, Raw York, Bortoo, Providence, Wore*iter, Philadelphia, HarrUburg, Newark. Wllkeabarre, Baltimore. Washington, Richmond, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester,
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Detroit, Orand Rapid*. Indianapoll*. Cincinnati, Atlanta, Birmingham, Mew Orleans, MUwaokee, Minneapolis. St. Paul, St. Lou!*,
Kansas City, Dei Moinea, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco. Loi Angela*, Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Toronto, Brentford (Ont.)

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